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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The New Yorker, 01.06.2016

Journey to Jihad

Ben Taub

The Conversation, 01.06.2016

In America, domestic extremists are a bigger risk than foreign terrorism

George Mason University

EurekAlert!, 01.06.2016

De-coding the character of a hacker

EurekAlert!, 01.06.2016

Pot-smokers harm gums; other physical effects slight

Duke University

EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (blog), 01.06.2016

Predictive Policing and the Automated Suppression of Dissent, 01.06.2016

Addictions are harder to kick when you're poor. Here's why

Maia Szalavitz

Education Week, 01.06.2016

Policing Girls of Color in Schools

Rebecca Epstein

The Conversation, 01.06.2016

Weekly dose: treating heroin dependence with heroin

Alex Wodak

The Conversation, 01.06.2016

Battle for Fallujah could be a long haul as IS gains ground elsewhere

Paul Rogers

Newswise, 01.06.2016

School Shooting Subject Matter Expert Available for UCLA-Related Stories

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 01.06.2016

The Law of Revenge

Christoph Reuter

Nature 534, 02.06.2016

Digital forensics: from the crime lab to the library

Mark Wolverton

The Conversation, 02.06.2016

There must be smarter security than a ban on ‘dumb’ passwords

Mike Johnstone

Amnesty International USA Report, 02.06.2016

Violence Has No Place in these Games! Risk of Human Rights Violations at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Stanford University News, 02.06.2016

Stanford project to focus on police accountability, citizen trust in Mexico

Clifton B. Parker

Pacific Standard, 02.06.2016

Do Bright Street Lights Actually Reduce Crime?

Lisa Wade

Newswise, 02.06.2016

Study: Attitudes Toward Women Key in Higher Rates of Sexual Assault by Athletes

The Atlantic, 02.06.2016

On the Defensive

Dylan Walsh

The Conversation, 02.06.2016

Lethal injections and the tragedy of America’s execution addiction

William David Watkin

The Atlantic, 02.06.2016

The Rise of ISIS Makes More Sense in Reverse

Dominic Tierney

The Atlantic, 02.06.2016

The World’s Most Prolific Terrorists: The Taliban

Micah Zenko

Toronto Star, 02.06.2016

Canada’s anti-terrorism plan dangerously unproven

Pacific Standard, 02.06.2016

Are California’s Youth Offender Parole Hearings Working?

Kate Wheeling

Pacific Standard, 03.06.2016

The Perverse Effects of Prison on Black Men’s Mental Health

Nathan Collins

The Atlantic, 03.06.2016

Ever Go Outside to Get Better Cell Reception?

Robinson Meyer

TIME, 03.06.2016

The Total Number of Terrorist Attacks Around the World Declined Last Year

Simon Lewis

The Conversation, 03.06.2016

Assad may be using sarin gas – and the world is staying on the sidelines

Michelle Bentley

Albuquerque Journal, 04.06.2016

Muslim-bashing hurts West’s fight against IS

David Ignatius

IHS Electronics360, 04.06.2016

The Fickle Fight Against Terrorism—Privacy vs. Security

Carolyn Mathas

EurekAlert!, 06.06.2016

The rise of intimate partner violence during the Great Recession

EurekAlert!, 06.06.2016

Rape kit data yield major implications for sexual assault investigations

The Conversation, 06.06.2016

Reaction to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp domestic abuse story has the makings of folklore

Victoria Anderson

The Conversation, 06.06.2016

Safety – or profit? The booming business of CCTV and Safer Streets

Robert Carr

The Conversation, 06.06.2016

Brexit could make life easier for organised crime gangs

Anna Sergi

EurekAlert!, 07.06.2016

The social media profile of the Black Lives Matter movement

EurekAlert!, 07.06.2016

Research finds offender risk assessment tools in US Are promising, but questions remain

EurekAlert!, 07.06.2016

Bad behavior may not be a result of bad parenting, but a lack of common language

The Conversation, 07.06.2016

Are we in the midst of a public space crisis?

Zenovia Toloudi

The Conversation, 07.06.2016

Here’s how radical groups like Islamic State use social media to attract recruits

Sandy Schumann

Vocativ, 07.06.2016

It’s Still Remarkably Easy For Criminals To Buy Guns On Facebook

James King and Adi Cohen

Newswise, 07.06.2016

You Are Not as Anonymous as You Think Online, 07.06.2016

Police monitoring firm to UC: Bring back Tasers

Kate Murphy

EurekAlert!, 07.06.2016

Study shows long-term marijuana use changes brain's reward circuit

The Detroit News, 08.06.2016

Gun buy-back program turns weapons into jewelry

Stephanie Steinberg

EurekAlert!, 08.06.2016

Trauma in childhood linked to drug use in adolescence

EurekAlert!, 08.06.2016

Study of police officers finds fatigue impacts tactical social interaction

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

The Spectator, 08.06.2016

Keeping up appearances no longer popular as neighbourhoods fall into disrepair

Helen Nugent

New York Review of Books, 09.06.2016

The Wars of Vladimir Putin

Timothy Snyder

The Conversation, 09.06.2016

Why we shouldn’t dismiss Bilderberg conspiracies so lightly

Martin Parker

EurekAlert!, 09.06.2016

Witnesses can catch criminals by smell

EurekAlert!, 09.06.2016

Link found between witnessing parental domestic violence during childhood and attempted suicide

University of Toronto

EurekAlert!, 09.06.2016

Terrorism: Military tactics are not the only option

The Conversation, 09.06.2016

Is jury bias preventing justice for rape victims?

Dominic Willmott

The Conversation, 09.06.2016

Campuses aren’t safe. Are universities doing enough?

Kalpana Jain

The Conversation, 09.06.2016

Are some students more at risk of assault on campuses?

Leah Daigle

The Conversation, 09.06.2016

Stanford sexual assault: how social media gave a voice to the victim

Winnie M Li

New York Times, 09.06.2016

Why the Stanford Rape Trial Actually Represents Progress


Newsweek, 10.06.2016

‘The Uncondemned’: Retracing First Conviction for Rape as a Weapon of Genocide

Lucy Westcott

The Conversation, 10.06.2016

How can French authorities prevent a terrorist attack during Euro 2016?

David Lowe

Newsweek, 10.06.2016

Read Joe Biden’s Letter to the Stanford University Sexual Assault Victim

Michele Gorman

The Washington Post (Blog), 12.06.2016

Orlando shooting: The key things to know about about guns and mass shootings in America

Max Ehrenfreund

Vox, 12.06.2016

A history of America doing nothing in response to mass shootings

Zack Beauchamp

Raw Story, 12.06.2016

Here are 6 things you need to know about mass shootings and gun violence in America

New York Times, 12.06.2016

What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological?


BBC News, 13.06.2016

Mafia criminals' income 'boosted by education'

Hannah Richardson

Mic, 13.06.2016

Here's the Truth About Whether Orlando Shooting Was Terrorism or a Hate Crime

Aaron Morrison

The Conversation, 13.06.2016

Unlike Paris or Brussels, Orlando looks like a hate crime by a ‘lone wolf’ killer

Suraj Lakhani

The Conversation, 13.06.2016

Marseille hooliganism: Russian fans and police must share blame with English

Mark Doidge

The Conversation, 13.06.2016

Soweto uprising: four decades on, South Africa still struggles with violent policing

Andrew Faull

The Conversation, 13.06.2016

Let’s not get confused about this: Orlando was a queerphobic attack

João Florêncio

New York Times, 13.06.2016

The Scope of the Orlando Carnage

Frank Bruni

The Conversation, 14.06.2016

Gun researchers see a public health emergency in Orlando mass shooting. Here’s why.

Sandro Galea, Ziming Xuan

The Conversation, 14.06.2016

Two violent men, two symptoms of the same sickness

Lisa Wade

The Conversation, 14.06.2016

Another mass shooting – what the experts say

Emily Costello

The Conversation, 14.06.2016

Terrorism and tourism: what cities should do to prepare for an attack

Lori Pennington-Gray

The Conversation, 14.06.2016

Orlando massacre shows our understanding of ‘terrorism’ is too focused on jihad

Alan Greene

Los Angeles Times, 14.06.2016

The NRA has blocked gun violence research for 20 years. It's time to end its stranglehold.

Michael Hiltzik

The Atlantic, 15.06.2016

Triangulation for the New Millenium

Dominic Tierney

The Atlantic, 15.06.2016

Afghans in America Didn’t Come to Bring Violence

Qais Akbar Omar

The Conversation, 15.06.2016

Islamic State is quick to claim Orlando shooting, but media should be careful in reporting those claims

Colleen Murrell

The Conversation, 15.06.2016

The Orlando shooting: exploring the link between hate crimes and terrorism

Joshua D. Freilich, Jeff Gruenewald, Steven Chermak, William Parkin

The Conversation, 15.06.2016

Explainer: what is the 2nd Amendment and how does it impact US gun control?

Jonathan Parker

The Conversation, 15.06.2016

Trump’s response to Orlando massacre proves just how dangerous he is

Adam Quinn

The Conversation, 15.06.2016

Hooligans and terrorists: the lethal dual threat facing French police

Bill Tupman

Newswise, 15.06.2016

‘Map’ of Teenage Brain Provides Strong Evidence of Link Between Serious Antisocial Behaviour and Brain Development

New York Times online, 16.06.2016

Control and Fear: What Mass Killings and Domestic Violence Have in Common


The British Psychological Society, 16.06.2016

Helping the police to improve the conviction rate for rape

EurekAlert!, 16.06.2016

Analyzing how ISIS recruits through social media

University of Miami

EurekAlert!, 16.06.2016

Carrots and sticks fail to change behaviour in cocaine addiction

University of Cambridge

EurekAlert!, 16.06.2016

'Half of the people of Turkish origin do not feel recognized'

The Conversation, 16.06.2016

Disrupting pro-ISIS online ‘ecosystems’ could help thwart real-world terrorism

Neil Johnson

The Conversation, 16.06.2016

Jo Cox murder: what can be done to protect MPs – and British democracy?

David Lowe

The Conversation, 16.06.2016

Bothered by a brothel? How sex work can improve your neighbourhood

Emily Cooper, Paul Maginn

The Conversation, 16.06.2016

Losing control: The dangers of killer robots

Bonnie Docherty

The Conversation, 16.06.2016

Why is chemical castration being used on sex offenders in some countries?

Jonathan Pugh

Christian Science Monitor, 16.06.2016

Why New Jersey incarcerates more people than Rwanda

Max Lewontin

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 17.06.2016

Was Islamic State Really Planning an Attack in Germany?

New York Times, 17.06.2016

Fighting ISIS With an Algorithm, Physicists Try to Predict Attacks


Ars Technica, 17.06.2016

It’ll be very hard for terrorism victim’s family to win lawsuit against Twitter

Cyrus Farivar

The Atlantic, 17.06.2016

How ISIS Weaponized the Media After Orlando

Charlie Winter and Haroro J. Ingram

ScienceAlert, 17.06.2016

Human 'body farm' reveals we need to stop using pigs to establish time of death


Washington Post, 19.06.2016

Are lone wolves or terrorist groups more deadly? The answer depends on the country.

Brian J. Phillips

Science 2.0, 19.06.2016

Major Differences Between Women And Men Who Commit Deadly Violence

University of Gothenburg

New Statesman, 19.06.2016

The great escape

Robert Winder

Salon Sunday, 19.06.2016

It’s time to rethink “violent” crime: How mislabeling misconduct contributes to our bloated criminal justice system

Benjamin Levin

The New Yorker A Reporter at Large, 20.06.2016

How a New York State prisoner became a jailhouse lawyer, and changed the system.

Jennifer Gonnerman, 20.06.2016

Can the US break its cycle of gun control failure?

Lois Beckett

The, 20.06.2016

‘Spanking kids is why US is more violent than Germany’

Chronicle of Higher Education, 20.06.2016

Federal Agencies Don’t Fund Big Gun-Violence Research. Can California?

Arielle Martinez

EurekAlert!, 20.06.2016

Researchers link childhood hunger, violence later in life

University of Texas at Dallas (blog), 20.06.2016

Counseling in ER Can Reduce Youth Violence

Rick Nauert PhD

New Statesman, 20.06.2016

Why the Western-backed assault on Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is failing.

Shiraz Maher

The Atlantic, 20.06.2016

The Orlando 911 Transcripts

Krishnadev Calamur

The Conversation, 20.06.2016

How neoliberalism’s moral order feeds fraud and corruption

Jörg Wiegratz, David Whyte

Reason, 20.06.2016

After Orlando, Irrelevant Solutions Dominate Discussion

Steve Chapman

The Conversation, 20.06.2016

How illegal firearms find their way onto British streets despite tough laws

Helen Williamson

New York Times, 21.06.2016

Ending Gun Violence

EurekAlert!, 21.06.2016

New statistical approach will help researchers better determine cause-effect

University of Missouri-Columbia

The Conversation, 21.06.2016

Sandy Hook lawsuit is latest effort to hold gun makers liable for mass shootings

Timothy D. Lytton

The Conversation, 21.06.2016

Is it racist to complain about EU migration?

Jon Fox

Pacific Standard, 21.06.2016

How Do We Prevent the Next Brock Turner?

Malcolm Harris

EurekAlert!, 22.06.2016

Early behavior problems impact long-term educational attainment more for boys than girls

American Sociological Association

The Conversation, 22.06.2016

Football hooliganism’s links to organised crime

Anthony Ellis

The Conversation, 22.06.2016

Funding cuts could leave victims of domestic violence with nowhere to go

Michaela Rogers

The Conversation, 22.06.2016

Buying and selling hacked passwords: How does it work?

Thomas Holt

The Conversation, 22.06.2016

No massacres and an accelerating decline in overall gun deaths: the impact of Australia’s major 1996 gun law reforms

Simon Chapman

EurekAlert!, 22.06.2016

Childhood abuse and chronic parental domestic violence linked to later addictions

University of Toronto

EurekAlert!, 22.06.2016

Experts examine the environmental impact of crime

EurekAlert!, 22.06.2016

NYU research: The struggle to maintain accurate data on the prevalence of opioid abuse

New York University

Fair Observer, 22.06.2016

The Mad White Man and the Colored Terrorist

Ahmed Ezzeldin

Pacific Standard, 22.06.2016

What Makes People Fall for Online Fraud?

Rick Paulas

Pacific Standard, 22.06.2016

What Makes People Fall for Online Fraud?

Rick Paulas

New York Review of Books, 23.06.2016

How to Understand ISIS

Malise Ruthven

Raw Story, 23.06.2016

How Ronald Reagan’s drug war fueled Americans’ addiction to racist ideas

Ibram X. Kendi

The Conversation, 23.06.2016

Controversial case shines a light on Germany’s shocking rape laws

Melanie Richter-Montpetit

Fusion, 23.06.2016

Why is the greatest nation in the world shockingly bad at recording crime data?

Alice Brennan

Christian Science Monitor, 23.06.2016

Freddie Gray and the limits of courtroom prosecutions

Patrik Jonsson

Los Angeles Times, 23.06.2016

The gun lobby can't have its cake and eat it too

George Skelton, 23.06.2016

New Report Confirms Analysis on Spread of Islamist Terror

Pete Hoekstra

The Times, 24.06.2016

False memory of sex abuse can be inspired by police

Tom Whipple

The Conversation, 24.06.2016

Deadlocked: what a nine-word decision means for five million undocumented immigrants

Shana Tabak

The Conversation, 24.06.2016

Why bad news for one Muslim American is bad news for all Muslims

Muniba Saleem, 24.06.2016

Collaborative eyewitnesses make fewer mistakes in police interviews

Brooks Hays

The Atlantic, 24.06.2016

Europe’s Counterrevolution Has Begun

Uri Friedman

EurekAlert!, 24.06.2016

Scientists uncover route for finding out what makes individuals nice or nasty

University of Exeter

EurekAlert!, 24.06.2016

Eyewitnesses who collaborate make fewer mistakes in police interview

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

EurekAlert!, 24.06.2016

Researchers offer new theory on how climate affects violence

Ohio State University

The Keene Sentinel, 25.06.2016

Study finds police officers arrested 1,100 times per year, or 3 per day, nationwide

Tom Jackman

New York Times, 26.06.2016

The ‘Active Shooter’ Is Never Far Away


Salon Sunday, 26.06.2016

It’s a crime: How private prison companies encourage mass incarceration

Donald Cohen

The Advocate, 26.06.2016

Susan Campbell: Ignorance is killing us

New York Times, 26.06.2016

Who Blames the Victim?


Charleston Post Courier, 26.06.2016

Report questions why blacks sent to prison more often than whites

Andrew Knapp and Dave Munday

The New Yorker, 27.06.2016

Making a Killing

Evan Osnos

The Conversation, 27.06.2016

License and registration, please: how regulating guns like cars could improve safety

Keith Guzik, Gary T. Marx

Open Democracy, 27.06.2016

Violence without justice: Mexico’s War and its consequences

Gema Santamaría

Huffington Post, 27.06.2016

Gun Violence Is a Public Health Crisis

Dr. Mary Bassett

University of Virginia, 27.06.2016

Q&A: Why Research Has Not Been Able to Solve the Gun Control Debate

Caroline Newman

Belfast Telegraph, 27.06.2016

'I had witnessed corruption of evidence in the past, but this was shocking'

Mail Tribune, 27.06.2016

Local police use science to protect domestic violence victims

Vickie Aldous

Gizmag, 28.06.2016

CLASH theory blames violence in hot climates on "fast life strategy"

Eric Mack

UChicago News, 28.06.2016

Intervention dramatically lowers violent crime arrests for at-risk teens

Mark Peters

The Conversation, 28.06.2016

Criminal injustice: Wounds from incarceration that never heal

Tony N. Brown, Evelyn Patterson

The Conversation, 28.06.2016

How the desire for masculinity might drive some disadvantaged young men to substance abuse

Kathryn Daley

VICE, 28.06.2016

The Teen Prostitution Scandal Blowing Up Oakland's Police Department

Max Cherney

The Conversation, 29.06.2016

Turkish airport massacre will further imperil a nation on the verge of crisis

Alpaslan Ozerdem

CNN, 29.06.2016

The unlikely godfather of the Islamic State

Thom Patterson

The Atlantic, 29.06.2016

The Law Is Inherently Violent: A Debate

Conor Friedersdorf, 29.06.2016

Why are the police failing too many victims of disability hate crime?

Mary O'Hara

EurekAlert!, 29.06.2016

The irony of awkward

Brigham Young University

London Review of Books Vol. 38 No. 13, 30.06.2016

The Satoshi Affair

Andrew O’Hagan

New York Magazine, 30.06.2016

Do Warm Climates Really Make People More Violent?

Drake Baer

Atlanta Black Star, 30.06.2016

Justice Department Orders Mandatory Implicit Bias Training for 28,000 Agents, Prosecutors – Will it Make a Difference?

Shaundra Selvaggi, 30.06.2016

Nightlife revellers face brunt of violent crime, study suggests

Nottingham Trent University

Slate Magazine, 30.06.2016

Can We Have Compassion for the Angry?

Laura L. Hayes

EurekAlert!, 30.06.2016

Does discrimination increase drinking?

The Conversation, 30.06.2016

Explaining the Istanbul bombing: Turkey’s six foreign policy sins

Sibel Oktay

The Conversation, 30.06.2016

Your wireless footprint can help police catch a thief

Maxim Chernyshev