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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.05.2020

A new approach to fighting the opioid crisis as it quietly rages on

Beth Macy

The Conversation, 01.05.2020

Zoom security: I’ve researched problems with video conferencing for years – here’s what you need to know

Thomas Reisinger

The Conversation, 01.05.2020

Face masks: what the Spanish flu can teach us about making them compulsory

Samuel Cohn

The Guardian, 02.05.2020

‘A threat to health is being weaponised’: inside the fight against online hate crime

Simon Parkin

POLITICO, 03.05.2020

The Dark History of America’s First Female Terrorist Group


Salon, 03.05.2020

White supremacists are using anti-lockdown protests to recruit new members

Tom Boggioni

Raw Story, 03.05.2020

One of COVID-19’s unlisted side effects: An increase in police power

EurekAlert, 04.05.2020

Research examines the impact of new technology used in video court hearings

University of Surrey

The Conversation, 04.05.2020

How to prepare for a pandemic

Jennifer Cole

The Conversation, 04.05.2020

Islamic State could be about to strike back – and the world is paying little attention

Aviva Guttmann, 04.05.2020

Populists entrench power around the world in furnace of covid emergency

Michael Peel

The Conversation, 05.05.2020

We can’t let coronavirus kill our cities. Here’s how we can save urban life

Jonathan Daly, Kim Dovey, Quentin Stevens

The Conversation, 05.05.2020

Global sea piracy ticks upward, and the coronavirus may make it worse

Brandon Prins, 05.05.2020

Why has eastern Europe suffered less from coronavirus than the west?

Shaun Walker, Helena Smith

Dallas Morning News, 06.05.2020

What we don’t know can hurt us. Why Dallas needs to get better crime analysis

Dallas Morning News Editorial

, 06.05.2020

For pandemics and policing, evidence matters in times of crisis

Andrew Faull

The Conversation, 06.05.2020

The coronavirus is costing us more than just our health and economy

Pearl Eliadis

EurekAlert, 06.05.2020

Police stop fewer black drivers at night when a 'veil of darkness' obscures their race

Stanford School of Engineering

Foreign Policy, 06.05.2020

For the Taliban, the Pandemic Is a Ladder

Ashley Jackson

The Conversation, 06.05.2020

Mass arrests and overcrowded prisons in El Salvador spark fear of coronavirus crisis

Miranda Cady Hallett

The Conversation, 07.05.2020

The killing of Ahmaud Arbery highlights the danger of jogging while black

Rashawn Ray

EurekAlert, 07.05.2020

How do police view legalized cannabis? In Washington state, officers raise concerns

Crime and Justice Research Alliance

The Crime Report, 07.05.2020

Will COVID-19 Help Flatten Numbers Behind Bars?

Ted Gest, 07.05.2020

A coronavirus crimewave: How illegal loggers are profiteering

Nick Clark

Microsoft News, 07.05.2020

Coronavirus Has Changed Everything for Police Across the Country

Zusha Elinson

New York Times, 08.05.2020

Georgia Killing Puts Spotlight on a Police Force’s Troubled History

Rick Rojas, Richard Fausset and Serge F. Kovaleski

HeraldScotland, 08.05.2020

Coronavirus: One in four want police to be tougher over lockdown rules

Alistair Grant

Truthout, 09.05.2020

Let’s Imagine a Post-Pandemic Era With Less Policing and No New Jails

Amanda Alexander

Washington Post, 10.05.2020

Social distancing enforcement is ramping up. So is concern that black and Latino residents may face harsher treatment.

Justin Jouvenal and Michael Brice-Saddler

The Conversation, 10.05.2020

Coronavirus contact tracing poses serious threats to our privacy

Aaron Mauro

Mirage News, 10.05.2020

Police committed to protecting domestic violence victims during COVID-19

The New Yorker Annals of Medicine, 11.05.2020

Why Weren’t We Ready for the Coronavirus?

David Quammen

The Conversation, 11.05.2020

Coronavirus: the first big test of the information age and what it could mean for privacy

Alistair S. Duff

The Conversation, 11.05.2020

Coronavirus lockdown measures may be putting older adults at greater risk of abuse

Jennifer Storey, Michaela Rogers

The Crime Report, 11.05.2020

COVID-19 Behind Bars: Release Can Be ‘Lethal’ Without Help

Gabriel B. Eber and Marc Schindler

EurekAlert, 11.05.2020

Young migrants at risk of mental illness


Newswise, 11.05.2020

Young men most likely to break lockdown rules, mental health study shows

University of Sheffield

Spectrum News NY1, 11.05.2020

(PODCAST) What Policing Data Can Reveal About Racial Disparities in NYC

Spectrum News NY1 New York City

Techdirt, 11.05.2020

Arrest Numbers Show The NYPD Is Handling Pandemic Enforcement With The Same Biased Enthusiasm It Put Into Stop And Frisk

Vox, 11.05.2020

The private militias providing “security” for anti-lockdown protests, explained

Jane Coastonjane

Deutsche Welle, 11.05.2020

Germany: Politicians worry about radicalization at anti-lockdown protests

Elizabeth Schumacher

CBA National Magazine, 11.05.2020

A patchwork response

Justin Ling

The National Interest, 11.05.2020

How India Is Using the Coronavirus Pandemic to Inflict Violence in Kashmir

Omer Aijazi

Modern Diplomacy, 11.05.2020

Kashmir Lockdown Continues Amid Pandemic

Sher Bano

POLITICO, 12.05.2020

‘Conspiracy bingo’: Trans-Atlantic extremists seize on the pandemic


EurekAlert, 12.05.2020

#Thisisourlane: How physicians can take action to reduce gun violence

American Academy of Family Physicians

The Intercept, 12.05.2020

The Pandemic Brings Out the Authoritarian and the Libertarian in Us All. Can We Meet in the Middle?

Judith Levine

The Guardian, 12.05.2020

Coronavirus is the ultimate demonstration of the real-world impact of racism

Alana Lentin

The Conversation, 12.05.2020

Government cybersecurity commission calls for international cooperation, resilience and retaliation

Benjamin Jensen, Chris Inglis

WIRED, 12.05.2020

The Confessions of Marcus Hutchins, the Hacker Who Saved the Internet

Andy Greenberg

ZDNet, 13.05.2020

No, robot dog, I won't be policed by you

Chris Matyszczyk

The New Republic, 13.05.2020

The Pandemic That Changed Everything Changed Nothing

Nick Martin

Los Angeles Times, 13.05.2020

LAPD community policing has prevented crime and made residents feel safer, study finds

Cindy Chang

The Conversation, 13.05.2020

Returning to ‘normal’ post-coronavirus would be inhumane

Paul R. Carr

EurekAlert, 13.05.2020

Is video game addiction real?

Brigham Young University

The Conversation, 13.05.2020

COVID-19 has blown away the myth about ‘First’ and ‘Third’ world competence

Steven Friedman

The Conversation, 13.05.2020

Migration: how Europe is using coronavirus to reinforce its hostile environment in the Mediterranean

Maurice Stierl Leverhulme

The Irish Times, 14.05.2020

How to get the message across during a pandemic

Claire O'Connell

Pittsburgh Current, 14.05.2020

Panel looks at the state of policing and incarceration of black people during COVID-19

Atiya Irvin-Mitchell

The Conversation, 14.05.2020

What the coronavirus crisis reveals about vulnerable populations behind bars and on the streets

Stephanie Hartwell, Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, Sheryl Kubiak

Newswise, 14.05.2020

Racism and Xenophobia in the Age of Covid-19

The Conversation, 14.05.2020

Living with bunker builders: doomsday prepping in the age of coronavirus

Bradley Garrett

Truthout, 14.05.2020

Pandemic Policing Is Expanding the Use of Surveillance Technology

Candice Bernd

The Marshall Project, 14.05.2020

What Women Dying In Prison From COVID-19 Tell Us About Female Incarceration

Cary Aspinwall, Keri Blakinger and Joseph Neff

The Intercept, 14.05.2020

As Coronavirus Spreads Behind Bars, Prisons Release Very Few People

Alice Speri

The Conversation, 15.05.2020

Why young people commit crime and how moral education could help – new research

Neema Trivedi-Bateman


How Google and Apple outflanked governments in the race to build coronavirus apps

Mark Scott, Elisa Braun, Janosch Delcker and Vincent Manancourt, 16.05.2020

HIV-AIDS taught us not to police a disease outbreak, say experts. Did the lesson stick?

Jane Gerster

NPR, 16.05.2020

Policing During The Coronavirus Crisis

Michel Martin

The New Yorker Annals of Activism, 18.05.2020

What Mutual Aid Can Do During a Pandemic

Jia Tolentino

PRWire, 18.05.2020

Research shows 1 in 5 Australians turn a blind eye to crime, says Crime Stoppers

The Guardian, 18.05.2020

Making defendants state nationality is 'racialising' UK courts – report

Owen Bowcott and Catherine Baksi

New York Times, 18.05.2020

Social Distancing, Without the Police

The Editorial Board

EurekAlert, 18.05.2020

Personal accounts of childhood maltreatment matter more for mental health than records

King's College London

The Conversation, 18.05.2020

There’s a history of white supremacists interpreting government leaders’ words as encouragement

Shannon M. Smith

The Guardian, 18.05.2020

Naomi Klein: How big tech plans to profit from the pandemic

Naomi Klein

The Crime Report, 18.05.2020

COVID-19, Prisons and ‘Cut-and-Paste Justice’

Baz Dreisinger

EurekAlert, 18.05.2020

The brain's facial recognition area doesn't differentiate outgroup members

Society for Neuroscience

Christian Science Monitor, 19.05.2020

A helping hand? Amid pandemic, gangs cast themselves as protectors.

Whitney Eulich, Ana Ionova

Washington Post, 19.05.2020

Amid pandemic, crime dropped in many U.S. cities, but not all

Tom Jackman

The Conversation, 19.05.2020

‘I feel that all the doors have been closed’: lockdowns are making life even harder for migrant survivors of sexual violence

Jenny Phillimore, Sandra Pertek

Newswise, 19.05.2020

Quarantine, stress from COVID-19 pandemic may lead to increased intimate partner violence

Binghamton University

Lawfare, 20.05.2020

U.S. Policing After Wave One of COVID-19

Vanda Felbab-Brown

Citymetric, 20.05.2020

How the pandemic upended crime patterns

Alexandra Kanik

EurekAlert, 20.05.2020

How social media platforms can contribute to dehumanizing people

North Carolina State University

EurekAlert, 20.05.2020

Tackling alcohol harms must be an integral part of the nation's recovery from COVID-19

Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS, 20.05.2020

Do we still believe in freedom?

Maria Cahill

Nautilus, 20.05.2020

A Vision of Our Post-Lockdown Future

Barclay Bram

The Conversation, 21.05.2020

How lockdown has redefined public order policing

Aidan O'Sullivan

EurekAlert, 21.05.2020

Mental ill health 'substantial health concern' among police, finds international study

The Conversation, 21.05.2020

How Central Asia’s authoritarian regimes have used coronavirus to their advantage

Saltanat Janenova, Jonathan Fisher

New York Times, 21.05.2020

The End of Meat Is Here

Jonathan Safran Foer, 21.05.2020

Police Are Making Pandemic Life Worse for Already Oppressed People

Meenakshi Mannoe

The Conversation, 21.05.2020

Rule of law has moved centre stage in lockdown: what it is and why it matters

Cathleen Powell

The Conversation, 21.05.2020

PPE and contactless delivery: drug dealers reveal how they are adapting to coronavirus

Tammy Ayres, Craig Ancrum

USA TODAY, 22.05.2020

In coronavirus crisis, lessons in humanity toward America's incarcerated

Marc M. Howard

Washington Post, 22.05.2020

When police kill citizens

The Crime Report, 22.05.2020

Police Use ‘Social Media First’ Strategy in Pandemic

TCR Staff

The Intercept, 22.05.2020

New York City and Los Angeles Slash Budgets — but Not for Police

Alice Speri

The Conversation, 24.05.2020

The coronavirus pandemic highlights the need for a surveillance debate beyond ‘privacy’

David Lyon

Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL, 24.05.2020

Impacts of COVID-19 – The Global Access to Justice Survey

Diogo Esteves, Kim Economides

NPR, 25.05.2020

Pandemic Disrupts Illegal Drug Trade, Upending Both Product And Profits

Brian Mann

Voice of America, 25.05.2020

Crime Dips, But Agile Crime Syndicates Adapt to Pandemic

Jamie Dettmer

The Conversation, 25.05.2020

Dominic Cummings: powerful people are the most likely to break the rules – even if they make them

Andre Spicer

Sydney Morning Herald, 25.05.2020

Despite risks, we're not too fussed about facial recognition

Farrah Tomazin

The Wire, 25.05.2020

Domestic Violence in the Lockdown Has Been Aided by Govt Apathy

Ayushi Agarwal

THE STRATEGIST, 25.05.2020

Anonymous no more? Make it a crime to re-identify personal data

Jessica Clarence

EurekAlert!, 25.05.2020

Reducing neighborhood crime: Place management of alcohol outlets

Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

The Intercept, 25.05.2020

Coronavirus Monitoring Bracelets Flood the Market, Ready to Snitch on People Who Don’t Distance

Sam Biddle

The Lawyer's Daily, 25.05.2020

COVID-19 brings American-style injustice to Canada

Jordana Goldlist

National Law Review, 25.05.2020

Human Rights Abuses in the Enforcement of Coronavirus Security Measures

The National Interest, 26.05.2020

The Cost of Pandemic Pushback: Baltimore Sees Crime Spike Over Memorial Day Weekend

Maggie Ybarra

San Diego Union Tribune, 26.05.2020

Policing during COVID-19: Officers face new threat in the line of duty

David Hernandez

The Crime Report, 26.05.2020

Crime Fell During Pandemic; Will It Rebound?

The Conversation, 26.05.2020

Coronavirus: drones used to enforce lockdown pose a real threat to our civil liberties

Birgit Schippers

The Conversation, 26.05.2020

The coronavirus pandemic moved life online – a surge in website defacing followed

David Maimon, C. Jordan Howell

The Conversation, 26.05.2020

‘Incel’ violence is a form of extremism. It’s time we treated it as a security threat

Sian Tomkinson, Katie Attwell, Tauel Harper

The Conversation, 26.05.2020

How the coronavirus increases terrorism threats in the developing world

Nisha Bellinger, Kyle Kattelman

Newswise, 26.05.2020

Helping Law Enforcement Solve and Prevent Chemical-Related Violence

Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Law Officer, 26.05.2020

Safe Distancing: Adapting to an Invisible Threat

The Conversation, 27.05.2020

For First Nations people, coronavirus has meant fewer services, separated families and over-policing: new report

Lorana Bartels, Thalia Anthony

New York Magazine, 27.05.2020

America’s Most Resilient Institution

Zak Cheney-Rice

The Statesman | New Delhi, 27.05.2020

Pandemic, policing and role of social media

Mandava Harsha Vardhan and Sanjay Pulipaka

Straight, 27.05.2020

COVID-19: How mainstream-media coverage of pandemic crime rates is getting it wrong

Ashley Mollison, Marilou Gagnon, and Meenakshi Mannoe

The Conversation, 27.05.2020

Collecting race-based data during coronavirus pandemic may fuel dangerous prejudices

Sachil Singh

EurekAlert, 27.05.2020

Study shows domestic violence reports on the rise as COVID-19 keeps people at home

University of California - Los Angeles

EurekAlert, 27.05.2020

Training bystanders to intervene will help to prevent domestic violence and abuse, study shows

University of Exeter, 27.05.2020

After police killed George Floyd, protests in Minneapolis's streets turned ugly

Rafi Schwartz

The Conversation, 27.05.2020

More people are dying in American prisons – here’s how they face the end of their lives

Martha Hurley

New York Review of Books, 28.05.2020

When Will We Care About Domestic Violence?

Caroline Fraser

SciTechDaily, 28.05.2020

COVID-19: Domestic Violence Up, Traffic Stops and Burglaries Down

University of California - Los Angeles

The Conversation, 28.05.2020

Why cellphone videos of black people’s deaths should be considered sacred, like lynching photographs

Allissa V. Richardson

Newswise, 28.05.2020

Study: Exposure to police violence may be more impactful for individuals who perceive police as a threat to their personal safety

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington Post, 28.05.2020

Power Up: Racism and police violence in spotlight at crucial time in 2020 race

Jacqueline Alemany with Brent D. Griffiths

The New Republic, 28.05.2020

The Pandemic Is the Right Time to Defund the Police

Melissa Gira Grant

The Conversation, 29.05.2020

Predicting the pandemic’s psychological toll: why suicide modelling is so difficult

Jayashri Kulkarni

The Conversation, 29.05.2020

Ahmaud Arbery’s killing puts a spotlight on the blurred blue line of citizen’s arrest laws

Seth W. Stoughton

The Conversation, 29.05.2020

Riot or resistance? How media frames unrest in Minneapolis will shape public’s view of protest

Danielle K. Kilgo

Newswise, 29.05.2020

Law enforcement violence in black communities will continue despite criminal justice system action in Minneapolis case

West Virginia University

The New Yorker, 29.05.2020

The Intolerable Tensions Between American Cities and their Police Forces

Benjamin Wallace-Wells

Washington Post, 30.05.2020

Want to stop these riots? Reform the police.

David Von Drehle

Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL, 30.05.2020

Rights reaching beyond Borders

Benedikt Reinke

Newswise, 31.05.2020

UB expert can discuss death of George Floyd, history of racial injustice in America

University at Buffalo, 31.05.2020

How to Curb Police Abuses—And How Not to

Ilya Somin

New York Times, 31.05.2020

Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which Extremists?

Neil MacFarquhar

New York Times, 31.05.2020

Facing Protests Over Use of Force, Police Respond with More Force

Shaila Dewan and Mike Baker

The Conversation, 31.05.2020

Police officers accused of brutal violence often have a history of complaints by citizens

Jill McCorkel

The Atlantic, 31.05.2020

When Police View Citizens as Enemies

Nick Baumann

Raw Story, 31.05.2020

No, Donald Trump cannot name Antifa a terrorist group — here’s why

Sarah K. Burris