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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University (press release, 01.12.2012

High Numbers Of Trafficking Victims Found In San Diego County According To New Research

The Atlantic, 01.12.2012

Stupid and Unjust: The Highway Robbery of Prison Phone Rates

Rebecca J. Rosen

The Economist (UK),, 01.12.2012

Time, please

How a new minimum price might change the drinks industry
The Economist, 01.12.2012

The dronefather

Abe Karem created the robotic plane that transformed the way modern warfare is waged—and continues to pioneer other airborne innovations
Arizona Republic, 01.12.2012

Hundreds of Arizona's sex offenders unaccounted for

Michelle Ye Hee Lee

The State Journal-Register, 02.12.2012

Book looks into motives of serial killers

Steve Giannangelo, special agent supervisor at the state Department of Revenue’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, also is an adjunct professor in the criminal justice department at the University of Illinois Springfield.
New York Times, 02.12.2012

Sunday Dialogue: How We Punish Crime

Readers offer ideas for prison reform and alternatives.
EurekAlert! ], 03.12.2012

Research from King's College London reveals why some teenagers more prone to binge drinking

University of Granada, 03.12.2012

Researchers Confirm the “Pinocchio Effect”: When you Lie, your Nose Temperature Raises

The University of Granada researchers are pioneers in the application of thermography to the field Psychology. Thermography is a technique based on determining body temperature.
EurekAlert!, 03.12.2012

Why older adults become fraud victims more often

Brain shows diminished response to untrustworthiness, UCLA scientists report
The British Psychological Society, 03.12.2012

Partner violence in two-income homes

Intimate partner violence may be more likely to occur in relationships where both individuals are in employment. This is the suggestion of new research to be published in the journal Violence Against Women, which found the odds of victimisation are more than two times higher when both partners are working compared to one-income households., 03.12.2012

Tackling the rise of female gang members

Girls are often seen as the victims of gang crime but a new play performed by Birmingham teenagers aims to explore a hidden truth; that girls can be offenders too, writes Louisa Peacock.
EurekAlert!, 03.12.2012

Gender and race: How overlapping stereotypes affect our personal and professional decisions

BBC News, 03.12.2012

Tougher prison sentences for violent crime in force

There will be a new criminal office for people who wield knives in a public place or school Continue reading the main story
Huffington Post UK (blog), 03.12.2012

Plain Packaging Will Create a Fertile Ground for Tobacco Smuggling

Peter Sheridan

Prevention Action, 03.12.2012

Time to end the neglect of child neglect

Neglect is among the most pervasive forms of child abuse with the power to blight children lives in the short and long term. It damages their physical, educational and emotional development, as well as their friendships and behavior., 03.12.2012

OK: Crime rate and prison populations declined in 2011

Patrick B. McGuigan

The Globe and Mail, 03.12.2012

The Smartest Girls In The Room

How an obscure Australian judge and hard-charging lawyer exposed the world’s best known ratings agency for misleading and deceiving investors.

Bernard Lagan

Chronicle of Higher Education, 03.12.2012

Who's Afraid of Black Sexuality?

Stacey Patton

North Carolina State University, 04.12.2012

Study: Parents Key to Preventing Alcohol, Marijuana Use by Kids

CNN (blog)-, 04.12.2012

Fighting terror takes more than drones

EDITOR'S NOTE: Stevan Weine is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of Testimony after Catastrophe: Narrating the Traumas of Political Violence.

Stevan Weine

Medical Xpress, 04.12.2012

Youth violence declining in UK

Physical violence among young people is on the decline overall in nearly thirty countries including the UK, according to a new international study involving researchers from the University of Hertfordshire
The Globe and Mail Published, 04.12.2012

Rise in homicides is of ‘no real consequence,’ criminologist says


EurekAlert! ], 05.12.2012

Cycling safer than driving for young people

Researchers from UCL have found that cycling is safer than driving for young males, with 17 to 20 year old drivers facing almost five times greater risk per hour than cyclists of the same age., 05.12.2012

Police have 'lost the battle' with internet scams, says Internet Fraud Watchdog

Sarah Michael

HealthCanal., 05.12.2012

New study finds unique ‘anonymous delivery’ law effective in decreasing rates of neonaticide in Austria

The Oracle-, 06.12.2012

Beyond the numbers

Survivors of rape seek justice for an underreported crime

Divya Kumar

Chicago Reader, 06.12.2012

Another price of segregation: not just homicide, but countless walking wounded

Steve Bogira

CNN International, 06.12.2012

War on drugs a trillion-dollar failure

Richard Branson

EurekAlert!, 06.12.2012

Deception can be perfected

Can a repeated lie become a truth?
TechCentral, 06.12.2012

How police fight crime with DNA

The use of DNA analysis in crime investigation is not only valuable for convicting the guilty, but also for exonerating the innocent and preventing future crimes from taking place.

Craig Wilson

Huffington Post, 06.12.2012

Why Higher Fines Won't Deter Crime

Irwin Cotler

Juvenile Justice, 06.12.2012

Youth Crime Declining in Massachusetts, Says New Report

James Swift

The Daily Telegraph, 06.12.2012

Time to finally decide who rules our streets

Newswise, 07.12.2012

Professor Explains Lack of Help for Man Thrown on Subway Tracks

Craig Anderson, Distinguished Professor of psychology at Iowa State University, explains why a freelance photographer and other bystanders did not help to a man thrown onto the tracks of the New York City subway.
EurekAlert!, 07.12.2012

Abuse during childhood linked to adult-onset asthma in African-American women

New York Times, 07.12.2012

Finding Sobriety After Grief and Crime

Roughly 90 days into her eight-month prison term, said Edwuana Raven Eley, 46, she looked in the mirror and glimpsed someone unexpected, but long awaited. It was not the woman who had been arrested by the police, but the woman she had been before her life was consumed by alcoholism and petty crimes.


Infection Control Today, 07.12.2012

Ground-Breaking Workplace Safety Benefit Designed to Protect Nurses from Needlesticks, Violence

The Economist, 08.12.2012

There will be less blood

In two of America’s biggest cities, fewer people are being killed
Wall Street Journal online, 08.12.2012

In Medical Triumph, Homicides Fall Despite Soaring Gun Violence


New York Times, 08.12.2012

Selective Justice for the Balkans


The Independent, 09.12.2012

Pensioner prisoners: Old lags just got older

The number of over-60s behind bars has jumped 20 per cent in four years: one jail has a specially equipped wing with a stairlift. Paul Bignell investigates

Paul Bignell

Salon, 09.12.2012

Legal marijuana is good for kids

Pot prohibition is supposed to protect America's youth. In fact, it does just the opposite

Amanda Reiman

Truth-Out, 09.12.2012

The New Border: Undocumented Immigration’s Shifting Frontier

Sebastian Rotella, 10.12.2012

Drugs reform: no harm in taking a look at the evidence (again)

We have nothing to fear from examining the issue but the onus should be on those advocating reform to justify their case
EurekAlert!, 10.12.2012

Binge eating, overeating may be associated with initiating use of marijuana, other drugs

WebProNews, 10.12.2012

Officer To Be Executed After 9 Murders

A former police officer who was found guilty of nine murders in the late ’80s is scheduled to be executed tomorrow night despite a plea from his lawyer for a stay.

Amanda Crum

EurekAlert!, 10.12.2012

Oxytocin produces more engaged fathers and more responsive infants

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry
EurekAlert! -, 10.12.2012

Alcohol pricing policies save lives and increase profits, experts say

Canadian approach has an international impact
Wayne State University, 10.12.2012

Environment-genetics combination appears linked to children’s early antisocial behavior, Wayne State University researcher finds

EurekAlert!, 10.12.2012

Before 'Skyfall': 46 years of violence in James Bond movies

Forbes, 10.12.2012

Study: More Violent Video Game Play Results in More Aggression

In the first study to test the effects of playing violent video games over time, researchers found that cumulative play results in increased hostility and aggression., 10.12.2012

The war on drugs and alcohol is a war against human nature

Humankind's thirst for intoxicants is unquenchable, but to criminalise it reinforces the clinging to addiction
Vancouver Sun, 10.12.2012

Naughty offenders get police greeting cards urging them to reform

The Canadian Press

The Vancouver Sun, 10.12.2012

‘Neurolaw’ changes the landscape of criminal responsibility — or does it? (Part 1 of 3)

Advances in science could have profound consequences for law, morality

Peter McKnight, Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun, 10.12.2012

The ethical minefield of using neuroscience to prevent crime (Part 2 of 3)

Is it moral to make changes to a person’s brain if it benefits both the offender and society? By Peter McKnight, Vancouver Sun December 10, 2012 Second of a three-part series.
Newswise, 10.12.2012

Teen Dating Violence Linked to Long-Term Harmful Effects

The Conversation, 10.12.2012

Inspire magazine: inciting terrorism in Australia?


Prevention Action, 10.12.2012

What if it’s not ALL about parenting practices?

Research has been focused on finding out how to improve parenting practices in order to foster better children outcomes. But sometimes parenting programs may benefit kids via a different route – by doing more for mom and dad’s stress than for their skills, a new study suggests.
Sydney Morning Herald, 11.12.2012

SKorea's porn fight 'like shovelling snow in a blizzard'

Hyung-Jin Kim

The Independent, 11.12.2012

Our good friend the former convict

Criminologist Kathy Curran wanted to practise what she preaches – so she invited a repeat offender into her home. They say it's led to a unique and lasting bond

Lorenza Bacino, 11.12.2012

L.E. Agencies Putting Use-of-Force Policies Online

Mike Chalmers

Phys.Org, 11.12.2012

Science used to catch serial killers helps control pests and disease

Daily Mail, 11.12.2012

Walk-on-by-Britain: 64% of people wouldn't tackle a gang of teen troublemakers

WDTV-December, 11.12.2012

Study Finds Drug Rehab Could Reduce WV Prison Overcrowding

Whitney Wetzel

EurekAlert!, 11.12.2012

New method quantifies uncertainty in estimates of child mortality rates

Bend Bulletin, 11.12.2012

A Matter of Conviction

WILMINGTON, N.C. - They are old men now, the doctor and the lawyer, ancient adversaries confronting each other one last time.

Gene Weingarten

The Vancouver Sun, 11.12.2012

Neuroscience offers a glimpse into the mind - and our future

Brain scans show intriguing activity among some people in persistent vegetative states

Peter McKnight, Vancouver Sun

Newswise, 11.12.2012

Virtue and Vice

Wake Forest awards nearly $1M to theologians, philosophers to study character |, 11.12.2012

New police-themed Reveton ransomware tricks victims into paying rogue fines

New Trojan variant uses localised voice messages to trick victims into paying rogue fines

Lucian Constantin

Diplomatic Courier, 11.12.2012

A New Way to View Homegrown Terrorism

Kathryn H. Floyd

Prevention Action, 11.12.2012

The habits of highly effective program adapters

As evidence-based programs go global, program adapters are looking for guidance on how to make imported programs work.
Huffington Post Canada, 12.12.2012

Police 'Ignorance' Shown In Mock Christmas Cards

An Ottawa-based criminologist has some harsh words for the unorthodox Christmas card mail-out undertaken this year by the police department in Abbotsford, B.C.
Brisbane Times, 12.12.2012

Youth justice takes an irrational turn

EurekAlert!, 12.12.2012

Will climate change cause water conflict?

The CLICO Project shares its conclusions with the public
New York Times, 12.12.2012

For Lesser Crimes, Rethinking Life Behind Bars


EurekAlert!, 12.12.2012

Home visiting program for first-time moms may be struggling to reduce serious injuries to children

State program is using research from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's PolicyLab to inform changes
Huffington Post (blog)-, 12.12.2012

Yoga Can Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Rob Schware, Executive Director, Give Back Yoga Foundation, President, Yoga Service Council,, 12.12.2012

Critics refuse to let Cameron draw line under Pat Finucane scandal

Presence of MI5 headquarters in Co Down compounds cynicism that key agency has prospered in years since 1989 murder

Henry McDonald, Ireland correspondent

New York Times, 12.12.2012

Life Without Parole: Four Inmates’ Stories

JOHN TIERNEY, 12.12.2012

Uganda Police Named Most Corrupt Institution

Wall Street Journal, 12.12.2012

U.S. Terrorism Agency to Tap a Vast Database of Citizens


Prevention Action, 12.12.2012

Picking out the active ingredients

The two keys to school-based substance misuse prevention programs are problem solving skills training and social skills training, a recent Spanish study finds. And the best outcomes happen when the two “active ingredients” are used together
SPIEGEL ONLINE, 12.12.2012

Report Blasts Berlin's Inaction

Maximilian Popp

Huffington Post (blog)-, 13.12.2012

'Thou Shalt Not Kill': A New Street Code for New Orleans

Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D.

Christian Science Monitor, 13.12.2012

Jacob Roberts: a perplexing path from big dreamer to mall shooter (+video)

What prompted Jacob Roberts, outwardly a young man with a happy personality and big dreams, to go on a shooting rampage at a mall in suburban Portland, Ore.? As police investigate, many who knew him scratch their heads.

Patrik Jonsson

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2012

Data on financial crime is not credible

The Government and police efforts to tackle financial crime – from business fraud to tax evasion – are hampered by a lack of accurate data about the nature and extent of offending, according to new research.
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, 13.12.2012

Time Restrictions on TV Advertisements Ineffective in Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads

Teenage Exposure to Alcohol Advertising Actually Increased Following Implementation of Daytime and Evening Ban in the Netherlands
EurekAlert!, 13.12.2012

More signs of the benefits of marriage?

Study finds less partner abuse, substance abuse and post-partum depression among married women
Rudaw, 13.12.2012

A Letter to Langley

David Romano has been a Rudaw columnist since August 2010. He is the Thomas G. Strong Professor of Middle East Politics at Missouri State University and author of The Kurdish Nationalist Movement (2006, Cambridge University Press).


Atlanta Journal Constitution, 13.12.2012

State turns attention to juvenile justice reforms

Bill Rankin and Carrie Teegardin, 13.12.2012

Report Shows Stop and Frisk Rights Violations Continue - Nearly 100,000 Stops Appear Unconstitutional

Mel Fabrikant

Ottawa Citizen, 13.12.2012

Police seek public input on racial profiling study

$400,000 project mandated by Ontario Human Rights Commission

Mohammed Adam

New York Times (blog)-, 14.12.2012

In Public ‘Conversation’ on Guns, a Rhetorical Shift


The New Republic, 14.12.2012

In Praise of Empty Souls—Can We Learn From Psychopaths?

The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success by Kevin Dutton
The New Republic, 14.12.2012

The Second Most Powerful Gun Lobby Is in Newtown, Connecticut

Lydia DePillis

The New Republic, 14.12.2012

Mass Shootings Are on the Rise--And 2012 Has Been Deadlier Than Ever Before

Amy Sullivan

The New Yorker (Blog), 14.12.2012

The Right Day to Talk About Guns

Alex Koppelman

New York Times, 14.12.2012

Why America Lets the Killings Continue


SPIN-, 14.12.2012

Down By Law: The Year Downloading Took a Dive

How streaming music services are beginning to win the battle for the hearts and minds (not to mention wallets) of music fans.

David Peisner

Washington Post (blog)-, 14.12.2012

Why are mass shootings becoming more common?

Brad Plumer

The New Republic (USA), 14.12.2012

The Politics of Gun Control Have Changed, But Will Democrats Notice?

Nate Cohn

Prevention Action, 14.12.2012

When bullying happens, why do some kids intervene while others stand by?

How do children respond when they see bullying? Neither group dynamics nor individual children’s characteristics fully explain it. But combine the two and you have a powerful picture, new research argues.
SPIEGEL ONLINE, 14.12.2012

Perilous Pitches

Violence Against Referees Spikes in Germany

Lukas Eberle and Conny Neumann

Wired, 15.12.2012

Making Sense of the Sandy Hook School Shootings as a Criminologist


The Economist, 15.12.2012

Who should try the soldiers?

A controversial reform of the military courts
The Economist online, 15.12.2012

The gun control that works: no guns

EurekAlert!, 16.12.2012

Penn Study shows resistance to cocaine addiction may be passed down from father to son

Animal model reveals paternal cocaine use confers protection against rewarding effects of cocaine in male but not female offspring
The New Yorker (Blog), 16.12.2012

Guns and the Limits of Shame

Jon Lee Anderson

The New Yorker, 17.12.2012

Operation Delirium

Decades after a risky Cold War experiment, a scientist lives with secrets.

Raffi Khatchadourian

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 17.12.2012

Calling Big Brother


The New Yorker (Blog), 17.12.2012

Newtown and the Madness of Guns

David Remnick

New Statesman, 17.12.2012

Stop sharing 30 year old stats. Use these instead

"West Germany" really should be a clue.,, 17.12.2012

Newtown shootings: why education is key to preventing mass killings

To stop marginalised individuals like Adam Lanza and Thomas Hamilton in Dunblane becoming killers we must start at school

Peter Aylward, 17.12.2012

The misguided race to diagnose Newtown

Journalists and psychologists alike risk flouting professional standards in the misguided race to diagnose the man behind a mass killing

Martin Robbins

EurekAlert!, 17.12.2012

New research predicts rising trend in India's Violent Land Conflicts; 130 districts struggle

Prevention Action, 17.12.2012

The power of strong parental bonds: preventing delinquency

Wired, 18.12.2012

Thoughts After Sandy Hook: We Are the Safest We’ve Been in 40 Years


Statesman Journal, 18.12.2012

A criminologist speaks: Keep Connecticut tragedy in context

James Alan Fox

US Department of State (press release)-, 18.12.2012

Global Counterterrorism: A Progress Report

Daniel Benjamin

Newswise, 18.12.2012

UNH Receives $350,000 Grant To Partner with Yale and New Haven Police To Create First-Ever ‘Command College’ for Police Supervisors

New York Times (blog)-, 18.12.2012

Our Sons Are Not Future Killers


Does Your Neighbor Have a Gun?

Joanne Wallenstein

Oxford University Press, 18.12.2012

Reflections on the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School

The mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is a tragic event that is particularly painful as it comes at a time when people across the world are trying to focus on the upcoming holidays as the season of peace bringing good tidings of great joy.

Kathleen M. Heide, Ph.D.

New York Times, 18.12.2012

Education Changes Lives

Vivian Nixon

New York Times, 18.12.2012

Punishment Fails. Rehabilitation Works.

James Gilligan, a clinical professor of psychiatry and an adjunct professor of law at New York University, is the author of, among other books, "Preventing Violence" and "Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others.", 18.12.2012

Lie detectors - a solution for doping and integrity in sport?

Lance Armstrong's lawyer said he is in favour of polygraph testing but do not expect lie detectors in sport any time soon

Ian Lynam and Hannah Haynes

New York Times, 18.12.2012

Supervised, Not Institutionalized

Mark A.R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at U.C.L.A., is a visiting professor at the University of Virginia and a visiting fellow at the National Institute of Justice.

Mark A. R. Kleiman

New York Times, 18.12.2012

Sentences Don’t Have to Break Families

Mary W. Byrne

New York Times, 18.12.2012

Norway Is Doing Something Right

Gerhard Ploeg, a criminologist, is a senior adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the vice president of CEP, the European Organization for Probation.
Newswise, 19.12.2012

Global Collaborative Efforts Help Delineate Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Causes, Characteristics and Trends in China

Science Daily (press release), 19.12.2012

Our Hands Evolved for Punching, Not Just Dexterity

Men whacked punching bags for a University of Utah study that suggests human hands evolved not only for the manual dexterity needed to use tools, play a violin or paint a work of art, but so men could make fists and fight.
Science Daily (press release)-, 19.12.2012

Community Togetherness Plays Vital Role in Coping With Tragedies

Newswise, 19.12.2012

School Shootings: What We Know and What We Can Do

Newswise, 19.12.2012

Violent Crime Doesn’t Fit in the Autism Puzzle

New York Times, 19.12.2012

Broad Gun Control Efforts Introduced in Wake of Shooting


New York Times, 19.12.2012

Deaf Officers Step in Where Police Work Counts on Eyes More Than Ears

OAXACA, Mexico — When the police officer spotted the man acting suspiciously, pacing erratically with an odd look on his face, he immediately called for backup. That is, he spun around in his chair at the police command center here and rapidly motioned to a colleague in sign language.


TIME-Dec, 19.12.2012

Guilt By Association:Troubling Legacy of Sandy Hook May Be Backlash Against Children with Autism

Bonnie Rochman

New York Times, 19.12.2012

School Officials Look Again at Security Measures Once Dismissed


Washington Post, 20.12.2012

Homicide rates have dropped steadily in U.S.

Neely Tucker

Blog for Iowa (blog)-, 20.12.2012

How To End Gun Violence In America

EurekAlert! Public release date:, 20.12.2012

Young offenders who work, don't attend school may be more antisocial

EurekAlert!, 20.12.2012

Brain imaging insight into cannabis as a pain killer

The pain relief offered by cannabis varies greatly between individuals, a brain imaging study carried out at the University of Oxford suggests.
EurekAlert!, 20.12.2012

Not all gamers are low scorers on friendships, relationships

Calgary Herald, 20.12.2012

Calgary police warn of rising problem of vehicle ‘identity theft’

Identity theft is no longer a problem befalling only people.

Clara Ho, Calgary Herald

The Atlantic, 20.12.2012

The Myth of Self-Correcting Science

Recent academic scandals highlight a history of data falsification and questionable research in social psychology, and serve as calls to action.

Sarah Estes

Los Angeles Times, 20.12.2012

More or fewer guns? The experts are divided

There is no scientific consensus on the results of gun restrictions, and the effect of more armed citizens is unclear.
New York Times, 20.12.2012

Police Dept. to Use Internet to Try to Stop Mass Shootings


New York Times, 21.12.2012

Use of Death Sentences Continues to Fall in U.S.


The Economist, 22.12.2012

The king of con-men

The biggest fraud in history is a warning to professional and amateur investors alike
The Economist, 22.12.2012

Newtown’s horror

Only drastic gun control could make a big difference. Small measures can help a bit
New York Times, 22.12.2012

Man, 52, Is Convicted as a Juvenile in a 1976 Murder, Creating a Legal Tangle


New York Times, 22.12.2012

Police Change Strategies for Dealing With School Shootings


Los Angeles Times, 23.12.2012

Plotters of school killings tend to tip off someone in advance

Teen plotters of school killings often tip their hand, researchers find – but word doesn't always get to the right people

Alan Zarembo

CTV News, 23.12.2012

Predicting who's at risk for violence isn't easy: experts

Press-Enterprise (blog)-, 23.12.2012

SCHOOL VIOLENCE: Are cops on campus cost-effective?

This month’s school massacre in Connecticut continues to generate a tidal wave of debate over possible solutions, including increasing the number of police specifically assigned to public schools.
Globe and Mail, 23.12.2012

Major study says spousal violence costs society billions of dollars per year

DEAN BEEBY, 23.12.2012

The culture of violence

Guns, violent media, vulnerable kids create a volatile mix
TechCrunch-, 25.12.2012

In Mexico, Tech Is Used To Help Combat Narco Violence, Insecurity

Sara Inés Calderón

Truth-Out, 25.12.2012

4 Reminders of Human Goodness After Sandy Hook

Jeremy Adam Smith

New York Times (Blogs) People & Neighborhoods, 25.12.2012

Still Working the Streets, but Now to Combat a Plague of Gun Violence

Rudy Suggs, 48, who was once a drug dealer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, now works in the neighborhood trying to prevent violence.Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times Rudy Suggs, 48, who was once a drug dealer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, now works in the neighborhood trying to prevent violence.


New York Times, 26.12.2012

Immigration and Policing

The Obama administration on Friday announced a policy change that — if it works — should lead to smarter enforcement of the immigration laws, with greater effort spent on deporting dangerous felons and less on minor offenders who pose no threat.
EurekAlert!, 26.12.2012

People with mental disorders more likely to have experienced domestic violence

EurekAlert!, 26.12.2012

For pre-teens, kindness may be key to popularity

Kids who are kind are happier and gain greater peer acceptance, study finds
New York Times, 26.12.2012

Legal Curbs Said to Hamper A.T.F. in Gun Inquiries


EurekAlert!, 27.12.2012

Broader background checks and denial criteria could help prevent mass shooting catastrophes

The Star-Ledger, 27.12.2012

Study tracks 30 years of Newark murders as 'infectious disease'

David Giambusso and James Queally and /The Star-Ledger

Huffington Post, 27.12.2012

Preventing Mass Shootings: How Partisans Get "What Works" Wrong

Paul Heroux

New York Times, 27.12.2012

Coca Licensing Is a Weapon in Bolivia’s Drug War


SPIEGEL ONLINE, 28.12.2012

Ineffective and Unsustainable

Failure Threatens Afghan Police Training Mission

Andreas Ulrich

The New Republic, 28.12.2012

Gun Control Can Survive the Supreme Court

Jeffrey Rosen

New York Times, 29.12.2012

414 Homicides in ’12 Is a Record Low for New York City


New York Times (blog), 30.12.2012

Disruptions: The Real Hazards of E-Devices on Planes

Over the last year, flying with phones and other devices has become increasingly dangerous.


Huddersfield Examiner, 30.12.2012

Chemical to combat thieves targeting cables in M62 works

THIEVES have been risking their lives to steal cable from road works on the M62.
Bangor Daily News, 31.12.2012

Why we need civilian patrols and scientific policing

The recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., has understandably led to calls for greater gun control. And, predictably, the National Rifle Association has fired back, saying there’s no stopping a psychotic.

Jonathan David Farley, Special to the BDN

EurekAlert!, 31.12.2012

Economic environment during infancy linked with substance use, delinquent behavior in adolescence

CHICAGO – The larger economic environment during infancy may be associated with subsequent substance use and delinquent behavior during adolescence, according to a report published Online First by Archives of General Psychiatry, a JAMA Network publication.
SPIEGEL ONLINE, 31.12.2012

The West Should 'Change Its Approach to Failing States'

Ahmed Rashid, one of the world's foremost experts on Afghanistan, once welcomed US intervention in the failed state. But in a SPIEGEL interview, the Pakistani journalist says the West's model for development is fundamentally flawed and must be changed.
CIOL, 31.12.2012

Delhi gang-rape: How technology can prevent such cases

Unlike in India, other countries have adopted advanced technologies to prevent crimes in public places

by Pragyan Acharya