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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Scientific American, 01.02.2024

Sand Mafias Are Plundering the Earth

David A. Taylor

Verfassungsblog, 01.02.2024

Civil Disobedience and Judicial Theories of Political Change

Liz Hicks

The Conversation, 01.02.2024

Are social media apps ‘dangerous products’? 2 scholars explain how the companies rely on young users but fail to protect them

Joan Donovan, Sara Parker

The Conversation, 01.02.2024

In high-profile sexual assault trials, rape myths and the social status of the defendants can affect jurors’ perceptions

Joanna Pozzulo

The Conversation, 01.02.2024

What is Iran’s ‘axis of resistance’ and why is it uniting in fury against the US and Israel?

Mariam Farida

Verfassungsblog, 01.02.2024

An Unfortunate Trend of Vagueness

Florian Schmid

The Guardian, 01.02.2024

The man who owes Nintendo $14m: Gary Bowser and gaming’s most infamous piracy case

Patricia Hernandez

University of Washington | Seattle UW Medicine | Newsroom, 01.02.2024

Domestic violence protection cases point up minors' risk

New York Times, 01.02.2024

A Select Few Witnessed Alabama’s Nitrogen Execution. This Is What They Saw.

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

The Conversation, 03.02.2024

US raids in Iraq and Syria: How retaliatory airstrikes affect network of Iran-backed militias

Sara Harmouch, Nakissa Jahanbani

The Guardian, 03.02.2024

The Jewish boy who became a Nazi mascot: the extraordinary story of Alex Kurzem

Kelly Burke

The Conversation, 04.02.2024

New research shows some gains but fresh difficulties in combating child sexual abuse

Ben Mathews, Chanel Contos

Study Finds, 04.02.2024

Is the internet fueling a new wave of misogyny?

Washington Post, 04.02.2024

Attacks in the metaverse are booming. Police are starting to pay attention.

Naomi Nix

EurekAlert!, 05.02.2024

Violence is contagious among members of Italian mafia groups, study shows

University of Exeter

The Conversation, 05.02.2024

Enemy collaboration in occupied Ukraine evokes painful memories in Europe – and the response risks a rush to vigilante justice

Ronald Niezen

EurekAlert!, 05.02.2024

Injuries from legal interventions involving conducted energy devices

EurekAlert!, 05.02.2024

Losing sleep over killings of unarmed Black individuals by police

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Medscape, 05.02.2024

Will Germany Open the Gateway to Cannabis Medicine?

Liz Scherer

City Journal, 05.02.2024

Mapping Transnational Crime Networks

Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán, Daniel Kennelly

STV News / Scotland, 05.02.2024

Almost 250 Scots died while in state custody in just one year

GOV.UK, 05.02.2024

Fatal domestic abuse reviews renamed to better recognise suicide cases

Laura Farris

The New Yorker, 05.02.2024

A Teen’s Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld

Patrick Radden Keefe

EuropeanInterest, 06.02.2024

Provisional agreement on combating violence against women

Theodoros Benakis

The Conversation, 06.02.2024

Michigan mother convicted of manslaughter for school shootings by her son – after buying him a gun and letting him keep it unsecured

Thaddeus Hoffmeister

The Conversation, 06.02.2024

Acid attacks appear to be on the rise – what the numbers tell us about corrosive substances and crime

Matt Hopkins

EurekAlert!, 06.02.2024

Police seizures of psychedelic drugs are soaring throughout the United States

NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Northumbria University, Newcastle, 06.02.2024

Researching ethical review to support Responsible AI in Policing

Vox, 06.02.2024

All the tangled conflicts in the Middle East, explained

Joshua Keating

The Guardian, 06.02.2024

Michigan school shooter’s mother found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Edward Helmore

EurekAlert!, 06.02.2024

Gun violence exposure and suicide among black adults

JAMA Network

The Conversation, 07.02.2024

About a third of employees have faced bullying at work – here’s how to recognize and deal with it

Jason Walker, Deborah Circo

EurekAlert!, 07.02.2024

‘LOVE’ is all you need: How play can help break the cycle of violence

EurekAlert!, 07.02.2024

After prison, perpetrators of genocide say they’ve changed

Ohio State University

EurekAlert!, 07.02.2024

Non-white victims of lethal violence and suicide in the US die significantly younger than their white counterparts


The Conversation, 07.02.2024

Whether of politicians, pop stars or teenage girls, sexualised deepfakes are on the rise. They hold a mirror to our sexist world

Anastasia Powell, Adrian James Scott Reader, Asher Flynn, Asia A. Eaton

The Conversation, 07.02.2024

Using AI to monitor the internet for terror content is inescapable – but also fraught with pitfalls

Stuart Macdonald, Ashley A. Mattheis, David Wells

The Guardian, 07.02.2024

Is there a way to achieve peace in Israel and Palestine? I believe there is

Daniel Levin

The Wilson Center, 07.02.2024

More Money, More Crime: Prosperity and Rising Crime in Latin America

Marcelo Bergman

The Conversation, 08.02.2024

Why the teenagers who murdered Brianna Ghey should have remained anonymous

Kathy Hampson, Sean Creaney, Stephen Case

TheMediaLine, 08.02.2024

AI Tested as a Funding Platform for Terrorist Agenda

Lana Ikelan

Newswise, 08.02.2024

High-profile incidents of police brutality sway public opinion more than performance of people’s local law enforcement, new study from NYU Tandon reve

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

TalkingDrugs, 08.02.2024

“Wake Up Call”: How Police Drug Seizures Cause Overdoses

Mattha Busby

The Guardian, 08.02.2024

How should Germany deal with its far-right problem – and could it ban the AfD?

Mariam Lau, Andreas Busch, Cas Mudde, Fatma Aydemir, Matthias Quent and Holger Hestermeyer

Greater Manchester Police, 08.02.2024

Robberies and violent crime falls in Village as officers dedicate patrols to hotspot policing

London Review of Books Vol. 46 No. 3, 08.02.2024

Protest Problems

Jan-Werner Müller

EurekAlert!, 09.02.2024

Black women in the US murdered six times more often than White women over last 20 years

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

BNN Breaking, 09.02.2024

Addressing Gun Violence: A Multifaceted Approach for Systemic Solutions and Community Engagement

Saboor Bayat

The Conversation, 09.02.2024

Jurors need help – gruelling criminal cases can leave them with lasting trauma

Matt Brooks, Hannah Fawcett

EurekAlert!, 09.02.2024

How war and displacement impact women

Boston University

New York Post, 10.02.2024

Italian mobsters who commit violent crimes in groups more likely to re-offend: study

Matthew Sedacca

The Guardian, 11.02.2024

‘People are scared’: Sweden’s freedom of information laws lead to wave of deadly bombings

Miranda Bryant

The Guardian, 11.02.2024

‘A gift to Moscow’: dismay as NYPD takes part in UAE Swat games with Chechnya and Belarus

Pjotr Sauer

Jerusalem Post, 11.02.2024

Homicides in Israeli Arab societies rising at unprecedented rate - study

The Conversation, 12.02.2024

The use of technology in policing should be regulated to protect people from wrongful convictions

Joanna Pozzulo

EurekAlert!, 12.02.2024

Creating safe spaces with and for Black girls

Cornell University

EurekAlert!, 12.02.2024

White people more likely to confront authors of racist online posts to set discussion rules

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Critic Magazine, 12.02.2024

The shadowy economics of fentanyl

Aleks Eror

New York Times, 12.02.2024

Should Parents Ever Be Held Responsible for the Harmful Actions of Their Children?

Jeremy Engle

New York Times, 12.02.2024

We Keep Domestic Violence Shelters Secret. Who Is That Really Helping?

Rachel Louise Snyder

The Conversation, 12.02.2024

Can anyone make a citizen’s arrest? The history and legalities of catching criminals yourself

Seth W. Stoughton, Caroline McAtee

The Conversation, 12.02.2024

‘America is the mother of terrorism’: why the Houthis’ new slogan is important for understanding the Middle East

Sarah G. Phillips

The Guardian, 12.02.2024

Brianna Ghey’s mother warns tech bosses more children will die without action

Helen Pidd

The New Yorker, 13.02.2024

What Do We Owe a Prison Informant?

Charles Bethea

EurekAlert!, 13.02.2024

Study finds childhood bullying linked to distrust and mental health problems in adolescence

University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences

Newswise, 13.02.2024

Older adults rely more on trust in decision making. It could open them up to scams.

The Conversation, 13.02.2024

Understanding Doxing: How to Protect Yourself

Rob Cover, 13.02.2024

How researchers are helping address group violence in Baltimore

Erica Moser

The Guardian, 13.02.2024

Explainer: what is Volt Typhoon and why is it the ‘defining threat of our generation’?

Helen Davidson

The Insider, 13.02.2024

“Is this a talk show or a serious discussion?” 20 falsehoods from Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin

The Guardian, 13.02.2024

Cold Crematorium: Reporting from the Land of Auschwitz by József Debreczeni review – hell on earth in poised prose

Joe Moshenska, 13.02.2024

Right-Wing Extremism: German Identitarians Are Trying to Make a Comeback

Maik Baumgärtner, Ann-Katrin Müller, Sven Röbel und Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt

New York Times, 14.02.2024

One Dead and at Least 21 Others Shot at Super Bowl Celebration in Kansas City

Jesus Jiménez and Jacey Fortin

The Conversation, 14.02.2024

Written accounts reveal how sexual assault claims were dealt with in the middle ages

Abel Lorenzo-Rodríguez

Verfassungsblog, 14.02.2024

Desperate Times, Desperate (Provisional) Measures

Michael A Becker

BNN Breaking, 15.02.2024

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Staggering Economic Toll of Gender and Sexual Violence in Spain

Safak Costu

New York Times, 15.02.2024

‘Migrant Crime Wave’ Not Supported by Data, Despite High-Profile Cases

Maria Cramer, María Sánchez Díez and Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

The Conversation, 15.02.2024

Acid attacks are a form of violence against women – the law needs to treat them as such

Aisha K. Gill

EurekAlert!, 15.02.2024

Using cannabis can ease cravings for street-level drugs, UBC research suggests

University of British Columbia Okanagan campus

Verfassungsblog, 15.02.2024

A Shortcut at the Expense of Justice

Dr Sergei Golubok, 15.02.2024

A new tool for UK police forces to improve rape investigations

University of Glasgow

The Conversation, 16.02.2024

Mexico is suing US gun-makers for arming its gangs − and a US court could award billions in damages

Timothy D. Lytton

New York Times, 16.02.2024

Kansas City Shooting Is Latest Violence to Mar a Sports Celebration

Santul Nerkar

Northeastern University, 16.02.2024

Minority victims die more often, and at younger ages, from violence. New research explains why ‘people of color are doubly victimized’

Cyrus Moulton

Verfassungsblog, 16.02.2024

Advancing Accountability

Sarah Tas / Agostina Pirrello

The Conversation, 16.02.2024

Alexei Navalny: reported death of Putin’s most prominent opponent spells the end of politics in Russia

Alexander Titov

Washington Post, 17.02.2024

Vladimir Putin, riding high before Navalny’s death, seems unstoppable

Catherine Belton

New York Times, 17.02.2024

With Prison Certain and Death Likely, Why Did Navalny Return?

Neil MacFarquhar

Project Syndicate, 17.02.2024

The Lonesome Death of Alexei Navalny

Nina L. Khrushcheva

Newsweek, 17.02.2024

Navalny's Prison Interview Revealed: 'I Do Not Believe in Death'

Joanne Turnbull AND Nikolai Formozov

New York Times, 17.02.2024

The Florida Fraudster and the Russian 'Killer'

Maureen Dowd

The Guardian, 17.02.2024

Astonishing returns, cult overtones and a ‘perfect virtual world’. How the HyperVerse scheme caught fire online

Sarah Martin

Verfassungsblog, 18.02.2024

The Triumph of Evil

Gleb Bogush

Meduza, 18.02.2024

A ‘red’ regime Former inmates on life and death in the Arctic prison where Alexey Navalny died

The Conversation, 18.02.2024

History’s crisis detectives: how we’re using maths and data to reveal why societies collapse – and clues about the future

Daniel Hoyer

Lehigh University, 19.02.2024

New Research Highlights Link Between School Shootings and Violence Against Women

Police Professional, 19.02.2024

NPCC welcomes new independent adviser to Rape Review

Paul Jacques

The Conversation, 19.02.2024

After years of avoiding extradition, Julian Assange’s appeal is likely his last chance. Here’s how it might unfold (and how we got here)

Holly Cullen

Verfassungsblog, 19.02.2024

Trump’s Trials for Democracy

Samuel Issacharoff

The Guardian, 19.02.2024

The Navalny I knew was naive about Putin’s Russia, but he gave us hope. We are his hope now

Mikhail Shishkin

London Review of Books, 19.02.2024

Sudden Death Syndrome

Tony Wood

London Review of Books, 19.02.2024

Sudden Death Syndrome

Tony Wood

Verfassungsblog, 20.02.2024

The CJEU’s Feminist Turn?

Silvia Steininger

The Conversation, 20.02.2024

Christchurch terrorist discussed attacks online a year before carrying them out, new research reveals

Chris Wilson, Ethan Renner, Jack Smylie, Michal Dziwulski

The Guardian, 20.02.2024

The US justice department must drop spy charges against Julian Assange

Margaret Sullivan

EurekAlert!, 20.02.2024

New study finds anti-piracy messages backfire, especially for men

University of Portsmouth

EurekAlert!, 20.02.2024

Wide variation in rates of police killings suggests unnecessary deaths

PNAS Nexus

TechTarget, 20.02.2024

'Operation Cronos' dismantles LockBit ransomware gang

Rob Wright

New York Times, 20.02.2024

Strongmen Find New Ways to Abuse Interpol, Despite Years of Fixes

Jane Bradley

New York Times, 20.02.2024

Beginning of the End’ as Assange Case Returns to Court

Megan Specia

The Conversation, 21.02.2024

What ‘psychological warfare’ tactics do scammers use, and how can you protect yourself?

Mike Johnstone, Georgia Psaroulis

Newswise, 21.02.2024

Preventing tragedy: FSU expert examines suicidal motives in mass shootings, terrorism

Amy Walden

Eureka Alert!, 21.02.2024

New book on evidence-based policy in crime and criminal justice features leading scholars’ and researchers’ work in the field

Book Announcement Crime and Justice Research Alliance

Sophos, 21.02.2024

LockBit: Lessons learned on winning the war on cybercrime

Chester Wisniewski

The Guardian, 21.02.2024

Two Black moms say police won’t solve their children’s murders. A new study asks: is race to blame?

Abené Clayton

Newswise, 21.02.2024

Preventing tragedy: FSU expert examines suicidal motives in mass shootings, terrorism

Amy Walden

EurekAlert!, 21.02.2024

New book on evidence-based policy in crime and criminal justice features leading scholars’ and researchers’ work in the field

Sophos, 21.02.2024

LockBit: Lessons learned on winning the war on cybercrime

Chester Wisniewski

New York Times, 21.02.2024

‘Beginning of the End’ as Assange Case Returns to Court

Megan Specia

The Guardian, 21.02.2024

Two Black moms say police won’t solve their children’s murders. A new study asks: is race to blame?

Abené Clayton

The Conversation, 21.02.2024

Q&A with Sergei Guriev: ‘The optimistic scenario is the departure of Vladimir Putin in whatever way’

Sergei Guriev

EurekAlert!, 21.02.2024

Illuminating the harms of gun violence reporting on TV news

Lehigh University

EurekAlert!, 22.02.2024

Living in violent neighborhoods affects children's brain development

American Psychological Association

The Conversation, 22.02.2024

Trump is no Navalny, and prosecution in a democracy is a lot different than persecution in Putin’s Russia

James D. Long

EurekAlert!, 22.02.2024

New research highlights link between school shootings and violence against women

Lehigh University

The Conversation, 22.02.2024

Philly mayor might consider these lessons from NYC before expanding stop-and-frisk

Megan Kurlychek

New York Times, 22.02.2024

Leaked Files Show the Secret World of China’s Hackers for Hire

Paul Mozur, Keith Bradsher, John Liu and Aaron Krolik

The Guardian, 22.02.2024

The Finnish miracle: how the country halved its suicide rate – and saved countless lives

Miranda Bryant

EurekAlert!, 23.02.2024

Mass shooting lockdown drills help schoolchildren feel safer, US study suggests

Taylor & Francis Group

Newswise, 23.02.2024

School focus on grades, test scores linked to violence against teachers

Ohio State University

The Conversation, 23.02.2024

Longer sentences for ‘rough sex’ killers may not deliver justice for victims

Hannah Bows

Verfassungsblog, 23.02.2024

Taking War to Court

Noam Kozlov

The Guardian, 23.02.2024

‘The staff get hush money’: the hidden scandal of rape in Indian prisons

Sarah Aziz

Verfassungsblog, 24.02.2024

Accountability for the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine

Isabelle Hassfurther

The Conversation, 25.02.2024

So, you’ve been scammed by a deepfake. What can you do?

Jeannie Marie Paterson

New York Times, 25.02.2024

The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz

Eurasia Review, 26.02.2024

New Book on Evidence-Based Policy in Crime and Criminal Justice – Book Review

Daniel P. Mears

The Guardian, 26.02.2024

Putin had Navalny killed to thwart prisoner swap, allies claim

Pjotr Sauer

Futurity, 26.02.2024

Living in violent neighborhoods changes kids’ brains

Jared Wadley-U.Michigan

SNS Center for Business and Policy Studies, 26.02.2024

What is the effect of police interventions and surveillance cameras on crime?

Mikael Priks

EurekAlert!, 26.02.2024

Scientists develop biocompatible fluorescent spray that detects fingerprints in ten seconds

University of Bath

EurekAlert!, 26.02.2024

Cannabis use policies are on the rise yet treatment for cannabis use disorder treatment remains low

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

New York Times, 26.02.2024

‘Cop City’ Prosecutions Hinge on a New Definition of Domestic Terrorism

Sean Keenan and Rick Rojas

The Guardian, 26.02.2024

Vadim Krasikov: who is Russian hitman linked to Navalny prisoner swap claim?

Kate Connolly

The Guardian, 26.02.2024

Russia-based LockBit ransomware hackers attempt comeback

Dan Milmo

India Education, 26.02.2024

University of Exeter Launches Major Study to Identify Kleptocratic ‘Red Flags’ and Shape Anti-Corruption Policies

Verfassungsblog, 26.02.2024

Rethinking the Law and Politics of Migration

Anja Bossow

The Good Men Project, 26.02.2024

Gang Feuds and Violence May Call for an Olive Branch

ANDREW DUNNE, 26.02.2024

How Vladimir Putin Controls the Russians

Benjamin Bidder, Ann-Dorit Boy und Christina Hebel

Verfassungsblog, 27.02.2024

How the EU Death Machine Works

Sarah Ganty, Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov

The Salt Lake Tribune, 27.02.2024

Are Utah victims being left behind by a 50-year-old understanding of domestic violence?

Eric S. Peterson and K. Sophie Will

EurekAlert!, 27.02.2024

Female psychopaths ‘more common than we think’

Anglia Ruskin University

Verfassungsblog, 27.02.2024

Understanding European Border Management

Joyce De Coninck, Giulia Raimondo

New Jersey Monitor, 27.02.2024

Chicago is the latest city rethinking disputed technology that listens for gunshots

Matt Vasilogambros

The Guardian, 27.02.2024

Ted Bundy bludgeoned and almost killed me. I resolved he would not ruin my life

Anna Moore

Times Higher Education, 27.02.2024

Researching violence in your own community can be a slap in the face

Brad Evans

The Conversation, 27.02.2024

Belief in the myth of outlaw heroes partly explains Donald Trump’s die-hard support

David G. Bromley

TIME, 27.02.2024

The New Antisemitism

Noah Feldman

The Guardian, 28.02.2024

I spent 48 years in prison for a murder I didn’t commit. Here’s how I fought my way to freedom

Simon Hattenstone

New York Times, 28.02.2024

Biden Looks to Change the Conversation on Immigration and Crime

Katie Rogers and Zolan Kanno-Youngs

The Guardian, 28.02.2024

Rotterdam mayor calls for end to lax stance on middle-class drug use

Verfassungsblog, 28.02.2024

Risky Recommendations

Prof. Dr. Alexander Peukert

The Conversation, 28.02.2024

‘If we burn … then what?’ A new book asks why a decade of mass protest has done so little to change things

Christopher Pollard

Newswise, 28.02.2024

Youth suicide, depression risk linked to sexual assault, other trauma. UTSW expert explains findings

UT Southwestern Medical Center

EurekAlert!, 28.02.2024

Harassment on public transport negatively impacts women's health and welfare, with existing measures being largely ineffective, per systematic review


The Guardian, 28.02.2024

Six hundred people drowning but no mayday call. Is this how Europe deters migrants?

Emily O'Reilly

The Guardian, 28.02.2024

Bag containing security plans for Paris Olympics stolen from French train, 28.02.2024

Police pullback linked to increases in crime

Kelly Holguin, University of Colorado at Boulder

The Conversation, 28.02.2024

By not repatriating Shamima Begum, the UK is washing its hands of continuing Islamic State terror

Elizabeth Pearson Programme Lead MSc Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies, Royal Holloway University of London

New York Times, 29.02.2024

The truth about illegal immigration and crime

Glenn Kessler

Mirage News, 29.02.2024

Research: Most Women Face Abuse During Runs, Manchester U Finds

The Oracle, 29.02.2024

Gathering community to reduce gun violence

Alex Bailey

Verfassungsblog, 29.02.2024

Pushing Back

Cathryn Costello, Stefano Zirulia

EurekAlert!, 29.02.2024

Urgent need for guidelines for the care of child victims of sexual abuse

The Washington Post, 29.02.2024

Abused women are resorting to violence to survive. They aren’t criminals.

Elizabeth Flock

The Conversation Published, 29.02.2024

Meth use is declining in Australia – but the public still sees it as the most worrying drug

Steph Kershaw Research Fellow, Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, University of Sydney Cath Chapman Professor, Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substan

Verfassungsblog, 29.02.2024

No Benefit

Teresa Quadt

New York Times, 29.02.2024

N.Y.P.D. Misconduct Settlements Cost $500 Million Over 6 Years

Hurubie Meko

New York Times, 29.02.2024

London Police at Fault for Hiring Officer Who Killed Sarah Everard, Inquiry Finds

Megan Specia

Verfassungsblog, 29.02.2024

No Backdoor for Mass Surveillance

Erik Tuchtfeld

EurekAlert!, 29.02.2024

How war worsened the opioid crisis in Ukraine

New York University