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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The New Yorker, 01.03.2021

Why Does the Pandemic Seem to Be Hitting Some Countries Harder Than Others?

Siddhartha Mukherjee

The Conversation, 01.03.2021

Despite claims NZ’s policing is too ‘woke’, crime rates are largely static — and even declining

Ananish Chaudhuri

The Conversation, 01.03.2021

Delays in reporting alleged rapes are common — even years later. This isn’t a barrier to justice

Bri Lee, Jonathan Crowe, Rachael Burgin

i24NEWS, 01.03.2021

Antisemites use coded language to fuel online hate: study

University of Haifa

Chicago Tribune, 01.03.2021

Faced with rising crime and social upheaval, more Black Chicagoans are seeking out firearms for their own protection

John Keilman

Scientific American, 01.03.2021

Killings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests

Jim Daley

Newswise, 01.03.2021

Walking away from the beat - why police officers are voluntarily leaving in large numbers

The Crime Report, 01.03.2021

How Mass Incarceration Fuels Cycle of Poverty

Andrea Cipriano, 01.03.2021

Domestic Violence in U.S. Increased By 8 Percent After COVID Lockdown Orders Began, Says Study

Maria Pasquini

Chicago Booth Review, 01.03.2021

Will algorithms fix what’s wrong with American justice, or make things worse?

Jeff Cockrell

The Conversation, 02.03.2021

Jamal Khashoggi: why the US is unlikely to deliver justice for the murdered journalist

Armida L. M. van Rij

EurekAlert!, 02.03.2021

Law enforcement seizures of methamphetamine and marijuana rose during pandemic


EurekAlert!, 02.03.2021

New report offers detailed analysis of Capitol Hill siege

George Washington University

The Crime Report, 02.03.2021

Stop Turning Your Head: Black Cops Speak Out Against ‘Blanket of Racism’

Isidoro Rodriguez

The Washington Post, 02.03.2021

Study: 1 in 7 U.S. prisoners is serving life, and two-thirds of those are people of color

Tom Jackman

EurekAlert!, 03.03.2021

Study reveals impact of lockdown on violence in a UK capital city

Cardiff University