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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.06.2020

Since I Met Edward Snowden, I’ve Never Stopped Watching My Back

Barton Gellman

The New Yorker Letter from San Francisco, 01.06.2020

A Window Onto an American Nightmare

Nathan Heller

Spectrum News, 01.06.2020

How the Pandemic Has Changed the Criminal Justice System, Part One

Chris Williams Chapel Hill, 01.06.2020

How to reform American police, according to experts

German Lopez

The Conversation, 01.06.2020

The fury in US cities is rooted in a long history of racist policing, violence and inequality

Clare Corbould

The Conversation, 01.06.2020

George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery deaths: Racism causes life-threatening conditions for black men every day

Shervin Assari

LRB blog, 01.06.2020

Fire this Time in Minneapolis

Forrest Hylton

Newswise (press release), 01.06.2020

Expert: Anti-Government Extremists Are Present at U.S. Lockdown Protests

University at Albany, State University of New York

The Crime Report, 02.06.2020

Coronavirus ‘Godfathers’: Italian Crisis Center Copes with Mafia Resurgence

Nancy Bilyeau

TalkingDrugs 2, 02.06.2020

UK Policing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Jesse Bernard & Imani Robinson

New Delhi Times, 02.06.2020

The evolving interplay of crime and Corona

Anchal Chaudhary

The Conversation, 02.06.2020

George Floyd’s death reflects the racist roots of American policing

Connie Hassett-Walker

The Conversation, 02.06.2020

Militarization has fostered a policing culture that sets up protesters as ‘the enemy’

Tom Nolan

The Guardian, 02.06.2020

A boot is crushing the neck of American democracy

Cornel West

The Conversation, 02.06.2020

Do you have a right to protest? The coronavirus’s impact on freedom of assembly

Caroline Hodes

NBC, 02.06.2020

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Ben Collins, Brandy Zadrozny and Emmanuelle Saliba

Vox, 03.06.2020

Growing calls to “defund the police,” explained

Matthew Yglesias

BBC News, 03.06.2020

Coronavirus: 'Cummings effect' makes policing more difficult

CNN, 03.06.2020

What my Florida town can teach us about racist policing

Theodore W. Small, Jr.

The Conversation, 03.06.2020

We asked people if they were breaking lockdown rules before and after the Dominic Cummings scandal – here’s what they told us

Edward Cartwright, Jonathan Rose

The Conversation, 03.06.2020

Despite 432 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, no one has ever been convicted. Racist silence and complicity are to blame

Alison Whittaker

Newswise, 03.06.2020

The ‘old world is gone.’ Protests express a vision of the society people want after COVID-19, UB expert says

University at Buffalo

The Conversation, 03.06.2020

Unmasking the racial politics of the coronavirus pandemic

Jasmin Zine

The Conversation, 03.06.2020

Reports of ‘revenge porn’ skyrocketed during lockdown, we must stop blaming victims for it

Anastasia Powell

The Conversation, 03.06.2020

It can’t happen here – and then it did

Joe Saltzman

Newswise, 03.06.2020

VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Police Brutality and BLM Protests: Newswise Live Expert

Journalist’s Resource, 03.06.2020

America uprising: Scholars reflect on the death of George Floyd. Plus, 10 tips for journalists covering protests against police violence.

Clark Merrefield, 03.06.2020

Arresting protesters is the real coronavirus risk

Tracey Anne Duncan

London Review of Books Vol. 42 No. 11, 04.06.2020

The American Virus

Eliot Weinberger, 04.06.2020

Impact of COVID-19 on crime

PsychCentral, 04.06.2020

Domestic Violence Seen As Rising During COVID-19 Lockdown

Traci Pedersen

TriCityNews, 04.06.2020

Metro Vancouver residents report spike in crime during pandemic: poll

Mario Canseco

Michigan State University, 04.06.2020

How COVID-19 is impacting kids involved in the criminal justice system

Elizabeth Schondelmayer , Caitlin Cavanagh , Rebecca Jensen

Newswise, 04.06.2020

Policing and Law Enforcement: Further Considerations from Psychological Science

Association for Psychological Science

The Conversation, 04.06.2020

Viral videos of racism: how an old civil rights strategy is being used in a new digital age

Sage Goodwin

The Conversation, 04.06.2020

How to protest during a pandemic and still keep everyone safe from coronavirus: 6 questions answered

Thomas A. Russo

The Conversation, 04.06.2020

Police force diversity is improving in the UK – but there’s a long way to go

Daniel Silverstone, Dominique Walker

Newswise, 04.06.2020

Militarized, 'ready for battle' police make dialogue with protesters difficult

Cornell University

The Conversation, 05.06.2020

Minneapolis’ ‘long, hot summer’ of ‘67 – and the parallels to today’s protests over police brutality

Rashad Shabazz

The Conversation, 05.06.2020

Madeleine McCann: Investigation was flawed from the start, says senior detective who was there

Graham Hill

The Conversation, 05.06.2020

Why do protests turn violent? It’s not just because people are desperate

Emma Thomas

Politico, 05.06.2020

Are U.S. cops different?


TheCut, 05.06.2020

‘We’ve Seen Our City Set Ablaze’

Rebecca Traister

The Oxford Student, 05.06.2020

‘Killology’ is not a satirical field: Police Training methods and lethal shootings

Toye Oladinni

New York Review of Books, 06.06.2020

Cut the Carceral System Now

Jack Norton

VOX, 06.06.2020

What public health experts want critics to know about why they support the protests

Brian Resnick

The Conversation, 06.06.2020

Epidemics have often led to discrimination against minorities – this time is no different

Mark Honigsbaum

Ideastream, 06.06.2020

Tear-Gassing Protesters During An Infectious Outbreak Called 'A Recipe For Disaster'

Will Stone

The Atlantic, 06.06.2020

Listen: Would Defunding the Police Make Us Safer?

The Wall Street Journal, 07.06.2020

Crime and the Coronavirus

Mark Kelly

The Conversation, 07.06.2020

2020 uprisings, unprecedented in scope, join a long river of struggle in America

Matthew Countryman

Washington Post, 08.06.2020

Protesters hope this is a moment of reckoning for American policing. Experts say not so fast.

Kimberly Kindy and Michael Brice-Saddler

The Atlantic, 08.06.2020

The American Nightmare

Ibram X. Kendi

New York Magazine, 08.06.2020

John Lewis, congressman and civil-rights legend, will never lose hope.

Zak Cheney-Rice

DailyMail Online, 08.06.2020

White police officers and community members wash the feet of black faith leaders in North Carolina to 'express humility and love'

Marlene Lenthang

Castanet, 09.06.2020

Is crime increasing?

University of Leeds, 09.06.2020

Leeds academics to investigate Covid-19 crimes

The Conversation, 09.06.2020

Coronavirus deaths and those of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have something in common: Racism

April Thames

The Conversation, 09.06.2020

Coronavirus weekly: racism, COVID-19, and the inequality that fuels these parallel pandemics

Liam Petterson

The Conversation, 09.06.2020

What – or who – is antifa?

Stanislav Vysotsky

Newswise, 09.06.2020

The use of #teargas against protesters during the #COVID-19 #pandemic is irresponsible: Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD, of the ATS

Sven-Eric Jordt

New York Magazine, 11.06.2020

The Police Report for the Killing of Breonna Taylor Is Almost Entirely Blank

Matt Stieb

The Hill, 11.06.2020

Black people 5 times more likely to be arrested than whites, according to new analysis

Anagha Srikanth

BBC News 11 June 2020, 12.06.2020

The 'new normal' as cyber-spies navigate pandemic

Gordon Corera Security correspondent

Quartz June 11, 2020, 12.06.2020

Racist cannabis arrests put Black Americans at higher risk of Covid-19

By Jenni Avins

The Conversation June 11, 2020, 12.06.2020

Who killed Sweden’s prime minister? 1986 assassination of Olof Palme is finally solved – maybe

Author Andrew Nestingen Professor, Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Washington

The Conversation June 11, 2020, 12.06.2020

Tear gas and pepper spray are chemical weapons. So, why can police use them?

Author Shireen Daft Lecturer, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University

The Conversation June 11, 2020, 12.06.2020

Dismantling the police: lessons from three places that tried it

Author Daniel Odin Shaw PhD Candidate in International Relations, University of Glasgow

The Conversation June 11, 2020, 12.06.2020

A better future: How to defund and reimagine policing

Author Michelle Stewart Associate Professor of Gender, Religion and Critical Studies; Academic Director of the Community Research Unit, University of Regina

Washington Post June 8, 2020, 12.06.2020

Protests spread over police shootings. Police promised reforms. Every year, they still shoot and kill nearly 1,000 people.

By Mark Berman, John Sullivan, Julie Tate and Jennifer Jenkins

New York University Jun 11, 2020, 12.06.2020

Policing Project at NYU Law Expands Efforts to Improve Police Accountability, Ensure Responsible Use of Policing Surveillance Technology, and Improve

The Atlantic June 10, 2020, 12.06.2020

What the World Could Teach America About Policing

Yasmeen Serhan

The Conversation, 12.06.2020

Lockdown crime trends: why antisocial behaviour is up

Samuel Langton

The Conversation, 12.06.2020

High-tech surveillance amplifies police bias and overreach

Andrew Guthrie Ferguson

The Conversation, 12.06.2020

A short history of black women and police violence

Keisha N. Blain

The Hindu, 13.06.2020

Now, a handbook on COVID-19 ‘policing’

Abhinay Deshpande

New York Times, 13.06.2020

The message is clear: Policing in America is broken and must change. But how?

Emily Bazelon

New York Times, 14.06.2020

The Pandemic and Protests Have Exposed the Truth About California

Miriam Pawel

The Conversation, 14.06.2020

Watching the watchers: Police use of body cameras needs to be monitored

Joven Narwal, 14.06.2020

Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is showing what a police-free world looks like

Ray Levy-Uyeda

Screen Rant, 14.06.2020

AI Bias: How Technology Negatively Impacts On Minorities

Aswin Narayanan

The Conversation, 15.06.2020

How the pandemic changed social media and George Floyd’s death created a collective conscience

Pam Ramsden

The Conversation, 15.06.2020

Being convicted of a crime has thousands of consequences besides incarceration – and some last a lifetime

Cynthia A. Golembeski

EurekAlert, 15.06.2020

Extra police powers during COVID-19 could affect relationship with public for good

University of Huddersfield

EurekAlert, 15.06.2020

New study reveals racial disparities in fear of police brutality

University of South Florida (USF Innovation)

Legal Tribune Online, 15.06.2020

OLG Köln: Verunglimpfung von Frauen kann Volksverhetzung sein

CGTN, 16.06.2020

Policing tactics 'key' to minimizing COVID-19 protests risk

Giulia Carbonaro, Shini Somara

The Conversation, 16.06.2020

We’ve been facing a pandemic of racism. How can we stop it?

Vissia Ita Yulianto

The Conversation, 16.06.2020

Why charging incels with terrorism may make matters worse

Reem Bahdi, Fahad Ahmad

Newswise, 16.06.2020

Domestic Abuse and COVID-19


He raped a 12-year-old girl. They built him a statue.

Giulia Blasi

Rolling Stone, 16.06.2020

The Power of Black Lives Matter

Jamil Smith

VOX, 17.06.2020

The systemic racism black Americans face, explained in 9 charts

Sean Collins

Medical Xpress, 17.06.2020

Data show spike in family violence after stay-at-home orders

Melissa Cutler

The Conversation, 17.06.2020

Why protesting racism during a pandemic is important – an epidemiologist explains

Lakshmi Manoharan

The Conversation, 17.06.2020

People are marching to stop deaths in custody. Could suing the police help?

Laura Griffin

Newswise, 17.06.2020

Jurors respond negatively to police overreactions to Black Americans

University of Illinois at Chicago, 17.06.2020

The Siri shortcut "I'm getting pulled over" automatically opens your camera and records cops

AJ Dellinger

Tufts Now, 17.06.2020

How Racial Segregation and Policing Intersect in America

London Review of Books Vol. 42 No. 12, 18.06.2020

While Statues Sleep

Thomas Laqueur

The Conversation, 18.06.2020

5 reasons police officers should have college degrees

Leana Bouffard, Gaylene Armstrong

Vox, 18.06.2020

The End of Policing left me convinced we still need policing

Matthew Yglesias

The Conversation, 18.06.2020

Don’t blame social media for conspiracy theories – they would still flourish without it

Joseph E Uscinski, Adam M Enders

The Conversation, 18.06.2020

Domestic abusers use tech that connects as a weapon during coronavirus lockdowns

Alison J. Marganski, Lisa Melander

Essence, 18.06.2020

The Abolitionist Project: Building Alternatives To Policing

Tracey Ross

Lowell Sun, 18.06.2020

‘Never just blue’: Harvard chief discusses fair policing with recruits

Nicole DeFeudis

Bloomberg, 18.06.2020

The Racist History of Curfews in America

Linda Poon

The Crime Report, 18.06.2020

The Plight of the Police Whistleblower

Isidoro Rodriguez

The Conversation, 18.06.2020

Police in schools: Black Lives Matter protests raise urgent concerns

Remi Joseph-Salisbury

EurekAlert, 18.06.2020

UC Davis study details use of extreme risk protection orders in Calif. over first four years

Davis Health

The Conversation, 18.06.2020

Looting of antiquities has increased under lockdown – here’s how we’re working to prevent this in Iraq

Roger Matthews

The Conversation, 19.06.2020

Enforcing assimilation, dismantling Aboriginal families: a history of police violence in Australia

Thalia Anthony, Harry Blagg

The Conversation, 19.06.2020

A field guide to Trump’s dangerous rhetoric

Jennifer Mercieca

Mirage News, 19.06.2020

COVID-19 Pandemic and crime trends in NSW

London Review of Books Vol. 35 No. 12, 20.06.2020

Policing the Police

Fredrick Harris

Independent Online, 20.06.2020

Police across the globe accused of being heavy handed during lockdowns

Shaun Smillie

The New Yorker, 22.06.2020

An American Spring of Reckoning

Jelani Cobb

The New Yorker A Reporter at Large, 22.06.2020

Punishment by Pandemic

Rachel Aviv

The New Yorker, 22.06.2020

Revisiting Mengele’s Malignant “Race Science”

Adam Gopnik

SciTechDaily, 22.06.2020

Police Inspector Warns: Extra Police Powers During COVID-19 Could Affect Legitimacy

University of Huddersfield

The Conversation, 22.06.2020

Coronavirus: narco gangs could see big popularity boost from helping residents in Latin America

Camilo Tamayo Gomez

The Conversation, 22.06.2020

How gangs adapted to coronavirus – and why we may see a surge in violence as lockdown lifts

Simon Harding

The Conversation, 22.06.2020

Police should not have access to data from coronavirus contact tracing apps

Joven Narwal

Voice of San Diego, 22.06.2020

Border Report: The Pandemic Has Upended the Illegal Drug Trade

Maya Srikrishnan

Foreign Policy, 22.06.2020

Calls for Police Reform Are Getting Louder—Here Is How to Do It

Robert Muggah, Thomas Abt

CityMetric, 22.06.2020

How America became over-policed and under-policed at the same time

Jake Blumgart

New York Review of Books online, 22.06.2020

American Fascism: It Has Happened Here

Sarah Churchwell

OUPblog, 23.06.2020

Black lives matter in prisons too

Michael Rocque and Steven E. Barkan

The Conversation, 23.06.2020

Islamic State militants incite attacks, gloat at US protests and pandemic deaths

Brian Glyn Williams

MIT Technology, 23.06.2020

AI researchers say scientific publishers help perpetuate racist algorithms

The Conversation, 23.06.2020

Electronic banking fraud in Nigeria: how it’s done, and what can be done to stop it

University of Ibadan

The Conversation, 23.06.2020

Trust, risk and routine arming: the killing of a frontline officer challenges New Zealand police practice

Ross Hendy

New York Times, 23.06.2020

Gun Violence Spikes in N.Y.C., Intensifying Debate Over Policing

Ashley Southall and Neil MacFarquhar

EurekAlert!, 24.06.2020

Analysis of rates of police-related fatalities finds significant race-related differences

The Guardian, 24.06.2020

Policing of European Covid-19 lockdowns shows racial bias – report

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

The Conversation, 24.06.2020

To fight US racism, research prescribes a nationwide healing process

Benjamin Appel, Cyanne E. Loyle

ABC News, 24.06.2020

Why some police officials believe crime is on the rise in US cities

Luke Barr

The Conversation, 24.06.2020

Teach police nonviolence, scholars say, and how to work with local residents

Jennifer Earl, James J. Nolan, Jessica Maves, Kirssa Cline Ryckman

ACLU Massachusetts, 24.06.2020

Boston becomes largest city on East Coast to ban face surveillance

The Conversation, 24.06.2020

What is methamphetamine or ‘crystal meth’?

Simon Cotton

WIRED, 25.06.2020

If Done Right, AI Could Make Policing Fairer

Will Knight

POLITICO, 25.06.2020

How U.S. Prisons Became Ground Zero for Covid-19


JTC Associates, 25.06.2020

Crime after lockdown

JTC Associates, 25.06.2020

Crime rates and pandemic

Rob Mawby

The Conversation, 25.06.2020

Racist cop shows and biased news fuel public fears of crime and love for the police

Timothy Caulfield

The Conversation, 25.06.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic can prepare us for future outbreaks and bioterrorism

Trushar R. Patel, Michael Hilary D'Souza

New Statesman, 25.06.2020

Amnesty International: We never reported that “neck kneeling” is taught by Israelis to US

Ailbhe Rea

Observer, 26.06.2020

How Coronavirus and Protests Broke Artificial Intelligence And Why It’s A Good Thing

Katie Bishop

ComputerWeekly, 26.06.2020

Coronavirus: Cyber crime landscape evolving as lockdown eases

Alex Scroxton

Newswise, 26.06.2020

Congress unlikely to act on police reform

Boston Globe, 26.06.2020

America has a policing problem. It’s bigger than you think

David Scharfenberg

Minneapolis Star Tribune, 26.06.2020

Five myths about policing

Alex S. Vitale

The Conversation, 26.06.2020

Northern Ireland’s police transformation may hold lessons for the US

Laura A. Weinstein, Donald Beaudette

The Conversation, 26.06.2020

Coronavirus: Germany’s new local lockdown is a warning not a disaster

Adam Kleczkowski

The Atlantic, 26.06.2020

Julián Castro: ‘This Is the Time to Make Change’

Adam Serwer

The Atlantic, 27.06.2020

Stop Firing the Innocent

Yascha Mounk

The Conversation, 28.06.2020

The ‘domestic terrorist’ designation won’t stop extremism

Arie Perliger

The New Yorker, 29.06.2020

The Lockdown Lessons of “Crime and Punishment”

David Denby

The Conversation, 29.06.2020

Local lockdowns could lead to civil disorder – here’s why

Clifford Stott

Newswise, 29.06.2020

Studies examine how race affects perceptions of law-involved Blacks, school discipline

Oxford University Press

EurekAlert, 29.06.2020

An ethical eye on AI

University of Warwick

Newswise, 29.06.2020

Stress of COVID-19 pandemic could lead to violence at home, Tulane experts caution

Tulane University

The Atlantic, 30.06.2020

The Prophecies of Q

Adrienne LaFrance

Report Door, 30.06.2020

'Predictive policing' could amplify today's law enforcement issues

Sharon Ross

In These Times, 30.06.2020

Telling Cops to Get Criminal Justice Degrees Won’t End Police Violence

Ash Stephens