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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

New York Times, 01.01.2023

Idaho Murder Suspect Had Been a Student of the Criminal Mind

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Rachel Sun, Mike Baker and Serge F. Kovaleski

New York Times, 01.01.2023

In a Small Arkansas City, Crime, Dread and an Emergency Curfew

Rick Rojas

European Eye on Radicalization, 02.01.2023

Boko Haram: An Inspiring Model for Criminal Gangs and Beyond

Peter Knoope

Houston Public Media - NPR, 02.01.2023

Researchers say the FBI’s statistics on hate crimes across the country are flawed

Jim Urquhart

New York Times, 02.01.2023

A Heavily Armed Man Caused Panic at a Supermarket. But Did He Break the Law?

Richard Fausset

WION, 03.01.2023

Data lab | Numbers speak volumes: America's unique struggle with gun violence

Sneha Swaminathan, 03.01.2023

The Lost Generation: How the Children of Ukraine Are Coping with the War

Thore Schröder und Johanna Maria Fritz

The Conversation, 04.01.2023

Changing how police complaints are handled in Ontario violates the public trust

Monika Lemke

The Trace, 04.01.2023

Studying Gun Violence Is Hard. But Intervention Programs Need Research to Survive.

Olga Pierce

The Crime Report, 04.01.2023

Study: Many Officers Are Exposed to Traumatic Events, Few Seek Support

James Van Bramer

The Conversation, 04.01.2023

‘Whisper networks’ thrive when women lose faith in formal systems of reporting sexual harassment

Carrie Ann Johnson

The Root, 04.01.2023

Racial Profiling Should be Treated as a Public Health Issue, Report Says

Kalyn Womack

People of Color in Tech POCIT, 04.01.2023

Facial Recognition Tech Used To Jail Black Man For Louisiana Theft – He’s Never Been To Louisiana

The Conversation, 04.01.2023

Putin’s plan to stop Ukraine turning to the west has failed – our survey shows support for Nato is at an all-time high

Kristin M Bakke, Gerard Toal, John O’Loughlin, Kit Rickard

The Guardian, 05.01.2023

Sinaloa cartel launches violent response as Mexico recaptures El Chapo’s son

Analy Nuño

The Conversation, 05.01.2023

January 6 US Capitol attack: deep state conspiracies haven’t gone away

Robert M. Dover

eur, 05.01.2023

Women experiencing intimate partner violence three times more likely to contract HIV

McGill University

London Review of Books Vol. 45 No. 1, 05.01.2023

Somewhere in the Web

Michael Dillon

EurekAlert!, 06.01.2023

Artificial intelligence could aid in evaluating parole decisions

University of California - Davis Health

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 08.01.2023

Utah murder-suicide underscores frequency of family killings


The Conversation, 08.01.2023

First grader who shot teacher in Virginia is among the youngest school shooters in nation’s history

David Riedman

Washington Post, 08.01.2023

How Bolsonaro’s rhetoric — then his silence — stoked Brazil assault

Terrence McCoy

The Conversation, 09.01.2023

Democracy under attack in Brazil: 5 questions about the storming of Congress and the role of the military

Rafael R. Ioris

Gothamist, 09.01.2023

Report on NYPD's gang database, promised for months, has been delayed

Arya Sundaram

The Conversation, 09.01.2023

Two years after the defund the police movement, police budgets increase across Canada

Ted Rutland

High Times, 09.01.2023

Study Reveals California Law Enforcement More Likely To Arrest Black Teens

Nicole Potter

Winnipeg Free Press, 09.01.2023

Domestic-violence brain injuries a ‘hidden epidemic’

Newswise, 09.01.2023

Study: Community Violence Interventionists Face On-the-Job Violence, Secondary Trauma

University at Albany

The Conversation, 09.01.2023

The online ‘hierarchy of credibility’ that fuels influencers like Andrew Tate

Paul TJ French

The Conversation, 09.01.2023

Brazil: swift and robust response to the insurrection highlights the strength of democracy

Felipe Tirado, 10.01.2023

The lessons Andrew Tate doesn't want you to learn about talking with young men

Richie Hardcore

EurekAlert!, 10.01.2023

Weill Cornell Medicine receives NIA grant for elder neglect research

Grant and Award Announcement Weill Cornell Medicine

PsyPost, 10.01.2023

Massive review study suggests psychological trauma nearly triples a person’s risk of mental disorder

Beth Ellwood

Inside Higher, 10.01.2023

When a Criminology Student Turns Criminal

Liam Knox

EurekAlert!, 10.01.2023

Evidence about gun policies grows and supports laws to reduce violence

RAND Corporation

The Conversation, 10.01.2023

Brazil insurrection: how so many Brazilians came to attack their own government

Guilherme Casarões

Verfassungsblog, 10.01.2023

Qatargate: The tip of the iceberg?

Emilio De Capitani

EurekAlert!, 10.01.2023

Sixteen US cities in National Cardiff Violence Prevention Network

The Conversation, 10.01.2023

The humanities should teach about how to make a better world, not just criticize the existing one

Robert Danisch

Newswise, 11.01.2023

What are ‘red flag’ laws and how can they prevent gun violence?

UC Davis Health

Geospatial World, 11.01.2023

Combatting Cyberterrorism via Spatial Insights

Nibedita Mohanta, 11.01.2023

Move slowly and fix things: A better way to combat social media posts that incite violence

Laura Edelson and Damon McCoy

BBC News, 11.01.2023

Fifth of police officers surveyed in South East plan to quit in two years

New York Times, 11.01.2023

They Won Guantánamo’s Supreme Court Cases. Where Are They Now?

Carol Rosenberg

New York Times, 11.01.2023

Was the Idaho Murder Suspect Studying Criminology to Learn How to Commit a Crime?

Bryanna Fox

New York Times, 11.01.2023

The Fraudulence of Investigating the Investigators

Charles M. Blow

The Conversation, 11.01.2023

5 types of threat – how those who want to divide us use language to stoke violence

H. Colleen Sinclair

The Conversation, 11.01.2023

What is racial battle fatigue? A school psychologist explains

Geremy Grant

The Conversation, 12.01.2023

How does a child become a shooter? Research suggests easy access to guns and exposure to screen violence increase the risk

Brad Bushman, Dan Romer

EurekAlert!, 12.01.2023

Cannabis and the oral microbiome: Exploring their impacts on the brain

Medical University of South Carolina

EurekAlert!, 12.01.2023

Firearms killing and injuring more children during pandemic

University of Missouri-Columbia

EurekAlert!, 12.01.2023

From emotional maltreatment to psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence

Universität Leipzig

The Conversation, 13.01.2023

Iran executions: the role of the ‘revolutionary courts’ in breaching human rights

Simon Rice

The New Yorker, 16.01.2023

What the January 6th Report Is Missing

Jill Lepore

The Conversation, 17.01.2023

Matteo Messina Denaro: arrest of mafia boss after 30 years on the run is the end of an era – but not the end of the Cosa Nostra

Felia Allum

The Conversation, 18.01.2023

Al-Shabaab is just a symptom of Somalia’s tragedy – the causes are still in place

Abdi Ismail Samatar

The Conversation, 18.01.2023

David Carrick: the vetting processes that missed a serial rapist in the Met police

John Fox

The Economist, 18.01.2023

The toxic culture of the Metropolitan Police Service

The Guardian, 19.01.2023

A tragedy pushed to the shadows: the truth about China’s Cultural Revolution

Tania Branigan

Verfassungsblog, 20.01.2023

The Ground Beneath the Feet

Maximilian Steinbeis

Verfassungsblog, 20.01.2023

How to Deal with Radicalised Judges?

Anne Sanders / Elisabeth Faltinat

The Conversation, 20.01.2023

South Carolina’s execution by firing squad: The last reenactment of the Civil War?

Mark M. Smith

Nick Cohen Substack, 21.01.2023

Escape your worthless life! Join Putin's army and get sex, money and status!

Nick Cohen

Financial Times, 22.01.2023

Putin is launching an assault on the last vestiges of Soviet identity

Alexander Baunov

The Conversation, 23.01.2023

Kenyan prisoners on death row weren’t deterred by the threat of the death penalty: new research findings

Carolyn Hoyle, Parvais Jabbar

EurekAlert!, 23.01.2023

Mindfulness can help adolescents overcome traumas

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

New York Times, 23.01.2023

‘Only in America’: California Grapples With a Mounting Toll of Gun Violence

Holly Secon, Shawn Hubler, David W. Chen and Soumya Karlamangla

The Conversation, 23.01.2023

Horror and anguish are playing out on repeat following the latest mass shooting – and the mental health scars extend far beyond those directly affecte

Arash Javanbakht

The Conversation, 24.01.2023

Combating antisemitism today: Holocaust education in the era of Twitter and TikTok

Alan Marcus

EurekAlert!, 24.01.2023

“Ineffective” organization of police digital forensics slowing down investigations

University of Exeter

Patch, 24.01.2023

A Single Day Offers A Snapshot Of Gun Violence In America

Beth Dalbey

European Eye on Radicalization, 24.01.2023

Sweden’s Free Speech Debate and the Growing Far-Right Movement

The Guardian, 24.01.2023

Spain calls second emergency meeting over murders of six more women

Sam Jones

The Guardian, 24.01.2023

Yevgeny Prigozhin: the hotdog seller who rose to the top of Putin’s war machine

Shaun Walker and Pjotr Sauer

CapRadio, 24.01.2023

Mass shootings can be contagious, research shows

Rhitu Chatterjee

Newswise, 24.01.2023

Crime expert: Mass shootings show Asian Americans' vulnerability to inter- and intra-racial violence

University of Delaware

EurekAlert!, 24.01.2023

New policing degree aims to widen officer recruitment

University of Huddersfield

The Conversation, 25.01.2023

Typical mass shooters are in their 20s and 30s – suspects in California’s latest killings are far from that average

Jillian Peterson, James Densley

Verfassungsblog, 25.01.2023

Is Criminality a Russian Virtue Worth Cultivating?

Sergii Masol

The Conversation, 25.01.2023

Ukraine war: why Zelensky’s corruption purge could be key to the outcome of the conflict

Stefan Wolff, Tatyana Malyarenko

PsyPost, 25.01.2023

Longitudinal study of kindergarteners suggests spanking is harmful for children’s social competence

Beth Ellwood

BBC News, 25.01.2023

Former Dorset Police worker jailed for stealing evidence cash

The Conversation, 25.01.2023

Andrew Tate: research has long shown how feminist progress is always followed by a misogynistic backlash

Lisa Sugiura

Time, 25.01.2023

The University of Idaho Murders Show the Hidden Cost of America's True Crime Addiction

Solcyre Burga

Ucla Newsroom, 25.01.2023

Holding police accountable: Q&A with UCLA Law professor Joanna Schwartz

Joshua Rich, 25.01.2023

The Spectacular Case of Lørenskog Norway's Hunt for a Murderer

Alexandra Rojkov

Project Syndicate, 25.01.2023

Assassinated Are the Peacemakers?

Nina L. Khrushcheva

The Conversation, 26.01.2023

Ukraine has a mixed record of treating its citizens fairly – that could make it harder for it to maintain peace, once the war ends

David Cingranelli , Brendan Skip Mark

EurekaAlert!, 26.01.2023

Legalizing recreational cannabis does not increase substance abuse, may reduce alcohol-related disorders

Publication University of Colorado at Boulder

EurekaAlert!, 26.01.2023

Modern arms technologies help autocratic rulers stay in power

Publication University of Copenhagen

The Guardian, 26.01.2023

Wagner mercenary group classified as 'significant criminal organisation' by US

Wall Street Journal, 26.01.2023

Russia’s War on Ukraine Changed Global Oil Trade. Here Is What It Looks Like Now

Dan DeLorenzo and David Uberti

USA Today, 26.01.2023

Monterey Park then Half Moon Bay: Gun violence is a pandemic. We need to act like it.

Lanlan Xu

New York Times, 26.01.2023

Data From Cities Show Violent Crime Rates Fell Slightly Last Year

Eliza Fawcett and Jacey Fortin

Los Angeles Times, 27.01.2023

What Tyre Nichols’ death at the hands of Black officers says about race in policing

Jaweed Kaleem

The Conversation, 27.01.2023

Modern mafia: Italy’s organised crime machine has changed beyond recognition in 30 years

Gianmarco Daniele

New York Times, 28.01.2023

After Tyre Nichols Death, Officials’ Moves Reflect a Shift in Handling Police Violence

Mitch Smith, Julie Bosman and Chelsia Rose Marcius

Washington Post, 28.01.2023

What Memphis police videos show, and don’t show, about Tyre Nichols beating

Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff, Mark Berman, David Nakamura, Justine McDaniel, Robert Klemkoand Helier Cheung

The Conversation, 28.01.2023

‘Acts that defy humanity:’ 3 essential reads on police brutality, race and the power of video evidence

Howard Manly

The Conversation, 29.01.2023

Migrants don’t cause crime rates to increase — but false perceptions endure anyway

Nicolas Ajzenman

The Conversation, 29.01.2023

3 in 4 people experience abuse on dating apps. How do we balance prevention with policing?

Kath Albury, Daniel Reeders

The Guardian - The Observer, 29.01.2023

‘Everything is fake’: how global crime gangs are using UK shell companies in multi-million pound crypto scams

Shanti Das and Niamh McIntyre

News @ Northeastern, 29.01.2023

The only color that matters is blue. In Tyre Nichols case, police culture trumps race, Northeastern experts say

Cody Mello-Klein

Washington Post, 29.01.2023

Black Memphis police spark dialogue on systemic racism in the U.S.

Robert Klemko, Silvia Foster-Frau and Emily Davies

NPR, 30.01.2023

Police experts say Tyre Nichols' arrest was filled with procedural violations

Juliana Kim, 30.01.2023

Body-worn cameras are supposed to deter police brutality. Why didn't that happen in Memphis?

Tanner Stening

San Francisco Chronicle, 30.01.2023

He came to Oakland to stop homicides. Three years later, violence prevention leader is leaving

Sarah Ravani

The Conversation, 30.01.2023

Black police officers aren’t colorblind – they’re infected by the same anti-Black bias as American society and police in general

Rashad Shabazz

EurekAlert!, 30.01.2023

Terror under lockdown: Pandemic restrictions reduce ISIS violence

Yale University

The Conversation, 30.01.2023

Yakuza battle Chinese gangs for control of Japan’s criminal underworld

Martina Baradel

BBC News, 30.01.2023

Unanswered questions from videos of Tyre Nichols' arrest

Robin Levinson-King

CSO Online, 30.01.2023

How to survive below the cybersecurity poverty line

Michael Hill

Washington Post, 30.01.2023

We need more research on guns. Here are 5 questions we can answer.

Megan Ranney

News @ Northeastern, 31.01.2023

How to prevent what happened to Tyre Nichols from happening in the future

Tanner Stening and Cody Mello-Klein

MSNBC, 31.01.2023

Tyre Nichols couldn’t have obeyed the police if he wanted to

Zeeshan Aleem

The Conversation, 31.01.2023

The ‘blue wall’ of silence allows bullying, sexual abuse and violence to infect police forces

Jason Walker

The Conversation, 31.01.2023

Tyre Nichols: U.S. police violence stems from a long history of fighting ‘internal enemies’

Jason Opal

EurekAlert!, 31.01.2023

Β-blocker use associated with lower rates of violence


Vermont Public, 31.01.2023

Police statements tell the first version of an incident. Then video footage comes out

Joe Hernandez

Newswise, 31.01.2023

Greater adversity in childhood linked to premature aging in midlife and beyond

McMaster University

The Guardian, 31.01.2023

I’m tired of watching Black men like Tyre Nichols die. This shouldn’t be normal

Tayo Bero

The Conversation, 31.01.2023

Victoria has implemented all 227 recommendations from its royal commission into family violence. So was it a success?

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Rebecca Buys