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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 05.10.2021

Trial of 100-year-old man in Germany: why Nazi war crimes take so long to prosecute

Rainer Schulze

The Conversation, 05.10.2021

Police killings of civilians in the US have been undercounted by more than half in official statistics

Moshen Naghavi, Eve Wool, Fablina Sharara

The Conversation, 05.10.2021

Sexual abuse during humanitarian operations still happens. What must be done to end it

Chen Reis

The Conversation, 06.10.2021

Paid millions to hide trillions: Pandora Papers expose financial crime enablers, too

Marc Tassé

New York Review of Books, 07.10.2021

The Lie of Nation Building

Fintan O’Toole

EurekAlert!, 08.10.2021

The Lancet: COVID-19 pandemic led to stark rise in depressive and anxiety disorders globally in 2020, with women and younger people most affected.

EurekAlert!, 08.10.2021

COVID-19 stay at home orders brought uptick in child abuse

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Guardian, 08.10.2021

Is Facebook the tobacco industry of the 21st century?

Jonathan Freedland

The Conversation, 10.10.2021

The Pandora Papers show the line between tax avoidance and tax evasion has become so blurred we need to act against both

Alex Simpson

The Conversation, 10.10.2021

Australia had a record number of police shootings in the past year. Should we be concerned?

Terry Goldsworthy

New York Times, 10.10.2021

After Killings, U.K. Asks: Should Misogyny Be a Hate Crime?

Megan Specia

EurekAlert!, 11.10.2021

Forgiveness messaging increases willingness to accept former Boko Haram fighters returning home, new study shows

The Crime Report, 11.10.2021

Curbing Violence: What Works

TCR Staff

The Trace, 11.10.2021

How Alcohol Is Linked to a Higher Risk for Gun Suicide

Tom Kutsch

The Conversation, 11.10.2021

Study paints a grim picture of what young gangsters think about violence and manhood

G. Nokukhanya Ndhlovu, Pius Tanga

The New Yorker, 11.10.2021

The Ship That Became a Bomb

Ed Caesar

The Atlantic, 11.10.2021

It’s Not Misinformation. It’s Amplified Propaganda.

Renée DiResta

The Conversation, 12.10.2021

‘Empathy machine’ or false hope? How virtual reality is being used to try to stop domestic violence

Stuart M Bender, Mick Broderick

EurekAlert!, 12.10.2021

Exposure to childhood adversity is linked to early mortality and associated with nearly half a million annual US deaths

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, 12.10.2021

The Shadowy, Homemade Weapons Community Just Keeps on Growing

Maik Baumgärtner, Alexander Epp, Roman Lehberger und Roman Höfner

New York Times, 13.10.2021

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Restore Death Sentence for Boston Marathon Bomber

Adam Liptak

TIME Magazine, 13.10.2021

He Was Shot by a Stranger but Treated Like a Criminal When He Reached the ER

Melissa Chan

The Conversation, 13.10.2021

Cannabis store openings in Canada only slightly affected the number of users

Michael J. Armstrong

Newsweek, 13.10.2021

Man to Be Hanged in Singapore for Trafficking Cannabis

Alexandra Schonfeld

Sky News, 13.10.2021

Antisemitism 'rife' on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, research finds

Rebecca Speare-Cole

The American Prospect, 13.10.2021

The Restaurant-to-Cannabis Pipeline

Lizzie Tribone

The Conversation, 13.10.2021

5 Australian COVID experts on receiving abuse and trolling amid the pandemic

Liam Petterson, Lucy Beaumont

The Conversation, 13.10.2021

How does smoking marijuana affect academic performance? Two researchers explain how it can alter more than just moods

Jason R. Kilmer, Christine M. Lee

The Conversation, 14.10.2021

3 years after legalization, we have shockingly little information about how it changed cannabis use and health harms

Daniel Myran

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2021

For 50 years, mass incarceration has hurt American families; here’s how to change it

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2021

Study discovers unique brain signature of intimate partner aggression

Virginia Commonwealth University

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2021

Special issue of Science: Criminal injustice

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2021

Facial recognition, cameras, other tools police use raise questions about accountability

University of California - Davis

Austin Chronicle, 15.10.2021

Hiring More Police Is Not a Great Way to Prevent Murders

Austin Sanders, 15.10.2021

Golden Visas for Refugees: “We Are Trading the Borders Away"

Leon Holly

Oregon Public Broadcasting, 15.10.2021

Dozens of Oregon law enforcement officers have been members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia

Jonathan Levinson

The Conversation, 15.10.2021

Death penalty can express society’s outrage – but biases often taint the verdict

Amelia Wirts

The Conversation, 15.10.2021

Tsarnaev Supreme Court appeal: Do unbiased jurors exist in an age of social media?

Thaddeus Hoffmeister

The Guardian, 15.10.2021

After David Amess’s death, MPs will feel the cold shiver of vulnerability

Rafael Behr

EurekAlert!, 15.10.2021

Study: Adolescents’ experiences with police have harmful repercussions for later life outcomes

American Society of Criminology

Cincinnati Enquirer, 16.10.2021

Tradition of domestic violence handed from one generation to the next

Anne Saker

The Ticker, 16.10.2021

Police stops for minor infractions fail to ‘protect and serve’

Maya Demchak-Gottlieb

The Conversation, 16.10.2021

David Amess killing: threats of violence and harassment have become commonplace for politicians

James Weinberg

New York Times, 16.10.2021

With Lawmaker’s Killing, U.K. Confronts a New Episode of Terrorism

Mark Landler, Megan Specia and Stephen Castle

New York Times, 17.10.2021

At Axel Springer, Politico’s New Owner, Allegations of Sex, Lies and a Secret Payment

Ben Smith

Public Policy Institute of California, 18.10.2021

Racial Disparities in Law Enforcement Stops

Magnus Lofstrom, Joseph Hayes, Brandon Martin, and Deepak Premkumar

Birmingham Mail, 18.10.2021

'Domestic abuse not seen as priority' - Criminologist blasts system as 13,000 'timed-out' cases dropped

Center for Immigration Studies, 18.10.2021

Panel Video: Are Immigrants Less Willing to Report Crime?

Mark Krikorian, Steven A. Camarota, Jessica M. Vaughan, Keith Harmon, and Bryan Griffith

MSF, 18.10.2021

Adding salt to the wound: Counter-terrorism and healthcare

The Conversation, 18.10.2021

Why Facebook and other social media companies need to be reined in

Kaitlynn Mendes, Jacquelyn Burkell, Jane Bailey, Valerie Steeves

The Spectator, 18.10.2021

The death of David Amess and the narcissism of the discourse

Sam Leith

The Conversation, 19.10.2021

Is it even possible to regulate Facebook effectively? Time and again, attempts have led to the same outcome

Olga Kokshagina, Stan Karanasios

The Conversation, 19.10.2021

How a maximum security prison offers a pathway to academic excellence and a PhD

Christian Tietz

The Conversation, 19.10.2021

Adolescent dating violence affects 1 in 3, but murky policies mean most adults don’t know how to help

Deinera Exner-Cortens, Wendy Craig

Newswise, 19.10.2021

Baltimore’s No-Prosecution Policy for Low-Level Drug Possession and Prostitution Finds Almost No Rearrests for Serious Offenses

Johns Hopkins

EurekAlert!, 19.10.2021

Study aims to identify best remote support services for domestic violence and abuse survivors in COVID-19 pandemic

University of Birmingham

Kathimerini / New York Times, 19.10.2021

Town rattled by bow-and-arrow killings ponders terrorism and mental illness

Cora Engelbrecht and Henrik Pryser Libell