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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Cosmopolitan, 01.03.2023

Who is Constance Marten? The story behind the runaway heiress

Jade Biggs

Nature, 01.03.2023

How to tackle political polarization — the researchers trying to bridge divides

Saima May Sidik, 01.03.2023

Almost one in four Norwegian women have experienced rape during their lifetime

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 01.03.2023

A city-led effort to reach potential shooters has produced encouraging results, Philly officials say

Chris Palmer

The Conversation, 01.03.2023

Sibling aggression and abuse go beyond rivalry – bullying within a family can have lifelong repercussions

Corinna Jenkins Tucker, Tanya Rouleau Whitworth

Vanity Fair, 01.03.2023

A Big Week for the “Lab Leak”: Making Sense of the Latest Twists in the COVID-19 Origins Debate

Katherine Eban

The Conversation, 02.03.2023

Overclassification overkill: The US government is drowning in a sea of secrets

David Cuillier

The Conversation, 02.03.2023

Race and erasure: why the world’s other humanitarian crises don’t see the same response as Ukraine

Ritesh Shah

The Conversation, 02.03.2023

Understanding mass incarceration in the US is the first step to reducing a swollen prison population

Jeffrey Bellin Mills E. Godwin

The Conversation, 02.03.2023

Prevent review: why we need a new – and clearer – definition of Islamist extremism

Julian Hargreaves

Project Syndicate, 02.03.2023

Everything Flows in Ukraine

Shlomo Ben-Ami / Nina L. Khrushcheva / Frans Timmermans / Richard Haass / Harold James

Brisbane Times, 03.03.2023

Shifty shades of grey: Why organised crime gangs have eyes on Australia

Cloe Read

EurekAlert!, 03.03.2023

New steps taken to identify criminals’ footwear

Staffordshire University

The Conversation, 03.03.2023

Inquiries differ on why the 2017 Manchester bombing wasn’t prevented – here’s why

Jamie Gaskarth

The Conversation, 03.03.2023

3 ways to prevent school shootings, based on research

Beverly Kingston, Sarah Goodrum

The Conversation, 03.03.2023

Family violence is literally making us sicker – new study finds abuse increases risk of chronic illness

Janet Fanslow

The Conversation, 03.03.2023

5 things to know about Moldova and Transnistria – and why Russia’s war in Ukraine is threatening their security, too

Tatsiana Kulakevich

The Guardian, 04.03.2023

Victim or villain: how guilty are the female accomplices of predatory men?

Lucinda Rosenfeld

New York Times, 04.03.2023

‘It’s Disgusting’: The Con Artists Who Exploit Mass Shootings

Emily Schmall

The Guardian, 04.03.2023

‘Putin has gone mad from power’: Kremlin critic Ilya Yashin speaks out from Russian prison

Andrew Roth

New York Times, 04.03.2023

A New Front Line in the Debate Over Policing: A Forest Near Atlanta

Sean Keenan and Joseph Goldstein

wvtf radio Virginia's Public Radio, 04.03.2023

A look at approaches to address violent crime

ABC News, 05.03.2023

Recent high-profile deaths put police body cameras under new scrutiny

Bill Hutchinson

San Francisco Chronicle, 05.03.2023

Most Oakland homicides go unsolved. Why don’t officials have a plan to fix it?

Joshua Sharpe, Susie Neilson

The Conversation, 06.03.2023

Lie detection tests have worked the same way for 3,000 years – and they’re still hopelessly inaccurate

Rebecca Wilcoxson, Emma Turley

EurekAlert!, 06.03.2023

Siblings should be screened in cases of suspected child physical abuse

University College London

The Register®, 06.03.2023

Where are the women in cyber security? On the dark side, study suggests

Brandon Vigliarolo

Newswise, 06.03.2023

Diversity Training for Police Officers: One-and-Done Efforts Aren't Enough

Association for Psychological Science

The Conversation, 06.03.2023

What parents and educators need to know about teens’ pornography and sexting experiences at school

Megan K. Maas

The Conversation, 06.03.2023

Addressing campus sexual violence: New risk assessment tool can help administrators make difficult decisions

Sandy Jung, Jesmen Mendoza

Newswise, 06.03.2023

Major medical organizations form a coalition to stem the rising tide of firearm violence using a comprehensive public health approach

American College of Surgeons (ACS)

The New Yorker, 06.03.2023

The Law Professor Flying Surveillance Drones in Ukraine

Masha Gessen

The Conversation, 06.03.2023

Can a machine be racist? Artificial Intelligence has shown troubling signs of bias, but there are reasons for optimism

Charles Barbour

Washington Post, 06.03.2023

Hells Angels, a synagogue shooting and Iran’s shady hand in Germany

Loveday Morris and Souad Mekhennet

The Conversation, 07.03.2023

Militant Islamist violence in Africa surges – deaths up nearly 50%, events up 22% in a year

Joseph Siegle, Wendy Williams

Newswise, 07.03.2023

Upward trend in ‘deaths of despair’ linked to drop in religious participation, economist finds

University of Notre Dame

The Conversation, 07.03.2023

Is the poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran a new front in the war against girls’ education?

Shireen Daft

The Guardian, 07.03.2023

‘I know where the bodies are buried’: one woman’s mission to change how the police investigate rape

Melissa Denes

Washington Post, 07.03.2023

FBI, Pentagon helped research facial recognition for street cameras, drones

Drew Harwell

The Crime Report, 07.03.2023

Improving Officer-Community Interactions

Modern Diplomacy, 07.03.2023

Human Trafficking: A Global Security Concern

Tayyaba Khurshid

Salt Lake Tribune, 07.03.2023

Solving a marijuana mystery at Utah State University with data

Courtney Tanner

EurekAlert!, 08.03.2023

Do school shootings increase stress-related emergency department visits in local communities?


EurekAlert!, 08.03.2023

Places of worship linked with more neighborhood crime in Washington, D.C.


Modern Diplomacy, 08.03.2023

Human Security Implications of Online Hate Speech against Women: the Barrier to Women’s Political Participation

Charani Patabendige

Forbes, 08.03.2023

Covid Didn’t Impact Mental Health? New Study Challenges Previous Research Suggesting Crisis Caused By Pandemic

Arianna Johnson

The Conversation, 09.03.2023

‘You rarely see abuse directed at men’: a look at the sexist abuse women police officers face online

Susan Watson, 09.03.2023

Timothy Snyder on the Ukraine War: "In Russia, Will Is Placed over Reason"

Ann-Dorit Boy und Eva-Maria Schnurr

Reason, 09.03.2023

Rape Rates Go Down as Countries Legalize Prostitution, Rise With Sex Work Prohibition

Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Courthouse News Service, 09.03.2023

Post-Breonna Taylor probe finds pattern of police misconduct in Louisville

Andy Monserud

The Conversation, 10.03.2023

Iran: poisoning of thousands of schoolgirls piles more pressure on Islamic Republic struggling for survival

Afshin Shahi

Futurity, 10.03.2023

Trends among children who threaten violence at school

Gregory Filiano-Stony Brook

Reuters, 10.03.2023

Predatory criminal fines correlate with police killings and race - study

Hassan Kanu

The Conversation, 10.03.2023

Biggest racial gap in prison is among violent offenders – focusing on intervention instead of incarceration could change the numbers

Thaddeus L. Johnson, Natasha N. Johnson

Philadelphia Magazine, 11.03.2023

How Supporting Those Left Behind by Gun Violence Can Help Break the Cycle

Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn

Washington Post, 11.03.2023

Democrats’ tough talk on crime pushes aside reform

Justin Jouvenal and Mark Berman

The Guardian, 11.03.2023

Fury in Germany as Hamburg shooting brings ‘lax’ gun laws into focus

Daniel Boffey

New York Times, 12.03.2023

Making Deepfakes Gets Cheaper and Easier Thanks to A.I.

Stuart A. Thompson

The Conversation, 12.03.2023

One-third of childhood sexual abuse is perpetrated by another child. Shannon Molloy tells his story – and urges us not to look away

Daryl Higgins

The Fort Morgan Times, 12.03.2023

How mass killers slip through Colorado’s fragmented safety net: “One of the great challenges of our time”

Shelly Bradbury and Elise Schmelzer

The Conversation, 13.03.2023

People who experience childhood sexual abuse tell us it affects their entire life – and research backs them up

Hayley Guiney, Richie Poulton

Slate Magazine, 13.03.2023

What Broken Windows Theory Can Teach Us Now

Henry Grabar

GNET Global Network on Extremism and Technology, 13.03.2023

Incel PR: The Rebranding of the Incel Community & the Role of Media and Academia

Rutger Sjoerts

The Guardian, 13.03.2023

ICC to issue first arrest warrants linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Julian Borger

VICE, 13.03.2023

A Palantir Co-Founder Is Pushing Laws to Criminalize Homeless Encampments Nationwide

Roshan Abraham

Nature Scientific Reports, 13.03.2023

Exposure to hate speech deteriorates neurocognitive mechanisms of the ability to understand others’ pain

Agnieszka Pluta, Joanna Mazurek, Jakub Wojciechowski, Tomasz Wolak, Wiktor Soral & Michał Bilewicz

Harvard Business Review, 13.03.2023

Research: How Anti-Asian Racism Has Manifested at Work in the Pandemic

Jennifer Kim and Zhida Shang

FiveThirtyEight, 13.03.2023

There's A Racial Bias on Police Facebook Pages

Maggie Koerth

The Conversation, 13.03.2023

Child victims of sexual violence aren’t heard or understood: Nigerian study

Steven Kator Iorfa, James Edem Effiong, Tanya Johri

The Conversation, 13.03.2023

International law doesn’t protect people fleeing environmental disaster – here’s how it could

Morgiane Noel

European Eye on Radicalization, 13.03.2023

Five Misconceptions of Non-Violent Extremism in Terrorism Studies

Dr. William Allchorn / Dr. Elisa Orofino

The Conversation, 13.03.2023

Ukraine war: Moldova could be the first domino in a new Russian plan for horizontal escalation

Stefan Wolff

EurekAlert!, 14.03.2023

This is what happens when your phone is spying on you

University of California - San Diego

Global Network on Extremism and Technology, 14.03.2023

Understanding Incels’ Online Behaviour and Perceptions of Hateful Content

Sarah Daly

Newsweek, 14.03.2023

Terrorists Love New Technologies. What Will They Do With AI? | Opinion

Steven Stalinsky

The Marshall Project, 14.03.2023

Aggressive Policing in Memphis Goes Far Beyond the Scorpion Unit

Daphne Duret, Weihua Li and Marc Perrusquia

The Guardian, 14.03.2023

Russia says it does not recognise Hague court amid reports of arrest warrants

Pjotr Sauer

Eurozine, 14.03.2023

Sexual violence as weapon of war

Marta Havryshko

The Conversation, 15.03.2023

New data shows 1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence and sexual violence remains stubbornly persistent

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Bridget Harris, 15.03.2023

Curbing crime with 3D avatars and intelligent design

Alex Whiting

The Conversation, 15.03.2023

Ukraine war: ‘false flag’ operations – long used as weapons of mass distraction under the rules of conflict

David Turns

American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 15.03.2023

Precipitating circumstances associated with intimate partner problem related suicides

Ayana Stanley

Psychology Today, 15.03.2023

The Promise of Studying Human Aggression in the Wild

Kim Meidenbauer

London Review of Books Vol. 45 No. 6, 16.03.2023

Putting the Silicon in Silicon Valley

The Conversation, 16.03.2023

54% of firearm deaths in the US are from suicide – and easy access to a gun is a key risk factor

Heidi Zinzow

The Conversation, 16.03.2023

Iraq war, 20 years on: how the world failed Iraq and created a less peaceful, democratic and prosperous state

Benjamin Isakhan

The Conversation, 16.03.2023

Prosecuting Russians for abducting Ukrainian children will require a high bar of evidence – and won’t guarantee the children can come back home

Stefan Schmitt

The Conversation, 17.03.2023

The camera never lies? Our research found CCTV isn’t always dependable when it comes to murder investigations

Helen Jones, Fiona Brookman

Jerusalem Post, 17.03.2023

Ben-Gvir needs to understand crime in order to prevent it - opinion


The Guardian, 17.03.2023

The real lesson of the Iraq invasion? Beware spies and allies who would drag you to war

Jonathan Freedland

The Conversation, 19.03.2023

We can’t fight authoritarianism without understanding populism’s allure

Daniel Drache, Marc D. Froese

The Conversation, 19.03.2023

The limits of expert judgment: Lessons from social science forecasting during the pandemic

Igor Grossmann, Cendri Hutcherson, Michael Varnum

WRAL, 19.03.2023

Fact check: What is the most dangerous type of call for police officers?

Amy Sherman

The Conversation, 20.03.2023

Why the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Putin has symbolic importance

James Horncastle

Newswise, 20.03.2023

Can records of firearm purchases help prevent mass shootings?

UC Davis Health

EurekAlert!, 20.03.2023

New research shows “himpathy” towards perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment

Syracuse University

EurekAlert!, 20.03.2023

The dark figure of crime

Iowa State University

LSE Blogs, 20.03.2023

Traffic stop data shows that police reform should focus on remaking the barrel, not just addressing “bad apples”

Kelsey Shoub

The Harvard Crimson, 20.03.2023

Cambridge Police to Undergo External Review Following Police Killing of Sayed Faisal

Yusuf S. Mian

The Conversation, 20.03.2023

Illegal immigration: cracking down on smuggling makes gangs more organised – and costs migrant lives

David Suber

The Conversation, 20.03.2023

Ukraine war: ICC’s Putin arrest warrant may be symbolic but must be the beginning of holding the Russian leader accountable

Stefan Wolff