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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Cosmos Magazine, 01.01.2024

“It’s pretty horrible”: How forensics solves crime

Matthew Ward Agius

New York Times, 01.01.2024

Police Officers Are Charged With Crimes, but Are Juries Convicting?

Audra D. S. Burch and Kelley Manley

CommonWealth Beacon, 01.01.2024

Every police ‘bad shoot’ should be treated as a system failure

James Doyle

Forbes, 01.01.2024

‘Murder In Boston’ Reopens The City’s Troubled History Of Race Relations: One Path Forward

Sachin H. Jain

The Atlantic, 02.01.2024

The Most Effective Way to Reduce Hate Crimes

Charles Fain Lehman

The Guardian, 02.01.2024

Harvard president resigns amid claims of plagiarism and antisemitism backlash

Adria R Walker

The Guardian, 02.01.2024

The major tests US gun control activists face in 2024

Joan E Greve

London Free Press, 02.01.2024

Police body cameras not all they're cracked up to be: Critic

Dale Carruthers

The Conversation, 02.01.2024

Why have authoritarianism and libertarianism merged? A political psychologist on ‘the vulnerability of the modern self’

Barry Richards

Eurasia Review, 02.01.2024

Organized Crime as Irregular Warfare: Strategic Lessons for Assessment and Response – Analysis

David H. Ucko and Thomas A. Marks

New York Times, 02.01.2024

How the Federal Government Can Rein In A.I. in Law Enforcement

Joy Buolamwini and Barry Friedman

BNN Breaking, 02.01.2024

New Study Challenges Notions of Racial Disparities in U.S. Criminal Justice System

Nimrah Khatoon

The Guardian, 03.01.2024

Beware the ‘botshit’: why generative AI is such a real and imminent threat to the way we live

André Spicer

The Conversation, 03.01.2024

How Israel failed to learn from the Northern Ireland peace process

Colin John Irwin

Washington Post, 03.01.2024

A right-wing tale of Michigan election fraud had it all – except proof

Sarah Ellison

The Guardian, 03.01.2024

Whoever is behind Kerman bombing risks igniting regional war

Julian Borger

Government Technology, 03.01.2024

What’s It Like to Be the Victim of Cyber Crimes?

Jule Pattison-Gordon

The Guardian, 04.01.2024

Jeffrey Epstein: documents linking associates to sex offender unsealed

Victoria Bekiempis

The Guardian, 04.01.2024

‘A bandage on a gunshot wound’: why Sweden is failing on gang violence

Miranda Bryant

Washington Post, 04.01.2024

A quarter of Americans believe FBI instigated Jan. 6, Post-UMD poll finds

Tom Jackman, Scott Clement, Emily Guskin and Spencer S. Hsu

CNN, 04.01.2024

ISIS claims responsibility for deadliest attack in Iran since 1979 revolution

Eyad Kourdi and Jennifer Deaton

Rolling Stone, 04.01.2024

Punishing Military Extremists Would Be Too Divisive: Pentagon Report

Newswise, 04.01.2024

Skin-deep resilience: Hidden physical health costs for minority youth overcoming adversity

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Washington Post, 04.01.2024

Why we split the world into good and evil — and make decisions we regret

Amanda Ripley

The Guardian, 04.01.2024

Man with black belt argues chokehold is not strangulation under Queensland domestic violence laws

Ben Smee

Penn Today, 04.01.2024

When young people seem to make threats on social media, do they mean it?

University of Pennsylvania

The Guardian, 04.01.2024

Belarusian president signs law granting him lifelong immunity from prosecution

The Conversation, 04.01.2024

Stories about war, violence and hate crime can cause anxiety, anger and depression in kids – here’s how to discuss bad news with your children

Robin Gurwitch

New York Times, 04.01.2024

The Thin Blue Line That Divides America

Ezekiel Kweku

The Conversation, 05.01.2024

Jan. 6 was an example of networked incitement − a media and disinformation expert explains the danger of political violence orchestrated over so

Joan Donovan

Civil Beat, 05.01.2024

Why Do Some Men Commit Domestic Violence? Trauma And Social Isolation May Play A Role

Laura Voith

The Guardian, 05.01.2024

I’m the mayor of Amsterdam – and I can see the Netherlands risks becoming a narco-state

Femke Halsema

EurekAlert!, 05.01.2024

Extreme rituals: what’s the social role of violence in these cultural events?

D'Or Institute for Research and Education

The Conversation, 05.01.2024

Gaza war: Israeli assassinations draw fiery rhetoric from Iran and Hezbollah – but regional escalation is unlikely

Scott Lucas

New Lines Magazine, 05.01.2024

Qat’s Vicious Environmental Cycle

Tiara Sahar Ataii

The Guardian / The Observer, 06.01.2024

From Gaza to Ukraine, brute force threatens to triumph in 2024

Simon Tisdall

The Guardian / The Observer, 06.01.2024

‘Meloni’s response left me stunned’: the Italian priest taking on the mafia

Angela Giuffrida

LSE Blogs, 06.01.2024

The weaponisation of forensic research auditing will not resolve systemic research misconduct

Till Bruckner

The Conversation, 07.01.2024

After 3 months of devastation in the Israel-Hamas war, is anyone ‘winning’?

Ian Parmeter

The Guardian / The Observer, 07.01.2024

Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Iran … how far could war in the Middle East spread?

Peter Beaumont

New York Times, 07.01.2024

The Questions That Remain a Year After Tyre Nichols’s Death

Emily Cochrane and Rick Rojas

The Conversation, 08.01.2024

How liberal conspiracy theories can be just as destructive as their extremist counterparts

Tom Sykes, Stephen Harper

The Guardian, 08.01.2024

2023 saw record killings by US police. Who is most affected?

Sam Levin

The Conversation, 08.01.2024

Misinformation: how fact-checking journalism is evolving – and having a real impact on the world

Peter Cunliffe-Jones, Lucas Graves

EL PAÍS International, 08.01.2024

Honors for an Italian mafioso’s thesis in which he confesses to three unknown murders: ‘What follows is my criminal history’

Lorena Pacho

The New Yorker, 08.01.2024

Has School Become Optional?

Alec MacGillis

The Guardian, 08.01.2024

Epstein had ‘sex tapes’ of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, witness claimed

Jamie Grierson and agencies

BBC News, 08.01.2024

'I told police who my burglar was - but they did nothing'

Bronagh Munro

The Washington Post, 08.01.2024

Can ChatGPT get into Harvard? We tested its admissions essay

Pranshu Verma and Rekha Tenjarla

The Conversation, 09.01.2024

Many survivors aren’t sure what to do after a sexual assault – here’s what you need to know

Lorna O'Doherty

The Critic, 09.01.2024

Abuse in the name of equality

Josephine Bartosch

The Guardian, 09.01.2024

If you think only lonely middle-aged women ‘fall for’ romance scams, you might be the perfect victim

Becky Holmes

Washington Post, 09.01.2024

Four key takeaways from Trump’s presidential immunity hearing

Perry Stein

The Guardian, 09.01.2024

Escape from Mariupol: how one Ukrainian soldier fled the Azovstal steelworks against the odds

Luke Harding

Axios, 09.01.2024

Mass shootings increased while gun violence deaths dropped in 2023

Sareen Habeshian

EurekAlert!, 09.01.2024

Police leaders face challenges when seeking to accommodate community stakeholders

Crime and Justice Research Alliance

EurekAlert!, 09.01.2024

New book provides roadmap for police management of public order

Crime and Justice Research Alliance

Eureka Alert!, 09.01.2024

Meagan Brem and team receive grant to study alcohol-fueled acts of violence among intimate partners

Grant and Award Announcement Virginia Tech

The Conversation, 10.01.2024

South Africa is taking Israel to court for genocide in Palestine. What does it mean for the war in Gaza?

Donald Rothwell

London Review of Books, 10.01.2024

Guarding Prosperity

Tom Stevenson

New York Times, 10.01.2024

Why Are American Drivers So Deadly?

Matthew Shaer

New York Times, 10.01.2024

Guards Beat and Waterboarded Prisoners in New York, Lawsuits Say

Benjamin Weiser

The Guardian, 10.01.2024

Is Ecuador at war with its armed gangs?

Archie Bland

The Guardian, 10.01.2024

Armed gangs and prison breaks: how Ecuador was plunged into chaos and bloodshed

Dan Collyns

Mirage News, 11.01.2024

AI Reveals Fingerprints May Not Be Unique

Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Verfassungsblog, 11.01.2024

The Missing Party

Itamar Mann

The Conversation, 11.01.2024

Iran terror blast highlights success – and growing risk – of ISIS-K regional strategy

Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani

Newswise, 11.01.2024

Dark web fentanyl-selling operations have grown rapidly, offer steep discounts

The Guardian, 11.01.2024

Blinded, sexually assaulted, silenced: the war over lithium, Argentina’s ‘white gold’

Harriet Barber

BBC News, 11.01.2024

Rape complainants warned pre-recording evidence could backfire

Claire Ellison

USA Today, 11.01.2024

Fewer police officers died in the line of duty in 2023, but 'scary number' were shot: Study

N'dea Yancey-Bragg

New York Times, 11.01.2024

Crime on the Decline

By German Lopez

New York Times, 11.01.2024

Who Are the Houthis and Why Is the U.S. Attacking Them?

Gaya Gupta

The Guardian, 11.01.2024

Israeli women and girls have suffered horrific sexual violence from Hamas. Where is the outrage?

Deborah Lipstadt and Michèle Taylor

The Nation, 11.01.2024

The Cops Killed More People in 2023 Than They Had in Years

Elie Mystal

The Conversation, 12.01.2024

How Ecuador went from being Latin America’s model of stability to a nation in crisis

Eduardo Gamarra

Eureka Alert!, 12.01.2024

Male gender expression in schools is associated with substance abuse later in life

University of Chicago Medical Center

Newswise, 12.01.2024

Phishing scams: Don't drop your guard

Verfassungsblog, 12.01.2024

Staatsräson: Empty Signifier or Meaningful Norm?

Antje Wiener

Blockzeit, 12.01.2024

Dive Into The World Of Crypto: Top 10 Must-Read Books This 2024

Rickie Sanchez

The Conversation, 13.01.2024

Red Sea crisis: expert unpacks Houthi attacks and other security threats

Burak Şakir Şeker

The Conversation, 13.01.2024

What enforcement power does the International Court of Justice have in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel?

Victor Peskin

The Washington Post, 14.01.2024

How Israel and the Palestinians go from war to peace

Jennifer Rubin

New York Times, 14.01.2024

Hit Men Are Easy to Find in the Movies. Real Life Is Another Story

Jesse McKinley

The New Yorker - Letter from Israel, 14.01.2024

The Price of Netanyahu’s Ambition

David Remnick

Verfassungsblog, 15.01.2024

Managed Violence

Itamar Mann, 15.01.2024

Study identifies factors associated with child maltreatment in the home

Australian Catholic University

Psychology Today, 15.01.2024

Juvenile Sexual Homicide: Psychopathology and Personality

Eric Taipale

The Conversation, 15.01.2024

Kush: what is this dangerous new west African drug that supposedly contains human bones?

Michael Cole

Police Professional, 15.01.2024

How the science of hope can prevent burnout in policing

Chan Hellman and Josh Friedman

The Independent, 15.01.2024

Police ‘left children at mercy of grooming gang paedophiles’ in Rochdale

Maryam Zakir-Hussain

BBC News, 15.01.2024

Derbyshire police officer guilty over sex act avoids jail

Callum May

Professional Security Magazine, 15.01.2024

Trend of decline in homicides: UN

Scientific American, 15.01.2024

Preventing Child Abuse Should Not Be Controversial. My Own Hate Mail Reveals That It Is

Allyn Walker, 15.01.2024

Sociologist explores perceptions of street safety in urban and rural communities

Tina Adamopoulos

The New Yorker A Reporter at Large, 15.01.2024

A Drug-Decriminalization Fight Erupts in Oregon

E. Tammy Kim

New York Post, 15.01.2024

Hamas uses Israeli hostage to reveal two others are dead in latest sick propaganda ‘guessing game’ video

Social Links for Ronny Reyes

Newswise, 16.01.2024

Do violent video games numb us towards real violence?

University of Vienna

techpolicy, 16.01.2024

Will Chicago Learn From Its Past Mistakes With ShotSpotter?

Ed Vogel

The Big Issue, 16.01.2024

Social media and closure of youth ‘safe spaces’ could lead to surge in violent crime, research warns

Charlotte Elton

EurekAlert!, 16.01.2024

The medical community should not stand silent on medicalized rape at CIA secret prisons, BU researchers argue in new commentary

Boston University School of Public Health

EurekAlert!, 16.01.2024

Who defends bullying victims? A study analyzes adolescents' behavior in this regard

University of Córdoba

The Conversation, 17.01.2024

Why police in England and Wales are failing to warn people about partners’ previous abuse

Katerina Hadjimatheou

Vera Institute of Justice, 17.01.2024

No One Should Be Sentenced to Die in Prison

Marta Nelson, Erica Bryant

Verfassungsblog, 17.01.2024

Germany Blocks Europe-Wide Protection of Women Against Violence

Dilken Çelebi, Lisa Marie Koop, Leokadia Melchior

The Conversation, 17.01.2024

Why Colombia sees legalising drugs as the way forward. Here’s what’s being proposed

Raul Zepeda Gil

The Conversation, 17.01.2024

Education and understanding is vital when tackling rising reports of harmful sexual behaviour by children

Sophie King-Hill, Kieran Mccartan

Texas Tribune, 17.01.2024

San Antonio plans to tackle violence with a public health approach. Here’s what that looks like.

Alejandro Serrano

The Guardian, 17.01.2024

Revealed: US police prevented from viewing many online child sexual abuse reports, lawyers say

Katie McQue

The Guardian, 17.01.2024

Crime in the US is once again falling. Can we rethink policing?

Simon Balto

The Guardian, 17.01.2024

The inside story of two rape trials: ‘It’s as bad as I’ve ever known it’

Melissa Denes

Calgary Herald, 17.01.2024

More resources, earlier intervention needed in domestic violence cases: experts

Hiren Mansukhani

Meduza, 17.01.2024

Dmitry Medvedev says Ukraine should not exist in any form, calling it a ‘cancerous growth’, 17.01.2024

Hamas Attack on the Nova Festival: Trance Party Survivors Seek to Overcome the Trauma

Katrin Kuntz and Dmitrij Leltschuk

The Oaklandside, 17.01.2024

Ceasefire, Oakland’s gun violence prevention program, is in the spotlight. What is it?

Darwin Bond Graham

VICE, 17.01.2024

'It Starts Bombing You in the Head': The Mystery of the Super Strong 'Creepy' Weed

Nathaniel Janowitz

Himal, 17.01.2024

Incarceration under the shadow of the Taliban

Haroun Rahimi

The Conversation, 18.01.2024

How Ecuador went from an ‘island of peace’ to one of the world’s most violent countries

Maria Fernanda Noboa Gonzalez

The Conversation, 18.01.2024

Ecuador’s crackdown on violent crime helped turn the country into a narco state

Maria Gabriela Palacio, Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón

The Conversation, 18.01.2024

How economics can shed light on the motivations of extremist groups like Hamas

Junaid B. Jahangir

Newswise, 18.01.2024

New research sheds light on incel community’s connection to mass violence

University of Rhode Island

CBC, 18.01.2024

Police budget increases may not reduce crime rates in Canadian cities, research indicates

Bobby Hristova

Kathimerini Cyprus English Edition, 18.01.2024

Criminologist urges action against rising organized crime

The Guardian, 18.01.2024

Evidence points to systematic use of rape and sexual violence by Hamas in 7 October attacks

Bethan McKernan

The Guardian, 18.01.2024

Alarm as Alabama man to be executed via gas method rejected by veterinarians

Ed Pilkington

Newswise, 18.01.2024

Study Examines Substance Use in First Responders During COVID-19 Pandemic

Florida Atlantic University

Newswise, 18.01.2024

AI Could Make Cyber Threats Harder to Detect

Southern Methodist University

The Atlantic, 18.01.2024

The Great Normalization

Rogé Karma

Newswise, 18.01.2024

Don’t look back: the aftermath of a distressing event is more memorable than the lead-up, study suggests

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 19.01.2024

Study analyzes differences among lone, pair and group terror attackers

Nottingham Trent University

The Conversation, 19.01.2024

Emotional problems in young people were rising rapidly even before the pandemic

Rebecca E Anthony

The Conversation, 19.01.2024

Face recognition technology follows a long analog history of surveillance and control based on identifying physical features

Sharrona Pearl

The Guardian, 19.01.2024

North Korean teens get 12 years’ hard labour for watching South Korean videos

The Regulatory Review, 20.01.2024

The Multibillion-Dollar Legal Theft Industry

Julia Englebert, Narintohn Luangrath, and Carson Turner

Washington Post, 20.01.2024

Science is revealing why American politics are so intensely polarized

Joel Achenbach

Mirage News, 22.01.2024

Australian Study Links Long COVID to Increased Domestic Abuse

Monash University

The Conversation, 22.01.2024

How both health and safety are compromised for people living with long COVID and intimate partner violence

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Benjamin Scott, Jasmine McGowan, Naomi Pfitzner,

The Guardian, 22.01.2024

‘We have to overcome it’: one month on from the mass shooting in Prague

Ashifa Kassam

The Conversation, 22.01.2024

Deep-seated inequality is fuelling an escalation of violence across Latin America

Andrew Nickson

San Diego Voice and Viewpoint, 22.01.2024

The Sentencing Project Unveils Final Report in ‘One in Five’ Series Reveals Mass Incarceration’s Role in Deepening Inequality and Harming Public Safet

Stacy M. Brown

Financial Times, 22.01.2024

Inside the Ecuadorean port city fighting a drug-driven crime wave

Joe Daniels

New York Times, 22.01.2024

Why Iran Doesn’t Want a War

Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh

United Press International, 22.01.2024

Violent threats, rhetoric becoming commonplace, researchers warn

Joe Fisher

New Lines Magazine, 22.01.2024

Pondering the Israel-Palestine Conflict in the Context of African Reconciliation

Maya Savir

Newswise, 23.01.2024

Detention Fails to Help Young Lawbreakers Avoid Further Offenses, Report Shows

Association for Psychological Science, 23.01.2024

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: "What Caused the Terrorist Attacks Was Arrogance"

Thore Schröder und Christoph Schult

The Conversation, 24.01.2024

The government has announced the scope of its sexual violence inquiry. Here’s what it gets right (and what it doesn’t)

Rachel Loney-Howes, Bianca Fileborn

New York Times, 24.01.2024

The Great Freight-Train Heists of the 21st Century

Malia Wollan

The Conversation, 24.01.2024

Healing from child sexual abuse is often difficult but not impossible

Maria Khan

Ohio Capital Journal, 24.01.2024

Mass incarceration deepens inequality, makes us less safe, report says

Marty Schladen

Governing OPINION, 24.01.2024

How Police Can Pursue Without Harming the Public

Marc A. Levin

Asian Scientist Magazine, 24.01.2024

What Prevents Bystanders From Stopping Gender-Based Violence

Nishat Anan

The Guardian, 25.01.2024

‘I just went bent’: how Britain’s most corrupt cop ruined countless lives

Simon Hattenstone

Maryland Smith Research, 25.01.2024

How Mafia Crackdowns Drive Competition and Innovation in Local Economies

The Guardian, 25.01.2024

‘It beats getting stoned on the street’: how Portugal decriminalised drugs – as seen from the ‘shoot-up centre’

Oliver Balch

The Guardian, 25.01.2024

Cheap but lethally accurate: how drones froze Ukraine’s frontlines

Alessio Mamo

The Conversation, 25.01.2024

Spreadsheet errors can have disastrous consequences – yet we keep making the same mistakes

Simon Thorne

Le Monde diplomatique, 26.01.2024

Even war has rules

Anne-Cécile Robert

New York Times, 26.01.2024

Phones Track Everything but Their Role in Car Wrecks

Matt Richtel

New York Times, 26.01.2024

Alabama Hails Nitrogen Gas Execution, a New Attempt to Address an Old Challenge

Shaila Dewan

The Guardian, 26.01.2024

Indictments fueled extremists’ support for Trump, survey finds

Rachel Leingang

New York Times, 27.01.2024

Spending More Money on Police Shows No Clear Link to Lower Crime Levels

Ian Austen

CNN, 27.01.2024

Why both South Africa and Israel are welcoming the UN court’s ruling in a landmark genocide case

Nadeen Ebrahim and Abbas Al Lawati

The Conversation, 27.01.2024

UN’s top court puts Israel on notice over its war in Gaza. Here’s what its judgement could mean

Donald Rothwell

The Messenger, 27.01.2024

More Women on the Beat Means Better Policing on the Street

Ivonne Roman, 28.01.2024

Should all rapes be reported?

Jorunn Kanestrøm

The Independent, 28.01.2024

‘I pleaded for him to stop’: Domestic abuse victim tells of ordeal of living with 7 brain injuries

The Conversation, 29.01.2024

Cybercrime victims who aren’t proficient in English are undercounted – and poorly protected

Fawn Ngo

Boston Globe, 29.01.2024

Incel culture and its rise in the modern dating world

Alexa Gagosz, 29.01.2024

UK teens experienced spike in online harm during COVID-19 pandemic, report claims

University College London

EurekAlert!, 29.01.2024

From simulation to reality: Making social media a safer space for kids through AI

New York Times, 29.01.2024

U.N. to Study Reports of Sexual Violence in Israel During Oct. 7 Attack

Jeffrey Gettleman, Anat Schwartz and Adam Sella

The Insider, 29.01.2024

Exclusive: Latvian Member of European Parliament is an agent of Russian intelligence, leaked emails confirm

Christo Grozev, Michael Weiss, Roman Dobrokhotov

EurekAlert!, 29.01.2024

Psychology research: Women more sensitive to cocaine

University of Texas at Arlington

Verfassungsblog, 29.01.2024

A Way Forward?

Vasiliki Kosta, Olga Ceran

The Guardian, 29.01.2024

Jordan drone strike: who are Islamic Resistance in Iraq and what is Tower 22?

Verfassungsblog, 30.01.2024

Shielding Frontex 2.0

Dr. Joyce De Coninck

Scripps News, 30.01.2024

Popular social media apps fuel a disturbing surge in child sextortion

Andrea Diaz

The Conversation, 30.01.2024

At a time of defensive wars of aggression, what constitutes ethical violence?

Hugh Breakey

Police1, 30.01.2024

Transforming policing from within: The New Blue initiative

The Guardian, 30.01.2024

‘I can’t face how much she suffered’: Argentina femicides at record high as Milei dilutes protections

Newswise, 30.01.2024

After 7 years, alcohol control program still reduces child abuse

Ohio State University

New York Times, 30.01.2024

What Iran Really Wants

Alissa J. Rubin

New York Times, 30.01.2024

Are Edibles Safer Than Smoking?

Dani Blum

The Conversation, 31.01.2024

‘Looksmaxxing’ is the disturbing TikTok trend turning young men into incels

Jamilla Rosdahl

The Conversation, 31.01.2024

Taylor Swift deepfakes: a legal case from the singer could help other victims of AI pornography

Jade Gilbourne

The Conversation, 31.01.2024

How the social structures of Nazi Germany created a bystander society

Ellen Pilsworth

The Conversation, 31.01.2024

Virtual reality grooming is an increasing danger. How can parents keep children safe?

Marika Guggisberg

New York Times, 31.01.2024

Can San Francisco Solve Its Drug Crisis? Five Things to Consider.

German Lopez

George Mason University, 31.01.2024

Associate Professor Denise Hines educates FBI personnel on the realities of male victims of domestic violence

Taylor Thomas

The Conversation, 31.01.2024

More than a year after the death of an environmental activist, questions remain on the dangerousness of the Stop Cop City movement near Atlanta

Michael K. Logan, Jennifer Carson

New York Times, 31.01.2024

Senators Demand Tech Executives Take Action to Protect Children Online

Mike Isaac