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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Gentlemen's Quarterly, 01.12.2017

Bill Browder, Putin Enemy No. 1

Sean Flynn

The Atlantic, 01.12.2017

The Making of an American Nazi

Tom Dilly Littleson

The Conversation, 01.12.2017

Why society should talk about forced sex in intimate relationships, too

Shervin Assari Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health, University of Michigan

EurekAlert!, 01.12.2017

Study links child abuse, high school dropout

Duke University

Washington Post, 01.12.2017

Was the mosque massacre in Egypt preventable?

Omar Ashour

Pacific Standard, 01.12.2017

Are Police Officers Being Properly Trained to Deal With Hate Crimes?

A.C. Thompson, Rohan Naik & Ken Schwencke

Asia Times, 01.12.2017

Singapore on edge as Islamic State circles in

Nile Bowie Singapore

Pacific Standard, 02.12.2017

Why Taking Offensive Content Off the Internet Sets a Dangerous Precedent

Catherine Wilson

The Straits Times, 02.12.2017

If you can't beat ISIS online, ban them

Eli Lake

The Conversation, 03.12.2017

We must listen to male sexual abuse victims #too

Christine Wekerle

Quad, 03.12.2017

Community policing

Salvatore Pinero

The Conversation, 04.12.2017

On social media, ISIS uses fantastical propaganda to recruit members

Wendy Andhika Prajuli

The Conversation, 04.12.2017

A continuum of unabated violence: Remembering the massacre at École Polytechnique

Yasmin Jiwani, 04.12.2017

In an age of equality, why do people claim that prison doesn’t work for women?

Lucy Nichol

The Independent Online, 04.12.2017

What it’s really like to be assaulted on the London Underground

War on the rocks, 04.12.2017

A Guide to Better National Security Decision-Making

Michael P. Dempsey

The Conversation, 04.12.2017

Should lying to the FBI be a crime?

Austin Sarat

The Conversation, 05.12.2017

Slave auctions in Libya are the latest evidence of a reality for migrants the EU prefers to ignore

Simon McMahon

EurekAlert!, 05.12.2017

How can colleges better predict when a person's radical beliefs will turn to violence?

Mary Ann Liebert

New York Times online, 05.12.2017

Weinstein’s Complicity Machine


Shock in France as Berlin 'martyrs' art show includes Bataclan attacker and 9/11 pilot

WIRED, 05.12.2017

Phishing Schemes Are Using Encrypted Sites to Seem Legit

Lily Hay Newman

The Conversation, 06.12.2017

The Manchester bombing: unknown unknowns and ‘hindsight bias’

Dan Lomas

The Conversation, 06.12.2017

Survey shows gloomy public wrong about crime, immigrants and teen pregnancies

Bobby Duffy

The Conversation, 06.12.2017

How the excuse of ‘pure fantasy’ works in online child sex abuse cases

Tim Matthews

JSTOR Daily, 06.12.2017

How Forensic DNA Evidence Can Lead to Wrongful Convictions

Naomi Elster

The Week, 06.12.2017

The science of good policing

Francie Diep

New York, 07.12.2017

It’s the Kultur, Stupid

Timothy Garton Ash

New York Review of Books, 07.12.2017

Ku Klux Klambakes

Adam Hochschild

Phys.Org, 07.12.2017

New research shows retail crime increasing and more violent

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2017

New Stanford study analyzes recent research on causes of gun violence

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2017

Sandy Hook shooting aftermath: Increased gun sales, more accidental deaths by firearms

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2017

Police officers highly motivated by supervisor scrutiny

Princeton University

The Conversation, 07.12.2017

Six ways (and counting) that big data systems are harming society

Joanna Redden

Otago Daily Times, 07.12.2017

Fairness key to trust in police force

Mike Houlahan

Bloomberg, 07.12.2017

What Happens When the Government Uses Facebook as a Weapon?

Lauren Etter

The Atlantic, 08.12.2017

Footage of a Police Shooting That Jurors Chose Not to Punish

Conor Friedersdorf

Pacific Standard, 08.12.2017

A Tale of Two Drug Wars

Jared Keller

The Conversation, 08.12.2017

How to spot fake news – an expert’s guide for young people

Beth Hewitt

New York Times, 09.12.2017

Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation


Birmingham Mail, 10.12.2017

Junaid Hussain: How Birmingham ISIS terrorist was linked to THIRTY plots across world

Tony Larner

The Guardian, 10.12.2017

Why Nato must defend women's rights

Jens Stoltenberg and Angelina Jolie

The New Yorker Letter from Washington, 11.12.2017

Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea Sends Donald Trump’s Lawyers Scrambling

Jeffrey Toobin

The Nation, 11.12.2017

It’s Time to End Mass Incarceration

Pacific Standard, 11.12.2017

The Hidden World of Police on Steroids

Peter C. Baker

EurekAlert!, 11.12.2017

Violence a matter of scale, not quantity, researchers show

University of Notre Dame

The Conversation, 11.12.2017

When crime pays: mobsters who spent more time at school earned more money

Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Nadia Campaniello, Rowena Gray

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11.12.2017

The liberated Philippines city Marawi lies in ruins, and its people are seething

Emily Rauhala

The Washington Post, 11.12.2017

What’s Behind the Rising Threat of Lone-Wolf Terror: QuickTake

Chris Strohm, 11.12.2017

An Oxford student who stabbed her boyfriend is getting a second chance that most women never get

Aamna Mohdin

Timeline, 11.12.2017

The KKK might have died in obscurity if this sinister, racist woman didn’t come along

The Conversation, 12.12.2017

The moral questions in the debate on what constitutes terrorism

Jessica Wolfendale

New York Times online, 12.12.2017

Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too


Undark, 13.12.2017

Sensors and Software Listen for Gunfire in Chicago. Does it Make a Difference?

Rod McCullom

TIME, 13.12.2017

New York State Wants to Take Guns Away From All Domestic Abusers

Abigail Abrams

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2017

Racial, political identities influence how people view cause of deadly police encounters

University of Kansas

The Conversation, 13.12.2017

New counter-terror rules give GPs bizarre incentives to refer mental health patients as radicalisation threat

Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Erzsebet Strausz

MedicalXpress, 13.12.2017

Increased air pollution linked to bad teenage behavior

Liverpool Echo, 13.12.2017

Cannabis smell is enough to justify stop and search, says Merseyside's top police officer

Luke Traynor

EU News, 13.12.2017

Major EU antisemitism survey planned for 2018

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2017

Your smartphone's next trick? Fighting cybercrime

University at Buffalo

The Conversation, 14.12.2017

Despite public outrage, web access for prisoners isn’t a luxury item – here’s why

Dr Victoria Knight Senior Research Fellow in Community and Criminal Justice, De Montfort University

EurekAlert!, 14.12.2017

Do bullies have more sex?

EurekAlert!, 14.12.2017

Simulation model finds Cure Violence program and targeted policing curb urban violence

University of California - Davis Health System

The Conversation, 14.12.2017

Colombia’s peace process is moving too slowly – and squandering people’s trust

Sanne Weber Research fellow at the International Development Department, University of Birmingham

The Conversation, 14.12.2017

Understanding the myths that new students hold about sexual violence and domestic abuse is key for prevention

Rachel Fenton Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter

The Conversation, 14.12.2017

Understanding the myths that new students hold about sexual violence and domestic abuse is key for prevention

Rachel Fenton Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter

The Conversation, 14.12.2017

As the cartels grow deadlier, should the Mexican military be involved in law enforcement?

Patricio R. Estévez-Soto PhD Candidate in Security and Crime Science, UCL

The Economist, 14.12.2017

The problem with prisons in America

E-Flux Journal #87, 15.12.2017

This Is a Story About Nerds and Cops”: PredPol and Algorithmic Policing

Jackie Wang

EurekAlert!, 15.12.2017

A shoe-box-sized chemical detector

University of Michigan

Pacific Standard, 15.12.2017

When Will Facebook Take Hate Seriously?

David M. Perry

Pacific Standard, 15.12.2017

Social Media Use Is Linked to a Fear of Crime

Tom Jacobs

The Atlantic, 15.12.2017

The Lessons of 'American War'

Shadi Hamid

New England Public Radio, 15.12.2017

Traffic Stop Of Migrant Workers Raises Questions About Policing Policy

John Dillon

New York Times online, 15.12.2017

Russell Simmons, R. Kelly, and Why Black Women Can’t Say #MeToo


The Atlantic, 16.12.2017

An Accounting for the Uncounted

Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper

The News Lens, 16.12.2017

Countering ISIS in the Pacific

Murray Ackman

The Guardian, 18.12.2017

Russia-linked Twitter accounts 'tried to divide UK' after terrorist attacks

Jamie Grierson

The Conversation, 18.12.2017

Finally, police are taking family violence as seriously as terrorism

Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Sandra Walklate

EurekAlert!, 18.12.2017

Brain lesions and criminal behavior linked to moral decision-making network

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

EurekAlert!, 18.12.2017

Negative portrayals of shooting victims lead to victim blaming

Duke University

The Conversation, 18.12.2017

Inside Britain’s asylum appeal system – what it’s like to challenge the Home Office

Jennifer Allsopp, Andrew Burridge, Melanie Griffiths, Nick Gill, Rebecca Rotter, 18.12.2017

Suicide in the Elderly Population

Pamela Kulbarsh

The Conversation, 19.12.2017

Arthur Collins’ sentencing for acid attack in London nightclub reveals the true nature of violent criminals

James Treadwell

EurekAlert!, 19.12.2017

How great is the influence and risk of social and political 'bots?'

Mary Ann Liebert

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2017

Decriminalizing prostitution could reduce sexual violence and STD transmission

Oxford University Press USA

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2017

Lower class wiser about interpersonal conflict than middle class

University of Waterloo

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2017

Aggression in childhood: Rooted in genetics, influenced by the environment

University of Montreal

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

The Conversation, 20.12.2017

By casting teachers as informants, British counter-extremism policy is promoting violence

Rob Faure Walker

New York Review of Books, 21.12.2017

Kick Against the Pricks

Laura Kipnis

The Conversation, 21.12.2017

How the law itself can be a corrupting, criminal force – and what can be done about it

Lorenzo Pasculli

UNLV NewsCenter University of Nevada, 21.12.2017

Crowd Expert Helps Create Safer Places

Pashtana Usufzy

The Conversation, 21.12.2017

How boys and girls are taught different things about violence

Maria Eugenia Lopez Romero

Channel NewsAsia, 21.12.2017

The ‘invisible problem’ of family violence: Older women who suffer in silence

EurekAlert!, 21.12.2017

Hotter temperatures will accelerate migration of asylum-seekers to Europe, says study

Columbia University

Minneapolis Star Tribune, 21.12.2017

Once US murder capital, NYC close to record low in homicides


Oxygen (blog), 21.12.2017

Criminologist And FBI To Journalists: Stop Naming Mass Murderers

Gina Tron

The Conversation, 22.12.2017

How urban design can help protect pedestrians from vehicle attacks in the city

Jordan Fermanis, Douglas Tomkin, Pernille Christensen

EurekAlert!, 26.12.2017

Are childhood blood lead levels associated with criminal behavior?

Newsweek, 26.12.2017

U.S. 'Dangerously' Vulnerable to More Mass Casualty Attacks Because of Gun Access, Top Official Warns

Jack Moore

Washington Post online, 27.12.2017

Scapegoating illegal immigrants isn’t just immoral — it’s bad crime policy

Jennifer Rubin

New York Times online, 27.12.2017

Crime in New York City Plunges to a Level Not Seen Since the 1950s


The Independent Online, 28.12.2017

Nearly half the population never see a uniformed police officer patrolling their neighbourhood, new figures suggest

The Sun, 28.12.2017

Cops are failing to protect kids ‘as 90% of cases are mishandled by force’

Andy Jehring

New York Times, 30.12.2017

Guns and Domestic Violence

PBS NewsHour, 31.12.2017

Police often ill-equipped to handle hate crimes

Luxora Leader online, 31.12.2017

Editorial: Research reveals a surprising way to lower crime