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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

University at Buffalo, Monday 25 December 2023

Predictable patterns in terrorist propaganda can provide foundation for effective counter messaging, according to UB research

Bert Gambini

The Conversation, Thursday 28 September 2023

The UK has relatively few armed police – but their specialist squads are hotbeds of ‘warrior culture’

Tara Lai Quinlan

Police1, Thursday 28 September 2023

Webinar: De-escalation: How research is informing training and tactics

University of Cambridge, Thursday 28 September 2023

How students made Oxford the murder capital of late medieval England

Fred Lewsey

The Conversation, Thursday 28 September 2023

Juries that don’t understand forensic science can send innocent people to prison − a short training video could help

Devon LaBat, Deborah Goldfarb, Jacqueline R. Evans, Nadja Schreiber

Newswise, Thursday 28 September 2023

UAlbany Expert Available to Discuss The Risks of Existential Terrorism and AI

University at Albany

The Guardian, Thursday 28 September 2023

Sweden reports highest number of monthly fatal shootings since records began

Miranda Bryant

The Conversation, Wednesday 27 September 2023

Harassment and abuse perceived to harm poor women less − new research finds a ‘thicker skin’ bias

Nathan Cheek

Zawya, Wednesday 27 September 2023

Rising crime in US capital divides politicians, puzzles researchers

The Guardian, Wednesday 27 September 2023

Five key takeaways from Donald Trump’s financial fraud case ruling

Lauren Aratani

Washington Post, Wednesday 27 September 2023

Troops stormed a prison. They found inmates had built a luxury resort.

Ana Vanessa Herrero, Diana Durán, Samantha Schmidt

ABC, Tuesday 26 September 2023

United Nations investigation finds Russia tortured Ukrainians to death, raped women

TIME, Tuesday 26 September 2023

The Myths Holding Back Police Reform

Neil Gross

The Guardian, Tuesday 26 September 2023

‘I just want justice’: Ukrainians struggle with hidden war crime of sexual violence

Liz Cookman

The Conversation, Tuesday 26 September 2023

How rape myths and unconscious biases prejudice the judicial system against women – and rape survivors in particular

Pragya Agarwal

The Guardian, Tuesday 26 September 2023

TechScape: AI-made images mean seeing is no longer believing

Chris Stokel-Walker

The Guardian, Tuesday 26 September 2023

‘How did he die and I didn’t?’: Hungary’s spate of car crashes involving police and migrants

Marlene Auer

WDET Detroit Today, Tuesday 26 September 2023

Detroit Today: What are the root causes of crime?

CBS News, Tuesday 26 September 2023

New study links tear gas exposure to adverse reproductive health outcomes

Kirsten Mitchell

The Conversation, Monday 25 September 2023

The UK just passed an online safety law that could make people less safe

Benjamin Dowling

The Conversation, Monday 25 September 2023

How popular music videos drove the fight against the Islamic State

Benjamin Isakhan, Ali Akbar

The Conversation, Monday 25 September 2023

Ukraine war: mixed signals among Kyiv’s allies hint at growing conflict fatigue

Stefan Wolff, Tetyana Malyarenko, Jean Monnet

The Guardian, Monday 25 September 2023

Crypto king or conman: is Sam Bankman-Fried about to be sent down for a century?

Zoe Williams

WION, Monday 25 September 2023

Did Russia intentionally starve Ukraine? New war crime dossier to the ICC to provide damning evidence

The New Yorker, Monday 25 September 2023

Inside Sam Bankman-Fried’s Family Bubble

Sheelah Kolhatkar

UPI, Monday 25 September 2023

Study shows large number of seniors vulnerable to benefits scams

Susan Kreimer

U.S. News and World Report, Monday 25 September 2023

Unsafe Neighborhoods Have Higher Levels of Child Abuse

Cara Murez

Psychiatric Times, Monday 25 September 2023

Cannabis and Schizophrenia: Implications in the Legalization Era

Victor Ajluni, MD

The New Yorker, Monday 25 September 2023

The Villa Where a Doctor Experimented on Children

Margaret Talbot