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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Chicago Tribune, 01.11.2012

October homicides in Chicago second lowest in 30 years

Jeremy Gorner

New York Times, 01.11.2012

Sniffing Dogs and the Fourth Amendment

EurekAlert!, 01.11.2012

The ins and outs of in-groups and out-groups

Psychological Science examines social perception and behavior
Huffington Post UK, 01.11.2012

Jimmy Savile 'Was A Psychopath With A Liking For Children' Say Former Broadmoor Staff

Sara C Nelson

Chicago Reporter, 01.11.2012

Escorted to jail

Sex workers, not their patrons, are bearing the brunt of prostitution-related felony charges in Illinois. Christie Thompson
New York Times, 02.11.2012

Hit Mexico’s Cartels With Legalization

WHENEVER I’ve interviewed Mexican cartel killers, the aspect that I’ve found most disturbing about them is that they appear to be sane.


Police Oracle, 02.11.2012

Fed: Police Cuts 'Are Making Public Fearful'

Government policy on crime will influence voters at next General Election, poll finds.
Newswise, 02.11.2012

Study: Alcohol, Drug Abuse Counselors Don’t Always Require Total Abstinence

The Guardian,, 02.11.2012

The legacy of the Savile scandal must be no more suffering in silence

Most abused children do not tell anyone, leading to a lifetime of pain. We must give charities more resources to support victims

Claire Enders

Globe and Mail, 02.11.2012

How your signature affects your honesty


New York Times, 03.11.2012

In New York’s Public Housing, Fear Creeps in With the Dark


New York Times, 03.11.2012

Burglaries Are Up After Storm, City Police Say, While Other Crimes Have Dropped


The Economist, 03.11.2012

Sale by the Yard

Policing cuts begin to bite in London
Atlanta Journal Constitution, 03.11.2012

Crime falls despite hard economic times

Rhonda Cook

Ottawa Sun, 04.11.2012

Time for cops to focus on crime prevention, University of Ottawa professor Irvin Waller says

Jessica Beddaoui

The Independent, 04.11.2012

'National crisis' in police morale says former head of Met

Tom Lawrence

New York Times, 05.11.2012

After the Violence, the Rest of Their Lives


Harvard Magazine, 05.11.2012

Soda and Violence

Elizabeth Gudrais
EurekAlert!, 05.11.2012

Overcrowding in prisons negatively affects health

Overcrowding in prisons — an issue in most prisons in Canada and other parts of the world — negatively impacts the mental and physical health of prisoners, states an article in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 05.11.2012

Loser-pays-all rule in criminal cases could work for wealthy defendants

Nuno Garpoupa, 05.11.2012

Better car security boosts fight against crime, says Loughborough criminiologist

Improved car security is one of the factors behind falling crime rates, according to Loughborough University criminologist Graham Farrell.

Isaac Ashe

Chronicle of Higher Education, 05.11.2012

The Neighborhood Effect

25 years after William Julius Wilson changed urban sociology, scholars still debate his ideas. Is anyone else listening?

Marc Parry

Wall Street Journal, 05.11.2012

Doubling Up on Research Using a Database of Twins


Spiked, 05.11.2012

Are we all condemned to live in ‘cycles of abuse’?

It is now heresy to question the idea that child abuse damages a person for life. But such a deeply fatalistic idea must be questioned.

Frank Furedi

Chicago Reporter, 06.11.2012

Minor misconduct

In 2010, the state began treating 17-year-olds facing misdemeanor charges as juveniles. But those charged with felonies are still sent to adult courts, and their number has since spiked.
Minneapolis Star Tribune, 06.11.2012

In some areas, law enforcement still resists science


BBC News, 06.11.2012

How policing evolved from 'usual suspects' approach

Kevin Leonard BBC News

Slate Magazine, 06.11.2012

The Civilizing Power of Disaster

Where was all the chaos, looting, and mass-panic during Hurricane Sandy?

Katy Waldman

TrustLaw, 06.11.2012

Prostitution: Drugs, coercion make it hard to escape — UK study

Katie Nguyen

EurekAlert!, 06.11.2012

Strong tobacco control policies in Brazil credited for more than 400,000 lives saved

Prevention Action, 06.11.2012

How 15 minutes a day adds up

Delivered 15 minutes a day for three years, the Positive Action program belongs to the “little and often” school of thought – and it works. In a recent trial, the program reduced substance use, violence, and bullying among elementary-school students in Chicago city schools.
The Guardian, 06.11.2012

Don't call our homes oppressive. They are well secured, and people like them

Our properties suffer 50% less burglary. Nearly half the population sees security as the most important aspect of homes

Alan McInnes

Wired, 06.11.2012

The New Economics of Crime and Punishment

Our criminal justice system is a disaster. The incarceration rate in the US quadrupled between 1980 and 2000. It now costs more than $70 billion a year to keep 7 million people behind bars, on parole, or on probation.

David Wolman

Christian Science Monitor, 07.11.2012

Brand power in Honduras: Lesser known gangs claim affiliation to infamous 'maras'

Honduras warns that some criminal groups have claimed to be affiliated with feared 'mara' gangs in order to intimidate their victims. There are reports of similar 'cartel impersonators' in Mexico, too.
The Ram Published, 07.11.2012

NYPD Should Cease Stop-and-Frisk

In recent years, the NYPD has come under increasing criticism for its controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy.

Declan Murphy

Toronto Star, 07.11.2012

Toronto police set aside $1M to research anti-gang violence initiatives

University of Georgia, 07.11.2012

Sugar boosts self-control, UGA study says

Athens, Ga. - To boost self-control, gargle sugar water. According to a study co-authored by University of Georgia professor of psychology Leonard Martin published Oct. 22 in Psychological Science, a mouth rinse with glucose improves self-control.
Republica, 07.11.2012

Dealing with dirty money

Transnational corruption and financial crime control calls for state’s unflinching political will and widening of its bilateral mechanisms
The Atlantic Cities, 07.11.2012

Do Foreclosures Increase Crime After All?

Eric Jaffe

LAPTOP Magazine (blog)-, 07.11.2012

Should You Spy on Your Child’s Cell Phone Use?

John R Quain

Metro, 08.11.2012

Thieves aged as young as nine 'fuel rise in phone crime'

The resale value of smartphones has played a major part in mobile phone thefts rising by 25 per cent, with children as young as nine doing the thieving, research has shown.
The New York Review of Books, 08.11.2012

This Is Not a Revolution

Hussein Agha and Robert Malley

Minnesota Public Radio, 08.11.2012

Do we do police lineups correctly?

Brazzil Magazine, 08.11.2012

Criminals Have Already Killed 90 Policemen in São Paulo, This Year

New York Times, 08.11.2012

Voters Ease Marijuana Laws in 2 States, but Legal Questions Remain


New York Times, 08.11.2012

A Bad Trip for Democrats

ED GOGEK, 08.11.2012

Misguided drug polices can create tragic, unintended consequences

As part of an introductory course in economics, I used to teach my students about the unintended consequences that usually accompany well-intentioned attempts to make particular transactions illegal. I would draw on current drug policy to link theory with reality.


Sydney Morning Herald, 08.11.2012

Male betrayal linked to childhood conflict

Sarah Williams

London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 21, 08.11.2012

Light Entertainment

Andrew O’Hagan writes about child abuse and the British public
New York Times, 08.11.2012

Many Police Officers, Even as They Responded to Storm, Were Also Affected


Our Colorado News, 08.11.2012

Marijuana vote leaves questions

Pendulum swings away from zero tolerance
CSO Magazine, 09.11.2012

16 crime gangs control world ransomware assault: Symantec

West Virginia Public Broadcasting-vo, 09.11.2012

Bioterrorism examined in lecture at Marshall

Clark Davis

The Economist, 10.11.2012

Hands over the city

The long arm of organised crime stretches to Milan
Boise Weekly, 11.11.2012

How Colorado and Washington State Could End Mexico's Drug War

Tuesday’s marijuana legalization votes could spark a movement that stems a key revenue stream for drug cartels

Dudley Althaus

AllGov, 11.11.2012

Study Shows Hiring more Police is Cost-Effective: $1 Spent Equals $1.60 in Reduced Losses for Victims

Sky News, 11.11.2012

New Police Bosses Will 'Create Conflict'

Ahead of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, a study warns of tensions between the new roles and chief constables.

Mark White

New York Times, 11.11.2012

How to Cut Prison Costs

Thanks in part to the federal Second Chance Act of 2008, states are finding creative ways to cut prison costs — now more than $52 billion a year nationwide — by making sure that people who are released from prison actually stay out.
BBC News, 11.11.2012

Repeat offenders appear to have worse health in middle-age

A life of crime appears to damage offenders' health once they reach their 40s, new research suggests.
Detroit Free Press, 12.11.2012

For 'preppers,' everyday could be doomsday

Braxton Southwick is convinced a weaponized smallpox terrorist attack, or something similarly horrible, is inevitable.
Haaretz, 12.11.2012

Report: Every third Israeli woman falls victim to sexual assault

Violence against single women rises nearly twenty-fold since 2003, Public Security Ministry report finds.

Yaniv Kubovich

BBC News, 12.11.2012

Criminologist to review watchdog's custody death inquiry

San Francisco Chronicle- Published 5:05 a.m., Monday, November 12, 2012, 13.11.2012

Prescription-Drug-Induced Violence Medicine's Best Kept Secret? (press release)- Tuesday, 13 November 2012, 9:30 am Press Release: University of Otago, 13.11.2012

Home visiting programme can dramatically reduce child abuse

University of Otago, Christchurch, study shows home visiting programme can dramatically reduce child abuse in the longer term.

Scientific American (blog)- November 12, 2012, 13.11.2012

Should Scientists and Engineers Resist Taking Military Money?

By John Horgan

Muncie Star Press 1:54 PM, Nov 11, 2012, 13.11.2012

Study tracks 6,561 prisoners after release

Unemployed, uneducated, young black male prisoners are more likely to go back to prison

Written by Seth Slabaugh

Wired (blog)-November 12, 2012 | 10:04 am, 13.11.2012

Symantec predicts cyber crime developments in 2013

By Bruce Sterling

Deerfield Review (blog)-, 13.11.2012

CeaseFire's effectiveness was questioned in 2007 by state auditor

Dave McKinney

Oklahoma Gazette, 13.11.2012

Killing fields

Metro police are baffled by an exceptionally bloody year in city homicides.

Jerry Bohnen

The Age November 14, 2012, 14.11.2012

Booze, drugs factor 'in most fatal pursuits'

Nino Bucci

EurekAlert! Public release date: 13-Nov-2012 National Academy of Sciences, 14.11.2012

Juvenile justice reforms should incorporate science of adolescent development

Concordia University November 13, 2012, 14.11.2012

Childhood abuse leads to poor adult health

Salon- Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 05:43 PM +0100, 14.11.2012

What makes a police department tough on immigration?

Study: Administrative issues, local politics account for harsh policing more than any crime or unemployment rate

By Natasha Lennard

The Keene Sentinel - Tuesday, November 13, 2012 12:15 pm, 14.11.2012

The end of the war on marijuana

The historic measure to regulate and tax marijuana in Washington State deserves to be looked at closely as a model of how legalization ought to be designed and implemented elsewhere in America.

By Roger A. Roffman, Tuesday 13 November 2012 13.30 GMT, 14.11.2012

America's roaring twentysomethings: how young voters won the culture wars

2012 saw historic support for pro-choice positions, gay marriage and marijuana legalization – thanks to liberal-leaning youth

Harry J Enten, 14.11.2012

Sao Paolo - Battle Ground Between Drug Lords And Police

New York Times (blog)-, 14.11.2012

End the Death Penalty in New Hampshire


The Independent, 14.11.2012

A thin blue line at the voting booths

The minister is upbeat, but low turnouts could derail the first police commissioner elections Nigel Morris, Andrew Grice Wednesday
io9-, 14.11.2012

In the UK? Grow pot? You can help science!

Annalee Newitz

BBC News, 14.11.2012

Police commissioner election: Neighbourhood Watch 'in dark'

A Neighbourhood Watch leader says its members have little idea what the new Police and Crime Commissioner role will involve.
Prospect (Großbritannien), 14.11.2012

Awed by authority

Tom Carver

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 15.11.2012

National Academies Report Says Teen Neurology Should Shape Juvenile Justice Reform Efforts

A new report from the National Research Council suggests that juvenile justice reform efforts should be grounded in the emerging understanding of adolescent development.

James Swift, 15.11.2012

Afghan police test country's fragile ethnic balance

Associated Press, 15.11.2012

Afghan police test country's fragile ethnic balance

Associated Press

Police Oracle, 15.11.2012

Revelations In Online Facial Recognition

Study shows free facial recognition search engines are as good as specialist options. Courtesy of - Gary Mason - Police Product Insight
CTV News-, 15.11.2012

Researchers to study scope of organ trafficking problem

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Medical and police authorities are launching a major international probe into the illegal trafficking in human organs for transplants, to help clamp down on the crime, one of the researchers said Thursday.
KTVL, 15.11.2012

Greek policeman arrested over immigrant muggings

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- A Greek policeman has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a series of armed robberies against immigrants in a racially tense part of central Athens.
New Statesman, 15.11.2012

Trust, turnout and the PCC elections

There's a difference between apathy and lack of interest when it comes to elections.

Ian Simpson

Minnesota Public Radio, 15.11.2012

Can teen brain development help explain juvenile crime?

Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology at Temple University, has spent his career studying adolescent brain development and his findings have led him to believe that our society needs to rethink the way we punish teenagers.
Huffington Post Posted, 15.11.2012

NYPD Insists Stop-And-Frisks Contributed To Record Low Homicide Rate Despite Evidence Otherwise

A new NYPD study shows New York City homicides for the year are on track to drop to a record low, with 20.5% fewer murders than the 448 at the same time last year.
National Post, 15.11.2012

From a Texas car wash, an argument for legalizing Canada’s prostitution trade

Jonathan Kay

University of Rochester, 15.11.2012

Dante Cicchetti Awarded $1M International Prize for Research on Child Development

openDemocracy, 15.11.2012

Femicide in Central America: is creating Female-Friendly Urban Zones really the solution?

Alex McAnarney

PR Leap, 16.11.2012

Instant Checkmate Launches Public Criminal Records Database

Las Vegas, Nevada
ABC Online, 16.11.2012

How child predators operate

By Samantha Turnbull Alstonville's Heartfelt House, which supports survivors of childhood sexual abuse, runs seminars to educate parents about the tactics of paedophiles
Delta Optimist, 16.11.2012

Legalizing marijuana opens the door to host of social problems

As part of the U.S. election last week, two states - Washington and Colorado - on state-wide ballots voted in favour of the legalization of marijuana that would make recreational use of the drug legal (although it is only a matter of time before the U.S. federal government steps in).

Jim Stimson, The Delta Optimist

The New Republic (USA),, 16.11.2012

How Human Rights Became our Ideology

Andrew J. Nathan

Daily Republic-Published, 16.11.2012

Study: SD’s 24/7 Sobriety Project cuts crime

In 6 years, program helps reduce repeat arrests for DUI and domestic violence.
The Economist, 17.11.2012

Bullets for hire

The business of private armies is not only growing, but changing shape
The Keene Sentinel, 17.11.2012

Give gun owners what they want

Daniel W. Webster

The Economist Print edition, 17.11.2012

Mean streets, revisited

Brazil’s biggest city is becoming more dangerous
The Union Leader, 17.11.2012

Shoplifting an age-old crime with modern-day upgrades


The Economist Print edition, 17.11.2012

Stress best

How surprises make you stronger Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder. By Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Random House; 519 pages; $30. Allen Lane; £25. Buy from,
The Economist Print edition, 17.11.2012

Battle ready?

It may be possible to “vaccinate” soldiers against the trauma of war
The Economist Print edition, 17.11.2012

Cleaning up

Heads start to roll in a Canadian corruption scandal. More may follow
MyBroadband, 17.11.2012

Social media: the new propaganda tool

Since the beginning of modern warfare, propaganda has been almost as important as weaponry and strategy in determining the outcome.
New York Times, 18.11.2012

Counting the Days Till Marijuana’s Legal


New York Times, 18.11.2012

Europe’s New Fascists


The Age-, 18.11.2012

The evil eye

How shall we know them? Abusers' psychology remains the same, but technology is making their menace more complex.

MercatorNet (blog), 18.11.2012

Early Childhood experts say genes hold clues to child abuse

William West

CounterPunch-, 18.11.2012

What’s the Point of Having Laws Against Torture if They Don’t Apply to the Powerful?


New York Times, 18.11.2012

Suit Contests Limits on Online Activities of Sex Offenders


The Spectator (UK),, 18.11.2012

Wole Soyinka: Boko Haram must be destroyed

Born in 1934 in Nigeria, Wole Soyinka is the author of more than twenty plays, ten volumes of poetry, two novels, seven collections of essays and five autobiographical works. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. He was the first black African man to win the prestigious prize
The Observer, 18.11.2012

The day I saw 248 girls suffering genital mutilation

In 2006, while in Indonesia and six months pregnant, Abigail Haworth became one of the few journalists ever to see young girls being 'circumcised'. Until now she has been unable to tell this shocking story

Abigail Haworth

New York Times, 18.11.2012

Our Hard Drives, Ourselves


openDemocracy (UK), 18.11.2012

The Coming Dictatorship of Britain

The UK's coalition government of Tories and Lib Dems is about to push through legislation creating secret courts that will protect the State at the whim of Ministers and the Secret Services. It is an outrage.

Anthony Barnett and David Davis MP

The Age, 19.11.2012

Police left to fill mental health gaps, 19.11.2012

Courts softer on criminals wearing suits


SPIEGEL ONLINE, 19.11.2012

'Martyrs for the Conservative Revolution'

Mass-Murderer Breivik Writes Neo-Nazi Zschäpe
Phys.Org-November, 19.11.2012

School exclusion policies contribute to educational failure, study shows

"Zero- tolerance" policies that rely heavily on suspensions and expulsions hinder teens who have been arrested from completing high school or pursuing a college degree, according to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin.
Public Service, 19.11.2012

People want to engage police on Facebook and Twitter

James Slessor

EurekAlert!, 19.11.2012

Alcohol provides protective effect, reduces mortality substantial

Injured patients were less likely to die in the hospital if they had alcohol in their blood, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health -- and the more alcohol, the more likely they were to survive.
Newswise Released, 19.11.2012

School Shootings Garner Headlines, but Bullying, Hate Crimes and Drug Use More Common

Statistically, school-age children run a greater risk of being injured or killed by someone they know than from a violent incident at school, but it’s school shootings that draw the most media attention. And more students are victims of bullying, cyber-bullying, gang activity, drug use and hate crimes than acts of violence on school grounds.
Newswise Released, 19.11.2012

School Exclusion Policies Stigmatize Arrested Teens and Contribute to Educational Failure

University of Texas at Austin sociologist finds school exclusion policies and lack of support from teachers contribute to high dropout rate among students who have been arrested., 19.11.2012

Yes, The Death Penalty is a Deterrent (in Prison)

Chris Leo

EurekAlert!, 20.11.2012

Impulsivity in first grade predicts problem gambling in late teen years for urban boys

Emergency Management, 20.11.2012

Mississippi Cops Share Data to Fight Crime

In Harrison County, Miss., cloud technology is connecting Sheriff’s Department officers with the criminal data they need to stay safe while on patrol.

Brian Heaton

EurekAlert!, 20.11.2012

Human obedience: The myth of blind conformity

American Friends of Tel Aviv University, 20.11.2012

Is Facebook a Factor in Psychotic Symptoms?

TAU researcher connects computer communications and psychosis
EurekAlert!, 20.11.2012

Rate of suicide by hanging/suffocation doubles in middle-aged men and women

Washington Times Tuesday, 20.11.2012

Tough sentences for cocaine abusers keep crime rates low

Safer communities secured by serious consequences

Robert B. Charles Posted, 21.11.2012

Mentally ill killers could face tougher road to release

Proposed Criminal Code changes expected to be rolled out Thursday
The Vancouver Sun, 21.11.2012

Study shows legalizing pot could earn billions for B.C.

UBC and SFU researchers find decriminalization would hobble organized crime and encourage less cannabis use

Bruce Constantineau

New Zealand Herald, 21.11.2012

Treated sex offenders less likely to reoffend - study

Kurt Bayer KurtBayerAPNZ

EurekAlert!, 21.11.2012

Deconstructing the redemptive power of 'bearing witness'

The experience of genocide as transmitted trauma may not be universal, according to new ethnographic research published in Current Anthropology.
ABC Online, 21.11.2012

An unholy mess: Addressing sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

Des Cahill ABC Religion and Ethics

The New York Review of Books, 22.11.2012

Freedom & Diversity: A Liberal Pentagram for Living Together

Timothy Garton Ash

The Age, 22.11.2012

Bystanders rarely object to racism: expert

Deborah Gough

New York Times, 22.11.2012

Ideas for Cutting Prison Spending, 22.11.2012

Women and the criminal justice system: what do the latest statistics show?

Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice today look at women and the Criminal Justice System.
Los Angeles, 22.11.2012

Cyber Corps program trains spies for the digital age

At the University of Tulsa school, students learn to write computer viruses, hack digital networks and mine data from broken cellphones. Many graduates head to the CIA or NSA.

Ken Dilanian

The Independent online, 22.11.2012

The future of war is looking bleak

Predictions based on population data suggest conflict will become increasingly rare

Daniel Howden

The Daily Telegraph, 22.11.2012

Criminologist Professor Paul Wilson accused of sex abuse

ONE of Australia's chief crime sleuths Professor Paul Wilson has been accused of sexually abusing two young girls 38 years ago.


BBC News, 22.11.2012

Biometrics cybersecurity research gets government cash

Zoe Kleinman Technology reporter

New York Times, 22.11.2012

A.D.H.D. Study Suggests Links Between Medication and Fewer Crimes

A large study suggests that people with serious attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are less likely to commit crimes when taking medication


James Cleverly AM, 22.11.2012

Metropolitan Police and Predictive Crime Mapping

James Cleverly

CBC, 22.11.2012

CBC Live Online: The New Digital Battleground

Lauren O'Neil

ITProPortal, 22.11.2012

Cyber-crime policing completely inadequate, says ex-Scotland Yard detective

Will Dalton

Huffington Post UK (blog), 22.11.2012

Why Blaming 'Asian Sex Gangs' Is the Real Disservice to the Victims

Myriam Francois

Biometric Update, 22.11.2012

History of Biometrics

Stephen Mayhew

Guardian Professional, 23.11.2012

Designing out crime: how good architecture can save money

Conran's design tricks can help cut community crime and help residents to feel safer

Lee Davies

Sydney Morning Herald, 23.11.2012

Teaching empathy to men could save lives

Play acting has proved suprisingly effective in fighting domestic violence.

Manjula O'Connor

The National Interest Online, 23.11.2012

The Changing Face of European Terrorism

John R. Schindler

Eurasia Review, 23.11.2012

Ajmal Kasab’s Execution: Why There Is No Reason To Celebrate

Swati Parashar

New York Times, 23.11.2012

An Ineffective Way to Fight Crime

The Economist (blog), 23.11.2012

"Impossible" to end drug trade, says Calderón

BBC News, 23.11.2012

Racism 'under-reported,' Race Council Cymru study finds

Racism in Wales is under-reported, according to a study by a race watchdog.
PS News - Edition 340F, 23.11.2012

Workplace toolkit for family violence

A new toolkit has been launched to help unions, employers and business groups support employees experiencing domestic violence.
The Economist (UK),, 24.11.2012

How to stop more

Questions persist a year after several neo-Nazi murders came to light
The Economist (UK),, 24.11.2012

The urge to smurf

When government gets greedy, some people turn to crime
The Economist (UK),, 24.11.2012

Once more to the gallows

A renewed, unwelcome enthusiasm for execution
Los Angeles Times, 24.11.2012

Military court to revisit statute criminalizing suicide attempts

Lawyers for Lazzaric T. Caldwell, a discharged Marine from Oceanside, will argue it is wrong for the military to punish troops whose mental problems cause them to attempt suicide.
Bend Bulletin, 25.11.2012

University’s cybersecurity program trains spies

Ken Dilanian

Huffington Post, 25.11.2012

Minimum Alcohol Price: Doubts Measures Will Cut Binge Drinking

New York Times, 25.11.2012

Juvenile Injustice

EurekAlert!, 25.11.2012

Fetal alcohol exposure affects brain structure in children

Hindustan Times, 25.11.2012

26/11 four years on: India's grand terror checks a no-show

Aloke Tikku

New York Times, 25.11.2012

Antigay Crime Remains Steady in Washington Despite Work of Special Unit


University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily, 25.11.2012

Report finds juvenile incarceration ineffective in preventing crime

National Research Council report suggests community service, rehabilitation decrease rate of future offenses
EurekAlert!, 26.11.2012

Did you see that? How could you miss it?

You may have received CPR training some time ago, but would you remember the proper technique in an emergency? Would you know what to do in the event of an earthquake or a fire? A new UCLA psychology study shows that people often do not recall things they have seen — or at least walked by — hundreds of times.
The Center for Public Integrity, 26.11.2012

Marijuana decriminalization law brings down juvenile arrests in California

Study says reduction in penalties meant fines, not jail, for young offenders

Susan Ferriss

The Independent, 26.11.2012

The sexual exploitation of children is a cause of far more criminality than most of us dare to imagine

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 26.11.2012

A thousand-piece puzzle

Side-by-side comparisons, rankings and isolated data aren't enough to answer the question of whether an area has enough law enforcers.
Spiked-, 26.11.2012

The invention of yet another form of abuse

A new report claiming that thousands of British children are being sexually exploited is built on alarmist moralising rather than hard facts.

Frank Furedi

Prevention Action, 26.11.2012

Physical exercise eases the symptoms of depression in children growing up in unsafe neighborhoods

The Grio, 26.11.2012

Study finds criminal records website uses racial profiling

Ugonna Okpalaoka

EurekAlert!, 27.11.2012

Early intervention prevents behavioral problems

EurekAlert!, 27.11.2012

Being bullied can cause trauma symptoms

This study of 963 children aged 14 and 15 in Norwegian schools found a high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among bullied pupils. These signs were seen in roughly 33 per cent of respondents who said they had been victims of bullying.
Hamilton Spectator, 27.11.2012

Waiting to inhale

Scott Thompson, 27.11.2012

Mediating the Effects of Child Abuse

Child abuse long term results affected by marriage and education
Jagran Post, 27.11.2012

Public washrooms making men stressful

EurekAlert!, 27.11.2012

Radiologic and physical findings identify elder abuse

CHICAGO – Radiologists in Toronto have begun to identify a pattern of injuries that may be indicative of elder abuse, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).
EurekAlert!, 27.11.2012

Reducing sibling rivalry in youth improves later health and well-being

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Sibling conflict represents parents' number one concern and complaint about family life, but a new prevention program -- designed and carried out by researchers at Penn State -- demonstrates that siblings of elementary-school age can learn to get along. In doing so, they can improve their future health and well-being., 27.11.2012

Program Attempts to Curb Gun Violence, Gangs in CT

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder came to New Haven to talk up a new community-based program, according to this press release.
Pro Bono Australia, 27.11.2012

Domestic Violence and Homelessness Links ‘Disturbing’ - Study

New research has linked domestic violence and homelessness.
EurekAlert!, 27.11.2012

Preventing posttraumatic stress disorder by facing trauma memories

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry
EurekAlert!, 27.11.2012

New test to help heavy drinkers reduce alcohol intake

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have developed a computer-based test that could help heavy drinkers reduce their alcohol consumption.
EurekAlert!, 28.11.2012

Family's economic situation influences brain function in children

Mobile neuroscience lab looks at differences in brain activity across social spectrum in Canada
University of Warwick, 28.11.2012

Attitudes towards security threats uncovered

SecurityNew research has revealed a significant gap between what the government claims are the biggest security threats facing the UK and the fears of the population
EurekAlert!, 28.11.2012

Attitudes towards security threats uncovered

SecurityNew research has revealed a significant gap between what the government claims are the biggest security threats facing the UK and the fears of the population.
EurekAlert!, 28.11.2012

Young adults more likely to smoke cannabis than drink before driving, 2011 CAMH Monitor survey shows

University of Nottingham, 28.11.2012

Research criticises young offenders' institution for gang-related violence

A youth offending facility in the East Midlands has been criticised in a new report for taking criminals from rival gangs in Leicester and Nottingham
Association for Psychological Science, 28.11.2012

Tight Times May Change Our Perceptions of Who ‘Belongs’

EurekAlert!, 28.11.2012

Treating cocaine dependence: A promising new pharmacotherapy

EurekAlert!, 28.11.2012

Cell phone addiction similar to compulsive buying and credit card misuse, according to Baylor study

Huffington Post UK, 28.11.2012

Minimum Alcohol Prices: Does Cheap Booze Mean Fewer Alcohol Deaths?

Jessica Elgot

New York Times, 28.11.2012

A Needless Charge for Prison Families

After nearly a decade of delay, the Federal Communications Commission is finally focusing on the private telephone companies that charge outrageously high rates for the calls that many of the nation’s 1.6 million prison inmates make to stay in contact with their families.
Phys.Org-, 28.11.2012

Research criticizes young offenders' institution for gang-related violence

Prevention Action, 28.11.2012

The outcomes are better, but is the program cost-effective?, 29.11.2012

Getting away with murder

Police today are solving fewer homicides than they did in the 1960s by Colby Cosh
BBC News, 29.11.2012

Who, What, Why: What happened to crime in New York City?

New York City recorded a day with no violent crime. When did Gotham get so safe?

Kate Dailey BBC News Magazine

New York Times (blog)-, 29.11.2012

A Life Dedicated to Pursuing Nazis, and Remembering Their Victims


EurekAlert!, 29.11.2012

When good service means bad behavior

Competition in smog-test industry can lead to corruption, USC Marshall study finds
Michigan State University, 29.11.2012

Homicide spreads like infectious disease

EurekAlert!, 29.11.2012

Working couples face greater odds of intimate partner violence

Washington University School of Medicine, 29.11.2012

As cigarette taxes go up, heavy smoking goes down

Jim Dryden

New Zealand Herald, 30.11.2012

Riot-free move to smoke ban surprises jails

Simon Collins

New York Times, 30.11.2012

Trying Juveniles


Scottish Daily Record, 30.11.2012

Scottish police forces launch major crackdown on domestic violence over festive period

New York Times, 30.11.2012

In Colorado, No Playbook for New Marijuana Law


Boston Herald, 30.11.2012

Partners commits $1M to school violence prevention effort

Ira Kantor

EurekAlert!, 30.11.2012

Latest volume of Crime and Justice series brings role of prosecutors into focus

EurekAlert!, 30.11.2012

Preventing 'Cyber Pearl Harbor'

Improving cyber attack detection through computer modeling
Phys.Org, 30.11.2012

Research finds patterns in dramatic drop in violence over the past millennium, 30.11.2012

How Much Shoplifting Costs You

Shoplifting may have led to a man's death outside a Lithonia Walmart, but how does the petty crime affect the average consumer?

Brande Poulnot

EU News, 30.11.2012

The European Crime Prevention network (EUCPN)

Reference: MEMO/12/925 Event Date: 30/11/2012