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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Police News, 01.10.2012

Sick and tired: How sleep deprivation harms cops

"Police are going from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds, both literally and physiologically"
FOX19, 01.10.2012

Study: Fraud growing in scientific research papers


Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 01.10.2012

Juvenile Sex Offenders: Locked Up for Life?

Medical experts raise questions about indefinite civil commitment for troubled youths

Scott Michels

EurekAlert!, 01.10.2012

Serious child abuse injuries creep up, Yale study shows

A new Yale School of Medicine study shows that cases of serious physical abuse in children, such as head injuries, burns, and fractures, increased slightly by about 5% in the last 12 years. This is in sharp contrast to data from child protective services agencies, which show a 55% decrease in physical abuse cases from 1997 to 2009.
EurekAlert!, 01.10.2012

Misconduct, not error, accounts for most scientific paper retractions

New study finds 10-fold increase in fraud-related retractions
The Times Literary Supplement, 01.10.2012

Does economic growth make you happy?

Robert Skidelsky

Eurasia Review, 01.10.2012

America: Domestic Guns And Mass Murder – OpEd

Guns in homes, carried in handbags and school rucksacks, briefcases, car glove compartments and jackets, accessories to kill and injure, to threaten and intimidate. Don’t leave home without one.

Graham Peebles

The Crime Report, 01.10.2012

Juvenile Sex Offenders: Locked Up for Life?

Scott Michels

IBNLive-, 02.10.2012

FTN: Are the elderly being abused by their own children?

Sagarika GhoseSagarika Ghose

Newswise, 02.10.2012

Survey Sheds Light on High Victimization Rates in Alaska

Survey finds nearly 60 percent of women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner violence or sexual violence
PreventionAction, 02.10.2012

UK’s hard-pressed parents ply children with toys rather than time

Christian Science Monitor, 02.10.2012

Clues about who's behind recent cyber attacks on US banks

A Middle Eastern hacktivist group appeared to claim responsibility for massive denial-of-service cyber attacks on websites of six US banks. Some experts now say that claim is a 'false flag' to divert attention from the real attackers.

Mark Clayton

Le Monde diplomatique, 02.10.2012

Why opposing islamophobia is not a defense of extremism

Christian Christensen

University of Missouri, 02.10.2012

Amazonian Tribal Warfare Sheds Light on Modern Violence, Says MU Anthropologist

Developing a shared sense of global community could help reduce major episodes of violence
National Post, 03.10.2012

Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds

Tom Blackwell, 03.10.2012

UK is identity fraud hotspot of Europe

Martin Fagan

The Crime Report, 03.10.2012

MN Shooter Had 10,000 Rounds; Pol Urges Tracking Ammo Buys

Buy as much as you want. That was the reaction to a request for 10,000 bullets at Minnesota gun stores.
The Crime Report, 03.10.2012

NYCLU Finds 'Extreme' Use of Solitary in NY Prisons

The use of solitary confinement in New York state prisons is “arbitrary, inhumane and unsafe,” according to a new study published by the New York Civil Liberties Union., 03.10.2012

Chicago Gang Factions: Breaking the Gang-Violence Equation?

Whet Moser

Medical Xpress, 03.10.2012

Official guidance puts child abuse victims at serious risk of having their evidence contested, credibility questioned

BBC News, 03.10.2012

High-def CCTV cameras risk backlash, warns UK watchdog

High-definition closed-circuit television (CCTV) risks sparking a public backlash, according to the UK government's surveillance commissioner.
New York Times, 03.10.2012

Inquiry Cites Flaws in Counterterrorism Offices

One of the nation’s biggest domestic counterterrorism programs has failed to provide virtually any useful intelligence, according to Congressional investigators.


Huffington Post, 03.10.2012

Is Juvenile Delinquency a Failure of Imagination?

Wray Herbert

San Diego CityBEAT, 03.10.2012

Another whack at changing Three Strikes

Prop. 36 steps up to the plate, eight years after Prop. 66

Kelly Davis

Science Codex, 03.10.2012

Rutgers study finds economic abuse affects maternal mental health, parenting

.S. News & World Report (blog), 04.10.2012

In Chicago, Proof Positive That Mentoring Decreases Youth Violence

Violence kills more young people in Chicago than in any other city in America. Hope, though, may be on the horizon, thanks to an unusual violent crime study published recently., 04.10.2012

The truth about crime and fear

New Zealand's crime rate has dropped to an all-time low, according to official figures released this week.


Washington Post, 04.10.2012

Cutting the risks for defendants who plea bargain

Editorial Board

Futurity: Research News, 04.10.2012

Denied money, moms more likely to spank kids

Huffington Post UK, 04.10.2012

Fame and Sexual Exploitation

Dr Raj Persaud and Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm Fame and sexual exploitation - new research reveals how to spot a sexually exploitative man no matter how famous, respected or 'safe' he appears.
ars technica (USA),, 04.10.2012

Evasive action: How The Pirate Bay four dodged Swedish justice—for a while

The site's founders have moved out of Sweden, but Stockholm wants them back.

Cyrus Farivar

Bloomberg Businessweek (USA),, 04.10.2012

Sicily, a Portrait of Italian Dysfunction

Stephan Faris

EurekAlert!, 05.10.2012

Mount Sinai researchers find mechanism of opiate addiction is completely different from other drugs

Discovery of genes in an animal model of opiate addiction may lead to new drug target for treatment Chronic morphine exposure has the opposite effect on the brain compared to cocaine in mice, providing new insight into the basis of opiate addiction, according to Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers. They found that a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is increased in cocaine addiction, is inhibited in opioid addiction. The research is published in the October 5 issue of Science.
Mmegi Online, 05.10.2012

Al Qaeda is alive

The terrorist group may be headless, but its tentacles still pack a mean punch writes *DAVEED


Prevention Action, 05.10.2012

Doing better by sexually abused children in multicultural communities

Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 07.10.2012

A case to answer: The return of the Supergrass

Tonight, Panorama reveals how the most notoriously unreliable of witnesses – the supergrass – has been brought back into action. But with the recent collapse of a number of high-profile cases, are new supergrass laws doomed to fail?

Emma Slater

ABC Online, 08.10.2012

The dark side of 'normal'

What does the conviction of Andy Muirhead on child porn charges tell us about this internet netherworld? Stephen Smallbone looks for answers. As a small-time amateur collector of 1950s Japanese ceramics, I had been a regular viewer of the ABC's Collectors program. Presenter Andy Muirhead seemed friendly and charming. I liked him. When news broke in June 2010 that Muirhead had been arrested for possessing child pornography, my first reaction was to hope it wasn't true. Apparently it was.

Stephen Smallbone

BBC News, 08.10.2012

Ex-Thames Valley police chief criticises PCC poll

Peter Neyroud Peter Neyroud said the elections were being held at the wrong time of year for a good turnout
Phys.Org, 08.10.2012

Leicester leads the way in most comprehensive ever hate-crime study

Britain's most comprehensive study of hate crime is being launched this month in Leicester by a specialist research team at the University of Leicester. Ads by Google Laurea On Line - 5 facoltà senza test di ammissione con e-Campus. Contattaci ora! - Criminologists from the University are starting a major two-year project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, examining the experiences of those who are victimised because of their identity, vulnerability or perceived 'difference' in the eyes of the perpetrator.
The Guardian, 08.10.2012

Scientist fighting crime and gravity

Levitation was one professor's plan to cut crime. And it worked. Sort of

Marc Abrahams

Huffington Post (blog)-, 08.10.2012

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study -- the Largest Public Health Study You Never Heard Of

"Adverse childhood experiences" has become a buzzword in social services, public health, education, juvenile justice, mental health, pediatrics, criminal justice, medical research and even business. The ACE Study - the CDC's Adverse Childhood Experiences Study -- has recently been featured in the New York Times, This American Life, and Many people say that just as you should what your cholesterol score is, so you should know your ACE score. But what is this study? And do you know your own ACE score? The ACE Study - probably the most important public health study you never heard of - emerged from an obesity clinic on a quiet street in San Diego.
New York Times, 08.10.2012

The Patent, Used as a Sword

When Apple announced last year that all iPhones would come with a voice-activated assistant named Siri, capable of answering spoken questions, Michael Phillips’s heart sank.


Huffington Post, 08.10.2012

Where Are the Men?

Tom Sightings

Government Technology, 08.10.2012

Predictive Policing a Success in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Brian Heaton,, 09.10.2012

Greek anti-fascist protesters 'tortured by police' after Golden Dawn clash

Fifteen people arrested in Athens says they were subjected to what their lawyer describes as an Abu Ghraib-style humiliation

Maria Margaronis in Athens

Prevention Action, 09.10.2012

Glancing back but moving forward

Nouse, 09.10.2012

My Daughter, The Terrorist

Destroyed women or monstrous and crazed terrorists? For Beate Arnstead these suicide bombers are victims of war. Women from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fought since the 1970s for an independent Tamil state. In Sri Lanka’s devastating civil war, these rebel women were prepared to sacrifice their lives as suicide bombers. Despite CNN and the BBC’s failed attempts to access these “crazy women”, Beate was determined to find the women behind the bombs.
Huffington Post, 10.10.2012

The Reality of Misguided Concepts

Marion Just

The Age, 10.10.2012

The real cost of CCTV might stop you smiling

Cameras have a funny way of turning up when you least expect them - in offices, schools, car parks, bridal stores … The eye in the sky is expanding its field of vision.

Emmeline Taylor

Springer -, 10.10.2012

Study highlights the power of positive relationships for girls' mental health

Association for Psychological Science PRESS RELEASE, 10.10.2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Guilty: Anticipating Feelings of Guilt Predicts Ethical Behavior

From politics to finance, government to education, ethics-related scandals seem to crop up with considerable regularity. As whistleblowers and investigative journalists bring these scandals to light, one can’t help but wonder: Are there specific character traits that predispose people to unethical behavior?
Simon Fraser University, 10.10.2012

SFU study challenges assumptions on wartime sexual violence

Huffington Post UK, 10.10.2012

Who Murders Children? The Latest Research Profiles Child Killers, but Can it Help Detection?

Dr Raj Persaud and Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm

New Statesman, 10.10.2012

How to keep politics out of policing

Just how independent are the non-party-affiliated candidates for the new Police and Crime Commissioner positions?

Craig Harper

Winnipeg Free Press, 10.10.2012

Monitoring device found lacking

Anklet played small role in reducing car thefts: study

Bruce Owen

New Statesman (blog)-, 10.10.2012

Attractive women face prejudice in the courtroom, study says

Women charged with murdering an abusive spouse are more likely to be deemed guilty if they have blonde hair and “smooth, harmonious facial features”.

Alex Ward

EurekAlert!, 10.10.2012

Testosterone increases honesty

Researchers from the University of Bonn examine the biological background of lying
PolitiFact-, 10.10.2012

Judge links arrests to high school drop out rates

Vanity Fair, 10.10.2012

The Greatest Fake-Art Scam in History?

One of his forgeries hung in a show at the Met. Steve Martin bought another of his fake paintings. Still others have sold at auction for multi-million-dollar prices. So how did a self-described German hippie pull off one of the biggest, most lucrative cons in art-world history? And how did he get nailed?

Joshua Hammer

University of Rochester, 11.10.2012

The Marshmallow Study Revisited

Delaying Gratification Depends as Much on Nurture as on Nature
The New York Review of Books, 11.10.2012

The Problem of the New York Police

Over the past decade the New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Division (Intel) has built an active, fully staffed spying unit devoted to “mapping” the city’s large Muslim community in search of “home-grown” terrorists with no known ties to international jihadist groups.

Michael Greenberg

EurekAlert! Public, 11.10.2012

New web-based model for sharing research datasets could have huge benefits

EurekAlert!, 11.10.2012

England World Cup wins and losses linked to 30 percent rise in domestic violence

Domestic violence rates rose by an average of 30 percent each time England won or lost their games during the 2010 World Cup, but draws had little impact on the statistics.
University of Iowa, 11.10.2012

Parental bonding=happy, stable child

Study finds that closeness with either parent has behavioral, emotional benefits
The Huffington Post UK Posted, 11.10.2012

Mick Duthie Of Metropolitan Police Accused Of Ignoring Justice After Discussing 'Al Capone' Tactics For Rape

The head of the Metropolitan police's sex crime unit has been accused of ignoring justice for victims after he suggested using "Al Capone type tactics" to prosecute suspects for offenses other than rape.

Dina Rickman

The British Psychological Society, 11.10.2012

Leicester launches hate crime study

A specialist research team at the University of Leicester has launched a new study of hate crime. The investigation is believed to be the most comprehensive of its kind and will look at the experiences of victims who are targeted for reasons such as their vulnerability and identity.
University of California, 11.10.2012

Evidence Does Not Support Three-strikes Law as Crime Deterrent

UC Riverside criminologist finds that decline in alcohol consumption is most responsible for decreasing crime rate

Bettye Miller

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, 11.10.2012

Terrorism Risk Greatest for Subway/Rail Commuters, Says MIT Paper at INFORMS Conference

Arnold Barnett

New York Times, 11.10.2012

Her ‘Crime’ Was Loving Schools

Twice the Taliban threw warning letters into the home of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old Pakistan girl who is one of the world’s most persuasive advocates for girls’ education. They told her to stop her advocacy — or else.
New York Times, 11.10.2012

Report Sees More Restraint in Shootings by City Police Officers

In 2011, New York City police officers shot and killed 9 suspects and injured 19 more, the second-lowest annual toll in recent city history, according to a Police Department report.


New York Times, 11.10.2012

Trying to Set Legal Rules for Brutal War


New York Review of Books, 11.10.2012

Can Islam Be Criticized?

Malise Ruthven

EurekAlert!, 12.10.2012

New weapons detail reveals true depth of Cuban Missile Crisis

Prevention Action, 12.10.2012

How much does “following the rules” matter in delivering a program?

Good mental health helps kids learn better. But questions are being asked about the fidelity with which school-based mental health interventions are implemented – and how much “following the rules” makes a difference. For one Australian program, solid implementation is like a six-month boost in learning, researchers claim.
The Economist Oct 13th 2012, 13.10.2012

How the police recruit radicals

ression in Bahrain is continuing to alienate the Shia majority

Ottawa Citizen, 13.10.2012

Reframe bullying, expert says

Everyone responsible for well-being of youth, chat participants told

Misty Harris

The Economist, 13.10.2012

No shooting please, we’re German

Germans still have a uniquely complicated relationship with their soldiers
Liverpool Echo, 13.10.2012

Police watchdog pledges to try to end generation of Hillsborough ‘distress and anger’

John Siddle, 13.10.2012

How to fix a broken border: Follow the money

Terry Goddard Former Arizona Attorney General

Science Codex, 13.10.2012

Tying our fate to molecular markings

A Simon Fraser University physicist has helped discover that understanding how a chemical mark on our DNA affects gene expression could be as useful to scientists as fingerprints are to police at a crime scene.
New York Times, 14.10.2012

Juvenile Killers and Life Terms: a Case in Point


EurekAlert!, 14.10.2012

Suicide in children and adolescents

Dr. Paramala J. Santosh, Maudsley Hospital, London, UK

The Observer, 14.10.2012

DNA analysis: far from an open-and-shut case

Forensic evidence is widely considered to be the result of purely objective lab tests, but there's growing proof that psychological bias plays a part

Vaughan Bell

The Observer, 14.10.2012

Metropolitan police accused of 'creating crime' at honey-trap pawn shop

More than 100 people were convicted after year-long sting – but charity says they may have been lured into committing offences

Mark Townsend

New York Times, 14.10.2012

Until Justice Is Served

ERROL MORRIS, 14.10.2012

A new woman

Fifty years after the feminist revolution began, New Zealand women are more violent and more vulnerable than before. Kirsty Johnston reports on the dark side of progress.
Newswise —Released, 15.10.2012

Cop2Cop Helpline Recognized by National Police Defense Foundation for Service to Law Enforcement Personnel

Newswise, 15.10.2012

Evidence Does Not Support Three-Strikes Law as Crime Deterrent

Contrary to what police, politicians and the public believe, research by a University of California, Riverside criminologist has found that the state's three-strikes law has done nothing to reduce the crime rate.
EurekAlert!, 15.10.2012

School-wide interventions improve student behavior

Christian Science Monitor, 15.10.2012

Amanda Todd bullying suicide: "Nice it Forward" in her memory

What can we individually do after the case of Canadian teen Amanda Todd, who committed suicide after cyber bullying drove her to produce a video detailing her cruel experiences? Join the "Nice it Forward" campaign, in her memory.
Scientific American (blog), 15.10.2012

Sesame Street and Child Development

Jason G. Goldman

EurekAlert!, 15.10.2012

No fear: Why teens are likelier to take gambles

A new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues finds that adolescents commonly take more risks than younger children and adults because they are more willing to accept risks when consequences are unknown, rather than because they are attracted to danger, as often assumed., 16.10.2012

Police poll dismissed as 'skewed'

The Police Association has dismissed the results of a poll on trust in police, citing its links to a PR campaign and saying its results were skewed.
Swindon Advertiser, 16.10.2012

More police mean less crime, says candidate for top police role

David Wiles

EurekAlert, 16.10.2012

Alcohol dependence seems to shorten life more than smoking, especially among women

New York Review of Books, 16.10.2012

More Speech is Better

David Cole

Newswise, 16.10.2012

Marriage, Education Can Help Improve Well-Being of Adults Abused as Children

Researchers investigating the long-term consequences of child abuse report that being identified some protective factors that can improve the health of victims during their adulthood. Men and women in their 30s who had been abused or neglected as children reported worse mental and physical health than their non-abused peers. But being married or having graduated from high school buffered the severity of their symptoms.
Metapsychology, 16.10.2012

Review - In Doubt

The Psychology of the Criminal Justice Process by Dan Simon

Wendy C. Hamblet

Huffington Post, 17.10.2012

Violent Crime Up In the U.S. For First Time In Nearly 2 Decades, Despite FBI Claims

John Rudolf

Los Angeles Times, 17.10.2012

Violent crimes up 17% in 2011

The Bureau of Justice Statistics' National Crime Victimization Survey includes reported and unreported rapes, robberies and assaults after historically low numbers in 2010. Experts say the one-year fluctuation could be a fluke.

Danielle Ryan

The Atlantic, 17.10.2012

Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Stolen Painting?

In the wake of last night's epic theft from a Dutch museum, the founder of the FBI's art crimes team explains why stealing masterpieces is a terrible business plan.

Jordan Weissmann

Los Angeles Times, 17.10.2012

U.S. reviewing guidelines for use of force by border agencies

The Department of Homeland Security's scrutiny is in response to a letter from 16 members of Congress expressing concern about a Mexican man dying after being Tasered.

Richard Marosi,

Slate Magazine, 17.10.2012

Should We Screen Kids’ Brains and Genes To ID Future Criminals?

Intervention might help save troubled kids. But the label could doom them.

Gary Marchant

Liverpool John Moores University, 17.10.2012

Hillsborough: Collusion and Cover-up lecture

The launch event for the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion (CCSE) Critical Research 2012 Seminar Series couldn't have been timelier or more necessary, given the recent findings released in the Report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.
Prevention Action, 17.10.2012

A prognosis for diagnosis

Although many more young children are today being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) than even a decade ago, very little is known about the impact of diagnosis on children’s outcomes.
New York Times, 18.10.2012

Colombia Tries Again to End Drug-Fed War


EurekAlert!, 19.10.2012

Collective violence and poverty on the Mexican-US border affects child mental health

EurekAlert!, 19.10.2012

Study outlines common risky behaviors of children struck by motor vehicles

The Independent, 19.10.2012

The silent epidemic of head injury in young offenders

New research suggests that a childhood brain injury could increase the likelihood of someone committing a violent crime

Huw Williams

News One, 19.10.2012

Executed At 14: George Stinney’s Birthday Reminds Us That The Death Penalty Must End

Terrell Jermaine Starr

Newswise (press release)-, 19.10.2012

Criminal Punishment and Politics: Elected Judges Take Tougher Stance Prior to Elections

Canadian University Press Newswire, 19.10.2012

Murder and maggots: the world of forensic entomology

Kristen McEwen

EurekAlert!, 20.10.2012

Cyberbullying only rarely the sole factor identified in teen suicides

NEW ORLEANS – Cyberbullying – the use of the Internet, phones or other technologies to repeatedly harass or mistreat peers – is often linked with teen suicide in media reports. However, new research presented on Saturday, Oct. 20, at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans, shows that the reality is more complex. Most teen suicide victims are bullied both online and in school, and many suicide victims also suffer from depression., 20.10.2012

Overuse of Tasers teaches a good lesson

Every new politician and public-sector manager should have to study what went so terribly wrong with the introduction of Tasers in B.C. The case study in how not to make and enforce public policy might help them avoid similar costly mistakes.
The Economist, 20.10.2012

Clean streets

Inner cities are beginning to resemble suburbs, and vice versa
Nottingham Post, 20.10.2012

Offenders try meditation in uni research

THE effects of meditation on violent offenders will be investigated as part of a research project at Nottingham Trent University.
The Economist, 20.10.2012

Kingpin bowling

The most wanted men in Mexico are tumbling. Will crime follow suit?
The Star Online, 20.10.2012

Do crime rates affect property prices?


New York Times Magazine, 21.10.2012

The Scariest Little Corner of the World


Center for Research on Globalization, 21.10.2012

“Homegrown Terrorism” and Terrorism by Association

Michael S. Rozeff

Huffington Post Canada, 21.10.2012

Obsolete Crimes Canada: Criminal Code Study Reviews Possibly Out Of Date Sections

Dean Beeby

The Seattle Times, 21.10.2012

Signs of hope on the road to doom

Policy-driven by data and results could overcome the usual politics.

Jerry Large

The Guardian, 22.10.2012

David Cameron's 'tough, but intelligent' initiative on crime runs into trouble

Prime minister's attempt to forget week of setbacks with 'tough, but intelligent' speech flawed by lack of new money to support it

Juliette Jowit

The Guardian, 22.10.2012

Why politicians won't tell you the truth about crime

Offending is falling, and prison doesn't work. But Cameron shows he's also addicted to the quick fix of tough talk

Polly Toynbee

Chronicle of Higher Education, 22.10.2012

Psychopathy's Double Edge

Kevin Dutton

Slate Magazine, 22.10.2012

Future Tense Event Recap: Will Neurolaw Change the Judicial System—and Does Free Will Exist?

Torie Bosch

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 23.10.2012

From the Streets to Cyberspace: What are the Links Between Gang Membership and Internet Use?

The Guardian, 23.10.2012

Skilled probation officers cut crime

Social Barrel, 23.10.2012

Facebook and Twitter Used to Draft Terrorists, U.N. Report

Neal Alfie Lasta

National Geographic (USA),, 23.10.2012

Child Brides

Cynthia Gorney

Science Network Western Australia, 23.10.2012

Vitamin B deficiency linked to troubled teens

“We were surprised to find that externalising problems were significantly associated with reduced intake of B1, B2, B5, B6 and folate.”—Prof Oddy. Image: Kate HisockA RECENT Western Australian study is the first to report that low vitamin B-intake is strongly linked to delinquency and aggression in 17 year-olds., 23.10.2012

Tools for fraud prevention

Mark Surguy

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 23.10.2012

American Journal of Preventive Medicine -- New Jersey's Teen Driver Decals Linked with Fewer Crashes

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 23.10.2012

The 9/11 Prosecutor's Quest for Transparency

Matthias Gebauer

Daily News & Analysis, 23.10.2012

In rural India, it's always the season of the witch, 24.10.2012

The Execution of Carlos DeLuna

Preventing Wrongful Convictions

Gabriel O’Malley

Newswise, 24.10.2012

CA Leads Nation in Exonerations of Wrongfully Convicted

A new criminal justice initiative today released a study showing that 200 or more wrongful convictions have been thrown out since 1989 in California, costing those convicted more than 1,300 years of freedom and taxpayers $129 million.
The Independent, 24.10.2012

Jimmy Savile, paedophilia and necrophilia

Dr Mark Griffiths

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 24.10.2012

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

The majority of vendettas originate within a group
The Atlantic (USA),, 24.10.2012

'Perplexed ... Perplexed': On Mob Justice in Nigeria

Why is lynching so common in the West African country?

Teju Cole

New Statesman, 24.10.2012

Justice for Mark Duggan demands that we change the law on intercept evidence

Our absurd laws mean there may never be a public inquest into Duggan's death at the hands of the police.

David Davis and David Lammy

, 25.10.2012

Recent victimization may increase risk of suicidal ideation in adolescents Published on October 24, 2012 at 12:46 AM •

The Economist online Oct 23rd 2012, 12:40, 25.10.2012

Just taking a break


The Times of Israel - October 23, 2012, 10:34 pm, 25.10.2012

Terrorist leaders can change — if we let them, Israeli researcher says

A criminologist goes to the source to see how a lengthy prison term can make terrorists more pragmatic

By Elhanan Miller

EurekAlert! - Public release date: 23-Oct-2012, 25.10.2012

Effective treatment helps Danes with personality disorders

New York Times October 22, 2012, 25.10.2012

In Guatemalan Tourist Haven, Corruption Case Is Talk of the Town


The New Statesman, 25.10.2012

We can now elect police officers: but will anyone bother?

Let’s not waste this opportunity.

Shane Britton

Juvenile Justice Information, 25.10.2012

Sexual Trauma Marks Girls’ Path to Juvenile Justice System

Kaukab Jhumra Smith

Opposing Views, 25.10.2012

Study: Allowing Ex-Criminals to Legally Own Guns Drives Up Violence

Michael Allen

EurActiv, 25.10.2012

Britain's opt-out on EU police and crime laws raises eyebrows

The UK's intended opt-out from EU cooperation on police and criminal matters will be the “elephant in the room” at the two-day meeting of EU justice and home affairs ministers beginning today (25 October), diplomats told EurActiv., 25.10.2012

Police and Crime Commissioner elections in the north

Police and Crime Commissioners provide a chance for more connected policing
Police News, 25.10.2012

Criminology professor: How many cops are needed on the street?

A research-based approach has been created to improve police work for agencies stretched too thin States News Service
EurekAlert!, 25.10.2012

Restricting high-risk individuals from owning guns saves lives

Psychiatric Times, 26.10.2012

Why Psychiatrists Must Confront Gun-related Violence

Ronald W. Pies,

New York Times, 26.10.2012

A Death Row Struggle Between Advocates and Lawyers


New York Times, 26.10.2012

Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them

The police officer recorded details like the woman’s date of birth, height, weight and bra size. He made note of certain materials, like chloroform and rope


New York Times, 27.10.2012

Is Failure to Predict a Crime?


New York Magazine, 27.10.2012

Cannibal Cop's Female Acquaintances Are Justifiably Freaked Out

Caroline Bankoff

New York Magazine online, 27.10.2012

John Jay College President Calls Out NYPD for Spying on Muslim Students

Andre Tartar

London24-, 28.10.2012

London riot arrests blamed for increase in “violence and anarchy”

The arrests of more than 200 leaders of London street gangs in the wake of last year’s riots has led to a “power vacuum” in the capital, a report claims today., 28.10.2012

What's the difference between these two brains?

They both belong to three-year-olds, so why is one so much bigger? Because one was loved by its parents and the other neglected – a fact that has dramatic implications
Eurasia Review, 28.10.2012

Cyberattacks In The Gulf: Lessons For Active Defence – Analysis


The Independent, 28.10.2012

Why don't more Muslims speak out against the wanton destruction of Mecca's holy sites?

Saudi Arabia's Wahabists are tearing down buildings that have links to the Prophet and replacing them with skyscrapers and shopping malls
New York Times, 28.10.2012

When Crimes Feed Our Worst Fears


New York Times, 28.10.2012

Safety Lessons From the Morgue


Huffington Post, 29.10.2012

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Marcus Middleton

Christian Science Monitor, 29.10.2012

Chicago: Homicides already pass mark for 2011, defying trend in other US cities

While the murder rate in Chicago is half of what it was decades ago, it is rising even as homicides in other major US cities like New York and Los Angeles are falling.

Mark Guarino

Huffington Post, 29.10.2012

Delinquent Taxpayers Persuaded To Pay Up Using Behavioral Economics

New York Times, 29.10.2012

Silence on Gun Control

Infosecurity Magazine, 29.10.2012

The Future of Hacktivism: Why Unemployment Will Increase Hacktivist Activity

Research on the similarities between hacktivist groups like Anonymous and real-world protest groups and the future of hacktivism has been carried out by Czech Technical University in Prague., 29.10.2012

Gang violence 'worse since 2011 riots'

Removing gang chiefs from London's streets has created a "Lord Of The Flies environment in which anything goes", a report has warned.
BBC News, 29.10.2012

Q&A: EU crime and justice opt-out

Police under an EU flag The government wants to opt-out of all pre-Lisbon police and criminal justice matters
The Atlantic Monthly, 29.10.2012

The End of Laughing at Marijuana Reformers

Conor Friedersdorf

Foreign Policy (blog), 29.10.2012

Pakistan's squandered chance at education reform

Madiha Afzal

History News Network, 29.10.2012

The Forgotten Los Angeles Race Riot: Interview with Historian Scott Zesch on the Chinatown Massacre of 1871

Robin Lindley

New York Times -, 29.10.2012

Now 12, California Boy Comes to Trial in Killing of Neo-Nazi Father


Newsise Released, 29.10.2012

Halloween Is ‘Deadliest Day’ of the Year for Child Pedestrian Fatalities

Newswise Released, 29.10.2012

New Study Finds A Common Bond Between School Bullies and Their Targets: Alcohol Abuse

BBC News, 30.10.2012

Kosovo: EU aid for law and order criticised by auditors

EurekAlert!, 30.10.2012

Empathy represses analytic thought, and vice versa

Brain physiology limits simultaneous use of both networks
EurekAlert!, 30.10.2012

Bullying has long-term health consequences

HUNTSVILLE, TX (10/30/12) -- Childhood bullying can lead to long term health consequences, including general and mental health issues, behavioral problems, eating disorders, smoking, alcohol use, and homelessness, a study by the Crime Victims' Institute at Sam Houston State University found. (blog), 30.10.2012

Parental Awareness Decreases Behavior Problems for Teens With ADHD

The Guardian, 30.10.2012

A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country

The scale of unpaid tax now outstrips the entire deficit. Forcing the elite to pay up is a matter of both justice and necessity

Seumas Milne

Los Angeles Times, 30.10.2012

Anti-sex-trafficking Proposition 35 is surprisingly controversial

Measure to toughen penalties for sex trafficking faces opposition from some veteran advocates and academics in the field of human trafficking.

Victoria Kim

Pine Tree, 30.10.2012

New Report Shows Recidivism Rate Continues to Decline


Washington Post (blog), 30.10.2012

Studies: Casinos bring jobs, but also crime, bankruptcy, and even suicide

Dylan Matthews

Minneapolis Star Tribune, 30.10.2012

Nicki Crick, U expert on female aggression


Yahoo! News (blog)-, 31.10.2012

What a Drop in Youth Crime Says About Curfews and Boot Camps: Nothing Good

Prevention Action, 31.10.2012

Hitting the target: suicide prevention for at-risk youths

On both sides of the Atlantic, suicide is one of the largest causes of death among teenagers. Two short programs that focus on at-risk students can offer some protection, according to a study from America’s west coast.
Huffington Post (blog)-, 31.10.2012

Juvenile Hall Is No Place for Kids

Tamar Birckhead

Christian Science Monitor, 31.10.2012

Mexico: How far do drug gangs reach?

A new report using Internet searches to track criminal activity in Mexico found it is concentrated near large Mexican cities, entry points to the US, and highways connecting illicit crops or ports.
The Bugle, 31.10.2012

First-time offenders offered new pre-trial program

Robin Ambrosia

Chemistry World, 31.10.2012

How do you solve a problem like misconduct?

Ian Le Guillou