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Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation August 1, 2015 8.23am BST, 03.08.2015

It’s important to understand why some people support capital punishment

Author Christopher Bennett, Reader in the Philosophy Department at University of Sheffield

New York Times online JULY 30, 2015, 03.08.2015

The Videos That Are Putting Race and Policing Into Sharp Relief


The Conversation July 31, 2015 11.48am BST, 03.08.2015

Fishing for favors: how inmates lure prison staffers

Author Robert Worley, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Lamar University

Congressional Research Service Releases Study of Mass Shootings, 04.08.2015

One criminologist's reaction: "This report should calm the fears that many people have that these numbers are out of control."

Jesse Walker

EurekAlert! Public Release: 3-Aug-2015, 04.08.2015

Marriage can lead to dramatic reduction in heavy drinking in young adults

Findings could help improve clinical outcomes for heavy drinkers, inform public health policy

University of Missouri-Columbia August 01, 2015 8:00PM, 04.08.2015

Liam Bartlett: Have we put up the white flag on crime?

The Conversation August 4, 2015 8.35pm BST, 05.08.2015

Why we should all care about cyber crime: the risk to you and me

Author Mihai Lazarescu, Associate Professor and head of the Department of Computing at Curtin University

The Cop, 05.08.2015

Darren Wilson was not indicted for shooting Michael Brown. Many people question whether justice was done

By Jake Halpern

Americans' Slightly Shifting Attitudes About Rape Victims, 05.08.2015

The proportion of young American adults who hold untrue and harmful beliefs about rape victims has declined since the 1970s, but not by as much as you

Francie Diep

The Conversation August 5, 2015 3.35pm BST, 06.08.2015

Coerced confessions and jailhouse snitches: why the death penalty is so flawed

Author Brandon L. Garrett, Professor of Law at University of Virginia August 05, 2015 at 6:30 AM, updated August 05, 2015 at 6:34 AM, 06.08.2015

Police body cameras in Massachusetts: A simple idea that's hard to enact

By Patrick Johnson |

The Economist - Aug 1st 2015 | From the print edition, 06.08.2015

Information security

It is too easy to hack into websites, but some people do so to make it harder
The Conversation August 6, 2015 9.07pm BST, 07.08.2015

Don’t worry, if you smoked during pregnancy, your child isn’t programmed for delinquency

Author Caroline Homer, Professor of Midwifery at University of Technology Sydney

Wall Street Journal Updated Aug. 6, 2015 5:35 p.m. ET, 07.08.2015

Police Walk Fine Line in Wake of Ferguson Shootings

In places such as Baltimore a decline in arrests has been accompanied by a rise in some crimes City officials are struggling to end this summer’s sharp rise in homicides and shootings. Officer David White takes WSJ’s Scott Calvert on a ride-along in West Baltimore.

By Scott Calvert and Zusha Elinson

In These Times August 5, 2015, 07.08.2015

How One Group of Moms Is Keeping the Peace on One of Chicago’s Most Violent Street Corners

The group wants to make one thing clear: Young black men are not the enemy.

BY Lillian Osborne and Jessica Stites

Wall Street Journal Updated Aug. 7, 2015 11:59 a.m. ET, 10.08.2015

How Many Americans Have a Police Record? Probably More Than You Think

Drill-down into oft-cited crime statistic points to an undercount

By Jo Craven McGinty

Yale News August 7, 2015, 10.08.2015

Workshop aims to give criminal justice professionals tools to reduce crime

A social network analysis workshop aims to give criminal justice professionals tools to reduce crime.

By Bess Connolly Martell

Curbing Intimate Partner Violence Is a Tall Task, 10.08.2015

Two studies show that fighting domestic violence just isn't that easy.

Nathan Collins

The Atlantic 10.8.2015, 7:30 AM ET, 11.08.2015

The Crimes of Children

The juvenile justice system was designed to “hide youthful errors from the full gaze of the public.” But the extra penalties attached to these sentences have ruined many lives.

Dylan Walsh

Bloomberg Aug 6, 2015 2:00 PM CEST, 11.08.2015

Saving Baltimore From Itself

The city's new police chief is working on a miracle.

Del Quentin Wilber

Pacific Standard 10.8.2015, 11.08.2015

Illegal Immigration Might Actually Reduce Crime Rates

Claude S. Fischer

Politico August 11, 2015, 12.08.2015

Don’t Blame My ‘Broken Windows’ Theory For Poor Policing

The co-author of an influential approach to police tactics argues it’s been misunderstood.


EurekAlert! Public Release: 11-Aug-2015, 12.08.2015

Behaviors linked to adult crime differ between abused boys and girls, study finds

University of Washington

The Intercept Aug. 3 2015, 11:49 a.m., 12.08.2015

My Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers

Duncan Campbell

Mother Jones Wed Aug. 12, 2015 6:00 AM EDT, 13.08.2015

Why Cops Are Told to Keep Quiet After a Shooting

The controversial science behind the 48-hour rule.

By Jaeah Lee

The Conversation August 12, 2015 4.36pm BST, 13.08.2015

Police should put away the military gear and build connections with young people

Author Arthur Romano, Assistant Professor, School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University

The Conversation August 12, 2015 5.16am BST, 13.08.2015

FactCheck: is ridesharing no safer than hitchhiking?

Author Terry Goldsworthy, Assistant Professor in Criminology at Bond University

EurekAlert! Public Release: 13-Aug-2015, 14.08.2015

Police more likely to be killed on duty in states with high gun ownership

University of Illinois at Chicago

The Marshall Project Filed 7:15 a.m. 08.13.2015, 14.08.2015

Should Cops Get to Review the Video Before They Report? Commentary

By Kathy Pezdek

The Conversation August 13, 2015 6.55am BST, 14.08.2015

Here’s how rape on campus remains a hidden crime

Author Elizabeth Englander, Professor of Psychology, and the Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) at Bridgewater State University

Washington Post August 16 at 7:30 PM, 17.08.2015

Why ethical psychologists play an important role in interrogations

By Anne Speckhard

Los Angeles Times 16.8.2015, 17.08.2015

Let there be (less) light

By Eric Betz

Washington Post- August 15, 2015, 17.08.2015

Jerome Miller, revolutionized juvenile justice, dies

By Emily Langer

The Conversation August 17, 2015 9.04pm BST, 18.08.2015

Mass grave reveals organised violence among Europe’s first farmers

Author Rick Schulting, Lecturer in Scientific and Prehistoric Archaeology at University of Oxford

Irish Examiner Monday, August 17, 2015, 18.08.2015

Wrongful Convictions: Time to shine a light on the innocent

Anne Driscoll, Innocence Project

The Conversation August 17, 2015 5.01am BST, 18.08.2015

When bail causes outrage, don’t just blame the courts

Author Rick Sarre, Professor of Law at University of South Australia

New York Times, 18.08.2015

Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Girls


Pacific Standard, 18.08.2015

What Makes American Men So Dangerous?

Mass shootings in the United States are on the rise. And men are almost always to blame.

Tristan Bridges & Tara Leigh Tober

The Chronicle of Higher Education August 18, 2015, 19.08.2015

Can Universities Fix the Police?

By Steve Kolowich Tuesday 18 August 2015 14.30 BST, 19.08.2015

I’ve seen how debating skills win the argument for rehabilitation in jail

A volunteering scheme by student barristers shows how giving prisoners debating skills can transform their confidence and change perceptions on both sides of the classroom

Zehrah Hasan

EurekAlert! Public Release: 19-Aug-2015, 20.08.2015

Research reveals link between age and opinions about video games

Study published in Computers and Human analyzes the opinions of 109 clinicians asking them whether video games are a problem for society


The Conversation August 18, 2015 5.27pm BST, 20.08.2015

Simple hospitality could be the answer to the European migrant ‘crisis’

Author Jessica Jacobs, Geographer and filmmaker at Queen Mary University of London

The Conversation August 19, 2015 2.31pm BST, 20.08.2015

IWF’s efforts to remove child porn from the web won’t tackle paedophile networks – but it’s still important

Author David S. Wall, Professor of Criminology at University of Leeds, 20.08.2015

Why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean 'migrants'

The Conversation August 20, 2015 5.30am BST, 21.08.2015

Reflections on police funerals: what they say about South Africa’s policing culture

Author Gráinne Perkins, PhD Student, Centre of Criminology at University of Cape Town

The Conversation August 21, 2015 3.01am BST, 21.08.2015

FactCheck: is ice more dangerous and addictive than any other illegal drug?

Author Nicole Lee, Associate Professor at the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Flinders University

EurekAlert! Public Release: 19-Aug-2015, 21.08.2015

Social media is transforming emergency communications -- Ben-Gurion U. study

American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Government Technology, 21.08.2015

Police Body Cameras Improve Accuracy of Written Reports, Study Shows

Huffington Post, 21.08.2015

Report from Turkey: Enjoying the Med Beaches While the Rest of the Mid East Burns

Brian Glyn Williams

Huffington Post, 21.08.2015

Why More Women in Law Enforcement Means a More Just and Peaceful World

Lauren C. Anderson, 21.08.2015

More relaxed nature of rail travel leaves it vulnerable

There were four times as many malicious deaths on trains as on aircraft from 2002 to 2011, study found.

David Millward

Pacific Standard, 21.08.2015

Is Your Neighborhood Racist?

The sad, unconscious bigotry of the liberal enclaves of Los Angeles.

Tamara Shayne Kagel

The Conversation, 21.08.2015

How Islamic State is moving its Egyptian battle from Sinai to Cairo

Natasha Ezrow

EurekAlert!, 21.08.2015

Study documents extent of unexpected sexual consequences for young women who drink alcohol

Could lead to interventions that encourage safer behaviors in young women and men.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

EurekAlert!, 21.08.2015

Study uses 311 complaints to track where and when neighborhood conflict emerges

American Sociological Association

EurekAlert!, 21.08.2015

Why collaboration may encourage corporate corruption

University of Nottingham

Arkansas Online, 21.08.2015

1971 Experiment 'hard to believe'


The Economist, 22.08.2015

The persistence of history

Islamic State’s revival of slavery, extreme though it is, finds disquieting echoes across the Arab world.
The Independent, 23.08.2015

Do we really need scientific research to believe rape victims?

A report has found that victims of sexual assault who were drunk can still report information accurately.

Emily Jupp

EurekAlert!, 23.08.2015

US has 5 percent of world's population, but had 31 percent of its public mass shooters from 1966-2012

The Conversation, 23.08.2015

What is Bitcoin? It is not that complicated if you ignore the geek speak

David Glance

The Jerusalem Post, 23.08.2015

Toward a WMD-capable Islamic State?

The military-strategic culture in the Middle East tends to see strategic weapons as means of compensating for conventional-military shortcomings, ensuring regime security through deterrence.


The Conversation, 23.08.2015

Preventing violence: maybe communities know better

Anilena Mejia

New York Times, 23.08.2015

‘The Shape of the New,’ by Scott L. Montgomery and Daniel Chirot


Los Angeles Times, 24.08.2015

Why the U.S. is No. 1 -- in mass shootings

Melissa Healy

EurekAlert!, 24.08.2015

Unlike boys, girls lose friends for having sex, gain friends for making out

American Sociological Association

EurekAlert!, 24.08.2015

Brains of abused teenagers show 'encouraging' ability to regulate emotions

Study published in Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry looks at patterns of emotion regulation in the brains of children aged 13-19 years who have been abused.
InDaily, 24.08.2015

People, not cameras & lighting, key to feeling safe

Bension Siebert

New York Times, 24.08.2015

In New York, Testing Grounds for Community Policing


Tone Deaf, 24.08.2015

Proof Sydney’s Lockout Laws Have Created New Violence Hotspots

Critics of Sydney’s controversial 1.30am lockout laws in the CBD and Kings Cross have long claimed that, rather than reducing alcohol-fuelled violence in lockout areas, the laws have simply displaced the violence elsewhere.

Greg Moskovitch

Times Literary Supplement, 24.08.2015

Are they Charlie?


Newsweek, 25.08.2015

Study: Mass Shootings ‘Exceptionally American Problem’

Stav Ziv

The Conversation, 25.08.2015

Why banning the mammoth ivory trade would be a huge mistake

Douglas MacMillan

Northwestern University NewsCenter, 25.08.2015

Predicting Who Will Murder His Wife or His Family

New understanding of men who kill intimate partners could prevent these murders

Marla Paul

Baylor University, 25.08.2015

The Greater a Country’s Gender Equality in Employment, the Higher Its Homicide Rate, Baylor Study Finds

The greater a country’s gender equality when it comes to employment, the higher the overall homicide rate, according to a Baylor University study of 146 countries.
The Intercept - First Look Media, 25.08.2015

What We Don’t Know About Policing, Race and Mental Illness

Kelly Davis, 25.08.2015

Small man syndrome really does exist, US government researchers conclude

Men who feel the least masculine are nearly three times more likely to commit violent acts compared with those who are comfortable in their own skin.

Sarah Knapton

Washington Post (blog), 25.08.2015

Wow! This Nigerian prince would like to wire you 75 million dollars!!

Timothy S. Rich

EurekAlert!, 25.08.2015

UT Dallas criminologist tackles perception of NFL players

Researchers show National Football League players have lower total crime rate than general Population.
Live Science, 26.08.2015

Why America Is Prone to Mass Shootings

Stephanie Pappas, 26.08.2015

It’s time we gave our most vulnerable people proper protection in custody

The Appropriate Adult scheme was meant to protect mentally vulnerable detainees. But many are being interviewed by police without any support.

Chris Bath

The Conversation, 26.08.2015

Women-only train carriages are just another form of victim blaming

Hannah Bows

EurekAlert!, 26.08.2015

Police professionals are better observers than ordinary civilians

VU University Amsterdam

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 26.08.2015

What Is Driving the Balkan Exodus?

Susanne Koelbl, Katrin Kuntz and Walter Mayr

Pacific Standard, 26.08.2015

Many Are Quicker to Shoot If the Target Is Black

A new meta-study synthesizes recent research, and finds unconscious racial bias influences snap decisions to pull the trigger.

Tom Jacobs

The Australian, 27.08.2015

It’s a mistake to leave universities off counterterrorism strategy


The Conversation, 27.08.2015

The Virginia on-air shootings: all too real

Russell Frank

MinnPost, 27.08.2015

The professors and the police: How a Minneapolis project may change the way cops everywhere relate to the public

Peter Callaghan

The Conversation, 27.08.2015

Four times as many men as women are diagnosed with cannabis psychosis

Ian Hamilton, Paul Galdas

The Conversation, 27.08.2015

What motivates public place murders?

Samara McPhedran

The Conversation, 27.08.2015

Virginia TV shootings: murder as a media event

Andy Ruddock

The Conversation, 27.08.2015

Shame on the UK press for helping make a superstar of Virginia shooter

Karen Boyle

The Conversation, 27.08.2015

Why does it take victims of child sex abuse so long to speak up?

Michael Salter

The Conversation, 27.08.2015

Swept away: Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans Police Department

Peter Scharf, Stephen Phillippi

EurekAlert!, 27.08.2015

Link between gene variant and aggression in children

Findings help to substantiate 'differential susceptibility,' where some individuals are more susceptible to environmental conditions partly due to genotype.
EurekAlert!, 27.08.2015

Choosing to end it all

Difficulty making good choices is one of the factors that make certain people vulnerable to suicide.

McGill University

Pacific Standard, 27.08.2015

A Look at Those Who Kill Their Own Family Members

OUPblog (blog)-, 28.08.2015

Austerity and the prison

Next City, 28.08.2015

Will New “Respect” Strategy Improve Police-Community Relations?

Christopher Moraff

Quartz, 28.08.2015

Eight common myths that make the US justice system seem fairer than it is

Alex Kozinski

Phys.Org, 28.08.2015

Criminologist says Amnesty's call to decriminalise prostitution makes sense

Niki Widdowson

The New Republic, 28.08.2015

Gun Control Advocates Make Slow Progress—Just Not in Washington

Suzy Khimm

EurekAlert!, 28.08.2015

Confidence in parenting could help break cycle of abuse

University of Rochester

The Conversation, 28.08.2015

Why it’s time to legalise doping in athletics

Julian Savulescu, Louis Matheson

The Atlantic, 28.08.2015

The Forgotten Bombing That Ushered in an Age of Sectarian War

A 2003 explosion in Najaf was to the Middle East’s Sunni-Shiite war what Gavrilo Princip’s bullets were to the First World War. I was there.

Bobby Ghosh

Yahoo News UK, 29.08.2015

How to spot a psychopath through yawns, sense of smell and speech patterns

Hannah Osborne

The Conversation, 29.08.2015

Day of the disappeared: remembering Mexico’s 43 abducted students

Cornelia Gräbner

EurekAlert!, 29.08.2015

A single cocaine dose lowers perceptions of sadness and anger

A single cocaine dose lowers perceptions of sadness and anger

Reason (blog), 30.08.2015

Prison Nation

How America's incarceration system is like a distinct nation.

Daniel J. D'Amico

Science 2.0, 30.08.2015

Will You Murder Your Wife?

News Staff

TakePart, 30.08.2015

Prisons Are Overflowing With Drug Offenders, but the Drugs Are Better and Cheaper Than Ever

New research shows the massive federal-prison drug-offender population hasn’t made us safer.
The Conversation, 30.08.2015

Political Correctness: Its Origins and the Backlash Against It

Clive Hamilton

New York Times, 30.08.2015

The Lessons of Anwar al-Awlaki

Four years after the United States assassinated the radical cleric in a drone strike, his influence on jihadists is greater than ever. Was there a better way to stop him?


The New Yorker, 31.08.2015

The Other France

Are the suburbs of Paris incubators of terrorism?

George Packer

Forbes, 31.08.2015

Interpol Creates Digital Currency To Fight Bitcoin Crimes

Johan Nylander

Stockton Record, 31.08.2015

Anti-profiling legislation: Stockton group to join rally for bill

Almendra Carpizo, 31.08.2015

How to spot a psychopath … and what to do if you know one

A true psychopath can be very cunning. They can’t learn to express true empathy, but they are very good at mimicking emotions. Even the most experienced forensic psychologist or police investigator can still be duped.

Xanthe Mallett

The Conversation, 31.08.2015

The streak of doubt that underlies ISIS' destructive acts of religious fervor

Ken Chitwood

EurekAlert!, 31.08.2015

Television viewing linked to higher injury risk in hostile people

University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences

EurekAlert!, 31.08.2015

Preventive medicine experts speak out about reducing firearm violence

Daily Mail, 31.08.2015

'Ello 'ello 'ello, is anybody there? New guidelines say police should not rule out tip offs from 'psychics, witches or clairvoyants'

Jennifer Newton