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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 01.06.2012

Predicting burglary patterns through math modeling of crime

Police Oracle, 01.06.2012

Policing heavyweights have endorsed decision to include more details of crimes on online maps.

Jack Sommers, 01.06.2012

Drug testing machines in police stations by 2013

Machines capable of detecting whether a motorist has take drugs will be in police stations by the end of the year, the Home Office has announced

David Millward

EurekAlert, 01.06.2012

American teens are less likely than European teens to use cigarettes and alcohol

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—The U.S. had the second-lowest proportion of students who used tobacco and alcohol compared to their counterparts in 36 European countries, a new report indicates.
New York Times, 01.06.2012

Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran


Brain Blogger (blog), 01.06.2012

The Structure of a Psychopath

Jennifer Gibson, 01.06.2012

Stephen Lawrence: Theresa May orders review into police corruption claims

Home secretary announces review a day after the Met police released its own review giving itself a clean bill of health

Vikram Dodd

Huffington Post (blog), 01.06.2012

Empowering the People's Voice: An Interview with Dr. Sylvester Bongani Maphosa

Dr. Tukufu Zuberi

New York Times, 01.06.2012

City Seeks to Dismiss False-Arrest Suits Stemming From 2004 Republican Convention


Newswise, 01.06.2012

Failing Law Schools

Brian Z. Tamanaha

Newswise Released, 01.06.2012

National Expert Available to Provide Commentary During Child Sexual Abuse Trial of Former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky

David Finkelhor, director of the Crimes against Children Research Center and professor of sociology at the University of New Hampshire, is available to provide expert commentary during the child sexual abuse trial of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky., 02.06.2012

FBI publishes truths about serial killers

Judith Yates

The Economist, 02.06.2012

Cockeyed optimists

Fear of crime is falling just when crime itself is not
Lawfare (blog), 02.06.2012

The Stuxnet Story and Some Interesting Questions

Paul Rosenzweig

Los Angeles Times, 02.06.2012

5 Questions: The porn effect on young men

Jessica P. Ogilvie, 02.06.2012

When anti-violence backfires

A well-intentioned movement to protect women has left many as vulnerable than ever. An expert explains

Lucy McKeon

New York Times, 02.06.2012

Psychiatrists Offer Theories About Suspect in Patz Case

BENEDICT CAREY, 02.06.2012

Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'

While cocaine production ravages countries in Central America, consumers in the US and Europe are helping developed economies grow rich from the profits, a study claims

Ed Vulliamy

Palo Alto Online, 02.06.2012

When sentencing young lawbreakers, race matters, study finds

Public favors harsher punishments when criminals are black, researchers say

Sue Dremann Palo Alto Weekly Staff

Kansas City Star, 02.06.2012

Many bullets, little blame

In six out of 10 cases last year, victims declined to cooperate in catching their attackers, many times out of fear or distrust. Authorities then walked away, routinely shutting down the cases.


The New Yorker, 02.06.2012

Spoiled Rotten

Why do kids rule the roost?

Elizabeth Kolbert

Boston Globe, 03.06.2012

Alibis of the innocent

Kevin Lewis

Police Oracle, 03.06.2012

Privatised Policing: Three Forces Could Be Next

Three police forces in the east of England are to look into outsourcing their organisational support. Courtesy of - Nic Brunetti - Police Oracle
WA today, 03.06.2012

The voices of those held in indefinite detention

Maris Beck

Newswise, 04.06.2012

CARE/SADD Survey Investigates Risky Behaviors by Teens on College Visits

High school juniors and seniors sometimes get more than a campus tour on college visits, suggests a new national survey by the Center for Adolescent Research and Education (CARE) at Susquehanna University and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).
New York Times online, 04.06.2012

Choosing From the Many Lessons of Sept. 11


ninemsn, 04.06.2012

Bad town planning fuels crime: expert

Rashida Yosufzai

EurekAlert, 04.06.2012

N.Y. prison inmates overuse and misuse antibiotic ointments, study says

Prisoners used ointments as lip balm and for shaving
CounterPunch, 04.06.2012

Labor, Class and the New Jim Crow

Unionizing Prison Guards in an Age of Mass Incarceration


EurekAlert, 04.06.2012

Early childhood neglect may raise risk of adult skin cancer (blog), 05.06.2012

Surveillance cameras: an eye for an eye?

On an early June night in 2007, Roberto Duran, 14, was walking with friends in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood when a case of mistaken identity cut his life short.

Christina Hernandez Sherwood, 05.06.2012

Drug addicts need a clean break

Chip Somers, a former drug addict turned government adviser who got Russell Brand off heroin says abstinence is the only cure

James Legge

Ottawa Citizen, 05.06.2012

Logic has become a victim in Toronto shooting

Dan Gardner

Cambridge News, 05.06.2012

Report calls for crime-tracking app

Victims of crime in England and Wales should be able to track their case online from the moment it is reported to the point when justice is served, a think-tank said.
New York Times, 05.06.2012

No Crime, Real Punishment

New York State decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the late 1970s. But last year, in New York City, 50,000 people — the majority of them, young African-American or Hispanic men — were still arrested for possession because of overzealous policing and a weakness in the law.
Phys.Org, 06.06.2012

New forensic method could help police solve crimes

( -- Forensic researchers at Florida International University have developed a groundbreaking method that can tie a shooter to the ammunition used to commit a crime, giving law enforcement agencies a new tool to solve cases.
4RFV, 06.06.2012

Report Says Victims Of Crime Should Be Able To 'Track Progress' Online

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has said that victims of crime in England and Wales should be able to track their case online from the moment it is reported to the point when justice is served.
New York Times, 06.06.2012

Average Prison Stay Grew 36 Percent in Two Decades


New York Times, 06.06.2012

Altering a Law the Police Use Prolifically


EurekAlert, 06.06.2012

Medical marijuana outlets not linked to crime

PISCATAWAY, NJ – Despite some concerns to the contrary, neighborhoods with medical marijuana dispensaries may not have higher crime rates than other neighborhoods—at least in one California city.
EurekAlert, 06.06.2012

Study predicts imminent irreversible planetary collapse

EurekAlert, 06.06.2012

Piracy all at sea

Maritime piracy, violence and the international response
Association for Psychological Science, 06.06.2012

The Power of Suggestion: What We Expect Influences Our Behavior, for Better or Worse

Plain Dealer, 06.06.2012

Exercise caution before executing the severely mentally ill

Editor's note: Gov. John Kasich granted a two-week reprieve to Abdul Awkal Tuesday so that a Cuyahoga County judge can hold a competency hearing.

William T. Robinson III

Newswise, 06.06.2012

Cybersecurity Expert Dr. Rob D'Ovidio Available to Comment on National Internet Safety Month this June

EurekAlert Public, 06.06.2012

Breaking bullying behavior

(Edmonton) An educational program designed to rid schools of bullying behaviour directed at students who stutter is proving effective at changing attitudes in the classroom, according to research from the University of Alberta.
New York Times, 06.06.2012

Covert Wars, Waged Virally

EurekAlert Public, 06.06.2012

DSM-5 to include controversial changes to criteria for substance use disorders

Seattle Children's, 06.06.2012

Adolescents and Young Adults with Mental Health Disorders at Risk of Long-Term Opioid Use

The Independent, 06.06.2012

Police app should let victims follow case

Dominic Harris

London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 11, 07.06.2012

Terrorists? Us?

Terror Tagging of an Iranian Dissident Organisation by Raymond Tanter Iran Policy Committee, 217 pp, £10.00, December 2011, ISBN 978 0 9797051 2 0

Owen Bennett-Jones

Huffington Post Posted, 07.06.2012

Ethnic Diversity Increases Home Value And Lowers Crime In Southern California, Study Says

Ethnic diversity raises home values and lowers crime rates in Southern California communities, according to a new study.
University of Rochester, 07.06.2012

What Does It Mean To Be Cool? It May Not Be What You Think

Where have you gone James Dean? Do rebelliousness, emotional control, toughness and thrill-seeking still make up the essence of coolness?
London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 11, 07.06.2012

Save us from the saviours

Slavoj Žižek on Europe and the Greeks
New York Times, 07.06.2012

A Stay of Execution

Police Oracle, 07.06.2012

Policing - Size Matters

Cracks are appearing in government claims that less officers will not equate to a rise in crime, says Royston Martis.
New Statesman, 07.06.2012

Why fat is a political issue

Obesity is not about individual greed: it has social causes and collective consequences.

Rowenna Davis, 07.06.2012

Stress Alters Kids' Brains, Study Suggests

Jeanna Bryner

The New York Review of Books, 07.06.2012

Do Our Public Schools Threaten National Security?

Diane Ravitch

The New York Review of Books, 07.06.2012

Drugs: The Rebellion in Cartagena

Alma Guillermoprieto

On Line opinion, 08.06.2012

Risk in child abuse cases in the family law system: What’s the problem?

Elspeth McInnes

New York Times (blog), 08.06.2012

When Should Juvenile Offenders Receive Life Sentences?


MarketWatch (press release), 08.06.2012

Statistical Model Shows Promise in Forecasting Future Offending

Montreal Gazette, 08.06.2012

Gruesome deaths have always attracted public attention


Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 08.06.2012

Does cooperation require both reciprocity and alike neighbours?

Max Planck scientists develop new theoretical model on the evolution of cooperation, 08.06.2012

Comment: Criminalisation alone won't end forced marriages

Marie Staunton

Police News, 08.06.2012

All Law Enforcement is Local

Neighborhood watch programs, security services, and police privatization

Lance Eldridge

Huffington Post, 08.06.2012

The Limits of Security, and the Promise Of Hospitality

Jessica Wrobleski

CounterPunch Weekend Edition, 08.06.2012

Drugs and Repression from Obama to Cuomo


The New Republic, 08.06.2012

Calling Truce in the “Leak Wars”

Nathan Pippenger

Huffington Post (blog), 08.06.2012

Paranoid Parents Are a Bigger Threat to Kids

James Peron

CounterPunch, 08.06.2012

Stuxnet Unbound

BILL BLUNDEN, 09.06.2012

Police search for 11,000 in identity scam

Police are trying to trace thousands of British criminals who used a website selling fake documents to commit identity fraud and mortgage scams
The Economist, 09.06.2012

Buying safety

What to do when a close one is kidnapped
The Economist, 09.06.2012

Seek and hide

America hunts for the source of leaks about cyber-weapons
New Zealand Herald, 09.06.2012

Life-long sentence for victims' families

Anna Leask

The Economist, 09.06.2012

Cocoon no longer

A startling rampage among the coffee shops
Huffington Post UK (blog), 09.06.2012

The Psychology of Corpse Dismemberment - The Motivation Behind the Most Grotesque of Crimes

Dr Raj Persaud and Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm

Los Angeles Times, 10.06.2012

A lesson in tolerance for Arizona

If the state's lawmakers are worried about growing resentment among its Latino residents, they have no one but themselves to blame.
The Columbian, 10.06.2012

What leads a woman to kill an abusive partner?

Ray Legendre, 10.06.2012

Spread of 'baby boxes' in Europe alarms United Nations

UN says hatches in which unwanted newborn babies can be left contravene children's rights to know and be cared for by parents

Randeep Ramesh

EurekAlert Public, 11.06.2012

Robbing banks: Crime doesn't always pay, econometrics study shows


New York Times, 11.06.2012

Stop-and-Frisk Policy ‘Saves Lives,’ Mayor Tells Black Congregation


News24, 11.06.2012

Youth lose confidence in police - survey

Johannesburg - Most South Africans aged between 18 and 34 across all race and demographic boundaries have lost confidence in the police, a survey has found.
Prevention Action, 11.06.2012

How to prove that early childhood investments pay off

The Nation, 12.06.2012

Wage Theft: A Crime Without Punishment?

This article appeared in the June 18, 2012 edition of The Nation.

Katha Pollitt (blog), 12.06.2012

Can We Reverse The Stanford Prison Experiment?

Greg McKeown

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog), 12.06.2012

Study finds ‘stand your ground’ laws increase murder rates

Texas A&M University researchers say controversial ”stand your ground” laws have increased the number of murder and manslaughter cases – rather than serve as a deterrent to crime
TNT Magazine, 12.06.2012

Average bank robber only nets about £12,000

BBC News, 12.06.2012

Young migrants make perilous US-Mexico journey

Valeria Perasso,, 13.06.2012

The New York Police Department's overdue oversight

The NYPD is unique in the US, for its size and its counterterror arm. And until now, unique also for its lack of accountability

Faiza Patel

Chicago Tribune, 13.06.2012

CeaseFire founder: Brain research could help combat violence, 13.06.2012

EHRC: Police 37 times more likely to stop and search black people

John Thomas Didymus

EurekAlert Public, 13.06.2012

New research showing how real-life exposure to violence disrupts a child's sleep habits

Victimization and/or witnessing a homicide have greater effects on the quality and quantity of children's sleep
WSET, 13.06.2012

Man executed in deaths of daughter, ex, in-laws


CSO Magazine, 13.06.2012

Spend more on cops, less on antivirus, say researchers

Who should bear the cost of cybercrime?

Liam Tung

Medical Xpress, 13.06.2012

New research showing how real-life exposure to violence disrupts a child's sleep habits

New York Times, 13.06.2012

Protect, Don’t Prosecute, Patriotic Leakers


New York Times, 13.06.2012

The Problems With Stop-and-Frisk

EurekAlert, 13.06.2012

Predicting post-traumatic stress disorder before it happens

Tel Aviv University researchers use brain imaging to uncover susceptibility to psychological stress and trauma
International Business, 13.06.2012

Solitary Confinement Is Torture -- And Morally Wrong

Heather Rice

The Ottawa Citizen, 13.06.2012

The pistolization of Canadian street crime

James Sheptycki

EIN News, 13.06.2012

The Harper Government Announces Increased Support for Victims and Strengthened Offender Accountability

BBC News, 14.06.2012

Probation report says half tagged offenders break curfew

Chris Buckler

EurekAlert, 14.06.2012

Marital problems in childhood affect teen adjustment

BBC News, 14.06.2012

Warning of link between downloading and child sex attacks

People who download child abuse images pose a risk of committing sex attacks on children, says a specialist police child protection unit.,, 14.06.2012

Online child abuse images 'becoming more extreme, sadistic and violent'

Sheer number of images and limited resources makes identifying new abuse victims difficult, according to new study

Alexandra Topping, 14.06.2012

The Tight Social Network of Chicago Crime

Whet Moser

PR Newswire, 14.06.2012

New Study Proves Microstamping Technology Works And Is A Necessary Tool For Law Enforcement To Solve Gun Crimes, 14.06.2012

Kidnapping by Mexican police caught on video

Mark Stevenson

EurekAlert, 14.06.2012

Training people to inhibit movements can reduce risk-taking

EurekAlert, 14.06.2012

Making the invisible visible

Discussing guns in rural suicide prevention
Newswise, 14.06.2012

Graduated Driving Laws Reduce Teen Drunk Driving

State laws that limit driving privileges for teens have reduced the incidence of drinking and driving among the nation’s youngest licensees, according to a new study from researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Graduated driving licensing laws limit the number of passengers young drivers may transport and how late at night they’re allowed to drive, among other restrictions., 14.06.2012

Police raid suspected internet paedophiles

Raids involving 45 UK police forces lead to 100 arrests, with 24 children found whom investigators fear were at risk of abuse

Vikram Dodd

EurekAlert, 14.06.2012

Sexual minority women are often victims of abuse

Assault and abuse varies, depending on how butch or feminine gay women are
New York Times, 14.06.2012

Church Battles Efforts to Ease Sex Abuse Suits


The Nation online, 14.06.2012

The Outrage of Stop-and-Frisk Policing

David Cole

The Nation online, 14.06.2012

Europe: Hotbed of Islamophobic Extremism

Gary Younge, 15.06.2012

Why aren't more Met police on the "frontline"?

Figures showing that more officers have been assigned to "support" roles puts the home secretary's praise for Boris Johnson into context

Dave Hill

Sydney Morning Herald, 15.06.2012

Elder abuse a 'hidden social issue'

EurekAlert, 15.06.2012

Persistence is learned from fathers, study shows

When the going gets tough, the tough ought to thank their fathers.
New York Times, 16.06.2012

Moral Dystopia


New York Times, 16.06.2012

She’s Innocent. We’re Guilty.


The Economist (Großbritannien), 16.06.2012

Sheriffs’ delight

While local officials cash in, convicts lose out
The Economist, 16.06.2012

More swagger than swag

Edmonton Sun, 16.06.2012

Hurt, not greed motive in crime spree

Matt Dykstra,Edmonton Sun

Los Angeles Times, 17.06.2012

My dad the bank robber

On Father's Day, I remember what he instilled in me: A love for stories and a will to succeed.

Deni Béchard

Boston Globe, 17.06.2012

What if spanking works?

Studies show that most parents don’t want to hit their kids — and that some 90 percent do it anyway. Why even the most modern moms and dads can’t stop asking themselves the most controversial question in parenting.

James H. Burnett III

New York Times, 17.06.2012

As Escapees Stream Out, a Penal Business Thrives


New York Times, 17.06.2012

The Children Deserve Justice

New York Times, 17.06.2012

Cocaine, Incorporated


Tucson Citizen, 18.06.2012

The Psychology of the Scam

Phys.Org, 18.06.2012

How much does cybercrime cost?

Newswise, 18.06.2012

It Takes a Village: Youth Expert Says Positive Adult, Community Involvement Keeps Teens From Trouble

BBC News, 18.06.2012

Welsh Labour names police commissioner candidates

Labour has unveiled its list of candidates to become Wales' first elected police and crime commissioners.
The Independent, 18.06.2012

Scientists must make research an open book

Details of publicly funded projects should be made available free to all online, ministers will insist

Martin Hickman, 18.06.2012

Justice Department Holds Conference On Criminal Justice Research

Eureka! Science News, 18.06.2012

Children, brain development and the criminal law, 18.06.2012

The research that's on everyone's lips

What do your lips say about you? Researchers have shown that every person's lip print pattern is unique, which makes them a useful tool in forensics - and women's are identifiably different to men's, too

Marc Abrahams, 19.06.2012

Study links mental illness with killing

Statistician urges child protection professionals to recognise patterns found in violent child deaths

David Brindle

The Crime Report, 19.06.2012

Can We End Our Culture of Violence?

In 1958, pioneering criminologist Marvin Wolfgang published Patterns in Criminal Homicide, a ground-breaking study of homicide in Philadelphia. That work eventually led to his theory of the subculture of violence.
EurekAlert, 19.06.2012

Assessing Olympic terrorism threats

The New Republic online, 19.06.2012

Biology for Liberals

A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution, by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis, Princeton University Press, 288 pp., $35
Edmonton Journal, 19.06.2012

Social isolation has far-reaching effects on us and our neighbours, survey says


Channel 7 Daily News, 19.06.2012

Doctors Ask for A Curfew To Regulate Crime

BBC News, 19.06.2012

Police commissioner poll suggests lack of support

Danny Shaw, 19.06.2012

Environmental activists 'being killed at rate of one a week'

Death toll of campaigners involved in protection of forests, rivers and land has almost doubled in three years
New York Times, 20.06.2012

Don’t Shut the Golden Door

IMMIGRATION is in the headlines again, with President Obama’s decision last week to stop deporting young illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children, and the Supreme Court’s approaching decision on the constitutionality of Arizona’s crackdown on undocumented migrants.


Edmonton Journal, 20.06.2012

U of A shooting: Some commit violent crimes for ‘the high,’ forensic psychologist suggests

Brent Wittmeier, 20.06.2012

As Heat Rises, So Does Potential for Violent Crime

Anthony R. Wood

Eureka! Science News, 20.06.2012

Hulk smash? Maybe not anymore: Scientists block excess aggression in mice

EurekAlert, 20.06.2012

How humans predict other's decisions

Association for Psychological Science, 20.06.2012

Respect Matters More Than Money for Happiness in Life

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 20.06.2012

“Tell Me No Lies”: New Human Factors/Ergonomics Research on Deception May Improve Homeland Security

Link2Portal, 20.06.2012

Secured by design

Alan McInnes

Police News, 20.06.2012

Fudge factor: Cooking the books on crime stats

Val Van Brocklin

eNews Park Forest, 20.06.2012

Reducing Violent Crime Will Increase Housing Values, Save Taxpayers Millions .

Daily Mail, 20.06.2012

A divine deterrent: Populations with a strong belief in Hell have lower crime-rates, according to study

Eddie Wrenn

American News Report, 20.06.2012

Baby Shampoos Could Trigger False Child Abuse Allegations

Pat Anson

Prevention Action, 20.06.2012

Trial and error in Zurich

Newswise Released, 21.06.2012

Routine Justice: Research Shows How Racial and Gender Profiling Can Affect Outcome of Traffic Stops

EurekAlert, 21.06.2012

Limited amounts of alcohol during pregnancy do not harm children

Global Times, 21.06.2012

Survey finds police as most corrupt institution in S. Africa, 21.06.2012

Why Some Criminals Die In Police Custody

New York Times, 21.06.2012

A Generation Gap Cleaved Apart With Hockey Sticks


Kansas State University, 21.06.2012

Routine justice: Research shows how racial and gender profiling can affect outcome of traffic stops, 21.06.2012

40 European measures to fight against trafficking in human beings

Prevention Action, 21.06.2012

When replications don’t replicate

A program developer creates an intervention. Study after study, researchers working with the developer find significant positive effects. The program wins a reputation as a useful, evidence-based intervention.
Otago Daily Times, 22.06.2012

New eye on criminals

Christina McDonald

Newswise, 22.06.2012

Bomb Threat? An App for That, Too.

Homeland Security’s new smartphone application for bomb threats.
CIO (blog), 22.06.2012

Facial Recognition Advances: Why You Should Worry

Your face has become a virtual name tag. Marketers, police, and maybe even stalkers will soon be able to identify you using only off-the-shelf technology.
Newswise Released, 22.06.2012

National Child Abuse Expert David Finkelhor Available to Discuss Sandusky Trial

Family Law Week, 22.06.2012

Primary care based intervention for women experiencing domestic violence probably cost-effective, says new study

Domestic violence victims identify doctors as preferred source of support
SecurityInfoWatch (blog), 22.06.2012

Bank robberies by the numbers

Geoff Kohl

New York Times, 22.06.2012

Ex-Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Rape Charges


Daily Mail, 22.06.2012

Police forced to destroy all mugshots of innocents: Schoolboy's landmark legal victory,, 22.06.2012

How London's Latin Americans are fighting back

Wired (USA),, 22.06.2012

How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down

Quinn Norton

Wall Street Journal (blog), 22.06.2012

High Tide: From Buying Silence to Potato Bribes.

Samuel Rubenfeld

News24, 23.06.2012

Why the death penalty is no deterrent

The Independent, 24.06.2012

The 16-year-olds who have committed 86 crimes each

A ground-breaking British study finds that 4 per cent are responsible for nearly half of youth crime. The research could have profound implications for police and policy-makers

Emily Dugan

New York Times, 24.06.2012

Wave of Violence Swallows More Women in Juárez


EurekAlert, 24.06.2012

Offenders need integrated, on-going, mental health care

Offenders with mental health problems need improved and on-going access to health care, according to the first study to systematically examine healthcare received by offenders across the criminal justice system.
New York Times, 24.06.2012

You Can’t Say That


New York Times, 24.06.2012

Crackdown Intensifies on Barratry

Joined by lawyers who are tired of competitors illegally soliciting business after accidents, prosecutors are cracking down on a lesser-known, multimillion-dollar criminal enterprise in Texas: barratry.

BECCA AARONSON,, 25.06.2012

MI5 warns al-Qaida regaining UK toehold after Arab spring

British jihadists seeking terrorist training in Middle East, where unrest is giving al-Qaida chance to re-emerge

Nick Hopkins

EurekAlert, 25.06.2012

Remapping gang turf: Math model shows crimes cluster on borders between rivals

A mathematical model that has been used for more than 80 years to determine the hunting range of animals in the wild holds promise for mapping the territories of street gangs, a UCLA-led team of social scientists reports in a new study.
EurekAlert, 25.06.2012

Immigration growth in Spain has not caused more crime

Police News, 25.06.2012

'Sleeper hold' tactic questioned in death of Calif. man

Baton strikes and TASER were ineffective in the violent encounter with a schizophrenic individual

J.D. Velasco and Brian Day, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

BBC News, 25.06.2012

Third of Peterborough teenagers 'not committed crime'

A third of the young people taking part in a study of youth crime in Peterborough told researchers they had never done anything wrong.
New York Times, 25.06.2012

Officers, Exhorted to Report Corruption, Still Fear Retaliation

In the hallways of Police Headquarters and precinct station houses, posters exhort officers to call the Internal Affairs Bureau if they observe corruption.


New York Times, 25.06.2012

A Cruel and Unusual Record


New York Times, 26.06.2012

Britain: Security Chief Offers Assessment About Olympics

EurekAlert, 26.06.2012

Countering crowd control collapse

Understanding crowd dynamics can prevent disaster at cultural or sports events
Oregon State University, 26.06.2012

Policies to discourage drug trafficking should account for complexity

Prevention Action, 26.06.2012

Empathy – the close secret behind an effective prevention program

New York Times, 26.06.2012

Gunmen Kill 3 Officers at Airport in Mexico


New Study Examines Political Corruption in Chicago Suburbs

A UIC study says corruption is not just a Chicago problem, and calls for the policing of suburban politics.
The Nation online, 26.06.2012

Uncle Sam Wants You! … to Combat Online Piracy

David Kravets

EurekAlert, 26.06.2012

The academic jungle: Ecosystem model reveals why women are driven

EurekAlert, 26.06.2012

What's the best way to treat problem alcohol use?

CAMH scientists weigh the evidence in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
Daily Maverick, 26.06.2012

Fixing the criminal justice system starts by rooting out corruption at the top

Osiame Molefe, 27.06.2012

The British child witches... or just victims of extreme religious beliefs?

The Sun investigates: The shocking rise of abuse, torture and murder in the UK


The British Psychological Society, 27.06.2012

Children's behaviour and media violence

Discover Magazine (blog), 27.06.2012

Genes can be criminogenic

Newswise, 27.06.2012

Students with Behavior Problems, Obvious Disabilities Are Bullied More, Are More Likely to Bully Others

Charleston City Paper, 27.06.2012

Predictive policing arrives in Charleston

Paul Bowers@CCPNews, 27.06.2012

Cannabis: should it be legalised?

Bob Denham

Sleep Review, 27.06.2012

Real-Life Exposure to Violence Disrupts a Child's Sleep Habits

Mother Nature Network, 27.06.2012

On the bright side, hell helps keep crime down

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 27.06.2012

Sentencing Ruling Reflects Rethinking on Juvenile Justice


Newswise — Released, 27.06.2012

Drug Traffickers Struggle to Leave 'the Game;' Fear Losing Their Power, Status

Drug traffickers who want to leave the “game” behind often struggle to do so because they fear loss of power and status, a new study shows. Those who do leave the illegal drug trade often do so because of a complex mixture of issues including fatherhood, drug use and abuse, and threat of punishment by authorities or fear of retaliation. Researchers concluded that traffickers need ways that allow them to leave the drug business without surrendering their entire identity (blog), 27.06.2012

New Study Compares Sexual Predator Assessment Tools

The Commercial Dispatch, 27.06.2012

MSU at forefront in fight against cyber crime

Providence Eyewitness News, 27.06.2012

Lying online no longer a crime in RI

Scientific Computing, 27.06.2012

Remapping Gang Turf: Math Model Shows Border Crime

A mathematical model that has been used for more than 80 years to determine the hunting range of animals in the wild holds promise for mapping the territories of street gangs, a UCLA-led team of social scientists reports in a new study
MarketWatch (press release), 27.06.2012

Historic Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking

New York Times (blog), 27.06.2012

A Vocal Reaction to an Article on Stop-and-Frisk Experiences


Prevention Action, 27.06.2012

Getting to the community

Interventions with individual children often have an effect, but there is little evidence that children as a whole benefit, according to a paper by Kenneth Dodge, from Duke University, USA, who calls for a radical shift in how prevention science operates.
New Statesman, 27.06.2012

Europe on the verge of a nervous breakdown

All across the continent, economies are in a tailspin as the numbers of young, jobless men swell. Are we on the brink of repeating the catastrophe of the 1930s?

Richard J Evans

RealWire (press release), 28.06.2012

Homeowners urged to reassess their personal and home security following worrying crime statistics

Phys.Org, 28.06.2012

Death penalty in decline

If current trends continue, the death penalty may be eliminated worldwide as early as 2026.

Corydon Ireland

Chicago Tribune, 28.06.2012

Cops, crime and controversy

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, 28.06.2012

Wake Forest Baptist Study Suggests Tasers Don’t Cause Cardiac Complications

Philadelphia Inquirer, 28.06.2012

Daniel Rubin: Seeing cure for violence

Daniel Rubin

Business Review Europe (press release), 28.06.2012

Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention Program Saves Money -- $38 Benefit for Every $1 Invested

EurekAlert, 28.06.2012

Sometimes, cheating is allowed,, 28.06.2012

Psychedelic drugs can unlock mysteries of brain – former government adviser

David Nutt says research into mental illness is hampered by the prohibition of drugs such as psilocybin and LSD

Alok Jha

Passauer Neue Presse, 29.06.2012

Cyber Cops verstärken Bayerns Polizei

New York Times, 29.06.2012

Crime Report Manipulation Is Common Among New York Police, Study Finds

New York Times Blogs, 29.06.2012

An Early Practitioner of the Ponzi Scheme


The Economist, 30.06.2012

Blatancy and latency

Daily Mail, 30.06.2012

Sexual predators in the police are abusing power to target victims, investigation warns

• Investigation reveals more than 50 cases in four years of police found guilty or investigated for rape, sexually assault or harassment • Campaigners say the scale of the problem is largely hidden, since no official statistics are kept about internal disciplinary action over such cases

Damien Gayle

Kings of War, 30.06.2012

Mexican Cartels: Crime or Terrorism?

Antônio Sampaio

New York Times, 30.06.2012

Ways to Outsmart the Pickpockets


The Economist, 30.06.2012

Thinking the unthinkable

A bold, if fuzzy, proposal