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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 01.07.2024

‘Above the law’ in some cases: Supreme Court gives Trump − and future presidents − a special exception that will delay his prosecution

Claire B. Wofford

Monash University, 01.07.2024

We research online ‘misogynist radicalisation’. Here’s what parents of boys should know

The Conversation, 01.07.2024

US’s terrorist listing of European far-right group signals fears of rising threat − both abroad and at home

Jason M. Blazakis

New York Times, 01.07.2024

Female Suicide Bombers: A Terrorist Group’s Hidden Weapon

Eve Sampson

Harper's Magazine, 01.07.2024

The Gods of Logic

Benjamín Labatut

The Guardian, 01.07.2024

Was Donald Trump a king as president? The US supreme court thinks so

Moira Donegan

The Guardian, 01.07.2024

Detroit changes rules for police use of facial recognition after wrongful arrest of Black man

The Guardian, 01.07.2024

Prison rehabilitation numbers in England and Wales down 74% since 2010, MoJ data shows

Rajeev Syal

ABC News, 02.07.2024

Intimate partner violence a major risk factor for filicide but researchers say new data provides a roadmap to intervention

Claudia Long

Mirage.News Science, 02.07.2024

Research Links Childhood Abuse to Teen Substance Abuse in SA

University of Exeter

The Conversation, 02.07.2024

US Supreme Court immunity ruling ideal for a president who doesn’t care about democracy

Natasha Lindstaedt

The Conversation, 02.07.2024

Why mental health and neurodivergence should not be used to explain incel violence

Esli Chan, Vivian Qiang

University of Gothenburg, 02.07.2024

Ways to strengthen academic institutions' work against gender-based violence

Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research

The Guardian, 02.07.2024

Biden denounces supreme court decision on Trump immunity: ‘He’ll be more emboldened’

Robert Tait

Los Angeles Times, 03.07.2024

The surgeon general acknowledged America’s gun violence emergency. Here’s why that matters

Robin Abcarian

Frontiers in Psychology, 03.07.2024

An explorative study on consequences of abuse on psychological wellbeing and cognitive outcomes in victims of Gender Based Violence

Giulia Lausi u.a.

PsyPost, 03.07.2024

We judge political violence differently based on victim’s party affiliation, study shows

Eric W. Dolan

Washington Post, 03.07.2024

She took on a small Mississippi town’s police. Then they arrested her.

Robert Klemko

EurekAlert!, 03.07.2024

Surgeon General’s warning: Firearm violence deserves a public health approach

Oregon Health & Science University OHSU

EurekAlert!, 03.07.2024

Six out of ten illegal online ads for medicines are not recognized by consumers

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

PBS, 03.07.2024

Why shootings and violence increase in the summer months

John Seewer

The Guardian, 04.07.2024

Trump would be free to obstruct justice in second term after immunity ruling

Hugo Lowell

New York Times, 04.07.2024

New York Moves to Clean Up Times Square After a Spate of Crimes

Maria Cramer

Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, 04.07.2024

Building Blocks of a Global Strategy Against Organized Crime

VnExpress International, 04.07.2024

Online scammers consider their crime a 'profession'

Minh Son

The Guardian, 04.07.2024

Revolution in the air: how laughing gas changed the world

Mark Miodownik

Mirage News Education, 05.07.2024

Tackling Both Sides Of 'sexual Violence'

New York Times, 05.07.2024

Judge Rules Against Release of Covenant School Shooter’s Writings

Emily Cochrane

GovTech, 05.07.2024

Online Learning Program Reduced PTSD Symptoms in Police Staff

The Guardian, 06.07.2024

Real criminals, fake victims: how chatbots are being deployed in the global fight against phone scammers

Tory Shepherd

The Guardian / The Observer, 06.07.2024

Cannabis legalisation hampered by most German of substances: red tape

Deborah Cole

The Guardian / The Observer, 07.07.2024

Man who spent 45 years on death row in Japan hopes for chance to clear name

Justin McCurry

Far Out Magazine, 07.07.2024

Exploring the alleged link between Charles Manson, the CIA, and MKUltra

Arun Starkey

The Guardian, 08.07.2024

How might a rogue president use the US supreme court immunity ruling?

George Chidi

EurekAlert!, 08.07.2024

AJPH study shows that permit to purchase laws are a promising avenue to reduce suicides in young adults

American Public Health Association

EurekAlert!, 08.07.2024

New gold standard survey shows alarmingly high rate of sexual exploitation across the United States

Kinsey Institute

VOX, 08.07.2024

Why the US had a violent crime spike during Covid — and other countries didn’t

Marin Cogan

Washington Post, 08.07.2024

Guilty: Inside the high-risk, historic prosecution of a school shooter’s parents

John Woodrow Cox

EurekAlert!, 08.07.2024

Avoiding media-fueled psychological distress

University of California

Mirage.NewsScience, 09.07.2024

Calls Mount for Stricter Elder Abuse Criteria

The Conversation, 09.07.2024

New research shows 1 in 5 Australians have perpetrated sexual violence in their adult lives. The true rate might be even worse

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Hayley Boxall

Newswise, 09.07.2024

Study shows catalytic converter thefts surge amid rising metal prices

Middle Tennessee State University, 09.07.2024

New study reevaluates the fight-or-flight concept in the context of human conflict

David Bradley

Loss Prevention Media, 09.07.2024

Organized Retail Crime and the Opioid Crisis: Two National Epidemics

Read Hayes

EurekAlert!, 09.07.2024

Digital self-harm surges among U.S. teens from 2016 to 2021

Florida Atlantic University

The Conversation, 09.07.2024

Catching online scammers: our model combines data and behavioural science to map the psychological games cybercriminals play

Rennie Naidoo

EurekAlert!, 09.07.2024

First-ever study of the psychological impact of war on autistic children

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fact Check, 09.07.2024

Posts linking crime to immigration in Canada are unfounded


ABC News, 10.07.2024

Filicide overwhelmingly linked to male perpetrators who 'deeply believe their actions are justified', experts say

Heidi Davoren

The Conversation, 10.07.2024

Think you could pick a criminal suspect out of a lineup? If they’ve shaved or changed their clothes, you’d probably fail

Dominic T. Jordan, Adrian J. Scott, Donald Thomson

Snopes, 10.07.2024

40% of Cops Admitted They Abuse Their Partners?

The Guardian, 10.07.2024

Domestic violence burns more severe than from accidents, Australian research finds

Tamsin Rose

BBC News, 10.07.2024

‘Dad tried to kill us’: The fire that devastated Australia

Hannah Ritchie

The Conversation, 10.07.2024

From the ’60s till now, TV news coverage of large-scale university protests doesn’t look so different

Lisa Fazio

The Conversation, 11.07.2024

Criminalizing coercive control may seem like a good idea, but could it further victimize women?

Eden Hoffer, C. Nadine Wathen

The Conversation, 11.07.2024

Deaf women are twice as likely to experience domestic violence. How perpetrators weaponise disability

Vanessa Letico

PsyPost, 11.07.2024

Dark Triad traits associated with support for violence against civilians, study finds

Eric W. Dolan

George Mason University, 11.07.2024

Crime policy center tackles the hard questions at international symposium

Mashable India, 11.07.2024

Mass Shooter In US Agrees To Donate His Brain For Study; 'What Created This Monster'

University of South Florida, 11.07.2024

Why kids kill: How a curiosity about the minds of young murderers drove 43 years of research and education

Mirage.News Science, 11.07.2024

Taking Temperature On American Democracy

University of Rochester