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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 01.07.2016

Can we predict who will become mass shooters?

Clare Allely

EurekAlert!, 01.07.2016

Women's connections in extreme networks

University of Miami

EurekAlert!, 01.07.2016

Black, Hispanic drivers stopped most often, white drivers most likely to have contraband

University of Vermont

The New Yorker, 02.07.2016

Improv for Cops

Michael Schulman, 02.07.2016

The big data explosion sets us profound challenges - how can we keep up?

Daniel Zeichner

New York Times, 03.07.2016

‘Advantage Players’ Game the Casinos


New York Times, 03.07.2016

The Secrets in Guatemala’s Bones


Police News, 04.07.2016

8 “key findings” from new study on killing of unarmed suspects

The Conversation, 04.07.2016

Rio reaches crisis point just weeks before the Olympic Games begin

Leonardo Jose Mataruna-Dos-Santos

The Conversation, 04.07.2016

Boko Haram: why jaw-jaw might be better than war-war for Nigeria

Abdul-Jalilu Ateku

The Conversation, 04.07.2016

FactCheck Q&A: are Indigenous women 34-80 times more likely than average to experience violence?

Angela Spinney, Kyllie Cripps

Reset.doc, 04.07.2016

Turkey’s Geopolitical Scenario after the Istanbul Terrorist Attack

Giuseppe Didonna

Washington Post, 04.07.2016

The worst ISIS attack in days is the one the world probably cares least about

Ishaan Tharoor

The Conversation, 05.07.2016

Most Americans believe we should have gun regulation. Here is why those who don’t are winning the debate.

Ann Christiano, Annie Neimand

Epoch Times, 05.07.2016

Mass Shootings, Gun Sales, and Political Talk—Now a Predictable Cycle

Denisse Moreno

EurekAlert!, 05.07.2016

New tool can predict individual's risk of psychotic disorders

The Conversation, 05.07.2016

‘The Oscar Pistorius Interview’: Are we being manipulated? If so, by whom?

Liani Maasdorp

The Atlantic July/August, 06.07.2016

The War on Stupid People

David H. Freedman

The Conversation, 06.07.2016

Why drug-detection dogs are sniffing up the wrong tree

Peta Malins

EurekAlert!, 06.07.2016

Your smartwatch is giving away your ATM PIN

Binghamton University

The Conversation, 06.07.2016

Don’t believe those who commit violence in the name of their faith

Sara Silvestri

The Conversation, 06.07.2016

Helping ex-prisoners keep out of prison: what works

Adeline Nyamathi

The Conversation, 06.07.2016

How video can help police – and the public

Mary Angela Bock

The Conversation, 06.07.2016

Weekly Dose: ice and speed, the drugs that kept soldiers awake and a president young

Julaine Allan

Washington post, 07.07.2016

The broad gulf between what happens to black people and how America reacts

Philip Bump

Diplomatic Courier, 07.07.2016

The Evolution of the Global Terrorism Database: Measuring Threats to Peace

Gary LaFree

Vox, 07.07.2016

The problem with looking to black people to solve racist policing, in one tweet

Victoria M. Massie

My Statesman, 07.07.2016

Finding no ‘responsible’ book on UT shootings, Gary Lavergne wrote one

Michael Barnes

Fast Company, 07.07.2016

Why American Policing Has Improved, And Why It Hasn't

Frederic Lemieux

EurekAlert!, 07.07.2016

Are narcissists addicted to social networking?

Mary Ann Liebert

The Atlantic, 07.07.2016

The Second Amendment's Second-Class Citizens

David A. Graham

The New Yorker, 08.07.2016

The Horrific, Predictable Result of a Widely Armed Citizenry

Adam Gopnik

The Conversation, 08.07.2016

A tragic reminder that policing takes a toll on officers, too

John Violanti

The Conversation, 08.07.2016

Why is it so hard to improve American policing?

Frederic Lemieux

The Conversation, 08.07.2016

The drugs made me do it: can prescription side-effects be an excuse for crime?

Arlie Loughnan

The Conversation, 08.07.2016

Public health research reduced smoking deaths – it could do the same for gun violence

Sandro Galea, Michael Siegel

Chronicle of Higher Education, 08.07.2016

‘One Trigger Finger for Whites and Another for Blacks’: What the Research Says

Emma Pettit

New York Times, 09.07.2016

‘Bomb Robot’ Takes Down Dallas Gunman, but Raises Enforcement Questions


Mashable, 09.07.2016

How to not feel helpless following a week of traumatic violence

Matt Petronzio

Pekin Daily Times, 10.07.2016

Mangino: The 40th anniversary of the modern death penalty

Matthew T. Mangino

PolitiFact, 10.07.2016

How the war on drugs affected incarceration rates

Lauren Carroll

New York Times Sunday Magazine, 10.07.2016

How a $2 Roadside Drug Test Sends Innocent People to Jail


The New Yorker online, 10.07.2016

After Dallas, The Future of Black Lives Matter

Jelani Cobb

New Yorker, 11.07.2016

Is Gentrification Really a Problem?

Kelefa Sanneh

The Conversation, 11.07.2016

Greening cities makes for safer neighbourhoods

J. Morgan Grove, Michelle Kondo

EurekAlert!, 11.07.2016

The true cost of crime -- in carbon footprints

University of Surrey, 11.07.2016

In the aftermath of Brexit, police must improve hate crime training

Loretta Trickett, 11.07.2016

Can virtual reality training for US police help stop officer-involved shootings?

Ava Kofman

The Conversation, 11.07.2016

How a live-streamed police killing revealed the power of representation

Sharif Mowlabocus

The Conversation, 12.07.2016

Slow death: Is the trauma of police violence killing black women?

Christen Smith

The Conversation, 12.07.2016

What Black Lives Matter means beyond policing reform

Garrett Felber

New York Times, 12.07.2016

Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings


The Conversation, 12.07.2016

Why emotional abuse in childhood may lead to migraines in adulthood

Gretchen Tietjen, Monita Karmakar

The Conversation, 12.07.2016

What troubled US police forces can learn from the civil rights era

Kevern Verney

EurekAlert!, 12.07.2016

Small rise in booze duty could cut violence-related emergency visits by 6,000 a year

Cardiff University

The Conversation, 12.07.2016

Can policing by consent involve remote control bombs and pre-emptive strikes?

David Hastings Dunn

The Conversation, 13.07.2016

How apps and other online tools are challenging racist attacks

Alana Lentin, Justine Humphry

The Conversation, 13.07.2016

Quantifying the social cost of firearms: a new approach to gun control

Timothy M. Smith

The Conversation, 13.07.2016

I was a white police officer in the US – I know how deep the crisis of racism is

Heather Panter

EurekAlert!, 13.07.2016

Study shows allocation of police resources affects economic welfare, inequality

Indiana University

The New York Review of Books, 14.07.2016

The Terror of Our Guns

David Cole

The New York Review of Books, 14.07.2016

A Stark Nuclear Warning

Jerry Brown

The New Statesman, 28.07.2016

Excitement, hatred and belonging: why terrorists do it

A new book by Richard English suggests that killing can bring its own rewards.

John Gray