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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

HeraldScotland, 01.06.2021

'Covid is bringing the frontline to its knees': Survey suggests Police Scotland officers are stressed and close to burnout

Victoria Weldon

New York Times, 01.06.2021

The Human Toll of Bearing Witness

Shira Ovide

The Conversation, 01.06.2021

Why are there so many text scams all of a sudden?

Gareth Norris, Alexandra Brookes

The Guardian, 01.06.2021

Tulsa race massacre a century later: wounds still open and weeping

Ed Pilkington

Washington Post, 01.06.2021

Opinion: How to investigate the lab-leak theory without inflaming anti-Asian hate

Leana S. Wen

The Conversation, 02.06.2021

Covid-19: why the lab leak theory must be formally investigated

Virginie Courtier, Etienne Decroly

Newsweek, 02.06.2021

Carlos DeLuna Documentary Details Evidence That Texas Executed 'Innocent' Man

Khaleda Rahman

Newsweek, 02.06.2021

Carlos DeLuna Documentary Details Evidence That Texas Executed 'Innocent' Man

Khaleda Rahman

The Conversation, 02.06.2021

Hillsborough disaster: a revealing analysis of the language in witness statements

Patricia Canning

EurekAlert!, 02.06.2021

Urban crime fell by over a third around the world during COVID-19 shutdowns, study suggests

University of Cambridge

Washington Post, 02.06.2021

Arizona plans to execute prisoners with a lethal gas the Nazis used at Auschwitz

Meryl Kornfield

Washington Post, 02.06.2021

Latinos are disproportionately killed by police but often left out of the debate about brutality, some advocates say

Silvia Foster-Frau

The Crime Report, 03.06.2021

Don’t Defund Police, Spend More on Training

Anthony Lamorena

The Conversation, 03.06.2021

What to do about Islamic State supporters still in Syria? Denmark’s decision sets a worrying trend

Kerstin Bree Carlson

Vanity Fair, 03.06.2021

The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

Katherine Eban

New York Times, 04.06.2021

Tom Hanks: You Should Learn the Truth About the Tulsa Race Massacre

Tom Hanks

KSRO, 04.06.2021

Police oversight boards are proliferating, but do they actually work?

Washington Post, 04.06.2021

Social justice protests have resulted in more police transparency and accountability. But federal officers don’t have the same rules.

Rachel Weiner, Peter Hermann and Tom Jackman

New York Times, 04.06.2021

F.B.I. Director Compares Danger of Ransomware to 9/11 Terror Threat

Julian E. Barnes

Washington Post, 05.06.2021

Opinion: Violent crime is spiking. We must still reimagine public safety.

New York Times, 06.06.2021

A Psychiatrist Invited to Yale Spoke of Fantasies of Shooting White People

Michael Levenson

New York Times, 07.06.2021

Women’s Sexual Prison Plagued by Violence Will Close, Governor Says

Tracey Tully

GNET · Global Network on Extremism & Technology, 07.06.2021

The Role of Conspiratorial Narratives in the Violent Radicalisation of Right-Wing Lone Actors

Dr. William Allchorn

Homeland Security Today, 07.06.2021

The Insider Threat: Far-Right Extremism in the German Military and Police

The Conversation, 07.06.2021

Black Lives Matter: how the UK movement struggled to be heard in the 2010s

Patricia Francis

303 Magazine, 07.06.2021

Denver-based Film “Erased” Tackles Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Zascha Fox

Undark Magazine, 07.06.2021

Can a Radical Treatment for Pedophilia Work Outside of Germany?

Jordan Michael Smith

CNN, 07.06.2021

Attacked at work, rejected for jobs and harassed by colleagues

Michelle Toh, Moss Cohen and Lauren Cook

LA Progressive, 08.06.2021

Ending Misogynoir and Domestic Violence

The Conversation, 08.06.2021

How an app to decrypt criminal messages was born ‘over a few beers’ with the FBI

David Tuffley

The Guardian, 08.06.2021

PC Wayne Couzens pleads guilty to kidnap and rape of Sarah Everard

Vikram Dodd

The Independent, 08.06.2021

‘Under lockdown, she became a prisoner’ – the forgotten women of the pandemic

Rabina Khan

The Crime Report, 08.06.2021

‘Algorithmic Bias’: The Next Challenge for Justice Reform

Andrea Cipriano

Lawfare Blog, 08.06.2021

The Invisible Rules That Govern Police Use of Force

Ion Meyn

Politifact - The Poynter Institute, 08.06.2021

Do police officers have a shorter life expectancy than the general public?

Louis Jacobson

Bloomberg Businessweek, 08.06.2021

One Crypto Exchange Is Going to Extreme Lengths on Cybersecurity

Takashi Mochizuki and Yuki Furukawa

The Conversation, 09.06.2021

Muslim family killed in terror attack in London, Ontario: Islamophobic violence surfaces once again in Canada

Jasmin Zine

The Trace, 09.06.2021

The Many Ways Domestic Violence Foreshadows Mass Shootings

Jennifer Mascia

Biometric, 09.06.2021

‘Looming dangers’ of biometrics collection under guise of counterterrorism studied

Frank Hersey

Washington Post, 09.06.2021

For a second year, most U.S. police departments decline to share information on their use of force

Tom Jackman

Newswise, 09.06.2021

Study Suggests Unmedicated, Untreated Brain Illness is Likely in Mass Shooters

Wolters Kluwer Health

The Conversation, 09.06.2021

The ‘most significant’ police operation in Australian history — how it worked and what it means for organised crime

Terry Goldsworthy

The Conversation, 09.06.2021

London terror attack: Canadians have become desensitized to violence against Muslims

Jasmeet Bahia

New York Times, 09.06.2021

Truck Driver Who Killed 5 Cyclists Is Sentenced to 40 Years

Michael Levenson

New York Times, 09.06.2021

A First Amendment Case That Made an ‘Incoherent State of the Law’

Adam Liptak

The Crime Report, 09.06.2021

Medical Neglect, Violence Lead Complaints of Misconduct by Prison Staff: Study

Meghan Novisky, Chelsey Narvey and Alex R. Piquero

The Conversation, 10.06.2021

Cop shows: Should they be cancelled or rebooted?

Tiara Sukhan

EurekAlert!, 10.06.2021

Economic crime is going uninvestgated as Police hide behind the veil of Action Fraud

University of Portsmouth

EurekAlert!, 10.06.2021

Hush little baby don't say a word...

University of South Australia

New York Times, 10.06.2021

Bill Bratton Doesn’t Root for the Bad Guys

Washington Post, 10.06.2021

The push to remake policing takes decades, only to begin again

Robert Klemko and John Sullivan

Washington Post, 10.06.2021

The media called the ‘lab leak’ story a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Now it’s prompted corrections — and serious new reporting.

Paul Farhi and Jeremy Barr

The Conversation, 10.06.2021

What are ‘ghost guns,’ a target of Biden’s anti-crime effort?

University of California, Davis

The Conversation, 11.06.2021

How COVID-19 exposed the systemic ageism at the heart of Britain

Shir Shimoni

The Crime Report, 11.06.2021

Unleashed: Pot Legalization Sparks Debate About Future of K9 Units

Eurozine, 11.06.2021

Breaking up the discourse

Michaël Privot

Anchorage Daily News, 12.06.2021

Five myths about ransomware

Josephine Wolff

Forbes, 12.06.2021

Supposing The FBI Secretly Ran A Fleet Of AI Self-Driving Cars To Track And Ultimately Nab Unsuspecting Criminals

Lance Eliot

New York Times, 12.06.2021

Bitcoin and Encryption: A Race Between Criminals and the F.B.I.

Jack Nicas and Michael S. Schmidt

BBC News, 14.06.2021

How fraudsters exploited our fears during the pandemic

David Robson

The Conversation, 14.06.2021

Counterfeiting – the underworld threat to beating COVID-19

Mark Stevenson

The Conversation, 14.06.2021

Why the Second Amendment protects a ‘well-regulated militia’ but not a private citizen militia

Eliga Gould

ABC News, 14.06.2021

Dying young up to five times more likely among kids known to child protection services, University of SA study shows

Gillian Aeria

New York Times, 15.06.2021

White House Unveils Strategy to Combat Domestic Extremism

Zolan Kanno-Youngs

EurekAlert!, 15.06.2021

How political bias impacts believing sexual assault victims

Syracuse University

EurekAlert!, 15.06.2021

Psychologists identify 18 best measures to assess intimate partner violence

Binghamton University

The Conversation, 15.06.2021

As organised crime makes headlines, are bikie gangs the threat they are made out to be?

Terry Goldsworthy, Gaelle Brotto

Foreign Policy, 15.06.2021

The Lab Leak Theory Doesn’t Hold Up

Justin Ling

New York Times, 16.06.2021

Why People Misperceive Crime Trends. (Chicago Is Not the Murder Capital.)

Toni Monkovic and Jeff Asher

The Conversation, 16.06.2021

Why nobody will ever agree on whether COVID lockdowns were worth it

James D. Long, Mark A. Smith, Victor Menaldo

EurekAlert!, 16.06.2021

How sex trafficking trauma affects the way its survivors parent

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Conversation, 16.06.2021

Jürgen Conings: the case of a Belgian soldier on the run shows how the pandemic collides with far-right extremism

Evelien Geerts, 16.06.2021

Handwriting Examiners in the Digital Age

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Cornell University, 16.06.2021

Adolescents exposed to gun violence – new study finds sharp, ethnoracial and income disparities

Sheri Hall

Slate Magazine, 16.06.2021

If You Want to Reform the Police, Get Prosecutors on Your Side

Carissa Byrne Hessick and Gabrielle Supak

Pew Research Center, 16.06.2021

Experts Doubt Ethical AI Design Will Be Broadly Adopted as the Norm Within the Next Decade

Lee Rainie, Janna Anderson and Emily A. Vogels

Medium - Fearless She Wrote, 16.06.2021

I Posed Online as a Male Incel — And Yes, It Was Disturbing

Carlyn Beccia

The Conversation, 16.06.2021

Racial bias makes white Americans more likely to support wars in nonwhite foreign countries – new study

Vladimir Enrique Medenica, David Ebner

London Review of Books Vol. 43 No. 12, 17.06.2021

Each rock has two names

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

EurekAlert!, 17.06.2021

'First empirical evidence of an identity-related societal cleavage', 17.06.2021

Radical anti-women groups like ‘Incels’ on the rise

Eden Gillespie

TRT World, 18.06.2021

Why mass shootings spiked in the US during the pandemic

Ms. Magazine, 18.06.2021

Over Two-Thirds of Mass Shooters Are Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Carrie N. Baker

The Intercept, 19.06.2021

I Visited a Chinese Lab at the Center of a Biosafety Scandal. What I Learned Helps Explain the Polarized Debate Over Covid-19’s Origins.

Mara Hvistendahl

The Intercept, 19.06.2021

I Visited a Chinese Lab at the Center of a Biosafety Scandal. What I Learned Helps Explain the Polarized Debate Over Covid-19’s Origins.

Mara Hvistendahl

Washington Post, 20.06.2021

Opinion: Taking on racism and crime should be the same fight

E.J. Dionne Jr.

The Conversation, 21.06.2021

‘Scambaiting’: why the vigilantes fighting online fraudsters may do more harm than good

Jack Mark Whittaker, Mark Button

The Conversation, 21.06.2021

‘Scambaiting’: why the vigilantes fighting online fraudsters may do more harm than good

Jack Mark Whittaker, Mark Button

New York Times, 21.06.2021

He’s a Former Officer. She’s ‘Had Enough’ of the Police. Who Will Come Out Ahead?

Errol Louis

UC Berkeley News, 21.06.2021

How American racism is rooted in residential segregation

Ivan Natividad

New York Times, 22.06.2021

Want to Get Trump Re-elected? Dismantle the Police.

Thomas L. Friedman

The Conversation, 22.06.2021

What we can learn about risk from the COVID experience

Geoff Mulgan

EurekAlert!, 22.06.2021

Cannabis use may be associated with suicidality in young adults

Washington Post, 22.06.2021

Biden launches an effort to head off violent crime — and political peril for his party

Annie Linskey, Tyler Pager and Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

The Atlantic, 22.06.2021

Hate-Crime Laws Don’t Work as Their Supporters Intended

Avlana Eisenberg, 22.06.2021

What can be done about policing in America? Episode 1 of ‘Solutionaries’ tackles this very question

Michelle Ganley

Politico, 22.06.2021

Joe Biden was once a tough-on-crime Democrat. Will he be one again?


EurekAlert!, 22.06.2021

Parental monitoring and consistency in adolescence can reduce young Black men's likelihood of criminal behavior

American Society of Criminology

EurekAlert!, 22.06.2021

Foreign-born status, but not acquired US citizenship, protects many immigrants from criminal victimization

American Society of Criminology

New York Times, 22.06.2021

‘We Are Very Free’ - How China Spreads Its Propaganda Version of Life in Xinjiang

Jeff Kao, Raymond Zhong, Paul Mozur, Aliza Aufrichtig, Nailah Morgan and Aaron Krolik

New York Times, 23.06.2021

Biden Aims to Bolster Police Departments as Homicides Increase

Zolan Kanno-Youngs

EurekAlert!, 23.06.2021

US children pay high price for gun violence

Newsweek, 23.06.2021

Biden Will Unveil 5-part Plan to Combat Violent Crime Spike—Here's What It Does

Elizabeth Crisp

EurekAlert!, 24.06.2021

Race, ethnicity not a factor in recent weapon-carrying behaviors at US schools

University of Minnesota Medical School

Seattle Medium, 24.06.2021

America’s Widespread Police Brutality Problem Results In Tens Of Thousands Taken To Emergency Rooms

Stacy M. Brown

Newsweek, 24.06.2021

Aila Slisco

New York Times, 24.06.2021

In Canada, Another ‘Horrific’ Discovery of Indigenous Children’s Remains

Ian Austen and Dan Bilefsky

The Crime Report, 25.06.2021

No-Parole Terms for Young Adult Killers Challenged by Science and Changing Times

The Crime Report, 25.06.2021

No-Parole Terms for Young Adult Killers Challenged by Science and Changing Times

Washington Post, 25.06.2021

Opinion: Maryland’s police reform should include restrictions on predictive technology

Jameson Spivack

New York Times, 25.06.2021

What do we know about Derek Chauvin?

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

New York Times, 26.06.2021

The Race and History Wars

Ross Douthat

Newsweek, 26.06.2021

QAnon Supporters React to Derek Chauvin Sentence: 'Not the Same Guy From the Trial'

Jason Lemon

Mirage News, 27.06.2021

A study on transmission of extremism within a family context

Market Research Telecast, 27.06.2021

The double life of Franco A. and extremism in the German Army

mashable, 27.06.2021

When you become the target of racist disinformation

Rebecca Ruiz

Bloomberg, 27.06.2021

The Last–And Only–Foreign Scientist in the Wuhan Lab Speaks Out

Michelle Faye-Cortez

EurekAlert!, 28.06.2021

Evidence against physically punishing kids is clear, researchers say

University of Texas at Austin

streetsblog, 28.06.2021

Fear of Assault Keeps Women From Walking

Kea Wilson

Mirage News, 28.06.2021

A study shows severity of abuses of minors within Catholic church

Newswise, 28.06.2021

Sleep-deprived individuals less forthcoming with information about criminal history

Iowa State University

The New Yorker, 28.06.2021

Kyle Rittenhouse, American Vigilante

Paige Williams

The Atlantic, 28.06.2021

The Atlantic Daily: Who’s Afraid of Critical Race Theory?

Caroline Mimbs Nyce

Journalist's Resource, 29.06.2021

‘Defund the police’: What it means and what the research says on whether more police presence reduces crime

Clark Merrefield

The Conversation, 29.06.2021

Ecocide: why establishing a new international crime would be a step towards interspecies justice

Heather Alberro, Luigi Daniele

EurekAlert!, 29.06.2021

UTSA study: Use of police force still breaking down across racial, ethnic lines

University of Texas at San Antonio

Research rebuttal paper uncovers misuse of Holocaust datasets, 29.06.2021

Research rebuttal paper uncovers misuse of Holocaust datasets

University of Illinois Grainger College of Engineering

New York Times, 29.06.2021

The War on History Is a War on Democracy

Timothy Snyder

The Conversation, 29.06.2021

Dalian Atkinson: manslaughter conviction for PC but ‘justice’ for police violence remains elusive

Yvette Russell

The Conversation, 29.06.2021

A decade since ‘the year of the hacktivist’, online protests look set to return

Vasileios Karagiannopoulos, 29.06.2021

Police killings have dropped since the Black Lives Matter movement started, UMass research suggests

Christopher Gavin

The Conversation, 30.06.2021

One third of migrant and refugee women experience domestic violence, major survey reveals

Marie Segrave, Chloe Keel, Rebecca Wickes

New York Times, 30.06.2021

A Personal Story of Justice

David Leonhardt

PsyPost, 30.06.2021

Large study indicates left-wing authoritarianism exists and is a key predictor of psychological and behavioral outcomes

Eric W. Dolan

American Journal of Managed Care AJMC, 30.06.2021

A Look at 2020’s Impact on America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

Gianna Melillo

New York Times, 30.06.2021

Bill Cosby’s Conviction Is Overturned: Read the Court’s Opinion

New York Times, 30.06.2021

Bill Cosby’s Conviction Is Overturned: Read the Court’s Opinion

New York Times, 30.06.2021

I Write About the Law. But Could I Really Help Free a Prisoner?

Emily Bazelon

New York Times, 30.06.2021

Day of Rage: An In-Depth Look at How a Mob Stormed the Capitol

Dmitriy Khavin, Haley Willis, Evan Hill, Natalie Reneau, Drew Jordan, Cora Engelbrecht, Christiaan Triebert, Stella Cooper, Malachy Browne and David Botti