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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.07.2019

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane

William Langewiesche, 01.07.2019

One in five police officers suffers from PTSD as one is assaulted every 20 minutes, new research shows

Dominic Nicholls

The Times of Israel (blog), 01.07.2019

Can Google Search be used to counter white supremacy?

Jonathan A. Greenblatt

The Conversation, 01.07.2019

Sea-Watch 3 captain arrested: EU complicit in criminalising search and rescue in the Mediterranean

Vicki Squire

EurekAlert! News Release, 01.07.2019

Alcohol causes significant harm to those other than the drinker

The Conversation, 01.07.2019

Al-Qaida is stronger today than it was on 9/11

Christian Taylor

The New Yorker online, 01.07.2019

What Led Peru’s Former President to Take His Own Life?

Daniel Alarcón

Sydney Morning Herald, 02.07.2019

Child sexual abuse material spreading 'exponentially' on social media

Nigel Gladstone

Techdirt, 02.07.2019

Removing Terrorist Content Isn't Helping Win The War On Terror

Tim Cushing

Reliefweb, 02.07.2019

Why preparedness pays: The value of localized disaster resilience

The Guardian, 02.07.2019

Speed kills: are police chases out of control?

Tom Lamont

The Guardian, 02.07.2019

What can Australia do for children forced to live under Islamic State?

Michael McGowan and Helen Davidson

EurekAlert, 02.07.2019

Study: Brain injury common in domestic violence

Ohio State University, 02.07.2019

It’s not that we’ve failed to rein in Facebook and Google. We’ve not even tried

Shoshana Zuboff

Foreign Policy Magazine, 02.07.2019

Germany Has a Neo-Nazi Terrorism Epidemic

Peter Kuras

Project Syndicate, 02.07.2019

Thumbs Down to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Independent, 03.07.2019

‘Hardcore’ Isis ideologues held in Syrian camps represent long-term risk, warns US-led coalition

Richard Hall

Study Finds, 03.07.2019

Violent Crime In Baltimore Linked To Liquor Stores More Than Bars, Restaurants

Ben Renner

EurekAlert, 03.07.2019

The Lancet Public Health: Incarceration and economic hardship strongly associated with drug-related deaths in the USA

The Conversation, 03.07.2019

Mexicans in US routinely confront legal abuse, racial profiling, ICE targeting and other civil rights violations

David FitzGerald Theodore E. Gildred, Angela Y. McClean, Gustavo López

The Conversation, 03.07.2019

Why do rebel groups apologize?

Ioana Emy Matesan, Ronit Berger

The Independent, 04.07.2019

Police urged to axe facial recognition after research finds four of five ‘suspects’ are innocent

Adam Forrest

smallwarsjournal, 04.07.2019

Global Terrorism May be Down but is Still a Threat In 2019 - Are We Ready?

Robert Muggah

WPEC, 04.07.2019

Researchers have created a 'vaccine' for fake news. It's a game

Hadas Gold

Gazette, 04.07.2019

Facial recognition tech is flawed says Essex University study

Chad Nugent

VICE Canada, 04.07.2019

The Future of Canadian Policing Is Turning Teachers Into Cops

Nathan Munn

The Independent, 05.07.2019

Children as young as seven being used by ‘county lines’ drug gangs

Lizzie Dearden

Project Syndicate, 05.07.2019

The Eternal Jew Hatred

Irena Grudzinska Gross

Mother Jones, 05.07.2019

How Decriminalizing Sex Work Became a 2020 Campaign Issue

Matt Cohen, 05.07.2019

When convenience meets surveillance: AI at the corner store

Melissa Hellmann

The Guardian, 05.07.2019

How Britain can help you get away with stealing millions: a five-step guide

Oliver Bullough, 07.07.2019

Experts' warnings about new crime solving technique

Brittany Keogh and Rikihana Smallman

The Conversation, 07.07.2019

People are drowning at sea. Why aren’t we saving them?

Margaret Kohn

New York Times, 07.07.2019

A Political Murder and Far-Right Terrorism: Germany’s New Hateful Reality

Katrin Bennhold

The Conversation, 07.07.2019

Testing festival goers’ pills isn’t the only way to reduce overdoses. Here’s what else works

Nicole Lee,

BBC News, 08.07.2019

Is there a growing far-right threat online?

Gordon Corera

ScienceDaily, 08.07.2019

'You all look alike to me' is hard-wired in us, research finds

University of California - Riverside

The Conversation, 08.07.2019

Counterfeit alcohol, sometimes containing jet fuel or embalming fluid, is a growing concern for tourists abroad

Monica H. Swahn

EurekAlert, 08.07.2019

BU finds police shooting racial disparities reflect segregation

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 08.07.2019

'We Were All in a State of Total Despair'

Frank Hornig

Foreign Policy, 08.07.2019

Muslim Leaders Are Betraying the Uighurs

Azeem Ibrahim

UN News, 09.07.2019

Threat from petty criminals who turn to terrorism, a growing concern, Security Council hears

Chicago Sun-Times, 09.07.2019

What will it take to end Chicago’s gang violence?

The Local Italy, 09.07.2019

Meet the ’Ndrangheta: It's time to bust some myths about the Calabrian mafia

The Conversation, 09.07.2019

4 questions answered on sex trafficking in the US

Monti Datta

The Guardian, 09.07.2019

‘You’ll miss me when I’m gone’: the murder of social media star Qandeel Baloch

The New Daily, 10.07.2019

IS plotting more lone wolf attacks while it rebuilds caliphate, security experts warn

Cait Kelly Reporter

Creators, 10.07.2019

Don't Fall Victim to Internet and Phone Scammers Targeting the Elderly

Daily Editorials

Just Security, 10.07.2019

Policing, U.S. Style: With Little Idea of What Really Works

Barry Friedman and Kate Mather

EurekAlert, 10.07.2019

Using artificial intelligence to detect discrimination

Penn State

EurekAlert, 10.07.2019

Police officers consider environmental crimes less important than conventional misconducts

Estonian Research Council

Montreal Gazette, 10.07.2019

Residents seek inquiry into complaints of racial profiling by Repentigny police

Mia Anhoury

NYRDaily, 10.07.2019

The American Dark Money Behind Europe’s Far Right

Mary Fitzgerald and Claire Provost

CBC News, 11.07.2019

CCTV cameras can cut crime, but they're not perfect

The Trace, 11.07.2019

Inside the Ambitious Campaign to Push Chicago Homicides Below 400

Brian Freskos

The Atlantic, 11.07.2019

1 Million Americans Will Be Shot in the Next Decade’

Mother Jones, 11.07.2019

The US Has Some of the Worst Gun Violence in the World. Amnesty International Wants the Government to Give Reparations to Victims.

Matt Cohen

Euronews English, 11.07.2019

Blindly fighting the symptoms of radicalisation in Europe won’t address the causes

Asya Metodieva

Transparency International (press release, 11.07.2019

The terrible consequences of police corruption in South Africa

Sabeehah Motala

CityLab, 11.07.2019

Surveillance Cameras Debunk the Bystander Effect

Richard Florida

New York Times, 11.07.2019

The Dangerous Art of Pyotr Pavlensky

Fernanda Eberstadt

The Crime Report, 12.07.2019

The Deadly Mix Behind Mass Attacks: Guns and Grievance

TCR Staff

VICE, 12.07.2019

Revealed: This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual for Cops

Caroline Haskins

The Guardian, 12.07.2019

‘State capture’: the corruption investigation that has shaken South Africa

Mark Gevisser

Global Security Review, 13.07.2019

The Shifting Dynamics of Britain’s National Security Threats

Musa Khan Jalalzai

The Conversation, 13.07.2019

Voice evidence in trials: can a criminal suspect be identified just by the sound of his voice?

Ahmar Mahboob

New York Times, 13.07.2019

After a Police Shooting, Ethiopian Israelis Seek a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Reckoning

David M. Halbfinger and Isabel Kershner

Middle East Eye, 14.07.2019

The 'deradicalisation' business: How French attacks spawned a counter-extremism industry

Hassina Mechaï

Reliefweb, 14.07.2019

Will a hotter planet lead to more armed conflict?

The Conversation, 15.07.2019

Afghanistan: how to widen access to justice

Ali Wardak

EurekAlert, 15.07.2019

Strict state laws and universal background checks linked to lower pediatric firearm-related deaths

Children's National Health System

EurekAlert, 15.07.2019

'Racist police officer' stereotype may become a self-fulfilling prophecy

American Psychological Association

The Atlantic, 16.07.2019

The Con Man Who Became a True-Crime Writer

Rachel Monroe

The Independent, 16.07.2019

Isis flag raised at Syrian camp holding jihadi families

Richard Hall

Open Democracy, 17.07.2019

Shades of Islamophobic hate

Imran Awan

Open Democracy, 17.07.2019

Listening to the stories of Boko Haram’s wives

Umar Ahmad Umar

Penn Today, 17.07.2019

Preventative measures against mass violence

Richard Berk,

The Conversation, 17.07.2019

Mafia in Naples is still going strong – and we must not forget how it affects everyday life in the city

Felia Allum

The Conversation, 18.07.2019

Why the federal government isn’t prosecuting the officer who choked Eric Garner

Caren Morrison

The Conversation, 18.07.2019

Cartel kingpin El Chapo is jailed for life, but the US-Mexico drug trade is booming

Luis Gómez Romero

The Citizen, 18.07.2019

Living in a house with a gun increases your chances of dying

The Interpreter, 19.07.2019

The changing face of violent extremism

Khalid Koser Lilla Schumicky-Logan

The Times, 19.07.2019

Crime statistics: Public will lose faith, police told as fewer crimes go to court

Richard Ford