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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Detroit Free Press, 01.05.2021

Building a better cop

Newsweek, 03.05.2021

Chicago Has Seen 217 More Shooting Victims in 2021 So Far, Compared to 2020

Alexandra Hutzler

The New Yorker, 03.05.2021

The Incredible Rise of North Korea’s Hacking Army

Ed Caesar

Financial Times, 03.05.2021

Police should not be banned from using facial recognition technology, says UK watchdog

Madhumita Murgia

The Conversation, 04.05.2021

How qualified immunity protects police officers accused of wrongdoing

Ronnie R. Gipson

EurekAlert!, 04.05.2021

Juvenile incarceration has mixed effects on future convictions

University of California - Riverside

Small Wars Journal, 04.05.2021

Antimafia Impasse: State-Driven Organized Crime & Organized Crime States

Edgardo Buscaglia

Seattle Times, 04.05.2021

U.S. gun injuries hospitalized a half-million people from 2000 to 2016, study finds

Christopher Ingraham

The Conversation, 04.05.2021

Lots of people get to vote on police commissioners – so why does no one bother?

Sophie Chambers

The Conversation, 04.05.2021

COVID-19 pandemic may produce dramatic changes in life expectancy, birth rates and immigration

Kate Choi, Patrick Denice

The Conversation, 05.05.2021

Why Facebook created its own ‘supreme court’ for judging content – 6 questions answered

Siri Terjesen, Phil Smith

Undark Magazine, 05.05.2021

How Often Do Police Use Tasers on Teens? Experts Want More Data.

Rod McCullom, 05.05.2021

Study: Liberal asylum and refugee policies do not reduce domestic security, increase violent crime

University of Bath

The Conversation, 05.05.2021

COVID is unlikely to be eliminated – here’s how we’ll treat it in the future

Tom Wingfield, Miriam Taegtmeyer

POLITICO.EU, 05.05.2021

Enough warnings: Europe must act on Russian killings

Nicolas Tenzer

The Conversation, 05.05.2021

‘See What You Made Me Do’ will change the way we think about domestic violence. Here’s what needs to happen now

Anastasia Powell, Lisa Harris

The Conversation, 06.05.2021

Trump’s Facebook ban upheld – but the future of the oversight board is in doubt

Elaine Fahey

EurekAlert!, 06.05.2021

'Natural disasters' increase triggers for violence against women and girls

Newswise, 06.05.2021

'Breaking the Links' in the Chain of Violence: Journal of Psychiatric Practice Continues Series on Therapeutic Risk Management Approach

Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott

The Conversation, 06.05.2021

What this hundred-year-old sex trafficking case tells us about modern exploitation and justice

Julia Laite

The Conversation, 06.05.2021

Dirty protests: why Irish republican prisoners smeared their cells with faeces to make a political statement during the Troubles

Seán McConville

The Conversation, 07.05.2021

Police academies dedicate 3.21% of training hours to ethics and other public service topics – new research

Galia Cohen

The Pew Charitable Trusts, 07.05.2021

As States Push for Police Accountability, Advocates Focus on Black Trauma

Aallyah Wright

WSHU Public Radio, 07.05.2021

Massachusetts Pioneers Rules For Police Use Of Facial Recognition Tech

Emma Peaslee

The New Yorker, 07.05.2021

The Emerging Movement for Police and Prison Abolition

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Wall Street Journal, 08.05.2021

Murders Are Rising the Most in a Few Isolated Precincts of Major Cities

Jon Hilsenrath and Joe Barrett

Tehelka, 08.05.2021

Why women are branded as ‘dayans’?

Dr Sangita Laha

Imperial Valley Press, 09.05.2021

Eyewitness identification is convincing, is it reliable?


Dawn, 09.05.2021

The problems with policing Pakistan

Zoha Waseem

New York Times, 09.05.2021

‘Why Do We Deserve to Die?’ Kabul’s Hazaras Bury Their Daughters.

Adam Nossiter

The Conversation, 10.05.2021

South Carolina aims to bring back the firing squad

Jason Opal

New York Times, 10.05.2021

Quintin Jones Is Not Innocent. But He Doesn’t Deserve to Die.

Suleika Jaouad

New York Magazine, 10.05.2021

The Mayoral Debate Over Policing Ramps Up After Times Square Shooting

Matt Stieb

The Crime Report, 10.05.2021

‘Invisible’ Rules for Police Use of Force Encourage Violence: Study

Adrea Cipriano

The Conversation, 10.05.2021

From Rodney King to George Floyd, how video evidence can be differently interpreted in courts

Sandra Ristovska

New York Times, 11.05.2021

Efforts to Weed Out Extremists in Law Enforcement Meet Resistance

Neil MacFarquhar

The Conversation, 11.05.2021

How do I talk to my child about violence? 4 essential reads

Alvin Buyinza, Jamaal Abdul-Alim

The Conversation, 12.05.2021

Derek Chauvin trial: how oppressive police systems defend themselves

Deana Heath

New York Times, 13.05.2021

Reimagining the Justice System, From Inside the Mayor’s Office

Ted Alcorn

Washington Post, 13.05.2021

What we know so far about the Capitol riot suspects

Devlin Barrett, Abigail Hauslohner, Spencer S. Hsu and Ashlyn Still

The Conversation, 13.05.2021

Who was better at predicting the course of the pandemic – experts or the public?

Gabriel Recchia

The Conversation, 14.05.2021

Why genocide survivors can offer a way to heal from the trauma of the pandemic year

Donald E Miller

The Conversation, 14.05.2021

The forgotten psychological cost of corruption in developing countries

Smriti Sharma, Finn Tarp, Saurabh Singhal

The Conversation, 14.05.2021

Iraq: thousands of police officers have died in the line of duty

Lily Hamourtziadou

CapRadio, 16.05.2021

Is California’s New Police Deadly Force Law Making A Difference?


The Guardian, 16.05.2021

Only an international effort can put an end to China’s crimes in Xinjiang

Jewher Ilham and Sophie Richardson

New York Times, 17.05.2021

Can a Progressive Prosecutor Survive a 40% Spike in Homicides?

Jonah E. Bromwich

The Conversation, 17.05.2021

Why is accountability for alleged war crimes so hard to achieve in the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Amy Maguire

EurekAlert!, 17.05.2021

Domestic abuse head injuries prevalent among women in prison, study finds

Simon Fraser University

KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper, 17.05.2021

One year after Floyd, Minneapolis seeks comprehensive police reform, preserves mourning

The Conversation, 17.05.2021

What is drink spiking? How can you know if it’s happened to you, and how can it be prevented?

Nicole Lee, Jarryd Bartle

Newsweek, 17.05.2021

Exclusive: Inside the Military's Secret Undercover Army

William M. Arkin

Washington Post, 17.05.2021

Black, Brown and extremist: Across the far-right spectrum, people of color play a more visible role

Hannah Allam and Razzan Nakhlawi, 18.05.2021

Strategic extremism: 4 insights on the U.S. Capitol siege from established insurgencies

Brian McQuinn, Laura Courchesne

Niskanen Center, 18.05.2021

When cities add cops, Black residents could have the most to gain — and the most to lose

Aaron Chalfin, Benjamin Hansen, Emily Weisburst, Morgan C. Williams Jr.

The Conversation, 18.05.2021

Racial groups suffer disparate consequences after unfair police treatment – but not the groups you might think

Christopher R. Dennison, Jessica Finkeldey

Washington Post, 18.05.2021

The Cybersecurity 202: Cybercriminals scammed a record number of victims with cryptocurrency

Tonya Riley

Rutgers-Camden News Blog, 18.05.2021

Police Officers Holds More Racialized Views, More Likely to Support Physical Force, Says New research

Tom McLaughlin, 19.05.2021

Abuse In Childhood Raises Your Odds Of Facing Violence Later: University Of Auckland Study

New York Times, 19.05.2021

From Colombia to U.S., Police Violence Pushes Protests Into Mass Movements

Amanda Taub

Open Access Government, 19.05.2021

New research explores digital evolution of US extremist groups

The Conversation, 19.05.2021

Police body cameras may provide the best evidence – but need much better regulation

Robyn Blewer, Ronald Behlau

EurekAlert!, 19.05.2021

Researchers shed light on the evolution of extremist groups

George Washington University

EurekAlert!, 19.05.2021

COVID-19 pandemic has created the "perfect storm" for family violence

New York Times, 19.05.2021

Washington State Enacts Police Reform a Year After George Floyd’s Death

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

EurekAlert!, 19.05.2021

Nuclear terrorism could be intercepted by neutron-gamma detector that pinpoints source

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

London Review of Books Vol. 43 No. 10, 20.05.2021

Architectures of Containment

Clair Wills

Fortune Herald, 20.05.2021

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

Danielle Trigg

The Conversation, 20.05.2021

Can the world stop Israel and Hamas from committing war crimes? 7 questions answered about international law

Asaf Lubin

The Conversation, 20.05.2021

Twitter to ask users to rethink abusive messages – a promising step towards ‘slowcial media’

Martin Graff

The Conversation, 20.05.2021

Twitter to ask users to rethink abusive messages – a promising step towards ‘slowcial media’

Martin Graff

The Conversation, 20.05.2021

Twitter to ask users to rethink abusive messages – a promising step towards ‘slowcial media’

Martin Graff

Washington Post, 20.05.2021

Body-cam video shows Louisiana troopers stunned, hit and dragged Black man before his death

Hannah Knowles

Newswise, 24.05.2021

One Year After George Floyd's Death: Californians are Conflicted on Police Reform

Christine Gardiner

The Conversation, 25.05.2021

Narcissistic people aren’t just full of themselves – new research finds they’re more likely to be aggressive and violent

Brad Bushman, Sophie Kjaervik

The Conversation, 25.05.2021

Narcissistic people aren’t just full of themselves – new research finds they’re more likely to be aggressive and violent

Brad Bushman, Sophie Kjaervik

The Conversation, 25.05.2021

Body cameras help monitor police but can invade people’s privacy

Bryce C. Newell

Tablet Magazine, 25.05.2021

France’s Great Debate Over the Sources and Meaning of Muslim Terror

Marc Weitzmann

The Intercept, 25.05.2021

Oracle Boasted That Its Software Was Used Against U.S. Protesters. Then It Took the Tech to China.

Mara Hvistendahl

The Conversation, 26.05.2021

Colonial Pipeline forked over $4.4M to end cyberattack – but is paying a ransom ever the ethical thing to do?

Scott Shackelford, Megan Wade

The Public Domain Review, 27.05.2021

Photographing the Tulsa Massacre of 1921

Karlos K. Hill

The Conversation, 28.05.2021

Reparations for slavery and colonial abuses: how behavioural science can help

David Comerford

EurekAlert!, 29.05.2021

Who gains, who loses, with more (or fewer) cops on the street?

D.J. Tice

EurekAlert!, 29.05.2021

Who gains, who loses, with more (or fewer) cops on the street?

D.J. Tice

Washington Post, 29.05.2021

A Black death row inmate claims police framed him in quadruple murder. A probe will now reexamine his case.

Timothy Bella

New York Times, 29.05.2021

An Arms Race in America: Gun Buying Spiked During the Pandemic. It’s Still Up.

Sabrina Tavernise

New York Times, 29.05.2021

Why the Lab Leak Theory Matters

Ross Douthat

The Atlantic, 29.05.2021

When Justice Is Out of Reach

Janine di Giovanni

New York Times, 29.05.2021

‘I Knew That I Couldn’t Stay Quiet’

Campbell Robertson

Small Wars Journal, 30.05.2021

Exploring the digital jihadist underground on the Onion Router (TOR)

Miron Lakomy

HuffPost, 31.05.2021

How A Historic Spike In Crime Upended New York City Politics

Daniel Marans

New York Times, 31.05.2021

How a Police Chief in Wyoming’s Ranchlands Lost Her War on Drugs

Ali Watkins

The Conversation, 31.05.2021

How Black Lives Matter is changing the conversation on Palestine

Micaela Sahhar

EurekAlert!, 31.05.2021

Overconfidence in news judgement

University of Utah

New York Times, 31.05.2021

Illinois Lawmakers Bar Police From Using Deception When Interrogating Minors

Michael Levenson

The New Yorker, 31.05.2021

From Guns to Gay Marriage, How Did Rights Take Over Politics?

Kelefa Sanneh