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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.04.2021

How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire

Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev

New York Times, 01.04.2021

London Police Officer Convicted of Membership in Neo-Nazi Group

Isabella Kwai

The Conversation, 01.04.2021

In gun debate, both sides have evidence to back them up

Zach Lang, Jennifer Selin

The Conversation, 01.04.2021

Race commission report: the rights and wrongs

Raminder Kaur, Gill Margaret Hague

The Guardian, 01.04.2021

Racial disparities in the UK: key findings of the report – and what its critics say

WGBH, 02.04.2021

The Atlanta Shootings Were A Hate Crime. We Must Say So.

Rev. Irene Monroe

EurekAlert!, 02.04.2021

Radicalization to extremist ideologies is often triggered by negative life events

RAND Corporation

New York Times, 03.04.2021

Thousands Protest Against Policing Bill in Britain, With Clashes in London

Elian Peltier

CNN, 03.04.2021

The US saw significant crime rise across major cities in 2020. And it's not letting up

Emma Tucker and Peter Nickeas

The Guardian, 03.04.2021

The poisonously patronising Sewell report is historically illiterate

David Olusoga

New York Times, 04.04.2021

Biden Steps Up Federal Efforts to Combat Domestic Extremism

Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Nicole Hong

Washington Post, 04.04.2021

When police kill people, they are rarely prosecuted and hard to convict

Mark Berman

The Conversation, 05.04.2021

Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19

Lindsay Stark, Luissa Vahedi

EurekAlert!, 05.04.2021

Study finds psychiatric disorders persist 15 years after youth are detained

Northwestern University

Washington Post, 05.04.2021

A QAnon revelation suggests the truth of Q’s identity was right there all along

Drew Harwell and Craig Timberg

The Conversation, 06.04.2021

Defund the police? Instead, end toxic masculinity and ‘warrior cops’

Angela Workman-Stark

Techradar, 06.04.2021

How analytics can help to catch and convict criminals

Andy Davies

Nature WORLD VIEW, 06.04.2021

Time to regulate AI that interprets human emotions

Kate Crawford

WIRED, 06.04.2021

What Really Caused Facebook's 500M-User Data Leak?

Lily Hay Newman

The Sentinel Newspaper, 06.04.2021

Brazilian far right imitates American extremists, study shows

Kennesaw State University KSU

The Conversation, 07.04.2021

Should cyberwar be met with physical force? Moral philosophy can help us decide

Christopher J. Finlay

EurekAlert!, 07.04.2021

Misogynistic tweets correlate with violence against women

University of New South Wales

The Intercept, 07.04.2021

NYPD “Goon Squad” Manual Teaches Officers to Violate Protesters’ Rights

John Bolger, Alice Speri

The Conversation, 07.04.2021

Misunderstanding addiction breeds despair and suffering – and, for alleged Atlanta shooter, violence

Trysh Travis

Verfassungsblog, 07.04.2021

Germany and COVID-19: A Most Eventful Year

Anna Katharina Mangold

SciDev.Net, 07.04.2021

COVID-19, lies and statistics: corruption and the pandemic

Syriacus Buguzi, Fiona Broom, Joel Adriano and Aleida Rueda

Stanford Lawyer, 08.04.2021

Selective De-Policing: Stanford Law Team Proposes New Routes to Public Safety in Racially Diverse Communities

Sharon Driscoll

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2021

An atmosphere of intrafamily trust tends to prevent problematic internet use

University of Córdoba

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2021

Violence and its effects on healthcare service, access, and strategies

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

CBC News, 08.04.2021

Calgary researchers examine feasibility of professionalizing policing for B.C. government

Elise von Scheel

The Conversation, 08.04.2021

India prepares for Kumbh Mela, world’s largest religious gathering, amid COVID-19 fears

Tulasi Srinivas

The Conversation, 08.04.2021

White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US

Jennifer Ho

USA TODAY, 08.04.2021

‘Jan. 6 changed everything’: Will Capitol riot mark a return to fortress policing?

Kevin Johnson and Trevor Hughes

The effects of Black Lives Matter protests, 09.04.2021

The effects of Black Lives Matter protests

Jerusalem Demsas, 09.04.2021

Biden budget adds $111 million to battle domestic terrorism

Rebecca Beitsch

The Conversation, 09.04.2021

Sheepskin was used as an anti-fraud device in British legal documents for hundreds of years

Sean Doherty, Jonathan Finch

Psychology Today, 10.04.2021

How Often Do Victims of Street Violence Receive Help?

Lybi Ma

Report Door, 10.04.2021

A ‘Boogaloo’ extremist group destroyed evidence from an investigation into one of their members who allegedly killed a police officer

Erin Clark

Salon, 10.04.2021

Why is online political culture so distorted and awful? Sociologist explains why — and how to fix it

Paul Rosenberg

New York Times, 10.04.2021

This Heroin-Using Professor Wants to Change How We Think About Drugs

John Leland

New York Times, 10.04.2021

Maryland Passes Sweeping Police Reform Legislation

The Intercept, 10.04.2021

A Billionaire-Funded Website With Ties to the Far Right Is Trying to “Cancel” University Professors

Alice Speri

New York Times, 10.04.2021

Police Say an Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise.

Mike Baker and Evan Hill, 11.04.2021

Police reforms are a minefield, even in progressive communities

Glenn C. Altschuler

The Conversation, 11.04.2021

‘She’s a slut’: sexual bullying among girls contributes to cultural misogyny. We need to take it seriously

University of South Australia

The New Yorker, 12.04.2021

Surviving the Crackdown in Xinjiang

Raffi Khatchadourian

EurekAlert!, 12.04.2021

Research suggests SEC's increasing focus on terrorism may limit financial oversight

Duke University

The Conversation, 12.04.2021

Derek Chauvin trial: 3 questions America needs to ask about seeking racial justice in a court of law

Lewis R. Gordon

Los Angeles Times, 12.04.2021

Today’s Headlines: What is the future of policing?

Firstpost, 12.04.2021

‘We should judge systems like the police in how they respond to people with the least, not the most’: Sonia Faleiro

New York Times, 12.04.2021

While not common, officers have mistaken pistols for Tasers, sometimes with deadly outcomes.

Will Wright and Shawn Hubler

The Conversation, 13.04.2021

Malta: how the rule of law has been challenged by murder and corruption allegations

John Stanton

The Crime Report, 13.04.2021

Police Group Says Qualified Immunity Makes Americans ‘Less Safe’

Diane Goldstein

Relevant Magazine, 13.04.2021

When Will America Take What We Know About Racist Policing Seriously?

Tyler Huckabee

Voice of America, 13.04.2021

Number of US Troops Linked to Domestic Terror Plots Small but Growing

Jeff Seldin

New York Times, 13.04.2021

What to Do About Killings by the Police

Washington Post, 14.04.2021

Opinion: We’re stuck in a loop of death until we address policing. This Netflix short showcases that.

Michele L. Norris

New York Times, 14.04.2021

At Least 15 Officers Mistook Guns for Tasers. Three Were Convicted.

Alan Feuer and Mihir Zaveri

New York Times, 14.04.2021

Rage Is the Only Language I Have Left

Charles M. Blow

London Review of Books, 14.04.2021

Against Fear

Simone Webb

The Walrus - Current Affairs, 14.04.2021

How Immigration Really Works

Kelly Toughill

Washington Post, 15.04.2021

Caron Nazario saw Eric Garner, who he called ‘uncle,’ die in police hands. Then officers pepper-sprayed him six years later.

John Woodrow Cox and Michael S. Rosenwald

The Conversation, 15.04.2021

The United States is at risk of an armed anti-police insurgency

Temitope Oriola

EurekAlert!, 15.04.2021

Epidemic of firearm injury spurs new wave of research

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

Washington Post, 15.04.2021

To fuel public safety reform, cities must build their civic muscles

Elizabeth Glazer

Washington Post, 15.04.2021

How the Justice Department came to investigate Rep. Matt Gaetz

Matt Zapotosky and Michael Scherer

NBC News, 15.04.2021

Experts stress that more training won't eradicate police violence

Char Adams

The Guardian, 16.04.2021

US-made guns are ripping Central America apart and driving migration north

Ioan Grillo

The Guardian, 16.04.2021

Innovative gun violence program saved many lives and millions of dollars, researchers find

Abené Clayton

Slate, 16.04.2021

The Myth of the Dangerous Traffic Stop Is Killing Black Men in America

Mark Joseph Stern

The Nation, 16.04.2021

How BLM Is Subtly Shaping the Chauvin Trial

Sonali Chakravarti

Journalist's Resource, 16.04.2021

Race plays a role, but researchers say it’s not the strongest predictor of whether someone holds a negative view of police

Denise-Marie Ordway, 16.04.2021

AI empires

Michael Spezio

New York Times, 17.04.2021

Throughout Trial Over George Floyd’s Death, Killings by Police Mount

John Eligon and Shawn Hubler

The Conversation, 18.04.2021

A culture of silence and stigma around emotions dominates policing, officer diaries reveal

Sarah-Jane Lennie

New York Times, 18.04.2021

As New Police Reform Laws Sweep Across the U.S., Some Ask: Are They Enough?

Steve Eder, Michael H. Keller and Blacki Migliozzi

EUobserver, 19.04.2021

Why EU needs to be wary that AI will increase racial profiling

Fieke Jansen and Sarah Chander

PsyPost, 19.04.2021

Childhood spanking is linked to adverse physical, psychological, and behavioral outcomes in adolescence

Beth Ellwood

The Conversation, 19.04.2021

How pandemic responses neglected disabled people’s rights

Vera Kubenz

The Crime Report, 19.04.2021

Can Artificial Intelligence Give Us Equal Justice?

Emily Riley

New York Times, 19.04.2021

Few Charges, Fewer Convictions: The Chauvin Trial and the History of Police Violence

Aidan Gardiner and Rebecca Halleck

The Conversation, 20.04.2021

Justice for George Floyd: Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdicts must result in fundamental changes to policing

Temitope Oriola

EurekAlert!, 20.04.2021

How lessons from past emergencies could improve the pandemic response

University of Washington

New York Times, 20.04.2021

How a teenager’s video upended the police department’s initial tale.

Azi Paybarah

Temple Now, 20.04.2021

How being labeled as a superpredator has impacted a generation of Black and Hispanic men

Jamie Fader

The Conversation, 20.04.2021

Domestic violence calls for help increased during the pandemic – but the answers haven’t gotten any easier

Tara N. Richards, Justin Nix

NPR, 20.04.2021

When You Add More Police To A City, What Happens?

Greg Rosalsky

HealthDay, 20.04.2021

High-Profile Police Brutality Cases Harm Black Americans' Mental Health: Study

Amy Norton

New York Times, 20.04.2021

13 Key Moments That Shaped the Trial of Derek Chauvin

Will Wright

New York Times, 20.04.2021

Can Policing Change?

David Leonhardt

The Conversation, 20.04.2021

Why this trial was different: Experts react to guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin

Rashad Shabazz , Ric Simmons

Global Times, 20.04.2021

Experts scathing about ‘tone-deaf’ study on racial equality


The Conversation, 21.04.2021

Relief at Derek Chauvin conviction a sign of long history of police brutality

Clare Corbould

EurekAlert!, 21.04.2021

Children exposed to intimate partner violence twice as likely to have poorer health

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

The Conversation, 21.04.2021

EU is cracking down on AI, but leaves a loophole for mass surveillance

Bernd Carsten Stahl

EurekAlert!, 21.04.2021

What leads young women to disclose abuse in their first relationships?

Michigan State University

Newswise, 21.04.2021

Five factors that led to Chauvin guilty verdicts

Daniel Harawa

Blue Ridge Muse, 21.04.2021

Conviction of a racist, murdering cop in Minneapolis: Long overdue


New York Times, 21.04.2021

A Very Rare Conviction

David Leonhardt

New York Times, 21.04.2021

Biden and Harris on the Chauvin Trial Verdict

EurekAlert!, 22.04.2021

Firearms laws curb rates of gun violence across United States

Rutgers University

University of Arkansas, 22.04.2021

Law Professor Argues for Removing Police From Traffic Enforcement

Jordan Blair Woods

NBC, 22.04.2021

Most officers never fire their guns. But some kill multiple people — and are still on the job.

Tim Stelloh, 22.04.2021

Experts on violence release report giving recommendations for reducing inappropriate use of force by police

Nora Luongo

The Atlantic, 22.04.2021

Navalny Has a Lesson for the World

Anne Applebaum

EurekAlert!, 23.04.2021

Violence-legitimizing verses in religious scriptures increase support for lethal violence

WZB Berlin Social Science Center

New York Times, 24.04.2021

How the Trial Over Floyd’s Death Flipped the Script for Black Victims

Tim Arango, John Eligon and Shaila Dewan

New York Times, 25.04.2021

Split-Second Decisions: How a Supreme Court Case Shaped Modern Policing

David D. Kirkpatrick

The Intercept, 25.04.2021

Some Right-Wing Troops Find Themselves Targeted by Their Own War Machine

Mike Giglio

CNN Updated, 25.04.2021

Are we numb? Handling the collective trauma of police violence, mass shootings and a pandemic

Matt Villano

Center for American Progress, 26.04.2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence and Firearms

EurekAlert, 26.04.2021

Research by University of Minnesota Medical School students suggests protocol change for tear gas deployment

NPR, 26.04.2021

Study: Body-Worn Camera Research Shows Drop In Police Use Of Force

Cheryl Corley

The Atlantic April, 26.04.2021

The Burden of Being ‘On Point’

Adam Harris

The Guardian, 26.04.2021

The invention of whiteness: the long history of a dangerous idea

Robert P Baird

BuzzFeed, 26.04.2021

Facebook Stopped Employees From Reading An Internal Report About Its Role In The Insurrection. You Can Read It Here.

Ryan Mac Buzz, Craig Silverman, Jane Lytvynenko

Eurasia Review, 26.04.2021

Coup Plots, Poison, Hacking, Sabotage: What Is The GRU’s Unit 29155? – Analysis

Mike Eckel

Washington Post, 27.04.2021

When communities try to hold police accountable, law enforcement fights back

Nicole Dungca and Jenn Abelson

EurekAlert!, 27.04.2021

Young people who experience bullying are more likely to fantasize about committing acts of violence - study

University of Cambridge Research News

NBC News, 27.04.2021

Police violence against children sparks demand for use-of-force laws

Char Adams and Randi Richardson

New York Times, 27.04.2021

Video Shows Police Laughing at Footage of Arrest of Woman With Dementia

Jesus Jiménez and Christine Hauser

The Conversation, 28.04.2021

NSW Police want access to Tinder’s sexual assault data. Cybersafety experts explain why it’s a date with disaster

Kath Albury

EurekAlert, 28.04.2021

Alcohol and sexist attitudes combine to increase male violence towards women

Society for the Study of Addiction

ABC News, 28.04.2021

Police have killed more than 100 children since 2015 in US, data shows

Kiara Alfonseca

The Conversation, 28.04.2021

Watchdog report into RCMP investigation of Colten Boushie’s death confirms police racism

Michelle Stewart

Snopes, 28.04.2021

Was ‘How To Hit a Woman So No One Knows’ Googled 163M Times in 2020?

Jessica Lee

Government Technology, 28.04.2021

Research Says Body Cams Are Good Public Safety Investment

Scottish Legal News, 28.04.2021

England: Unreliable witness testimony biggest cause of miscarriages of justice over past 50 years

Rebecca Helm

New York Times, 28.04.2021

Policing Is Not Broken, It’s ‘Literally Designed to Work in This Way’

TechCrunch, 29.04.2021

EU adopts rules on one-hour takedowns for terrorist content

Natasha Lomas

City Limits, 29.04.2021

In Advocating ‘Precision Policing,’ Adams Embraces a Term Police Critics Have Targeted

Jarrett Murphy, 29.04.2021

U.S. prosecutors release video of rioters spraying Officer Brian Sicknick in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Spencer S. Hsu, Aaron C. Davis, Dalton Bennett, Joyce Sohyun Lee and Sarah Cahlan

The Guardian, 29.04.2021

‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe

Arundhati Roy

Lawfare, 30.04.2021

Pattern-or-Practice Investigations and Police Reform

Jacob Schulz, Tia Sewell

The Conversation, 30.04.2021

The ‘bystander effect’ is real – but research shows that when more people witness violence, it’s more likely someone will step up and intervene

Wayne Eastman

The Conversation, 30.04.2021

American cities have long struggled to reform their police – but isolated success stories suggest community and officer buy-in might be key

Thaddeus L. Johnson, Natasha N. Johnson

Journalist’s Resource, 30.04.2021

Covering marijuana: Research roundup and 7 tips for journalists

Naseem S. Miller

New York Times, 30.04.2021

How the N-Word Became Unsayable

John McWhorter