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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.09.2020

The Panopticon Is Already Here

Ross Andersen

The Atlantic, 01.09.2020

How the Pandemic Defeated America

Ed Yong

The Atlantic, 01.09.2020

Is This the Beginning of the End of American Racism?

Ibram X. Kendi

Scientific American, 01.09.2020

Three Ways to Fix Toxic Policing


The Conversation, 01.09.2020

Should you be civil to a racist? Yes, but you should still call them out

Robert Danisch, William Keith

Washington Post, 01.09.2020

The history of racist colonial violence can help us understand police violence

Sarah Olutola

POLITICO, 01.09.2020

We Already Have a Tool That Lowers Crime, Saves Money and Shrinks the Prison Population


EurekAlert, 01.09.2020

Indigenous custody reporting made more effective

University of Technology Sydney

NPR, 02.09.2020

Kenosha Protests, Violence Expose Racial Disparities Among The Worst In The Country

Becky Sullivan

Terrace Standard, 02.09.2020

Use of predictive policing tools in Canada highlight need for federal action, report says

BBC News, 02.09.2020

Police safety: Four in 10 officers say they were assaulted last year

TIME, 02.09.2020

Inside the Dangerous Mission to Understand What Makes Extremists Tick—and How to Change Their Minds

Emily Feldman and Malia Politzer

Newswise, 02.09.2020

Georgia Tech Researcher Explores Covid-19’s Impact on Child Welfare, Domestic Violence

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Conversation, 03.09.2020

Protests have been criminalised under COVID. What is incitement? How is it being used in the pandemic?

Maria O'Sullivan

EurekAlert, 03.09.2020

'Attack Helicopters' an online sub-culture to watch out for

Queensland University of Technology

EurekAlert, 03.09.2020

Tear gas should be banned, researchers find; here's why

University of Toronto

The Atlantic, 03.09.2020

How to Stop a Police Pullback

Alec MacGillis

The Conversation, 04.09.2020

Trump claims ‘left-wing extremism’ is engulfing the US. Conflating protests with terrorism is the real danger

Kristy Campion, Levi J West

The Conversation, 07.09.2020

Domestic abuse workers reveal the trauma of trying to help victims during lockdown

Domestic abuse workers reveal the trauma of trying to help victims during lockdown, 08.09.2020

Portland and Kenosha violence was predictable – and preventable

Cynthia Miller-Idriss

The Conversation, 09.09.2020

Why the dwindling numbers of trained detectives is a national crisis

Graham Hill

The Conversation, 10.09.2020

Children transitioning from care to adult life are being badly let down – and falling prey to criminal gangs

Karen Shalev Greene

The Conversation, 10.09.2020

19 years after 9/11, Americans continue to fear foreign extremists and underplay the dangers of domestic terrorism

Jeff Gruenewald a.o.

New Statesman, 11.09.2020

How China’s strategy of repression has led to decades of violence in Tibet

Isabel Hilton

The Conversation, 15.09.2020

Coronavirus and conspiracies: how the far right is exploiting the pandemic

Blyth Crawford

The Conversation, 18.09.2020

Don’t write off government algorithms – responsible AI can produce real benefits

Allison Gardner Lecturer in Computer Science/Co-founder Women Leading in AI, Keele University

WIRED, 18.09.2020

YouTube’s Plot to Silence Conspiracy Theories

Clive Thompson

Boston Globe, 20.09.2020

Algorithms may never really figure us out — thank goodness

Bryan Schonfeld and Sam Winter-Levy

The Sunday Times, 20.09.2020

Pickpocketing rate half what it was before lockdown

Tom Calver, Shanti Das and David Collins

The Atlantic, 20.09.2020

If You Care About the Court, Don’t Talk About It

Anne Applebaum, staff writer at The Atlantic

The Conversation, 22.09.2020

The EU is on a collision course with Poland over hate crime

Piotr Godzisz Lecturer in Criminology,

EurekAlert!, 22.09.2020

News coverage in Chicago disproportionately devalues Black and Hispanic lives

Stanford University Research News

The Crime Report, 22.09.2020

The Link Between Capital Punishment, Race and Police Brutality: Report

The Guardian, 22.09.2020

How rescuing drowning migrants became a crime

Daniel Trilling

The Conversation, 22.09.2020

Prosecute Donald Trump for coronavirus crimes? No, but maybe Jared Kushner

J.M. Opal Associate Professor of History and Chair, History and Classical Studies, McGill University

New York Times, 23.09.2020

‘Kill All You See’: In a First, Myanmar Soldiers Tell of Rohingya Slaughter

Hannah Beech, Saw Nang and Marlise Simons

LAist, 23.09.2020

USC Law Professor Jody Armour On Breonna Taylor Case: 'Justice Is Not Colorblind'

A Martinez in News

Wall Street Journal, 23.09.2020

Breonna Taylor Case Outcome Isn’t Unusual, Review of Police Shootings Shows

The Crime Report, 23.09.2020

Overpolicing’ Still Common in NYC Black Neighborhoods, Report Finds

Andrea Cipriano

EurekAlert!, 23.09.2020

Multidisciplinary approaches to solving cold cases

The Conversation, 23.09.2020

The missing question from New Zealand’s cannabis debate: what about personal freedom and individual rights?

Marta Rychert Senior Researcher in Drug Policy, Massey University

EurekAlert!, 23.09.2020

Staying one step ahead to stop hackers in their tracks

University of Houston

The Conversation, 24.09.2020

Where in the world will the next epidemic start?

Naomi Forrester-Soto Reader in Vector Biology, Keele University

The Conversation, 24.09.2020

From psychopaths to ‘everyday sadists’: why do humans harm the harmless?

Simon McCarthy-Jones Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Trinity College Dublin

The Conversation, 24.09.2020

Microaggressions aren’t just innocent blunders – new research links them with racial bias

Jonathan Kanter Director of the Center for the Science of Social Connection, University of Washington

Wall Street Journal, 24.09.2020

Breonna Taylor Case Outcome Isn’t Unusual, Review of Police Shootings Shows

New York Times, 24.09.2020

What’s the Deal With Google Now?

Shira Ovide

Washington Post, 25.09.2020

Breonna Taylor updates: Calls mount for more information on grand jury’s decision-making

Timothy Bella, Maria Sacchetti, Marisa Iati, Mark Berman, Hannah Knowles and Meryl Kornfield

The Conversation, 25.09.2020

New EU migration pact driven by political compromise, not humanitarianism

Romit Bhandari

The Conversation, 25.09.2020

Quarantine rule breakers in 17th-century Italy partied all night – and some clergy condemned the feasting

Hannah Marcus

The Conversation, 25.09.2020

Sacred violence is not yet ancient history – beating it will take human action, not divine intervention

Michael A. Vargas

The Guardian, 26.09.2020

Crime and embellishment in Townsville: how a local 'myth' could swing the Queensland election

Ben Smee

Salon, 26.09.2020

Behind Trump's push for civil war: A deep history of white supremacist paranoia

Paul Rosenberg

CBC, 26.09.2020

Why police use of tear gas should be banned

Vincent Wong, Maija Fiorante, Natasha Williams

CBC, 26.09.2020

Why police use of tear gas should be banned

Vincent Wong, Maija Fiorante, Natasha Williams

AlKhaleej Today, 27.09.2020

Extremists behind two plots a month in Europe since ISIS defeat

New York Times, 27.09.2020

An Editor’s Note on the Trump Tax Investigation

Dean Baquet

New York Times, 27.09.2020

18 Revelations From a Trove of Trump Tax Records

David Leonhardt

Police Professional, 28.09.2020

Maximising potential for successful intervention

Police Professional, 28.09.2020

Maximising potential for successful intervention

The Conversation, 28.09.2020

Kids’ perceptions of police fall as they age – for Black children the decline starts earlier and is constant

Kathleen Padilla, Adam Fine

Washington Post, 28.09.2020

The Proud Boys avoided violence in Portland, an attempt to make their group more palatable

Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

The Lancet Psychiatry, 28.09.2020

Lockdown, domestic abuse perpetration, and mental health care: gaps in training, research, and policy

Vishal Bhavsar/ Kyla Kirkpatrick/ Marilia Calcia/ Louise M Howard

The Lancet Psychiatry, 28.09.2020

Lockdown, domestic abuse perpetration, and mental health care: gaps in training, research, and policy

Vishal Bhavsar/ Kyla Kirkpatrick/ Marilia Calcia/ Louise M Howard

Mint Press, 28.09.2020

Hundreds of Vehicle Ramming Attacks Mark New Norm in America’s Civil Unrest

Alan Macleod

The Conversation, 28.09.2020

When politicians use hate speech, political violence increases

James Piazza

The Conversation, 28.09.2020

Locked down again: the ‘invisible’ children in need of protection from abuse

Michelle McManus, Emma Ball

New York Magazine, 28.09.2020

QAnon Goes to Washington Twenty-four followers of the grotesque conspiracy theory are running for Congress in November. Where does this end?

Simon van Zuylen-Wood

The Conversation, 29.09.2020

Is political violence ever justifiable?

Gwilym David Blunt

Newswise, 29.09.2020

Violent Video Games and Aggression: The Connection Is Dubious, at Best

The Conversation, 29.09.2020

Have our governments become too powerful during COVID-19?

Yee-Fui Ng

The Conversation, 29.09.2020

The aching blue: Trauma, stress and invisible wounds of those in law enforcement

Arash Javanbakht

New York Times, 29.09.2020

Trump Sent a Warning. Let’s Take It Seriously.

Thomas L. Friedman

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, 29.09.2020

Law, politics and Terrorism: Special Tribunal for Lebanon for the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri – the verdict and its w, 30.09.2020

Half of people charged with non-fatal strangulation, suffocation escape conviction

Brittany Keogh

The Conversation, 30.09.2020

The urge to punish is not only about revenge – unfairness can unleash it, too

Paul Deutchman

Newswise, 30.09.2020

Study Explores Link Between Methamphetamine Use And Risky Sexual Behavior

Architecture & Design, 30.09.2020

The problems with the increasing use of drones in our public spaces

Ben Knight

TNW, 30.09.2020

Dutch predictive policing tool ‘designed to ethnically profile,’ study finds

Thomas Macaulay

Human Rights Watch, 30.09.2020

“Kettling” Protesters in the Bronx

The Appeal, 30.09.2020

Feuding With Donald Trump Is Not Police Reform

Jay Willis