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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

New York Times, 01.08.2021

A Fire in Minnesota. An Arrest in Mexico. Cameras Everywhere.

Kashmir Hill

The New Yorker A Critic at Large, 02.08.2021

Facebook’s Broken Vows

Jill Lepore

The Crime Report, 02.08.2021

Despite Protests and a Pandemic, Police Killings Persist

Harvard Magazine, 02.08.2021

Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Ladders, 02.08.2021

Working with the Mafia may not be as profitable as you thought

John Anderer

Wall Street Journal, 02.08.2021

Portland, Ore., Can’t Find Police for Unit to Fight Rising Murder Rate

THE STRATEGIST, 02.08.2021

ASPI’s decades: Terrorism

Graeme Dobell

The Conversation, 02.08.2021

The London riots ten years on: how a crackdown on protest became their main legacy

Matteo Tiratelli

The Conversation, 02.08.2021

Pandemic pushed defendants to plead guilty more often, including innocent people pleading to crimes they didn’t commit

Shi Yan, David M. Zimmerman, Kelly T. Sutherland, Miko M. Wilford

Forbes, 02.08.2021

Spotting Misinformation On Social Media Is Increasingly Challenging

Peter Suciu

South China Morning Post, 03.08.2021

Can data science help fight terrorism? This China-based research team thinks it can

Holly Chik

The Conversation, 03.08.2021

‘I don’t think the police would do much’: new research shows racism during COVID is rarely reported

Alanna Kamp, Kevin Dunn, Matteo Vergani, Nida Denson, Rachel Sharples

The Conversation, 03.08.2021

Relationship between big tech and policing is shielded behind commercial confidentiality – it’s a problem

Katerina Hadjimatheou

The Conversation, 03.08.2021

Stop and search disproportionately affects black communities – yet police powers are being extended

Winifred Agnew-Pauley, Bisola Akintoye

The People's Vanguard of Davis, 03.08.2021

Data Shows Reduction in Low-Level Arrests Reduces Crimes; Comparison Study of San Francisco Under DA Boudin

Linh Nguyen

New York Times, 03.08.2021

‘We’re Living in Hell’: Inside Mexico’s Most Terrified City

Oscar Lopez

New York Times, 03.08.2021

Osama bin Laden, the Fanatical Terrorist and the Devoted Family Man

Louise Richardson

The Journalist's Resource, 03.08.2021

Death and taxes: Research links neighborhood race, tax delinquency and life expectancy

Naseem S. Miller

New York Times, 03.08.2021

Should My Neighborhood Be Paying an Off-Duty Officer For Security?

Kwame Anthony Appiah

The Age, 04.08.2021

Relaxation of will-making rules during COVID may open elderly to abuse

Toby Crockford

The Conversation, 04.08.2021

4 low-cost ways to create safe public spaces where all kids can play

Renee Umstattd Meyer, J. Aaron Hipp

Modern Diplomacy, 04.08.2021

Drones in the Hands of Terrorists: What Happens Then?

Tatyana Kanunnikova

American Independent, 04.08.2021

Despite promises, Facebook is still not removing antisemitic and Islamophobic hate speech

Josh Axelrod

Bloomberg, 04.08.2021

Suburbs of Surveillance

Sarah Holder and Fola Akinnibi

PhillyVoice, 04.08.2021

Philly's gun violence epidemic and the power of fixing up neighborhoods block by block

Michael Tanenbaum

New York Times, 05.08.2021

Justice Dept. to Investigate Phoenix Police

Criminology First, 05.08.2021

COVID-19 frauds: An exploratory study of victimization during a global crisis

Jay P. Kennedy, Melissa Rorie, Michael L. Benson

Newsweek, 05.08.2021

Scientific Research Debunks Common Pro-Pot Arguments | Opinion

Kevin Sabet

The Conversation, 05.08.2021

COVID-19 caused a global setback in reproductive and sexual health rights, especially for women

Gabriel Blouin-Genest, François Couturier, Michèle Rietmann, Natalia Torres Orozco, Rosalie Émond-Tremblay, Sarah Stecko

The Crime Report, 06.08.2021

Is There a Link Between Airbnb and Neighborhood Crime Rates?

Kent Bausman, 06.08.2021

Defunding the police: Calls not easily transferable to other sectors without significant expenditures, adjustments

American Society of Criminology

The Conversation, 06.08.2021

It’s a myth that we’re too ‘soft’ on serious young offenders – our research shows why

Serena Wright, Susie Hulley

Insider, 06.08.2021

A former janitor stockpiled weapons for a mass killing at the Oregon school where he worked, police say

Haven Orecchio-Egresitz, 07.08.2021

French push against domestic abuse may overlook some police


The Daily Beast, 07.08.2021

How R. Kelly Preyed on and Controlled an Underage Aaliyah

Cheyenne Roundtree, 08.08.2021

'I have been attacked emotionally': Romance scam victim speaks out to help others

Rob Stock

Washington Post, 08.08.2021

Opinion: Trump’s coup attempt grows even more worrisome as new details emerge

Ruth Marcus

New York Times, 08.08.2021

As R. Kelly’s Trial Begins, Here’s a Timeline of the Allegations

Laura Zornosa and Jacey Fortin

The Conversation, 09.08.2021

Islamophobia in schools: How teachers and communities can recognize and challenge its harms

Asma Ahmed

Newswise, 09.08.2021

Survivors of domestic abuse can shatter the cycle of domestic violence

University of South Australia

The Trace, 09.08.2021

Putting the Focus on Victims’ Support

Ko Bragg

The Argus, 10.08.2021

Sussex violent crime "hot spots" revealed in new research

Daniel Green

The Conversation, 10.08.2021

Complicity and silence around sexual harassment are common – Cuomo and his protectors were a textbook example

Sandy Hershcovis, Ivana Vranjes, Jennifer L. Berdahl, Lilia M. Cortina

The Conversation, 10.08.2021

After Islamic State: how local shop owners in Mosul are rebuilding their historic markets

Yousif Al-Daffaie

Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 11.08.2021

OPINION: A hotter world will be a more violent world. Here’s why

Robert Muggah and Mac Margolis

Willamette Week, 11.08.2021

Black Portlanders Are More Likely to Be Murdered Than Their Peers in Cities Better Known for Crime

Nigel Jaquiss, Aaron Mesh

Forbes, 11.08.2021

Seven Elder Abuse Scams And How To Protect Yourself

David John Marotta

BBC News, 11.08.2021

The lost tablet and the secret documents

Nader Ibrahim, Ilya Barabanov

PBS, 11.08.2021

Domestic violence can also take the form of economic abuse

Study Finds, 11.08.2021

Revenge is a dish most prefer to serve hot and fast, study reveals

Crosscut, 11.08.2021

Seattle's former police chief on what to do about rising gun violence

The Conversation, 11.08.2021

Seattle's former police chief on what to do about rising gun violence

The Trace, 11.08.2021

New York to Roll Out Pioneering Violence Prevention Program That Involves Financial Incentives

Champe Barton

Washington Post, 12.08.2021

Transcript: Protecting Public Safety with Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison

Washington Post Live

The Conversation, 12.08.2021

Afghanistan: what the conflict means for the global heroin trade

Jonathan Goodhand

Newswise, 12.08.2021

Study Suggests Reforms to Prevent Bribery and Corruption at Major Sporting Events

University of Portsmouth

Security boulevard, 12.08.2021

5 Types of School Violence And How IT Can Help

Alexa Sander

Washington Post, 12.08.2021

No U.S. Court Can Make Mexico’s Streets Safe

Shannon O'Neil

New York Times, 13.08.2021

The Afghan Military Was Built Over 20 Years. How Did It Collapse So Quickly?

Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Fahim Abed and Sharif Hassan

British Psychological Society, 13.08.2021

Psychological distress and resilience in first responders and health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jennifer Pink, Nicola S. Gray, Chris O’Connor, James R. Knowles, Nicola J. Simkiss, Robert J. Snowden

Washington Post, 13.08.2021

Opinion: Preventing police suicides must become a national priority

The Crime Report, 13.08.2021

Five Misconceptions About Police Reform

Nancy La Vigne

MIT Technology Review, 13.08.2021

Deleting unethical data sets isn’t good enough

Karen Hao

CBS Chicago, 13.08.2021

Behind Police Leaders Claims That Bail Reform Is Responsible For Surge In Violence

Foreign Affairs, 13.08.2021

Bin Laden’s Catastrophic Success

Nelly Lahoud

New York Times, 14.08.2021

20 Years of Defense, Erased by the Taliban in a Few Months

Scott Reinhard and David Zucchino

The Guardian, 14.08.2021

The Guardian view on the Taliban’s advance: not an American debacle but Afghans’ tragedy

The Conversation, 15.08.2021

Afghan government collapses and Taliban on verge of controlling country: 5 essential reads

Catesby Holmes

The Guardian, 15.08.2021

Incel ideology: a new blurry form of extremism incubated online

Mark Townsend

Washington Post, 15.08.2021

The Taliban is retaking Afghanistan. Here’s how the Islamist group rebuilt and what it wants.

Derek Hawkins

The New Yorker, 15.08.2021

Does the Great Retreat from Afghanistan Mark the End of the American Era?

Robin Wright

The New Yorker, 15.08.2021

How America Failed in Afghanistan

Isaac Chotiner

The Spectator, 15.08.2021

What went wrong in Afghanistan

David Loyn

New Statesman (UK), 15.08.2021

The graveyard of empires: Why American power failed in Afghanistan

Adam Tooze

New York Times, 15.08.2021

Disaster in Afghanistan Will Follow Us Home

Bret Stephens

Small Wars Journal, 16.08.2021

Critical Afghanistan Assessment

The Crime Report, 16.08.2021

Police Reform, Like Vaccination, Requires Global Strategy

Lawrence W. Sherman

Foreign Policy, 16.08.2021

Why Afghanistan’s Tribes Beat the United States

Jeremi Suri

The Conversation, 16.08.2021

Inside the warped world of incel extremists

Charlie Tye

The Stylist, 16.08.2021

Laura Bates on the threat posed by incels and why we need to start calling them what they really are – terrorists

iNews, 16.08.2021

Taliban 2.0 have learned to manipulate social media, but their actions in Afghanistan show little has changed

Michael Day

Washington Post, 16.08.2021

Afghan security forces’ wholesale collapse was years in the making

Craig Whitlock

New York Times, 16.08.2021

20-Year U.S. War Ending as It Began, With Taliban Ruling Afghanistan

New York Times, 16.08.2021

How America Lost Its Way in Afghanistan

Fredrik Logevall

The Conversation, 16.08.2021

Afghanistan: why a visibly distressed government minister had to admit that ‘some people won’t get back’

Sara de Jong

The Conversation, 16.08.2021

There’s no end to the damage humans can wreak on the climate. This is how bad it’s likely to get

Andrew King, Nerilie Abram, Sarah Perkins

UnHerd, 16.08.2021

Can the Taliban bring peace?

Aris Roussinos

New York Times, 16.08.2021

Biden Could Still Be Proved Right in Afghanistan

Thomas L. Friedman

Financial Times, 16.08.2021

Who are the Taliban 2.0?

Stephanie Findlay

Washington Post, 16.08.2021

America was finally using Biden’s Afghanistan strategy. Then he pulled the plug.

Rory Stewart

News-Medical, 17.08.2021

Study: COVID-19 pandemic resulted in increased rates of intimate partner aggression

Emily Henderson

The Conversation, 17.08.2021

Afghanistan only the latest US war to be driven by deceit and delusion

Gordon Adams

New York Times, 17.08.2021

He Spent 14 Years at Guantánamo. This Is His Story.

Ben Hubbard

Washington Post, 17.08.2021

Opinion: Now comes the Taliban narco-state

Elaine Shannon

New York Times, 17.08.2021

The Taliban Are Back. Now Will They Restrain or Support Al Qaeda?

Steven Erlanger

The Conversation, 17.08.2021

America’s moral responsibility for the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan

Michael Blake

The Conversation, 18.08.2021

Why did a military superpower fail in Afghanistan?

Arie Perliger

The Conversation, 18.08.2021

Incel culture: what we’ve learned from investigating Plymouth attacker’s digital footprint

Blyth Crawford, Florence Keen

New York Times, 18.08.2021

Who Are the Taliban, and What Do They Want?

Eric Nagourney

The Conversation, 18.08.2021

Afghanistan: assessing the terror threat in the west as the Taliban returns

Michele Groppi

WhoWhatWhy, 18.08.2021

Body Cameras Don’t ‘Fix’ Policing, but Lawmakers Keep Trying

Chris Roberts

TIME, 18.08.2021

Criminal Justice Researchers Studied Over 4 Million 911 Calls. Here’s How Their Findings Could Influence Calls for Police Reform

Josiah Bates

The Intercept, 18.08.2021

The Taliban Have Seized U.S. Military Biometrics Devices

Ken Klippenstein, Sara Sirota

New Statesman, 18.08.2021

The age of the megafire

Tim Flannery

Genetic Literacy Project, 19.08.2021

Podcast: What goes on inside the brain of a terrorist? This cognitive scientist made it his mission to find out

Lydia Chain, Malia Politzer

TheHealthSite, 19.08.2021

Covid Pandemic Resulted In Eightfold Increase In Intimate Partner Aggression

Longjam Dineshwori

Clinical Advisor, 20.08.2021

Aggressive Policing as a Public Health Issue

Jim Anderson, 20.08.2021

Body cams alone not enough to prevent police violence

Australian National University

New York Times, 20.08.2021

How the Taliban Turned Social Media Into a Tool for Control

Paul Mozur and Zia ur-Rehman

New York Times, 21.08.2021

50 Years After Vietnam, Thousands Flee Another Lost American War

Miriam Jordan

The Guardian, 22.08.2021

The Guardian view on soaring US gun violence: America must face the problem

The Guardian, 22.08.2021

Trump booed after telling supporters to get Covid vaccine

Martin Pengelly

New York Times, 23.08.2021

The Taliban Want You to Keep Your Phone On

Richard Stengel

The Conversation, 23.08.2021

Where do Afghanistan’s refugees go?

Tazreena Sajjad

Glamour Magazine, 23.08.2021

The incel subculture is infecting young men and inciting unthinkable violence against women, so why is the threat of misogyny never taken seriously?

Kimberley Bond

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), 23.08.2021

Always afraid that bad things will happen again

Kristine Grønhaug

Medscape, 23.08.2021

'Less Lethal' Crowd Control Weapons Linked to Serious Neurotrauma

Pauline Anderson

City Journal, 23.08.2021

How Do Different Prosecutors React to the Same Case?

Robert VerBruggen

MediaNama, 23.08.2021

The use of facial recognition technology for policing in Delhi: An empirical study of potential religion-based discrimination

Jai Vipra

New York Times, 23.08.2021

Did the War in Afghanistan Have to Happen?

Alissa J. Rubin

The Conversation, 24.08.2021

How ordinary people are convinced to become spies

Chris Smith

The Conversation, 24.08.2021

How Afghanistan is — and isn’t — Vietnam all over again

Eugene Lang

Newswise, 24.08.2021

Identifying counterfeit drugs

South Dakota State University

New York Times, 24.08.2021

Is New York’s Wave of Gun Violence Receding? Experts See Reason for Hope.

Troy Closson

New York Times, 24.08.2021

Why Mexico Is Suing U.S. Gunmakers

PBS NewsHour, 24.08.2021

On TikTok, misogyny and white supremacy slip through ‘enforcement gap’

Amanda Becker

The Conversation, 24.08.2021

Money is frequently offered to redress wrongs — what does it achieve for victims and justice?

Kathleen Daly, Juliet Davis

Foreign Affairs, 24.08.2021

The War on Terror Supercharged the Far Right

Cynthia Miller-Idriss

The Trace, 25.08.2021

How Climate Change Could Worsen Gun Violence

Jennifer Mascia

The Conversation, 25.08.2021

Countries that are more compassionate towards refugees have lower levels of violence – new research

Timo A Kivimäki

NPR, 25.08.2021

What To Know About The Spying Scandal Linked To Israeli Tech Firm NSO

Daniel Estrin

Washington Post, 25.08.2021

Insights into the Nazis’ failed nuclear program may lie within this 2-inch-tall uranium cube

Caroline Anders

Computer Weekly, 25.08.2021

Calling the cops for ransomware attacks doesn’t help, say cyber pros

Alex Scroxton

Bloomberg, 25.08.2021

How Target Got Cozy With the Cops, Turning Black Neighbors Into Suspects

Peter Waldman and Lauren Etter

The Independent, 25.08.2021

Domestic homicides could rise now lockdown has been lifted, police report finds

Maya Oppenheim

The New Arab, 25.08.2021

Why nation-building failed in Afghanistan

Daron Acemoglu

Concord Monitor, 25.08.2021

Do body cameras deter police misconduct? It’s complicated


The Conversation, 25.08.2021

Remaining and expanding: what the Taliban’s return will mean for jihadi terrorism

Greg Barton

New York Times, 25.08.2021

I Commanded Afghan Troops This Year. We Were Betrayed.

Sami Sadat

New York Times, 25.08.2021

Cory Booker Outfoxed Republicans on ‘Defund the Police.’ Now What?

Emily Bazelon

The Conversation, 26.08.2021

What is ISIS-K? Two terrorism experts on the group behind the deadly Kabul airport attack and its rivalry with the Taliban

Amira Jadoon, Andrew Mines

New York Times, 26.08.2021

Rejecting Covid Inquiry, China Peddles Conspiracy Theories Blaming the U.S.

Austin Ramzy and Amy Chang Chien

The Guardian, 26.08.2021

Unacknowledged rape: the sexual assault survivors who hide their trauma – even from themselves

Rachel Thompson

The Conversation, 26.08.2021

The history of the Taliban is crucial in understanding their success now – and also what might happen next

Ali A. Olomi

Washington Post, 26.08.2021

The story of an Afghan man who fell from the sky

Gerry Shih, Niha Masih and Dan Lamothe

Substack, 26.08.2021

The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy

Edward Snowden

The Conversation, 26.08.2021

‘You couldn’t leave your husband. It wasn’t done’ – the story of the women behind the first domestic violence refuges

Gill Margaret Hague

Newsweek, 27.08.2021

Could the U.S. Evacuation List Become a Taliban Kill List if All Allies Don't Leave?

Alex J. Rouhandeh and Naveed Jamali

New York Times, 27.08.2021

Amid Afghan Chaos, a C.I.A. Mission That Will Persist for Years

Mark Mazzetti, Julian E. Barnes and Adam Goldman

The Conversation, 27.08.2021

Kabul bombings a dark day for Afghanistan and Joe Biden — and a harbinger of worse to come

Tony Walker

Politico, 27.08.2021

After Afghanistan, let’s not be misty-eyed about the West’s rules-based order

H.A. Hellyer

New York Times, 28.08.2021

A Journey Through Kabul on the Day of the Fall

Mujib Mashal

The Economist, 28.08.2021

After Afghanistan, where next for global jihad?

msn news, 29.08.2021

Internet trolls are just as mean in real life, claims new study

Adam Schrader

Eurasia Review, 29.08.2021

New Study Shows Rundown Neighborhoods Not Slated To Go Into A Steep Decline

Eurasia Review

Epoch Times, 29.08.2021

Federal Use of Facial Recognition Technology Expanding: GAO Report

Ken Silva

San Diego Union-Tribune, 29.08.2021

Cops were taught incidental fentanyl exposure is deadly. Experts say it’s unlikely. Why the disconnect?

Teri Figueroa, Karen Kucher

New York Times, 29.08.2021

Stop the Doomsaying. U.S. Credibility Will Weather Afghanistan.

Dennis B. Ross

Times of India, 30.08.2021

Most surveilled cities in the world

The Conversation, 30.08.2021

Afghanistan: ISIS-K violence could force the west into an unlikely alliance with Taliban

Scott Lucas

The Conversation, 30.08.2021

Why is it so difficult to fight domestic terrorism? 6 experts share their thoughts

Mikkel Dack, Colleen Murphy, Roger and Stephany Joslin, Gary LaFree, John Horgan, Kurt Braddock, Monika Nalepa

The Conversation, 30.08.2021

The Taliban reportedly have control of US biometric devices – a lesson in life-and-death consequences of data privacy

Margaret Hu

New York Times, 30.08.2021

A New Breed of Crisis: War and Warming Collide in Afghanistan

Somini Sengupta

War on the Rocks, 30.08.2021

Ten Things the United States Should Do to Combat Terrorism in the Sahel

Michael Shurkin and Aneliese Bernard

New York Times, 30.08.2021

In Afghanistan, an Unceremonious End, and a Shrouded Beginning

Thomas Gibbons-Neff

New York Magazine, 30.08.2021

America’s Greatest Existential Threat Wasn’t Terrorism

Frank Rich

Foreign Affairs, 30.08.2021

Afghanistan Was Lost Long Ago

James Dobbins

New York Times, 31.08.2021

Biden Didn’t See the ISIS-K Threat in Afghanistan Until Too Late

Asfandyar Mir, 31.08.2021

The problems with Chicago’s gang-centric narrative of gun violence

Lakeidra Chavis

The Bakersfield Californian, 31.08.2021

How Washington's new laws on police use of force have changed officers' training, weapons

Mike Carter

The Washington Post, 31.08.2021

U.S. troops depart a dramatically changed Afghanistan after 2 weeks of chaos and 20 years of war

Pamela Constable and Dan Lamothe

Bloomberg, 31.08.2021

How Philadelphia Housing Repairs Drove Down Crime

Sarah Holder

Bloomberg, 31.08.2021

How Philadelphia Housing Repairs Drove Down Crime

Sarah Holder

EurekAlert!, 31.08.2021

Helping families exposed to intimate partner violence

Grant and Award Announcement University of Houston

The Cipher Brief, 31.08.2021

The Risk of Terrorism at Home and Abroad

The Guardian, 31.08.2021

Does the fall of Kabul increase the terror threat to the west?

The Guardian, 31.08.2021

In Afghanistan, Islamic State is seeking to exploit divisions within the Taliban

Antonio Giustozzi

The Guardian, 31.08.2021

To understand what happens next in Afghanistan, look to its neighbours

Mohammad Ali Shabani

The Atlantic, 31.08.2021

The New Puritans

Anne Applebaum