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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Vanity Fair (USA),, 01.05.2012

The Camorra Never Sleeps

For years before they caught him, the Italian police had no idea that Paolo Di Lauro was one of Naples’s most powerful crime bosses, running a drug and counterfeit-goods empire—and responsible for a peace his turf had rarely known. Now authorities may long for the days when he was in charge.

ByWilliam Langewiesche

Michigan State University, 01.05.2012

Stun guns not safe for citizens, but benefit police, study finds

The use of stun guns by police significantly increases the chances of citizen injury, yet also protects the officers more than other restraint methods, according to the most comprehensive research to date into the safety of stun guns in a law enforcement setting.
EurekAlert Public, 01.05.2012

It takes a village to keep teens substance free

During high school the parents of teenagers' friends can have as much effect on the teens' substance use as their own parents, according to prevention researchers., 01.05.2012

Study reveals triggers for domestic homicide

A groundbreaking Griffith University study into why people kill their intimate partners has involved interviews with 200 convicted perpetrators.

Deborah Marshall

Brookings Institution, 01.05.2012

The Next Chapter of Global Jihad

New York Times, 02.05.2012

Armed With Data, Fighting More Than Crime

Government accountability systems don’t usually become global superstars, but CompStat did.


Huffington Post UK (blog), 02.05.2012

Keeping the Cybercriminals at Bay and Safeguarding Valuable Data

Newswise, 02.05.2012

Improved Drug Treatment for Prisoners Could Save Billions in Criminal Justice Costs

EurekAlert Public, 02.05.2012

Childhood emotional maltreatment causes troubled romantic relationships -- Ben-Gurion U. researchers

, 02.05.2012

Should addicts be sterilized?

Project Prevention has long paid poor, addicted women not to procreate. Now the far right is helping it go global

Jed Bickman

maisonneuve, 02.05.2012

The Death of Networks

Occupy and the Arab Spring are often glowingly compared to the decentralized, democratic internet. But that very similarity may have doomed these movements from the beginning.

Christopher Szabla

Christian Science Monitor, 02.05.2012

Trying youths as adults hurts families and taxpayers, but not crime

If a juvenile court decides today that accused Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane is competent to stand trial, he could become one of 250,000 youths prosecuted in adult criminal court every year. This practice harms young people, doesn't save taxpayers money, and doesn't reduce crime.

Liz Ryan

Science Network Western Australia, 02.05.2012

Juvenile offenders shown grisly reality of risk-taking behaviour

Aaron Fernandes

Belfast Telegraph, 02.05.2012

Action not just assurances vital to assuage OAP fears

After Bertie Acheson's murder, PSNI claims that crimes against the elderly are rare offer scant comfort to pensioners, says Patricia Donald
The Australian, 03.05.2012

Women more likely to plan spouse killing

Nathan Paull

Science News, 03.05.2012

Crime numbers may mislead

Criminologists argue for considering underreporting and other sources of error

Rachel Ehrenberg

EurekAlert Public, 03.05.2012

Defending the Statue of Liberty: Understanding militant responses to terrorism

The traditional Southern belief that men must defend their honor is alive and well but not just among men. A new study finds that both men and women in the Southern United States believe in responding aggressively – and sometimes in the extreme – to attacks on the nation.
Defense Systems, 03.05.2012

DOD gets help with cyber crime fighting effort

Defense Systems Staff

New York Times, 03.05.2012

Wireless Carriers Who Aid Police Are Asked for Data


The Guardian (blog), 04.05.2012

Response to drug problems hampered by government reforms, research shows

Report finds ability of public services to overcome addiction and break the cycle of illicit drug use and crime has been reduced

Helen Beck

Montreal Gazette, 04.05.2012

Science, memory and the law: Research chipping away at the credence we give to witness accounts

Hannah Hoag

ITWorld Canada, 04.05.2012

IBM packages crime-fighting, big data analytics

Security software will allow for rapid data collection, analysis and warehousing, IBM says

Michael Cooney

Huffington Post, 04.05.2012

HR 4970 Empowers Abusers, Not Victims

Michelle M. Ortiz Director

The Economist, 05.05.2012

Smart on crime

Why reforming criminal justice is now a Conservative issue
The Economist, 05.05.2012

Hide, but you can’t run

One year on, the story makes for a gripping read
The Economist, 05.05.2012

Dial M for muddle

Parliament takes aim at the Murdochs, and shoots itself
The Coeur d' Alene, 05.05.2012

A closer look at sex offenders


Occupational Health and Safety, 05.05.2012

Study Examines the Role of Intimate Partner Violence in Workplace Homicides among Women

Research reveals that intimate partner violence resulted in 142 homicides among women at work in the U.S. from 2003 to 2008, a figure which represents 22 percent of the 648 workplace homicides among women during the period.
The Economist, 05.05.2012

Betting zoo

The surprising longevity of the “animal game”
The Economist, 05.05.2012

After the fall

A sprawling congressional inquiry has politicians from all parties on edge
Brisbane Times, 06.05.2012

Violent games don't really beget violence


Youngstown Vindicator, 06.05.2012

Restorative justice does work

There is an enormous amount of money spent on keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe
TheChronicleHerald, 06.05.2012

Let’s just say no to the war on drugs


KESQ, 06.05.2012

The future is brighter than you think

Peter Diamandis

New York Times, 06.05.2012

Science and Truth: We’re All in It Together


Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 06.05.2012

More seniors fall prey to identity theft


Lawfare (blog), 06.05.2012

Hard National Security Choices 9/11 Arraignment #11: Nevin Questions Judge Pohl

The New Yorker, 07.05.2012

The man who started the hacker wars.

In the summer of 2007, Apple released the iPhone, in an exclusive partnership with A.T. & T. George Hotz, a seventeen-year-old from Glen Rock, New Jersey, was a T-Mobile subscriber. He wanted an iPhone, but he also wanted to make calls using his existing network, so he decided

David Kushner

The Guardian, 07.05.2012

Loss of funds sinks former pit village's 'big society' plans

Nottinghamshire scheme that helped cut crime and sparked community involvement falls victim to government cuts

Patrick Butler

Michigan State University Published, 07.05.2012

Peak risk about 16 years old for teens misusing prescription drugs

Medical Xpress, 07.05.2012

New study examines role of intimate partner violence in workplace homicides among U.S. women

New York Times, 07.05.2012

Cuomo Seeking New Agency to Police Care of Disabled


New York Times, 07.05.2012

Undercover Officers Under Strain, With No Clear Way Off the Beat


Medical Xpress, 07.05.2012

Study finds high rate of victimization among gays, lesbians and bisexuals

David Tenenbaum

Wall Street Journal, 07.05.2012

Taking Ideas On a Test Drive

Can the principles and methods used in scientific experiments be applied to business and social policy?


The Independent Monday, 07.05.2012

Robert Fisk: Arab Spring has washed the region's appalling racism out of the news

The Long View: Migrant workers from the subcontinent often live eight to a room in slums – even in oil-rich Kuwait
Japan Times, 08.05.2012

Low autopsy rate seen abetting murderers

Diet efforts mount to boost postmortems but staff, funds few
Boston Review, 08.05.2012

Much To Answer For

James Q. Wilson’s Legacy, Glenn C. Loury

EurekAlert Public, 08.05.2012

Are women with a history of violent experiences more likely to have risky sex?

Miriam Hospital study offers new insight on known link between exposure to violence and sexual risk-taking
EurekAlert, 08.05.2012

Casualties of war: Ex-armed forces service personnel in prison

University of Leicester criminologist presents research findings on May 9
EurekAlert, 08.05.2012

College men find steroids for better game less ethical than stimulants for better grades, study says

Misuse of prescription drugs seen as 'more necessary' for success, study finds
Phys.Org, 08.05.2012

Are all corporate wrongs criminal?

The increasing phenomenon of criminalising white-collar misconduct will be discussed at an upcoming workshop
IMIM (Hospital del Mar Research Institute) 08/05/2012 - Press release, 08.05.2012

Internet and new drugs: a challenge for Public Health

One of these new abused drugs is methoxetamine (MXE), sold as a “legal” alternative to ketamine
The Independent, 09.05.2012

How lives of countless victims were left in ruins

Jonathan Brown reports on a circle of abuse that grew and grew to incorporate dozens of men who are still at large today
BBC News, 09.05.2012

Grooming and race - what do we know?

There are contrasting views on the role played by race and culture in the trafficking and street grooming of young white girls by some men

Alexis Akwagyiram

News One, 09.05.2012

Professor: Many Blacks See Cops As ‘Killers Behind The Badge’

D.L. Chandler

Phys.Org, 09.05.2012

Researchers explore alternatives to reducing crime at high-crime locations

Dawn Fuller

Economic & Social Research, 09.05.2012

Experiences of migrant children: at home abroad

Schools, local councils and professionals need better guidance and training to work with migrant families from Eastern Europe and their children, according to new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)., 09.05.2012

Stop-and-frisk challenge: rights group uses NYPD data to claim racial bias

City says controversial tactic has kept guns off the streets, but NYCLU argues black and Latino residents are unfairly targeted
Chicago Tribune, 09.05.2012

Study finds NYPD frisks young black men too often

Chris Francescani, Reuters

Vancouver Sun, 09.05.2012

Indoor sex workers face less violence, exposure to HIV, says new Vancouver study


The Huffington Post UK, 09.05.2012

Unlocking The Mysteries Of The Tattoos Of The Dead

Alice E. Vincent

MarketWatch (press release), 09.05.2012

Beyond the Bully and the Bullied: Bullying Also Impacts the Mental Health of the "Bystanders"

The New York Review of Books, 10.05.2012

The White Plight

Andrew Hacker

Wall Street Journal online, 10.05.2012

Al Qaeda's Most Dangerous Franchise

It is from Yemen, not tribal Pakistan, that the group is most likely to strike America next. . By ALEXANDER MELEAGROU-HITCHENS AND PETER R. NEUMANN Mr. Meleagrou-Hitchens is a research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King's College in London. Mr. Neumann is a professor of security studies at King's College in London.
The Independent (blog), 10.05.2012

At Home with the Noonans: An insight into one of the country’s most notorious gangsters

David Wilson

Newswise, 10.05.2012

Anger: How to Recognize and Deal with a Common Emotion

Newswise — Seven questions for anger expert Howard Kassinove, PhD
New York Times, 10.05.2012

2 Opinions on Stop-and-Frisk Report


Standard-Examiner, 10.05.2012

WSU prof tracks eye movement to discern racial bias in suspect lineups

Nancy Van Valkenburg

NZ City, 10.05.2012

Revisiting high profile cases harms police

Boston magazine's Boston Daily, 10.05.2012

Welcome To Murder 3.0: Where Anyone on the Internet Can Witness a Crime

Christopher Piantedosi allegedly murdered his girlfriend. A kid on an iPad watched the whole time.

Chris Vogel, 10.05.2012

Cincinnati police revising Taser policy

In light of a recently released scientific study that shows the electronic Taser stun guns can cause cardiac arrest and death, the leader of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s largest police force announced today that the findings concern him and changes are coming to the department’s policy regarding the devices
Newswise, 10.05.2012

Psychology Professor's Research Focuses on Distracted Drivers

Alex Chaparro, director of Wichita State University's psychology department, studies drivers who multitask behind the wheel, especially drivers who try to text or call while driving.
Medscape Medical News, 10.05.2012

Screening Can Help Prevent Domestic Violence

Tinker Ready

Eurozine, 10.05.2012

Talking about my generation

Spaniards in their thirties have grown up in enviable circumstances: democracy, a generous state, material wellbeing. Now the crisis has returned them to a cruel reality: that they may have to live with less than their parents did. Whether they alter their expectations or try to stop the clock will be decisive, writes Ramón González Férriz

Ramón González Férriz

New York Times, 11.05.2012

U.S. v. Arpaio


New York Times (Blogs), 11.05.2012

In Black and White, a Gritty History of New York Crime


Open Democracy, 11.05.2012

Borders of punishments: criminology and migration control

Lea Sitkin

openDemocracy (UK),, 11.05.2012

Mob justice in Lithuania: who can stand up to the madding crowd?

Violeta Davoliūtė

Montreal Gazette, 11.05.2012

Bike thefts feed a vicious cycle

Eurozine, 11.05.2012

Raiders' state

Even Ukrainian cultural journals have become the target of "raiders" – shady groups working on behalf of powerful interests who use bogus property claims to close down businesses. The biggest raider of all is the Yanukovych government itself, says Mykola Riabchuk.

Mykola Riabchuk

Greek Reporter, 11.05.2012

More Than Half of Police Officers Voted For Neo-nazi Party

A. Papapostolou

Albany Times Union, 12.05.2012

Race, crime and punishment

Victim's relatives say race was a factor in case; others say the issue is much more complex

Paul Nelson, 12.05.2012

New Leading High Profile Speakers at the BORDERPOL Conference

The Cutting Edge, 12.05.2012

The Future of Mexico’s Drug Strategy

Manuel Corrales

The Missoulian - Posted, 12.05.2012

Sally Mauk column: Why men rape -- a conversation on the research

Police News, 12.05.2012

Secrets to Getting Police Grants

Denise Schlegel, 13.05.2012

London 2012 crowds to bring Olympic challenge for CCTV team

Security, congestion and sellers of fake merchandise among priorities, with 1 million extra people a day expected in city centre
The Platform, 13.05.2012

Asian Grooming in Perspective

Dr Muzammil Quraishi

Electronic Theatre, 13.05.2012

Videogames Found to Promote Cooperation not Aggression

New York Times, 13.05.2012

Mexican Violence Leaves Behind Trail of Doubts


New York Magazine, 13.05.2012

Château Sucker

Rare-wine collectors are savvy, competitive guys with a taste for impossible finds. The biggest hoax in history took place right under their noses.

Benjamin Wallace

New York Times, 13.05.2012

In Libya, the Captors Have Become the Captive


Maribyrnong Weekly, 14.05.2012

Alcohol a big factor in child harm, says study


Newswise — Released, 14.05.2012

Chicago Police Cameras More Effective When Clustered

Chicago's network of police cameras is more effective at reducing crime in high-crime areas than in low-crime areas, according to a new study.
ABC News, 14.05.2012

Your Deceased Relative Could be a Victim of Identity Theft


Civil Society Media, 14.05.2012

Big Lottery invests £25m to tackle first-time offending

ZDNet (blog), 14.05.2012

Windows malware: are you safer today than you were 10 years ago?

Ed Bott

Chesterfield Post, 14.05.2012

Undercover And Underage! Alcohol Purchase Tests Lead To Investigation

Two pubs in the Alfreton area are being investigated following an undercover test purchase operation by the police, council and trading standards
The Age, 14.05.2012

Warning of UK-style riots in alienated pockets of Melbourne Denise Ryan

Sydney Morning Herald, 14.05.2012

Alcohol a big factor in child harm, says study

CHILDREN are the victims of alcohol-related harm in more than a fifth of Australian households, a study has found, adding weight to calls for the price of alcohol sold in bottle shops to be increased to discourage high quantities being consumed in homes

Melissa Davey

The Atlantic Monthly, 14.05.2012

Yes, America, We Have Executed an Innocent Man

Carlos DeLuna was put to death in December 1989 for a murder in Corpus Christi. But he didn't commit the crime. Today, his case reminds us of the glaring flaws of capital punishment.

Andrew Cohen

Detroit Free Press, 15.05.2012

Guest commentary: Why the House version of the Violence Against Women Act is bad for women

Stephanie J. Nawyn, Hanna Brenner, Veronica T. Thronson and Cris Sullivan

Detroit Free Press 7, 15.05.2012

Save money and cut crime by investing in community programs to reform youths

Benny Napoleon, David Leyton, Catherine Garcia-Lindstrom and Gerald Cliff

Eureka! Science News Published, 15.05.2012

Female terrorists' bios belie stereotypes, study finds

EurekAlert, 15.05.2012

On-premise alcohol outlets have stronger links to crime than off-premise alcohol outlets

deathpenaltyinfo, 15.05.2012

INNOCENCE: New Evidence That Texas May Have Executed an Innocent Man

PC Advisor, 15.05.2012

Thwarted by security at enterprises, cyber criminals target SMBs

SMBs should focus on 'a risk-based approach to threat management,' says researcher

Taylor Armerding

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 15.05.2012

Young German Muslims Defend Right to Protest

Hubert Gude, Souad Mekhennet and Christoph Scheuermann

Police Oracle Date, 15.05.2012

Female Officers: 40 Per Cent 'Have Considered Leaving'

Worrying figures have revealed that around 40 per cent of women in the Police Service have either considered or are currently thinking about leaving.
89.3 KPCC -, 15.05.2012

Why do terrorists so often go for planes?

Corey Flintoff

MarketWatch / PR Newswire, 15.05.2012

New Study Shows Long-Term Effects of Drug Prevention

Smithsonian Magazine, 15.05.2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Protecting Women From Militant Islam

Even in democratic nations, mothers and daughters are held back from basic freedoms

Kathleen Burke

The Nation (Blog), 15.05.2012

The Criminalization of Rape Victims

Salamishah Tillet (Blog), 16.05.2012

Visualizing Criminal Networks to Help Police Solve Crime

EurekAlert, 16.05.2012

'Gaydar' automatic and more accurate for women's faces, psychologists find

EurekAlert, 16.05.2012

Children in US, Great Britain share risk factors for behavioral problems

New York Times, 17.05.2012

Trayvon Martin Case Shadowed by Series of Police Missteps


Education Times (India), 17.05.2012

Career in Forensic Science and Criminology

Have an inquisitive mind, adaptability and an eye for detail? Swati Salunkhe explains what goes into a career in forensic science and criminology
EurekAlert Public, 17.05.2012

Preventing post-traumatic stress

Rates of PTSD among soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are dramatically lower than predicted
British Psychological Society, 18.05.2012

Restorative justice: Using psychology to change the way offenders think

ScienceDaily, 18.05.2012

Emotionally Intelligent People Are Less Good at Spotting Liars

ZDNet (Blog), 18.05.2012

London police ‘hack’ suspects’ phones: A major blow to human rights

Summary: London’s police service will soon be allowed to ‘hack’ into phones of suspected criminals. This criminologist examines how dangerous this move is for ordinary citizens.

Zack Whittaker

Hufington Post Posted, 18.05.2012

Police Privatisation: Public 'Less Likely To Report Crime To Private Firm'

The public would be less likely to report a crime if a private firm was in charge of their personal data, a survey suggested today., 18.05.2012

How the poor are made to pay for their poverty

Even the government now has discovered that pauperising people who already have little can still be a profitable business

Barbara Ehrenreich

Game Politics, 18.05.2012

Research: Parents Can't Rely Solely on a Game's Rating

A new study out of Iowa State University, seemingly the nexus of anti-video game research, has found that children who play prosocial games are more inclined to be helpful while those who play violent games demonstrate more hurtful behaviors., 18.05.2012

Jamming Tripoli: Inside Moammar Gadhafi’s Secret Surveillance Network

Matthieu Aikins

The Economist print edition, 19.05.2012

Storm clouds with silver linings

A series of choreographed horrors belies an overall drop in killings
Baltimore Sun, 19.05.2012

Trees linked to less crime, research finds

Leafy blocks in city, county had fewer break-ins, shootings

Timothy B. Wheeler, 19.05.2012

Crime: the antidote is morality

Parents and schools are the only institutions that can help to reduce offences.

Alasdair Palmer

New Zealand Herald, 19.05.2012

'Innocent man' in jail 20 years

Phil Taylor

The Economist print edition, 19.05.2012

The challenges of “realignment”

America is home to almost one in four of the world’s prisoners. Now its largest state is embarking on reform
Glens Falls Post-Star -, 19.05.2012

State cracks down on doctors involved in insurance fraud


The Mirror, 19.05.2012

The man who ended the Krays' reign of fear: Sixties supergrass tells his story after 40 years on the run

Tom Pettifor

Globe and Mail, 19.05.2012

At last the whistle's been blown on the G20 carnival of police excess

Tabatha Southey

The Economist print edition, 19.05.2012

In the old days

An unsolved murder reveals the cruelty of pre-revolution China Midnight in Peking. By Paul French. Penguin; 260 pages; $26. Viking; £12.99.
Newsweek, 20.05.2012

'We Pretend the Vets Don't Exist', 20.05.2012

Dershowitz demolishes Zimmerman prosecution

After writing in the New York Daily News that murder charges should be dropped against George Zimmerman in the slaying of Trayvon Martin, liberal law professor and author Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox News to reiterate his disgust for Zimmerman’s prosecution by Florida State Attorney Angela Corey.

Dave Workman

The Province, 20.05.2012

Plea bargaining cuts riot charges

The suspected rioters who have pleaded guilty to participating in a riot have had charges related to l esser offences dropped during plea bargains between their defence lawyers and Crown prosecutors.

Susan Lazaruk

OpEdNews, 20.05.2012

Did Texas Execute Yet Another Innocent Man?

Mary Shaw

ScienceDaily, 20.05.2012

Soldiers Who Desecrate the Dead See Themselves as Hunters

Chronicle of Higher Education, 20.05.2012

The Unabomber's Pen Pal

Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber, writes to David Skrbina from prison.

Jeffrey R. Young

San Jose Mercury News Posted:, 20.05.2012

National study tracks number of people falsely convicted of crime

Tracey Kaplan

Toronto Star, 20.05.2012

Police under attack — the flip side of G20 misconduct

Josh Tapper, Staff Reporter

Christian Science Monitor, 21.05.2012

What causes wrongful convictions? Lies, mistaken eyewitnesses top the list.

Researchers examined 873 wrongful convictions and found that perjury or false accusations were responsible for more than half. New report offers insight into what leads to miscarriages of justice

Mike Eckel

The Age, 21.05.2012

When drugs meet crime

Being tough on criminals may be a vote-winner, but putting addicts behind bars only causes other problems

Julia May, 21.05.2012

Could Angry Birds lead to mass murder?

Attempts to link last year's Norway shootings to Call of Duty are spectacularly misguided. Moral panic about violent video games is based on prejudice, ignorance and the selective use of flawed research.

Martin Robbins

Law on the Web (blog), 21.05.2012

Police will be compelled to act against anti-social behaviour

James Daniels

Association for Psychological Science, 21.05.2012

Timing Can Affect Whether Women and Minorities Face Discrimination

Timing can affect whether females and minorities experience discrimination — says a study published today in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.
EurekAlert Public, 21.05.2012

Violent video games turning gamers into deadly shooters

Los Angeles, CA (May 21, 2012) Playing violent shooting video games can improve firing accuracy and influence players to aim for the head when using a real gun finds a new study in Communication Research, published by SAGE.
NPR, 21.05.2012

What Happens When Justice Fails?

Defense attorneys recently argued that the men convicted of a 1985 murder should be exonerated or given a new trial. Patrice Gaines reported on the crime, and had doubts about the police version. Years later, she re-investigated and talks about the case with host Michel Martin. Advisory: This segment may not be comfortable for some listeners.


UMSL Daily (blog), 21.05.2012

Crime mapping can lead to more effective law enforcement

Commentary is a regular UMSL Daily column written by members of the UMSL community.

TERRANCE J. TAYLOR, 21.05.2012

Plan to decrease New Orleans murder rate will be unveiled by Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Michelle Krupa, 21.05.2012

How America's death penalty murders innocents

The evidence is in: the US criminal justice system produces wrongful convictions on an industrial scale – with fatal results

David A Love

Toronto Star, 21.05.2012

Heads must roll in wake of G20 report

Re: G20 commanders committed misconduct, reports conclude, May 18
The Hill, 21.05.2012

OVERNIGHT TECH: Wyden: White House-backed cybersecurity bill sacrifices privacy

Brendan Sasso and Andrew Feinberg

WPTV -, 21.05.2012

Sleepwalking crimes: Many use sleepwalking as legitimate criminal defense

Wayne K. Roustan, Sun Sentinel

Detroit Free Press, 21.05.2012

Addressing the crisis of crime and urban terrorism in Detroit

Carl S. Taylor

The Narco News Bulletin, 21.05.2012

Professor’s Work Shows People Power Trumps Violence

Erica Chenoweth’s Research Is Taking the Bang out of Armed Struggles

Jenny Gustafsson

Pakistan Observer, 21.05.2012

Gender-dimensions, masculinity driving force for suicide bombers

University of Manchester, 22.05.2012

Government should widen laws to combat widespread labour abuse

The Government should act urgently to stop the widespread abuse of foreign workers, say crime experts at The University of Manchester, 22.05.2012

Important things missing from report on G20 policing

Krystalline Kraus

Association for Psychological Science PRESS RELEASE, 22.05.2012

Wrongful Convictions Can Be Reduced Through Science, But Tradeoffs Exist

WASHINGTON – Many of the wrongful convictions identified in a report this week hinged on a misidentified culprit — and a new report in a top journal on psychological science reveals the paradox of reforms in eyewitness identification procedure. In our efforts to make sure that good guys don’t get locked up, we could let more bad guys go.
Hamilton Spectator, 23.05.2012

Violent crime down in ACTION deployed neighbourhoods

Hamilton police say certain targeted neighbourhoods, including in the core downtown, are safer and are perceived to be safer than they were two years ago thanks to the ACTION team and community partners.
The New Yorker (USA),, 23.05.2012

The Yankee Comandante

A story of love, revolution, and betrayal.

David Grann

EurekAlert Public, 23.05.2012

British experts update addiction treatment guidelines

Fresh guidelines on the best methods to treat substance abuse and addiction
Oregon State University, 23.05.2012

Wearing two different hats: moral decisions may depend on the situation

CORVALLIS, Ore. – An individual’s sense of right or wrong may change depending on their activities at the time – and they may not be aware of their own shifting moral integrity — according to a new study looking at why people make ethical or unethical decisions.
New Scientist, 23.05.2012

A dirty twist on beating the prisoner's dilemma

Michael Marshall

Statesman Journal, 23.05.2012

Domestic violence stems from belief system, director says

Cara Pallone

EurekAlert Public, 24.05.2012

Distress of child war and sex abuse victims halved by new trauma intervention

A new psychological intervention has been shown to more than halve the trauma experienced by child victims of war, rape and sexual abuse.
Detroit Free Press, 24.05.2012

Brian Dickerson: Broken windows theory of community policing will get major test in Detroit

Three decades after he and his late colleague, James Q. Wilson, first described their "broken windows" theory of policing in a celebrated magazine article, criminologist George Kelling is bringing to Detroit their now-conventional wisdom about how to maintain law and order.
Police Oracle, 24.05.2012

PCC Research in USA Shows 'Conflict Likely'

Research into the relationship between Chief Constables and PCCs in America has produced 'convincing findings' for the UK to learn lessons from. Courtesy of - Nic Brunetti - Police Oracle
Stanford University - Stanford Report, 24.05.2012

Stanford psychologists examine how race affects juvenile sentencing

As the Supreme Court considers whether to further limit sentences given to juveniles, new research by Stanford psychologists shows how an offender's race shifts people's support for severe punishment

Brooke Donald

Morning Sentinel, 24.05.2012

Bin Laden understood: Terrorism doesn't work

Max Abrahms

Newswise, 24.05.2012

Dating, Drinking and Violence in Young Adult Lives

Little research has examined couple-level substance abuse within young adult romantic relationships. Jacquelyn Wiersma of the University of Arkansas is available to discuss her research into mate selection and risky behaviors.
Independent Online, 25.05.2012

Want an honest answer? SMS

Rob Waugh, 25.05.2012

NJ Muslims angry over NYPD surveillance findings

Samantha Henry

Independent Online, 25.05.2012

Little faith in cops’ ability to fight crime

SOUTH Africans seem to be losing faith in police officers tasked with protecting them from the onslaught of criminals and thugs

Karabo Seanego

San Francisco Chronicle (press release), 25.05.2012 Reports on the Current Crime Statistics in Sacramento, CA

The newest report provides statistics on property crime and violent crime in Sacramento. Numerous sources have been used to detail Sacramento crime rates as well as trends for 2012.
Huffington Post, 25.05.2012

Drone Lobbying Ramps Up Among Industry Manufacturers, Developers

Andrea Stone

Counsel & Heal, 26.05.2012

Race Affects Juvenile Sentencing

Counsel & Heal Staff Writer

New Zealand Herald, 26.05.2012

Drunk, stoned and criminal in Australia

New studies have shown clear links between crime and drugs and booze in Australia.

Greg Ansley

The Age, 26.05.2012

Counting the costs of drug prohibition

Jessica Irvine

New York Times, 26.05.2012

Police Officer in Alabama Is Arrested After Fires

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A Birmingham police officer with almost three years on the force has been arrested after a series of arsons in abandoned houses in the city and a suburb

KYLE WHITMIRE, 26.05.2012

A better border is possible

A more enlightened boundary could make us richer, save lives and even help rescue the Rust Belt. An expert explains

Katie Ryder

The Independent, 27.05.2012

Quarter of Britons would buy stolen goods, research shows

John Fahey, 27.05.2012

Peter James: how I hit back at my stalker - and Martin Amis

Best-selling crime novelist Peter James is seeking revenge - on his stalker and novelist Martin Amis.

Cole Moreton

The Argus, 28.05.2012

Asbo substitute 'could result in witch-hunts'

New measures to tackle antisocial behaviour could encourage witch-hunts, a top Brighton professor has warned., 28.05.2012

Give these overpaid CEOs asbos (that's Antisocial Business Orders)

They give their advice on how to run the country, yet, with their huge pay packages and 'efficient' tax affairs, they're increasingly remote from the rest of us

Aditya Chakrabortty

The Crime Report, 29.05.2012

Badge of (Dis)honor

Graham Kates

University of Nottingham, 29.05.2012

Child abandonment in Europe is neglected issue, say researchers

Telecompaper, 29.05.2012

Child abandonment in Europe is neglected issue, say researchers

Huffington Post UK/PA, 29.05.2012

British Woman Rachel D Pictured In Bali Jail Over £1.6m Cocaine Haul

A British woman facing the death penalty after being arrested in Bali on suspicion of being part of a million pound drug smuggling ring has been pictured at an Indonesian police station for the first time.
Ottawa Citizen, 29.05.2012

Census: Canada's aging population doesn't mean we're safer

Douglas Quan,

BBC News, 29.05.2012

Economic crime crackdown across London sees 93 arrests

New York Times, 29.05.2012

Public-Place Laws Tighten Rein on Sex Offenders

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Convicted sex offenders are barred from surfing at the famous pier in this Orange County city.


Medical Xpress, 29.05.2012

Use of stun guns increases injuries

The police use of stun guns increases the risk of injuries for those on the receiving end, but tends to increase officer safety, according to the most comprehensive study of such devices to date.
Cayman News Service, 29.05.2012

Communities key to crime reduction, says expert

Newswise, 29.05.2012

Three Percent of US Executions Since 1900 Were Botched

Of approximately 9,000 executions that took place from 1900 to 2011, 270 of them involved some problem, according to a study by Amherst College professor Austin Sarat, who created a database of all the “departures from the protocol of killing someone sentenced to death” in the past 111 years.
EurekAlert Public, 29.05.2012

Why do Scots die younger?

New research published in Public Health states political context may form underlying cause
Huffington Post, 29.05.2012

Books: Alex Grecian's The Yard Measures Up as Satisfying Mystery

Michael Giltz

New York Times, 29.05.2012

Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will


Inside Higher Ed, 30.05.2012

Puzzling Evidence

Scott McLemee

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 30.05.2012

Pitt group to study programs thwarting violence

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh will study anti-violence programs nationwide to determine which are most effective and what techniques could be a good fit for Pittsburgh.

Sadie Gurman

The Australian, 30.05.2012

Study highlights bullying in schools

ALMOST three quarters of year 9 schoolboys admit to "covert bullying", according to a world-first Australian study.
Newswise, 30.05.2012

Reported Child Abuse Claims Often Difficult to Prove

New York Times, 30.05.2012

Effects of Easing Laws

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho is co-coordinator of the Global Commission on Drug Policy and secretariat and director of the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian social service organization. Robert Muggah is the research director of Igarapé Institute and the principal of the SecDev Group
New York Times, 30.05.2012

Modify the Rules, Don’t Abandon the Fight

Alejandro Hope is a security policy analyst at IMCO and México Evalúa, two Mexican research organizations. He is a former intelligence officer and manages a blog on drugs and crime in Mexico and Latin America, Plata o Plomo
New York Times online, 30.05.2012

Drug Legalization Could Create More Crime

Viridiana Rios is a doctoral fellow at the Harvard Kennedy school whose most recent research has focused on understanding violence within Mexico's illegal drug industry
New York Times online, 30.05.2012

Regulate Drug Use, Don’t Criminalize It

Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance
New York Times online, 30.05.2012

Focus on Violent Gangs and Big Users

Mark A. R. Kleiman is professor of public policy at the U.C.L.A. Luskin School and the co-author of "Drugs and Drug Policy" and the forthcoming "Marijuana Legalization.''
EurekAlert Public, 30.05.2012

SHSU professor investigates trends for elderly and crime

Beth Kuhles

Reuters UK, 30.05.2012

Violent Arab ghetto shows Israel's seamy underside

The Nation June 18, 2012 edition, 30.05.2012

How Many Innocent People Have We Sent To Prison?

Liz Webster

New York Times online, 31.05.2012

Stop Outsourcing Our Drug Murders

Ernest Drucker is a professor emeritus in the department of family and social medicine and the Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a senior research associate and scholar in residence at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Guardian Professional, 31.05.2012

From Asbo to Crimbo: new powers to tackle noise and nuisance in practice

Antisocial behaviour experts Chris Grose and Helen Tucker review the latest government powers for social landlords

Liam Kelly

Sacramento Bee, 31.05.2012

Taking the Guesswork Out of Crime: Data and Analytics Play an Increasingly Important Role in Corporate Security

Newswise, 31.05.2012

Just Like Us: Immigrants Embrace "Distinctly American" Values

Deborah Schildkraut, associate professor of political science at Tufts University, finds that immigrants and their descendants embrace basic American values—the love of freedom, the desire for economic advancement, the promise of the American Dream— even as they celebrate and honor their own heritages.