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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.04.2016

The San Francisco Police Department's Bigotry Problem

Conor Friedersdorf

EurekAlert!, 01.04.2016

Breakthrough in cybersecurity is no phish story

Boston Globe, 01.04.2016

Why there are Muslim ghettoes in Belgium, but not in the United States

Jeff Jacoby

The Independent, 01.04.2016

Frenck speakers are more likely to become radicalised, says study

Kayleigh Lewis

Washington Post, 01.04.2016

In fatal shootings by police, 1 in 5 officers' names go undisclosed

John sullivan, Derek Hawkins, Kate McCormick, Ashley Balcerzak and Wesley Lowery

PBS NewsHour, 01.04.2016

How getting women involved can combat extremism and save lives

Jamille Bigio

New York Times, 03.04.2016

The Dirty Old Men of Pakistan


The Conversation, 04.04.2016

How war in Nagorno-Karabakh could spread – and become a major problem for Europe

Kevork Oskanian

The Conversation, 04.04.2016

Occupying Turin: refugees breathe life into abandoned buildings of Olympic village

Victoria Canning, Evgenia Iliadou

Huffington Post, 04.04.2016

Europe Needs a Brussels Commission

Dimitar Georgiev

London Review of Books, 05.04.2016

How did we end up here?

Adam Shatz

The Conversation, 06.04.2016

The banking sector can do its bit to combat family violence

Roslyn Russell

The Independent, 06.04.2016

The Panama Papers expose how the global elite ruined the housing market and stopped you from buying a home

Hannah Fearn

The Atlantic, 06.04.2016

Why Do Some Poor Kids Thrive?

Alana Semuels

The Independent, 06.04.2016

France makes paying for sex a crime – and divides opinion among the nation’s prostitutes

John Lichfield

Huffington Post, 06.04.2016

This Substance Found In Many Houses May Predict Violent Crime

Kim Bellware

EurekAlert!, 06.04.2016

Supervisors, coworkers tolerate unethical behavior when production is good, Baylor study

The Conversation, 06.04.2016

Explainer: What is a dirty bomb and how dangerous is it?

Robert J Downes

The Conversation, 06.04.2016

What schools don’t tell you about campus sexual assault

Andrea A. Curcio

EurekAlert!, 06.04.2016

Alcohol related deaths are likely to increase after cuts in alcohol taxation

The Conversation, 06.04.2016

Weekly Dose: ecstasy, the party drug that could be used to treat PTSD

Nicole Lee

The Conversation, 06.04.2016

Seven Soviet-era tips for running a successful police state

Mark Harrison

EurekAlert!, 07.04.2016

Half of Syrians living in Germany favor ceiling

EurekAlert!, 07.04.2016

Men on Tinder think they have a 'license to use unattractive women as they see fit'

The Conversation, 07.04.2016

The Archers: the lasting effects of non-physical domestic abuse

Emma Williamson

Brookings Institution (blog), 07.04.2016

UNGASS and the consequences of international drug policy

John Hudak

EurekAlert!, 07.04.2016

Bone weathering helps determine time of death

Boston University Medical Center

Business Insider UK, 07.04.2016

These maps show how cocaine, cannabis, and heroin travel around Europe

Adam Payne

New York Times, 07.04.2016

Facebook Groups Act as Weapons Bazaars for Militias


The Conversation, 07.04.2016

The next Cold War has already begun – in cyberspace

Conor Deane-McKenna

The Guardian, 07.04.2016

The Guardian view on criminal policy: sex, money and the long arm of the law

The Atlantic, 07.04.2016

Rorschach's Crime Bill

Vann R. Newkirk II

Newsweek, 07.04.2016

Explaining the Panama Papers, or, Why Does a Dog Lick Himself?

Slavoj Žižek, 08.04.2016

Is ‘counter-radicalization’ just another way of blaming all terrorism on Muslims?

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2016

Violent video games eventually lose their ability to produce guilt in gamers

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2016

Simultaneous cocaine, alcohol use linked to suicide risk

BBC News, 08.04.2016

Angela Wrightson case: Can children be natural born killers?

Bethan Bell

OUPblog, 08.04.2016

Hate crime and anti-immigrant “talk”

The Conversation, 08.04.2016

Booze and driving don’t mix but a zero blood alcohol limit isn’t the answer

Chris Irwin, 09.04.2016

Max Abrahms: Terrorism doesn't work as a political strategy, 09.04.2016

Why the 'terrible twos' could be the first step to a life of crime

Lexi Finnigan

The Guardian, 09.04.2016

Panama Papers: Act now. Don't wait for another crisis

Thomas Piketty

The News on Sunday, 10.04.2016

Reforming the archaic policing

Dr Himayatullah Yaqubi

New York Times, 10.04.2016

Unlocking the Truth About the Clinton Crime Bill

DAVID YASSKY, 10.04.2016

Garance Le Caisne: "Zu kompliziert einzugreifen"

New York Times, 10.04.2016

The New Europeans


POLITICO.EU, 10.04.2016

The coming era of the mega-leak

Jacob Silverman

New Republic, 10.04.2016

The Shame Game

Suzy Khimm

Americas Quarterly, 11.04.2016

Central America Is As Violent As Ever. What Would it Take to Change?

Richard Lapper

Inverse, 11.04.2016

The Case of NYC "Synagogue Bomber" Ahmed Ferhani Exposes Bunk Science of Radicalization

John Knefel

Chicagoist, 11.04.2016

More Chicago Cops Will Be Getting Body Cameras This Year

Mike Ewing

The Conversation, 11.04.2016

Have humans always gone to war?

Sarah Peacey

Washington Post, 11.04.2016

Does the path to true police reform run through liability insurers?

Tom Jackman, 11.04.2016

Police in crime-ridden Rio try a cheaper body cam: their phones

Kim Brunhuber

The Conversation, 11.04.2016

How big a threat is Islamic State in Central Asia?

John Heathershaw, David W. Montgomery

The Conversation, 11.04.2016

How microscopic algae are helping forensic teams catch criminals

Kirstie R Scott

The Atlantic, 11.04.2016

Will New York City’s Free Wi-Fi Help Police Watch You?

Kaveh Waddell

Truth-Out, 11.04.2016

The Majority of People in Local Jails Have Not Been Convicted of a Crime

Crystal Shepeard

The Conversation, 11.04.2016

Parenting: why one size doesn’t fit all

Nicola Dawson

Newswise, 11.04.2016

Sexist Video Games Decrease Empathy for Female Violence Victims

The Conversation, 12.04.2016

Should walking while using your mobile phone be outlawed?

Mark Giancaspro

The Conversation, 12.04.2016

Why the victim can also become the offender in online fraud

Cassandra Cross

EurekAlert!, 12.04.2016

International college students are less likely to experience violent crimes

Georgia State University

The Conversation, 12.04.2016

Panama Papers: why we’re looking at global corruption the wrong way

Paul Heywood

The Conversation, 12.04.2016

Should America be focusing on ISIS when North Korea poses an existential threat?

Simon Reich

The Conversation, 13.04.2016

How ‘tough on crime’ politics flouts death-in-custody recommendations

Chris Cunneen

EurekAlert!, 13.04.2016

Some drug addicts more likely to relapse than others: Study

McMaster University

EurekAlert!, 13.04.2016

Changes in state policies impact fatal and non-fatal assaults of law enforcement officers

EurekAlert!, 13.04.2016

Study links gang membership and depression

Michigan State University

The Conversation, 13.04.2016

Deaths in custody: 25 years after the royal commission, we’ve gone backwards

Thalia Anthony

The Conversation, 13.04.2016

How to protect nuclear plants from terrorists

Allison Macfarlane

The Conversation, 13.04.2016

Mr Nice, drug trafficking – and how Britain now grows its own weed

Stephen Pudney

Citylab, 13.04.2016

Another Reason to Love Urban Green Space: It Fights Crime

Julian Spector

The Conversation, 13.04.2016

Australia should take a stand against ‘killer robots’

Toby Walsh

The Conversation, 13.04.2016

Here’s how tweets and check-ins can be used to spot early signs of gentrification

Desislava Hristova

EurekAlert!, 14.04.2016

Is risk-taking behavior contagious?

California Institute of Technology

EurekAlert!, 14.04.2016

Juvenile offenders probably more criminal to begin with

Duke University

EurekAlert!, 14.04.2016

The brain of male batterers functions differently than that of other delinquents

University of Granada

The Conversation, 14.04.2016

Scales of justice still tipped towards police who harm people in their custody

Craig Longman

The Conversation, 14.04.2016

Scales of justice still tipped towards police who harm people in their custody

Craig Longman

The Conversation, 14.04.2016

How the rich helped create 2016’s angry populism

Anthony J. Gaughan

Care Appointments, 14.04.2016

Researchers highlight need for greater collaboration to improve protection of vulnerable

The Cheat Sheet, 14.04.2016

Can Software Be Racially Biased?

Jess Bolluyt

MSNBC, 14.04.2016

Analysis: The complex history of the controversial 1994 crime bill

Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Inimai M. Chettiar

EurekAlert!, 14.04.2016

Can group meditation prevent violent crime? Surprisingly, the data suggests yes: New study

The Conversation, 14.04.2016

The murky ethics of Gay Talese’s ‘The Voyeur’s Motel’

Dick Lehr, Kim Walsh-Childers, Russell Frank

The Conversation, 14.04.2016

How universities can begin to tackle rape culture on their campuses

Elisabet le Roux

Newswise, 15.04.2016

A Shot in the Dark: New Surveillance Tool Called ShotSpotter Tracks and Records Incidents of Gunfire

The Atlantic, 15.04.2016

What Caused the Great Crime Decline in the U.S.?

Matt Ford

Newswise, 15.04.2016

Self-Understanding Helps Criminal Substance Abusers

The Conversation, 15.04.2016

Telling people apart: new test reveals wide variation in how well we recognise faces

Gunter Loffler, Andrew J Logan, Gael Gordon

The New Yorker, 18.04.2016

The Assad Files

Ben Taub

The Conversation, 18.04.2016

Where have 4.8 million Syrian refugees gone?

Jeffrey H. Cohen

Le Monde diplomatique, UK edition April 2016, 18.04.2016

The security-digital complex

Thibault Henneton

The People’s Vanguard of Davis, 18.04.2016

Did the 1994 Crime Bill Help or Hurt?

Inimai M. Chettiar, Lauren-Brooke Eisen

GOOD Magazine, 18.04.2016

The Causes of Mass Gun Violence Identified

Gabriel Reilich

USA TODAY, 18.04.2016

Assimilation is counter-terrorism: Odierno and O'Hanlon

Raymond Odierno and Michael O'Hanlon

Mother Jones, 18.04.2016

Who Supported the 1994 Crime Bill?

Kevin Drum

EurekAlert!, 18.04.2016

Exposure to violence during pregnancy increases risk of prematurity and low birthweight

The Conversation, 18.04.2016

Why elderly deaths from abuse are part of wider pattern of violence against women

Hannah Bows

Newsweek, 18.04.2016

Neuroscience Is Changing the Debate Over What Role Age Should Play in the Courts

Tim Requarth

The Week Magazine, 18.04.2016

Big Science is broken

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

The Conversation, 18.04.2016

World split on how to regulate ‘killer robots’

Sean Welsh

EurekAlert!, 19.04.2016

'Good cop' parent not enough to buffer some harmful effects of 'bad cop' parent

Iowa State University

EurekAlert!, 19.04.2016

Prison's extended punch

University of Delaware

EurekAlert!, 19.04.2016

States with punitive justice systems have higher rates of foster care, study finds

American Sociological Association

The Conversation, 19.04.2016

Countries should put women at the forefront of the UN drug policy debate

Claudia Stoicescu

The Conversation, 19.04.2016

Syrian refugees: will American hearts and minds change?

Rajini Srikanth

The Atlantic, 19.04.2016

County Jail, Inc.?

Juleyka Lantigua-Williams

The Conversation, 19.04.2016

Fight against Islamic State in Iraq is becoming a major ground war

Paul Rogers

The Conversation, 19.04.2016

Behind the Syrian violence – the peaceful town of Al Qaryatayn

Emma Loosley

ZDNet, 20.04.2016

Using the cloud to better monitor cyber crime

Mark Samuels

Washington Post, 20.04.2016

How violence shapes children for life

Emily Badger and Christopher Ingraham

BBC News, 20.04.2016

Decline in violence comes to an end, survey suggests

EurekAlert!, 20.04.2016

Online program reduces bullying behavior in schools, tests show

Case Western Reserve University

The Conversation, 20.04.2016

Turnbull warns of growing cyber aggression

Michelle Grattan

The Atlantic, 20.04.2016

A Win for Anders Breivik, Convicted Norwegian Killer

Krishnadev Calamur

The Atlantic, 20.04.2016

America Can’t Do Much About ISIS

Stephen Biddle and Jacob Shapiro

London Review of Books Vol. 38 No. 8, 21.04.2016

When Bitcoin Grows Up

John Lanchester

The Conversation, 21.04.2016

The problem with Western activists trying to do good in Africa

Ben Radley

EurekAlert!, 21.04.2016

Study points to how low-income, resource-poor communities can reduce substance abuse

EurekAlert!, 22.04.2016

New survey shows Americans believe civility is on the decline

NORC at the University of Chicago

The Conversation, 22.04.2016

What an extrajudicial killing tells us about Israel’s image anxiety

Yoav Galai

The Atlantic, 23.04.2016

Riots, Guns, Bribes: TR's Contested Convention

Geoffrey Cowan

The Age, 24.04.2016

Curing our addiction to prison

Lorana Bartels

Wall Street Journal, 24.04.2016

Do Youth Curfews Reduce Crime?

Brooke Anderson

New York Times, 24.04.2016

Iceland’s Water Cure


Zeenews, 24.04.2016

Bangladesh prof killing: Taslima Nasreen says Islamists killing secular people as atheist bloggers already left country

The Bakersfield Californian, 25.04.2016

The false correlation of poverty and crime

Brik McDill

ResponseSource, 25.04.2016

Severity of punishment doesn’t affect crime rates, new research says

EurekAlert!, 25.04.2016

Risks of harm from spanking confirmed by analysis of 5 decades of research

University of Texas at Austin

EurekAlert!, 25.04.2016

Are money problems and violence related?

The Conversation, 25.04.2016

Your devices' latest feature? They can spy on your every move

H V Jagadish

The Conversation, 25.04.2016

Australia still doesn’t see a cyber attack as the menace our allies fear

Greg Austin

The Intercept, 25.04.2016

Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years

Jenna McLaughlin

The Conversation, 26.04.2016

Australia’s gun laws save lives – but are we now going backwards?

Rebecca Peters, Chris Cunneen

Boston Globe, 26.04.2016

Plan for police body cameras is flawed, activists say

Travis Andersen

London Review of Books (Blogs), 26.04.2016

In the Communist Playground

Neda Neynska

Washington Post, 27.04.2016

This study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you

Tom Jackman

ThinkProgress, 27.04.2016

What The Next Execution Tells Us About Childhood Trauma And The Death Penalty

Carimah Townes

The Atlantic, 27.04.2016

Where Does Fear of Refugees Come From?

Kai Pfaffenbach, Heather Horn

The Conversation, 27.04.2016

Hillsborough inquest rights the wrongs, but now attitudes towards fans must change

David Webber

The Conversation, 27.04.2016

Whose line is it anyway? The murderer, his mother, and the ghost writers

Christopher Kremmer

The Conversation, 27.04.2016

The truth about the links between military service and crime

Leanne K Simpson

The Nation, 27.04.2016

America’s Long Hangover

Beverly Gage, 28.04.2016

Think Hillsborough couldn’t happen today? Think again

Owen Jones

European Commission CORDIS News and Events, 28.04.2016

Fresh thinking needed to tackle ‘crimmigration’

University World News, 28.04.2016

Terrorism and migration seen as world’s top challenges

Nick Holdsworth

Rappler, 28.04.2016

Indonesia executions one year on: Mary Jane lives but death penalty questions linger

Gabrielle Dunlevy

San Jose Mercury News, 28.04.2016

Stanford survey on sexual assault faces growing chorus of critics

Katy Murphy

EurekAlert!, 28.04.2016

Analyzing the psyche of risky drivers

McGill University

The Conversation, 28.04.2016

More money doesn’t guarantee success in cyber security race

Benjamin Dean

The Conversation, 28.04.2016

‘Burner’ phones, social media and online magazines: understanding the technology of terrorism

Thomas Holt

Foreign Policy (blog), 28.04.2016

Terrorists Have Drones Now. Thanks, Obama.

James Bamford

Roy Morgan Research, 28.04.2016

Has terrorism affected Australian tourism to Bali?

The Conversation, 29.04.2016

How far can you go to lawfully protect yourself in a home invasion?

Marilyn McMahon, 29.04.2016

The airstrike on an Aleppo hospital is a wake-up call for the UN. It must act now

Joanne Liu, Peter Maurer


My return to Syria


The Nation, 29.04.2016

What Is It Good For?

Alina Cohen

Journalist's Resource, 29.04.2016

U.S.-Mexico border enforcement: Has it been effective?

The Economist, 30.04.2016

When economists turn to crime

EurekAlert!, 30.04.2016

Alcohol brand placement on TV linked with teens' brand preferences and drinking behaviors