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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, Monday 13 January 2020

What Islamic State speaking in an English accent tells us about the group’s strategy

Alan Greene

EurekAlert, Monday 16 September 2019

Violent video games blamed more often for school shootings by white perpetrators

American Psychological Association

EurekAlert, Monday 16 September 2019

Can sex trafficking be prevented?

Boston University School of Medicine

EurekAlert, Monday 16 September 2019

Study finds community-oriented policing improves attitudes toward police

Yale University, Monday 16 September 2019

Police use of algorithms needs stronger safeguards to prevent bias, report says

Sebastian Klovig Skelton

The Guardian, Monday 16 September 2019

Predictive policing poses discrimination risk, thinktank warns

Jamie Grierson

Chicago Sun-Times, Sunday 15 September 2019

Crime fell near pot shops after marijuana was fully legalized, Colorado study shows

Tom Schuba

LiveLaw, Sunday 15 September 2019

Use Of Automatic Facial Recognition Technology By Police Is Lawful : UK Court[Read Judgment]

Joseph Sebastian

Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday 15 September 2019

'The short answer is alcohol': Why violent crime is still so common in country NSW

Caitlin Fitzsimmons

The Guardian, Sunday 15 September 2019

Insights... even the mere sight of a policewoman can lead to a fall in crime rates

Torsten Bell

Addiction Center, Saturday 14 September 2019

New Study Shows Police at Highest Risk for Suicide of Any Profession

Jena Hilliard

EurekAlert, Friday 13 September 2019

High social support associated with less violence among male teens in urban neighborhoods

University of Pittsburgh

EurekAlert, Friday 13 September 2019

Communities that Care prevention system helps to protect youth

Penn State

The Guardian, Friday 13 September 2019

‘I was very much a person the most powerful government in the world wanted to go away’

Ewen MacAskill

The Conversation, Thursday 12 September 2019

Rising violence and verbal abuse towards retailers – stories from shop floor reveal lifelong impact

Emmeline Taylor

EurekAlert, Thursday 12 September 2019

How relapse happens: Opiates reduce the brain's ability to form, maintain synapses

University at Buffalo

Washington Post, Wednesday 11 September 2019

Six things we’ve learned about terrorism since 9/11

Khusrav Gaibulloev and Todd Sandler

EurekAlert, Wednesday 11 September 2019

What's preventing the next world war? Random luck

Ohio State University

The Atlantic, Wednesday 11 September 2019

This Man Says His Anti-violence Plan Would Save 12,000 Lives

Mark Obbie

The Conversation, Wednesday 11 September 2019

What works to stop gender-based violence and what doesn’t

Heidi Stöckl, Marija Pantelic

The Conversation, Wednesday 11 September 2019

Not all types of extremism are terrorism – conflating the two is dangerous

Daniel Kirkpatrick, Recep Onursal

The Conversation, Wednesday 11 September 2019

An institution’s culture can affect the behavior of individual participants.

Roscoe Scarborough

The Crime Report, Tuesday 10 September 2019

Warning to States: Marijuana Tax ‘Windfalls’ May Just Be Blowing Smoke

Andrea Cipriano

The Conversation, Tuesday 10 September 2019

Forensic science isn’t ‘reliable’ or ‘unreliable’ – it depends on the questions you’re trying to answer

Claude Roux

New York Times, Tuesday 10 September 2019

4 Things That Keep the N.S.A. Up at Night

Charlie Warzel

New York Times, Tuesday 10 September 2019

I Work for N.S.A. We Cannot Afford to Lose the Digital Revolution.

Glenn S. Gerstell

The National, Monday 09 September 2019

ISIS is using new social media sites after Facebook and Twitter crack down

The Policy Times, Monday 09 September 2019

Least expectations for Victims of sexual and physical attacks

The Conversation, Monday 09 September 2019

Why ‘macho culture’ is not to blame for violence against women in Mexico

Catherine Whittaker

The Conversation, Monday 09 September 2019

Women have made many inroads in policing, but barriers remain to achieving gender equity

Terry Goldsworthy