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Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The costs of inequality: A goal of justice, a reality of unfairness, 01.03.2016

Current system produces huge prison population, lengthy sentences, but little proof of deterrence

By Colleen Walsh, Harvard Staff Writer
The Conversation February 28, 2016 7.00pm GMT, 01.03.2016

Police drones: can we trust the eyes in the skies?

Author Omar Mubin, Lecturer in human-centred computing & human-computer interaction, Western Sydney University
EurekAlert! Public Release: 29-Feb-2016, 01.03.2016

Study identifies racial bias in US court sentencing decisions

University of Sheffield
The Conversation, 01.03.2016

Fraudsters change tactics as a crackdown cuts some losses due to online scams

Cassandra Cross

The Guardian, 01.03.2016

What should we do about paedophiles?

Sophie Elmhirst

The Conversation, 01.03.2016

To believe or not to believe: child witnesses and the sex abuse royal commission

Robyn Blewer, 01.03.2016

Londonderry fights drug crime with new policing dollars

Kevin OConnor

CFO March 1, 2016 | | US, 02.03.2016

Crime Doesn’t Pay, Says Harvard Bribery Study

Corruption does boost local sales, but those are canceled out by the costs associated with bribery, as indicated by return on equity. David McCann Monday 29 February 2016 23.30 GMT Last modified on Tuesday 1 March 2016 15.33 GMT, 02.03.2016

Apple case: judge rejects FBI request for access to drug dealer's iPhone

Judge James Orenstein says government’s position has implications that are ‘so far reaching as to produce impermissibly absurd results’ Spencer Ackerman, Sam Thielman and Danny Yadron
EurekAlert! Public Release: 1-Mar-2016, 02.03.2016

Researchers ID risk factors that predict violence in adults with mental illness

North Carolina State University
Washington Post, 02.03.2016

What do we know about police body cameras? Survey says: Not much

Tom Jackman

The Conversation, 02.03.2016

Students more at risk of crime than public – universities must rethink how to keep them safe

Andrew B. Wootton, Caroline L. Davey, Melissa Marselle

EurekAlert!, 02.03.2016

Hair forensics could yield false positives for cocaine use

Washington Post, 02.03.2016

Man accused of waterboarding girlfriend to determine whether she was being unfaithful

Peter Holley

The Conversation, 02.03.2016

The five most addictive substances on Earth – and what they do to your brain

Eric Bowman

The Conversation, 02.03.2016

Out of the ashes of Afghanistan and Iraq: the rise and rise of Islamic State

Greg Barton

Christian Science Monitor, 03.03.2016

Freddie Gray case: Will officer be forced to testify against fellow cops?

Max Lewontin

BBC News, 03.03.2016

Banksy lawyers delayed geographical profiling study

Jonathan Webb

The Conversation, 03.03.2016

Why both sides are wrong in the counter-extremism debate

Julian Hargreaves

The Economist, 03.03.2016

Banksy has been tagged, thanks to mathematics

The Conversation, 03.03.2016

Bullying linked to gender and sexuality often goes unchecked in schools

Victoria Rawlings

The Conversation, 03.03.2016

How far should we go when depicting violence?

Laura Swift

Truth-Out, 03.03.2016

The Surveillance of Blackness: From the Slave Trade to the Police

Claudia Garcia-Rojas

The Marshall Project, 03.03.2016

There Are Still 80 ‘Youth Prisons’ in the U.S. Here Are Five Things to Know About Them

Eli Hager

The Conversation, 03.03.2016

Why new law banning all psychoactive substances will be just another ‘war on drugs’ disaster

Karenza Moore

The Conversation, 04.03.2016

The fight for encryption gets new allies as tech companies join Apple against the FBI

David Glance

EurekAlert!, 04.03.2016

Hostile young adults may experience thinking and memory problems in middle age

American Academy of Neurology

The Conversation, 04.03.2016

There’s no such thing as an ‘addictive personality’ – here’s why

Mark Griffiths

The Conversation, 04.03.2016

What’s really behind Central America’s sky-high murder rates?

Neil Pyper

Plymouth Herald, 04.03.2016

Has Banksy been ‘unmasked’ by new scientific criminology method?


HowStuffWorks NOW, 04.03.2016

California Released Thousands of Prisoners Early — Guess How That Turned Out

Chris Opfer

The Conversation, 04.03.2016

Why do we fall for scams?

Emma Williams

The Conversation, 04.03.2016

Organizing a student protest? Have a look at 1970s Germany

Christoph Zeller

EurekAlert!, 04.03.2016

First code of conduct for the use of virtual reality established

Michael Madary and Thomas Metzinger

USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog), 05.03.2016

Crime costs Latin America 3 percent of its annual GDP

Laura Jaitman and Stephen Machin

Sydney Morning Herald, 05.03.2016

Jihadis, Hollywood, brainscans: How IS lights up the brain of recruits

Natalie O'Brien

Vancouver Sun (blog)-, 05.03.2016

Masculinity: A curse or a promise?

Douglas Todd

New York Times, 05.03.2016

2 Men Sentenced in Death of Alan Kurdi, Syrian Boy Who Drowned in September


The Economist, 05.03.2016

The end of Heile Welt

EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (blog), 06.03.2016

Book Review: European Integration and the Problem of the State: A Critique of the Bordering of Europe

Stefan Borg, 06.03.2016

Business bank accounts vulnerable to cybercriminals


The Boston Globe, 06.03.2016

Is crime genetic? Scientists don’t know because they’re afraid to ask

Brian Boutwell and J.C. Barnes

The Conversation, 07.03.2016

Migration evidence shows how badly the EU needs to rethink its strategy

Vicki Squire, Nina Perkowski, 07.03.2016

Improving Neighborhoods May Lower Teen Murder Rates

Leasa Boisvert

The Conversation, 07.03.2016

Feminism has failed and needs a radical rethink

Eva Cox

The Conversation, 07.03.2016

Why the world needs a UN treaty to combat violence against women

Ronagh McQuigg

The Conversation, 07.03.2016

Sex workers of the world unite! How striking French sex workers inspired a global labour movement

Eurydice Aroney

The Conversation, 07.03.2016

How our bias toward the future can cloud our moral judgment

Agnieszka Jaroslawska

EurekAlert!, 08.03.2016

Do gun restrictions help reduce gun deaths?

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

MicroCap Magazine, 08.03.2016

‘Broken windows’ policy might not always reduce teen homicide rates, says researchers

Kevin B. Atencio

The Conversation, 08.03.2016

How we created safe spaces for women and girls in Rotherham

Kate Pahl, Zanib Rasool

The Conversation, 08.03.2016

The most damaging gateway to hard drugs? Drugs policy itself

Ian Hamilton, 08.03.2016

Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here's why

Thomas Frank

The Atlantic, 08.03.2016

What's the Solution to Gun Violence in America?

David A. Graham

The Atlantic, 08.03.2016

What Can the U.S. Do to Improve Police Accountability?

David A. Graham, 09.03.2016

Why is domestic abuse still not taken seriously in UK courts?

Louise Tickle

EurekAlert!, 09.03.2016

New intervention program reduces bullying in early childhood

University at Buffalo

EurekAlert!, 09.03.2016

Expert outlines medical approach to treatment of traumatized refugees

EurekAlert!, 09.03.2016

Being bullied does not lead to higher substance abuse

The Conversation, 09.03.2016

Calais bulldozers endanger effective refugee infrastructure

Mark Doidge, Reima Ana Maglajlic

The Conversation, 09.03.2016

Is scrapping the €500 note more about interest rates than counter-terrorism?

John Whittaker

The Conversation, 09.03.2016

Is access to our phones a step toward the police wanting access to our minds?

Nathan Emmerich

The Conversation, 09.03.2016

How police witnesses could be misled by a simple wave of the hand

Daniel Gurney

The Conversation, 09.03.2016

The garden of British crime – how London’s jewellery district became a nursery for villains

Paul Lashmar, Richard Hobbs

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 09.03.2016

From the Banlieues to the Bataclan

Alexander Smoltczyk and Maurice Weiss

The Conversation, 10.03.2016

It will take education, not just legislation, to tackle cybercrime

Rika Butler, Martin Butler, 10.03.2016

The 2011 riots taught us nothing: when will the young and dispossessed kick off again?

Bryn Phillips

The Atlantic, 10.03.2016

How Perceptions About Opportunity Vary by Race

Emily DeRuy

NPR, 10.03.2016

Fighting Extremism With Knowledge: Learning The Lessons Of Muhammad

Tom Gjelten

Campus Safety Magazine, 10.03.2016

Police More Likely to Use Excessive Force with Body Cameras

ABC online, 10.03.2016

Breaking the ice: Why there is no epidemic

Lynne Malcolm and Olivia Willis

New York Review of Books, 10.03.2016

Liberal, Harsh Denmark

Hugh Eakin, 10.03.2016

Intelligence agents study cache of leaked Isis documents

Ewen MacAskill, Shiv Malik and Philip Oltermann

The Conversation, 10.03.2016

Are looser gun laws changing the social fabric of Missouri?

Jonathan M. Metzl

Newsweek online, 11.03.2016

ISIS Is the Real Winner in Libya

Jack Moore , Dr. Amir Kamel

The Conversation, 11.03.2016

Would the Birmingham Six be victims of miscarriage of justice today?

Bharat Malkani

The Conversation, 11.03.2016

After Dunblane: why do some people recover from major trauma better than others?

Jamie Hacker Hughes

The Conversation, 11.03.2016

Dunblane massacre 20 years on: how Britain rewrote its gun laws – and the challenge it faces now

Peter Squires

The Conversation, 11.03.2016

How can we understand the origins of Islamic State?

Reema Rattan

The Conversation, 11.03.2016

What AI can tell us about the U.S. Supreme Court

The Conversation, 11.03.2016

Is it really not racist to oppose immigration?

Simon Goodman, 12.03.2016

Why anti-money laundering laws and poorly designed copyright laws are similar and should be revised

Joichi Ito

The Economist, 12.03.2016

The necessity of culture

New York Times, 13.03.2016

To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control


The New Yorker, 14.03.2016

A Liberian warlord’s unlikely path to forgiveness

Damon Tabor

The New Yorker, 14.03.2016

The Matter of Black Lives

Jelani Cobb

EurekAlert!, 14.03.2016

Freedom of religion, civic rights were important components of a 'Muslim nation'

Rice University

EurekAlert!, 14.03.2016

Literature review finds Canadians in jails and prisons have poor health

The Conversation, 14.03.2016

UK press is the most aggressive in reporting on Europe’s ‘migrant’ crisis

Mike Berry, Iñaki Garcia-Blanco, Kerry Moore

New York Review of Books (Blog), 14.03.2016

Putin: The Rule of the Family

Masha Gessen

The Conversation, 15.03.2016

Bombing in Ankara: who is fighting who in Turkey?

Cengiz Gunes

The Conversation, 15.03.2016

Gun control in America by the right (and wrong) numbers

Simon Williams, 15.03.2016

'Ferguson effect' did not impact crime in Baltimore – but 'Gray effect' may have

Baynard Woods

Toronto Star online, 15.03.2016

'Lone wolf' terrorist attacks hard to prevent: authority

Kristin Rushowy

BBC News, 15.03.2016

Cardiff Uni anti-crime model rolled out in Australia

HowStuffWorks NOW, 15.03.2016

Three Risk Factors Could Predict Violence in Adults With Mental Illness

Jesslyn Shields

The Conversation, 15.03.2016

Explained: how the Arab Spring led to an increasingly vicious civil war in Yemen

Sophia Dingli

The Globe and Mail, 15.03.2016

Less-lethal weapon

Daniel Bear and Mahnoor Yawar

Deutsche Welle, 15.03.2016

Why Don Winslow loves Germany so much he set his latest book there

The Ithaca Voice, 15.03.2016

Cornell prof: It's public opinion, not politics, behind our crowded prisons

EurekAlert!, 16.03.2016

Childhood pre-migration health and circumstances shed light on 'healthy migrant effect'

University of Toronto

EurekAlert!, 16.03.2016

Marijuana use disorder is on the rise nationally; few receive treatment

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

EurekAlert!, 16.03.2016

Most presidential candidates speak at grade 6-8 level

Carnegie Mellon University

Huffington Post UK, 16.03.2016

Normalising Criminal Communities

Christian Berg

Worksop Today, 16.03.2016

Road cameras to reduce burglary in Bassetlaw

The Conversation, 16.03.2016

Explainer: how to prosecute Islamic State fighters for war crimes

Aldo Zammit Borda

The Conversation, 16.03.2016

The 24/7 city, creativity and the lockout laws

Oliver Watts

The Atlantic, 16.03.2016

How Syria’s Uprising Spawned a Jihad

Kathy Gilsinan

The Conversation, 16.03.2016

Why risk of schizophrenia is three times higher in refugees

Leonard Schalkwyk

Vanity Fair FROM THE MAGAZINE, 16.03.2016

How a Ragtag Gang of Retirees Pulled Off the Biggest Jewel Heist in British History

Washington Post (blog), 16.03.2016

Strengthen the Justice Reinvestment Act by repealing Maryland’s mandatory sentencing laws

Marc Schindler and Ronald Weich

EurekAlert!, 17.03.2016

A better surveillance system for tracking police homicides

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

EurekAlert!, 17.03.2016

White delinquent youth more likely to abuse hard drugs than blacks

Northwestern University

EurekAlert!, 17.03.2016

Manipulators less convincing online than in person, UBC research shows

University of British Columbia

Open Democracy, 17.03.2016

Drones, drugs and death

Esther Kersley

Boston Review, 17.03.2016

The Genetic Panopticon

Brandon L. Garrett

New York Times, 17.03.2016

How Muslim Governments Impose Ignorance

Mustafa Akyol

The Conversation, 17.03.2016

Beyond lockouts: Sydney needs to become a more inclusive city

Peta Wolifson, Chris Gibson

Journalist's Resource, 17.03.2016

The characteristics of juvenile offenders who stop committing crimes, 17.03.2016

Are French prisons ‘finishing schools’ for terrorism?

Christopher de Bellaigue, 17.03.2016

Will terrorism derail West Africa's fledgling tourism industry?

Hugh Morris

The Conversation, 17.03.2016

Roots of opioid epidemic can be traced back to two key changes in pain management

Theodore Cicero, Matthew S. Ellis

ABC online, 18.03.2016

Girl fights: Are Aussie women becoming more violent?

Antoinette Lattouf

ABC Online, 18.03.2016

Disabled people experience violence, elder abuse and neglect in 'epidemic proportions', says rights group

Sarah Gerathy

The Atlantic, 18.03.2016

Who Is Salah Abdeslam?

David A. Graham

The Conversation, 18.03.2016

Grand Theft Auto doesn’t cause crime, but poverty and alienation will

Michael Kasumovic

The Conversation, 18.03.2016

Does the First Amendment protect people who film the police?

Clay Calvert

The Conversation, 18.03.2016

Why the dark world of High-Rise is not so far from reality

Nick Dunn

The Economist, 19.03.2016

The mistakes that made Islamic State

EurekAlert!, 20.03.2016

Only about half of suicidal patients asked if they have access to firearms

The Conversation, 20.03.2016

Looking beyond ‘the refugee crisis’, can migrants be the new agents of democracy?

Stefan Rother

The Conversation, 20.03.2016

Explainer: the long, complicated history of the US at Guantánamo Bay

William Rowlandson

The Conversation, 20.03.2016

Don’t rush to blame Molenbeek for harbouring Paris attacker

Bill Tupman

Arizona State University, 20.03.2016

Writing a new chapter in prison rehabilitation

The Inquisitr, 20.03.2016

Is Car Hacking Possible? The FBI And NHTSA Say Yes

Georgia Makitalo

Salon, 20.03.2016

This drug now rivals heroin as a killer, and the drug war is to blame

Daniel Denvir

EurekAlert!, 20.03.2016

Greater economic backwardness linked to increased civil unrest

University of East Anglia

The New York Times, 20.03.2016

The Indian Spy Who Fell for Tibet


The Conversation, 21.03.2016

It’s not big data that discriminates – it’s the people that use it

Reuben Binns

The Conversation, 21.03.2016

Is ‘internet addiction’ a misnomer?

Mark Griffiths, 21.03.2016

Social media users warned over rise in online ticket fraud

Rupert Jones

Architecture Now, 21.03.2016

Shaping places: a role of urban design?

Errol Haarhoff

The Conversation, 22.03.2016

Brussels attacks: a throwback to pre-9/11 terrorism

Steve Hewitt

The Conversation, 22.03.2016

Q&A: Brussels attacks and airport security

Stephen Wright

The Conversation, 22.03.2016

Brussels terror attacks: a continent-wide crisis that threatens core European ideals

Fiona de Londras

The Conversation, 22.03.2016

Why child trafficking spikes after natural disasters – and what we can do about it

Anna Childs

The Conversation, 22.03.2016

Brussels attacks: why Europe?

Mark Beeson

The Conversation, 22.03.2016

Brussels terror attack victims show how humans help each other in times of crisis

Chris Cocking

The Conversation, 23.03.2016

Belgian government saw terror attack coming so why did it fail to stop it?

James Corum

The Conversation, 23.03.2016

The journey from jihad to Islamist terrorism

Roger Warren

The Conversation, 23.03.2016

The bitter fruits of alienation: Belgium’s struggle is the problem of our age

Martin Conway

The Conversation, 23.03.2016

Humanizing the heroin epidemic: a photo essay

Aaron Goodman

The Conversation, 23.03.2016

The blanket ban on drugs is needed, but it won’t work – as I know from personal experience

Andrew Wilson

The Conversation, 23.03.2016

How local terrorist cells make a mockery of European security

Bill Tupman, 23.03.2016

An attack on European legitimacy

Pierre Briançon

New York Review of Books, 24.03.2016

How the French Face Terror

Mark Lilla

The Conversation, 24.03.2016

Brussels attacks: why do family members commit terrorism together?

Lazar Stankov

The New Yorker, 28.03.2016

Exporting Jihad

George Packer

Newswise, 28.03.2016

Minorities’ Homicide Victimization Rates Fall Significantly Compared to Whites’

EurekAlert!, 28.03.2016

UT Dallas study: Driving curfews may curb teen crime

University of Texas at Dallas

The Conversation, 28.03.2016

Here’s how witnessing violence harms children’s mental health

Daniel J. Flannery, Mark I. Singer

The Conversation, 29.03.2016

European policy is driving refugees to more dangerous routes across the Med

Heaven Crawley, Nando Sigona, Franck Düvell

The Conversation, 29.03.2016

Should security forces have stopped the terrorist attacks in Belgium?

Umit Ganguly

The Conversation, 29.03.2016

Families separated by bars - the home truths about sending mothers to prison

Natalie Booth

The Conversation, 30.03.2016

FBI backs off from its day in court with Apple this time – but there will be others

Martin Kleppmann

The Atlantic, 30.03.2016

The End of the Plan to Strip French 'Terrorists of Their Citizenship

Krishnadev Calamur

Newswise, 31.03.2016

Utah's Elimination Of Capital Punishment Reflects Growing Bipartisan Recognition Of Death Penalty’s Flaws, Expert Says, 31.03.2016

Why Belgium is not Europe’s jihadi base

Thomas Renard

Arizona State University, 31.03.2016

More attacks in Europe virtually

Scientific American, 31.03.2016

Can a Video Game Comany Tame Toxic Behavior?

Brendan Maher

Constitution Daily, 31.03.2016

What does the future of policing look like?

Lana Ulrich