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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

London Review of Books Vol. 38 No. 23, 01.12.2016

Capitalism in One Family

Jan-Werner Müller

CSS Resources (blog), 01.12.2016

Exile Socialization: When, Why and How are Refugees Receptive to Militant Messaging?

Kristian Berg

Toronto Star, 01.12.2016

‘Counter-radicalization’ requires a radical rethink

Azeezah Kanji

EurActiv, 01.12.2016

Europol and the 24 Christmas criminals, 01.12.2016

Tech no panacea for community policing problems

Amanda Ziadeh

The Conversation, 01.12.2016

Snoopers’ Charter: why journalists (and the rest of us) should be afraid

Paul Lashmar

The Conversation, 01.12.2016

What is Italy’s Five Star movement?

James Newell

The Conversation, 01.12.2016

Prison deaths: a case of corporate manslaughter?

Steve Tombs

Newswise, 01.12.2016

Study Finds Female American Jihadists Share Many of the Same Roles as Their Male Counterparts

New Scientist, 01.12.2016

Concerns as face recognition tech used to ‘identify’ criminals

Huffington Post, 01.12.2016

Taking The Fight To ISIS From The Homeland

EurekAlert!, 01.12.2016

Experts argue it's time to stop using bite marks in forensics

EurekAlert!, 01.12.2016

Use your words: Written prisoner interactions predict whether they'll clean up their acts, 02.12.2016

'Psychological torture does not work': A forensic psychologist on interrogating a criminal

BBC News, 02.12.2016

IS group to step up attacks on Europe - Europol

The Conversation, 02.12.2016

Three ways Facebook could reduce fake news without resorting to censorship

Jennifer Stromer-Galley

CBS Local, 03.12.2016

Sandy Hook PSA Warns Of Subtle Signs Of Gun Violence

Shachar Peled

Digital Trends, 04.12.2016

French man sent to prison for visiting pro-ISIS websites

Brinke Guthrie

EurekAlert!, 04.12.2016

Torture: Rehabilitation experts from 80 nations meet in Mexico City, 04.12.2016

Data populists must seize our information – for the benefit of us all

Evgeny Morozov

The Conversation, 04.12.2016

From ‘fascists’ to ‘feminazis’: how both sides of politics are biased in their political thinking

Sam Moreton

Politheor: European Policy Network, 05.12.2016

Counter radicalization policies in the UK: Counterproductive for gender equality

Katherine Atkinson

LifeZette, 05.12.2016

Violence Emanating from Terror Hot Spots

Brendan Kirby

The Times Higher Education (Blog), 05.12.2016

There is still confusion about what constitutes sexual violence

The Conversation, 05.12.2016

How prevalent is sexual abuse in sport?

Mike Hartill

The Conversation, 05.12.2016

From Nickelback to Sesame Street: how music is used to battle crime and fight wars

Eleanor Peters

EurekAlert!, 05.12.2016

'Baby boomers' on dope: Recreational marijuana use is on the rise among adults over 50

New York University

CSS Resources (blog), 05.12.2016

The Global Terror Threat and Counterterrorism Challenges Facing the Next [US] Administration

Bruce Hoffman

Deccan Herald, 05.12.2016

Female American jihadists play critical role in terror: Study

EurekAlert!, 06.12.2016

Study examines victim cooperation in cases of intimate partner sexual assault

Sam Houston State University

EurekAlert!, 06.12.2016

Game theory can help protect against terrorist attacks

The Conversation, 06.12.2016

Asia is in the grip of a transnational crime crisis – but governments look away

Roderic Broadhurst

Texas Tribune, 06.12.2016

If we hire them, they will come: The demand side of border security

Jay Root, Jolie McCullough and Julián Aguilar

The Crime Report, 06.12.2016

The ‘Startling’ Link Between Low Interest Rates and Low Crime

James Austin and Gregory D. Squires

WJBD Online, 06.12.2016

Other Than ISIS: Half of US Terror Suspects Support ISIS Rival Groups, New Report Details

New York Times, 06.12.2016

We Don’t Talk About ‘Radicalization’ When an Attacker Isn’t Muslim. We Should.


USA Today, 06.12.2016

Why I send college students to prison: Column

Jim Farrin

The Conversation, 06.12.2016

Hold pornography to account – not education programs – for children’s harmful sexual behaviour

Gemma McKibbin, Bridget Hamilton, Cathy Humphreys

The Atlantic, 06.12.2016

The Post-Traumatic Psychology of Disaster Survivors

Priscilla Alvarez

EurekAlert!, 07.12.2016

Half of people believe fake facts

The Conversation, 07.12.2016

Forensic evidence largely not supported by sound science – now what?

Jessica Gabel

The Conversation, 07.12.2016

Why Lord of the Flies is the perfect Christmas gift for 2016

Matthew Whittle

Police News, 07.12.2016

Policing in 2025: How robots will change SWAT, patrol

Sci-Tech Today, 07.12.2016

Background Checks May Lower School Shootings

Karen Kaplan

New York Times, 07.12.2016

‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’


Foreign Policy (blog), 08.12.2016

An Idiot’s Guide to Islam in America

Lawrence Pintak

London Free Press, 08.12.2016

Skip carding, try walking beat, academic says

Jennifer O'Brien

EurekAlert!, 08.12.2016

Metaphoring the police: It's all about the right choice of word

Malay Mail Online, 08.12.2016

Malaysia’s softer approach to radicals reaping rewards

The Atlantic, 08.12.2016

ISIS in the Caribbean

Simon Cottee

Mondaq News Alerts, 08.12.2016

Canada: Cyber-Security – The Crime Is Not Being Prepared

Grant Thornton, 08.12.2016

UN-Konvention: Verbot von Killer Robots?


EurekAlert!, 08.12.2016

Shooting, gang violence exposure leads to PTSD

Motherboard, 09.12.2016

Terror Scanning Database For Social Media Raises More Questions than Answers

Sarah Jeong

TIME, 09.12.2016

39% of Prisoners Should Not Be in Prison

Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Inimai Chettiar

The Sentinel, 11.12.2016

Public perception out of step with reality

Joshua Vaughn

The Conversation, 11.12.2016

A decade of murder and grief: Mexico’s drug war turns ten

University of Wollongong, 11.12.2016

Google is not ‘just’ a platform. It frames, shapes and distorts how we see the world

Carole Cadwalladr

The New Yorker, 12.12.2016

After the Islamic State

Robin Wright

BBC News, 12.12.2016

Does the presence of armed police reassure people?

Catherine Lee

OPB News, 12.12.2016

Battling The Bias: WSU Researchers Develop New Police Simulator Training

Tom Banse

USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog), 12.12.2016

SWAT raids are more about symbolism than reducing crime in the long term.

EurekAlert!, 12.12.2016

Drinking 'settings' tied to college sexual assault

EurekAlert!, 12.12.2016

Applying the '80/20 rule' to social costs

Duke University

The Conversation, 12.12.2016

Normalizing fascists

John Broich

The Conversation, 12.12.2016

How much do we actually know about the psychology of violence?

Paul Salkovskis

Washington Post, 12.12.2016

Russia’s next election operation: Germany

Anne Applebaum

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

Donald Trump claims torture ‘works’ – but what does the science say?

Coral Dando

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2016

Teen substance use shows promising decline

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2016

Are death row cases plagued with racial bias?

Michigan State University

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

Far right threat has slipped under the radar of a counter-extremism strategy targeting Muslims

Bharath Ganesh

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

All terror attacks are not connected – but terrorists want us to think they are

Natasha Ezrow

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

The trouble with facial recognition technology (in the real world)

Robin Kramer, Kay Ritchie

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

The criminal justice system is failing to prevent suicides among people released from custody

Jake Phillips, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Nicola Padfield

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

‘Fake news’ – why people believe it and what can be done to counter it

Simeon Yates

The Conversation, 13.12.2016

Cybersecurity’s next phase: Cyber-deterrence

Dorothy Denning

New York Times, 13.12.2016

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.


ReliefWeb, 13.12.2016

Exploring the links between gender-based violence and radicalisation in Jordan

The Atlantic online, 13.12.2016

Bulletproofing America

William Brennan

Smithsonian, 14.12.2016

How Chemicals Left Behind on Your Phone Could Identify You

Nathan Hurst

Eurasia Review, 14.12.2016

Smart CCTVs: Third Eye Of Secure Cities – Analysis


CSS Resources (blog), 14.12.2016

Busted: The Micropower of Prisons in Narco-States

Paul Rexton Kan

The Conversation, 14.12.2016

Why ‘thoughts and prayers’ after mass shootings fall short

Darcie Vandegrift

The Conversation, 14.12.2016

Alcohol and drug use exacerbate family violence and can be dealt with

Peter Miller, Richelle Mayshak

The Conversation, 14.12.2016

Banning extremist groups is more political symbolism than effective counter-terrorism

Lee Jarvis, Tim Legrand

New York Magazine, 14.12.2016

To Understand Pizzagate, It Helps to Understand Cults

Jesse Singal

legal Insurrection (blog), 14.12.2016

State Department Addresses Prison Radicalization Worldwide

Kemberlee Kaye

New York Times The Opinion Pages, 14.12.2016

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans


EurekAlert!, 14.12.2016

Psychologists analyze links between provider burnout, quality of care, patient safety, 14.12.2016

Latin America’s Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century

Ewen MacAskill and Jonathan Franklin, 15.12.2016

In Venezuela, Police Kill Someone Every 1.5 Hours

Javier Ignacio Mayorca

The Conversation, 15.12.2016

After 50 years, it’s time to close the gap between different human rights

Koldo Casla

The Conversation, 15.12.2016

Blocking access to illegal file-share websites won’t stop illegal downloading

Paula Dootson, Kylie Pappalardo, Nicolas Suzor

EurekAlert!, 15.12.2016

Bad people are disgusting, bad actions are angering

Today, 15.12.2016

From radical to terrorist: The man behind five terror plots in Indonesia

Muh Taufiqurrohman, Ardi Putra Prasetya

KTLA, 15.12.2016

Airline Pilots Anonymously Report Suicidal Thoughts, Study Finds

London Review of Books Vol. 38 No. 24, 15.12.2016

Schadenfreude with Bite

Richard Seymour, 15.12.2016

The neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany's darkest secrets

Thomas Meaney and Saskia Schäfer

The Advertiser, 16.12.2016

Natasha Stott Despoja: Research suggests we need to question our assumptions about the role of women in violent extremism

The Conversation, 16.12.2016

With proliferation of small arms, absence of war does not equal peace

Keith Somerville

The Washington Post, 16.12.2016

Now you can fact-check Trump’s tweets — in the tweets themselves

Philip Bump, 16.12.2016

PTSD in Poor Neighborhoods Could Be Worse than We Think

Whet Moser

VICE, 16.12.2016

Most People Who Commit Gun Crimes Have Been Shot Before, Study Suggests

Julia Dahl

The Atlantic online, 17.12.2016

The American Leader in the Islamic State

Ian Wright

New York Times, 18.12.2016

Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?


New York Times, 18.12.2016

Arguing the Truth with Trump and Putin


The Atlantic online, 18.12.2016

The Problem With Using Fascist as a Political Insult

Dominic Green

The New Yorker A Critic at Large, 19.12.2016

Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, and the Modern Whistle-Blower

Malcolm Gladwell

The Washington Post online, 19.12.2016

45 years of terrorist attacks in Europe, visualized

Chris Alcantara

The Conversation, 19.12.2016

Why higher levels of education don’t necessarily mean higher levels of tolerance

EurekAlert!, 19.12.2016

Further evidence found for causal links between cannabis and schizophrenia

University of Bristol

EurekAlert!, 19.12.2016

Neglect and abuse in childhood could have long-term economic consequences

University College London

Southern Poverty Law Center, 19.12.2016

Unrepentant and Radicalized Online: A Look at the Trial of Dylann Roof

Bill Morlin

The Conversation, 20.12.2016

Berlin: who will stand up for liberalism and tolerance now?

Mark Beeson

The Conversation, 20.12.2016

Berlin attack: security intelligence has limits in preventing truck-borne terror

John Blaxland

The Conversation, 20.12.2016

After Aleppo, vows that ‘this can never happen again’ must actually mean something

Toni Erskine

The Conversation, 20.12.2016

Why Berlin Christmas market attack puts new pressure on Angela Merkel

Patricia Hogwood

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2016

Violence spreads like a disease among adolescents, study finds

Ohio State University

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2016

Black males nearly 3 times as likely to die when police use force, study finds

Drexel University

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2016

Does 'publication bias' affect the 'canonization' of facts in science?

University of Washington

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2016

Traffic fatalities decline in states with medical marijuana laws

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Conversation, 20.12.2016

Why violence in Berlin is dangerous for democracy

John Keane

The Conversation, 20.12.2016

Why the Mosul offensive against IS has slowed to a stalemate

Paul Rogers

Eurasia Review, 20.12.2016

How We Misunderstand The Sources Of Religious Violence – Analysis

Adam Garfinkle

Washington Post, 20.12.2016

The unnoticed trend that worries Europe’s counterterrorism agencies

Rick Noack

Albuquerque Journal, 20.12.2016

Attitudes about cops driven by race, experience, study shows

Radley Balko

Journalist's Resource, 20.12.2016

Neighborhood crime linked to premature birth, low birthweights for babies

The National Interest Online, 21.12.2016

The Next Generation of Terror: Swarming, Flying Bomb Robots

Washington Post, 21.12.2016

A scholar of Islamist extremism makes a prediction: Europe’s problem will get worse

Adam Taylor

The Times of Israel, 21.12.2016

Can we prevent ISIS’s Doomsday Revenge?

Yonah Alexander and Milton Hoenig

The Independent, 21.12.2016

Why 2016 has been Chicago’s bloodiest year in almost two decades

Josh Saul

The Conversation, 21.12.2016

Southeast Asia’s war on drugs doesn’t work – here’s what does

Gideon Lasco

Newswise, 21.12.2016

Rare Look at Youth Post Detention Is Bleak

Northwestern University

Newswise, 21.12.2016

1 in 3 Children Investigated for Abuse/Neglect by 18

Washington University in St. Louis

Newswise, 21.12.2016

Ending Violence Against Women Worldwide

University of California San Diego Health Sciences, 21.12.2016

For Europe’s sake, Angela Merkel must hold the centre ground

Timothy Garton Ash

New York Review of Books, 22.12.2016

They Have, Right Now, Another You

Sue Halpern

Commentary Magazine, 22.12.2016

The Age of Low-Tech Terror

Max Boot

The Conversation, 22.12.2016

From creepy clowns to the dancing plague – when phobias are contagious

Clare Glennan

iNews, 22.12.2016

Scant evidence that mass migration causes terrorism

Leo Cendrowicz

The Crime Report, 22.12.2016

A Troubled (and Troubling) Year in Criminal Justice

Stephen Handelman

The People’s Vanguard of Davis, 22.12.2016

How Many Americans Are Unnecessarily Incarcerated?

Lauren-Brooke “L.B.” Eisen, James Austin Ph.D., James Cullen, Jonathan Frank, Inimai M. Chettiar

Newswise, 22.12.2016

Study IDs Key Indicators Linking Violence and Mental Illness

North Carolina State University

The Conversation, 22.12.2016

The law should protect all victims of domestic violence – but women need it most

Felicity Kaganas

Newsweek, 22.12.2016

Germany's Security Services Must Look to Britain for Inspiration

David Omand

Newsweek, 22.12.2016

Germany Is in Denial About Its Ineffective Counter-Terrorism Structure

Guido Steinberg

The Australian, 23.12.2016

Berlin attack: changing terror tactics require simpler response

Jason Thomas

NPR, 26.12.2016

In 2016, Violence Pervaded Policing On Both Ends Of The Gun

Cheryl Corley

The Crime Report, 26.12.2016

Lost Girls

Erica L. Green

New York Times, 26.12.2016

Women’s Rights Are a National Security Issue


RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, 26.12.2016

IS's Looming Death Could Be Hiding Bad News

James Miller

VentureBeat, 26.12.2016

Stanford students are using lean startup principles to help fight ISIS

Blaise Zerega

Wall Street Journal, 26.12.2016

Christmas Terror

Paul Gigot

The Daily Star, 27.12.2016

Even children not spared

Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

The Crime Report, 28.12.2016

After Homicide Unit Overhaul, Boston Solves More Murders

Motherboard, 28.12.2016

Why Oakland Police Turned Down Predictive Policing

Emily Thomas

EurekAlert!, 28.12.2016

Predicting and preventing violence against criminal justice officials

Mary Ann Liebert

The Conversation, 28.12.2016

When media use pictures of drunk girls in alcohol stories, we’re being misled

Carol Emslie, Chris Patterson, Shona Hilton

Columbia Journalism Review, 28.12.2016

The best journalism of 2016

David Uberti

New York Review of Books, 28.12.2016

The Most Powerful Men in the World

Masha Gessen, 29.12.2016

Man wrongly arrested over Berlin attack says he fears for his life

The Conversation, 30.12.2016

Was 2016 just 1938 all over again?

Julie Gottlieb

Eurasia Review, 30.12.2016

Global Threat Forecast 2017 – Analysis

Rohan Gunaratna, 30.12.2016

Analysis: Trump's Vow to Crush ISIS Is No Easy Task

Bill Neely