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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

EurekAlert Public release date: 1-Aug-2012, 01.08.2012

Childhood defiance correlated with drug dependence

EurekAlert Public release date: 1-Aug-2012, 01.08.2012

Students trading sex for drugs or alcohol happens also in rural B.C.: UBC research

Los Angeles Times August 1, 2012, 01.08.2012

Illegal immigrant rearrest rate is 16%, study says

By Brian Bennett, Washington Bureau

Toronto Sun, 01.08.2012

Connecting crime dots

Is there a link between gang violence and immigration policies?

Martin Collacott

New York Times, 01.08.2012

Program Tracks Arrests in Group of Immigrants


The Walrus Magazine (Kanada),, 01.08.2012

From the Middle East, but No Longer of It

Journalists Nahlah Ayed and Kamal Al-Solaylee publish culturally informed memoirs criticizing the rise of political Islam in their ancestral homelands

Jeet Heer

Vanity Fair (USA),, 01.08.2012

Bankstas in the Age of Money

Graydon Carter

Ohio State University, 01.08.2012

Jailhouse Phone Calls Reveal When Domestic Abusers Most Likely to Attack

COLUMBUS, Ohio – An analysis of jailhouse phone calls between men charged with felony domestic violence and their victims allowed researchers for the first time to see exactly what triggered episodes of violent abuse.
New York Times, 01.08.2012

In Harlem, a Surprising Pair, Allied Against Violence

It was an unusual pairing: the gruff and pragmatic police veteran who exhibits little tolerance for political rhetoric, and the Harlem political activist whose inflammatory oration once incited widespread criticism.


ProPublica, 01.08.2012

Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion

Peter Maass and Megha Rajagopalan

The Boston Review (USA),, 01.08.2012

Terror, Power, and Cruelty

Oded Na’aman

The Economist (blog), 02.08.2012

Breaking the booze industry's grip (press release), 02.08.2012

Sensible Sentencing Guilty of Elder Abuse

Press Release: Rethinking Crime and Punishment
BBC News, 02.08.2012

'Military style' education will boost prisoners' skills

Judith Burns,, 02.08.2012

Vulnerable people on remand need help - and not just from the Prison Service

It may be written by the chief inspector of prisons, but don't be fooled - this report is about social justice not crime

Vicki Helyar-Cardwell

Newswise, 03.08.2012

Psychology Gives Courts, Policymakers Evidence to Help Judge Adolescents’ Actions

Determining when a teenage brain becomes an adult brain is not an exact science but it’s getting closer, according to an expert in adolescent developmental psychology, speaking at the American Psychological Association’s 120th Annual Convention.
New York Times, 03.08.2012

Reclaiming the Forests and the Right to Feel Safe


New York Times, 03.08.2012

New York Times


New York Times, 03.08.2012

A Desperate Act, Born of Depression


Wired online (USA),, 03.08.2012

Raging Bulls: How Wall Street Got Addicted to Light-Speed Trading

Wall Street used to bet on companies that build things. Now it just bets on technologies that make faster and faster trades.

Jerry AdlerEmail

The Economist print edition, 04.08.2012

The synthetic scare

Public health and law authorities are sounding an alarm about new drugs
The News Journal, 04.08.2012

Most sex abuse criminals are heterosexual

The Economist, 04.08.2012

One more heave

Supporters of a global Arms Trade Treaty have not given up
The Economist print edition, 04.08.2012

Like a bad dream

Unrest that seemed epoch-making a year ago has changed little. That is surprising—and worrying
Newswise, 04.08.2012

Cyberbullying Less Frequent Than Traditional Bullying, According to International Studies

Online Bullying is Often an Extension of In-person Tactics, Says Bullying Expert
The Economist print edition, 04.08.2012

Generational warfare

Young and old have different ideas on how to rebuild tsunami-stricken communities, 05.08.2012

One year on, the scars of the riots still run deep

Worse still, some fear that such terrifying disorder could happen again

Andrew Gilligan

New York Times, 05.08.2012

Oakland, the Last Refuge of Radical America


Michigan State University, 06.08.2012

Parents get physical with unruly kids, study finds

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Parents get physical with their misbehaving children in public much more than they show in laboratory experiments and acknowledge in surveys, according to one of the first real-world studies of caregiver discipline.
Forbes, 06.08.2012

Algorithm Aims To Predict Crime By Tracking Mobile Phones

Parmy Olson, Forbes Staff

EurekAlert, 06.08.2012

UK riots 2011: Holding media to account after the riots

Study by University of Leicester sociologist examines media's impact on communities
EurekAlert, 06.08.2012

Forensic tools for catching poachers

PolitiFact, 06.08.2012

Frank Lautenberg says gun violence claimed more American lives in U.S. than in Iraq and Afghanistan

New York Times, 06.08.2012

In California, County Jails Face Bigger Load


Info4Security, 06.08.2012

BBC report focuses on G4S Olympics security contract

Ron Alalouff, 06.08.2012

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

In the space of one hour, my entire digital life was destroyed. First my Google account was taken over, then deleted. Next my Twitter account was compromised, and used as a platform to broadcast racist and homophobic messages. And worst of all, my AppleID account was broken into, and my hackers used it to remotely erase all of the data on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Mat Honan

EurekAlert, 06.08.2012

The scientific side of steroid use and abuse

Leslie Henderson is concerned about steroid abuse, not necessarily by sports luminaries like Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire, but rather by adolescents
The Atlantic Cities, 06.08.2012

Why Cyclists Run Red Lights

This past weekend Randy Cohen, former author of the "Ethicist" column in the New York Times Magazine, wrote an op-ed for the paper in which he admitted with pride to running red lights. Although the action is illegal, Cohen considers it ethical:

Eric Jaffe

New York Times, 06.08.2012

The Leak Police

In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, this newspaper famously published a number of stories regurgitating the Bush administration hype about Saddam Hussein’s supposed arsenal of mass destruction.


EurekAlert, 06.08.2012

Study: Telling fewer lies linked to better health and relationships

"Pants on fire" isn't the only problem liars face. New research from the University of Notre Dame shows that when people managed to reduce their lies in given weeks across a 10-week study, they reported significantly improved physical and mental health in those same weeks.
The Fiscal Times, 07.08.2012

As Police Budgets are Cut, Citizens Step In


Student Pulse, 07.08.2012

Ethical Considerations in Criminal Justice Research: Informed Consent and Confidentiality

Joshua A Jones

EurekAlert, 07.08.2012

Searching for tumors or handguns can be like looking for food

DURHAM, N.C. -- If past experience makes you think there's going to be one more cashew at the bottom of the bowl, you're likely to search through those mixed nuts a little longer.
Bloomberg Businessweek (USA),, 07.08.2012

The Narco Tunnels of Nogales

If everyone had kept quiet, it could have been the most valuable parking spot on earth. Convenient only to the careworn clothing stores clustered in the southern end of downtown Nogales, Ariz., it offered little to shoppers, and mile-long Union Pacific (UNP) trains sometimes cut it off from much of the city for 20 minutes at a time. But the location was perfect: In the middle of the short stretch of East International Street, overshadowed by the blank walls of quiet commercial property, the space was less than 50 feet from the international border with Mexico.

Adam Higginbotham

RH Reality Check (blog), 07.08.2012

Does Counseling Batterers Work? Here's What My Own Story Reveals

My thirteen-year-old son Joe had been yelling at me for nearly 90 minutes when I snapped. The nightmarish feeling he had turned into his sometimes-terrifying father drove me over the edge.

Cindy Tuneri

New York Times, 07.08.2012

The Perfect Non-Crime

EVEN if we could make it impossible for people to commit crimes, should we? Or would doing so improperly deprive people of their freedom?


Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 08.08.2012

In the Wake of Miller v. Alabama, States Should Rethink How to Hold Youthful Offenders Accountable

Many states are scrambling to figure out how to comply with the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Miller v. Alabama that mandatory life-without-parole sentences for children are cruel and unusual punishments.

Jody Kent Lavy, 08.08.2012

Greening vacant lots may reduce violent crime

Greening vacant lots may make neighborhood residents feel safer and may be associated with reductions in certain gun crimes, according to a new study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Results show that residents living near greened vacant lots feel safer than those near non-greened sites. Additionally, researchers noted that incidents of police-reported crimes may be reduced after greening. The results expand upon previous studies and are the next step in helping researchers understand the full impact of vacant lot greening on crime, safety, and health. Full results of the study were published online this week in Injury Prevention.
Christian Science Monitor online, 08.08.2012

Guatemalan police graduates ready to protect and serve ... without guns.

Guatemala does not have enough guns to arm the latest crop of police graduates, pointing to the financial factors holding back the reform and expansion of the force

Hannah Stone,

Johns Hopkins University, 08.08.2012

Alcohol Advertising Standards Violations Most Common in Magazines with Youthful Audiences

First Study to Examine the Relationship of Risky Content in Alcohol Ads to Youth Exposure
EurekAlert Public release date, 08.08.2012

Adolescents in substance abuse programs report using other's med marijuana

AURORA, Colo. – (Aug. 8. 2012) - A recent study by University of Colorado School of Medicine researchers shows that it is very common for adolescents in substance abuse treatment to use medical marijuana recommended to someone else (also known as "diverted" medical marijuana).
Ealing Gazette, 08.08.2012

Riots study professor supports tough sentences

A UNIVERSITY professor says he supports tough sentences for rioters after a study showed that three quarters of suspects had previous convictions.

Poppy Bradbury

Youth Today -, 08.08.2012

New Report Charts A Decade of Changes to the Nation’s Juvenile Justice System

Recently, the National Conference of State Legislators published Trends in Juvenile Justice State Legislation 2001-2011, a decade-long analysis of changes that have occurred to the nation’s juvenile justice system

James Swift (blog), 08.08.2012

Lie detectors and sex offenders: response by the University of Kent

After I wrote a piece for our science page a week or so ago about lie detectors, the authors of a Kent University study that I mentioned got in touch to ask to respond. Here's Dr Jane Wood, of the university's Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology:

Tom Chivers

New York Times, 08.08.2012

Post-9/11 Expertise Helps Put Names on Cold Case Corpses

On a winter’s night in early 2004, after a late visit at his parents’ house near Cleveland, Javier Reveron called his mother to let her know he had driven home safely. Then he vanished


New York Times, 08.08.2012

Music Style Is Called Supremacist Recruiting Tool

MILWAUKEE — The shooting rampage by an avowed white supremacist that killed six people at a suburban Sikh Temple near here came at a time of both growth and disarray in the supremacist movement.


San Francisco Chronicle (blog), 08.08.2012

Been-there, done-that policing?

Relief but also lingering questions are greeting Mayor Ed Lee’s recent decision not to pursue a stop-and-frisk policy, where police stop and search people they deem suspicious in an effort to seize illegal guns.
InsightCrime, 08.08.2012

Painkiller Black Market Will Likely Attract Mexico Criminal Groups

Examining the question of whether Mexico's criminal organizations could find a market within US prescription drug abuse, analyst James Bosworth argues that the groups have plenty of good reasons to do so

James Bosworth, 08.08.2012

Britain, the 'United Nations of Crime', pays to spruce up foreign jails

British taxpayers are paying to refurbish prisons in other countries in a desperate attempt by the Government to repatriate foreign criminals

Tom Whitehead

Computerworld, 09.08.2012

NYPD launches new analytics tool for fighting terror, crime

City s new Domain Awareness System was developed in collaboration with Microsoft

Jaikumar Vijayan

Huffington Post, 09.08.2012

Manufacturing Low Crime Rates at the NYPD: Reputation Versus Safety Under Bloomberg and Kelly

The practice of manufacturing artificially low crime rates increased substantially after 2002 under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his police commissioner Raymond Kelly. New research based on interviews with 2,000 retired police officers from the NYPD reveals pervasive, system-wide corruption of criminal records and police practices. This research suggests that concern with the department's reputation for reducing crime, much more than with public safety, drives police policy.

Jesse Levine, John A. Eterno and Eli B. Silverman

The Independent, 09.08.2012

Ian Birrell: It's not just the bad apples – it's our rotten society's attitudes

The assaults at Winterbourne View were horrific. But just as shocking were the systematic failures of one protective authority after another to stop them Ian Birrell
New Scientist (blog), 09.08.2012

Glowing chemical lights up a suspect's fingerprints

A door knocked off its hinges. Furniture in disarray. A billowing curtain, masking an open window. A crime scene - complete with murder victim. But whodunnit?

Nicola Guttridge

io9, 09.08.2012

Three Strange Theories About Why America’s Crime Rate Is So Low

Despite its reputation as a hive of gun-toting murderous maniacs, the United States has enjoyed a tremendous drop in crime over the past twenty years. The murder rate alone is half what it was two decades ago, but all types of crime have plummeted. What could be causing this unexpected long-term trend? Social scientists have proposed some pretty weird theories which could just be right.

Annalee Newitz

The Atlantic Cities, 09.08.2012

Using Data Streams to Catch Criminals

Matthew C. Waxman

Los Angeles Times, 09.08.2012

The nonthreatening path of a future mass murderer

Wade Michael Page seemed racist but not violent, according to a scholar who studied the future Sikh temple shooter and other white supremacists in Orange County. He says Page cited his time in the Army as influencing his beliefs.

Christopher Goffard and Molly Hennessy-Fiske, 09.08.2012

Britain faces legal challenge over secret US 'kill list' in Afghanistan

Afghan man who lost relatives in missile strike says UK role in supplying information to US military may be unlawful

Nick Hopkins

MedPage Today, 09.08.2012

Where Have All the Forensic Pathologists Gone?

Matthew Fleming, Kaiser Health News

EurekAlert, 10.08.2012

Rooting out rumors, epidemics, and crime -- with math

Investigators are well aware of how difficult it is to trace an unlawful act to its source. The job was arguably easier with old, Mafia-style criminal organizations, as their hierarchical structures more or less resembled predictable family trees
openDemocracy, 10.08.2012

Snap goes the crocodile

Marina Akhmedova spent four days in the company of drug users in Yekaterinburg, central Russia, and was met with a picture of desperation, punctured by love, humanity and misplaced hope. Shortly after it was published, this harrowing piece of reportage journalism was banned in Russia.

Marina Akhmedova

The New Republic online, 10.08.2012

A Hip-Hop Enthusiast in Defense of White Power Music

John McWhorter

PreventionAction, 10.08.2012

Shining light into the black box

Randomized controlled trials have many benefits. These experiments, when done well, leave little doubt over a program’s or treatment’s effectiveness. But many randomized controlled trials suffer from a common limitation: they treat evaluation like a “black box”, carefully monitoring what goes in and what comes out of an intervention, but overlooking the active ingredients and processes that bring about change.
St. Louis Beacon, 10.08.2012

Crime programs reduce violence by focusing on what works

Robert Joiner, Beacon staff, 11.08.2012

Analysis: trying to identify far-right killers before they strike

It’s easy to see the crazed race hatred of a violent white supremacist after the fact but getting them before they kill is an imperfect science at best

Daily Beast, Eliza Shapiro

Huffington Post, 11.08.2012

Gun Violence Is Social Disease, Public Health Experts Say


The News Journal, 11.08.2012

The cost of a murder

With every killing, taxpayers statewide get huge bill to pay
The Economist (UK),, 11.08.2012

Reefer madness

Plain speaking on a highly coloured issue
The Economist (UK),, 11.08.2012

Identity crisis

Technology and globalisation are giving a boost to the trade in fake identity cards
The Economist (UK),, 11.08.2012

All cut up

Cocaine is cheaper, but weaker
The Economist (UK),, 11.08.2012

Wait a second

The latest cock-up on Wall Street shows that more safeguards are needed
Huffington Post, 12.08.2012

Aggressive Dog Breed Owners Are More Hostile Than Other Dog Owners, New Study Suggests

Stephanie Pappas

New York Times, 12.08.2012

A Bystander’s Crime


Newswise, 12.08.2012

Psychopaths Get a Break From Biology

A University of Utah survey of judges in 19 states found that if a convicted criminal is a psychopath, judges consider it an aggravating factor in sentencing, but if judges also hear biological explanations for the disorder, they reduce the sentence by about a year on average., 13.08.2012

"Drunkorexia" Is the New Form of Binge Drinking

Drunkorexia is when young women, and sometimes men, limit their amount of food consumption in order to reserve calories for consuming large amounts of alcohol at a time.

Nikki Tucker

Salon, 13.08.2012

Why conservatives obsess over flash mobs and “race riots”

How and why the right suddenly became very, very frightened of black people

Alex Pareene

The Copenhagen Post, 13.08.2012

Police: Video surveillance doesn't deter crime

CCTV too expensive and yields too little, police say to the disappointment of politicians that hoped for more extensive video surveillance in Copenhagen
BBC News, 13.08.2012

NSPCC say one in five child sex assaults by family member

The NSPCC reports said sexual offences against children accounted for 56% of all reported sexual crime.
National Post, 13.08.2012

One in five Torontonians say they have personally suffered a violent crime: poll

Megan O'Toole

TIME, 13.08.2012

Central America’s Gang Wars: A Truce Leads to an Unusual Peace

How a truce between El Salvador's most feared gangs is offering a glimmer of hope for the violence-plagued region

Alfonso Serrano

EurekAlert, 13.08.2012

Research shows how computation can predict group conflict

MADISON -- When conflict breaks out in social groups, individuals make strategic decisions about how to behave based on their understanding of alliances and feuds in the group.
EurekAlert, 13.08.2012

NIMBioS study finds bullies squelched when bystanders intervene

Herald Sun, 14.08.2012

Grassroots policing key to reducing youth crime

David Penberthy

University of Vermont, 14.08.2012

Need an Expert? Try the Crowd

Joshua E. Brown,, 14.08.2012

Government tackles abuse of children accused of witchcraft

Action plan aims to destroy 'wall of silence' around issue and bring more offenders to justice

Alexandra Topping,, 14.08.2012

Government tackles abuse of children accused of witchcraft

Action plan aims to destroy 'wall of silence' around issue and bring more offenders to justice

Alexandra Topping

Times LIVE, 14.08.2012

Police killings are soaring

A policeman has been killed on average every 10 days over the past two months.


Metapsychology, 14.08.2012

Understanding Sex Crime Policy in America

Chrysanthi S. Leon

EurekAlert, 14.08.2012

Girls with ADHD at risk for self-injury, suicide attempts as young adults, says new research

Childhood diagnosis of ADHD linked to more psychological problems later in life
Livingston Daily, 14.08.2012

Psychologists seek 'warning behaviors' to stop killings

MedPage Today, 14.08.2012

Computer Screen for Domestic Abuse No Help

Cole Petrochko,

Dissident Voice, 14.08.2012

What If There Were No Police?

Moving past the failed institution of “the police”

Kimberly Wilder

Newswise, 14.08.2012

Why Are People Overconfident So Often? It’s All About Social Status

Researchers have long known that people are very frequently overconfident – that they tend to believe they are more physically talented, socially adept, and skilled at their job than they actually are., 14.08.2012

Williams: End violence, improve education

Huffington Post UK, 15.08.2012

National Ugly Mugs Scheme - Protecting Sex Workers From Predators

Alex Bryce.

Christian Science Monitor, 15.08.2012

How much do we really know about the Zetas?

As Mexico prepares to deploy 12,000 troops against the Zetas, one of the top drug trafficking groups in Mexico, a new book argues that nobody has a clear understanding of the group.

Patrick Corcoran

Loughborough News, 15.08.2012

New forensic institute at the University of Leicester will help police forces solve ‘unusual crimes’

The University of Leicester is establishing a new forensic science Institute which aims to help UK police forces solve unconventional crimes
EurekAlert, 15.08.2012

High potency and synthetic marijuana pose real dangers in first weeks of pregnancy

Marijuana is up to 20 times more potent than it was 40 years ago and most pregnant women who use the drug are totally unaware that it could harm their unborn child before they even know they are pregnant.
Patriot-News, 15.08.2012

Penn State will host public forum on child sex abuse prevention

ScienceAlert -, 15.08.2012

Neighbourhood affects health

Salon, 15.08.2012

The sham “terrorism expert” industry

A highly ideological, jingoistic clique masquerades as objective scholars, all to justify US militarism

Glenn Greenwald -, 15.08.2012

Theresa May blocks Chinese visa plans over organised crime fears

The Home Secretary is blocking plans by her cabinet colleagues to make it easier for Chinese tourists to get visas amid fears it will lead to a rise in organised crime, according to a leaked letter.

Rowena Mason

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 15.08.2012

Orgy on the Danube

Report Reveals Details of Insurer's Sex Party

David Böcking

Salon, 15.08.2012

Pot: Not just for losers!

Medical-marijuana foes want to keep kids drug-free. But legalization hasn't led to youthful experimentation By Martin Lee Excerpted from "Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana -- Medical, Recreational and Scientific"

Martin Lee

New York Times, 16.08.2012

Unprosecuted Hate Crimes

Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. told the Senate in 2009 that “we have a significant hate crimes problem in this country.” The recent murders at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin have raised this issue in the public consciousness.
The Economist (UK),, 16.08.2012

Culture matters more

The far right in Europe is rising in many European countries in spite of its inability to provide a coherent economic message
Huffington Post, 16.08.2012

Do Sports Really Prevent Youth Violence?

Elias De Leon

CNN, 16.08.2012

When are drone killings illegal?

Editor's note: Mary Ellen O'Connell holds the Robert and Marion Short Chair in Law and is research professor of international dispute resolution at the Kroc Institute for Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Mary Ellen O'Connell,

Scientific American (blog) -, 16.08.2012

To Spot a Liar: An Offices of SciAm Mystery

Cheryl Murphy |

New York Times, 16.08.2012

In Police-Stop Data, Pockets Where Force Is Used More Often


BBC News, 16.08.2012

Greeks confront crime wave amid austerity

Chloe Hadjimatheou

Christian Science Monitor, 16.08.2012

Gun, ammunition, Chick-fil-A? A shooting suspect's unusual profile. (+video)

The suspect in the shooting at a conservative group's office is described as a supporter of gay rights who had Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his bag. The FBI is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.

Mark Guarino

University of Iowa, 16.08.2012

Why are elderly duped?

UI team pinpoints where doubt arises in human mind

Richard C. Lewis

Scientific Computing, 16.08.2012

Rooting out Rumors, Epidemics and Crime with Math

A team of scientists has developed an algorithm that can identify the source of an epidemic or information circulating within a network, a method that also could be used to help with criminal investigations
BBC News, 16.08.2012

Amsterdam's north feels urban regeneration effect

Anna Holligan

EurekAlert Public, 16.08.2012

World's largest tobacco use study: Tobacco control remains major challenge

Study of tobacco use in 3 billion people from 16 countries demonstrates powerful pro-tobacco forces still at work,
Daily Beast, 16.08.2012

Is the Family Research Council Really a Hate Group?

The conservative organization is using violence at its headquarters to protest the Southern Poverty Law Center’s conclusion that it’s a hate group. Is it all just politics, or do they have a point?
Newswise, 16.08.2012

Model Shows Dramatic Global Decline in Ratio of Workers to Retired People

A new statistical model predicts that by 2100 the number of people older than 85 worldwide will increase more than previously estimated, and there will be fewer working-age adults to support them than previously expected. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
PreventionAction, 16.08.2012

Are boosters worth a boast?

Programs that focus on improving family relationships and parenting behavior as a means to reducing later antisocial behavior in children have been shown to be effective, at least in the short term. But do the impacts last?
New York Times, 17.08.2012

Study of Judges Finds Evidence From Brain Scans Led to Lighter Sentences


EurekAlert Public, 17.08.2012

Foreclosure crisis and metropolitan crime rates

Aarhus University, 17.08.2012

War is not necessarily the cause of post-traumatic stress disorder

Recent research carried out at Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University shows that surprisingly, the majority of soldiers exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome were suffering from poor mental health before they were posted to a war zone.
BBC News, 17.08.2012

South Africa's Lonmin Marikana mine clashes killed 30

Disturbing scenes as police fire at miners in South Africa
EurekAlert, 17.08.2012

Study explores the impact of corruption and military organization on civilians

EurekAlert Public, 17.08.2012

Regions vary in paying prisoners to participate in research

Analysis shows inconsistency in how, when incentives used for research participants under criminal justice supervision, 17.08.2012

A decade after Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate, why is human nature still taboo?

Ed West, 17.08.2012

The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I by Stephen Alford – review

Scientific American (blog), 17.08.2012

Dragging humanity up the shining hills of a GIS map to create a virtuous planetary superorganism: A review of ‘The Neighborhood Project’.

Madhusudan Katti, 17.08.2012

In Defence of the Terror: Liberty or Death in the French Revolution by Sophie Wahnich – review

Ruth Scurr

EurekAlert, 18.08.2012

Study examines the relationship between marriage and alcohol, 18.08.2012

"The World Is Improving Better Than Pessimists Know, But Dangers Are Worse Than Optimists Indicate"

Jerome C. Glenn

Huffington Post, 18.08.2012

Moors Murders: Ian Brady Refused To Co-operate With Covert Police Operation To Find Keith Bennett

The Economist, 18.08.2012

Beaten but unbowed

An American victim lifts the lid on a social taboo
The Age, 19.08.2012

Empathy tactic fails on worst bullies

Nicole Brady

The Economist online, 19.08.2012

Two years in prison as a compromise

Pussy Riot verdict

J.Y. | MOSCOW (blog), 20.08.2012

Police elections: The far-right threat

Alex Stevenson

EurekAlert Public, 20.08.2012

Binge drinking college students are happier than their non-binge drinking peers

Toronto Star - Published, 20.08.2012

Police dilemma: How to identify and head off mass killers without violating privacy rights

Ronald Crelinsten

Huffington Post Posted, 20.08.2012

Drop In Circumcisions Could Cost Billions, Study Says

Catherine Pearson

EurekAlert, 20.08.2012

The Innocence Project: Science helping innocent people proven guilty

Michael Bernstein

PreventionAction, 20.08.2012

The transformation of New York City, piece by piece

In the 1980s, New York had a reputation as a dangerous, crime-ridden city. The city government was in crisis, with severe financial problems. There was a sense that New York was out of control
New York Times (blog), 20.08.2012

Examining the Ponzi Scheme Through the Mind of the Con Artist


Student Pulse, 20.08.2012

Wrongful Conviction in the American Judicial Process: History, Scope, and Analysis

Joshua A. Jones

Los Angeles Times, 21.08.2012

Goldberg: The politicization of violence

The political climate hasn't led to more violence; it has led to the politicization of violence.

Jonah Goldberg

The Irish Times, 21.08.2012

Gardaí fear crime rates will be used to justify closures


, 21.08.2012

Researchers Assess Stereotypes of Immigrants and Views on the Impact of Immigration

A new study led by the University of Cincinnati examines stereotypes of immigrants from four global regions and measures opinions of the impact of immigration on U.S. society. 2012 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
The Atlantic Wire, 21.08.2012

The Goofiest Scenarios for a Julian Assange Escape

Adam Martin

Monitor's Editorial Board, 21.08.2012

The 'light' touch to curb urban killing

Recent murders in cities like Boston that already have used new crime-fighting methods call for more individuals to put a caring light on gang crime in their communities

Christian Science Monitor, 21.08.2012

Sex killers not who you think they are, researchers say

Study said to reveal clearest picture yet of these murderers and their victims


Police Oracle, 21.08.2012

Anger Over 'Police Reform Apocalypse' Tweet

Policy Exchange's Blair Gibbs says remark was a "tongue in cheek" reference to previous comments
Evening Standard, 21.08.2012

Teenagers being ordered to burgle houses as gang initiation

Teenagers are being ordered to commit household burglaries as an initiation rite to join gangs, police and community leaders warned today.

Justin Davenport

New York Times, 21.08.2012

Majority in City See Police as Favoring Whites, Poll Finds

A significant majority of New Yorkers say the Police Department favors whites over blacks, according to a new poll by The New York Times.


EurekAlert Public, 21.08.2012

Chain of violence

Study shows impact on Palestinian and Israeli children
The Economist online, 21.08.2012

Difficult questions


Huffington Post, 21.08.2012

Last Meals On Death Row Given Out Of Guilt Or Goodwill?

David Moye

ABC News (blog), 21.08.2012

Todd Akin Challenged by Doctors on Rape and Pregnancy


Wall Street Journal (blog), 21.08.2012

Are You a Hero or a Bystander?

Who Is Likely to Step Up or Freeze Up in a Crisis; Research Identifies Prime Traits


Huffington Post UK, 21.08.2012

Julian Assange: What Does Reaction To His Alleged Crime Tell Us About Attitudes To Rape In The UK?


Huffington Post, 21.08.2012

U.S. Military Battling White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis In Its Own Ranks

Daniel Trotta

InSight Crime, 21.08.2012

As Drug Trade Spreads, Youth Homicide in Brazil Spikes

According to a recent study, youth homicide has skyrocketed in Brazil over the past 30 years, growing by over 300 percent, a possible result of the expanded drug trade that has placed young people at ever increasing risk as gangs seek to recruit them.

Christopher Looft (blog), 22.08.2012

It is Time to Talk About Rape...For the Victims

University of Copenhagen, 22.08.2012

Close contact with young people at risk of suicide has no effect

New York Times, 22.08.2012

Criminal Prosecutions at a Low Rate in the Bronx, a Report Finds


ABC Online, 23.08.2012

Boot camps a bad idea say crime academics

A north Queensland criminology academic has spoken out against a $2 million boot camp program to be trialled in Cairns.

Sam Davis, 23.08.2012

Forensic investigation needs more science

Innocence Project calls on chemists to support forensics reform

Daniel Cressey

Christian Science Monitor, 23.08.2012

Crime pays? Mexico's unemployed youth a driving factor in organized crime

Eight million youths are unemployed in Mexico, and cartel work can have a big draw: An enforcer for a large cartel can make nearly three times as much as the national average salary.

Geoffrey Ramsey

EurekAlert Public, 23.08.2012

Study reveals human drive for fair play, 23.08.2012

Suspect interviews by police missing the mark: research

Douglas Quan

Highbrow Magazine, 23.08.2012

More States Seek to Abolish Capital Punishment, Citing Hefty Costs, Wrongful Convictions

Rene Ciria-Cruz, 24.08.2012

Tackling gun violence, one block at a time, in New York

Mass shootings make dramatic headlines, but they miss the real story: communities acting to stem the menace of gun crime

Sarika Bansal, 24.08.2012

The importance of the Anders Breivik verdict reaches beyond Norway

The guilty verdict, which declares Breivik sane, means the hard right cannot distance itself from his rhetoric of hate

Tad Tietze, 24.08.2012

Breivik sentenced: Could the violence come to Britain?

Ian Dunt

New York Times, 24.08.2012

A Candidate’s Stumble on a Distressing Crime


New York Times, 24.08.2012

How Hate Gets Counted


Victims let down by court cuts, claims research

Victims of crime are being let down by cuts in the court system which have led to offenders being given lenient sentences, according to new research.

David Barrett

The Economist, 25.08.2012

Spies like her

A biography of a uniquely brave and complicated patriot
Dallas Morning News (subscription) (blog, 26.08.2012

Study: When it gets above 90 degrees in Dallas, crime cools off. Or at least it used to, anyway.

Robert Wilonsky

New York Times, 26.08.2012

After Bystanders Take Bullets, Questions on Police Protocol


New York Times, 26.08.2012

Where the Mob Keeps Its Money

THE global financial crisis has been a blessing for organized crime. A series of recent scandals have exposed the connection between some of the biggest global banks and the seamy underworld of mobsters, smugglers, drug traffickers and arms dealers. American banks have profited from money laundering by Latin American drug cartels, while the European debt crisis has strengthened the grip of the loan sharks and speculators who control the vast underground economies in countries like Spain and Greece.


Chicago Tribune, 26.08.2012

Study: Suburban shops large source of guns used in city crime

A new study on guns seized by Chicago police shows that suburban gun shops are a main source of guns used in crimes in the city.

Dan Hinkel

New York Times, 26.08.2012

No Crime, No Punishment

When the Justice Department recently closed its criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs, it became all but certain that no major American banks or their top executives would ever face criminal charges for their role in the financial crisis.
Spiegel Online, 27.08.2012

Twenty Years after Rostock

Charles Hawley and Daryl Lindsey

Newsroom America, 27.08.2012

Media Violence Consumption Increases The Relative Risk Of Aggression

Newsroom America Staff

New York Times, 27.08.2012

Before Gunfire, Hints of ‘Bad News’


Reuters UK, 27.08.2012

Teens who smoke pot can damage memory, intelligence

Teenagers who become hooked on cannabis before they reach 18 may be causing lasting damage to their intelligence, memory and attention, according to the results of a large, long-term study published on Monday.

Kate Kelland

Prevention Action, 28.08.2012

Only sound evidence can guide prevention

The Huffington Post, 28.08.2012

Drug Legalization: Pros And Cons As To Its Viability As A Means To End The Drug War

Seattle Weekly (blog), 29.08.2012

Can A Million Dollars and Three Years of Research Fix Rainier Beach's Most Notorious Crime Hotspot?

Keegan Hamilton

Prevention Action, 29.08.2012

From the front line: making the unthinkable possible

New York Times (Blogs), 30.08.2012

An Effort Aims to Use Biomarkers to Pinpoint P.T.S.D.


Huffington Post, 30.08.2012

White Denial and a Culture of Stereotypes

Dr. David J. Leonard,

Jerusalem Post, 30.08.2012

In Focus: Hype or hypothesis?

Is the recent rash of violent incidents involving Israeli youth indicative of a trend?


Business Insider, 31.08.2012

Study: Being A Psychopath Could Be An 'Unscrupulous' Evolutionary Strategy

Erin Fuchs

Wall Street Journal, 31.08.2012

NY prison shock camps claim lower recidivism.

Liverpool John Moores University, 31.08.2012

Chiefs of Police in city to discuss future of policing

Chiefs of Police from two of the country’s largest forces will discuss the future of policing at Liverpool John Moores University next week (Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 September).
EurekAlert, 31.08.2012

Traumatic childhood may increase the risk of drug addiction

Research examines the link between a traumatic upbringing and personality traits which increase the risk of addiction
EurekAlert, 31.08.2012

Traumatic childhood may increase the risk of drug addiction

Research examines the link between a traumatic upbringing and personality traits which increase the risk of addiction
New York Times (blog) -, 31.08.2012

Daily Report: A Surveillance Product Is Aimed at Dissidents

New York Times, 31.08.2012

Deportation Nation


Prevention Action, 31.08.2012

And now, a big step toward EPEC success

A parenting program delivered by parents to parents in a deprived inner London borough delivers impressive improvements in child behavior, according to a newly published study. Just as impressive, 92% of these so-called “hard-to-reach” parents stuck with the program.
Association for Psychological Science, 31.08.2012

Fear and Driving Opportunity Motivated Changes in Driving Behavior After 9/11

BBC News, 31.08.2012

The young faces of Victorian crime at Oxford