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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

USA TODAY, 01.03.2024

No, immigrants aren't more likely to commit crimes than US-born, despite Trump's border speech

Terry Collins

The Conversation, 01.03.2024

Why protest if it doesn’t make a difference?

David J. Bailey

Reason Magazine, 01.03.2024

The Myth of the Migrant Crime Wave

Fiona Harrigan

The Conversation, 01.03.2024

Should presidents have immunity from the law? The US Supreme Court is to hear Trump’s case

Michelle Bentley

The Conversation, 01.03.2024

The policing of LGBTQ+ people casts a long, dark shadow. Marching at Mardi Gras must be backed up with real change

Justin Ellis, Nicole L. Asquith

American Psychological Association, 01.03.2024

How to leverage psychology to aid a war-torn world

Ashley Abramson

Mirage News, 02.03.2024

Violence Prevention Study Wins Top Journal Award

UC Davis

The Guardian, 02.03.2024

The man who tricked Nazi Germany: lessons from the past on how to beat disinformation

Peter Pomerantsev

EurekAlert!, 04.03.2024

The health and economic impact of youth violence in the United States reached $122 billion in 2020


EurekAlert!, 04.03.2024

Firearm access and gun violence exposure are common in Black and native communities

Rutgers University

Newswise, 04.03.2024

MSU study: Key mental health services could reduce jail time

Michigan State University

The Guardian, 04.03.2024

How significant is Russia’s apparent interception of military talks on Ukraine?

Dan Sabbagh

The Conversation, 04.03.2024

Supreme Court says only Congress can bar a candidate, like Trump, from the presidency for insurrection − 3 essential reads

Jeff Inglis

The Conversation, 04.03.2024

Baader–Meinhof group member arrested after 30 years on the run – but Germany still can’t close the chapter on far-left terrorism

Claudia Hillebrand

Verfassungsblog, 04.03.2024

The Place of Numbers in Migration Debates

Dana Schmalz

The Conversation, 04.03.2024

Over-emphasising some things, underplaying others: ASIO’s threat assessment is underpinned by confusing logic

Greg Austin

TIME, 04.03.2024

Disinformation Is Tearing America Apart

Barbara McQuade

Truthout, 04.03.2024

Data Disproves Right-Wing Talking Points About Migrant Crime

Chris Walker

The Atlantic, 04.03.2024

The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending

Franklin Foer

The New Yorker, 04.03.2024

Forty-Three Mexican Students Went Missing. What Really Happened to Them?

Alma Guillermoprieto

The Conversation, 04.03.2024

AI bias: the organised struggle against automated discrimination

Philip Di Salvo, Antje Scharenberg

The Conversation, 04.03.2024

Demand for computer chips fuelled by AI could reshape global politics and security

Kirk Chang, Alina Vaduva

New Lines Magazine, 04.03.2024

The Curious Case of the Kerman Attacks

Ali Fathollah-Nejad

Mirage News, 05.03.2024

Citizens Often Grant Police Consent Against Self-Interest

EurekAlert!, 05.03.2024

The atlas of internet surveillance

University of Konstanz

EurekAlert!, 05.03.2024

George Mason University receives $4.85 million gift to increase intimate partner violence detection and reporting

George Mason University

The Guardian, 05.03.2024

Swedish police call for ban on civilians wearing bulletproof vests

Miranda Bryant

The Guardian, 05.03.2024

‘Pimps’ use Instagram to glorify sexual violence and abuse, investigation finds

Katie McQue

The Conversation, 05.03.2024

Non-disclosure agreements are commonplace in sexual harassment cases, but they’re being misused to silence people

Regina Featherstone, Sharmilla Bargon

The Conversation, 05.03.2024

The Martyrdom of Saint Alexei: Navalny’s death is the latest instance of a long tradition of self-sacrifice in Russia

Andreï Kozovoï

New York Times, 05.03.2024

The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: A Grisly Theory and a Renewed Debate

Tracey Tully

Vodafone Group / Vodafone Foundation, 05.03.2024

Many FTSE 100 companies recognise domestic violence and abuse as workplace issue, finds new UN Women research supported by Vodafone Foundation

The Guardian, 06.03.2024

I’m in a Russian prison. This is how my friend Alexei Navalny showed us Putin’s hypocrisy

Ilya Yashin

Verfassungsblog, 06.03.2024

The ECtHR Advances the Battle against Racial Profiling in Wa Baile c. Suisse

Karin de Vries

EurekAlert!, 06.03.2024

Study: Peer pressure susceptibility lasts into adulthood

University of Texas at Dallas

EurekAlert!, 06.03.2024

Study quantifies dramatic rise in school shootings and related fatalities since 1970

American College of Surgeons

EurekAlert!, 06.03.2024

University of Virginia researchers win 2024 Responsible Business Education Award for Police Reform Study in India

University of Virginia College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

The Conversation, 06.03.2024

Gaza conflict: rising death toll from hunger a stark reminder of starvation as a weapon of war

Leïla Choukroune

EurekAlert!, 06.03.2024

What drives ‘drug-induced homicide’ prosecutions in North Carolina?

North Carolina State University

The Guardian, 06.03.2024

MH370: one of aviation’s biggest mysteries remains unsolved 10 years on

Oliver Holmes, Haylena Krishnamoorthy

The Conversation, 07.03.2024

Femicide in Italy: A modern phenomenon deeply rooted in country’s cultural past

Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager

Newswise, 07.03.2024

Haiti is close to becoming a failed state

University of Miami

The Guardian, 07.03.2024

‘It has been pure terror’: Haiti’s seven days of bedlam

Tom Phillips

Verfassungsblog, 07.03.2024

The Digital Services Act as a Global Transparency Regime

Natali Helberger, Pamela Samuelson

The Conversation, 07.03.2024

Lord’s Resistance Army: ICC awards reparations to victims of commander Dominic Ongwen - what happens next

Tonny Raymond Kirabira, Miracle Chinwenmeri

The Guardian, 07.03.2024

Rage, waste and corruption: how Covid changed politics

David Runciman

The Conversation, 08.03.2024

Flight MH370 is still missing after ten years – forensic experts explain what we know and why we haven’t found the plane

Jamie Pringle, Alastair Ruffell, Ruth Morgan

Newswise, 08.03.2024

Study reveals how sports programmes for young children can combat future youth violence

Loughborough University

The Conversation, 08.03.2024

Insurance is the latest weapon financial abusers use against their partners. Here’s how we fix it

Catherine Fitzpatrick

The Guardian, 08.03.2024

Killed Women Count A project highlighting the toll and tragedy of violence against women in the UK

Alexandra Topping, Rachel Hall and Mabel Banfield-Nwachi

The Guardian, 08.03.2024

Dramatic rise in women and girls being cut, new FGM data reveals

Caroline Kimeu

Verfassungsblog, 09.03.2024

Ecocide à la Bruxelloise

Daniel Bertram

The Guardian, 09.03.2024

They were killed in the London Bridge terror attack, seconds apart. So why did their families get wildly different payouts?

Jenny Kleeman

Washington Post, 10.03.2024

Killings by police brought reforms. Fear of crime is unraveling them.

Robert Klemko, Emily Davies and Tom Jackman

The Guardian, 10.03.2024

Haiti crisis: gangs attack police stations as Caribbean leaders call for emergency meeting

The Independent, 10.03.2024

Why is Haiti so chaotic? Leaders used street gangs to gain power. Then the gangs got stronger

Michael Weissenstein

The Guardian, 11.03.2024

Detained, trafficked, exploited: the plight of lone child migrants stranded in Tunisia

EurekAlert!, 11.03.2024

‘Study drugs’ set the stage for other drug use and mental health decline

Binghamton University

EurekAlert!, 11.03.2024

Political rage on social media is making us cynical

University of Michigan

The Conversation, 11.03.2024

Is the National Guard a solution to school violence?

F. Chris Curran

The Conversation, 11.03.2024

How Haiti became a failed state

Nicolas Forsans

The Conversation, 11.03.2024

Police get budget money for first responder drones – but new tech won’t solve the issues facing UK forces

John Coxhead

Verfassungsblog, 11.03.2024

Shipwreck after Shipwreck

Aphrodite Papachristodoulou

The New Yorker, 11.03.2024

The Open-Air Prison for ISIS Supporters—and Victims

Anand Gopal

EurekAlert!, 11.03.2024

Permitless open carry laws may lead to more firearm-related suicides

American College of Surgeons

Africa is a Country, 11.03.2024

Keep eyes on Sudan

Omnia Mustafa / Ghaida Hamdun

The New Yorker, 12.03.2024

Medieval Oxford’s Murder Problem

Sam Knight

The Conversation, 12.03.2024

Growing secrecy limits government accountability

David Cuillier

EurekAlert!, 12.03.2024

More than 11% of U.S. 12th graders used psychoactive delta-8-THC last year, study finds

Washington Post, 12.03.2024

What’s happening in Haiti? Leader resigns as gang-led violence worsens.

Adela Suliman, Widlore Mérancourt, Samantha Schmidt and Maham Javaid

The Conversation, 12.03.2024

Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Chérizier: the gangster behind the violence in Haiti who may have political aspirations of his own

Amalendu Misra

The Conversation, 12.03.2024

Rishi Sunak’s plan to redefine extremism is disingenuous – and a threat to democracy

Alan Greene

The Conversation, 12.03.2024

Ukraine war: Pope Francis should learn from his WWII predecessor’s mistakes in appeasing fascism

Tim Luckhurst

The Conversation, 12.03.2024

Pennsylvania overhauled its sentencing guidelines to be more fair and consistent − but racial disparities may not disappear so soon

C. Clare Strange

The Guardian, 12.03.2024

‘Nobody would listen to me, so I told the camera’: film of Islamic State survivor’s story premieres in UK

Saeed Kamali Dehghan

New York Times, 12.03.2024

Uvalde Police Chief Announces Resignation

Edgar Sandoval

New York Times, 12.03.2024

‘Jamming’: How Electronic Warfare Is Reshaping Ukraine’s Battlefields

Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Yurii Shyvala

Mediazona, 12.03.2024

“Or we’ll rape you”. Convicted for attempting to burn a police van at an anti‑war rally in Moscow, activist recounts torture in Siberian detenti

Anna Pavlova

The Conversation, 13.03.2024

Christchurch attacks 5 years on: terrorist’s online history gives clues to preventing future atrocities

Chris Wilson, Ethan Renner, Jack Smylie, Michal Dziwulski

Washington Post, 13.03.2024

On popular online platforms, predatory groups coerce children into self-harm

Shawn Boburg, Pranshu Verma and Chris Dehghanpoor

The Conversation, 13.03.2024

Affirmative consent campaign calls for sexual assault law change in England and Wales – but this approach has pitfalls, too

Eithne Dowds

The Conversation, 13.03.2024

The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is exposing older Australians to the risk of financial abuse

Julia Cook, Peta S. Cook

TIME, 13.03.2024

America’s Suburban Crime Problem

Thaddeus Johnson, Natasha Johnson, and William J. Sabol

New York Times, 13.03.2024

The ‘Colorblindness’ Trap

Nikole Hannah-Jones

Washington Post, 14.03.2024

A police officer took a teen for a rape kit. Then he assaulted her, too.

Jessica Contrera, Jenn Abelson and John D. Harden

Verfassungsblog, 14.03.2024

Shortcomings of the AI Act

Federica Paolucci

EurekAlert!, 14.03.2024

New simpler and cost-effective forensics test helps identify touch DNA

University of New Hampshire

The Conversation, 15.03.2024

How meth became an epidemic in America, and what’s happening now that it’s faded from the headlines

William Garriott

The Conversation, 15.03.2024

‘Gross negligence’: why a parent like James Crumbley can be found guilty for their child’s crimes

Thaddeus Hoffmeister

The Columbian, 17.03.2024

Why even public health experts have limited insight into stopping gun violence in America

Christine Spolar

The Guardian / The Observer, 17.03.2024

‘It’s an excuse to overreach’: families’ anger over UK police restraint deaths blamed on disputed condition

Shanti Das

The Guardian / The Observer, 17.03.2024

Revealed: disputed medical terms used to explain dozens of deaths after police restraint in UK

Shanti Das

BBC News, 17.03.2024

How the abnormal gets normalised – and what to do about it

Amanda Ruggeri, 18.03.2024

Bodycams in court get broad police approval, according to survey

Béatrice St-Cyr-Leroux

The Conversation, 18.03.2024

Profits over patients: For-profit nursing home chains are draining resources from care while shifting huge sums to owners’ pockets

Sean Campbell, Charlene Harrington

The Conversation, 18.03.2024

Victims need to be protected – regardless of whether they are testifying in family court or criminal court

Carrie Leonetti

EurekAlert!, 18.03.2024

The majority of Americans do not support anti-democratic behavior, even when elected officials do

University of Pennsylvania

The New Yorker, 18.03.2024

The Forgotten History of Hitler’s Establishment Enablers

Adam Gopnik

Saturday Evening Post, 19.03.2024

The Case of the Falling Crime Rate

Jeff Nilsson

The Conversation, 19.03.2024

Building fairness into AI is crucial – and hard to get right

Ferdinando Fioretto

EurekAlert!, 19.03.2024

Estimating flows of forced migrants from war and crisis

PNAS Nexus

The Guardian, 19.03.2024

Ex-Mississippi officer gets 20 years for ‘Goon Squad’ torture of two Black men, 19.03.2024

Israel Six Months Later The Wrenching Decision to Return to the Site of Horror

Juliane von Mittelstaedt

Tablet Magazine, 19.03.2024

Saving Sinwar

Judith Miller

The Conversation, 19.03.2024

The Humberside funeral home incident shows England and Wales need a better system for dealing with death

Kate Woodthorpe

The Conversation, 20.03.2024

Terrorist content lurks all over the internet – regulating only 6 major platforms won’t be nearly enough

Marten Risius, Stan Karanasios

Mirage News, 20.03.2024

Research Reveals Age-Based Patterns in Domestic Violence Injuries

Brigham and Women's Hospital, 20.03.2024

Fewer thugs, more violence, student survey indicates

Ioanna Fotiadi

Police Chief Magazine, 20.03.2024

Learning from the Perceptions of Women in Policing

PJ Verrecchia

The Conversation, 20.03.2024

How ‘himpathy’ helps shield perpetrators of sexual misconduct from repercussions

Samantha Dodson, Rachael Dailey Goodwin

London Review of Books, 20.03.2024

Devil Terms

Arianne Shahvisi

New Statesman, 20.03.2024

Putin’s fractured world

Katie Stallard

Vancouver Sun, 21.03.2024

B.C. inmates with addiction issues at high risk of reincarceration: study

Darryl Greer

Calgary Herald, 21.03.2024

Study traces background, criminal activity of 934 men who assaulted partners

Hiren Mansukhani

The Guardian, 21.03.2024

Nearly 4,000 celebrities found to be victims of deepfake pornography

Nadeem Badshah

The Guardian, 21.03.2024

What is the real Hamas?

Joshua Leifer

New York Times, 21.03.2024

A Mexican Drug Cartel’s New Target? Seniors and Their Timeshares

Maria Abi-Habib

The Guardian, 21.03.2024

I was 14. He was 22. If it wasn’t grooming, what is?

Rose Hackman

Project Syndicate, 22.03.2024

Mismeasuring Corruption Lets Rich Countries Off the Hook

Yuen Yuen Ang, 23.03.2024

Over 1700 Injured Annually in Police Shootings

The Guardian, 23.03.2024

Moscow attack is grim reminder that large-scale acts of terror have not gone away

Dan Sabbagh

The Guardian, 23.03.2024

‘But he didn’t hit you, did he?’: inside the coercive control courtroom

Amelia Gentleman

The Guardian, 24.03.2024

Playground bullies do prosper – and go on to earn more in middle age

James Tapper

The Conversation, 24.03.2024

Why would Islamic State attack Russia and what does this mean for the terrorism threat globally?

Deakin University

The Conversation, 24.03.2024

ISIS-K’s attack in Moscow risks escalating the Russia-Ukraine war

Simon Fraser University

The Conversation, 24.03.2024

How Moscow terror attack fits ISIS-K strategy to widen agenda, take fight to its perceived enemies

Sara Harmouch, Amira Jadoon

Washington Post, 24.03.2024

Terrorist attack in Russia exposes vulnerabilities of Putin’s regime

Catherine Belton and Robyn Dixon

The Guardian / The Observer, 24.03.2024

‘Mum knew what was going on’: Brigitte Höss on living at Auschwitz, in the Zone of Interest family

Thomas Harding

The Guardian, 25.03.2024

Russia lauding torture was unthinkable – now it is proud to do so

Andrew Roth and Pjotr Sauer

The Conversation, 25.03.2024

Moscow attacks: why the Kremlin may have ignored any terrorist warnings from the CIA

Robert M. Dover

The Conversation, 25.03.2024

Algorithms that predict crime are watching – and judging us by the cards we’ve been dealt

Tatiana Dancy

New York Times, 25.03.2024

ISIS Affiliate Linked to Moscow Attack Has Global Ambitions

Eric Schmitt

The Guardian, 25.03.2024

Putin’s lethally negligent failure can’t be covered up. The Moscow attack leaves him weaker than ever

Simon Tisdall

The Guardian, 25.03.2024

Moscow attack explainer: why would Islamic State attack Russia and what will Putin’s response be?

Jason Burke and Jonathan Yerushalmy

The Guardian, 25.03.2024

The Guardian view on terror in Moscow: Putin’s cynical blame game should fool no one

The Conversation, 25.03.2024

Why Russia fears the emergence of Tajik terrorists

Richard Foltz

EurekAlert!, 25.03.2024

RaDPi-U: A fast and convenient drug screening with urine samples

Kindai University

The Guardian, 25.03.2024

At four, I was kidnapped and sex-trafficked for years. Now I fight for the powerless – and win every case

Annie Kelly

The Kyiv Independent, 25.03.2024

Opinion: Why ISIS attacked Russia and why Russia blames Ukraine

Omar Ashour

Mirage News, 26.03.2024

Research Examines Fracture Patterns in Fatal Vs. Survived Domestic Abuse

Boston University School of Medicine

Mirage News, 26.03.2024

How Firearms Move From Legal Purchase To Criminal Use

UC Davis

New York Times, 26.03.2024

What’s Going on With Legal Marijuana in New York?

Terence McGinley

New York Times, 26.03.2024

Israeli Hostage Says She Was Sexually Assaulted and Tortured in Gaza

Patrick Kingsley and Ronen Bergman

EurekAlert!, 27.03.2024

Around 1 in 3 people with insecure migration status report experiencing interpersonal, community and state physical violence ...


Verfassungsblog, 27.03.2024

Party Bans and Populism in Europe

Angela Bourne

SWI, 27.03.2024

Rising crime in Switzerland: expert insights & solutions

David Karasek

Mirage News, 27.03.2024

WHO Urges Focus on Violence Against Disabled, Elderly Women

The Conversation, 27.03.2024

Marielle Franco murder case: arrests of public figures reveals the failure of security policies

Pablo Nunes Doutor

The Conversation, 27.03.2024

‘Bukelism,’ El Salvador’s flawed approach to gang violence, is no silver bullet for Ecuador

Marie-Christine Doran

The Guardian, 27.03.2024

The Zone of Interest is a portrait of guilt. No wonder it has divided opinion in Germany

Fatma Aydemir

Mirage News, 28.03.2024

Low Resting Heart Rate Tied to Female Crime, Injuries


The Guardian, 29.03.2024

With Germany legalising cannabis, Europe is reaching a tipping point. Britain, take note

Steve Rolles

New York Times, 29.03.2024

Why School Absences Have ‘Exploded’ Almost Everywhere

Sarah Mervosh and Francesca Paris

New York Times, 31.03.2024

A Russian Defector’s Killing Raises Specter of Hit Squads

Michael Schwirtz and José Bautista