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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, Sunday 28 April 2024

Moscow terror attack showed growing reach of ISIS-K – could the US be next?

Sara Harmouch

New York Times, Thursday 11 April 2024

What a Terror Attack in Israel Might Reveal About Psychedelics and Trauma

Natan Odenheimer, Aaron Boxerman and Gal Koplewitz

The Conversation, Thursday 11 April 2024

Domestic violence survivors seek homeless services from a system that often leaves them homeless

Nkiru Nnawulezi Associate Professor of Community Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Lauren Cattaneo Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, George Mason University

The Guardian, Thursday 11 April 2024

Weeks-long manhunt in Brazil shows dramatic expansion of two main gangs into Amazon

Tom Phillips and Tiago Rogero in Rio de Janeiro

EurekAlert!, Thursday 11 April 2024

Study helps explain why childhood maltreatment continues to impact on mental and physical health into adulthood

University of Cambridge

EurekAlert!, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Most cybercriminal threats are concentrated in just a few countries

Peer-Reviewed Publication PLOS

EurekAlert!, Wednesday 10 April 2024

World-first “Cybercrime Index” ranks countries by cybercrime threat level

Peer-Reviewed Publication University of Oxford

The Conversation, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Trump pushes the limits of every restriction he faces – including threatening judges and their families

Paul M. Collins Jr. Professor of Legal Studies and Political Science, UMass Amherst

Police1, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Unveiling the impacts of de-policing: A comprehensive study reveals new insights

New York Times, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Where Is America’s ‘Rules-Based Order’ Now?

Spencer Ackerman

The Guardian, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Europe’s Gaza betrayal has broken the trust of millions of people in the global south

Shada Islam

EurekAlert!, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Experiencing racial discrimination impacts the mental health of teens in the U.S. justice system

Peer-Reviewed Publication Southern Methodist University

Latin Times, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Contrary to Stereotypes, Undocumented Immigrants Not Tied to Higher Crime Rates

Maria Villarroel

EurekAlert!, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Economic burden of childhood verbal abuse by adults estimated at $300 billion globally

University College London

Verfassungsblog, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Historic and Unprecedented

Sandra Arntz, Jasper Krommendijk

The Conversation, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Are embassies off-limits? Ecuadorian and Israeli actions suggest otherwise − and that sets a dangerous diplomatic precedent

Jorge Heine Interim Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, Boston University

EurekAlert!, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Resilience in the face of uncertainty: A comparative study on organizational learning from the 22/7 terrorist attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic

Maximum Academic Press

EurekAlert!, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Firearm ownership and support for political violence in the United States

JAMA Network Open Peer-Reviewed Publication

Newsweek, Tuesday 09 April 2024

School Shooter's Parents Sentenced to Maximum in Landmark Gun Case

Carlo Versano

The Conversation, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Body armour made from silk is being developed – but this apparently cutting-edge idea is centuries old

Lloyd Strickland Professor of Philosophy and Intellectual History, Manchester Metropolitan University

The Conversation, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Deepfake porn: why we need to make it a crime to create it, not just share it

Clare McGlynn Professor of Law, Durham University

EurekAlert!, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Problem property intervention in Boston reduced crime and disorder

American Society of Criminology

The Guardian, Tuesday 09 April 2024

After I was assaulted, I posted a photo of my injuries. The reaction I craved was not pity, but anger

Rena Effendi

The Guardian, Tuesday 09 April 2024

For 30 years I saw my kidnapping as character-building – until I finally faced what happened to me

Anna Broinowski

EurekAlert!, Tuesday 09 April 2024

Military veterans say extremism was preceded by negative service experiences, Monday 08 April 2024

Terrorists are relocating rapidly due to climate change

Rodielon Putol

Verfassungsblog, Monday 08 April 2024

To Define Is Just to Define

Franziska Katharina Mauritz

EurekAlert!, Monday 08 April 2024

New study: Opioids kill, especially if you're alone

Aarhus University

EurekAlert!, Monday 08 April 2024

War in Ukraine is increasing the prevalence of mental health conditions in children, new study finds

Reports and Proceedings European Psychiatric Association

Police Professional, Monday 08 April 2024

Lack of workplace flexibility driving women from policing, study finds

Paul Jacques