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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Harper’s Magazine, 01.10.2020

The Sanctuary

Wes Enzinna

The Atlantic, 01.10.2020

Visionary responses to catastrophes have changed city life for the better.

Derek Thompson

Pew Charitable Trusts, 01.10.2020

COVID-19 Curbs Community Policing at a Time of Diminishing Trust

David Montgomery

University of Michigan, 01.10.2020

Study identifies how police violence contributes to mental health woes

Jared Wadley

Newswise, 01.10.2020

Strict parenting may cause adolescents to act out

University of Georgia

The Conversation, 01.10.2020

Australia is not ready to criminalise coercive control — here’s why

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Sandra Walklate, Silke Meyer, 01.10.2020

"I Assert that Putin Was Behind the Crime"

Benjamin Bidder und Christian Esch

The Appeal, 02.10.2020

Coronavirus In Jails And Prisons

Kelly Davis

The Appeal, 02.10.2020

Policing Studies Measure Benefits To Crime Reduction—But Not Social Costs

John Pfaff

Medical Xpress, 02.10.2020

Study identifies how police violence contributes to mental health woes

Jared Wadley

NBC News, 02.10.2020

Trump saying police fear a factor in fatal shootings is right. But so is racism — and guns.

Steven A. Holmes

CounterPunch, 02.10.2020

Police Violence: Institutionalized Terrorism

David Rosen

CounterPunch, 02.10.2020

Police Violence: Institutionalized Terrorism

David Rosen

Psychology Today, 02.10.2020

Radically Reimagining Community Safety

Bryana H. French, Helen A. Neville, Grace A. Chen, Della V. Mosley, Jioni A. Lewis, Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas, and Hector Y. Adames

The Real News, 02.10.2020

The war on pot isn’t over, just ask this doctor arrested for his research

Taya Graham and Stephen Janis

Times Literary Supplement, 02.10.2020

The new intolerance

Simon Jenkins

The Guardian, 03.10.2020

Trump joked while people suffered with Covid. Well, is now the time to stop?

Marina Hyde

Boston Globe, 04.10.2020

Gun study: The cost of shootings is far higher and more devastating than expected

Amanda Milkovits

EurekAlert!, 05.10.2020

Racial bias worse in police killings of older, mentally ill, unarmed men

University of California - Berkeley

EurekAlert!, 05.10.2020

UB study finds no apparent link between undocumented immigration and crime

University at Buffalo

EurekAlert!, 05.10.2020

New study reveals one way police officers can reduce shooting errors

University of Colorado Denver

WNIJ and WNIU - Northern Public Radio, 06.10.2020

Police Challenge: Acknowledging And Overcoming Implicit Bias

Chris Green

The Crime Report, 06.10.2020

Violent and Property Crime Rates in U.S. Will Decline Through 2021: Study

Stephen Handelman

Charleston Post Courier, 06.10.2020

Commentary: ‘Public safety’ includes more than police, fire services


New York Times, 06.10.2020

The Pandemic Has Hindered Many of the Best Ideas for Reducing Violence

Emily Badger and Quoctrung Bui

Washington Post, 06.10.2020

German study finds suspected cases of far-right extremism in police forces

Loveday Morris and Luisa Beck

Newswise, 06.10.2020

Violence against Women in Politics a Growing Problem

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

EurekAlert!, 06.10.2020

Social media postings linked to hate crimes

Oxford University Press USA

EurekAlert!, 06.10.2020

Children use make-believe aggression and violence to manage bad-tempered peers

University of Cambridge

The Conversation, 06.10.2020

Hate crimes against Muslims spiked after the mosque attacks, and Ardern promises to make such abuse illegal

Chris Wilson, Sanjal Shastri

EurekAlert!, 07.10.2020

Mental illness, mental health care use among police officers

FilterMag, 07.10.2020

Public Injection Isn’t the Problem—It’s Stigma and Prohibition

Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

The Conversation, 07.10.2020

Under what conditions are international sanctions effective?

Sophie Marineau, 08.10.2020

New Zealand – A Country Complacent To Organised Crime

Kerry Grass

Financial Times, 08.10.2020

Met police gather clues to best practice in fighting crime

Robert Wright

EurekAlert!, 08.10.2020

Cannabis use appears to encourage, not replace, non-medical opioid use

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Conversation, 08.10.2020

Government in a pandemic: how coronavirus caused a dramatic shift in our relationship with the state

Thomas Hancocks

The Conversation, 08.10.2020

Americans aren’t worried about white nationalism in the military – because they don’t know it’s there

Jennifer Spindel, Matt Motta, Robert Ralston

The Conversation, 09.10.2020

Bitcoin: the UK and US are clamping down on crypto trading – here’s why it’s not yet a big deal

Gavin Brown

The Crime Report, 10.10.2020

Violent Crime Worsening in Black Neighborhoods

Crime and Justice News

Louisville Courier Journal, 11.10.2020

'An encyclopedia of police incompetence': Breonna Taylor case exposes array of LMPD errors

Andrew Wolfson , Darcy Costello , Tessa Duvall

The Conversation, 11.10.2020

Fact check US: Is Joe Biden really ‘lax on security’?

Jean-Éric Branaa

Medium, 11.10.2020

How Did Previous Pandemics Come to an End?

Andrei Tapalaga

The New Yorker, 12.10.2020

Nine Days in Wuhan, the Ground Zero of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Peter Hessler

The Conversation, 12.10.2020

Plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor grew from the militia movement’s toxic mix of constitutional falsehoods and half-truths

John E. Finn

EurekAlert!, 12.10.2020

Black police officers disciplined disproportionately for misconduct, IU research finds

Indiana University

PublicSource | News for a better Pittsburgh, 12.10.2020

PA Attorney General’s office used trial of controversial facial recognition tech Clearview, emails show

Juliette Rihl

The Conversation, 12.10.2020

COVID-19 will probably become endemic – here’s what that means

Hans Heesterbeek

WIRED, 12.10.2020

His Writing Radicalized Young Hackers. Now He Wants to Redeem Them

Andy Greenberg

EurekAlert!, 13.10.2020

Experiencing police violence worsens mental health in distinct ways

University of California - Riverside

ReliefWeb, 13.10.2020

Research on violence against children during the COVID-19 pandemic: Guidance to inform ethical data collection and evidence generation

Amber Peterman, Alessandra Guedes, Gabrielle Berman and Ramya Subrahmanian

Chicago Tribune, 13.10.2020

Police killings more likely in agencies that get military gear, data shows

Chris Joyner and Nick Thieme

France 24, 13.10.2020

Policing without consent: Why French police are ill-equipped to ‘reconquer’ Paris suburbs

Sarah LEDUC, Benjamin DODMAN

New York Times, 13.10.2020

Free Speech Will Save Our Democracy

Emily Bazelon

The Conversation, 14.10.2020

Lessons from embedding with the Michigan militia – 5 questions answered about the group allegedly plotting to kidnap a governor

Amy Cooter

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2020

Closing the market for fake documents on the open web

Michigan State University

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2020

Data sharing approach is helping drive down violent crime across the world

UConn Communications, 14.10.2020

New Study Examines Civil Society’s Effect on Mass Violence

Kenneth Best

Newsweek, 14.10.2020

As QAnon Conspiracy Theories Draw New Believers, Scientists Take Aim at Misinformation Pandemic

David H. Freedman

The Conversation, 14.10.2020

Drug deaths in England and Wales rise for eighth consecutive year

Ian Hamilton, Niamh Eastwood

Newswise, 14.10.2020

Far-right groups expect to disrupt upcoming elections

University of Michigan

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2020

A new toolkit for capturing how COVID-19 impacts crime

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2020

Maltreatment tied to higher inflammation in girls

University of Georgia

BMJ, 14.10.2020

The surgeon solving violent crime with data sharing

Shivali Fulchand

EurekAlert!, 15.10.2020

Early trauma influences metabolism across generations

University of Zurich

EurekAlert!, 15.10.2020

Lie detection -- Have the experts got it wrong?

University of Portsmouth

POLITICO, 15.10.2020

How One Police Chief Kept Her City from Blowing Up This Summer

BRONWEN DICKEY, 15.10.2020

The Case Against Defunding Or Abolishing The Police

Darren Hii

The Conversation, 15.10.2020

The threat of ‘killer robots’ is real and closer than you might think

Ingvild Bode

The Conversation, 15.10.2020

What developing countries can teach rich countries about how to respond to a pandemic

Maru Mormina, Ifeanyi M Nsofor

The Conversation, 15.10.2020

Facebook, YouTube moves against QAnon are only a first step in the battle against dangerous conspiracy theories

Marc-André Argentino

Bloomberg, 16.10.2020

Tracking the Shifting Shape of Far-Right Political Violence

Laura Bliss and Marie Patino

newsy, 16.10.2020

FBI Crime Data Could Go Away For One In Four Police Agencies

Mark Greenblatt and Mark Fahey

Cult MTL, 16.10.2020

STUDY: When accused of racial profiling, Montreal police double down

Toula Drimonis

The Atlantic, 16.10.2020

Why the Alt-Right’s Most Famous Woman Disappeared

Daniel Lombroso

The Guardian, 16.10.2020

‘Machines set loose to slaughter’: the dangerous rise of military AI

Frank Pasquale

The Independent, 17.10.2020

Lie detection technique used by police is ‘dangerous’ and could be helping liars, study suggests

Conrad Duncan

The Guardian, 18.10.2020

The freedom to offend is a priceless commodity

Kenan Malik

The New Yorker, 19.10.2020

Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself

Andrew Marantz

The Conversation, 19.10.2020

Beyond the police state to COVID-safe: life after lockdown will need a novel approach

Meg Elkins, Robert Hoffmann

EurekAlert!, 19.10.2020

Sanctuary policies protect immigrants but don't threaten public safety

Stanford University

EurekAlert!, 19.10.2020

Media's reporting on gun violence does not reflect reality, study finds

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

The Conversation, 19.10.2020

Teachers in France, on the front line of defending the values of the Republic

Charles Hadji

The Conversation, 20.10.2020

How QAnon uses satanic rhetoric to set up a narrative of ‘good vs. evil’

Paul Thomas

EurekAlert!, 20.10.2020

Why school bullying prevention programs that involve peers may be harmful to victims

Society for Research in Child Development

EurekAlert!, 21.10.2020

Researchers analyze studies of interventions to prevent violence against children

EurekAlert!, 21.10.2020

Do black lives matter protests impact fatal police interactions and crime?

Newswise, 21.10.2020

Social isolation exacerbates the situation of school bullying victims

University of Cordoba

New York Times, 21.10.2020

Does Palantir See Too Much?

Michael Steinberger

New York Review of Books, 22.10.2020

Trump’s Praetorian Guard

Jonathan Stevenson

Le Monde diplomatique, 22.10.2020

Canada’s cancel culture

Alain Deneault

Santa Fe Reporter, 22.10.2020

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office using “Thin Blue Line” and “Blue Lives Matter” flag on recruitment truck

Katherine Lewin

The Conversation, 22.10.2020

Right-wing extremism: The new wave of global terrorism

Sean Spence

BBC News, 23.10.2020

UK police forces wrongly cancelled reports of serious crimes

Sophie-May Clarke & Alex Homer, 24.10.2020

Killing darkens shadow over France’s teachers

Elisa Braun

The State Press, 25.10.2020

Analyzing the history of anti-police sentiment

Lex Moulton

American Security, 25.10.2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Policing

Tammy Waitt

The Guardian, 25.10.2020

We French love our history teachers – Samuel Paty made us remember why

Agnès Poirier

The Conversation, 25.10.2020

Canada needs a plan to bring home the children of jihadists

Lydie C. Belporo

The Conversation, 25.10.2020

Folk devils and fear: QAnon feeds into a culture of moral panic

Jennifer Evans

The Intercept, 25.10.2020

Survival and Denial

Elizabeth Rubin

CBC News, 26.10.2020

Edmonton region divided on policing and systemic racism, new study suggests

Paige Parsons

The New Yorker, 26.10.2020

What Should Crisis Leadership Look Like?

Douglas Starr, 26.10.2020

‘The Netherlands is the ideal environment for the international drugs trade’

Louis Gore Langton, 26.10.2020

Study Finds Sanctuary City Policies Reduce Deportations Without Increasing Crime

Ilya Somin

EurekAlert!, 26.10.2020

State gun laws may help curb violence across state lines: study

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Guardian, 26.10.2020

As India drifts into autocracy, nonviolent protest is the most powerful resistance

Amartya Sen

EurekAlert!, 26.10.2020

1 in 12 parents say their teen has attended a demonstration about racism or police reform

University of Michigan

ABC News, 27.10.2020

Majority of convictions for 'revenge porn' are linked to family violence, major study finds — but that's not the full picture

Nick Wiggins and Damien Carrick

The Conversation, 27.10.2020

Undocumented immigrants may actually make American communities safer – not more dangerous – new study finds

Robert M. Adelman, Lesley Reid

The Conversation, 27.10.2020

Police forces must take firm and unified stance on tackling sexual abuse of position

Fay Sweeting

Columbia Journalism Review, 27.10.2020

Showing the breadth of anti-Semitism

Jane Eisner

BBC News, 27.10.2020

Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'

Hannah Price

The Crime Report, 27.10.2020

Gang Research Offers Little Insight into Extremist Violence: Study

TCR Staff

The Conversation, 27.10.2020

Review: Louise Milligan’s Witness is a devastating critique of the criminal trial process

Ben Mathews

The Conversation, 27.10.2020

Will I or won’t I? Scientists still haven’t figured out free will, but they’re having fun trying

Stefan Bode

New York Times, 27.10.2020

An Expedition Deep Into an Underworld of Online Hate

By Carolyn Kellogg

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 28.10.2020

Using Criminology to Counter Influence Operations: Disrupt, Displace, and Deter

Martin Innes

The Conversation, 28.10.2020

Trump and Biden ignore how the war on drugs fuels violence in Latin America

Luisa Farah Schwartzman

The New Republic, 28.10.2020

A Mission to Expose Far-Right Hate

Scott W. Stern

New York Times, 29.10.2020

Police Pin a Rise in Murders on an Unusual Suspect: Covid

Thomas Fuller and Tim Arango

GlobalNews, 29.10.2020

Montreal police issue report on ‘realities’ of policing, including racial profiling

Gloria Henriquez

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 30.10.2020

Why are homicides nearing a record high in Milwaukee this year? Here are some theories.

Ashley Luthern

The Conversation, 30.10.2020

5 reasons not to underestimate far-right extremists

Alexander Hinton

EurekAlert! News Release, 30.10.2020

COVID-19 a "golden opportunity" for terror organisations to intensify their propaganda, 30.10.2020

Experts see substantial danger to democratic stability around 2020 election

The Atlantic, 30.10.2020

Donald Trump’s Reelection Campaign Is Total Camp

Spencer Kornhaber