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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

insideHPC, 02.02.2020

New Algorithm to make AI less biased

Mirage News, 03.02.2020

Cyber offenders: unique profile, unique approach?

The Crime Report, 03.02.2020

How Cleveland Police Raised Homicide Clearance Rate

The Conversation, 03.02.2020

How we discovered a personality profile linked to war crimes

Magnus Linden, David Whetham

The Conversation, 03.02.2020

Inside Mexico’s war on drugs: Conversations with ‘el narco’

Karina G.Garcia Reyes

EurekAlert, 03.02.2020

Homicide is a leading cause of pregnancy-associated death in Louisiana

The Conversation, 04.02.2020

Hyper-realistic masks are extremely hard to spot – as our new research shows

David James Robertson, Alice Towler, Jet Sanders, Robin Kramer

The Conversation, 04.02.2020

Is hiring more black officers the key to reducing police violence?

Jennifer Cobbina

The Conversation, 04.02.2020

Explainer: what is systemic racism and institutional racism?

Mary Frances O'Dowd

The Conversation, 04.02.2020

Domestic violence: girls who grow up in deprived areas at increased risk

Alexa Yakubovich

The Conversation, 04.02.2020

The Iraq War has cost the US nearly $2 trillion

Neta C. Crawford

The Conversation, 04.02.2020

Darwin’s ‘smart city’ project is about surveillance and control

Jathan Sadowski, Anna Carlson, Natalie Osborne

The Conversation, 05.02.2020

‘No evidence to back up emergency terror law change’ – human rights expert

Alan Greene

EurekAlert, 05.02.2020

Thwarting hacks by thinking like the humans behind them

Michigan State University

EurekAlert, 05.02.2020

Solitary confinement significantly increases post-prison death risk

Cornell University

The Conversation, 05.02.2020

How US-UK intelligence sharing works – and why Huawei 5G decision puts it at risk

Jamie Gaskarth

Los Angeles Times, 06.02.2020

This ‘false memory’ expert has testified in hundreds of trials. Now she’s been hired by Harvey Weinstein

Laura Newberry

Fast Company, 06.02.2020

41 scholars studied U.S. mass shootings and found that most shooters are not mentally ill

Arianne Cohen

The Conversation, 06.02.2020

Violence and other forms of abuse against teachers: 5 questions answered

Dorothy Espelage, Linda A. Reddy, Ron Avi Astor Crump Endowed Chair, Susan McMahon

CityLab, 06.02.2020

Animal abuse as a pretext for interpersonal violence

EurekAlert, 06.02.2020

Studies on mass shootings assess trends, gauge effectiveness, and recommend policies

New York Times, 06.02.2020

Who Really Killed Malcolm X?

John Leland

The Atlantic, 07.02.2020

A World Without Privacy Will Revive the Masquerade

Jonathan Zittrain

Colorado Public Radio, 07.02.2020

Police Shoot People Less If They Have The Right Training

Allison Sherry and Ben Markus

The New Yorker Annals of Covert Action, 10.02.2020

Qassem Suleimani and How Nations Decide to Kill

Adam Entous and Evan Osnos

The Conversation, 10.02.2020

Tinder’s new safety features won’t prevent all types of abuse

Rosalie Gillett

Newswise, 10.02.2020

Improving Eyewitness Identification Key to Protecting Innocent People

American Psychological Association

Open Democracy, 10.02.2020

Decarceral alliances in the fight to decriminalize sex work

Bella Robinson Katherine Chin

HuffPost, 10.02.2020

The Golden Age Of White Collar Crime

Rebecca Yanovskaya

The Conversation, 10.02.2020

Why we’re challenging domestic violence perpetrators with interactive storytelling

Rosanna Bellini

Discover Magazine, 10.02.2020

Meet the Physicist Predicting When Online Hate Will Turn to Real-World Violence

Steve Nadis

Wall Street Journal, 11.02.2020

Bloomberg Reiterates Regret Over Stop-and-Frisk Practice After New Audio Surfaces

Tarini Parti

EurekAlert, 11.02.2020

Revenge is more enjoyable than forgiveness -- at least in stories

Ohio State University, 11.02.2020

Active-shooter drills in schools may do more harm than good

Jeanne Leong

Forbes, 11.02.2020

Crime Drives Massive Boom In North Korean Internet Use

Emma Woollacott

Engadget, 12.02.2020

Why Clearview AI is a threat to us all

Andrew Tarantola

The Conversation, 12.02.2020

Coronavirus: The latest disease to fuel mistrust, fear and racism

Korey Pasch

EurekAlert, 12.02.2020

Children's fingertip injuries could signal abuse

Rutgers University

EurekAlert, 12.02.2020

Many teens are victims of digital dating abuse; boys get the brunt of it

Florida Atlantic University

The Conversation, 13.02.2020

Slavery is not a crime in almost half the countries of the world – new research

Katarina Schwarz

The Conversation, 13.02.2020

The influence of drugs on murder rates is being overstated

Ian Hamilton, Alex Stevens, Niamh Eastwood

EurekAlert, 13.02.2020

Fewer liquor stores may lead to less homicide

EurekAlert, 13.02.2020

Face-to-face contact with police builds trust in fledgling states

Cornell University

EurekAlert, 14.02.2020

Algorithms 'consistently' more accurate than people in predicting recidivism, study says

University of California - Berkeley

EurekAlert, 14.02.2020

Weisburd studying police stops, crime prevention, and community reaction

George Mason University

Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL, 14.02.2020

A Painful Slap from the ECtHR and an Urgent Opportunity for Spain

Carlos Oviedo Moreno

Eurozine, 14.02.2020

The role of the journalist in the age of disinformation

Adam Lelonek

Live Science, 15.02.2020

Why do people confess to crimes they didn't commit?

Donavyn Coffey

Scientific American (blog), 15.02.2020

Hollywood and Gun Violence

Abraar Karan

Science, 15.02.2020

Crime did not surge when California became a ‘sanctuary state’

David Shultz

EurekAlert, 15.02.2020

The verdict is in: Courtrooms seldom overrule bad science

Association for Psychological Science

Cities Today, 16.02.2020

Should cities ban facial recognition technology?

Kirsty Tuxford

The Globe and Mail, 16.02.2020

How rising gun and gang violence exposes Canada’s fault lines

TheArticle, 16.02.2020

The political rise of southern Africa’s machete gangs

Nqobani Ndlovu

EurekAlert, 17.02.2020

The Lancet Psychiatry: Life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour may be associated with differences in brain structure

EurekAlert, 17.02.2020

Mortality from all causes over 40% higher in female domestic abuse survivors

Crime Report, 18.02.2020

Facial Recognition: Beware the ‘Long Arm of the Algorithm’

Andrea Cipriano

Washington Post, 18.02.2020

Guest Post: Stop-and-frisk can be an effective crime-fighting tool, at the right time and place

Tom Jackman

EurekAlert, 18.02.2020

Once cyber grooming starts, the first five days are critical

University of Jyväskylä - Jyväskylän yliopisto

Modern Diplomacy, 19.02.2020

Escaping IS: What Exiting an Armed Group Actually Takes

Dr Siobhan O’Neil and Dr Mara Revkin

New York Times, 19.02.2020

When Did Bloomberg Turn Against Stop-and-Frisk? When He Ran for President.

Maggie Astor

The Conversation, 19.02.2020

Grooming: what parents should know and what schools should do if they suspect it

Larissa Christensen, Nadine McKillop, Susan Rayment-McHugh

The Conversation, 19.02.2020

Vigilantes and private security are policing the internet where governments have failed

Mark Button

The Conversation, 19.02.2020

Weinstein trial begs a question: Why is the pain of women and minorities often ignored?

Anne P. DePrince, Jennifer M. Gómez

London Review of Books (Blogs), 19.02.2020

The algorithm is watching you

Eyal Weizman

London Review of Books Vol. 42 No. 4, 20.02.2020

Fiction and the Age of Lies

Colin Burrow

The Conversation, 20.02.2020

What would happen if we all just stopped following rules?

Nick Chater

EurekAlert, 20.02.2020

Paying attention to complaints can protect nurses from violence

University of British Columbia

EurekAlert, 20.02.2020

Study charts rising trend of image-based sexual abuse

RMIT University, 21.02.2020

AI pulls ahead in recidivism prediction

Susan Miller

The Independent, 21.02.2020

Grooming gang review kept secret as Home Office claims releasing findings ‘not in public interest’

Lizzie Dearden, 21.02.2020

Offenders who assault police officers should face minimum jail sentences, says Police Federation

Charles Hymas

Psychology Today (blog)-, 21.02.2020

6 Reasons People Hate Refugees

New Statesman, 21.02.2020

Assad’s slaughter in Syria has made a mockery of the West

Oz Katerji

The Intercept, 21.02.2020

Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases

Zach Campbell, Chris Jones

FAIR, 21.02.2020

What Does Criminalizing People Get Us, and What Does It Get Them?’

New York Times, 22.02.2020

Even 14-Year-Olds Who Kill Are Not Adults

The Editorial Board

Analytics Insight, 22.02.2020

In Fighting Crime, Text to Talk May Be the Next Big Thing, 22.02.2020

What must happen to stop men from killing their wives and children?

Siobhan Downes

Deutsche Welle, 22.02.2020

How the internet fosters far-right radicalization, 22.02.2020

More men are killed than women, so why focus on violence against women?

Jane Gerster

The Hindu, 22.02.2020

‘The ISIS Peril – The World’s Most Feared Terror Group and its Shadow on South Asia’ review: The long reach of ISIS

Stanly Johny

Modern Diplomacy, 23.02.2020

UN launches new project to address link between terrorism, arms and crime

MD Staff

The Conversation, 23.02.2020

New DNA test that reveals a child’s true age has promise, but ethical pitfalls

Charles Dupras, Martine Lappé, Michael S. Kobor

The Guardian, 23.02.2020

Beware the politics of identity. They help legitimise the toxic far right

Kenan Malik

BloombergQuint, 24.02.2020

This Is Why the NRA Hates Gun Violence Research

Francis Wilkinson

War on the Rocks, 24.02.2020

Mexican Drug Cartels Are Violent — But They’re Not Terrorists

Scott Englund

Medical Xpress, 24.02.2020

Methamphetamine use and its impact on violence laid bare in world-first study

University of Otago

Newswise (press release), 24.02.2020

Cannabis Use Among Older Adults has Increased 75 Percent Since 2015

EurekAlert, 24.02.2020

A study of economic compensation for victims of sexual violence in Europe

The New Yorker, 24.02.2020

A Murder Trial in Reverse

Jennifer Gonnerman

The Guardian, 24.02.2020

Harvey Weinstein went from untouchable to incarcerated. Thank #MeToo

Moira Donegan

Research Live, 24.02.2020

Data and AI rules needed for policing

EurekAlert, 24.02.2020

New study offers clues to origin of laws

University of Central Florida

SciTechDaily, 25.02.2020

How Old Is a Fingerprint Found at a Crime Scene? Chemists Developed a Way to Measure

Iowa State University

The Conversation, 25.02.2020

Weinstein conviction a partial victory for #MeToo, but must not overshadow work still to be done

Bianca Fileborn, Rachel Loney-Howes

EurekAlert, 25.02.2020

Desire for excitement fuels young offenders to commit crime, then skill takes over

University of Portsmouth

The Conversation, 25.02.2020

Sudan’s quest to come off the US terror list: what’s been done, what’s missing

Andrew Edward Tchie

The Conversation, 26.02.2020

A year from the Christchurch terror attacks, NZ intelligence records a surge in reports

Alexander Gillespie

The Conversation, 26.02.2020

Facial recognition is spreading faster than you realise

Garfield Benjamin

The Conversation, 26.02.2020

Airplanes spread diseases quickly – so maybe unvaccinated people shouldn’t be allowed to fly

Christopher Robertson, Keith Joiner

EurekAlert, 26.02.2020

New app launched for public to help pioneering hand identification research

Lancaster University

EurekAlert, 27.02.2020

Researchers seek to enhance public safety by harnessing nature

University of Virginia Health System

The Nation, 27.02.2020

The Chicago Police Department’s History of Torture

Edward Burmila

London School of Economics and Political Science, 27.02.2020

Artificial intelligence could help protect victims of domestic violence

The Conversation, 27.02.2020

4 science-based strategies to tame angry political debate and encourage tolerance

Beverly B. Palmer

Civil Service World, 27.02.2020

Blunting the spike: how government is working to cut knife crime

Jonathan Owen

Bedford Independent, 28.02.2020

Police and academics team up to implement early intervention in serious violence hotspots

Erica Roffe

Wired (USA), 28.02.2020

How North Korean Hackers Rob Banks Around the World

Ben Buchanan

Outlook India, 28.02.2020

Delhi Riots 2020: Where Were The Leaders When Goons Killed, Burned And Looted?

Bhavna Vij-Aurora, Puneet Nicholas Yadav, Preetha Nair

The Economist, 29.02.2020

Germany is belatedly waking up to the threat of far-right terrorism