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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 01.11.2021

Gun rights at the Supreme Court: Justices will consider if the fundamental right to keep a gun at home applies to carrying weapons in public

Morgan Marietta

Education Week, 01.11.2021

Violence in Schools Seems to Be Increasing. Why?

Stephen Sawchuk

Slate, 01.11.2021

The Hiring Practice That Could Dramatically Improve Policing

Cari Shane

The Conversation, 01.11.2021

Governments should inoculate citizens to prevent the spread of fake news

Sze-Fung Lee, Benjamin C. M. Fung

Boston Globe, 01.11.2021

A grisly blueprint of terror

Jazmine Ulloa

New York Times, 02.11.2021

Minneapolis voters reject an amendment to replace the Police Department.

Mitch Smith and Tim Arango

Newswise, 02.11.2021

When building rapport, sometimes less is more

University of Georgia

UMSL Blogs, 02.11.2021

Ask an Expert: Samantha Simon explores the challenges to changing police culture in the United States

Steve Walentik

Coda, 02.11.2021

‘Surveillance’ doesn’t begin to describe what Beijing is doing to Uyghurs

Isobel Cockerell

New York Times, 02.11.2021

Facebook, Citing Societal Concerns, Plans to Shut Down Facial Recognition System

Kashmir Hill and Ryan Mac

New York Times, 03.11.2021

Offered a Chance to Reinvent Policing, Minneapolis Opts for What It Knows

Mitch Smith and Tim Arango

EurekAlert!, 03.11.2021

Cannabis use disorder rising significantly during pregnancy

EurekAlert!, 03.11.2021

One and done: Researchers urge testing eyewitness memory only once

University of California - San Diego

University of Arkansas, 03.11.2021

'Dot Coms to Pipe Bombs': Terrorism Research Center Studying Offline and Online Extremism

Scientific American, 03.11.2021

Where Gun Stores Open, Gun Homicides Increase

Jim Daley

The Conversation, 03.11.2021

Recruiting more mental health workers won’t stop suicides. Preventing child abuse and neglect will

Anthony Jorm

New York Times, 04.11.2021

4 Takeaways From the Kyle Rittenhouse Homicide Trial

Julie Bosman

The Conversation, 04.11.2021

Why voters rejected plans to replace the Minneapolis Police Department – and what’s next for policing reform

Michelle S. Phelps

EurekAlert!, 04.11.2021

Child maltreatment incidents are curtailed by prescription drug monitoring programs

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

EurekAlert!, 04.11.2021

Prize winner’s essay shows how causal inference can make sense of biased policing data

EurekAlert!, 04.11.2021

When bad things happen in childhood, what's the toll on your health?

University of Auckland

The Conversation, 04.11.2021

Supreme Court appears to suggest right to guns at home extends to carrying them in public too

Morgan Marietta

EurekAlert!, 05.11.2021

University of Cincinnati professor receives Stockholm Prize in Criminology

EurekAlert!, 05.11.2021

Just a game? Study shows no evidence that violent video games lead to real-life violence

City University London

Benzinga, 05.11.2021

Marijuana Reforms Reduce Racial Injustice, American Medical Association Study Reveals

Nina Zdinjak

Washington Post, 05.11.2021

The electoral demise of ‘defund the police’

Aaron Blake

Vox, 06.11.2021

America can’t fix policing without fixing the country’s gun problem

German Lopez

The New York Times, 06.11.2021

How Police Justify Killing Drivers: The Vehicle Was a Weapon

Kim Barker, Steve Eder, David D. Kirkpatrick and Arya Sundaram

The Spectator, 06.11.2021

It’s time female fraudsters received their due

Caitlin Davies

New York Times, 08.11.2021

2 Ex-Officers Who Used Tasers on a Man Over 50 Times Are Convicted of Murder

Neil Vigdor

The Conversation, 08.11.2021

Are people lying more since the rise of social media and smartphones?

David Markowitz

New York Times, 09.11.2021

Black Voters Want Better Policing, Not Posturing by Progressives

Nekima Levy Armstrong

EurekAlert!, 09.11.2021

Proposed illegal image detectors on devices are ‘easily fooled’

Imperial College London

The Conversation, 09.11.2021

The police’s new scare campaign won’t stop people from using drugs. But it will increase stigma

Nicole Lee, Jarryd Bartle

Newsweek, 09.11.2021

Could the Next 9/11 Be Caused By Drones?

Tom O'Connor

The Crime Report, 09.11.2021

Pandemic Surveillance and Racial Bias

Andrea Cipriano

ZDNet, 09.11.2021

Average ransomware payment for US victims more than $6 million, survey says

Jonathan Greig

Journalist's Resource, 09.11.2021

New research links racism to higher preterm birth rates in Black women

Naseem S. Miller

The New Yorker, 09.11.2021

The Question We’ve Stopped Asking About Teen-Agers and Social Media

Cal Newport

New York Times, 10.11.2021

Lesson of the Day: ‘Pulled Over: What to Know About Deadly Police Traffic Stops’

Jeremy Engle

EurekAlert!, 10.11.2021

Uncovering racial disparities in nonfatal police shootings

EurekAlert!, 10.11.2021

Intimate partner violence and reproductive coercion among American Indian and Alaska native women

Communities Digital News, 10.11.2021

Defunding the Police loses at the polls, yet Police accountability matters

Allan C. Brownfeld

The independent, 11.11.2021

Quarter of German business leaders think physical violence against partner justified, study finds

Maya Oppenheim

The Conversation, 11.11.2021

Technology-enabled abuse: how ‘safety by design’ can reduce stalking and domestic violence

Bridget Harris

EurekAlert!, 11.11.2021

Students who repeat a grade experience more bullying, study finds

Volteface, 11.11.2021

On War and Drugs

Drexel University, 11.11.2021

How Do Autistic Individuals Interact with the Criminal Justice System?

London Review of Books, 11.11.2021

The Zemmour Effect

Adam Shatz

Columbus Dispatch, 12.11.2021

Columbus police used force disproportionately against Black residents, study contends

Eric Lagatta

Yahoo Finance, 12.11.2021

MEMRI Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor Project Releases Report On Extremism In The U.S. Military:

Chicago Tribune, 12.11.2021

Study shows any contact with police may be detrimental to health, well-being of Black youth: ‘I feel like there’s always going to be fear because that

Darcel Rockett

New York Times, 12.11.2021

The Claim of Self-Defense Gun Use

Lauren Jackson, 12.11.2021

“We wait, because we know you” Inside the Ransomware negotiation economics

Pepijn Hack & Zong-Yu Wu

The Crime Report, 12.11.2021

Autistic Females Vulnerable to Crime: Study

EurekAlert!, 12.11.2021

Police enforcement of New York City COVID-19 mandates reveals racial inequities by zip code, 12.11.2021

A Federation of Imbeciles Anti-Vaxxers and Politicians Push Germany to the Brink

Markus Feldenkirchen, Matthias Gebauer, Veronika Hackenbroch, Milena Hassenkamp, Martin Knobbe, Petra Maier, Veit Medick, Cornelia Schmergal, Christoph Schult und Nina Weber

New Statesman, 13.11.2021

How the memory of the Paris attacks is shaping France’s national psyche

Katherine Cowles

The Atlantic, 13.11.2021

A Dictator Is Exploiting These Human Beings

Anne Applebaum

New York Times, 14.11.2021

‘Ghost Guns’: Firearm Kits Bought Online Fuel Epidemic of Violence

Glenn Thrush

The New Yorker, 15.11.2021

Is the President of Honduras a Narco-Trafficker?

Jon Lee Anderson

The Conversation, 15.11.2021

Organized crime is a top driver of global deforestation – along with beef, soy, palm oil and wood products

Jennifer Devine

Newswise, 15.11.2021

Research reveals potential new way to fight radicalization in ‘true believers’

The Crime Report, 15.11.2021

Police Exposure ‘Detrimental’ to Black Youths’ Health: Study

Andrea Cipriano

WebMD Health News, 15.11.2021

Lack of Data Hinders Study of Police Killings

Katherine Kam

New York Times, 15.11.2021

Four Lives Lost: Inside America’s Homicide Surge

Julie Bosman, Mitch Smith, Neil MacFarquhar, Tim Arango and Chloe Reynolds

The Intercept, 15.11.2021

British Wife of American ISIS Fighter Russell Dennison Dodges Questions About Union

Trevor Aaronson

The New Yorker, 15.11.2021

How Your Family Tree Could Catch a Killer

Raffi Khatchadourian

New York Times, 16.11.2021

The Police Fatally Shot a Young Girl. Two Teenagers Are Charged With Murder.

Tim Arango

The Conversation, 16.11.2021

Gun violence soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study finds – but the reasons why are complex

Paddy Ssentongo, Jennifer McCall-Hosenfeld

The Conversation, 16.11.2021

The concrete effects of body cameras on police accountability

Suat Cubukcu, Erdal Tekin, Nusret Sahin, Volkan Topalli

New York Times, 17.11.2021

2 Men Convicted of Killing Malcolm X Will Be Exonerated After Decades

Ashley Southall and Jonah E. Bromwich

The Conversation, 17.11.2021

COVID disinformation and extremism are on the rise in New Zealand. What are the risks of it turning violent?

Alexander Gillespie

The Conversation, 17.11.2021

Terrorism laws target racism, but what about racism in the legal system?

Amy Swiffen, Kris Millett

EurekAlert!, 17.11.2021

New technology exposes 'liars' through telltale activation of facial muscles

Tel-Aviv University

Science News, 17.11.2021

How missing data makes it harder to measure racial bias in policing

Sujata Gupta

New York Times, 17.11.2021

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Europe’s Covid Culture War

Katrin Bennhold

New York Times, 17.11.2021

The DNA of Roma People Has Long Been Misused, Scientists Reveal

Sabrina Imbler

The Conversation, 17.11.2021

Online anonymity: study found ‘stable pseudonyms’ created a more civil environment than real user names

Alfred Moore

The Guardian, 18.11.2021

Police presence at music festivals can lead to ‘panic overdoses’ of drugs

Melissa Davey

EurekAlert!, 18.11.2021

Revealing the link between child maltreatment, the bonding hormone, and brain development

University of Fukui

EurekAlert!, 18.11.2021

Researchers call for more sensitivity in the use of DNA samples to protect minorities

University of Freiburg

London Review of Books, 18.11.2021

How do you say ‘corruption’ in English?

Felix Bazalgette

The Conversation, 19.11.2021

Rittenhouse verdict flies in the face of legal standards for self-defense

Ronald Sullivan, 19.11.2021

Study Finds Link Between Far Right and High Corona Rates in Germany

Holger Dambeck und Peter Maxwill

Euronews, 19.11.2021

Crypto crime is booming on DeFi platforms and has caused over €9 billion in losses this year, 19.11.2021

Addressing the over-representation of parental offenders in child sexual abuse

Kay Harrison

New York Times, 19.11.2021

Can a Machine Learn Morality?

Cade Metz

New York Times, 20.11.2021

Train the Police to Keep the Peace, Not Turn a Profit

The Editorial Board

New York Times, 20.11.2021

Rittenhouse Case Highlights the Nation’s Deep Division Over Gun Rights

Glenn Thrush

The Guardian, 21.11.2021

Selling sex is highly dangerous. Treating it like a regular job only makes it worse

Sonia Sodha

Foreign Policy, 21.11.2021

Does Power Corrupt?

Brian Klaas

The Conversation, 21.11.2021

White supremacist and far right ideology underpin anti-vax movements

Madi Day, Bronwyn Carlson

Mashable, 21.11.2021

Safe spaces for teens aren’t controversial, they’re critical. Here’s why.

Rebecca Ruiz

Washington Post, 21.11.2021

After Rittenhouse: Will deadly clashes multiply as the right to self-defense expands?

Marc Fisher and Mark Berman

The Intercept, 21.11.2021

Interpol’s Upcoming Election Raises Fears About Authoritarian Influence

Alice Speri, Mara Hvistendahl

New York Times, 22.11.2021

Kenosha, Portland, and the Lies We Must Leave Behind

Nancy Rommelmann

Brisbane Times, 22.11.2021

Boosting police numbers will not reduce people’s fear of crime

Rebecca Wickes, 22.11.2021

Warnings may reduce hate speech on Twitter, new study finds

New York University

The Mandarin, 22.11.2021

Digital tools allowing extremism to flourish around the world

Tom Ravlic

The Conversation, 22.11.2021

SUV tragedy in Wisconsin shows how vehicles can be used as a weapon of mass killing – intentionally or not

Mia Bloom

Newswise, 22.11.2021

Do Protests Matter?

American Sociological Association (ASA)

New York Times, 23.11.2021

Why Is Murder Spiking? And Can Cities Address It Without Police?

Ezra Klein

The Crime Report, 23.11.2021

The Danger of a Return to Crime Alarmism

James Austin, Todd Clear, Richard Rosenfeld and Joel Wallman

Psychiatric Times, 23.11.2021

Shedding Light on the Shadow Brain Pandemic: The Devastating Effects of Gendered Violence-Related Acquired Brain Injury

Erin Smith, Nick Rushworth, Eve Valera, PhD, Antonella Santuccione Chadha, MD, William Hynes, DPhil, Naoko Kawaguchi, MSc, MPhil, Jessica Wolfe, PhD, MPH, Harris Eyre, MD, PhD

EurekAlert!, 23.11.2021

Researchers investigate link between bilingualism and false memories

University Higher School of Economics

Israel Today, 23.11.2021

A Terrorist Shatters All Stereotypes About Terrorists

Stephen M. Flatow

The Conversation, 23.11.2021

Police reporting can undermine domestic violence victims, language analysis shows

Patricia Canning

New York Times, 24.11.2021

What the Arbery and Rittenhouse Verdicts Couldn’t Tell Us

Sarah Lustbader

The Conversation, 24.11.2021

‘Home is the most dangerous place for women,’ but private and public violence are connected

Myrna Dawson

The Conversation, 24.11.2021

How do police regain trust after the murder of Sarah Everard?

David BaMaung

The Japan Times, 24.11.2021

Taliban turning Afghanistan into narco-terrorist state

Brahma Chellaney

The Atlantic, 24.11.2021

The Lab-Leak Theory Meets Its Perfect Match

Daniel Engber, 24.11.2021

When police forces grow, homicides drop and low-level arrests increase

Michele W. Berger

Washington Post, 24.11.2021

Gender-based online abuse surged during the pandemic. Laws haven’t kept up, activists say.

Miriam Berger

New York Times, 24.11.2021

In the Arbery killing trial, video evidence once again played a crucial role.

Sophie Kasakove and Giulia Heyward

EurekAlert!, 24.11.2021

Proposed changes to UK law risk increasing financial abuse of older people, warn experts

Bloomberg, 24.11.2021

Two-Thirds of Young Women in Britain Experience Harassment

Andrew Atkinson

EurekAlert!, 25.11.2021

Community policing may not improve police-community relations, study in six countries shows

Reuters, 25.11.2021

UK study shows link between domestic violence and radicalisation risk

ISS Today, 25.11.2021

What makes women resist violent extremism in Mali and Niger?

Ella Jeannine Abatan

The Guardian, 25.11.2021

Is society coming apart?

Jill Lepore

Toronto Star, 26.11.2021

Systemic racism in policing across unceded territories in B.C. demands reform says Human Rights Commissioner

Athena Bonneau

New York Times, 28.11.2021

The Woman on the Bridge

Ellen Barry

The New Yorker, 28.11.2021

The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe

Ian Urbina

MedPage Today, 29.11.2021

Interventions for Teen Dating Violence Do Hold Water

Lei Lei Wu

The Conversation, 29.11.2021

Schools need to step up to address Islamophobia

Nada Aoudeh, Muna Saleh

New York Times, 29.11.2021

‘Self Defense’ Is Becoming Meaningless in a Flood of Guns

Tali Farhadian Weinstein

The Conversation, 29.11.2021

How vulnerable is your personal information? 4 essential reads

Eric Smalley

The Crime Report, 29.11.2021

Community Policing Called ‘Ineffective’ at Building Trust, Reducing Crime in Global South

Andrea Cipriano

Eurozine, 29.11.2021

Burning the witch

Miranda Forsyth

Foreign Policy, 29.11.2021

Argument: Community Policing Is Not One Size Fits All

Graeme Blair, Jeremy M. Weinstein, and Fotini Christia

New York Times, 30.11.2021

School shootings are becoming more frequent, after a lull during the pandemic.

Jacey Fortin

New York Times, 30.11.2021

The Police Killings Were Years Ago. New Prosecutors Are Reopening Cases.

Steve Eder and David D. Kirkpatrick, 30.11.2021

Child's gender influences crime rates in young fathers and their peers

University College London

EurekAlert!, 30.11.2021

Survey of gun policy experts finds wide disagreement remains

RAND Corporation

The Conversation, 30.11.2021

What’s next for Afghanistan? Two experts make predictions

Kambaiz Rafi, Scott Lucas

The Conversation, 30.11.2021

What my 20 years in Afghanistan taught me about the Taliban – and how the west consistently underestimates them

Sippi Azarbaijani Moghaddam

The Conversation, 30.11.2021

Prison numbers set to rise 24% in England and Wales – it will make society less safe, not more

Francis Pakes

University of Leeds, 30.11.2021

Joint policing research centre launched

University of York