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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Council on Foreign Relations, 01.12.2020

Violence Against Women Deserves More Than a 16 Day International Campaign

Nicole Behnam

The Conversation, 01.12.2020

Teaching anti-terrorism: how France and England use schools to counter radicalisation

Jonathan James

EurekAlert!, 01.12.2020

Weak police, strong democracy: civic ritual and performative peace in contemporary Taiwan

University of Chicago Press Journals

London Review of Books (Blogs), 01.12.2020

Unreasonable Force

Jeremy Harding

Cornell University, 02.12.2020

Lund Critical Debate to examine global policing, social justice

Priya Pradhan

The Lantern, 02.12.2020

Researchers discover link between corporate fraud and crime rates

Bella Czajkowski

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 02.12.2020

Police trainers draw outrage after circulating paper that calls BLM a terrorist group

Ryan J. Foley

EurekAlert!, 02.12.2020

Social, behavioral modifications can be positive trigger to mitigating gun violence

West Virginia University

The Washington Post, 02.12.2020

Through the cracks

Mark Berman, Wesley Lowery and Hannah Knowles

Brookings Wednesday, 02.12.2020

A crisis within a crisis: Police killings of Black emerging adults

Marc Schindler and Jeremy Kittredge

Seattle Times, 02.12.2020

Early police stops have long-term criminal-justice consequences for Black youth, UW research shows

Elise Takahama

The Conversation, 02.12.2020

‘What I had to say mattered’ — how can we provide justice for sexual assault victims beyond criminal trials?

Bernadette McSherry, Nesam McMillan

The Conversation, 02.12.2020

Is it wrong to make a film about the Port Arthur massacre? A trauma expert’s perspective

Richard Bryant

CNN, 02.12.2020

Indian police use violence as a shortcut to justice. It's the poorest who bear the scars

Mohit Rao

New York Review of Books, 03.12.2020

New York’s Finest?

Ali Winston

The New York Review of Books, 03.12.2020

On the Far-Right and Policing in America

Ali Winston

The Atlantic, 03.12.2020

The Next Decade Could Be Even Worse

Graeme Wood

London Review of Books Vol. 42 No. 23, 03.12.2020

Blips on the Screen

Andrew Cockburn

Stamford Advocate, 03.12.2020

Trump plan to revive the gallows, electric chair, gas chamber and firing squad recalls a troubled history

Austin Sarat

The Conversation, 03.12.2020

Why domestic violence victims often feel retraumatized by police

Dawn Moore

EurekAlert!, 03.12.2020

How a police contact by middle school leads to different outcomes for Black, white youth

University of Washington

TheMedialine, 03.12.2020

UK Think-Tanks, the War on Terror and the Radicalisation Debate’

The Guardian, 03.12.2020

Young black males in London '19 times more likely to be stopped and searched'

Vikram Dodd

New York Times, 03.12.2020

As winter turned to spring, the coronavirus hit a corner of Queens harder than almost anywhere else in the United States.

Dan Barry and Annie Correal

The Conversation, 03.12.2020

Spotting liars is hard – but our new method is effective and ethical

Cody Porter

New York Times, 03.12.2020

The Long and Tortured History of Cancel Culture

Ligaya Mishan

The Crime Report, 04.12.2020

‘Plague’ of Prison Violence Ignored by Authorities, Study Charges

The Conversation, 04.12.2020

National security review recommends complete overhaul of electronic surveillance - but will it work?

Rebecca Ananian-Welsh

The Conversation, 04.12.2020

Intimate partner violence has increased during pandemic, emerging evidence suggests

Megan Stubbs-Richardson, H. Colleen Sinclair

The Bulwark, 05.12.2020

The Abuser and the Terrorist

Abigail R. Esman

The Conversation, 06.12.2020

Fact check US: Is there an ‘antifa threat’ in the United States, as Donald Trump claims?

Mario Del Pero

The Intercept, 06.12.2020

“My Phone Haunts Me”: Kashmiris Interrogated and Tortured by Cyber Police for Tweeting

Aakash Hassan

The Mandarin, 07.12.2020

Nothing like the mafia: cybercriminals are much like the everyday, poorly paid business worker

ABC News, 07.12.2020

Why are some scientists turning away from brain scans?


The Conversation, 07.12.2020

How Ghana and Nigeria police handle domestic violence cases

Abena Asefuaba Yalley

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2020

Undocumented immigrants far less likely to commit crimes in U.S. than citizens

University of Wisconsin-Madison

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2020

New study shows every week of lockdown increases binge drinking

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2020

New study findings: militarizing local police does not reduce crime

Louisiana State University, 07.12.2020

Police using technology riddled with controversy overseas

Phil Pennington

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, 07.12.2020

Will the EU Develop a Serious Strategy to Combat Antisemitism?

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

New York Times, 07.12.2020

Can Body Cameras Improve Policing?

Shria Ovide

United Nations, 07.12.2020

New global hub to study factors driving radicalization and violent extremism

Chicago Tribune, 07.12.2020

Commentary: How Kenosha became a tinderbox

John M. Eason, Benny Witkovsky, Chloe Haimson and Jungmyung Kim

YaleNews, 07.12.2020

Kendi: Racism is about power and policy, not people

Brita Belli

The Conversation, 07.12.2020

A murder trial in Denmark leaves a nation wondering what constitutes a hate crime

Kerstin Bree Carlson

The Conversation, 07.12.2020

Racism at the county level associated with increased COVID-19 cases and deaths

George B. Cunningham, Lisa T. Wigfall

The Conversation, 07.12.2020

Racism at the county level associated with increased COVID-19 cases and deaths

Lisa T. Wigfall

The Crime Report, 08.12.2020

Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools More Accurate Than ‘Human Judgments Alone’: Experts

Ted Gest

The Conversation, 08.12.2020

The Christchurch commission’s call to improve social cohesion is its hardest — and most important — recommendation

Alexander Gillespie

The Conversation, 08.12.2020

Coronavirus: five ways some states have used the pandemic to curtail human rights and democracy

Rachel M Gisselquist, Durgesh Solanki

CBC News, 08.12.2020

How body-worn camera rules could help sexual assault survivors regain control while helping police

Sam Juric

The Conversation, 08.12.2020

The Taliban are megarich – here’s where they get the money they use to wage war in Afghanistan

Hanif Sufizada

The Conversation, 08.12.2020

Good for business and good for society: how organisations can hire more ex-offenders

Jan Lodge

The Crime Report, 09.12.2020

Undocumented Immigrants Commit Far Fewer Crimes than U.S. Citizens: Study

Andrea Cipriano

European Union News, 09.12.2020

A Counter-Terrorism Agenda for the EU and a stronger mandate for Europol: Questions and Answers

The Conversation, 09.12.2020

Tackling racism in football: from silence to speaking out

Naz Ali

The Conversation, 09.12.2020

US gun violence: too many people have died in 2020 – and COVID played a larger part than you think

Jillian Peterson, James Densley

Channel3000, 09.12.2020

Aggressive policing escalates violence at protests, research shows. A former Madison police chief touts a better way.

Clara Neupert

The Conversation, 09.12.2020

What psychology can tell us about why some people don’t wear masks – and how to change their minds

Helen Wall, Alex Balani, Derek Larkin

Modern Diplomacy, 09.12.2020

Reversing the Rhetoric on Immigrant Demonization

Angel E. Gomez and Ismail D. Gunes

The Guardian, 09.12.2020

Judges told they should consider previous racial bias before sentencing

Owen Bowcott

Italics Magazine, 09.12.2020

Why Hasn’t Terrorism Reached Italy?

Valeria Ferraretto·

The Conversation, 10.12.2020

Oregon just decriminalized all drugs – here’s why voters passed this groundbreaking reform

Scott Akins, Clayton Mosher

EurekAlert!, 10.12.2020

Police investigators of online child abuse at risk of mental harm

University of Portsmouth

The Conversation, 10.12.2020

Guns, drones and poison: the new age of assassination

Paul Maddrell

The Guardian, 10.12.2020

'Alarming': female prison population rises by 100,000 in past decade – report

Hannah Summers

Washington Post, 10.12.2020

Stealing to survive: More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out during the pandemic

Abha Bhattarai and Hannah Denham

The Guardian, 10.12.2020

Australia must reckon with the fact the Christchurch terrorist developed much of his hatred here

Jeff Sparrow

New Statesman, 10.12.2020

The year of the Great Humbling

John Gray

Brookings, 11.12.2020

3 steps to improve anti-money laundering regulation

Aaron Klein

Diplomatic Intelligence, 11.12.2020

Fighting terrorism and radicalisation: deal on budget, priorities for 2021-2027

The Independent, 11.12.2020

Terror arrests fall to lowest level in almost a decade during coronavirus pandemic

Lizzie Dearden

The Guardian, 11.12.2020

Sci-fi surveillance: Europe's secretive push into biometric technology

Zach Campbell, Caitlin L Chandler and Chris Jones

New Statesman, 11.12.2020

How they built Grenfell

Anoosh Chakelian

PsyPost, 13.12.2020

Psychopathic traits may have distinct neurobiological correlates in youth

Eric W. Dolan

Newswise, 14.12.2020

Survivors of child abuse twice as likely to die young

University of South Australia

Times of India, 14.12.2020

Public activism led to increase in reporting of crimes against women, says study

The Conversation, 14.12.2020

A lockdown protester in Germany has caused a furore by comparing herself to an anti-Nazi hero

Alexandra Lloyd

The Conversation, 14.12.2020

Why getting back to ‘normal’ doesn’t have to involve police in schools

Stanley S. Litow, 14.12.2020

NOPD has used facial recognition since at least 2018, emails reveal


Bellingcat, 14.12.2020

Hunting the Hunters: How We Identified Navalny's FSB Stalkers

Bellingcat Investigation Team

The Marshall Project, 15.12.2020

Cops Could Use First Aid to Save Lives. Many Never Try.

Taylor Elizabeth Eldridge

Nation of Change, 15.12.2020

Police say seizing property without trial helps keep crime down. A new study shows they’re wrong.

Ian MacDougall

The New Republic, 15.12.2020

What Black People Really Think About the Police

Shom Mazumder

The Edinburgh Reporter, 15.12.2020

New mobile devices have huge impact on officer safety according to research

John Hislop

New York Times, 15.12.2020

Is the Legal System an Effective Solution to Domestic Violence?

Alisha Haridasani Gupta

New York Times, 15.12.2020

I.C.C. Won’t Investigate China’s Detention of Muslims

Javier C. Hernández

EurekAlert!, 16.12.2020

Pandemic fears driving firearm purchases

Rutgers University

BÖRSE am Sonntag, 16.12.2020

Cyber-Security: The Next Big Thing?

Western Illinois University, 16.12.2020

Extremism in the United States in 2021

CNN, 16.12.2020

How QAnon's lies are hijacking the national conversation

Rob Kuznia, Curt Devine and Drew Griffin

CounterPunch, 16.12.2020

How Portland Radicalized Me

Saskia Hostetler Lippy

The Conversation, 16.12.2020

Companies accused of crimes get more digital privacy rights than people under new Trump policy

Sarah Esther Lageson, Elizabeth Chiarello

EurekAlert!, 16.12.2020

New research could lead to better eyewitness recall in criminal investigations

Binghamton University

EurekAlert!, 16.12.2020

Adverse childhood experiences are linked to justice system contact

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

EurekAlert!, 17.12.2020

New study measures neighborhood inequality and violence based on everyday mobility

Harvard University, 17.12.2020

Exploring links between lethal police violence and neighborhood health

April Hunt

The Guardian, 18.12.2020

The Guardian view on Julian Assange: do not extradite him

The Conversation, 18.12.2020

How to reduce the spread of fake news – by doing nothing

Tom Buchanan

The Conversation, 18.12.2020

Inquiry into undercover police who had sexual relationships with their targets is finally underway – but can their actions ever be justified?

Paul McFarlane The Collector, 18.12.2020

The Woman Who Refused To Marry Her Rapist

ProPublica, 19.12.2020

Leaked Documents Show How China’s Army of Paid Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus

Raymond Zhong, Paul Mozur and Aaron Krolik

PsyPost, 20.12.2020

New study links psychopathic tendencies to racial prejudice and right-wing authoritarianism

Eric W. Dolan

HalifaxToday, 20.12.2020

Why domestic violence victims often feel retraumatized by police

Dawn Moore

EverythingGP, 21.12.2020

Four of 55 reviews into police shootings completed in 2020; one officer charged

The Crime Report, 21.12.2020

Racial Disparities Found in Police Enforcement of Warrants

The Interpreter, 21.12.2020

How extremist messaging co-opts emergency events

Timothy Graham

The Appeal, 21.12.2020

‘Basically Cyberbullying’: How Cops Abuse Social Media to Publicly Humiliate

Hope Corrigan

Lethbridge News Now, 21.12.2020

Police shootings in 2020: The effect on officers and those they are sworn to protect

Algemeiner, 21.12.2020

New Study Shows Islamist Violence Remains Top Terror Threat

Steven Emerson

Jerusalem Post, 21.12.2020

Beware: post-Covid antisemitism


Flux Magazine, 21.12.2020

Understanding Alcohol-Related Aggression

Alexa Wang

Law Officer, 21.12.2020

National Police Slowdowns And Other Myths Debunked Per The USDOJ

Leonard Sipes

TheGrio, 21.12.2020

Black children six times more likely to be fatally shot by police: study

Tiffany Stewart

Cato Institute, 21.12.2020

Our police embrace deceit. Is it any wonder we don’t trust them?

James Craven, 22.12.2020

Conspiracy theories run wild on Amazon

Mark Scott

BBC, 23.12.2020

China’s ‘tainted’ cotton

John Sudworth

ProPublica, 23.12.2020

Inside Trump and Barr’s Last-Minute Killing Spree

Isaac Arnsdorf

The Intercept, 23.12.2020

I Sued Blackwater for the Massacre of Iraqi Civilians. Trump Just Pardoned Those Convicted Killers.

Paul Dickinson

The Crime Report, 25.12.2020

A Case Study of Fraudster’s Getting Trump Clemency

Crime and Justice News

CNN, 26.12.2020

How Joe Biden can root out racism in criminal justice

Karl A. Racine and Miriam Aroni Krinsky

The Guardian, 27.12.2020

The great opportunity: how Covid transformed global crime

Laura Spinney

Sydney Morning Herald, 27.12.2020

Reluctance to report family violence 'a lot worse than we thought'

Caitlin Fitzsimmons

NNY360, 27.12.2020

Early police stops shape long-term future of Black youth


NNY360, 27.12.2020

No, COVID-19 vaccines don’t contain Satan’s microchips (and other scary conspiracy theories aren’t true, either)


EurekAlert!, 28.12.2020

Neurologists say there is no medical justification for police use of neck restraints

Massachusetts General Hospital

EurekAlert!, 28.12.2020

One psychedelic experience may lessen trauma of racial injustice

Ohio State University

New York Times, 29.12.2020

A Far-Right Terrorism Suspect With a Refugee Disguise: The Tale of Franco A.

Katrin Bennhold

London Review of Books, 29.12.2020

Overt Ops

Peter Pomerantsev

NBC News, 29.12.2020

A movement, a slogan, a rallying cry: How Black Lives Matter changed America's view on race

Char Adams

Seattle Times, 29.12.2020

How a year of protests changed Seattle

Mike Carter, Daniel Beekman, Heidi Groover and Paul Roberts

The Crime Report, 29.12.2020

Can More Black Cops Help Reduce Crime?

Stewart J. D'Alessio and Lisa Stolzenberg

Mind Matters, 30.12.2020

How Bias Can Be Coded Into Unthinking Programs

Heather Zeiger

The Conversation, 31.12.2020

Conspiracy theories on the right, cancel culture on the left: how political legitimacy came under threat in 2020

Hugh Breakey

ProPublica, 31.12.2020

Alaska Requires DNA Be Collected From People Arrested for Violent Crimes. Many Police Have Ignored That.

Kyle Hopkins