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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University, 01.12.2019

Keep us busy with babies and we’ve no time for crime

Torsten Bell

CNN, 01.12.2019

Hundreds of former jihadis are set to be freed from jail. London terror attack shows the risks

Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister

ScienceAlert, 01.12.2019

Women Are Being Fed False Information About Abortion And Suicide, 17-Year Study Finds


The Sunday Times, 01.12.2019

Instagram sends paedophiles to accounts of children as young as 11

Shanti Das and Geoff White

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 01.12.2019

In America, the law is the law* (*if you’re poor, undocumented or nonwhite)

Will Bunch

The Age, 01.12.2019

'I looked around and everyone was dead': life in hiding

Nicole Precel

New York Times, 01.12.2019

With Brutal Crackdown, Iran Is Convulsed by Worst Unrest in 40 Years

Farnaz Fassihi and Rick Gladstone

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 02.12.2019

Philadelphia has a gun violence epidemic. What if it were treated like any other contagious disease?

Rita Giordano and Bethany Ao

The Conversation, 02.12.2019

Islamophobic attacks mostly happen in public. Here’s what you can do if you see it or experience it

Derya Iner, Mehmet Ozalp

EurekAlert!, 02.12.2019

Study highlights 'worrying' increase in misuse of non-opioid medications

The Conversation, 02.12.2019

Lessons on terrorism and rehabilitation from the London Bridge attack

Greg Barton

The Conversation, 02.12.2019

Can wars no longer be won?

Cian O'Driscoll

The Conversation, 02.12.2019

Montréal Massacre, 30 years later: My experience as a woman in engineering

Kim Jones

Swinburne University of Technology, 03.12.2019

Opinion: Here’s why we must not trust ‘reformed’ terrorists

Professor Mirko Bagaric

Law Society of Ireland Gazette, 03.12.2019

Police visibility and petty crime containment boost confidence in justice

EurekAlert, 03.12.2019

Women wearing hijabs in news stories may be judged negatively

Penn State

EurekAlert, 03.12.2019

Sleep helps memory, right? Not for eyewitnesses

University of Bristol

The Conversation, 04.12.2019

London Bridge attack: why longer sentences for terrorist offences are not the answer

David Lowe

The Conversation, 04.12.2019

Fingerprint login should be a secure defence for our data, but most of us don’t use it properly

Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage

EurekAlert, 04.12.2019

Police killings of unarmed black Americans may have health impacts for nearby unborn black infants

EurekAlert, 04.12.2019

District-level, real-time crime centers can help police cut crime levels

RAND Corporation

New York Times, 04.12.2019

China’s Genetic Research on Ethnic Minorities Sets Off Science Backlash

Sui-Lee Wee and Paul Mozur

New York Review of Books, 05.12.2019

Women’s Business

Lindsey Hilsum

The Conversation, 05.12.2019

‘Stop-and-frisk’ can work, under careful supervision

Henry F. Fradella, Michael D. White

The Washington Post, 05.12.2019

Are hate crime hoaxes on the rise along with real hate crimes?

Peter Jamison and Marc Fisher

Georgia Today, 05.12.2019

Every Woman Has A Story: A Study on Violence & Bystanders

The Crime Report, 05.12.2019

Investigating—and Stopping—the Lone Terrorist

Joseph Dule

TheArticle, 05.12.2019

The full cost of the War on Terror? $6.4 trillion

Lynne O'Donnell

Newswise, 10.12.2019

Training Developed by Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Professor to Assess Intimate-Partner Violence Risk Now Offered to All Veterans Administration Cl

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

The Conversation, 10.12.2019

5 human rights issues that defined 2019

Elaine Pearson, Louise Chappell

EurekAlert, 11.12.2019

Information technology can save police lives, according to a new study

University of Houston

EurekAlert, 12.12.2019

Comprehensive background check policies effective in Oregon but not in Washington

University of California - Davis Health

EurekAlert, 12.12.2019

Here's what police know about digital evidence

Michigan State University

The Conversation, 12.12.2019

School resource officers aren’t arrested often – but when they are, it’s usually for sexual misconduct

Author F. Chris Curran

The Conversation, 13.12.2019

Uber’s data revealed nearly 6,000 sexual assaults. Does that mean it’s not safe?

Liberty Vittert

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 15.12.2019

How Hospitals Are Helping to Reduce Gun Violence

Joel Fein

ABC News, 16.12.2019

Congress agrees on historic deal to fund $25 million in gun violence research

Erin Schumaker

Los Angeles Times, 16.12.2019

Study linking police violence and black infants’ health is retracted

Amina Khan

The Conversation, 16.12.2019

Evangelical gangs in Rio de Janeiro wage ‘holy war’ on Afro-Brazilian faiths

Robert Muggah

The Conversation, 16.12.2019

Facebook’s push for end-to-end encryption is good news for user privacy, as well as terrorists and paedophiles

Roberto Musotto, David S. Wall

The Conversation, 17.12.2019

Rising rape cases, a broken criminal justice system and the ‘digital strip search’

Michelle McManus, Louise Almond

EurekAlert!, 17.12.2019

Social determinants of health are linked to gun homicide rates

Harper's Magazine online, 17.12.2019

Click Here to Kill

Brian Merchant

EurekAlert, 18.12.2019

Nearly 9 million injured worldwide by fire, heat, and hot substances in 2017

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

EurekAlert, 18.12.2019

Case Western Reserve social sciences researchers develop new tool to assess exposure to childhood violence, trauma

Case Western Reserve University

iNews, 18.12.2019

I took the official counter-terror course - and soon saw bomb threats everywhere

Olivia Gavoyannis

New York Times, 18.12.2019

500 More Officers Will Patrol Subway. Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Plan.

Christina Goldbaum

OZY, 18.12.2019

Seniors on the Street Are at High Risk of Violence. But There’s a Solution

Carly Stern

EurekAlert, 18.12.2019

Online hate speech could be contained like a computer virus, say Cambridge researchers

University of Cambridge

New York Review of Books, 19.12.2019

The Drums of Cyberwar

Sue Halpern

New York Review of Books, 19.12.2019

Meaning and Mayhem

Roberto Saviano

The Conversation, 19.12.2019

Donald Trump has become the third president in US history to be impeached. He’s unlikely to be convicted

Brendon O'Connor, Daniel Cooper

Newswise, 19.12.2019

New Tool Could Help Families Check on Older Loved Ones Over the Holidays

Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research at Rutgers University

New York Times, 19.12.2019

Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy

Stuart A. Thompson and Charlie Warzel

The Times, 20.12.2019

Far right outnumber Islamists in anti‑extremist programmes

Richard Ford

The Conversation, 20.12.2019

Inside the mind of the online scammer

Ken Rotenberg

The Conversation, 20.12.2019

How being ‘tough on crime’ became a political liability

Jody D. Armour Roy P. Crocker

The Times, 22.12.2019

I warned of risk from London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan — and was ignored

Richard Kerbaj

The New Yorker, 23.12.2019

The Field Guide to Tyranny

Adam Gopnik

The New Yorker, 23.12.2019

The Ukrainian Prosecutor Behind Trump’s Impeachment

Adam Entous, 28.12.2019



The Atlantic, 29.12.2019

Jews Are Going Underground

Deborah Lipstadt

The Atlantic, 29.12.2019

Jews Under Attack Deserve Better Than Selective Outrage

Benjamin Wittes

The Conversation, 30.12.2019

Protest has helped define the first two decades of the 21st century – here’s what’s next

Feyzi Ismail

MTV, 31.12.2019

2019 Saw More Mass Killings In The U.S. Than Any Other Year

Christianna Silva