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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

New York, 01.04.2012

Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool


Brown University, 04.04.2012

Beanballs and the psychology of revenge

Herald Times Reporter, 05.04.2012

U.S. needs 'robust research' on gun violence

Yet another senseless killing spree shocked America this week, as word spread of Monday's tragedy at Oikos University in Oakland, Calif.
Huffington Post, 05.04.2012

Family Conflict and Children

Claire N. Barnes

Madison Journal, 06.04.2012

High-tech help now available for unsolved sexual assaults

Patricio Martinez

Oxford Student, 06.04.2012

Oxford declares war on cyber crime

Patricio Martinez, 06.04.2012

Metropolitan police 'buried' report in 2004 warning of race scandal

Scotland Yard veterans claim spiralling crisis triggered by recording of racial abuse was 'accident waiting to happen'

Vikram Dodd

Newswise Released, 06.04.2012

Unchained: Young ASU Alum Launches Non-Profit to Fight Sex Trafficking

LP-Portal, 06.04.2012

New Findings in Employee-Theft Research

Richard C Hollinger,

New York Times -, 10.04.2012

Former Skeptic Now Embraces Divisive Tactic


Huffington Post, 11.04.2012

Public Housing Demolition Lowered Overall Crime, New Study Says

Chicago's decade-long effort to move people out of its infamous public housing towers and into low-rise neighborhoods has long produced divided reactions. The towers of Cabrini-Green are gone, but until now, nobody really had a good idea whether their former residents currently live in similarly violent environments.
EurekAlert Public, 12.04.2012

Pride and prejudice: Pride impacts racism and homophobia

A new University of British Columbia study finds that the way individuals experience the universal emotion of pride directly impacts how racist and homophobic their attitudes toward other people are.
EurekAlert Public, 12.04.2012

Parolees behaving badly

New study explores how to decrease risky behavior among parolees in the community
BBC News, 13.04.2012

What is the role of police community support officers?

BBC News, 13.04.2012

Do bobbies on the beat really cut crime?

Mark Easton

Newswise Released, 13.04.2012

Students Must Trust the Source of Emergency Alerts in Order to Act Quickly

In the wake of the deadly shooting this month at Oikos University in Oakland, Calif., experts from the University at Buffalo offer perspectives from their research into ways to encourage students to immediately comply with “alert” messages sent during an on-campus emergency.
Huffington Post, 13.04.2012

U.S. Incarceration Rate Is a National Disgrace

Nake M. Kamrany and Ryan Boyd

The Economist, 14.04.2012

No immunity here

A spate of kidnappings has embassies on edge
New York Times, 14.04.2012

Justice for Trayvon


The Economist -, 14.04.2012

Rise of the machines

The Cutting Edge, 14.04.2012

America on Edge

Big-box Stores Associated with Formation of Hate-Groups

Matt Swayne

New York Times, 15.04.2012

A Killing, and Queries About a Life

New York Times, 15.04.2012

The Cybercrime Wave That Wasn’t


Up to one in three has psychological problems

PreventionAction, 16.04.2012

All change for the better for Blueprints: 2012 Blueprints Conference, 16.04.2012

Police 'should be given 20 minutes a week to reflect'

Police should be given 20 minutes a week to reflect on the “tensions and dilemmas” of their job, according to a new study.

John-Paul Ford Rojas

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, 17.04.2012

Many Employee Assistance Programs Lack a Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Intimate Partner Violence

EurekAlert Public release, 17.04.2012

Racial profiling, killings of arrestees by local police increase

US Department of Justice to step in to curb police misconduct

Huffington Post UK, 17.04.2012

Does the Secret to the Norwegian Massacre Lie in an Online Computer Game?

Dr Raj Persaud and Ramón Spaaij.

Science Daily (press release), 17.04.2012

Violence in Men Caused by Unequal Wealth and Competition, Study Suggests

Violence in men can be explained by traditional theories of sexual selection. In a review of the literature, Professor John Archer from the University of Central Lancashire, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, points to a range of evidence that suggests that high rates of physical aggression and assaults in men are rooted in inter-male competition.
Lifespan, 17.04.2012

Curbing College Binge Drinking: What Role Do “Alcohol Expectancies” Play?

Lifespan, 17.04.2012

Curbing College Binge Drinking: What Role Do “Alcohol Expectancies” Play?

ScienceDaily, 17.04.2012

Lead Dust Is Linked to Violence, Study Suggests

Childhood exposure to lead dust has been linked to lasting physical and behavioral effects, and now lead dust from vehicles using leaded gasoline has been linked to instances of aggravated assault two decades after exposure, says Tulane toxicologist Howard W. Mielke.
ScienceDaily, 17.04.2012

Paedophiles' Online Chats Become Sexualized Within Two Minutes, Study Shows

Online pedophiles are abandoning the traditional grooming process and moving to highly sexualised conversations with children in chat rooms within two minutes, according to research from Kingston University and NatCen Social Research.
The Advertiser, 18.04.2012

Police warn photos of kids with geo-tagging being used by paedophiles

Miles Kemp

Salon, 18.04.2012

Long time coming: Trayvon’s law

For the first time in a decade, Congress holds a hearing on anti-profiling legislation

Jefferson Morley, 18.04.2012

Science in court: Arrested development

Neuroscience shows that the adolescent brain is still developing. The question is whether that should influence the sentencing of juveniles.

Lizzie Buchen

RU Daily Targum, 18.04.2012

Hoodies are not criminal

By Nick Valsalen

RU Daily Targum, 18.04.2012

Hoodies are not criminal

By Nick Valsalen

USA TODAY, 18.04.2012

NRC: Death penalty effect research "fundamentally flawed"

Does the death penalty deter murderers? Criminology offers no answers, despite more than three decades of research, concludes an expert panel, reviewing studies of the deterrence effects of capital punishment -, 18.04.2012

Rise in public anger found on Twitter before riots

The summer riots that spread across the country from London last year could have been predicted by an analysis of Twitter, new research has suggested.

Donna Bowater

EurekAlert, 18.04.2012

Victims of online dating scams feel doubly traumatized

University of Leicester scientist presents research findings at British Psychological Society Annual Conference
Vanderbilt University, 18.04.2012

Crime and punishment: the neurobiological roots of modern justice

David Salisbury

Aurora Advocate, 18.04.2012

Wiles apologizes to family before execution

COLUMBUS — Mark Wiles apologized to the family of the Rootstown teen he brutally knifed to death more than 25 years ago and spoke out against the death penalty in his final moments before succumbing to a lethal injection Wednesday.


Newswise, 18.04.2012

Crime and Punishment: The Neurobiological Roots of Modern Justice

A pair of neuroscientists from Vanderbilt and Harvard Universities has proposed the first neurobiological model for third-party punishment. It outlines a collection of potential cognitive and brain processes that evolutionary pressures could have re-purposed to make this behavior possible.
EurekAlert, 18.04.2012

Coming clean: Online survey shows marijuana is smoked more than admitted in national surveys

Le Monde Diplomatiue, 18.04.2012

The far right takes root in Europe

Anders Behring Breivik’s attacks are part of a worrying trend in Europe of the far right’s rise within mainstream politics. From the Netherlands and Germany to Britain and France, immigrant communities are on the defensive.

Mariano Aguirre

EurekAlert, 18.04.2012

Killing in war linked with suicidal thoughts among Vietnam veterans, study finds

The experience of killing in war was strongly associated with thoughts of suicide, in a study of Vietnam-era veterans led by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC) and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
maisonneuve (Canada), 18.04.2012

Getting Plowed

In this exclusive investigative report from Montreal, Maisonneuve exposes the bid-rigging, violence and sabotage at the heart of an unlikely racket: snow removal.

Selena Ross

The Courier-Mail, 19.04.2012

Gun culture on the rise as drug gangs engage in arms race

Kate Kyriacou and Brooke Baskin

News Wales, 19.04.2012

Serious violence continues to fall - says Cardiff University study

Violence injuries requiring casualty treatment fell 4 per cent in England and Wales in 2011, according to the University’s annual study of injury trends
BBC News, 19.04.2012

Crime figures: street theft rises as overall crime falls

Huffington Post (blog), 19.04.2012

Re-understanding Violence as We Had to Re-Understand Plague..To Cure It

Gary Slutkin, CeaseFire Executive Director

Washington Post, 19.04.2012

Study says no evidence that death penalty deters crime

Kevin Johnson

EurekAlert, 19.04.2012

Teen seat belt use is significantly higher in states with stronger laws

Primary seat belt laws mean even high-risk teens stay buckled up into adulthood
Jackson Sun, 20.04.2012

Expert: Predictive policing is the future

Jordan Buie, 20.04.2012

EXCLUSIVE: What local cops learn, and carriers earn, from cellphone records

Bob Sullivan

Business Recorder, 20.04.2012

Terrorism and money laundering

This paper was presented at the International Judicial Conference, held in Islamabad from April 13-15 by the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan.


Newswise, 20.04.2012

War Crimes Expert Gives Mixed Grades to Yugoslavian War Crimes Tribunal

The bloody Bosnian civil war started 20 years ago this month, and while the subsequent UN war crimes tribunal has brought many leaders of the slaughter to justice, a UIowa legal expert says it has not met its other goals.
New York Times, 20.04.2012

Rape, a Scar from Apartheid


EurekAlert, 20.04.2012

Alcohol use in Bollywood movies impacting alcohol use among Indian adolescents

New study presented at the World Congress of Cardiology organized by the World Heart Federation
Independent Online, 20.04.2012

‘At the end they’re a reflection of us’

Kristen van Schie,, 21.04.2012

Watchdog calls for power to scrutinise privatised police

Independent Police Complaints Commission wants new powers of inquiry to reflect the outsourcing of jobs

Mark Townsend, 21.04.2012

Foreign national prisoners are the new pariahs

The UK's casual attitude to foreign national prisoners committing suicide is shameful – and a new bill will only make things worse

Melanie McFadyean

Calgary Herald, 21.04.2012

When moms kill their children, few can explain why

Jana G. Pruden

New York Times, 21.04.2012

The Latest on the Doomsday Virus

We can worry less that a newly created bird flu virus might kill tens or hundreds of millions of people if it escaped from the laboratory. But there is still some residual danger. And we remain appalled at the slipshod way in which this research was authorized despite its potential dangers to public health and national security.
The Observer, 22.04.2012

Vaughan Bell: the truth about lie detectors

'Lie detectors' are highly fallible, yet suspects are more likely to tell the truth when wired up to them. So should we trust this flawed technology?
The Observer, 22.04.2012

Women's alliance lobbies Clarke over legal aid reforms

Groups fear domestic violence victims will be denied vital support if proposed cuts go ahead

Jamie Doward

Futurity: Research News, 23.04.2012

Is ‘zero tolerance’ good for schools?

U. VIRGINIA (US) — Automatic expulsions for students who threaten or commit acts of school violence may be politically popular, but research raises questions about the policy’s effectiveness.
Newswise, 23.04.2012

Tablet Computers: A New Tool to Stop Domestic Violence?

Nursing researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia are studying how technology can help victims of domestic violence
Prevention Action, 23.04.2012

Investing in Children launched

The Social Research Unit has launched the first of a series of cost-benefit reports for children’s services entitled Investing in Children.
U.S. News & World Report, 23.04.2012

Cyberbullying May Call for New Prevention Tactics

Existing anti-bully programs won't get through to online aggressors, researcher says
Science Codex, 23.04.2012

Animated characters keep it real in teen violence prevention videos

The New Yorker, 23.04.2012

Battleground America

One nation, under the gun Every American can be his own policeman; the country has nearly as many guns as it has people. Photograph by Christopher Griffith.

Jill Lepore,, 23.04.2012

Boris Johnson 'has done virtually nothing to tackle youth violence'

Former senior official Ron Belgrave says mayor took cavalier attitude to serious youth violence which he saw as a 'black issue'

Dave Hill, 23.04.2012

Boris Johnson 'has done virtually nothing to tackle youth violence'

Former senior official Ron Belgrave says mayor took cavalier attitude to serious youth violence which he saw as a 'black issue'

Dave Hill

Foreign Policy Magazine, 23.04.2012

Think Again: Al Qaeda

A year after Osama bin Laden's death, the obituaries for his terrorist group are still way too premature. "Al Qaeda Is on the Brink of Defeat."


Foreign Policy Online, 23.04.2012

The Enemy Within

Since the end of the Cold War, America has been on a relentless search for enemies. But the real dangers are at home


Foreign Policy (USA),, 23.04.2012

Why Do They Hate Us?

The real war on women is in the Middle East.


Radio New Zealand, 24.04.2012

Poverty not linked with crime - study

A long-running study by Christchurch researchers has found that being raised in a poor family does not lead to increased rates of crime or mental health problems in later life., 24.04.2012

Novel strategy to reduce urban youth violence

Briana and Damon could be the kids up the block. Briana does well in school and wants to follow in her sister's footsteps to college. Damon works hard at an after-school job in a local barbershop. They hang out with friends and try to stay out of trouble.
The Yorker, 24.04.2012

Survey probes York residents’ attitudes towards the police

A major new survey will give residents of York the opportunity to express their views on crime, the fear of crime, confidence and their views on policing.
EurekAlert Public, 24.04.2012

Violence puts wear and tear on kids' DNA

EurekAlert, 24.04.2012

Physical abuse may raise risk of suicidal thoughts

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 24.04.2012

Islamists in Enemy Territory

The Missionary Zeal of Germany's Salafists

Hubert Gude, Souad Mekhennet and Christoph Scheuermann

Scripps Research Institute, 24.04.2012

Scripps Research Scientists Find Anticonvulsant Drug Helps Marijuana Smokers Kick The Habit

Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release), 24.04.2012

Child Forensic Interviewers - Part 2: Training Our Law Enforcement Partners

In a make-shift interview room in Northern Virginia, a girl was asked to describe how she became a crime victim. An older man she met on the Internet lured her into sending him nude pictures. And now an investigator was trying to build a case against the man.
Federal Bureau of Investigation, 24.04.2012

Child Forensic Interviewers - Part 1: Providing Critical Skills on Sensitive Investigations

An 11-year-old who witnessed a murder. A terrified teenager who watched her parent beat and lock her sister in a closet over a period of weeks. A 12-year-old lured by two men on the Internet to a rendezvous where she was raped.
Hard News online, 24.04.2012

My dog Charlie and Corruption

Who makes the law? Politicians. Who enforces the laws? The police. Both are believed to be overwhelmingly corrupt

Mohan Guruswamy

Media Matters for America (blog), 24.04.2012

Why Is NY Times Citing Discredited Gun Researcher John Lott?

Matt Gertz

New York Times, 24.04.2012

New Fashion Wrinkle: Stylishly Hiding the Gun

Jennifer Silverberg

Eurozine, 24.04.2012

The harm of hate speech

Jeremy Waldron

Los Angeles Times, 25.04.2012

Exposure to violence in children harms DNA, study says

The damage is similar to that seen in aging, Duke researchers report. The study may help explain why people from abusive backgrounds have more risk of disease.

Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times, 25.04.2012

Granite State shaken by violence

10 bloody deaths in 10 days ‘unprecedented’; AG’s investigations into killings continue

Sarah Schweitzer

Edmonton Journal, 25.04.2012

Confidence in Canadian police down by half in 15 years: poll

Level plunges from 80 per cent in 1997 to 40 per cent last month, fuelled by national lows in B.C.

Peter O'Neil

Montreal Gazette, 25.04.2012

Missing women were considered 'scum of the Earth,' inquiry hears

Vancouver police were racist and sexist, former 911 operator testifies

Suzanne Fournier

Enterprise News, 25.04.2012

Getting smart on crime

I had to cover a lot of ground in my column Sunday on criminal justice reform, and realized later I may not have given enough space to explaining what’s wrong with mandatory minimum sentences in Massaschusetts.

Rick Holmes

The Independent (blog), 25.04.2012

Do Breivik’s claims of honing skills on Call of Duty mean we should worry about video games?

Dr. Cheryl Olson

Christian Science Monitor, 25.04.2012

Building on success: How El Salvador is trying to keep gang violence down

El Salvador has proposed a program to train tens of thousands of former gang members for the workforce. But some are questioning why criminals should get special help, writes a guest blogger.
The Oxford Times, 25.04.2012

Police chief: 'We're winning on burglaries'

Chief Inspector Colin Paine West Oxfordshire’s police chief says the force has won a “decisive battle” against prolific burglars

Tom Jennings

EurekAlert, 25.04.2012

Ophthalmologists urged to be alert for signs of child abuse

Case study in the Journal of AAPOS highlights need for vigilance
Newswise, 26.04.2012

Making Eyewitness Evidence Reliable: Book Examines Research on Eyewitness Identification to Improve Criminal Justice Practice

The Psychology of Eyewitness Identification offers an examination of research on the accuracy and reliability of eyewitness identification as well as a discussion of the implications of the research for social and legal policy.
EurekAlert, 26.04.2012

New study suggests gender gap around homophobic bullying

Research develops new scale to help measure levels of homophobic
ScrippsNews -, 26.04.2012

Men and their non-evolution


Huffington Post, 26.04.2012

Connecticut Repeals the Death Penalty

Rolling Stone, 26.04.2012

The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret

An inside look at how killing by remote control has changed the way we fight.

Michael Hastings

USA TODAY, 27.04.2012

The intersection of Rodney King and Trayvon Martin

Marisol Bello, Haya El Nasser and William M. Welch,

Sydney Morning Herald, 28.04.2012

Young lives trapped inside the system

Natasha Wallace, Geesche Jacobsen

EurekAlert, 29.04.2012

Fight or flight: Violent teens may be following parents' lead

Prevention programs should involve family members
EurekAlert Public, 29.04.2012

Huge study finds brain networks connected to teen drug abuse

Why do some teenagers start smoking or experimenting with drugs—while others don't?
University of California, Berkeley, 30.04.2012

Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers

Yasmin Anwar

Haaretz, 30.04.2012

Pioneer of global peace studies hints at link between Norway massacre and Mossad

In several anti-Semitic remarks, Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung also defends 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' and says Jewish influence was one of the factors leading to Auschwitz.

Ofer Aderet

Boston Review, 30.04.2012

Public Safety Doesn’t Require More Inmates

Bruce Western

Free Speech Debate, 30.04.2012

Why hate speech should not be banned

Restrictions on hate speech are not a means of tackling bigotry but of rebranding often obnoxious ideas or arguments are immoral, argues writer Kenan Malik.