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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University, 01.02.2012

Social networking sites fuelling stalking, report warns

Social networking sites fuelling stalking, report warns Smartphones and social networking sites are making it much easier for stalkers to target victims, say charities.

Alexandra Topping

, 01.02.2012

In times of scandal, corporations are likely to use others' misconduct to justify their behavior

David Ruth, Rice University

MarketWatch (press release), 01.02.2012

Morpho Detection's Solutions Help U.K. Police Forces Identify Cash from Illegal Drug Activity

BBC News, 02.02.2012

Call to scrap prison visiting committee change

The Scottish Government has been urged to scrap plans to replace independent prison visiting committees, which have been in place since the 19th Century.
Open Democracy, 02.02.2012

Mother’s boys: conversations with the parents of Russia’s neo-Nazis

Olesya Gerasimenko

Business Insider, 02.02.2012

5 Terrifying Things You Should Know About Identity Theft

Brian Reed

MetroFocus (blog), 03.02.2012

In Policing the Police, How Does NYC Compare to Other Cities?

John Farley

SRU The Online Rocket, 03.02.2012

Study shows one in five women victims of rape

Will Deshong

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 03.02.2012

Politician Blasted for Support of Islamic Law

Does Sharia have a place in Germany? The interior minister of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate thinks it could, particularly in civil cases relating to marriage and divorce. But criticism of his comments has been fierce.
EurekAlert Public release, 03.02.2012

Making sense of addiction terminology

Journal of Psychopharmacology special issue on alcohol

Mithu Lucraft

Prevention Action, 03.02.2012

The research is fine, shame about the reporting

Academics and policy makers are increasingly calling for better evidence of what works in criminal justice. This has led to a focus on the randomized controlled trial (RCT).
Daily Beast, 03.02.2012

Why We Riot: How Fans Turned an Egypt Soccer Match into a Bloodbath

How does a nice day at the stadium turn into a run for your life in a riot? Psychologists believe sporting events provide the perfect storm for stampeding.

Jeff Wise

openDemocracy, 03.02.2012

Ahmadinejad, an anti-imperialist - really?

Soheil Asefi

New York Times (blog), 03.02.2012

On Violence in Hockey: Students Have Their Say


The Age, 04.02.2012

Child killer study finds diverse motives for men and women

London Free Press, 04.02.2012

Police should collect race-based data: Study

Canadian police departments should collect race-based crime data, two Ontario criminologists say.
Sydney Morning Herald, 04.02.2012

Police use disruption to keep lone wolves from the door

Strategies are changing because of difficulties in gathering evidence, writes Debra Jopson.

Debra Jopson

Sydney Morning Herald, 04.02.2012

Australia raising its own jihadists

THE face of terrorism has shifted dramatically in Australia since the start of the Iraq war and is now dominated by locally born violent jihadists willing to attack their fellow citizens. This is in line with a worldwide trend towards ''homegrown'' extremism, say counter-terrorism analysts and agencies.

Debra Jopson

The Economist (UK),, 04.02.2012

Straight but narrow

A debate about homosexuality in Islam is beginning. But in Muslim lands persecution—and hypocrisy—are still rife
Fayetteville Observer, 05.02.2012

When war comes home: Crime surge among veterans suggest some didn't leave horrors behind

Greg Barnes; Staff writer

CounterPunch, 05.02.2012

The Drug Police

Tod Mikuriya, MD, once paid a printer to make up stickers that said “Drug Police: Armed Clergy.” The message came to mind Jan. 24 when the New York Times ran a piece about Joe Paterno’s education at Brooklyn Prep, a Jesuit high school in Crown Heights (the ‘hood where I grew up). The article named these distinguished alumni of Brooklyn Prep: Joseph Califano, John Lawn, and Robert Bennett.


Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 05.02.2012

Effort seeks to avoid ID errors in criminal cases

Gary Craig

Appleton Post Crescent, 05.02.2012

In Wisconsin, crime doesn't pay - even for prosecutors

Jessie Van Berkel Post-Crescent staff writer

New York Times, 05.02.2012

Should Personal Data Be Personal?


Fast Company, 05.02.2012

Google Maps Help Predict Meth Labs Before They Open

The same maps that can help you find your way to the mall can help the police predict where meth labs will pop up next. Here's a look inside the strange, fascinating world of geospatial predictive analysis.

Neal Ungerleider

EurekAlert Public release, 06.02.2012

Children hospitalized at alarming rate due to abuse

Karen N. Peart

Sydney Morning Herald, 06.02.2012

Family links strong in Australian cells

FAMILY connections and friendships are at the core of the terrorist networks active in Australia over the past 12 years, a Monash University researcher has found.

Debra Jopson

Wall Street Journal, 06.02.2012

Earlier Nights in New Orleans?

With Nation's Highest Murder Rate, City May Expand Tighter Youth Curfew.


University of Texas at Dallas (press release), 06.02.2012

Prison Misconduct Findings Shed Light on Crowding Problem

Parolees Incarcerated for Technical Violations Found to Pose Low Safety Risk in UT Dallas Study
EurekAlert Public release date, 06.02.2012

Playing RFID tag with sheets of paper

MedPage Today, 06.02.2012

Program Puts Smackdown on Bullying

Reviewed by Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

John Gever

TIME, 06.02.2012

Why Spanking Doesn’t Work

A new analysis concludes that spanking fails to alter kids' behavior in the long term. What it does instead is amp up their aggression.

Bonnie Rochman

BBC News, 06.02.2012

Do cop shows tell the truth about policing?

Fictional TV cop shows are all many people know about the workings of policing. But how accurate are they

Giles Edwards

The New Yorker, 06.02.2012

The Story of a Suicide

Two college roommates, a webcam, and a Ian Parker Tyler Clementi, a gay Rutgers student, was electronically spied on by his roommate, Dharun Ravi, and Ravi’s friend Molly Wei.
The Independent, 07.02.2012

Calls for new anti-stalking law:

Help victims of stalking before they are harmed, inquiry urges

Paul Peachey, 07.02.2012

Speech therapy: When sorry seems to be the hardest word

Young offenders with communication problems and at risk of falling deeper into criminality are being given a voice

Rachel Pugh

Newswise — Released, 07.02.2012

Parents Blame Child Sex Abuse Victims More if Perpetrator is Another Youth

Parents are much more likely to blame and doubt their children when their child has been sexually abused by another adolescent instead of an adult, according to new research from the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire
London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 3, 07.02.2012

Europe at Bay

Jeremy Harding on migrants and the battle for borders
Science Network Western Australia, 07.02.2012

Nationwide study finds khat abuse within community

Chris Thomas

New York Times, 08.02.2012

Radical U.S. Muslims Little Threat, Study Says

WASHINGTON — A feared wave of homegrown terrorism by radicalized Muslim Americans has not materialized, with plots and arrests dropping sharply over the two years since an unusual peak in 2009, according to a new study by a North Carolina research group.


Prevention Action, 08.02.2012

Picking out the active ingredients

“Active ingredients” are the key elements of evidence-based programs. Without the active ingredients, the program may not deliver the same results in the real world as it did in the lab. But it’s not always easy to pick out which components are the essential ones., 09.02.2012

Cheaper, quicker and less daunting’ justice

Ministry of Justice: Individuals and businesses will find it cheaper, quicker and less daunting to resolve their disputes in civil courts, through new measures announced today.
Huffington Post, 09.02.2012

Victims Support Death Penalty Repeal in Connecticut

Andrea Lyon

Philadelphia Inquirer (blog), 09.02.2012

Is youth violence on the rise?

EurekAlert Public release, 09.02.2012

Potential for incorrect relationship identification in new forensic familial searching techniques

New research suggests that unrelated individuals may be mistakenly identified as genetic family members due to inaccurate genetic assumptions
EurekAlert Public release, 09.02.2012

Physically abused children report higher levels of psychosomatic symptoms

Researchers studied 2,510 children aged 10, 12 and 15
EurekAlert Public release, 09.02.2012

60 percent of Spanish adolescents state they do not take drugs and rarely drink alcohol

EurekAlert Public release, 09.02.2012

Digital photos could put kids at risk

Do geotagged photos posted online threaten children's safety?

Joanne Kuzma, 09.02.2012

The Met's gang raids are a PR stunt. Better the carrot than the stick

The police arresting 200 people will have less effect than their preventative and community work. But it spins so much better

Alan White

New York Times, 09.02.2012

Suspect in Officer’s Death Offers Account of Shooting


Guardian Professional, 09.02.2012

Crime prediction pilot to forecast Birmingham's burglary hot spots

West Midlands police to test modelling system designed to help force target burglars

Gill Hitchcock, 10.02.2012

Ministry of Justice reforms praised by leading think tank

The Ministry of Justice has been named as one of the top reforming government departments in 2011 according to a new analysis by the independent think tank Reform.
New York Times, 10.02.2012

Police Strike by Brazilians Makes Holiday Seem a Threat


The Crime Report, 10.02.2012

Move Over, Police?

Do private security forces hired by business owners and technologies such as anti-car theft Lojack systems have as much to do with America’s falling crime rates as “hot spot” policing?

John Sodaro

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 10.02.2012

Communities are Critical in Aiding Criminal Justice System, Experts Say

Ryan Schill, 10.02.2012

Where do all the stolen motorcycles go?

Bike thefts have dropped to about 22,000 per year, but at least half are never recovered.

Dr Ken German, 10.02.2012

All together now: Montaigne and the art of co-operation

Economic insecurity has rendered our social life brutally simple: 'us-against-them' coupled with 'you-are-on-your-own'. But the French essayist can inspire radical new forms of co-operation

Richard Sennett

The Economist, 11.02.2012

Dripping with blood

Too many disagreements in Pakistan are fatal
The Economist, 11.02.2012


Protests across Europe may kill an anti-piracy treaty
Montreal Gazette, 11.02.2012

And justice for youth … ?

ANALYSIS: Federal crime bill, C-10, will affect Quebec’s distinct approach to young offenders


New York Times, 11.02.2012

In a Mailbox: A Shared Gun, Just for the Asking


New York Times, 12.02.2012

More Young Inmates Attack One Another


The Observer, 12.02.2012

Axing of Forensic Science Service may lead to rise in miscarriages of justice, scientists warn

Conviction of David Bryant for child sex assault will be pioneering forensics team's last success

Robin McKie, 12.02.2012

Witness error: How mind tricks can put the innocent behind bars

Miranda Leitsinger

New York Times, 12.02.2012

Occupy Movement Regroups, Preparing for Its Next Phase


The Observer, 12.02.2012

Legal highs evade being banned as scientists run out of cash to test them

Funding cuts mean crime networks can flood Britain with new drugs

Jamie Doward

New York Times, 12.02.2012

A High-Tech War on Leaks


New York Times (blog), 12.02.2012

Inside China’s Greatest Mystery

If a novelist had made up Wang Lijun — a man described by acquaintances and the Chinese media as a charming, fedora-wearing, autopsy-performing, action-loving former head of police in the giant southwestern municipality of Chongqing — the writer might be accused of resorting to the worst kind of melodrama.


Childhood abuse may stunt growth of part of brain involved in emotions

Three key areas of the hippocampus in the brain were smaller in people who reported maltreatment in childhood

Alok Jha

Boston Globe, 13.02.2012

Spanking may worsen a child’s aggression

Deborah Kotz

Forbes - Washington, 13.02.2012

Detroit Picks Broken Theory To Fight Crime

Mark Bergen

MarketWatch (press release), 13.02.2012

New Crime Management System for the Norwegian National Police Directorate Being Developed by Accenture, 14.02.2012

'Losing' the world: American decline in perspective, part 1

US foreign policy 'experts' only ever provide an echo chamber for American imperial power. A longer, broader view is necessary

Noam Chomsky

Medical Xpress, 14.02.2012

Violent radicalisation better tackled with public health measures, say researchers

With a growing number of terrorist attacks being committed by ‘home-grown’ radicals, researchers at Queen Mary, University of London are proposing a totally new approach to preventing terrorism
Houston Chronicle (blog), 14.02.2012

Teen victims of dating violence often also victims of other kinds of abuse, 14.02.2012

Less prison, better prevention of crime

Spending money on crime prevention might prove a wiser investment than building more prisons, writes Australian Research Council Federation Fellow JOHN BRAITHWAITE.
New York Times (blog), 14.02.2012

Al Capone Gang Wages St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Huffington Post (blog), 14.02.2012

Las Vegas' New Mob Museum Tells An All-American Story, 14.02.2012

'Nobody cared, nobody did anything': The normalization of violence against Indigenous women

Audrey Huntley

Public Service -, 14.02.2012

Young people want to report crimes on Twitter

Prevention Action, 14.02.2012

Gun crime: Disarming perceptions

Over eighty years ago, the American sociologist W I Thomas stated that “if men [sic] define a situation as real, it is real in its consequences.” The fact that belief in something has as much effect as if it were true has since become a cornerstone of much social psychology and has been confirmed in numerous studies ranging from topics as different as the fear of crime to self-esteem and emotional relationships.
Penn State Live, 15.02.2012

Penn State strengthens academic programs related to child sexual abuse

EurekAlert Public release date, 15.02.2012

Neighborhood bar density linked to intimate partner violence-related visits to emergency department

Intimate partner violence (IPV) has been linked to heavy drinking, and alcohol outlet density to violence. •A new study looks at links between alcohol outlet densities and IPV-related Emergency Department (ED) visits. •Findings showed that bars are positively related to IPV-related ED visits, while there is no relationship between restaurant density and IPV-related ED visits.
Daily Northwestern - Published, 15.02.2012

Seniors work with police departments as a part of MMSS thesis

Police departments across the nation with more data than resources are reaching out to Northwestern students to help analyze crime statistics.

Stephanie Yang

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 15.02.2012

Studies the Impact of Emotion in the Juvenile Justice System

Ryan Schill

EurekAlert Public release, 15.02.2012

Strict parental rules about drinking can curb adolescent impulses to drink

Frequent drinking can establish changes in the processing of alcohol cues that can, in turn, facilitate renewed drinking unless the resulting impulse to drink is inhibited. •A new study has looked at the interaction between automatically activated approach tendencies and adolescent ability and motivation to inhibit and reflect upon drinking behaviors. •Results show that stricter parental rules about drinking are highly protective, especially for males.
National Academy of Sciences, 15.02.2012

Strained Relations Between NNSA and National Security Laboratories Threatens Quality of Science and Engineering Work, Says New Report

EurekAlert Public release, 15.02.2012

Mayo Clinic: Hospitalization of US underage drinkers common, costs $755 million a year

Prevention Action, 15.02.2012

Home-visitation programs can be an effective early-intervention strategy

Home visitation has become an increasingly popular prevention strategy due to its positive impact on a number of both child and parent outcomes. Furthermore, home-based interventions provide an opportunity to reach at-risk families.
Newswise, 15.02.2012

Study Posits a Theory of Moral Behavior

Why do some people behave morally while others do not? Sociologists at UC Riverside and CSU Northridge have developed a theory of the moral self that may help explain the ethical lapses in the banking, investment and mortgage-lending industries that nearly ruined the U.S. economy.
StarPhoenix, 16.02.2012

Researchers question effectiveness of high-tech police database of violence

Douglas Quan

University of Minnesota News Release, 16.02.2012

University of Minnesota researchers discover that cell phone hackers can track your physical location without your knowledge

Times Higher Education, 16.02.2012

Law and academy clash in the long shadow of the gun

Jon Marcus

PC Advisor, 16.02.2012

Cool cop tech: 5 new technologies helping police fight crime

Todd R. Weiss

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 16.02.2012

Policing Reform & Reforming Police

Andrew Exum & J. Dana Stuster

New York Times, 17.02.2012

For Punishment of Elder’s Misdeeds, Afghan Girl Pays the Price


techdirt, 17.02.2012

How Much Is Enough? We've Passed 15 'Anti-Piracy' Laws In The Last 30 Years

Enterprise News, 19.02.2012

OPINION: Anti-bully efforts could help avoid trauma later in life

Eureka Street, 19.02.2012

In defence of 'adults only' video games

The Federal Government last week introduced legislation to create an R18+ classification for computer games from the beginning of 2013.

Michael Mullins

Highbrow Magazine, 20.02.2012

Is New York City Really Safer Today?

Eugene Durante

EurekAlert, 20.02.2012

1 in 10 children face elevated risk of abuse, future PTSD, due to gender nonconformity

Le Monde diplomatique, 20.02.2012

The pirate nobody wants

The idea seems good: try pirates where they’ve been taken after capture. But the trial of a group of Somalis brought in at the conclusion of an army raid was a political show

Rémi Carayol -, 20.02.2012

Theresa May splits UK Border Agency in bid to kill immigration row

Ian Dunt, 20.02.2012

'Peer contagion' influences criminal recidivism among youth, study finds

Kim Fischer, 20.02.2012

It's official: crime is bad for your health

New findings highlight the health impacts of sustained criminality and could have urgent policy implications

Louise Tickle

Prevention Action, 20.02.2012

Preventing substance misuse offers only small steps forward

New York Times, 20.02.2012

Copyright Cheats Face the Music in France


New York Times (blog), 21.02.2012

Body Cameras Will Put Law Officers Under Scrutiny


New York Times (blog), 21.02.2012

Body Cameras Will Put Law Officers Under Scrutiny


BBC News, 21.02.2012

CCTV spending by councils 'was £515m in five years'

Councils across the UK spent more than £515m on CCTV systems between 2007 and 2011, according to campaign group Big Brother Watch.
Huffington Post, 21.02.2012

In Immigration Never Never Land; Anachronistic, Out of Touch

Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco and Carola Suarez-OrozcoCo

BBC News, 21.02.2012

Muslim hate crime phone line aims to help victims

A first UK helpline for victims of Islamophobia is being set up amid concerns that incidents are not being reported or properly categorised.
The Independent, 22.02.2012

Young disabled stay silent over hate crimes

Two in three physically or verbally abused, while 80 per cent lack faith in police to act

Sarah Cassidy

The New Republic (USA), 22.02.2012

The Increasingly Disturbing War Against Women’s Rights

Newswise, 22.02.2012

No Link Between the Death Penalty and Capital Crimes, Sociologists Find in Study of Trinidad and Tobago, 22.02.2012

Digging Into Biological, Environmental Roots of Antisocial Behavior

Rick Nauert PhDSenior News Editor Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

BBC News, 22.02.2012

Germany urged to end sex offender castration

German law sets out stringent conditions for carrying out surgical castration Continue reading the main story
Spiked, 22.02.2012

Who’s afraid of the big bad ‘lone wolf’?

ESSAY: Frank Furedi on how Western society’s panic about ‘lone-wolf terrorists’ ends up empowering sad individuals who want to do harm.
EurekAlert Public release, 22.02.2012

News coverage of alcohol's harm may sway support for liquor-control laws

EurekAlert Public, 22.02.2012

Fake drug sales are increasing on the Internet and turning up in legitimate supply

Major review contains wealth of international facts and figures
Michigan State University, 22.02.2012

Local cops on front lines against product counterfeiting

EurekAlert Public release, 22.02.2012

A new link between traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder

Philadelphia, PA, February 22, 2012 – Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are cardinal injuries associated with combat stress, and TBI increases the risk of PTSD development. The reasons for this correlation have been unknown, in part because physical traumas often occur in highly emotional situations.
Prevention Action, 22.02.2012

The fidelity patchwork

Researchers and practitioners can do more to ensure that psychosocial interventions are put into practice exactly as intended and without bias, a recent review claims. It highlights a “fidelity patchwork”: while most studies succeeded on several dimensions of fidelity and bias, almost none succeeded on all. In an investigation of 10 studies of interventions for youth with multiple mental health conditions, only one study was found to meet the measure of “high” fidelity.
Wall Street Journal, 23.02.2012

NYPD officer says precinct used illegal quotas

EurekAlert Public, 23.02.2012

Sam Houston State professor examines race and sentencing

HUNTSVILLE, TX (2/23/12) – A Sam Houston State University professor is working on a series of studies that examine the effects of race and ethnicity on state and federal sentencing outcomes, including incarceration and sentence length decisions., 23.02.2012

Underreporting of alcohol's role in crime and accidents decreases public support for liquor laws

Huffington Post, 23.02.2012

Stop the Cycle of Bullying

EurekAlert Public release, 23.02.2012

Experts recommend measures to reduce human error in fingerprint analysis

Surrey Now, 23.02.2012

Tories’ Crime Act deemed 'pure political theatre'

Head of criminology school says Tories used Act to 'herd electorate' in last election

Tom Zytaruk, Surrey Now

Prevention Action, 23.02.2012

Who benefits from “universal” programs?

Universal programs sound like a great idea. Make an intervention available to all, and you increase the political base to support it, make it simpler to implement, and remove the stigma of participation. So the argument goes. But despite their many advantages, universal programs may fail to reach the more disadvantaged – and may actually widen the gap between the haves and have-nots.
Sydney Morning Herald, 24.02.2012

Seeking to understand the inexplicable

Inexplicable. Shocking. Inconceivable. When a parent kills their child, the same adjectives are used again and again.
New York Times Magazine, 24.02.2012

Scott Ritter’s Other War


The Advocate, 24.02.2012

Program to reduce violence presented

New York Times, 24.02.2012

Germany’s Leader Apologizes for Police Handling of Neo-Nazi Killings


Huffington Post, 24.02.2012

Bribes part of everyday life in Putin's Russia


EurekAlert Public, 24.02.2012

In the genes, but which ones?

Earlier studies that linked specific genes to intelligence were largely wrong, Harvard researchers find, 24.02.2012

The dark side of the Big Society

Fraser Nelson

Prevention Action, 24.02.2012

Stuck in the middle

The plight of the “squeezed middle” – those on low and middle incomes who have been particularly hit by stagnant wages, rising prices and public spending cuts – was high on the agenda of the media and politicians last year. New research indicates, moreover, that this recent phenomenon may be set to have far-reaching consequences.
The Economist, 25.02.2012

Bobbies on the ballot

The most radical transformation of policing in decades has begun, 25.02.2012

Seattle Mayor calls on his state to legalize marijuana

Brad Schlesinger

New York Times, 25.02.2012

An iPhone That’s Cheaper, and Fake


The Economist, 25.02.2012

The Chicago way

Capital of corruption CHICAGO | ON MARCH 15th the former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, will start to serve a 14-year sentence for corruption in a federal low-security prison. In this part of America, he is treading a well-worn path. Over four decades, four governors (out of seven) have been convicted of corruption.
New York Times, 25.02.2012

An Academic Turns Grief Into a Crime-Fighting Tool


New York Times, 25.02.2012

An Academic Turns Grief Into a Crime-Fighting Tool


Daily Press, 25.02.2012

Alternative sentencing: What the research shows

Joe Lawlorjlawlor

The Age, 25.02.2012

Defusing the 'death by cop' time bomb

John Silvester

The Age, 25.02.2012

Defusing the 'death by cop' time bomb

John Silvester

BBC News, 26.02.2012

Afghan police officer sought over Kabul Nato killings

The shooting took place inside one of the highest security buildings in Kabul
Las Vegas Review - Journal, 26.02.2012

Review of Las Vegas police, shootings has begun

A team of consultants tasked with investigating Metropolitan Police Department shootings has paid its first visit to Las Vegas, met with officers and civilians , and received a slew of police reports.

Lawrence Mower

The Observer, 26.02.2012

Male rape charity's hard-hitting poster campaign targets Six Nations

Rugby-themed billboard urging victims to speak out given high profile at Twickenham Survivors UK’s campaign was prompted by figures suggesting that 8,500 men a year may be raped in London alone every year. Rugby fans heading through London's Waterloo station on their way to the England versus Wales game at Twickenham yesterday were the target of the first major advertising campaign by a male rape charity.
Boston Globe, 26.02.2012

Where American criminal justice went wrong

The book was written in a hurry. It had to be, because William Stuntz was dying, and the story he wanted to tell was long and complicated. It would be the Harvard Law School professor’s final major work, a sweeping indictment of the system he had been studying for 25 years.

Leon Neyfakh |

San Francisco Chronicle, 26.02.2012

Berkeley Law analyzes state's crime policy

Franklin E. Zimring

The Independent, 26.02.2012

Exclusive: A4e and a £200m back-to-work scandal

Accusations of fraud and widespread malpractice have prompted Commons watchdog to take tough action

Sarah Morrison, Jane Merrick

Eurasia Review -, 27.02.2012

Study Reveals “Suicide By Cop” Common Occurrence

A study in the Journal of Forensic Sciences examined the prevalence of the phenomenon of “Suicide by Cop” (SBC) among a large sample of officer-involved shootings. Results show that SBC occurs at extremely high rates, with 36 percent of all police shootings of suspects being categorized as SBC.

Jim Kouri

The Economist (Blogs), 27.02.2012

An insufficient olive branch


University of California - Riverside, 28.02.2012

Three-strikes Law Fails to Reduce Crime

UC Riverside analysis finds that decreased alcohol consumption is responsible for significant drop in crime nationwide, not tougher sentencing policies.

Bettye Miller

CorrectionsOne, 28.02.2012

Why we incarcerate: Punishment

In the first segment of this three part series, this article examines some of the research surrounding the primary reason we incarcerate those who violate our laws

Dr. Bruce Bayley

New York Times, 28.02.2012

Police Monitoring and a Climate of Fear


University of Warwick, 29.02.2012

Research finds bullies and victims three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts by age 11

Children involved in bullying – as both a victim and a bully – are three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts by the time they reach 11 years old, according to research from the University of Warwick.
Daily Democrat, 29.02.2012

Losses mount from scams targeting older Americans


Daily Dispatch Online, 29.02.2012

Germans shocked at E Cape police death rate

A GERMAN delegation of top police officers visiting the Eastern Cape said yesterday they were alarmed at the number of police officers dying while on duty in the province.
Ohio State University, 29.02.2012

Winning makes people more aggressive toward the defeated

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In this world, there are winners and losers – and, for your own safety, it is best to fear the winners.
MarketWatch (press release), 29.02.2012

Safer Way Award = Police Officer Recognition

National Organization Calls for 2012 Safer Way Award Nominees CHICO, Calif., Feb 29, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- It is time--time to honor police officers and law enforcement leaders worldwide who strive to keep our roads safer.
Wall Street Journal (blog), 29.02.2012

Economics Journal: The Unexpected Results of Voting in an Alleged Criminal

Newswise Released, 29.02.2012

Peer Contagion in Neighborhood Impacts Criminal Recidivism Among Youth

New research from Temple University found that the rate of recidivism among youth living nearby a juvenile's residence not only increases the likelihood that youth will re-offend, it can also cause teenage boys to "specialize" in certain types of crime., 29.02.2012

Sectarian killers thrive under legal system

Murtaza Haider

The Local - New York Times, 29.02.2012

Pot Busts Are Up — And Jeffries Pushes Decriminalization Bill

Low-level marijuana arrests in the 88th Precinct have nearly tripled — and fort Greene’s assemblyman said the numbers prove his point about the need for major drug reform.