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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Independent online, 02.12.2018

Government’s counterterrorism is limiting texts and topics students can access, experts say

Eleanor Busby Education Correspondent

The Conversation, 02.12.2018

How to develop the mental health care that refugees really need

Lloy Wylie Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University

The Conversation, 02.12.2018

What’s the real reason the Canadian government legalized weed?

Andrew Hathaway Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Guelph

EurekAlert!, 02.12.2018

Epileptics in high-crime neighborhoods have three times as many seizures

University of Illinois at Chicago

The Conversation, 03.12.2018

Why France’s ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters are so angry

Claude Poissenot Enseignant-chercheur à l'IUT Nancy-Charlemagne et au Centre de REcherches sur les Médiations (CREM), Université de Lorraine

The Times online, 03.12.2018

Most fraudsters get away with it ‘because police have no strategy’

Fiona Hamilton,

New York Times, 03.12.2018

Twitter’s Caste Problem

The Washington Post, 03.12.2018

An affair. The mob. A murder

Mary Jordan, Katherine Frey, Alice Li, Madison Walls, Lynda Robinson, Mark Miller, Reem Akkad, Brian Gross

Washington Post, 03.12.2018

Trump’s latest tweets cross clear lines, experts say: Obstruction of justice and witness tampering

Deanna Paul

EurekAlert!, 04.12.2018

Boys with social difficulties most susceptible to early substance use, study finds

The Sunday Post, 04.12.2018

Crime analysts call for greater focus on burglaries as research reveals three out of four break-ins in Scotland unsolved

Krissy Storrar

The Conversation, 04.12.2018

Victorian royal commission into policing needs to take a broad approach: here’s why

Darren Palmer Associate professor, Deakin University

The Conversation, 04.12.2018

White nationalist groups are really street gangs, and law enforcement needs to treat them that way

Matthew Valasik Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

EurekAlert!, 04.12.2018

Extent of US lives shortened by gun violence twice as great among blacks as whites

EurekAlert!, 04.12.2018

Mathematical model offers new strategies for urban burglary prevention

ABC News, 04.12.2018

The NYPD, the nation's largest police department, puts its eyes in the skies with new drone program

Chris Francescani & Aaron Katersky

Washington Post, 04.12.2018

Who wants to be a police officer? Job applications plummet at most U.S. departments.

Tom Jackman

Newsweek, 04.12.2018

FBI Signs Interrogation Unit Contract With Firm Accused of Mistreating Separated Migrant Children

Jeff Stein

Newsweek, 04.12.2018

Slavery Still Exists and We Are All Complicit—This is How We Justify it to Ourselves | Opinion

Michal Carrington, Andreas Chatzidakis and Deirdre Shaw

The Independent, 05.12.2018

Number of far-right terror attacks increases as overall deaths from terrorism fall, report finds

Samuel Osborne

Psychology Today (blog), 05.12.2018

Mass Radicalization in the USA

Sophia Moskalenko Ph.D.

The Conversation, 05.12.2018

Chicago’s Safe Passage program costs a lot, but it may provide students safer routes to school

F. Chris Curran

Newswise, 05.12.2018

Drug wholesalers drove fentanyl's deadly rise, report concludes

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

CBC News, 05.12.2018

Researchers push for ban on strongest drugs as opioid overdose crisis continues

Josh Pagé

New York Review of Books, 06.12.2018

Opioid Nation

Marcia Angell

New York Review of Books, 06.12.2018

Opioid Nation

Marcia Angell, 06.12.2018

Boston’s miracle: how America stopped young men killing each other

Sandra Johansson

BBC News, 06.12.2018

How we got hooked on grisly true crime

European Eye on Radicalization, 07.12.2018

Radicalization and Terrorism in Greece

Dr. Triantafyllos Karatrantos

Sydney Morning Herald, 08.12.2018

'Islamism is not Islam': confronting Europe's terrorism problem

Greg Callaghan

The Conversation, 08.12.2018

What French populists from the ‘50s can teach us about the 'yellow vests’ roiling Paris today

Charles Hankla

The Independent, 09.12.2018

Far-right groups across Europe 'using Islamist techniques' to recruit followers, report says

Lizzie Dearden

The New Yorker, 10.12.2018

Syria’s Last Bastion of Freedom

Anand Gopal

The Times, 10.12.2018

The meek wives of Isis exposed as best recruiters

Charlie Parker

Chicago Reader, 10.12.2018

The problem with the “public health” approach to ideological violence

Maya Dukmasova

EurekAlert, 10.12.2018

Inequality in homicide rates in Chicago neighborhoods increased over 20-year period

Northwestern University, 10.12.2018

A huge number of Australians are committing billions in fraud — most without even knowing it

Shannon Molloy

New York Times, 10.12.2018

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret


Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL, 10.12.2018

Of Rhetoric and Reality: The Nobel Peace Prize and Conflict-Related Sexualized Violence

Leonie Steinl

The Conversation, 11.12.2018

The bogus demonization of the ‘migrant caravan’

Stephanie J Silverman

European Eye on Radicalization, 11.12.2018

A Conversation with Petter Nesser on Foiled Terrorist Plots – Part 1

Sara Brzuszkiewicz

The Conversation, 11.12.2018

Prison is expensive – worth remembering when we oppose parole

Tawney Bennett

EurekAlert, 11.12.2018

Criminalisation & repressive policing of sex work linked to increased risk of violence

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge online, 11.12.2018

Inside the Minds of Corporate Criminals

Carmen Nobel

European Eye on Radicalization, 12.12.2018

A Conversation with Petter Nesser on Foiled Terrorist Plots – Part 2

Sara Brzuszkiewicz

The Conversation, 12.12.2018

How Islamic State’s destruction of ancient Palmyra played out on Arabic-language Twitter – new study

Emma Cunliffe, Luigi Curini

The Conversation, 12.12.2018

Memes are taking the alt-right’s message of hate mainstream

Emiliano De Cristofaro, 12.12.2018

The staggering scale of France's battle against terror, by the numbers

Jonathon Gatehouse

New York Times, 13.12.2018

In France, School Lessons Ask: Which Twitter Post Should You Trust?

Adam Satariano and Elian Peltier

Medical Xpress, 13.12.2018

New research by criminologist shows a significant connection between psychopathy and homicides

Newswise (press release), 13.12.2018

Cybersecurity expert: 10 tips for protecting kids’ privacy when using electronic toys

EurekAlert!, 13.12.2018

Researchers identify widespread brain alterations in children with callousness

The Washington Post, 13.12.2018

Mueller should try to indict Trump. It would guarantee his report goes public.

Asha Rangappa

The Conversation, 13.12.2018

Italian Mafia activities are expanding abroad – and European police forces are still unprepared

Felia Allum

BBC News, 13.12.2018

Cardiff University to track hate speech and 'triggers'

New York Times, 13.12.2018

When Policing and Privacy Intersect

Katy Reckdahl, 13.12.2018

Black people more likely to have force used against them by police

Haroon Siddique

Newsweek, 14.12.2018

Sandy Hook Anniversary: Her Daughter Was Killed During Shooting, Now She’s Empowering Schools To Stop The Next One

Jenni Fink, 15.12.2018

How blow flies helped me detect a wrongful murder conviction in Nevada

Gail Anderson

Chicago Daily Herald, 15.12.2018

Problems with facial recognition easy to see, hard to manage

Dina Bass

The Conversation, 16.12.2018

How Paraguay dumps billions of illicit cigarettes on the global market

Benoît Gomis

The New Yorker, 17.12.2018

Should We Be Worried About Computerized Facial Recognition?

David Owen


How Britain grapples with nationalist dark web

Tom McTague

The Conversation, 17.12.2018

Conform to the social norm: why people follow what other people do

Campbell Pryor

EurekAlert, 17.12.2018

How marijuana may damage teenage brains in study using genetically vulnerable mice

Johns Hopkins

EurekAlert, 17.12.2018

How a personality trait puts you at risk for cybercrime

Michigan State University

The Sydney Morning Herald17, 17.12.2018

New report shows Russia used every major social media tool to help Trump

Craig Timberg and Tony Romm

The Guardian, 18.12.2018

Isolating terrorists in jail hardens extremist beliefs, prisons study finds

Christopher Knaus

European Eye on Radicalization, 18.12.2018

The Spanish Approach to Preventing and Fighting Violent Radicalization

Maria Lozano Alia

Phys.Org, 18.12.2018

Research reveals the key to reducing prison radicalisation

Aaron Walker

Pacific Standard, 18.12.2018

The Underlying Psychology of Political Radicalism

Tom Jacobs

The Conversation, 18.12.2018

Prevent counter-terrorism strategy remains unfair on British Muslims, despite Home Office efforts

Julian Hargreaves

EurekAlert, 18.12.2018

Criminal history strong indicator for future violent crime

Iowa State University

The Conversation, 19.12.2018

Does terrorism work? We studied 90 groups to get the answer

John A. Tures

The Conversation, 19.12.2018

The group dynamics that make terrorist teams work

Matthias Spitzmuller

EurekAlert, 19.12.2018

Carrying Tasers increases police use of force, study finds

University of Cambridge

Newswise, 19.12.2018

Police Interactions Linked To Increased Risk of Client Violence for Female Sex Workers

Johns Hopkins

Medium, 19.12.2018

Der Spiegel journalist messed with the wrong small town

Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn

New York Review of Books, 20.12.2018

Two Roads for the New French Right

Mark Lilla

ABC News, 20.12.2018

How do you rehabilitate a terrorist? Research findings could help in converting radicals

Alexandra Beech

The New Yorker, 24.12.2018

Iraq’s Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge

Ben Taub

The New Yorker, 24.12.2018

China’s Bizarre Program to Keep Activists in Check

Jianying Zha

New York Times, 27.12.2018

Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

European Eye on Radicalization, 27.12.2018

Fighting on Both Fronts: The Arab Coalition War on Al-Qaeda and Houthi Rebels in Yemen

Shady Abdel Whab

EurekAlert, 28.12.2018

Study examines development of physical aggression in children as they age

The Washington Post, 28.12.2018

For unsolved cases lasting a year, finding the killer becomes nearly impossible

Kimbriell Kelly and Steven Rich

MedPage Today, 28.12.2018

Youth Opioid Deaths Nearly Tripled Over Past Two Decades

Elizabeth Hlavinka, Staff Writer

Modern Diplomacy, 28.12.2018

US’s Exit Race: A Perfect Chaos

Irfan Khan

The Observer Sun, 30.12.2018

Big rise in number of children held in custody before trial

New York Times, 30.12.2018

How Times Reporters Froze a Fatal Moment on a Protest Field in Gaza

Malachy Browne, 31.12.2018

'The threat posed by Islamist terrorism is waning dramatically... but what do we worry about next?'

Lawfare, 31.12.2018

2018: The Year in Jihadism

Lorenzo Vidino

Cato Institute (blog), 31.12.2018

Cato’s 2018 Immigration Research in Review

Alex Nowrasteh