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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Boulder Daily Camera, 01.01.2022

CU Boulder police sergeant leads effort to train officers in lethality assessment tool

Mitchell Byars

The Intercept, 01.01.2022

Vaccine Passports Are Here to Stay. Why Worry?

Judith Levine

The Times, 03.01.2022

Massive rise in use of incel sites that call for women to be raped

Tom Ball

The Conversation, 03.01.2022

American support for conspiracy theories and armed rebellion isn’t new – we just didn’t believe it before the Capitol insurrection

Amanda J. Crawford

Healio, 03.01.2022

Intervention significantly reduces teens’ violent behavior, anxiety, illicit substance use

Janel Miller

EurekAlert!, 03.01.2022

New research shows violence is broadly felt by millions of Californians

University of California - Davis Health

Los Angeles Review of Books, 03.01.2022

Histories of Violence: The Visual Violence

Brad Evans

The Conversation, 03.01.2022

The ‘sore loser effect’: Rejecting election results can destabilize democracy and drive terrorism

James Piazza

The Guardian, 03.01.2022

Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre’s legal deal with Jeffrey Epstein released

Victoria Bekiempis

The People’s Vanguard of Davis, 03.01.2022

The Prone Position Comes Under Fire Again as a Black Teen Dies in Police Custody

Natalia Ruvalcaba

The Independent, 03.01.2022

One year on, what do we know about the people who stormed the Capitol?

The Atlantic, 03.01.2022

The U.S. Is Naive About Russia. Ukraine Can’t Afford to Be.

Anne Applebaum

New York Times, 04.01.2022

Changing Brussels Neighborhood Tries to Leave Stigma of Terrorism Behind

Elian Peltier

New York Times, 04.01.2022

The Capitol Police and the Scars of Jan. 6

Susan Dominus and Luke Broadwater

Sacramento Bee, 04.01.2022

Millions of Californians know someone at risk of committing violence, UC Davis study finds

Cathie Anderson

The Conversation, 04.01.2022

Why it’s grim, but unsurprising, that the U.S. Capitol attack looked like it was out of a ‘zombie movie’

Christopher Lockett

The Conversation, 04.01.2022

Republicans draw from apocalyptic narratives to inform ‘Demoncrat’ conspiracy theories

Christopher Douglas

The Conversation, 04.01.2022

‘Sextortion’ leads to financial losses and psychological trauma. Here’s what to look out for on dating apps

Calli Tzani

Financial Times, 04.01.2022

Will overdose deaths force an end to the US ‘war on drugs’?

Jamie Smyth, Caitlin Gilbert, Christine Murray

New York Times, 05.01.2022

German Start-Ups Lay the Groundwork for a Marijuana Bonanza

Christopher F. Schuetze

EurekAlert!, 05.01.2022

COVID-19 has been an 'amplifier' of intimate partner violence: Study explores pandemic impacts on survivors, providers and services

Wolters Kluwer Health

The Conversation, 05.01.2022

Capitol assault: the real reason Trump and the crowd almost killed US democracy

Stephen Reicher Bishop Wardlaw, Alex Haslam Evangelos Ntontis, Klara Jurstakova

The Conversation, 05.01.2022

How cybercriminals turn paper checks stolen from mailboxes into bitcoin

David Maimon

Newswise, 05.01.2022

New Data: Perceptions of Storming of the Capitol, Then and Now

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Newsweek, 05.01.2022

Ghislaine Maxwell to Seek New Trial After Juror Failed to Disclose Being Sex Abuse Victim

Erin Brady

Seattle Times, 05.01.2022

Seattle police improperly faked radio chatter about Proud Boys as CHOP formed in 2020, investigation finds

Daniel Beekman

Washington Post, 05.01.2022

Opinion: The false prophets who inspired the violence on Jan. 6

Joe Scarborough

New York Times, 06.01.2022

‘I Felt Angry’: Trapped Alone in the Capitol, He Watched the Riot Unfold

Emily Cochrane

The Conversation, 06.01.2022

Multiracism: why we need to pay attention to the world’s many racisms

Alastair Bonnett, 06.01.2022

The next Jan. 6 will be even worse

Rafi Schwartz

Newsweek, 06.01.2022

9 Months After Derek Chauvin Conviction in George Floyd's Death, 3 Other Cops head to Trial

Ayumi Davis

New York Times, 06.01.2022

The Next Big Lies: Jan. 6 Was No Big Deal, or a Left-Wing Plot

Matthew Rosenberg, Jim Rutenberg and Michael M. Grynbaum

New York Times, 06.01.2022

Manhattan D.A. Acts on Vow to Seek Incarceration Only for Worst Crimes

Jonah E. Bromwich

Bloomberg Businessweek, 06.01.2022

The Lost Girls of Covid

Jill Filipovic

The Conversation, 07.01.2022

Ahmaud Arbery murderers sentenced to life in prison: 4 essential reads on the case

Matt Williams

The Conversation, 07.01.2022

The metaverse offers a future full of potential – for terrorists and extremists, too

Joel S. Elson, Austin C., Sam Hunter

Los Angeles Times, 07.01.2022

Op-Ed: The first lesson of fielding 911 calls: Don’t be alarmist

Jessica Gillooly

Washington Post, 07.01.2022

No escape from Guantánamo

Salwan Georges

Washington Post, 07.01.2022

Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson and the Jan. 6 ‘terrorism’ question

Aaron Blake

Salon, 08.01.2022

The public health case for decarcerating America’s prison system

Eric Reinhart

The Conversation, 09.01.2022

How extremists have used the COVID pandemic to further their own ends, often with chaotic results

Kristy Campion, Jamie Ferrill

The Guardian, 09.01.2022

Is the US really heading for a second civil war?

David Smith

Detroit News, 10.01.2022

Opinion: Prosecuting juveniles as adults does more harm than good

Jason Smith

Route Fifty, 10.01.2022

The Data Are Pointing to One Major Driver of America’s Murder Spike

Jeff Asher and Rob Arthur

EurekAlert!, 10.01.2022

Smartphone evidence on human rights abuse in the age of deepfakes

Swansea University

The Guardian, 10.01.2022

A data ‘black hole’: Europol ordered to delete vast store of personal data

Apostolis Fotiadis, Ludek Stavinoha, Giacomo Zandonini, Daniel Howden

Newswise, 10.01.2022

Measuring trust in AI

The Conversation, 10.01.2022

Cannabis-impaired driving: Here’s what we know about the risks of weed behind the wheel

ReliefWeb, 10.01.2022

The interrelationship between counter-terrorism frameworks and international humanitarian law

Los Angeles Review of Books, 10.01.2022

Vladimir COVID: A Virtual Diary in a Week of Virtual War

Peter Pomerantsev

Harvard Gazette, 11.01.2022

We don’t need a civil war to be in serious trouble

Christina Pazzanese

The Conversation, 11.01.2022

Prosecuting Trump would inevitably be political – and other countries have had mixed success in holding ex-presidents accountable

James D. Long, Morgan Wack, Victor Menaldo

EurekAlert!, 11.01.2022

Older adult opioid overdose death rates on the rise

Northwestern University

Truthout, 11.01.2022

Police-Led Youth Programs Don’t Actually Combat the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Mustafa Ali-Smith

New York Times, 12.01.2022

The Army of Millions Who Enforce China’s Zero-Covid Policy, at All Costs

Li Yuan

The Trace, 12.01.2022

An Immediate Plan for Tackling Urban Violence

Tom Kutsch

The Express Tribune, 12.01.2022

Crime wave grips Arabs in Israel 'by the throat', 12.01.2022

Reducing the harm in San Francisco's harm reduction program

Jonathan Hofer

The Conversation, 13.01.2022

Afghanistan: Taliban plans for suicide brigade reveal changing nature of warfare in 21st century

Lily Hamourtziadou

The Conversation, 13.01.2022

Crime won’t stop because of COVID. So how should we protect crime scene investigators?

Paola Magni

EurekAlert!, 13.01.2022

Greenspace outside prison walls has a positive effect on prisoner wellbeing

University of Birmingham

EurekAlert!, 13.01.2022

How do the effects of childhood abuse extend into middle age?

Penn State

New York Times, 13.01.2022

We Need to Think the Unthinkable About Our Country

Jonathan Stevenson and Steven Simon

Forbes, 13.01.2022

No, Smoking Marijuana Does Not Protect You From Covid-19

Chris Roberts

Police1, 13.01.2022

Policing 2.0: Public safety requires a reimagined landscape

Carmen Best

New York Times, 13.01.2022

Murder, Torture, Rape: A Landmark Conviction on State Violence in Syria

Ben Hubbard and Katrin Bennhold

New York Times, 14.01.2022

Police Presentation in Portland Celebrated Violence Against Protesters

Mike Baker

Washington Post, 14.01.2022

These mass shooting survivors were called journalism heroes. Then the buyouts came.

Emily Davies and Elahe Izadi, 14.01.2022

NATO Insiders Fear Attack on Multiple Fronts

Markus Becker und Matthias Gebauer

The Milwaukee Independent, 14.01.2022

Wisconsin panel explores root causes of domestic terrorism in response to January 6 insurrection

Wisconsin Public Radio

ZME Science, 14.01.2022

Brain scans could help police detect cannabis impairment in drivers

Tibi Puiu

The Conversation, 14.01.2022

Civil war in the US is unlikely because grievance doesn’t necessarily translate directly into violence

Ore Koren, 15.01.2022

Jane Monckton Smith: This week's tragedy in Tullamore should be Ireland's watershed moment, 15.01.2022

New team of nurses, cops, advocates aim to help domestic violence victims before it turns fatal

Matt Gray

Washington Post, 15.01.2022

Inside a pioneering U.S. site authorized to monitor people using drugs

Meryl Kornfield

PsyPost, 16.01.2022

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can predict complicated grief reactions among terrorism survivors

Eric W. Dolan

New York Times, 16.01.2022

In the Trenches of Ukraine’s Forever War

James Verini

New York Times, 17.01.2022

Officials Investigating Synagogue Attacker’s Link to 2010 Terror Case

Zia ur-Rehman and Michael Levenson

Medical Xpress, 17.01.2022

System failures contribute to self-harm amongst imprisoned women who have been in care

Lancaster University

Medical Xpress, 17.01.2022

Young people could learn to avoid being victims of crime

University of Gävle

University of Pennsylvania Almanac vol 68, 18.01.2022

Elijah Anderson: Stockholm Prize in Criminology

New York Times, 18.01.2022

Examining the Spike in Murders

German Lopez

The Conversation, 18.01.2022

Artificial intelligence can discriminate on the basis of race and gender, and also age

Charlene Chu, Kathleen Leslie, Rune Nyrup, Shehroz Khan

Newswise, 18.01.2022

Turning a psychiatric crisis into a chance to prevent firearm injury

University of Michigan

EurekAlert!, 18.01.2022

Researchers study COVID-19 & the impact on crime in Vancouver, Canada

Simon Fraser University

The Conversation, 18.01.2022

Taliban 2.0 aren’t so different from the first regime, after all

Atal Ahmadzai, Faten Ghosn

Filter, 18.01.2022

Baltimore and Boston’s Non-Prosecution Policies Now at Grave Risk

Rory Fleming

The Conversation, 18.01.2022

Smart devices can now read your mood and mind, leading to a new set of concerns about technology and consent

Francesco Biondi

Blog Timothy Snyder, 18.01.2022

How to think about war in Ukraine

Timothy Snyder

EurekAlert!, 19.01.2022

California marijuana growers can’t take much to the bank

Ohio State University

The Trace, 19.01.2022

De-escalation Training Reduced Officer, Civilian Injury Rates: Study

Tom Kutsch

The Conversation, 19.01.2022

Nigeria’s Boko Haram reintegration process: weaknesses and how they can be fixed

Tarela Juliet Ike

The New Yorker Letter from Siberia, 20.01.2022

The Great Siberian Thaw

Joshua Yaffa

CNN, 20.01.2022

States with weaker gun laws have higher rates of firearm related homicides and suicides, study finds

Emma Tucker and Priya Krishnakumar

The Crime Report, 20.01.2022

‘We’re Not Ready for Police-Free Zones’

Greg Berman

New York Times, 20.01.2022

Why Are So Many Americans Killing One Another?

Spencer Bokat-Lindell

The Conversation, 20.01.2022

How antisemitic conspiracy theories contributed to the recent hostage-taking at the Texas synagogue

Jonathan D. Sarna

EurekAlert!, 21.01.2022

Vigilante violence - when people take the law into their own hands

Universiteit van Amsterdam

The Conversation, 21.01.2022

Conflicts between nursing home residents are often chalked up to dementia – the real problem is inadequate care and neglect

Eilon Caspi

The Conversation, 21.01.2022

5 things to know about why Russia might invade Ukraine – and why the US is involved

Tatsiana Kulakevich

Forbes, 21.01.2022

Cybersecurity in 2022 – A Fresh Look at Some Very Alarming Stats

Chuck Brooks

Rantt Media, 21.01.2022

How The Radical Right Infiltrates Suburban Communities

Jason Luger

Wall Street Journal, 21.01.2022

Wall Street Journal

James Marson, Julie Wernau, and David Luhnow

Security Magazine, 21.01.2022

COVID-19 and perceptions of police: Updated survey results and implications

Dean C. Alexander and Niyazi Ekici

The Crime Report, 21.01.2022

‘On the Job’: Police Unions and Police Behavior

USA TODAY, 23.01.2022

Stressors from time in prison speed up aging process for incarcerated individuals, research finds

Cleo Krejci

Yahoo News Sun, 23.01.2022

The misogyny fueling America's mass shootings

New York Times, 24.01.2022

Police Culture on Trial in Case Against Officers in Killing of George Floyd

Tim Arango, 24.01.2022

Increasing use of technology driving new forms of domestic abuse

University of Portsmouth

The Conversation, 24.01.2022

Who’s to blame in the Ukraine-Russia standoff? It depends on perspective

Alexander Hill

EurekAlert!, 24.01.2022

Alcohol consumption among men drops during pandemic, but problem drinking rises

RAND Corporation

EurekAlert!, 24.01.2022

Big spike in 2016 Chicago youth homicides linked to pause in state funding

Northwestern University