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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 01.02.2016

What really threatens America: Zika, cancer or ISIS?

Simon Reich, 01.02.2016

Europe’s refugee story has hardly begun

Paul Mason

The Conversation, 02.02.2016

Partitioning Syria is not the answer – it’s a mistake we’ve made before

Anthony Billingsley

Washington Post, 02.02.2016

America’s unfinished business from the O.J. Simpson trial

Alyssa Rosenberg

Scientific American, 02.02.2016

Superior Face Recognition: A Very Special Super Power

Anna K. Bobak, Sarah Bate

Vox, 02.02.2016

All-American jihad: Peter Bergen on the homegrown terrorism threat

Jennifer Williams

The Conversation, 02.02.2016

Review: Spotlight’s revealing story of child abuse in my home town – and maybe yours

Kathleen McPhillips

Newswise, 02.02.2016

A Scholar's View on Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

The New Yorker, 02.02.2016

Could There Ever Be Another O. J. Simpson?

Jeffrey Toobin

The Atlantic, 02.02.2016

Unemployment: The All-but-Certain Fate of Too Many Poor Black Boys

Gillian B. White

The Conversation, 03.02.2016

FactCheck Q&A: is domestic violence on the decline?

Anastasia Powell, Terry Goldsworthy

Toronto Star, 03.02.2016

U.S. gun homicide rate more than 25 times higher than in other high-income countries

Mark Berman

The Globe and Mail, 03.02.2016

Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial fuels debate over defence lawyering


The Conversation, 03.02.2016

O.J. Simpson’s return: what we’ve learned in the 20 years since the trial of the century

Frankie Bailey

The Conversation, 03.02.2016

‘Recycling is for drunks, addicts and babushkas’ – inside Russia’s mafia-dominated waste industry

Minna Halme

The Conversation, 03.02.2016

#DickPics are no joke: cyber-flashing, misogyny and online dating

Laura Thompson

The Conversation, 03.02.2016

Shedding light on the hidden epidemic of police suicide in South Africa

Gráinne Perkins

EurekAlert!, 03.02.2016

UT Dallas study: Most NFL arrests not for violent crimes

University of Texas at Dallas

EurekAlert!, 03.02.2016

What's the impact of new marijuana laws? The data so far...

EurekAlert!, 03.02.2016

Financial industry coping with issues of elder exploitation, cognitive decline

The Gerontological Society of America, 03.02.2016

Fixing the UK's mental health crisis will need both police and health

Mary O'Hara

Pacific Standard, 03.02.2016

Five Studies: Understanding America's Opioid Crisis

Livia Gershon

The Week magazine, 04.02.2016

What will it take for white Americans to distrust the police?

Bonnie Kristian

CU Boulder News & Events, 04.02.2016

Overall US crime rates unaffected by so-called ‘Ferguson effect,’ CU-Boulder-led study finds

Illinois Times, 04.02.2016

Black behind bars

Patrick Yeagle

The Independent, 04.02.2016

Death row inmates’ final words are more positive than negative, say psychologists

Ashley Cowburn

EurekAlert!, 04.02.2016

Taser shock disrupts brain function, has implications for police interrogations

Drexel University

The Conversation, 04.02.2016

Explainer: what happens to people who are suspected of being ‘radicalised’?

Sarah Marsden

The Conversation, 04.02.2016

Meet the ’Ndrangheta – and why it’s time to bust some myths about the Calabrian mafia

Anna Sergi, 04.02.2016

The removal of road markings is to be celebrated. We are safer without them

Simon Jenkins

The Conversation, 04.02.2016

Why there’s a case for bringing private armies in from the cold

Katerina Galai, 04.02.2016

Join us or die: the birth of Boko Haram

Andrew Walker

EurekAlert!, 05.02.2016

Aggression causes new nerve cells to be generated in the brain

The Conversation, 05.02.2016

Germany’s welcome to migrants wears thin as Cologne launches more festivities

Claire de Galembert

Newswise, 05.02.2016

Hallucinogen Use Could Protect Against Intimate Partner Violence

The Conversation, 05.02.2016

New initiative from Governor Jerry Brown could reform sentencing in California, cut prison terms

Hadar Aviram

The Conversation, 06.02.2016

Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbour, but only the name has changed

David Haynes

The Conversation, 06.02.2016

How much did British intelligence know about the IRA during the troubles?

Cheryl Lawther Posted, 07.02.2016

Study: Tasers could lead to false confessions

Samantha Melamed

Biometric, 07.02.2016

Biometrics in border security and banking, fingerprint technology trending this week

Stephen Mayhew

RU Daily Targum, 07.02.2016

Guns in mental health hospitals could hinder recovery

Cilgy Abraham

RU Daily Targum, 07.02.2016

Thoughtless crimes still require attention

Yosef Baruh

The New York Times Sunday Magazine, 07.02.2016

Fighting ‘Erasure’


The Conversation, 08.02.2016

Making a Murderer: why innocent people confess under interrogation

Diane Sivasubramaniam

The Conversation, 08.02.2016

Feeling sleepy? You might be at risk of falsely confessing to a crime you did not commit, 08.02.2016

People who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to endorse violence (Commentary)

Joseph Parent and Joseph Uscinski

VICE News, 08.02.2016

Marketing Against ISIS: US State Department Enlists Students to Fight Terror

Avi Asher-Schapiro

The Conversation, 08.02.2016

The Arbitrary Detention of Julian Assange

John Keane, 08.02.2016

Rescued From the Realm of Legend: Israel's 1976 Entebbe Raid Revisited

Andrew Esensten

The Australian, 09.02.2016

Rise in terror plots a sign of things to come, ISIS brags

Mark Schliebs

New Republic, 09.02.2016

The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter

Donna Murch

EurekAlert!, 09.02.2016

Humans have always been migrants

University of Kent

The Conversation, 09.02.2016

Social media is changing the face of politics – and it’s not good news

Angela Phillips

The Conversation, 09.02.2016

Churches would break the law if they gave sanctuary to asylum seekers – but does it matter?

Penny Crofts, Jason Prior

EurekAlert!, 09.02.2016

Injury deaths and life-expectancy gap between US and other high-income countries

The Conversation, 09.02.2016

How to unleash the wisdom of crowds

Graham Kendall

The Conversation, 09.02.2016

The Federal response in Malheur and far right extremism

David Alpher

The Conversation, 10.02.2016

Violence against women: does technology do more harm than good?

Anastasia Powell

The Conversation, 10.02.2016

Why are so many unnatural deaths not investigated?

Maxwell McLean

EurekAlert!, 10.02.2016

Starting age of marijuana use may have long-term effects on brain development

EurekAlert!, 10.02.2016

Study sheds light on source of drug addicts risk-taking behavior

University of Rochester Medical Center

New York Review of Books, 11.02.2016

The Anger of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Darryl Pinckney

The Conversation, 11.02.2016

A political movement is rising from the mud in Calais

Raphael Schlembach

The Conversation, 11.02.2016

Germany train crash: ways in which rail safety systems can fail

Sarah Sharples

Elite Daily Video, 11.02.2016

The Impact Of ‘Broken Windows’ Policing On Black Communities In New York City

Paul Notice II, 11.02.2016

Rape victims have a right to be believed by the police

Joan Smith

Mother Jones, 11.02.2016

Lead: America's Real Criminal Element

Kevin Drum

The Conversation, 11.02.2016

The police beating that opened America’s eyes to Jim Crow’s brutality

Chris Lamb

The Conversation, 11.02.2016

Lima’s ‘Wall of Shame’ and the gated communities that build poverty into Peru

Camillo Boano, Belen Desmaison

EurekAlert!, 11.02.2016

Better definition needed for reasonable medical certainty in child abuse cases

EurekAlert!, 11.02.2016

About 1 in 5 adolescent victims of sexual harassment on social media report abuse to provider

The Conversation, 11.02.2016

When eagles scare: there are other ways to stop a rogue drone

Anna H. Jackman

The Atlantic, 11.02.2016

The Diplomat and the Killer

Raymond Bonner

The Atlantic, 11.02.2016

What Happens If Aleppo Falls?

Kathy Gilsinan

The Conversation, 12.02.2016

What needs to happen now to get medicinal cannabis to those who need it?

Alex Wodak

The Conversation, 12.02.2016

How to prevent prisoners from attempting suicide

Tammi Walker

Augusta Free Press, 13.02.2016

Research finds long-term heart attack risk to men who as children experienced incarceration of family member, 13.02.2016

Mother of Columbine killer breaks silence

Melanie Eversley, 13.02.2016

Drexel criminologist to evaluate impact of SEPTA's body camera initiative

Michael Tanenbaum

The Independent, 13.02.2016

Two charts that show the shocking prevalence of sex abuse in the UK today

Peter Yeung

New York Times, 13.02.2016

Death of Student, Giulio Regeni, Highlights Perils for Egyptians, Too


Sydney Morning Herald, 14.02.2016

Sydney home drug deliveries: Crime gangs rake in $150,000 a fortnight

Nick Ralston

Yorkshire Post, 14.02.2016

Huddersfield University sets up multi-disciplinary crime-fighting research centre

New York Times, 14.02.2016

Are You a Toxic Waste Disposal Site?

Nicholas Kristof

New York Times, 14.02.2016

The Killing of Warren Weinstein

DANIEL BERGNER, 15.02.2016

The battle against sexual violence is being lost – look at the number of young victims

Joanna Bourke, 15.02.2016

Crime, terrorism and tax evasion: why banks are waging war on cash

Paul Mason

Vox, 15.02.2016

6 proven policies for reducing crime and violence without gun control

German Lopez

The Conversation, 15.02.2016

Sugar may be as damaging to the brain as extreme stress or abuse

Jayanthi Maniam, Margaret Morris

The Conversation, 15.02.2016

Why Boko Haram is the world’s deadliest terror group

Vincent Hiribarren

Eurasia Review, 15.02.2016

Hybrid Lives In Postnormal Times – Analysis

Alvin Cheng-Hin Lim

The Japan Times, 15.02.2016

Japan’s low autopsy rate may leave murders undetected

Natsuko Fukue, 15.02.2016

Police commissioners have no part to play in the running of schools

Bella Sankey

BBC News, 16.02.2016

'Gang violence affected my mental health'

Sarah O'Connell & Sarah Bell Victoria Derbyshire programme

The Conversation, 16.02.2016

Islamic State lays claim to Muslim theological tradition and turns it on its head

Harith Bin Ramli

The Conversation, 16.02.2016

Thousands of laser strikes on aircraft each year are a danger to pilots – and their passengers

Guy Gratton

The Conversation, 16.02.2016

Don’t damn Denmark: it’s not that bad

Michelle Pace

EurekAlert!, 16.02.2016

Manipulative behavior could be link between EI and delinquency in young women

University of Plymouth

EurekAlert!, 16.02.2016

Cyber thieves making millions in profits

Michigan State University

EurekAlert!, 16.02.2016

Watch your step -- forensics close in on footwear analysis

University of Nottingham

Los Angeles Times, 16.02.2016

Police officers should help write, not shun, new use-of-force standards

WUTC Originally, 16.02.2016

Columbine Shooter's Mother: I Carry Him 'Everywhere I Go, Always', 16.02.2016

Porn: Our children are obsessed - but not for the reasons you think

Fiona Vera Gray

The Conversation, 16.02.2016

The little-understood connection between Islamic terror and drug profits

Robert Rotberg

The Conversation, 16.02.2016

We can’t eradicate drugs, but we can stop people dying from them

David Caldicott

SBS, 17.02.2016

Higher lead levels linked to violent crime

New York Times February 19, 2016,, 22.02.2016

A Little Reality on Immigration

David Brooks

Baltimore Sun 20.2.2016, 22.02.2016

Battle lines being redrawn in Baltimore's war on drugs

As the nation debates the war on drugs, Baltimore has already begun to redraw the battle lines.
EurekAlert! Public Release: 18-Feb-2016, 22.02.2016

Study finds 50 percent of teens visiting emergency department report peer violence, cyberbullying

Research highlights need for improved screenings and early treatment of PTSD
National Geographic Posted Mon, 02/22/2016, 23.02.2016

Gory Details

A Blog by Erika Engelhaupt Flies Could Falsely Place Someone at a Crime Scene
EurekAlert! Public Release: 22-Feb-2016, 23.02.2016

Epidemiologic Reviews devotes special issue to research on gun violence

Oxford University Press USA

EurekAlert! Public Release: 19-Feb-2016, 23.02.2016

Binge drinking dangerous for young adults

University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM)
New York Times 21.2.2016, 24.02.2016

The Informant and the Filmmakers

A new documentary reveals the tangled role of paid sources in F.B.I. terrorism investigations. By MATTATHIAS SCHWARTZ
New York Magazine 23.2.2016, 24.02.2016

Trying Out CompStat 2.0, the NYPD's Yelp for Crime

By Samuel Lieberman
New York Times 21.2.2016, 24.02.2016

The Informant and the Filmmakers

A new documentary reveals the tangled role of paid sources in F.B.I. terrorism investigations. By MATTATHIAS SCHWARTZ
New York Review of Books, 25.02.2016

The Psychologists Take Power

Tamsin Shaw

The Age February 25, 2016 - 12:27AM, 25.02.2016

The story of Louise: why the police have no case to answer, but I do

Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald columnist
Justice Talk, 26.02.2016

Highlights From Our Justice Talk On Predictive Policing

Couldn’t make it? We pulled out the best comments on racial profiling, transparency, threat scores and other issues surrounding predictive policing. By Pedro Burgos
The News Journal 4:03 p.m. EST February 25, 2016, 26.02.2016

State police launch body camera pilot program

Brittany Horn, The News Journal
The Conversation February 25, 2016 9.52pm AEDT, 26.02.2016

Footwear forensics device could catch criminals who put a foot wrong

Author James Sharp, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nottingham
Washington Post February 26, 2016, at 1:45 PM, 29.02.2016

In romantic comedies, it’s cute. In real life, it’s stalking.

By Lisa Bonos
New York Times February 26, 2016,, 29.02.2016

How to Reduce Crime: Stop Charging Children as Adults

WSYM-TV 10:06 AM, Feb 26, 2016, 29.02.2016

MSU helps Flint fight crime, revive neighborhoods

The revolutionary concept of community policing was the brainchild of the late Michigan State University criminologist Robert Trojanowicz. And the streets of Flint were his proving ground in the late 1970s and ’80s.
The Conversation, 29.02.2016

Have faith: civil religion can counter the lure of eternal life for jihadists

Miguel Vatter

Truth-Out, 29.02.2016

Trial by Fire: Prosecutors Sending Juveniles to Adult Courts

Jean Trounstine