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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

New York Times, 01.12.2021

‘It’s None of Your Business’: Fighting for Body-Cam Footage

Kim Barker

The Conversation, 01.12.2021

Most school shooters get their guns from home – and during the pandemic, the number of firearms in households with teenagers went up

Patrick Carter, Marc A Zimmerman, Rebeccah Sokol

Modern Diplomacy, 01.12.2021

ISIS-K, Talc, Lithium and the narrative of ongoing jihadi terrorism in Afghanistan

Ajmal Sohail

Reason, 01.12.2021

More Police Officers Associated with More Black Homicides Prevented

Eugene Volokh

London Review of Books Vol. 43 No. 23, 02.12.2021

Ten Million a Year

David Wallace-Wells

The Conversation, 02.12.2021

School shootings are at a record high this year – but they can be prevented

James Densley, Jillian Peterson

The Conversation, 02.12.2021

Stop and search: new data shows continued ethnic disproportionality

Winifred Agnew-Pauley, Amal Ali, Bisola Akintoye

Philadelphia Weekly, 02.12.2021

Fewer police = more crime

A. Benjamin Mannes

Gizmodo, 02.12.2021

How We Determined Predictive Policing Software Disproportionately Targeted Low-Income, Black, and Latino Neighborhoods

Dhruv Mehrotra, Surya Mattu, Annie Gilbertson, and Aaron Sankin

Washington Post, 03.12.2021

The trickle-down trauma of school shootings

Amy Joyce

ABC News, 04.12.2021

The other side of a terror raid: An insider's account of what happens next

Mahmood Fazal

New York Times, 05.12.2021

Viewing a Tragic Case Through the Eyes of Investigators

Ellen Barry

Washington Post, 05.12.2021

Michigan schools order investigation after staff raised alarms about suspect hours before fatal shooting

Bryan Pietsch

The Conversation, 05.12.2021

Montréal Massacre anniversary: The media must play a key role in fighting femicide

Jordan Fairbairn, Ciara Boyd, Myrna Dawson, Yasmin Jiwani

The Guardian, 06.12.2021

Three in four girls have been sent sexual images via apps, report finds

The Conversation, 06.12.2021

The UK’s policing bill will make climate activism almost illegal – just when it’s most needed

Heather Alberro

Seattle Times, 06.12.2021

Homicide is a leading cause of death during pregnancy. At highest risk: Black women

Cecilia Nowell

Newswise, 06.12.2021

Youth violence prevention program finds success in emergency room, primary care settings

University of Michigan

The Conversation, 06.12.2021

An expert draws 7 lessons about US gun laws from the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the Rittenhouse verdict

John Donohue C. Wendell and Edith M. Carlsmith

The Conversation, 06.12.2021

Yazidi genocide: landmark guilty verdict for IS jihadi could transform how atrocities are brought to justice

Chamu Kuppuswamy

The Conversation, 06.12.2021

Mental health and terrorism: more people flagged to authorities have ‘mixed, unstable, unclear’ views than Islamist ideologies

Barry Richards

The Atlantic, 06.12.2021

Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun

Barton Gellman

The Crime Report, 07.12.2021

Vets in Extremist Groups Raise ‘Problem for Democracy,’ says Terrorism Expert

New York Times, 07.12.2021

How Can Something Be Racist but Not Racist at the Same Time?

John McWhorter

New York Times, 07.12.2021

Should Parents Ever Be Held Responsible for a School Shooting?

Michael Gonchar

The Conversation, 07.12.2021

Michigan school shooting shows how violence can transition from online threats to real-world tragedy

Mia Bloom, Volkan Topalli

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2021

Face masks help jurors tell lies from truth

University of Portsmouth

CBC, 07.12.2021

Coercive control, the silent partner of domestic violence, instils fear, helplessness in victims

Shaina Luck

The Guardian, 07.12.2021

Most rape victims in London drop complaints after speaking to police

Vikram Dodd

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2021

Urbanization improves out-group trust

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

FiveThirtyEight, 08.12.2021

What New Data On Gun Recoveries Can Tell Us About Increased Violence In 2020

Champe Barton

New York Times, 08.12.2021

Some Jan. 6 Rioters May Use Police Brutality as a Defense

Alan Feuer

The Conversation, 08.12.2021

Outsourcing migration control is leading to violence in eastern Europe and beyond

Luna Vives, Lyubov Zhyznomirska

The Conversation, 08.12.2021

Why it’s time to make ecocide a crime: for the sake of its victims

Rachel Killean

Sacramento Bee, 08.12.2021

‘Clean slate’ laws would erase criminal records. Do they make America more equitable?

Miranda S. Spivack, 08.12.2021

Sexual Violence against Children: Why Aren't Thousands of Gigabytes of Abusive Images Removed from the Web?

Jörg Diehl, Benjamin Güldenring, Max Hoppenstedt, Roman Lehberger und Daniel Moßbrucker

Rest of World, 08.12.2021

How governments go after protesters using social media

Vladimir Cortés

New York Times, 09.12.2021

How Nursing Homes’ Worst Offenses Are Hidden From the Public

Robert Gebeloff, Katie Thomas and Jessica Silver-Greenberg

The Conversation, 09.12.2021

Rethinking police reform: From defunding to promoting sustainability

Angela Workman-Stark

Newswise, 09.12.2021

On Violations, Enforcement, and Deterrence

American Technion Society

EurekAlert!, 09.12.2021

Childhood trauma increases risk of opioid abuse

University of Georgia

EurekAlert!, 09.12.2021

Violence increased most in marginalized neighborhoods early in the COVID-19 pandemic

University of California - Davis Health, 09.12.2021

Deadly Intrigue

Christoph Reuter

The Atlantic, 09.12.2021

What a National Guard Commander Saw on January 6

Christian Paz

Minnesota Public Radio MPRNws, 09.12.2021

New study looks at how policing affects preterm birth

Catharine Richert

New York Times, 10.12.2021

Inside the Fall of Kabul

Matthieu Aikins

The Conversation, 10.12.2021

Unpaid leave and toxic cultures: new research shows workplaces must do better on family violence

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Emma Jane McNicol, Naomi Pfitzner

The Conversation, 10.12.2021

How conspiracy theories in the US became more personal, more cruel and more mainstream after the Sandy Hook shootings

Amanda J. Crawford

Eurozine, 10.12.2021

Memorial and the liberating power of history

Timothy Snyder

Seattle Times, 10.12.2021

Many relatives of school shooters ignore glaring warning signs. This Everett grandmother didn’t

Mark Berman, Steven Rich and John Woodrow Cox

New York Times, 11.12.2021

What Can Schools Do About Disturbed Students?

Jessica Grose

CT Insider, 12.12.2021

7 takeaways from our yearlong investigation of intimate partner violence

Clare Dignan

The New Yorker, 13.12.2021

Half a Billion in Bitcoin, Lost in the Dump

D. T. Max

SDxCentral, 13.12.2021

‘Very Few Will Escape’ Log4j, Threat Researchers Say

Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2021

Cannabis use could cause harmful drug interactions

Washington State University

BBC News, 13.12.2021

The ultra-violent cult that became a global mafia

Africa Eye

The Crime Report, 13.12.2021

Violent Crime Highest in Poor Urban Neighborhoods: Study

GOV.UK, 13.12.2021

The economic and social cost of contact child sexual abuse

Freddie Radakin, Angie Scholes, Kien Soloman, Constance Thomas-Lacroix, Alex Davies

Mirage News Science, 14.12.2021

First comprehensive study on gun violence in Europe identifies alarming trends

The Crime Report, 14.12.2021

Pandemic Worsened Inequalities Driving Violent Crime, Experts Say

Isidoro Rodriguez

Washington Post, 14.12.2021

Guest Post: Data and analytics enable community groups to become partners in public safety

Tom Jackman

The Conversation, 14.12.2021

Information is key to public support for police use of facial recognition technology

Kelly Hine, Robert Fleet

The Conversation, 14.12.2021

Mourning after mass shootings isn’t enough – a sociologist argues that society’s messages about masculinity need to change

Darcie Vandegrift Professor, 14.12.2021

New academic algorithm identifies elevated domestic violence levels during lockdown

Royal Holloway

The Crime Report, 14.12.2021

‘Risk Terrain Modeling’: A New Tool for Crimefighting?

Andrea Cipriano

WDET Detroit's NPR Station, 15.12.2021

How Mass Shootings Like Oxford Impact Communities and Mental Health

University of Michigan News, 15.12.2021

Perceived police bias, community violence amplify youth firearm carriage, U-M study shows

Alex Piazza

EurekAlert!, 15.12.2021

New Firearms publication gauges extent of global problem

Book Announcement Staffordshire University

EurekAlert!, 15.12.2021

Mass shootings occur less frequently in towns with more religious congregations

Binghamton University

New York Times, 15.12.2021

Malta Becomes First E.U. Country to Legalize Marijuana

Emma Bubola

The Guardian, 15.12.2021

Revealed: LAPD used ‘strategic communications’ firm to track ‘defund the police’ online

Sam Levin and Johana Bhuiyan

ABC News, 15.12.2021

Daunte Wright case: How seemingly minor traffic stops can turn deadly

Kiara Alfonseca

New York Times, 15.12.2021

He Was Convicted of Raping Alice Sebold. Then the Case Unraveled

Corina Knoll, Karen Zraick and Alexandra Alter

New York Review of Books December 16, 2021, 16.12.2021

Why the US Is a Failed Democratic State

Lawrence Lessig

Griffith University, 16.12.2021

Launch of world-first app to combat domestic violence

EurekAlert! News Release, 16.12.2021

Child maltreatment increases risk factors related to suicidal behavior in adolescents

University of Barcelona

EurekAlert! News Release, 16.12.2021

Hate speech on social media is fueled by users’ shared moral concerns, USC study shows

University of Southern California

EurekAlert! News Release, 16.12.2021

Comparison of intimate partner violence injuries among sexes uncovers higher level of severity for male victims

Brigham and Women's Hospital

The Conversation, 17.12.2021

How claims of ‘consensual rough sex’ hide abuse and coercive control from courts

Cassandra Wiener, Tanya Palmer

EurekAlert! News Release, 18.12.2021

COVID-19 lockdowns hurt women more than men

New York Times, 18.12.2021

Hidden Pentagon Records Reveal Patterns of Failure in Deadly Airstrikes


Webster Journal, 19.12.2021

The ‘good guy with a gun’ narrative doesn’t prevent violence

Cas Waigand

The Conversation, 19.12.2021

Our casual use of facial analysis tools can lead to more sinister applications

Stephen Monteiro

NBC News, 19.12.2021

Burlington decided to cut its police force 30 percent. Here’s what happened next

Emily R. Siegel and Hannah Rappleye

New York Times, 19.12.2021

Airstrikes allowed America to wage war with minimal risk to its troops

By Azmat Khan

Psychology Today Posted, 19.12.2021

The Truth About Stranger Homicide, and Who's Really at Risk

Gary Drevitch

The New Yorker, 20.12.2021

The Secret History of the U.S. Diplomatic Failure in Afghanistan

Steve Coll and Adam Entous

Homeland Security Today, 20.12.2021

PERSPECTIVE: The English Voice of ISIS Speaks Out Against the Group

Anne Speckhard and Molly Ellenberg

The Conversation, 20.12.2021

‘Please continue’ – did this simple two-word phrase lead normal people to ‘torture’ strangers?

David Kaposi

The Conversation, 20.12.2021

Are parents criminally responsible for the actions of their child? In the Oxford shooting case, prosecutors say yes

Thaddeus Hoffmeister

The Guardian, 20.12.2021

America’s most underserved areas saw gun crime rise early in pandemic – study

Abené Clayton

Time Magazine, 20.12.2021

Protests Reduce Police Killings, New Research Shows

By Susan Olzak

The Conversation, 20.12.2021

UN fails to agree on ‘killer robot’ ban as nations pour billions into autonomous weapons research

James Dawes

Open Democracy, 20.12.2021

Beaten, begging and in hiding: Life for the Afghans the UK left behind

Tom Mutch

EurekAlert!, 21.12.2021

Model developed in Brazil can predict conviction of lawmakers for corruption

EurekAlert!, 21.12.2021

Handgun ownership and intimate partner violence history increases risk of violent crime

Davis Health

HealthDay, 21.12.2021

5 Million More Americans Became Gun Owners During Pandemic

Amy Norton

The Jerusalem Post, 21.12.2021

Antisemitism, from the streets of Berlin to the streets of Ramallah - opinion

STEPHEN M. FLATOW, 21.12.2021

Law enforcement and civil society grapple with facial recognition policy, transparency

Chris Burt

DefenseOne, 21.12.2021

The Problem with Drones that Everyone Saw Coming

By Jordan Cohen and Jonathan Ellis Allen

Financial Reporter, 21.12.2021

Wealthier people more likely to be scam victims

New York Times, 22.12.2021

The F.B.I. Deployed Surveillance Teams Inside Portland Protests

Adam Goldman

The Conversation, 22.12.2021

What is Log4j? A cybersecurity expert explains the latest internet vulnerability, how bad it is and what’s at stake

Santiago Torres-Arias

Security Intelligence, 22.12.2021

Cyber Warfare: What To Expect in 2022

By C.J. Haughey

Newsweek, 23.12.2021

Exclusive: Classified Documents Reveal the Number of January 6 Protestors

William M. Arkin

New York Times, 24.12.2021

Despite Uproar Over Floyd’s Death, the Number of Fatal Encounters With Police Hasn’t Changed

Tim Arango and Giulia Heyward

New York Times, 26.12.2021

How Paid Experts Help Exonerate Police After Deaths in Custody

Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Mike McIntire, Rebecca R. Ruiz, Julie Tate and Michael H. Keller

Healio, 27.12.2021

Schizophrenia spectrum disorders tied to increased risk for perpetrating violence

Joe Gramigna

The Conversation, 28.12.2021

Has the pandemic fundamentally changed our ethics?

Hugh Breakey

Federal News Network, 29.12.2021

Decades of DOD efforts fail to stamp out bias, extremism


The Conversation, 29.12.2021

Ghislaine Maxwell guilty in Epstein sex trafficking trial: What the case revealed about female sex offenders

Poco Kernsmith, Erin B. Comartin, Sheryl Kubiak

Study Finds, 30.12.2021

Massachusetts gun-control legislation had no impact on violent crime rates

John Anderer

The Conversation, 31.12.2021

Cabinet papers 2001: how ‘securitisation’ became a mindset to dominate Australian politics for a generation

Chris Wallace

The Globe and Mail, 31.12.2021

The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. Canada must prepare

Thomas Homer-Dixon