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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

EurekAlert!, 01.04.2024

Reducing late-night alcohol sales curbed all violent crimes by 23% annually in a Baltimore neighborhood

Boston University School of Public Health

The Guardian, 01.04.2024

Video shows California police fatally shooting teenager who was reported kidnapped

Sam Levin and Joey Scott

ZME Science, 01.04.2024

Was the Unabomber an ‘eco-terrorist’? Not really. Here’s why he did the things he did

Tibi Puiu

The Insider, 01.04.2024

Unraveling Havana Syndrome: New evidence links the GRU's assassination Unit 29155 to mysterious attacks on U.S. officials and their families

Roman Dobrokhotov, Christo Grozev, Michael Weiss

The Guardian, 01.04.2024

‘It’s a siege, it’s a war’: Haiti’s gangs tighten violent grip in lethal insurrection

Tom Phillips and Etienne Côté-Paluck

Unherd, 01.04.2024

Scotland’s hateful hate-crime law Ordinary citizens are viewed with disdain

Kathleen Stock

EurekAlert!, 01.04.2024

New USF study: Research reveals language barriers limit effectiveness of cybersecurity resources

University of South Florida

Scientific American, 02.04.2024

Policing Works when It Is Done Right

Justin Nix, Jessica Huff, Scott Wolfe, David Pyrooz & Scott Mourtgos

The Conversation, 02.04.2024

Tackling the causes of crime, not sending more people to jail, is the only way to fight it

Irvin Waller, Jeffrey Bradley

Newsweek, 02.04.2024

Closing Bars Early Reduced Murders by 40% in One US Neighborhood

Lydia Smith

ScienceAlert, 02.04.2024

Your Heart Rate Could Predict Whether You're More Likely to Be a Criminal

Rebecca Dyer

The Conversation, 02.04.2024

Why cocaine is considered performance-enhancing for athletes, and why it matters when the athlete took it

Nial Wheate, Shoohb Alassadi

The Conversation, 02.04.2024

Food fraud is a growing economic and health issue – but AI and blockchain technology can help combat it

Adrian Gepp, Milind Tiwari

Newswise, 02.04.2024

Research integrity experts call for new forensics discipline

Dr Leslie McIntosh

Verfassungsblog, 03.04.2024

Apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territory?

Kai Ambos

The Guardian, 03.04.2024

Finnish school shooting suspect motivated by bullying, police say

Miranda Bryant

New Statesman, 03.04.2024

Shaking hands with Islamic State

Anthony Loyd

EurekAlert!, 03.04.2024

Users actively seek and share child sexual abuse material on Tor – but help is available to those willing to stop

Tampere University

The Guardian, 03.04.2024

‘The machine did it coldly’: Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets

Bethan McKernan, Harry Davies

EurekAlert!, 03.04.2024

Study finds gunshots in American cities twice as likely at night, potentially disrupting sleep for those in earshot

Mass General Brigham

New York Times, 03.04.2024

Did One Guy Just Stop a Huge Cyberattack?

Kevin Roose, 04.04.2024

Climate change impacts terrorist activity, study finds

Johnny von Einem

The Conversation, 04.04.2024

You Are Not Alone: powerful new film documents how women’s protest against misogyny helped change Spain’s rape laws

Abigail Loxham, Deborah Shaw

PsyPost, 04.04.2024

New research sheds light on how legally purchased firearms end up in crime scenes

Eric W. Dolan

Mirage News, 04.04.2024

Plucking Key Evidence From Air

The Conversation, 05.04.2024

Haiti’s freefall into an abyss can only be prevented if gangs are allowed to be part of a new government

Amalendu Misra Professor of International Politics, Lancaster University

The Guardian, 05.04.2024

After six months, the war in Gaza is making Israel a pariah state

Jonathan Freedland

New Statesman, 05.04.2024

Reality is chipping away at Putinism

Lawrence Freedman

The Guardian, 06.04.2024

The new world disorder: how the Gaza war disrupted international relations

The Guardian / The Observer, 06.04.2024

Police hope new play about the ‘Putney Pusher’ can help restart investigation

Vanessa Thorpe

The Guardian, 06.04.2024

Top Israeli spy chief exposes his true identity in online security lapse

Harry Davies and Bethan McKernan

The Conversation, 07.04.2024

Have you ever suffered intimate partner abuse? We asked girls in Malawi and 40% said yes

Anthony Idowu Ajayi Research Scientist, African Population and Health Research Center Elita Chamdimba Research fellow, Centre for Social Research, University of Malawi, 08.04.2024

Terrorists are relocating rapidly due to climate change

Rodielon Putol

Verfassungsblog, 08.04.2024

To Define Is Just to Define

Franziska Katharina Mauritz

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2024

New study: Opioids kill, especially if you're alone

Aarhus University

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2024

War in Ukraine is increasing the prevalence of mental health conditions in children, new study finds

Reports and Proceedings European Psychiatric Association

Police Professional, 08.04.2024

Lack of workplace flexibility driving women from policing, study finds

Paul Jacques, 08.04.2024

Opioid Overdose Deaths: Study Reveals Majority Occur When Users Are Alone

Associate Professor Charlotte Uggerhøj

Verfassungsblog, 09.04.2024

Historic and Unprecedented

Sandra Arntz, Jasper Krommendijk

The Conversation, 09.04.2024

Are embassies off-limits? Ecuadorian and Israeli actions suggest otherwise − and that sets a dangerous diplomatic precedent

Jorge Heine Interim Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, Boston University

EurekAlert!, 09.04.2024

Resilience in the face of uncertainty: A comparative study on organizational learning from the 22/7 terrorist attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic

Maximum Academic Press

EurekAlert!, 09.04.2024

Firearm ownership and support for political violence in the United States

JAMA Network Open Peer-Reviewed Publication

Newsweek, 09.04.2024

School Shooter's Parents Sentenced to Maximum in Landmark Gun Case

Carlo Versano

The Conversation, 09.04.2024

Body armour made from silk is being developed – but this apparently cutting-edge idea is centuries old

Lloyd Strickland Professor of Philosophy and Intellectual History, Manchester Metropolitan University

The Conversation, 09.04.2024

Deepfake porn: why we need to make it a crime to create it, not just share it

Clare McGlynn Professor of Law, Durham University

EurekAlert!, 09.04.2024

Problem property intervention in Boston reduced crime and disorder

American Society of Criminology

The Guardian, 09.04.2024

After I was assaulted, I posted a photo of my injuries. The reaction I craved was not pity, but anger

Rena Effendi

The Guardian, 09.04.2024

For 30 years I saw my kidnapping as character-building – until I finally faced what happened to me

Anna Broinowski

EurekAlert!, 09.04.2024

Military veterans say extremism was preceded by negative service experiences

EurekAlert!, 10.04.2024

Most cybercriminal threats are concentrated in just a few countries

Peer-Reviewed Publication PLOS

EurekAlert!, 10.04.2024

World-first “Cybercrime Index” ranks countries by cybercrime threat level

Peer-Reviewed Publication University of Oxford

The Conversation, 10.04.2024

Trump pushes the limits of every restriction he faces – including threatening judges and their families

Paul M. Collins Jr. Professor of Legal Studies and Political Science, UMass Amherst

Police1, 10.04.2024

Unveiling the impacts of de-policing: A comprehensive study reveals new insights

New York Times, 10.04.2024

Where Is America’s ‘Rules-Based Order’ Now?

Spencer Ackerman

The Guardian, 10.04.2024

Europe’s Gaza betrayal has broken the trust of millions of people in the global south

Shada Islam

EurekAlert!, 10.04.2024

Experiencing racial discrimination impacts the mental health of teens in the U.S. justice system

Peer-Reviewed Publication Southern Methodist University

Latin Times, 10.04.2024

Contrary to Stereotypes, Undocumented Immigrants Not Tied to Higher Crime Rates

Maria Villarroel

EurekAlert!, 10.04.2024

Economic burden of childhood verbal abuse by adults estimated at $300 billion globally

University College London

New York Times, 11.04.2024

What a Terror Attack in Israel Might Reveal About Psychedelics and Trauma

Natan Odenheimer, Aaron Boxerman and Gal Koplewitz

The Conversation, 11.04.2024

Domestic violence survivors seek homeless services from a system that often leaves them homeless

Nkiru Nnawulezi Associate Professor of Community Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Lauren Cattaneo Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, George Mason University

The Guardian, 11.04.2024

Weeks-long manhunt in Brazil shows dramatic expansion of two main gangs into Amazon

Tom Phillips and Tiago Rogero in Rio de Janeiro

EurekAlert!, 11.04.2024

Study helps explain why childhood maltreatment continues to impact on mental and physical health into adulthood

University of Cambridge

New York Times, 12.04.2024

The Troubling Trend in Teenage Sex

Peggy Orenstein

The Conversation, 12.04.2024

Gaza war: Israel using AI to identify human targets raising fears that innocents are being caught in the net

Elke Schwarz Reader in Political Theory, Queen Mary University of London

EurekAlert!, 12.04.2024

Using expertise to fight antisemitism

Meeting Announcement University of Konstanz

The Guardian, 12.04.2024

What has 20 years of banning headscarves done for France?

Rokhaya Diallo

Washington Post, 12.04.2024

The Takeover

Samantha Schmidt and Arturo Torres

New York Times, 12.04.2024

Nicole Brown Simpson Called for Help 5 Days Before She Was Killed. It Was Not Enough.

Rachel Louise Snyder

PsyPost, 13.04.2024

Study finds 56% of Americans who carry firearms in public believe political violence is justified

Eric W. Dolan

New York Times, 13.04.2024

Inside Donald Trump’s Embrace of the Jan. 6 Rioters

Alan Feuer and Maggie Haberman

The Critic, 13.04.2024

Why are we ignoring the slaughter in Sudan?

William Fear

The Conversation, 14.04.2024

After Iran’s attack on Israel, is a devastating regional war next?

James Devine Associate Professor Politics and International Relations, Mount Allison University

The Conversation, 14.04.2024

Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel was a strategic miscalculation. Can all-out war now be averted?

Ran Porat Affiliate Researcher, The Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University

Foreign Policy, 14.04.2024

Analysis: How Will Israel Respond to the Iranian Attack?

Daniel Byman and Kenneth M. Pollack

The Conversation, 14.04.2024

As Australia reels from the Bondi attack, such mass murder incidents remain rare

Terry Goldsworthy Associate Professor in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Bond University

New York Times, 14.04.2024

This Prosecutor Pledged to Change George Floyd’s City. Her Critics Are Circling.

Ernesto Londoño Reporting from Minneapolis

The Conversation, 14.04.2024

Shadow war no more: Hostilities between Israel and Iran have strayed into direct warfare – is there any going back?

Javed Ali

The Conversation, 14.04.2024

Sydneysiders witnessed horrific scenes on Saturday. How do you process and recover from such an event?

Kim Felmingham

New York Times, 14.04.2024

The Atmosphere of the ‘Manosphere’ Is Toxic

David French

New York Times, 14.04.2024

Stormy Daniels and the Comeuppance of Donald Trump

Jessica Bennett

University of Colorado, 15.04.2024

25 years post-Columbine, it’s time to invest in ‘violence prevention infrastructure’

Lisa Marshall

The Guardian, 15.04.2024

‘Why didn’t I fight? Why didn’t I run?’: 10 things we learned from Salman Rushdie’s Knife

Ella Creamer

Mirage.News, 15.04.2024

£3.2M Granted to Test ADVANCE-D for Abusers in Recovery

Kings College London

The Conversation, 15.04.2024

Why Iran’s failed attack on Israel may well turn out to be a strategic success

Gavin E.L. Hall

The Conversation, 15.04.2024

Sydney attacker had ‘mental health issues’ but most people with mental illness aren’t violent

James Ogloff

The Conversation, 15.04.2024

Marijuana tax revenues fall short of projections in many states, including Colorado

Boyoung Seo

The Guardian, 15.04.2024

Bondi Junction stabbings: killer Joel Cauchi may have targeted women and children, NSW police say

Tamsin Rose, Catie McLeod and Chi Hui Lin

The Conversation, 16.04.2024

From forced kisses to power imbalances, violence against women in sport is endemic

Kirsty Forsdike

Verfassungsblog, 16.04.2024

Homeopathic Globules for Environmental Lawyers

Bernhard Wegener

The Herald, 16.04.2024

Here's why why some people love a conspiracy theory

David Wilson

The Conversation, 16.04.2024

Why is the Sydney church stabbing an act of terrorism, but the Bondi tragedy isn’t?

Greg Barton

Eureka Alert!, 16.04.2024

New statewide research reveals the staggering economic cost of intimate partner violence in Louisiana

Tulane University

The New Yorker, 16.04.2024

The Fate of Israel’s Hostages After Iran’s Rocket Attack

Ruth Margalit

R Street Institute, 16.04.2024

Measured Force: The Benefits of Police Data Transparency

Logan Seacrest and Jillian Snider

The Conversation, 17.04.2024

You could help minimise harm in a public attack. Here’s what it means to be a ‘zero responder’

Milad Haghani

Eureka Alert!, 17.04.2024

Current police response to intimate partner violence calls for change

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Conversation, 17.04.2024

Why experts fear the EU’s new migration laws could lead to more deaths at sea

Pierre Micheletti

The Conversation, 17.04.2024

Mexico’s slow slide towards vigilante violence

Amalendu Misra

Eureka Alert!, 17.04.2024

Mind the gender gap – Met police least trusted by women

Taylor & Francis Group

Verfassungsblog, 17.04.2024

Solidarity Crimes, Legitimacy Limits

Violeta Moreno-Lax

The Guardian, 17.04.2024

AI can’t beat my composite sketches, says record-breaking police artist

Ramon Antonio Vargas

New York Times, 17.04.2024

‘It’s a Very Winnable Case’: Three Writers Dissect the Trump Trial

David French, Mary McCord and Ken White

New York Times, 17.04.2024

Donald Trump and American Justice

The Editorial Board

The Good Men Project, 17.04.2024

New Research Finds Young Gun Violence Survivors Experience Lasting Physical and Mental Trauma

The Guardian, 17.04.2024

‘The money is not real – it’s a feckless level of wealth’: the inside story of the biggest art fraud in American history

Charlotte Edwardes, 17.04.2024

Research highlights new ways to tackle outlaw motorcycle gangs

Deakin University, 18.04.2024

Analysis shows lone actors more likely to commit terrorist acts than US extremist groups

Josh McAuliffe

New York Times, 18.04.2024

What if O.J.’s Trial Happened Now?

John McWhorter

Mirage.News, 18.04.2024

George Floyd Case: Divisive Diagnosis Under Scrutiny

McGill University

The Conversation, 18.04.2024

Cities with Black women police chiefs had less street violence during 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests

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The Conversation, 18.04.2024

Cities with Black women police chiefs had less street violence during 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests

Kayla Stajkovic, Davis Alex Stajkovic

Medical Xpress, 19.04.2024

Early intervention could help keep young women out of jail, shows study

Sherri Buri McDonald

Boston University, 19.04.2024

Insights from Rwanda: Understanding Genocide and Its Aftermath

Tim Longman

The Conversation, 19.04.2024

Hateful graffiti blights communities and it’s something we need to tackle urgently

Melanie Morgan StreeetSnap Research Associate, Swansea University Lella Nouri Associate Professor, Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy, Swansea University, 19.04.2024

Iran's Conflict with Israel A Dangerous Spiral of Violence in the Middle East

Susanne Koelbl, Christoph Reuter, Thore Schröder und Bernhard Zand

Verfassungsblog, 19.04.2024

Without a Doubt

Aziz Epik, Julia Geneuss

ReliefWeb, 20.04.2024

Gendered patterns in explosive violence: a policy brief on understanding the impact of explosive weapons on women

Professor Ismene Gizelis, Dr Brian Phillips, Dr Sara Polo, Dr Iain Overton

New York Times, 21.04.2024

Will a Mountain of Evidence Be Enough to Convict Trump?

Ben Protess and Jonah E. Bromwich

The Conversation, 22.04.2024

Opening statements are the most important part of a trial – as lawyers in Trump’s hush money case know well

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr.

University of Warwick, 22.04.2024

The response of donors to local crime

The Conversation, 22.04.2024

EU migration overhaul stresses fast-track deportations and limited appeal rights for asylum seekers

Nicholas R. Micinski

Mirage News, 22.04.2024

14% Reduction In Serious Violence In England And Wales

Cardiff University

The Guardian, 22.04.2024

The west defends Israel’s skies. Not doing the same for Ukraine is a deadly mistake

Nathalie Tocci

The Conversation, 22.04.2024

Supermarket facial recognition failure: why automated systems must put the human factor first

Mark Rickerby

New York Times, 22.04.2024

A City Tries to Measure the Violence It’s Preventing

Mark Obbie

New York Times, 22.04.2024

Inside Trump’s Complicated Relationship With Law Enforcement

Maggie Haberman and Michael Gold

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 22.04.2024

Global military spending surges amid war, rising tensions and insecurity

Mirage News, 23.04.2024

Research: Sibling Crime Contact Damages Chicago Families, Kids

Mirage.News Science, 23.04.2024

Distinct Patterns Lead to Domestic Partner Homicide: Study

The Conversation, 23.04.2024

Scotland’s hate crime law: the problem with using public order laws to govern online speech

Laura Higson-Bliss

New York Times, 23.04.2024

Why Is the Supreme Court Making an Easy Case Related to Jan. 6 Rioters Hard?

Randall D. Eliason

The Japan Times, 23.04.2024

Sicily's mafia is expanding its white collar crime

Rachel Sanderson

Verfassungsblog, 24.04.2024

The Ball is in the Game

Paulina Milewska, Zuzanna Nowicka

City, University of London, 24.04.2024

‘We’ve got to do more so that children don’t fall through the cracks’: City hosts conference on adolescent domestic abuse

Katie Hoggan

New York Times, 24.04.2024

20 Years Later, a Jury Weighs Claims of Abuse at Abu Ghraib

Mattathias Schwartz

Texas Public Radio, 24.04.2024

Recent research on eyewitness memory may be Texas death row inmate's last hope

Toluwani Osibamowo

European Parliament, 24.04.2024

Parliament approves first ever EU rules on combating violence against women

Mirage News, 25.04.2024

MIT's Brave Behind Bars Program Proven Effective: Study

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mirage News, 25.04.2024

Suicide Clue Language Differs Between Genders

Mirage News, 25.04.2024

Pupils Become Knife Crime Ambassadors

The Conversation, 25.04.2024

#MeTooGarçons: ‘In France, 80% of violent acts against men affect those under 18’

Lucie Wicky

The Conversation, 25.04.2024

The costs of workplace violence are too high to ignore

Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch

Newsweek, 25.04.2024

Why Harvey Weinstein's Rape Conviction Was Overturned

Matthew Impelli

London Review of Books Vol. 46 No. 8, 25.04.2024

‘Rip their skin off’

Alexander Clapp

EurekAlert!, 25.04.2024

Philippines' counter-terrorism strategy still stalled after 7 years since the "˜ISIS siege' on Marawi

University of Portsmouth

New Lines Magazine, 25.04.2024

Rwanda’s Younger Generation Still Deals With the Legacy of Genocide

Lauren Watson

Granta, 25.04.2024

Wagner in Africa

James Pogue

Granta, 25.04.2024

Drone Wars for Mexico’s Gold Mountains

Anjan Sundaram

The Conversation, 26.04.2024

Cybersecurity researchers spotlight a new ransomware threat – be careful where you upload files

Selcuk Uluagac

EurekAlert!, 26.04.2024

Computer scientists unveil novel attacks on cybersecurity

University of California

Men's Journal, 26.04.2024

He Pretended to Be a Soldier, Seducing and Scamming Women Out of Thousands—Until One Victim Turned the Tables

Andy Hirschfeld, 26.04.2024

Up in smoke: New study suggests it's time to ditch long-held stereotypes about stoners

Don Campbell

New York Times, 26.04.2024

What Does Weinstein Reversal Mean for #MeToo?

James Barron

The Guardian, 26.04.2024

How much did #MeToo change for women? Let’s ask Harvey Weinstein today – or Donald Trump

Marina Hyde

New York Times, 27.04.2024

Donald Trump Has Never Sounded Like This

Charles Homans

The Spectator, 27.04.2024

The Xi files: how China spies

Nigel Inkster

The Conversation, 28.04.2024

Moscow terror attack showed growing reach of ISIS-K – could the US be next?

Sara Harmouch

The Guardian / The Observer, 28.04.2024

‘My hands went cold’: Rio’s reporters risk death to reveal criminal ties between police, politicians and mafia

Tom Phillips

New York Times, 28.04.2024

How Fentanyl Laid Waste to Guatemala’s Time-Worn Opium Trade

Daniele Volpe

New York Times, 28.04.2024

Trump’s Trial Could Bring a Rarity: Consequences for His Words

Maggie Haberman and Jonah E. Bromwich

The Conversation, 29.04.2024

New homicide statistics show surge in intimate partner killings – and huge disparity in First Nations victims

Rick Sarre

The Conversation, 29.04.2024

Tech-based sexual harassment at work is common, male-dominated and often intended to cause harm

Asher Flynn, Anastasia Powell, Lisa J. Wheildon

The Conversation, 29.04.2024

‘Stop talking and start doing.’ Rosie Batty on trolls, accidental advocacy and treating domestic violence for what it is: terrorism

Kate Cantrell

EurekAlert!, 29.04.2024

Uptick in NYC transit assault rate during COVID pandemic; has not returned to pre-pandemic levels despite subway safety plan

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Guardian, 29.04.2024

‘It can happen to any child’: parents of sextortion victim send out warning

Libby Brooks

Verfassungsblog, 29.04.2024

The Enemy Within

Marlene Wind

The Conversation, 29.04.2024

Cops on campus: Why police crackdowns on student protesters are so dangerous

Roberta Lexier