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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Sacramento Bee, 01.07.2012

Sci-fi policing: predicting crime before it occurs


IDN-InDepthNews, 01.07.2012

Global Piracy Acquires a New Dimension

Taro Ichikawa, 01.07.2012

30 years after Brixton, what would Lord Scarman have made of the 2011 riots?

Failures of community engagement would have felt familiar, but the scale of trouble and the political context was quite different

Tim Newburn

Boston Globe, 01.07.2012

The economic toll of Islamic law

Timur Kuran’s provocative diagnosis of a region’s malaise – and a possible cure

Thanassis Cambanis

Boston Magazine, 01.07.2012

Almost a Psychopath

They're our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family members. We interact with them daily, even as they manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal, all without showing empathy or remorse. They're not quite psychopaths, but they're not quite right, either. Something about them is just a little bit off — and they can make our lives a living hell. In a new book, excerpted here, two local experts take us inside the world of these hidden predators.

Ronald Schouten, James Silver

Huffington Post UK (blog), 02.07.2012

Young People are Mostly Crime Averse

Kyle Treiber

PolicyMic -, 02.07.2012

Trans-National Drug Trafficking and Crime Impedes Sustainable Development

Nadia Mughal

Sydney Morning Herald, 02.07.2012

Blackmarket organ trade spreads among Europe's poor

Dan Bilefsky

Baylor University, 02.07.2012

Child Abuse and Foster Care Admissions Increase When Parents Use Methamphetamines (press release), 02.07.2012

Calls For New Approaches on Countering Appeal of Terrorism

At Seminar, UN Top Officials Call For New Approaches on Countering Appeal of Terrorism
MedPage, 02.07.2012

Spanking Kids Leads to Adult Mental Illnesses

Michael Smith, North American Correspondent

ScienceDaily, 02.07.2012

Uncontrollable Anger Prevalent Among U.S. Youth: Almost Two-Thirds Have History of Anger Attacks

Legal Week, 02.07.2012

SFO weighs up criminal prosecutions for LIBOR interest rate rigging

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is considering bringing criminal prosecutions against bankers involved in the LIBOR interest rate rigging scandal, it emerged today (2 July).

Friederike Heine

EurekAlert, 02.07.2012

Researchers find abuse during childhood may contribute to obesity in adulthood

Ohio State University, 02.07.2012

“Self-distancing” can help people calm aggressive reactions, study finds

EurekAlert, 02.07.2012

Viewing terrorist attacks on TV increases pain intensity -- Ben-Gurion U. researchers, 03.07.2012

The data detective

Uri Simonsohn explains how he uncovered wrongdoing in psychology research.

Ed Yong

Mancunian Matters, 03.07.2012

August riots 'could have been predicted' with new research, Manchester University team claim

Charlie Bennett

New York Times, 03.07.2012

Mexico’s Next Chapter


TechWeekEurope UK, 03.07.2012

Citadel Crime Malware To Disappear From Open Market

The developers of the Citadel Trojan have said they are planning to restrict its availability, according to RSA

Brian Prince eWEEK USA

EurekAlert, 03.07.2012

Exposure to violence has long-term stress effects among adolescents,, 03.07.2012

Fewer police officers doesn't necessarily mean a rise in crime

The relationship between crime and police numbers is complex. What matters is smart, preventative deployment of officers

Blair Gibbs

Knowledge Wharton Today, 03.07.2012

Protecting Your Data from a New Generation of Hackers

New York Times, 03.07.2012

Justice and ‘a Ray of Hope’ After 2002 India Riots


Rapid riot prosecutions more important than long sentences, says Keir Starmer

Director of public prosecutions challenges received wisdom that heavy sentences for rioters worked as an effective deterrence

Fiona Bawdon, Paul Lewis and Tim Newburn

New York Times -, 03.07.2012

Keep the Dictators Out of Malibu


New York Times, 03.07.2012

Keep the Dictators Out of Malibu


The New York Review of Books, 04.07.2012

Obama and Terror: The Hovering Questions

Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency by Daniel Klaidman Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 288 pp., $28.00 Power and Constraint: The Accountable Presidency after 9/11 by Jack Goldsmith Norton, 311 pp., $26.95

David Cole

Tackling terror in an Olympic city, 04.07.2012

Seven years on from the 7/7 bombings, Himaya Quasem examines the risk in the run-up to the London 2012 Games.

DutchNews., 04.07.2012

Police forces break privacy rules on security, access and time

Every police force in the country breaks the privacy rules on information about non-suspects to some extent, according to research by lobby group Bits of Freedom., 04.07.2012

How gun crime was investigated across Europe

EU investigators wanted a place to find answers quickly and efficiently about firearm crime Guardian Professional (press release), 04.07.2012

Crime Reduction Strategy Heading in the Right Direction

Wall Street Journal online, 04.07.2012

Cybercriminals Sniff Out Vulnerable Firms .

SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN (blog), 04.07.2012

Drones Hysteria & The Targeted Killing Programme

Matt Wahnsiedler, 04.07.2012

Riots report shows London needs to maintain police numbers, says mayor

Boris Johnson seizes on officers' concerns over impact of budget cuts on their ability to deal with future disturbances

Hélène Mulholland (press release), 04.07.2012

Office of Justice Programs Weekly News Brief

New Statesman -, 04.07.2012

Age of extremes: Mehdi Hasan and Maajid Nawaz debate

New Statesman, 04.07.2012

The long, slow death of innocence

Kris Maharaj has been in jail in Miami since 1986 for a double murder, yet all the evidence shows there is no way that he was the killer. What went wrong with American justice?

Clive Stafford Smith, 05.07.2012

Science takes the stand

Two legal rulings by the US Supreme Court last week will have significant implications for research into health-care outcomes and for how neuroscience is used in sentencing
New York Times, 05.07.2012

The Marijuana Arrest Problem, Continued (press release), 05.07.2012

Murder Rates in NZ - a seminar presentation

EurekAlert, 05.07.2012

Calling all truckers ... not!

Driver cellphone blocking technology could save lives
The Australian, 05.07.2012

Great moments in academic fraud

John Ross

New York Times, 05.07.2012

Guatemalans Used in Experiments Deserve Compensation


EurekAlert, 05.07.2012

Workplace bullying witnesses consider quitting more than the victims: UBC study

New University of British Columbia research reveals that workers who witness bullying can have a stronger urge to quit than those who experience it firsthand.
EurekAlert, 05.07.2012

Workplace bullying witnesses consider quitting more than the victims: UBC study

New University of British Columbia research reveals that workers who witness bullying can have a stronger urge to quit than those who experience it firsthand.
Christian Science Monitor -, 06.07.2012

'Stand your ground' loses ground

As defendant George Zimmerman tries to raise a $1 million bond in the case of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a new study suggests that ‘stand your ground’ laws aren’t a deterrent to crime and increase homicides.
EurekAlert, 06.07.2012

New Facebook app to detect pedophiles and criminals developed by Ben-Gurion U. researchers

BBC News, 06.07.2012

Saif al-Islam will not get fair trial in Libya, says lawyer

Lawyer Melinda Taylor says an impartial trial for Saif al-Islam in Libya is ''impossible''
openDemocracy, 06.07.2012

White male judges: the Supreme Court and judicial diversity

Geoffrey Bindman, 06.07.2012

Immigration and International Crime: Expert Danny Quintana Analyzes Trends, Policy and Solutions for these Complex Problems, 07.07.2012

Longer prison terms really do cut crime, study shows

Increasing sentences for burglary and fraud would lead to fewer offences, research for Civitas suggests

Toby Helm and Jamie Doward

Huffington Post (blog), 07.07.2012

Throwing a Lifeline to Youthful Offenders

Sheila R. Rule

The Economist, 07.07.2012

Living in black and white

How different races inhabit cities Segregation: A Global History of Divided Cities. By Carl Nightingale. University of Chicago Press; 517 pages; $35 and £22.50. Buy from,
The Economist, 07.07.2012


How Britain’s rate-fixing scandal might spread—and what to do about it
Newswise, 07.07.2012

Killing of Bin Laden Offers Insight into "The Business of Martyrdom"

The fact that bin Laden was killed by a team of highly trained soldiers - and not by a drone or bomb - spoiled the grand narrative of brave Muslim fighters vs. U.S. technology that bin Laden and al Qaeda had developed in their war against the United States.
Center for Research on Globalization, 07.07.2012

7/7 Conspiracy Theories and Connecting the Dots

Tom Secker

Huffington Post, 08.07.2012

CCTV and Big Brother

Bob Morgan

Times of India, 08.07.2012

Maoists use power of mind to combat police grilling

M P Prashanth, TNN |

New York Times, 08.07.2012

The British, at Least, Are Getting Tough

THE unfolding story of how Barclays — and, in all likelihood, other big banks — rigged interest rates is full of telling tidbits about the way Wall Street works. It also represents yet another teachable moment.


The Observer, 08.07.2012

Pharma overtakes arms industry to top the league of misbehaviour

GlaxoSmithKline's $3bn fine for mis-selling drugs in the US is the biggest ever handed down, but analysts say it is a drop in the ocean compared with the profits from medicines

Terry Macalister

Hickory Daily Record, 08.07.2012

Kyle Treiber: Morganton native, Cambridge scholar

New York Daily News, 08.07.2012

With 'InvestiDate,' author Maria Coder helps daters discover the truth about the people they've started seeing

New York Times, 08.07.2012

The Drone Zone


Herald Scotland, 08.07.2012

My friend Ian Brady

Le Monde Dipomatique, 09.07.2012

Mexico’s other government

Mexico’s general election takes place in a climate of countrywide terror and violence blamed on incumbent president Felipe Calderón and his war on drugs. Yet the trouble really began when Mexico finally democratised in the 2000 election by Jean-François Boyer
Sydney Morning Herald, 09.07.2012

Criminals buying legal details for frauds: report

Dan Oakes

eGov monitor, 09.07.2012

Spending Cuts will see frontline police numbers drop by almost 6000 by 2015

ZDNet, 09.07.2012

The internet will never be secure: Sourcefire

Summary: Securing the internet is impossible, unless you make fundamental changes to its structure, but then it won't be the same, according to a Sourcefire researcher.

Michael Lee, 09.07.2012

Hundreds of thousands lose web access

The ‘DNS Changer’ virus today caused approximately 350,000 computers to lose web access.

Matt Warman

University at Buffalo, 09.07.2012

Police Officer Stress Creates Significant Health Risks Compared to General Population, Study Finds

Landmark study of police officers in Buffalo, N.Y., reveals increased incidence of chronic disease, finds suicides higher among those still working
University of California, 09.07.2012

UC Davis study finds stray-bullet shootings frequently harm women and children

openDemocracy, 09.07.2012

How Chicago said yes to pot

Charles Shaw

openDemocracy, 09.07.2012

A quiet revolution: drug decriminalisation policies in practice across the globe

Charles Shaw,, 09.07.2012

Singapore scraps mandatory death penalty for drug couriers

Judges will have discretion to impose life sentences in some cases
TIME, 09.07.2012

LIBOR Scandal: The Crime of the Century?

The latest interest-rate-fixing LIBOR scandal is being heralded as the most egregious in a generation

Christopher Matthews, 09.07.2012

A Look at Subjective and Objective Classification”

Adrian Smith

Inside Higher Ed, 09.07.2012

Confidentiality Right Rejected

Scott Jaschik

Iowa State University of Science and Technology, 09.07.2012

New Gentile study on media violence and kids could have applications on school bullying

Mother Jones, 09.07.2012

The Nation's Crime-Fighting Consumer Watchdog Is Off And Running

Andy Kroll

The Commentator, 09.07.2012

Ask Louise Mensch MP: Is "Give Drugs a Chance" a sell out, or is it realism?

Prevention Action, 09.07.2012

Prevention science – All is revealed

Prevention science is a relatively young field that has developed rapidly over the last 40 years. In 2005 the Society for Prevention Research commissioned a taskforce to develop a definition of prevention science and set out specific training needs for future prevention researchers. The resulting report, Standards of Knowledge for the Science of Prevention, offers an insight into who prevention scientists are and what they do.
Le Monde Dipomatique, 10.07.2012

Norway’s day of reckoning

Anders Behring Breivik’s trial has ended, a year after the mass killings that shocked Norway. The country’s prosperity masks a growing social inequality that has allowed the anti-immigrant populist right to harness the frustrations of those who feel they have been left behind

Remi Nilsen

The Japan Times, 10.07.2012

Japan's battered men suffer abuse in silence

Equality bureau turns a blind eye as growing ranks of husbands claim mistreatment at the hands of their wives


EurekAlert, 10.07.2012

Dangerous caregivers for elderly

Agencies place unqualified, possibly criminal caregivers in homes of vulnerable seniors
University of Washington, 10.07.2012

Multiracial youths show similar vulnerability to peer pressure as whites

Molly McElroy

Office of Naval Research, 10.07.2012

ONR Sensor and Software Suite Hunts Down More Than 600 Suspect Boats

The Huffington Post, 10.07.2012

Sexual Exploitation Victims Should Not Be Criminalised, Howard League Report Says

Sexually exploited girls commit crime as a cry for help and should not be prosecuted, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Dina Rickman

EurekAlert, 11.07.2012

OxyContin formula change has many abusers switching to heroin

EurekAlert, 11.07.2012

Eye movement direction not correlated with lying

Info4Security, 11.07.2012

Anti-cyber crime strategy goes online

A new international plan to tackle cyber crime has been launched at Queen’s University in Belfast
WWL First News, 11.07.2012

Survey: NOPD cops dissatisfied

Dave Cohen Reporting

EurekAlert, 11.07.2012

Middle-aged women who were child abuse victims at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes

Physical abuse may lead to poor heart health decades later, study finds
EurekAlert, 11.07.2012

Identifying risky behaviors: The key to HIV prevention

Special issue of AIDS and Behavior looks at the latest behavioral interventions research ahead of XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC
Washington Post, 11.07.2012

Study shows that Sept. 11 was by far the most impactful event people remember on TV

Sydney Morning Herald, 12.07.2012

Time to end the violence

BBC News, 12.07.2012

Mental health concern over crime victims

40% of people treated for violence-related injuries suffer mental health issues, says the professor
Huffington Post, 12.07.2012

Child Victims Are Seen as Criminals

News One, 12.07.2012

Criminal Attorney On Police Brutality: ‘Many Officers Are Thugs With Badges’

Kirsten West Savali

The Irish Times, 12.07.2012

Memory ploughs up the past

Research shows us what we think is total recall may be a mass of distortion. Never forget


ScienceDaily, 12.07.2012

Inexperienced Video Gamers Show Macbeth Effect

Science Daily (press release), 12.07.2012

Psychologists Discover Links Between Angry Thoughts and Displaced Aggression in Male Gang Affiliates

The Cutting Edge, 12.07.2012

ray-Bullet Shootings Frequently Harm Women and Children

Carole Gan, UC Davis

Los Angeles Times, 12.07.2012

Stop bullying the 'soft' sciences

BBC News, 12.07.2012

Law enforcement chiefs strongly back new 'web snooping' powers

Ed Lowther

The Atlantic, 12.07.2012

Study of the Day: 6 Million U.S. Teens Live With Uncontrollable Anger

Hans Villarica

Prevention Action, 12.07.2012

No easy wins

Twenty-eight per cent of families with young children in Britain – amounting to an estimated 192,000 children under the age of one – face two or more “risks,” such as parental drug or alcohol misuse, unemployment or mental ill health, suggests a new analysis of national data which looks at the prevalence of those factors.
EurekAlert, 13.07.2012

Randomized trial finds counseling program reduces youth violence, improves school engagement

Los Angeles Times, 13.07.2012

Study's findings won't put an end to debate over spanking

Research suggests kids who are physically punished are more likely to develop emotional problems. But the issue is not that clear-cut for most parents

Sandy Banks

BBC News, 13.07.2012

Is racism a grassroots football issue?

Gerry Holt

New York Times, 13.07.2012

More Records Released in Trayvon Martin Case


Deutsche Welle, 13.07.2012

The war on drugs: Peña Nieto's Herculean task

ABC Action News, 13.07.2012

Study: 'Stand your ground' laws don't deter crime, may lead to more murders


TV Violence One Factor to Predict Aggression

Janice Wood Associate News Editor

Sydney Morning Herald, 13.07.2012

One million credit card crimes

Eric Johnston

New York Times, 13.07.2012

In Report, Failures Throughout Penn State


BBC News, 13.07.2012

North Wales Police to trial neighbourhood justice panels

After the England riots of August 2011, courts opened on weekends and for longer hours Continue reading the main story
New York Times, 13.07.2012

U.S. Pursuing a Middleman in Web Piracy


Science 2.0, 14.07.2012

Figuring Out The Mind Of The Psychopath - Or Not

Medical News, 14.07.2012

One In Four Disabled Children Likely To Be Victims Of Violence

Zee News, 14.07.2012

Counselling program reduces youth violence

Washington: A new study provides rigorous scientific evidence that a violence reduction program succeeded in creating a sizable decline in violent crime arrests among youth who participated in group counselling and mentoring.
New York Times, 14.07.2012

Return of Debtors’ Prisons

The Washington Times, 15.07.2012

D.C. cop benched in probe of threat

Andrea Noble

Politic365, 15.07.2012

2.5 Million Behind Bars: For Profit Prisons on the Rise in the U.S.

Larry Miller,

The Independent, 15.07.2012

One in 10 prisoners is a former soldier, new research reveals

Genevieve Roberts

New York Times, 15.07.2012

Postville, Iowa, Is Up for Grabs

Around 10 on a clear May morning in 2008, two black helicopters circled over Postville, Iowa, a town of two square miles and fewer than 3,000 residents. Then a line of S.U.V.’s drove past Postville’s main street and its worn brick storefronts. More than 10 white buses with darkened windows and the words “Homeland Security” on their sides were on their way to the other side of town. Postville’s four-man police force had no forewarning of what was about to happen. Neither did the mayor.


The Independent, 16.07.2012

College of policing to be set up

A college of policing will be set up to improve standards and professionalism among officers, the Government said today

Wesley Johnson, 16.07.2012

Longer prison sentences are not the way to cut crime

Contrary to the claims of Civitas, prison is not the right place to rehabilitate the vast majority of offenders

Paul McDowell, 16.07.2012

London riots will happen again

Another trigger event is all it will take for a repeat of the riots that plagued London and other cities across the country last summer, according to an expert from Royal Holloway, University of London.
Haaretz, 16.07.2012

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely writes charmingly about what makes us tell lies, but his book creates conceptual confusion by lumping together several

Stuart P. Green

The Fiscal Times, 16.07.2012

A New Way to Reduce the High Cost of Youth Violence


News & Observer, 16.07.2012

Policing mistake

Nancy MacLean

CorrectionsOne, 16.07.2012

Why we incarcerate: Rehabilitation

The distinction between treatment and rehabilitation is often so vague that it sometimes leads to confusion

Dr. Bruce Bayley

Michigan State University, 16.07.2012

Asians reluctant to seek help for domestic violence

The Nation (USA), 16.07.2012

How the US Rendered, Tortured and Discarded One Innocent Man

Clara Gutteridge

New York Times Blogs, 17.07.2012

Look to Past to See Folly of Aggressive Relations

John A. Eterno, a retired New York City police captain, is a professor of criminal justice at Molloy College and a co-author of “The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation.”
New York Times Blogs, 17.07.2012

Focused on Numbers, but Not Ones That Count

Robert Gangi is the director the Police Reform Organizing Project at the Urban Justice Center.
New York Times Blogs, 17.07.2012

Community Involvement Stops Crime

Donnel Baird grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and spent several years as a community organizer in Brownsville. He is a student at the Columbia Business School, an Echoing Green fellow and an entrepreneur in residence at Jalia Ventures.
New York Times Blogs -, 17.07.2012

Don’t Antagonize Those Who Could Help

Paul Butler is a law professor at Georgetown University and a former United States Department of Justice prosecutor. He is the author of "Let’s Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice.''
New York Times Blogs, 17.07.2012

To See Its Value, See How Crime Rose Elsewhere

Heather Mac Donald is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the author of "Are Cops Racist?"
New York Times Blogs, 17.07.2012

Stop and Frisk Has Lowered Crime in Other Cities

Dennis C. Smith is a professor of public policy at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. He has been a paid consultant for the New York Police Department in litigation involving stop and frisk.
American Friends of Tel Aviv University, 17.07.2012

Anti-Semitic Violence Down 27%, But Harassment is on the Rise

TAU's Kantor Center warns non-violent abuse is escalating world-wide
EurekAlert, 17.07.2012

Punishment motivated by fairness, not revenge

Researchers at UCL and Harvard have found that we punish cheats only when they end up better off than us, in a study that challenges the notion that punishment is motivated by revenge.
EurekAlert, 17.07.2012

Expert panel calls for new research approach to prevent youth violence

Recommendations published in a supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Purdue University, 17.07.2012

Study: Children abused by parents face increased cancer risk

Forbes, 17.07.2012

Putting Techno-Panics in Perspective

Larry Magid

RegBlog (blog), 17.07.2012

James Q. Wilson and Evidence-Based Government

Lawrence W. Sherman, 17.07.2012

Study: WikiLeaked Data Can Predict Insurgent Attacks

Robert Beckhusen, 17.07.2012

Convicted Murderer Hans Reiser Ordered to Pay His Kids $60 million

A California jury on Tuesday found Hans Reiser financially liable for killing his wife, Nina, four years ago, ordering the imprisoned Linux guru to pay the couple’s two children $60 million.

David Kravets

New York Times, 17.07.2012

Mental Illness Cited in Challenge to Terror Case


ICIJ, 17.07.2012

Human Corpses are Prize in Global Drive for Profits

Kate Willson, Vlad Lavrov, Martina Keller, Thomas Maier and Gerard Ryle

University of Iowa, 18.07.2012

Police need sleep for health, performance

UI study finds risks associated with shift work in law enforcement
EurekAlert, 18.07.2012

Sleep deprivation may reduce risk of PTSD according to Ben-Gurion U. researchers

EurekAlert, 18.07.2012

Social identification, not obedience, might motivate unspeakable acts

Prevention Action, 18.07.2012

Inspiration from a decade of developments in prevention science

Macleans., 18.07.2012

Do we have any idea why people are shooting each other?

Aaron Wherry

Ottawa Citizen, 18.07.2012

There are no easy solutions to gun crime

Stephen Maher

New York Times, 18.07.2012

In India, Using Sex Crimes to Rein in Women


ICIJ, 18.07.2012

Body Brokers Leave Trail of Questions, Corruption

Kate Willson, Vlad Lavrov, Martina Keller and Michael Hudson

London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 14, 19.07.2012

i could’ve sold to russia or china

The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story of the Suspect Behind the Largest Security Breach in US History by Chase Madar
Newswise, 19.07.2012

The Foreigner with a Gun

American University professor’s research looks at media portrayals of ethnic terrorists and mass shooters.
New Scientist, 19.07.2012

No charges to be brought over climategate hack

Michael Marshall

The Guardian, 19.07.2012

'Warehouse' prisons falling short of Kenneth Clarke's rehabilitation pledge

Prisons and probation chief inspectors say jails still failing to tackle entrenched attitudes of sex offenders and other criminals

Alan Travis

The Atlantic Cities, 19.07.2012

How the Cutting Edge in Crowdsourced Crime Fighting Could Do More Harm Than Good

Emily Badger

Otago Daily Times, 19.07.2012

Schools and youth offending

Andrew Becroft

BBC News, 19.07.2012

Crime data: Homicide rate at 30-year low in England and Wales

Wall Street Journal (blog), 19.07.2012

No More Tolerance For Alcohol-fuelled Crime

Jaeyeon Woo

EurekAlert, 19.07.2012

Elder abuse affects Latinos disproportionately

40 percent of low-income Latino elders report abuse or neglect in last year, but fewer than 2 percent have reported abuse to authorities, study reveals
Truth-Out, 19.07.2012

The True Costs of Mass Incarceration

Theresa Riley, Moyers & Company

SYS-CON Media, 19.07.2012

Cybersecurity the Agile Architecture Way

ICIJ, 19.07.2012

Abusing the 'Gift' of Tissue Donation

Kate Willson

ICIJ, 19.07.2012

Traceability Elusive in Global Trade of Human Parts

Kate Willson and Mar Cabra

Medical Daily, 20.07.2012

Scientists Reveal How Your Afternoon Tea Can Protect You in a Terrorist Attack

A simple cup of tea could be the next secret weapon against terrorism, scientists have revealed.

Christine Hsu

Medical Xpress, 20.07.2012

Don't be afraid to talk to your kids about Colorado killings

Amanda Gardner

defpro, 20.07.2012

Keeping America Secure: The Science Supporting the Development of Threat Detection Technologies

Written testimony of Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Acting Director Dr. Huban Gowadia for a House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology hearing
Foreign Policy (blog), 20.07.2012

Sharing is caring: Containing terrorism in South Asia

Stephen Tankel Share

InformationWeek, 20.07.2012

Police Make Wide Use Of Social Tools

Majority of law enforcement professionals turn to Facebook and YouTube to aid their investigations, research shows.
Derby Telegraph, 20.07.2012

'Working together the key to cutting back on crime and reoffending'

ORGANISATIONS across the city need to "work in partnership" to ensure fewer young people commit crimes and the risk of reoffending is reduced.
Wall Street Journal online, 20.07.2012

The Real Story of Chicago's Bloody Summer

The city has seen nearly 300 killings this year, but over two decades its rate of violent crime has dropped 50%.


BBC News, 20.07.2012

Cybercriminals in developing nations targeted

Cybercriminals in developing nations are being targeted in a new effort to combat the illegal activity., 20.07.2012

Bare-faced bankers should be treated as criminals: prosecuted and imprisoned

The money laundering scandal at HSBC signals that it is time to crack down hard on our financial guardians

Charles Ferguson

Reason Online, 21.07.2012

War Is Still a Racket

They say war is a fight between forces seeking victory. But sometimes the conflict is more complicated than that.

Christopher J. Coyne

New York Times, 21.07.2012

Cameras Are Cyclists’ ‘Black Boxes’ in Accidents


New York Times, 21.07.2012

Ex-Police Officer Is Sentenced in Gun-Running Scheme


New York Times, 22.07.2012

Greg Ousley Is Sorry for Killing His Parents. Is That Enough?

SCOTT ANDERSON, 22.07.2012

Police are using phone-hacking scandal to claw back control of information

In aftermath of scandal, power over news is more firmly in hands of upper echelons of Met police than at any time in the past

Sandra Laville, 22.07.2012

James Holmes studied mental disorders, criminology professor not surprised

Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti

Businessweek (blog), 22.07.2012

Illusions Fascinated Colorado Massacre Suspect as Student

Amanda J. Crawford and Bill Callahan

EurekAlert, 23.07.2012

Racially diverse suburbs growing faster than white suburbs but resegregation threatens prosperity

Suburbs are on the cutting edge of racial, ethnic and political change in America
SPIEGEL ONLINE, 23.07.2012

Officials Ignored Warnings of Terrorist Attack

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 23.07.2012

Effort to Ban Far-Right NPD More Unlikely than Ever

A bid to ban Germany's far-right National Democratic Party looks more unlikely than ever due to the file-shredding scandal that has rocked the country's domestic intelligence agency. Bumbling in the investigation into a right-wing terror cell has cost the agency its credibility, an ally of Chancellor Merkel has warned.
Washington Post, 23.07.2012

Six facts about guns, violence, and gun control

The aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shootings has been thick with calls to avoid “politicizing” the tragedy. That is code, essentially, for “don’t talk about reforming our gun control laws.”

Ezra Klein

Los Angeles Times, 23.07.2012

Crime is down -- and so is gun ownership

David Lauter

ComputerworldUK, 23.07.2012

Visa and City of London Police to share expertise in global cybercrime project

Knowledge to be pooled between businesses and security agencies

Anh Nguyen

Houston Chronicle, 23.07.2012

Lone gunmen always a law enforcement challenge


Domestic violence has a significant, yet invisible, impact on the wellbeing of a large number of UK employees

Stephen Bevan

Christian Science Monitor, 23.07.2012

Why is Google picking a fight with the mafia?

Last week's Google gathering on how to combat organized crime garnered headlines, but many questions remain unanswered.

Steven Dudley

Salon, 23.07.2012

What real courage looks like

The president praised a woman who saved her friend's life. We need politicians that brave to fight the gun lobby

Joan Walsh

BBC July 2012, 24.07.2012

Rise in convictions for violence against women

June Kelly

Vancouver Sun online, 24.07.2012

Crime rate in Canada at lowest level since 1972, Statistics Canada says

Western provinces generally reported higher crime rates and crime severity than those in the east

Canadian Press, 24.07.2012

Disgraceful! The myth that criminals are claiming sickness benefits

Claims that a quarter of those on sickness benefit have a criminal record are a calumny against people desperate to work

Sue Marsh

EurekAlert Public, 24.07.2012

Male Ontario students show declines in fighting; females show elevated bullying and mental distress

University at Buffalo, 24.07.2012

Study Links Alcohol/Energy Drink Mixes with Casual, Risky Sex

, 24.07.2012

Crime-fighting plans all lead to hot spot policing

Nicole Jones

Calgary Herald, 24.07.2012

Police chief says Safe Communities program essential for fighting crime

Jason van Rassel

Huffington Post, 24.07.2012

Teen Dating Violence: U.S. High Schools Unequipped To Handle The Issue, Study Shows

Castleford Media (blog), 24.07.2012

Social media a growing tool in the fight against crime

New York Times, 24.07.2012

More Treatment Programs

Early in the morning of Sept. 4, 1913, Ernst Wagner murdered his wife and four children in the town of Degerloch, Germany. Then he went to Mühlhausen, where he feared the townsmen were mocking him for having sex with an animal. He opened fire and hit 20 people, killing at least nine.


Gentlemen's Quarterly, 25.07.2012

"Is he coming? Is he? Oh God, I think he is."

One year ago, a heavily armed man dressed as a police officer appeared on the beach of a youth summer camp in Norway. The kids had no way of knowing he was targeting them for the ills of Europe. Then he started shooting. And shooting. Where were the real cops? By the end of the day, seventy-seven people had been killed, the deadliest attack in that country since World War II. As told by the survivors, these are the beat-by-beat horrors of those terrifying 198 minutes

Sean Flynn

The Globe and Mail, 25.07.2012

Banishment is part of the judicial toolkit

Lorne Neudorf

EurekAlert, 25.07.2012

The debate over ecstasy continues

New study finds evidence of memory impairments with 1 year of recreational use
U.S. Politics, 25.07.2012

Sex Offender Registration for Juvenile Offenders May Not Be Effective

Sex offender registration requirements can punish children for decades for crimes committed in their youth.
ABC Online, 25.07.2012

UC to help national body tackle cyber crime

The University of Canberra (UC) has partnered with the nation's official Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to tackle cyber security threats head on.
University of Bielefeld, 25.07.2012

Cyberbullying: one in two victims suffer from the distribution of embarrassing photos and videos

Researchers at Bielefeld University questioned schoolchildren on cyberbullying attacks through the Internet and by mobile phone
EurekAlert, 25.07.2012

Increasing dopamine in brain's frontal cortex decreases impulsive tendency, UCSF-Gallo study finds

Huffington Post UK, 25.07.2012

Are Mass Killings Contagious?

Dr Raj Persaud and Ramón Spaaij.

New York Times, 25.07.2012

Other States, and Other Times, Would Have Posed Obstacles for Gunman

ETHAN BRONNER, 25.07.2012

Suicide rates higher for people who grew up during Irish Troubles – study

Queen's University Belfast researchers say suicide rate of middle-aged men has near-doubled since Good Friday accord

Henry McDonald

New York Times, 25.07.2012

Faulty Criminal Background Checks

The federal government has historically paid little attention to the companies that collect and sell the data used by employers in hiring decisions — including data about an applicant’s criminal history.
Dark Reading, 25.07.2012

Researchers To Launch New Tools For Search Engine Hacking

Free 'Diggity' data mining tools can identify and extract sensitive information from many popular cloud-based services

Tim WilsonDark Reading

The Independent, 26.07.2012

Special report: The riots one year on

A year after the riots, a charity in Salford and Manchester has launched a project to combat the growing demonisation of young people

Owen Jones

Miami New Times, 26.07.2012

Mexico's Magical Homicides

Molly Molloy

BBC News, 26.07.2012

Women 'lack trust' in rape police, Durham University study finds

Many women expressed a lack of trust in the police
Boston Herald, 26.07.2012

Right to rethink crime

Michael Barone

Huffington Post UK, 26.07.2012

Detective Constable Jeffery Davis Accused Of 'Exposing' Genitals To Female Crime Victim

Mancunian Matters, 26.07.2012

Manchester study shows that almost half of all young teen daters are in abusive relationships

Mary Maguire

Huffington Post (blog), 26.07.2012

Is American Gun Culture Compatible With a Modern Civil Society?

Zaman Stanizai

Christian Science Monitor, 26.07.2012

Why Anaheim, known for Disney and the Angels, erupted in violence this week

The fatal police shootings of two young Hispanic men in Anaheim last weekend led to an explosion of ethnic and socioeconomic resentments that have festered for years.

Daniel B. Wood

Christian Science Monitor, 26.07.2012

Rumored Zetas split: Would this bring more violence or peace for Mexico?

A weakening of the Zetas in the northeast may discourage the drug gang's forays into other parts of Mexico, but internal strife often leads to more murders, writes

Patrick Corcoran

New York Times July 26, 2012, 26.07.2012

I Carried a Gun, and It Was Heavy


New York Times - July 26, 2012, 26.07.2012

A Studio With Violence in Its Bones


Huffington Post Posted: 07/26/2012 9:18 am, 26.07.2012

The Right to Bear Arms: the Right to Cause Harm?

Avika Dua.High school student in California

FrontPage Magazine, 27.07.2012

The Manhattan Gun Control Lobby

Daniel Flynn

The Atlantic Cities, 27.07.2012

Inside the Weird World of Tracking Gangs on Social Media

Emily Gogolak

EurekAlert, 27.07.2012

BUSM researchers find link between childhood abuse and age at menarche

New York Times July 27, 2012, 27.07.2012

Cocaine’s Flow Is Unchecked in Venezuela


KTVL -, 28.07.2012

NYPD to launch all-seeing system to track crime


Poughkeepsie Journal, 28.07.2012

Do research on caregivers

A disturbing study released earlier this month from Northwestern University found many agencies that hire caregivers for the elderly provide little or no training and almost half fail to do national criminal background checks or drug testing., 28.07.2012

Governor sends habitual offender bill back to Legislature

Wesley Lowery

New York Times, 28.07.2012

Living With Gunfire in the Background


The Economist, 28.07.2012


Firearms are going out of style
The Economist, 28.07.2012

Colorado’s dark night

Guns don’t kill crowds of innocent people; maniacs with easy access to military-grade weapons do
The Guardian, 28.07.2012

'I was gutted that I'd been such a coward': photographers who didn't step in to help, 28.07.2012

Predicting a predator's next move: Tracking Oregon's high-risk sex offenders

Maxine Bernstein

Sydney Morning Herald, 28.07.2012

Sydney's newest sport - beat someone senseless or kill them for the heck of it

Rachel Olding

New York Times, 29.07.2012

Migrants’ Freedom Ride

Troy Media, 29.07.2012

Youth crime based on a lack of social cohesion

A case of “internal foreigners?”
EurekAlert, 30.07.2012

'... But names could really hurt me'

The New Yorker, 30.07.2012

Letter from Munich

E. J. Kahn

Winnipeg Free Press, 30.07.2012

Questioning safety in numbers

Bigger police force not having big impact on crime

Aldo Santin

Salon, 30.07.2012

Life in the American slaughterhouse: Police violence and Aurora

An examination of police violence and what it means for the culture

Stephan Salisbury

Huffington Post -, 30.07.2012

Only in America Could Cost of Care Bankrupt Victims of Violence Like in Aurora, Colorado

Wendell Potter

InSight Crime, 30.07.2012

Mexico Report Tackles Kidnapping-Drug Trafficking Nexus

Patrick Corcoran

Otago Daily Times, 30.07.2012

Police pleased with results from CCTV

Olivia Caldwell

EurekAlert, 30.07.2012

Higher retail wages correlate with lower levels of employee theft

Real News Network (blog), 30.07.2012

The War against the Regulatory Cops on the Bank Beat

William K. Black

Liverpool John Moores University, 30.07.2012

Research from LJMU's Centre for Public Health goes global

LJMU’s Centre for Public Health has received national and international press coverage for research which reveals that children with disabilities are more likely to be victims of violence than children who are not disabled.
New York Times, 30.07.2012

Journalism’s Misdeeds Get a Glance in the Mirror


The New Yorker, 30.07.2012

Bankers Gone Wild

James Surowiecki

The Commentator - 30 July 2012 at 10am, 30.07.2012

Alcohol, crime, and the government fiddling the figures

By David Atherton

Huffington Post (blog), 31.07.2012

On the Origin of American Gun Violence

Eric Michael Johnson

CNN International, 31.07.2012

Analysis: Fewer U.S. gun owners own more guns

Allison Brennan

EurekAlert, 31.07.2012

Study: Conciliatory tactics more effective than punishment in reducing terrorism

EurekAlert, 31.07.2012

Adolescents in substance abuse treatment report using someone else's medical marijuana

Reports new study in Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Forbes 7/31/2012 @ 5:39PM, 31.07.2012

Is Too Much Time Online An Addiction? Or Something Else?

Todd Essig, Contributor

The Crime Report, 31.07.2012

Addressing Youth Crime By Teaching Social Skills

New York Times, 31.07.2012

Psychologist Who Wrote of Abuse Is Punished

A federal health services psychologist who told superiors that an American Indian tribe was ignoring widespread child abuse on a North Dakota reservation has been reprimanded and reassigned, according to federal officials and documents.


EurekAlert Public, 31.07.2012

New University of Houston research focuses on treatment for perpetrator, not victim

Batterers improve communication skills in experiment