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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

VoxEU, 01.08.2020

When godfathers become entrepreneurs: On the organized crime’s infiltration in legal economy

Marco Le Moglie, Giuseppe Sorrenti

New York Times, 01.08.2020

Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’

Katrin Bennhold

The Guardian, 02.08.2020

Violent criminality bounces back to pre-coronavirus levels

Dan Sabbagh

NBC News, 02.08.2020

'Defund the police' movement could offer sexual assault survivors a different path for justice, experts say

Wilson Wong

NBC News, 02.08.2020

'Defund the police' movement could offer sexual assault survivors a different path for justice, experts say

Wilson Wong

Newsmax, 02.08.2020

Artifact Looters on Facebook Helped Fund ISIS

Eric Mack

ABC News, 02.08.2020

'Hire more women' has been touted as a quick fix to police brutality since Rodney King. Here's why empty calls for equality fail.

Erin Schumaker

The Conversation, 03.08.2020

Anti-Semitism is on the rise, 75 years after the end of the Holocaust and Second World War

Daniel Miller

Newswise, 03.08.2020

Strong relationships in adulthood won’t ‘fix’ effects of early childhood adversity

University of Notre Dame

EurekAlert!, 03.08.2020

EurekAlert! News Release 3-Aug-2020

University College London

New York Times, 03.08.2020

These Remarks Might Get a Police Chief Fired. Not in New York.

Emma G. Fitzsimmons

The Conversation, 03.08.2020

How a peace conference’s failures a century ago set the stage for today’s anti-racist uprisings

Elizabeth Thompson

The Conversation, 03.08.2020

How a peace conference’s failures a century ago set the stage for today’s anti-racist uprisings

Elizabeth Thompson

The Conversation, 03.08.2020

How a peace conference’s failures a century ago set the stage for today’s anti-racist uprisings

Elizabeth Thompson

WIRED, 03.08.2020

The Hate-Fueled Rise of r/The_Donald—and Its Epic Takedown

NPR, 04.08.2020

Amnesty International Documents 125 Incidents Of Police Violence Against Protesters

Laurel Wamsley

City Journal, 04.08.2020

Hire More Cops

Jonathan Klick John M. Mac Donald

The Conversation, 04.08.2020

Defunding the police requires understanding what role policing plays in our society

Temitope Oriola

ComputerWeekly, 04.08.2020

Police require radical reform to deal with 21st century challenges

Sebastian Klovig Skelton

BiometricUpdate, 04.08.2020

Large retailers afraid of implementing facial recognition, study finds

Luana Pascu

The Conversation, 04.08.2020

Trump can’t delay the election, but he can try to delegitimise it

David Smith

The Conversation, 05.08.2020

Beirut explosion: the disaster was exceptional but events leading up to it were not – researchers

Scott Edwards, Christian Bueger

The Conversation, 05.08.2020

Knife crime: why young people need to get a say in their rehabilitation

Sean Creaney, Jo Deakin

The Guardian, 05.08.2020

Modi's brutal treatment of Kashmir exposes his tactics – and their flaws

Arundhati Roy

WIRED, 05.08.2020

Inside the Courthouse Break-In Spree That Landed Two White-Hat Hackers in Jail

The Conversation, 06.08.2020

As the coronavirus rages in prisons, ethical issues of crime and punishment become more compelling

Austin Sarat

The Conversation, 06.08.2020

A second COVID-19 wave? Here are 6 lessons from the first

Loren Falkenberg

EurekAlert!, 06.08.2020

Small towns have highest risk of intimate partner violence

Washington State University

EurekAlert!, 06.08.2020

Small towns have highest risk of intimate partner violence

Washington State University

Newswise, 06.08.2020

Gun violence increasing in the pandemic. Researchers seeking solutions.

University of Washington School of Medicine

WIRED, 06.08.2020

The Tragic Physics of the Deadly Explosion in Beirut

Rachel Lance

New York Times, 07.08.2020

Abolish the Police? Those Who Survived the Chaos in Seattle Aren’t So Sure

Nellie Bowles

NBC News, 07.08.2020

Racist police practices like mug shots normalize the criminalization of Black Americans

Nicole R. Fleetwood

The Crime Report, 07.08.2020

Many Americans Have Exaggerated Fear of Crime

Vox, 07.08.2020

How cities can tackle violent crime without relying on police

Roge Karma

UMass Lowell, 08.08.2020

Professor’s New Book Examines Far Right’s Violent Extremism

David Perry

New York Times, 08.08.2020

Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump’s Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies

Robert Draper

Street Roots, 09.08.2020

Psychological impacts of this moment are overwhelming, Black mental health care providers say

Jessica Pollard

CalMatters, 09.08.2020

The fallacy behind private surveillance cameras in San Francisco

Jennifer King and Jael Makagon

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 09.08.2020

These Scholars Denounced the Police. Do Their Universities Have Their Backs?

Emma Pettit and Megan Zahneis

Action News, 09.08.2020

Lawsuit over NYPD discipline records highlights the tension between police and oversight agencies

The Atlantic, 09.08.2020

The Facts Just Aren’t Getting Through

Anne Applebaum

The Conversation, 10.08.2020

How the shady world of the data industry strips away our freedoms

Uri Gal

EurekAlert!, 10.08.2020

Study: Increased presence of law enforcement officers in schools does not improve safety

Vox, 10.08.2020

Want to fix policing? Start with a better 911 system.

Roge Karma

BBC News, 10.08.2020

Police racism inquiries in the UK: Do they change how things work?

Calum Leslie

NBC News, 10.08.2020

QAnon groups have millions of members on Facebook, documents show

Ari Sen and Brandy Zadrozny

VentureBeat, 10.08.2020

University of Michigan study advocates ban of facial recognition in schools

Kyle Wiggers

EurekAlert, 10.08.2020

New study documents increasing frequency, cost, and severity of gunshot wounds

American College of Surgeons

DocWire News, 11.08.2020

The color of risk protection orders: gun violence, gun laws, and racial justice

The Conversation, 11.08.2020

Coronavirus misinformation is a global issue, but which myth you fall for likely depends on where you live

Jason Weismueller, Jacob Shapiro, Jan Oledan, Paul Harrigan

The Conversation, 11.08.2020

Video: The Wall of Moms builds on a long protest tradition

Kelsy Kretschmer

EurekAlert, 11.08.2020

Fear of stricter regulations spurs gun sales after mass shootings, new analysis suggests

VICE, 11.08.2020

The Defund the Police Movement is Coming for the DEA

Manisha Krishnan

SF Gate, 11.08.2020

'I am George Floyd': Too $hort, Lil B and Del discuss police brutality

Dan Gentile

Newswise, 12.08.2020

MTSU, Texas State professors posit pandemic offers 'largest criminological experiment in history'

EurekAlert, 12.08.2020

Public health consequences of policing homelessness

University of Colorado Denver

ABA Journal, 12.08.2020

Convicted of a crime that never occurred? It happens all too often, law prof says

Lee Rawles

The Crime Report, 12.08.2020

Is U.S. Legal System ‘Stacked Against Poor’?

Isidoro Rodriguez

EurekAlert, 12.08.2020

Security gap allows eavesdropping on mobile phone calls

Ruhr-University Bochum

The Crime Report, 12.08.2020

Public Confidence in Police at Record Low: Gallup

Michael Gelb

Human Rights Watch, 12.08.2020

A Roadmap for Re-imagining Public Safety in the United States

WIRED, 12.08.2020

The Furious Hunt for the MAGA Bomber

Garrett M. Graff

The Conversation, 13.08.2020

In COVID’s shadow, global terrorism goes quiet. But we have seen this before, and should be wary

Greg Barton

EurekAlert, 13.08.2020

Systemic racism has consequences for all life in cities

University of Washington

Gotham Gazette, 13.08.2020

The Path to More Justice, Better Policing and Safer Communities in Brooklyn and Beyond

Eric Gonzalez & Rev. David K. Brawley

EurekAlert, 14.08.2020

New study shows increase in domestic violence injuries during COVID-19

Radiological Society of North America

Scientific American, 14.08.2020

How to Study Racial Disparities

Bryan Schonfeld, Sam Winter-Levy

POLITICO, 15.08.2020

Defund the police? It’s already happening thanks to the Covid-19 budget crunch


The Atlantic, 15.08.2020

The Fun Police Should Stand Down

Julia Marcus

PsyPost, 15.08.2020

Right-wing authoritarians are less likely to update false beliefs after corrective feedback, study finds

Eric W. Dolan

Daily Camera, 15.08.2020

Guest opinion: David Pyrooz: Boulder crime in context

David Pyrooz

The New Yorker, 17.08.2020

How China Controlled the Coronavirus

Peter Hessler

The Crime Report, 17.08.2020

NYC Debate: Do Fewer Arrests Mean More Crime?

Chicago Tribune, 17.08.2020

What is ‘kettling’? It’s a controversial tactic to contain crowds, and Chicago police are accused of using it during downtown protests.

Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas

Fronteras Desk, 17.08.2020

Why Most Cold Cases — And Crimes — Remain Unsolved

Lauren Gilger

The Conversation, 17.08.2020

More help required: the crisis in family violence during the coronavirus pandemic

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Dr. Naomi Pfitzner, Jacqui True FASSA

Christian Science Monitor, 17.08.2020

Why do Americans think more immigration means more crime? (audio)

Samantha Laine

Psychology Today, 17.08.2020

Blacks More Likely Targeted Than Whites Despite Traditional Police Training

Arthur Dobrin D.S.W.

The Gazette, 17.08.2020

Fact Checker: Trump's '911 call' ad is powerful, but is it true?

The Conversation, 17.08.2020

Hush money? How compensation can leave child abuse survivors with mixed feelings

Samina Karim

PR Newswire, 17.08.2020

Expert Available to Comment on Evidence-Based Police Reform and Unconscious Bias in Policing

The Conversation, 17.08.2020

Coronavirus and ‘domestic terrorism’: how to stop family violence under lockdown

Amanda Gearing

Newswise, 17.08.2020

From Incarceration to Graduation

The Diplomat, 17.08.2020

Confessions of a Xinjiang Camp Teacher

Ruth Ingram

Forbes, 18.08.2020

An Unacceptable Crisis: Domestic Violence Has Skyrocketed Nearly 2X During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Sai Balasubramanian

EurekAlert, 18.08.2020

Police officers face multifaceted, compounding stressors that can lead to adverse events

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

The Conversation, 18.08.2020

The enforcer: the myth and reality of organised crime’s hard man

Mohammed Rahman

New York Times, 18.08.2020

G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia

Mark Mazzetti

New York Times, 18.08.2020

Will 2020’s Election Be the End of Our Democracy?

Thomas L. Friedman

Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL, 18.08.2020

How to Make Whistleblower Protection in Europe more Effective

Caroline Hunt-Matthes, Yasmine Motarjemi

The Conversation, 18.08.2020

Jailing the Christchurch terrorist will cost New Zealand millions. A prisoner swap with Australia would solve more than one problem

Alexander Gillespie

The Conversation, 19.08.2020

The combination of dementia and domestic abuse is all too often overlooked

Rebecca Zerk, Sarah Wydall

EurekAlert, 19.08.2020

Study of one million Danish children: Childhood adversity increases the risk of early death

University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

The Crime Report, 19.08.2020

Is COVID-19 Fueling a Rise in ‘Porch Piracy’?

Sarah Rose George

Modern Diplomacy, 19.08.2020

A Local and Global Threat: The White Racially and Ethnically Motivated Terrorism

Zakir Gul and Dr. Ferhat Goktepe

World Economic Forum, 19.08.2020

3 cognitive biases perpetuating racism at work - and how to overcome them

Adwoa Bagalini

Washington Post, 19.08.2020

Misinformation about the coronavirus is thwarting Facebook’s best efforts to catch it

Elizabeth Dwoskin

The Atlantic, 19.08.2020

Russiagate Was Not a Hoax

Franklin Foer

New York Times, 19.08.2020


Leah Sottile

New York Review of Books, 20.08.2020

Disinformed to Death

Jonathan Freedland

The Conversation, 20.08.2020

Domestic violence shadow pandemic has not gone away after lockdown

Lynne Gabriel

The Conversation, 20.08.2020

Police solve just 2% of all major crimes

Shima Baughman

Mashable, 21.08.2020

How to get police out of schools, and why it matters

Natasha Piñon

The Next Web, 21.08.2020

Data-informed predictive policing was heralded as less biased. Is it?

The Markup

The Mercury News, 23.08.2020

A question after George Floyd: What do we want police to do?

Andre Mouchard

New York Times, 23.08.2020

Why Trump Never Stops Talking About ‘Our Suburbs’

Brian F. Schaffner, Jesse H. Rhodes and Raymond J. La Raja

The New Yorker Letter from Michigan, 24.08.2020

The Militias Against Masks

Luke Mogelson

Technology Networks, 24.08.2020

Why "Obeying Orders" Can Make People Do Terrible Things

Forbes, 24.08.2020

Women Can’t Fix Policing If They Don’t Want The Job

Erin Spencer

Byline Times, 24.08.2020

By Refusing to Call White Supremacist Killers ‘Terrorists’, the Media Furthers its Aim of Demonising Muslims

Brian Cathcart

EurekAlert, 24.08.2020

Punitive sentencing led to higher incarceration rates throughout adulthood for certain birth cohorts in North Carolina

EurekAlert, 24.08.2020

Study: Despite training, Vermont police departments still show widespread racial bias

University of Vermont

BBC News, 24.08.2020

Christchurch shooting: Gunman Tarrant wanted to kill 'as many as possible'

The Conversation, 24.08.2020

Media reporting on mental illness, violence and crime needs to change

Anna Ross, Elizabeth Paton Conjoint, Michelle Blanchard

The Conversation, 24.08.2020

Latin American women are disappearing and dying under lockdown

Lynn Marie Stephen Philip H. Knight Chair

The Harvard Gazette, 25.08.2020

How rape culture shapes whether a survivor is believed

Christina Pazzanese

Brookings Institution, 25.08.2020

How can we enhance police accountability in the United States?

Rashawn Ray

In These Times, 25.08.2020

Community Control Won’t Fix What’s Wrong with Cops

Carl Williams and Christian Williams

Vanity Fair, 25.08.2020

The Abolition Movement

Josie Duffy Rice

Fortune, 26.08.2020

Why some senior officers are making it harder for police departments to fight racism

Brian Rubineau

BBC News, 26.08.2020

Coronavirus: Crime in England and Wales falls during lockdown

The Crime Report, 26.08.2020

Casualties of the ‘Crack’ Era: Today’s Aging Prisoners

Andrea Cipriano

The Crime Report, 26.08.2020

Latinx Youth Undercounted, Ignored in Juvenile Justice System: Report

TCR Staff

NewsOne, 26.08.2020

A Timeline Of Racist Policing In America: A Legal Legacy Of Lawlessness In Law Enforcement

Connie Hassett-Walker

New Statesman, 26.08.2020

Libya’s storms of history

Christopher Clark

The Conversation, 27.08.2020

When life means life: why the court had to deliver an unprecedented sentence for the Christchurch terrorist

Alexander Gillespie

The Conversation, 27.08.2020

Why Americans are buying more guns than ever

Aimee Huff, Michelle Barnhart

The Conversation, 27.08.2020

Police legitimacy: how it can be regained once lost

Colin Rogers

EurekAlert, 27.08.2020

Russian scientists predicted increased unrest in the United States back in 2010

National Research University Higher School of Economics

Observer Research Foundation, 27.08.2020

Countering terrorism and violent extremism at Facebook: Technology, expertise and partnerships

Erin Saltman

The Conversation, 27.08.2020

Non-Muslims who live close to Muslims are less likely to be Islamophobic, study shows

Val Colic-Peisker, Adrian Flitney

BuzzFeed News, 27.08.2020

Blanked-Out Spots On China's Maps Helped Us Uncover Xinjiang's Camps

Alison Killing and Megha Rajagopalan and Christo Buschek

BuzzFeed News, 27.08.2020

What They Saw

Alison Killing, Megha Rajagopalan

BuzzFeed News, 27.08.2020

Built To Last

Megha Rajagopalan, Alison Killing, Christo Buschek

Newswise, 28.08.2020

Stanford and Michigan researchers on a "movement of movements approach" to end police violence

Stanford Graduate School of Business

NBC News, 29.08.2020

Jacob Blake's police shooting highlights the hidden victims of police violence

Dr. Rhea Boyd

Orange County Register, 30.08.2020

Crime dropped to historic lows as police spending swelled to historic highs. Now what?

Teri Sforza

The Guardian, 30.08.2020

How Angela Merkel’s great migrant gamble paid off

Philip Oltermann

The Crime Report, 31.08.2020

What Causes Rising Crime? Democrats or Virus, Summer

Crime and Justice News

The Verge, 31.08.2020

Why police officers embraced a banned weapon of war

Loren Grush

The Crime Report, 31.08.2020

Memo to Police Chiefs: Time for ‘Uncomfortable’ Conversations

TCR Staff

Block Club Chicago, 31.08.2020

A Promising Violence Prevention Program In Chicago Faces A Massive Budget Setback

Lakeidra Chavis

The Intercept, 31.08.2020

Doorbell Cameras Like Ring Give Early Warning of Police Searches, FBI Warned

Sam Biddle