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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Guardian, 01.06.2023

Brazilian Amazon at risk of being taken over by mafia, ex-police chief warns

Tom Phillips, Jonathan Watts

The Conversation, 01.06.2023

Ukraine war: why Putin’s appeals to masculinity to recruit for the military will not work

Charlie Walker

Los Angeles Times, 01.06.2023

50 years after a classmate’s slaying, three amateur sleuths set out to find her killer

Laura J. Nelson

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 01.06.2023

Analysts say curfews don’t work; cities bet on them as a tool against youth gun violence

Matt Krupnick

PR Newswire, 01.06.2023

New Independent Research Study Reveals Majority of Global Financial Institutions Are Unable to Respond Effectively to Fraud and Financial Crime

USA TODAY, 02.06.2023

Alcohol and guns are everywhere in American society. Researchers say it's a deadly combo.

Grace Hauck

The Guardian, 02.06.2023

Records shed light on Jeffrey Epstein’s state of mind in jail in days before death, 02.06.2023

Suspicious Activity: What Are German Fighter Pilots Doing in China?

Maik Baumgärtner, Jörg Diehl, Matthias Gebauer, Christoph Giesen, Alexander Kauschanski, Roman Lehberger, Marvin Milatz, Frederik Obermaier, Bastian Obermayer, Friederike Röhreke, Fidelius Schmid und

The Guardian / The Observer, 03.06.2023

A lawyer got ChatGPT to do his research, but he isn’t AI’s biggest fool

John Naughton

Washington Post, 03.06.2023

Man repeatedly shocked with Taser by LAPD died from enlarged heart and cocaine use, coroner says

College of Policing, 04.06.2023

Assaults on police – culture, legitimacy and risk

Sergeant Lee Johnson

The Conversation, 04.06.2023

Canadian police are becoming more militarized, and that is damaging public trust

Tandeep Sidhu

EurekAlert!, 05.06.2023

Tools to assess crime risk for young cohorts are likely to fail over time if they ignore social change

Carnegie Mellon University

New Jersey Monitor, 05.06.2023

Advocates say a simple solution to gun violence exists

Michele C. Hollow

EurekAlert!, 05.06.2023

Childhood maltreatment predicts adult emotional difficulties

Stanford University

Los Angeles Times, 05.06.2023

Column: What happened to criminal justice reform?

Nicholas Goldberg

PsyPost, 05.06.2023

New study identifies sexual frustration as a significant factor in mass shootings

Eric W. Dolan

Trinity College, 05.06.2023

Abuse Victims Are Suffering Brain Injuries at Rates Unseen in Some Sports, Study Reports

Kristen Cole

Gript, 06.06.2023

Lockdown a ‘failure of gigantic proportions’, meta analysis finds

Máirín de Barra

New York Times, 06.06.2023

Over 300 Cases Tied to Convicted N.Y.P.D. Officers Are Tossed Out

Hurubie Meko

The Conversation, 06.06.2023

Ukraine war: what we know about the Nova Kakhovka dam and who gains from its destruction

Stefan Wolff, David Hastings Dunn

The New Republic, 06.06.2023

We’re All Bad Neighbors Now

Eleanor Cummins

The Conversation, 06.06.2023

Ukraine war: the psychological and political impact of the drone attacks in Russia – an expert explains

Ben Soodavar

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), 07.06.2023

Turning Resolutions Into Results: Ending Cycles of Sexual Violence in Conflict