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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Stars and Stripes, 01.01.2021

Killings in DC hit 16-year high as shootings rise


The Conversation, 03.01.2021

Young children are intuitive urban planners — we would all benefit from living in their ‘care-full’ cities

Christina Ergler

The Telegraph, 03.01.2021

Police should prioritise missing adults over children, new study suggests

Martin Evans

The Hill, 03.01.2021

Trump-created commission offers recommendations on policing

Joseph Choi

Quillette, 03.01.2021

Return of the Strong Gods: Understanding the New Right

Jordan Alexander Hill

The Conversation, 04.01.2021

Why some gun-control opponents want to ‘other’ one of Canada’s worst mass killers

R. Blake Brown

New York Times, 04.01.2021

No One Should Go to Prison for a Crime They Didn’t Commit

Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana

Gotham Gazette, 04.01.2021

We Have a New Tool to Remove Guns from Abusers; We Must Use It to Save Lives

Lucy Lang

Independent Australia, 04.01.2021

Terrorism: Some lessons for Australia from the New Zealand Royal Commission

Bilal Cleland

The New Yorker, 04.01.2021

The Plague Year

Lawrence Wright

The Conversation, 04.01.2021

Populism erupts when people feel disconnected and disrespected

Noam Gidron, Peter A. Hall Krupp

Brookings, 04.01.2021

Crime and anti-crime security policy in Mexico in 2020

Vanda Felbab-Brown

Foreign Policy Research Institute, 05.01.2021

Trends in Terrorism: What’s on the Horizon in 2021?

Colin P. Clarke

EurekAlert!, 05.01.2021

Non-immigrant kids respond differently when immigrant children are bullied

North Carolina State University

EurekAlert!, 05.01.2021

How has the COVID-19 pandemic altered sex offender behavior?

University of Birmingham

ABA Journal, 05.01.2021

There will be blood: Coronavirus, conflict and capital punishment

Liane Jackson

Los Angeles Times, 05.01.2021

Op-Ed: An overdose epidemic is raging alongside the coronavirus pandemic

Joseph Friedman and Morgan Godvin

The Conversation, 06.01.2021

Coronavirus: new study claims that a five-day warning ruined the last lockdown

Christian Yates

The Conversation, 06.01.2021

Trump tapped into white victimhood – leaving fertile ground for white supremacists

Lee Bebout

MSNBC, 06.01.2021

Forget bad apples: Police shoot people like Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor because of a bad system.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

The Conversation, 06.01.2021

‘Once you engage in political violence, it becomes easier to do it again’ – an expert on political violence reflects on events at the Capitol

Naomi Schalit

The News Journal, 06.01.2021

'The forgotten city': How drugs and gangs drove Dover's record year of gun violence

Isabel Hughes and Emily Lytle

Project Syndicate, 06.01.2021

Who Is Attacking Whom?

Mohamed ElBaradei

The Conversation, 07.01.2021

‘Delighting in causing complete chaos’: what’s behind Trump supporters’ brazen storming of the Capitol

David Smith

Bloomberg, 07.01.2021

Trump Supporter Rage Simmered on Social Media Before D.C. Violence

Daniel Zuidijk and Kartikay Mehrotra

London Review of Books Vol. 43 No. 1, 07.01.2021

Ever Closer Union?

Perry Anderson

The Conversation, 07.01.2021

Thought the U.S. Capitol attack couldn’t happen? Think again: The insurrection threat isn’t over

Jack L. Rozdilsky

The Conversation, 07.01.2021

Why were the Capitol rioters so angry? Because they’re scared of losing grip on their perverse idea of democracy

Jordan McSwiney

The Conversation, 07.01.2021

US Capitol protesters, egged on by Trump, are part of a long history of white supremacists hearing politicians’ words as encouragement

Shannon M. Smith

The Conversation, 07.01.2021

The U.S. Capitol raid exposes the myth and pathology of American exceptionalism

Ronald W. Pruessen

The Conversation, 07.01.2021

QAnon and the storm of the U.S. Capitol: The offline effect of online conspiracy theories

Marc-André Argentino

The Sun, 07.01.2021

COP OUT Fury as cops pose for selfies with MAGA mob inside the Capitol after letting them swarm building by OPENING gates

Mark Hodge

New York Times, 07.01.2021

This Is When the Fever Breaks

David Brooks

New York Times, 07.01.2021

‘What a Joke.’ Black Lives Matter Activists Note Contrast in Police Response at Capitol

Washington Post, 07.01.2021

‘Nothing can stop what’s coming’: Far-right forums that fomented Capitol riots voice glee in aftermath

Craig Timberg, Drew Harwell, Razzan Nakhlawi and Harrison Smith

Washington Post, 07.01.2021

The pro-Trump media world peddled the lies that fueled the Capitol mob. Fox News led the way.

Margaret Sullivan

spiked, 08.01.2021

We need scepticism more than ever

Frank Furedi

The Guardian, 08.01.2021

Donald Trump's parting gift to the world? It may be war with Iran

Daniel Ellsberg

The Atlantic Culture, 08.01.2021

The Inaction of Capitol Police Was by Design

Kellie Carter Jackson

New York Times, 08.01.2021

These Are the Rioters Who Stormed the Nation’s Capitol

Austin Chronicle, 08.01.2021

New Audits Highlight Problems at Police Academy

Austin Sanders

The Conversation, 08.01.2021

Far-right activists on social media telegraphed violence weeks in advance of the attack on the US Capitol

Alex Newhouse

The Conversation, 08.01.2021

A scholar of American anti-Semitism explains the hate symbols present during the US Capitol riot

Jonathan D. Sarna, Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun

Financial Times, 09.01.2021

Racial double standard seen in policing of US Capitol rampage

Kiran Stacey, Claire Bushey

New York Times, 09.01.2021

The American Abyss

Timothy Snyder

The Conversation, 10.01.2021

The U.S. Capitol raid was a failed self-coup previously seen in dying regimes

Max Cameron

The Wire Science, 11.01.2021

What Risk Perception Research Can Teach Us About the US Capitol Attack

Catherine Buni and Soraya Chemaly

The Conversation, 11.01.2021

Why ‘free speech’ needs a new definition in the age of the internet and Trump tweets

Peter Ives

EurekAlert!, 11.01.2021

Study finds new evidence of health threat from chemicals in marijuana and tobacco smoke

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The Atlantic, 11.01.2021

The Conservative Cult of Victimhood

David Frum

The Pew Charitable Trusts, 11.01.2021

New York’s Criminal Justice Knowledge Bank Builds Evidence of Public Safety Best Practices

Sara Dube & Steve Lize

The Conversation, 11.01.2021

How should schools teach kids about what happened at the US Capitol on Jan. 6? We asked 6 education experts

David Schonfeld, Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Kyle Greenwalt, Paula McAvoy, Sarah Stitzlein, Tiffany Mitchell

London Review of Books, 11.01.2021

See you in hell, punk

by Hilary Mantel, Thomas Jones, Perry Anderson, Patricia Beer, Christopher Hitchens, Ella George, Bruce Ackerman, Alexandra Reza, James Meek and John Perry

POLITICO, 11.01.2021

Yes, It Was a Coup. Here’s Why.


New York Times, 11.01.2021

How White Evangelical Christians Fused With Trump Extremism

Elizabeth Dias and Ruth Graham

Junge Wissenschaft im Öffentlichen Recht, 11.01.2021

Trump’s very own platform? Two scenarios and their legal implications


Toronto Star, 12.01.2021

From facial recognition, to predictive technologies, big data policing is rife with technical, ethical and political landmines

John Lorinc, Atkinson Fellow

POLITICO, 12.01.2021

Right-wing extremist chatter spreads on new platforms as threat of political violence ramps up


The Guardian, 12.01.2021

Most women who commit family violence turn to verbal abuse, report finds

Melissa Davey

The Conversation, 12.01.2021

No, Twitter is not censoring Donald Trump. Free speech is not guaranteed if it harms others

Katharine Gelber

Journalist’s Resource, 12.01.2021

At protests that draw counter-protesters, people on the left more likely to face arrest

Clark Merrefield

NBC News, 12.01.2021

Does 'deplatforming' work? Trump's most extreme fans will find him, research says

David Ingram

The Conversation, 12.01.2021

Executions don’t deter murder, despite the Trump administration’s push

David P. Barash

The Conversation, 12.01.2021

Why the flag of South Vietnam flew at US Capitol siege

Long T. Bui

The Conversation, 12.01.2021

At impeachment hearing, lawmakers will deliberate over a deadly weapon used in the attack on Capitol Hill – President Trump’s words

Kurt Braddock

Scientific American, 12.01.2021

Now Is the Time to Reestablish Reality

Jen Schwartz

New Haven Independent, 12.01.2021

Police Problem: Excessive Contact

Shafiq Abdussabur

The American Prospect, 12.01.2021

The Plague of Fascist Cops

Robert Kuttner

National Geographic, 12.01.2021

Decoding the hate symbols seen at the Capitol insurrection

Kristin Romey

The Conversation, 13.01.2021

Why the far-right and white supremacists have embraced the Middle Ages and their symbols

Helen Young

EurekAlert!, 13.01.2021

Age matters in identifying maltreatment in infants and young children with fractures

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

EurekAlert!, 13.01.2021

Density of marijuana retailers linked to higher use among young adults

EurekAlert!, 13.01.2021

What are the links between violence and mental illness? Update from Harvard Review of Psychiatry

USA TODAY, 13.01.2021

How the antifa conspiracy theory traveled from the fringe to the floor of Congress

Aleszu Bajak and Javier Zarracina

The Conversation, 13.01.2021

Misogyny in the Capitol: Among the insurrectionists, a lot of angry men who don’t like women

Mona Lena Krook

The Conversation, 13.01.2021

Dostoevsky warned of the strain of nihilism that infects Donald Trump and his movement

Ani Kokobobo

New England Journal of Medicine, 13.01.2021

Injuries from Less-Lethal Weapons during the George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis

The Atlantic, 13.01.2021

Most House Republicans Did What the Rioters Wanted

Zeynep Tufekci

The Conversation, 13.01.2021

How Donald Trump’s populist narrative led directly to the assault on the US Capitol

Jérôme Viala-Gaudefroy

New Statesman, 13.01.2021

Why Trump isn’t a fascist

Richard J Evans

The American Prospect, 13.01.2021

Cops and Fascists? Cops Against Fascists? Which Is It?

John Knefel

Christian Science Monitor, 14.01.2021

Capitol assault: Why did police show up on both sides of ‘thin blue line’?

Patrik Jonsson

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 14.01.2021

A threat to confront: far-right extremists and nuclear terrorism

Rebecca L. Earnhardt, Brendan Hyatt, Nickolas Roth

The Marshall Project, 14.01.2021

White Terrorism Often Leads to Harsher Punishment for People of Color

Eli Hager, 14.01.2021

Utrecht University: Increasing trust in the police: research contributes to National Police’s Intelligent Crime Reporting tool

EurekAlert!, 14.01.2021

Exposure to violence takes a toll on the socioemotional well-being of Californians

Newswise, 14.01.2021

Perceptions of police using PPE during the pandemic

Simon Fraser University

EurekAlert!, 14.01.2021

Sexual harassment claims considered more credible if made by 'prototypical' women

University of Washington

EurekAlert!, 14.01.2021

Effects of head trauma from intimate partner violence largely unrecognized

Rutgers University

The Conversation, 15.01.2021

Why the news media may not want to share Capitol riot images with the police

Anthony Fargo

The Conversation, 15.01.2021

Symbols of white supremacy flew proudly at the Capitol riot – 5 essential reads

Jeff Inglis

WIREDO, 15.01.2021

I Am Not a Soldier, but I Have Been Trained to Kill

Rachel Monroe

Washington Post, 16.01.2021

41 minutes of fear: A video timeline from inside the Capitol siege

Dalton Bennett, Emma Brown, Sarah Cahlan, Joyce Sohyun Lee, Meg Kelly, Elyse Samuels, Jon Swaine

WIRED, 16.01.2021

Big Tech Can’t Ban Its Way Out of This

Gilad Edelman

Telegraph, 16.01.2021

The people behind the Capitol Riots and how they were radicalised

Josie Ensor

Anchorage Daily News, 16.01.2021

Inauguration day will come and go. Violent domestic extremism may be around for a while.

Kevin G. Hall, Tara Copp

University of Denver, 18.01.2021

Research: Why Was Black Lives Matter So Successful?

Lorne Fultonberg

MIT Technology Review, 18.01.2021

Police are flying surveillance over Washington. Where were they last week?

Tate Ryan-Mosley

New York Times, 18.01.2021

‘I Let You Down’: Klete Keller’s Path From Olympics to Capitol Riot

Karen Crouse

Psychology Today, 18.01.2021

Our Beliefs Bias What We See

John G. Cottone

The Crime Report, 18.01.2021

Why Police Diversity Won’t Fix the Problems of Policing

Jennifer Cobbina and Alex S. Vitale

EurekAlert!, 18.01.2021

Vermont's BIPOC drivers are most likely to have a run-in with police, study shows

University of Vermont

The Conversation, 18.01.2021

Alexei Navalny: Novichok didn’t stop Russian opposition leader – but a prison sentence might

Alexander Titov

New York Times, 18.01.2021

The Fire Last Time

Elizabeth Bruenig, 18.01.2021

"Twitter and the Other Platforms Are Bad, Facebook Is Worse"

Tim Bartz

EurekAlert, 19.01.2021

Childhood neglect leaves generational imprint

EurekAlert, 19.01.2021

Do children view punishment as rehabilitative? A new study takes a look

Society for Research in Child Development

The Conversation, 19.01.2021

As U.S. Capitol investigators use facial recognition, it begs the question: Who owns our faces?

Wendy H. Wong

New York Times, 19.01.2021

The Homicide Spike Is Real

Rafael A. Mangual

Medicalxpress, 19.01.2021

Study finds national data may be underestimating illicit drug use in young people

University of Bristol

The Conversation, 19.01.2021

Armed groups from Capitol riot pose longer-term threat to Biden presidency

Amy Cooter

The Conversation, 19.01.2021

Police, soldiers bring lethal skill to militia campaigns against US government

Arie Perliger

New York Times, 19.01.2021

Amanda Gorman Captures the Moment, in Verse

Rest of World, 19.01.2021

Where surveillance cameras work but the justice system doesn’t

Madeleine Wattenbarger

GQ online, 19.01.2021

The Epic Hunt for One of the World’s Most Wanted Men

Joshua Hammer

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 20.01.2021

Massachusetts Must Focus On Root Causes Of Gun Violence: Racial, Economic Disparity

Ruth Zakarin

The Crime Report, 20.01.2021

When Policing Youth, Honey Works Better Than Vinegar

Lisa H. Thurau and Adam D. Fine

The New Yorker, 20.01.2021

Obituary for a Failed Presidency

Susan B. Glasser

The Appeal, 20.01.2021

Decades of Federal Policies Turned Local Police On Immigrant Communities. Here’s How Biden Can Stop That.

Alina Das

Foreign Policy, 20.01.2021

The Internet Is a Crime Scene

Joan Donovan, Gabrielle Lim

CNN Updated 1751, 20.01.2021

Marijuana abuse by youth with mood disorders linked to suicide attempts, self-harm and death, study finds

Sandee LaMotte

Deutsche Welle, 21.01.2021

Far-right terrorism in Germany: Walter Lübcke's murder and the NSU

Ben Knight

The Conversation, 21.01.2021

Islamophobia in western media is based on false premises

Stuart Chambers

EurekAlert, 21.01.2021

Tough childhood damages life prospects

Uppsala University

Columbus, 21.01.2021

Column: Police reform isn't enough when people see Blacks as dangerous

Marcelius Braxton

ProPublica, 21.01.2021

Still Can’t Breathe

Topher Sanders, Yoav Gonen

The Conversation, 21.01.2021

US could face a simmering, chronic domestic terror problem, warn security experts

Luis De la Calle Fellow

Minneapolis Star Tribune, 22.01.2021

Proposed ban on use of facial recognition technology by police advances in Minneapolis

Libor Jany

The Atlantic, 22.01.2021

Can Abolition Work in an Age of Right-Wing Extremism?

Neil Gong, Heath Pearson

New York Times, 22.01.2021

A New Era of Far-Right Violence

Colin P. Clarke

The Conversation, 22.01.2021

Far-right groups move to messaging apps as tech companies crack down on extremist social media

Kevin Grisham

The Conversation, 22.01.2021

‘Early warning’ systems in schools can be dangerous in the hands of law enforcement

F. Chris Curran

Rolling Stone, 22.01.2021

Highway to Hell: A Trip Down Afghanistan’s Deadliest Road

Jason Motlagh

Aeon, 22.01.2021

Gulf slave society

Bernard Freamon

The Intercept, 23.01.2021

Capitol Attack Was Culmination of Generations of Far-Right Extremism

Ryan Devereaux

New York Times, 23.01.2021

2 Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?

Ian Austen

Rappler, 24.01.2021

Global right-wing extremism networks are growing. The US is just now catching up.

Sebastian RotellaProPublica

The New Yorker, 25.01.2021

Among the Insurrectionists

Luke Mogelson

The Conversation, 25.01.2021

Why COVID-19 won’t kill cities

John Rennie Short, Michael J. Orlando

EurekAlert!, 25.01.2021

ISIS and the Taliban use different strategies to appeal to women in English-language magazines

University of Exeter

The Times, 25.01.2021

Prisons too soft on extremist inmates, warns terrorism watchdog

Fiona Hamilton

FiveThirtyEight, 25.01.2021

Our Radicalized Republic

Maggie Koerth and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

New York Times, 25.01.2021

How Parler Reveals the Alarming Trajectory of Political Violence

Candace Rondeaux and Heather Hurlburt

The Conversation, 25.01.2021

How history textbooks will deal with the US Capitol attack

Wendy Wall, Christian K. Anderson, Daisy Martin

The Conversation, 25.01.2021

Strange costumes of Capitol rioters echo the early days of the Ku Klux Klan - before the white sheets

Kenneth Ladenburg

The Conversation, 26.01.2021

Attacks at sea aren’t all linked to piracy. Why it’s important to unpick what’s what

Dirk Siebels

The Conversation, 26.01.2021

Domestic violence soars after natural disasters. Preventing it needs to be part of the emergency response

Jennifer Boddy, Celeste Harris

The Conversation, 26.01.2021

Incitement to violence is rarely explicit – here are some techniques people use to breed hate

H. Colleen Sinclair

EurekAlert!, 26.01.2021

Jihadi online media productions and how different groups deal with them

Johannes Gutenberg

EurekAlert!, 26.01.2021

Anti-poverty policies can reduce reports of child neglect

University of Washington

New York Times, 26.01.2021

Why Is Big Tech Policing Speech? Because the Government Isn’t

Emily Bazelon

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2021

Study: Sudden police layoffs in one US city associated with increases in crime

Crime and Justice Research Alliance

The Crime Report, 27.01.2021

Philanthropists Back Out of Controversial Police Surveillance Program

Isidoro Rodriguez

The Arab Weekly, 27.01.2021

Rights groups denounce French police profiling of Arabs, Africans

Pique Newsmagazine, 27.01.2021

One-third of Canadian sex workers don't call 911 due to fear of police

Elana Shepert

Minnesota Spokesman Recorder, 27.01.2021

U of M research finds police non-lethal projectiles cause lasting injury

Mel Reeves

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2021

Three mental health conditions contribute to violent offenses, WCU study finds

Western Carolina University

Bellingcat, 27.01.2021

Navalny Poison Squad Implicated in Murders of Three Russian Activists, 27.01.2021

The Creeping Return of Anti-Semitism to Munich

Annette Großbongardt

Newswise, 28.01.2021

Expert: A historic opportunity to combat systemic racism

Washington University in St. Louis

EurekAlert!, 28.01.2021

'Be a man': Why some men respond aggressively to threats to manhood

Duke University

EurekAlert!, 28.01.2021

'Violent ignorance': New book calls us to face up to and challenge injustice

University of Warwick

EurekAlert!, 28.01.2021

People's acceptance of inequality affects response to company wrongdoings

Penn State

The Times, 28.01.2021

Children as young as eight recruited by families to life of crime

Brian Mahon

The Conversation, 28.01.2021

Remembering the Québec City mosque attack: Islamophobia and Canada’s national amnesia

Jasmin Zine

Matter News, 28.01.2021

Columbus police officers' body cameras, explained.

Marisa Twigg / Jacob Zobrist

New York Times, 29.01.2021

The Coup We Are Not Talking About

Shoshana Zuboff

CTV News Toronto, 29.01.2021

Toronto Police Service says it's the first in Canada to publicly unveil body camera procedures

Janice Golding

The Conversation, 29.01.2021

Conspiracy theories: why are they thriving in the pandemic?

Rod Dacombe

Open Democracy, 29.01.2021

Met Police officers privately ordered to switch off NHS COVID-19 tracing app

Alex Waygood Peter Geoghegan

Verfassungsblog, 29.01.2021

Does Twitter trump Trump?

Aleksandra Kuczerawy

Homeland Security Today, 30.01.2021

Organized Crime Groups Becoming More Violent and Targeting Ports

Newcastle Herald, 30.01.2021

Pandemic increases risk of elder abuse

Tanya Chapman

New York Times, 30.01.2021

A Vast Web of Vengeance

Kashmir Hill

The Conversation, 31.01.2021

We analysed almost 500,000 police reports of domestic violence. Mental health was an issue

George Karystianis, Tony Butler

PsyPost, 31.01.2021

Non-clinical psychopathic traits linked to support of violent social change

Eric W. Dolan