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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Sentinel, 01.02.2015

Midstate police look at body cameras to improve accountability, public safety

Samantha Madison

Scottish Daily Record, 01.02.2015

The female of the species is more deadly than the male.. well sometimes at least

Jackie Bird

The New Yorker online, 01.02.2015

No More Excuses

Caitlin Kelly

New Yorker, 02.02.2015

Your Son Is Deceased

The city has one of the highest rates in the country of fatal shootings by police, but no officer has been indicted.

Rachel Aviv

The Atlantic, 02.02.2015

Race and Overreaction: On the Streets and in Schools

The excessive punishment of young people of color can have a direct impact on their future prospects.

Mica Pollock and Tanya Coke

New York Times online, 02.02.2015

Washington State Looks to Share Marijuana Taxes With Cities


EurekAlert!, 02.02.2015

Many universities undercount sexual assaults on campus, research finds

Fines against schools haven't deterred violations, study concludes.

American Psychological Association, 02.02.2015

Complaints about police rise by 15pc in year

Independent Police Complaints Commission says number of recorded complaints about police rises to 34,863 in 2013/2014.
The Guardian, 02.02.2015

It’s immigration, not immigrants, that British people say they don’t like

For 70% of us ‘immigration’ is an idea that suggests a Britain overrun by welfare tourists, but ‘immigrants’ are likely to be people we know.

Peter Kellner

Sydney Morning Herald, 02.02.2015

Chan and Sukumaran should not have to beg to avoid barbaric death penalty

Every second Australian wants two of her fellow citizens to be killed for trying to take heroin out of Indonesia.
American Civil Liberties Union News and Information, 02.02.2015

Police Officer Discretion in the Use of Body Worn Cameras

Jay Stanley

Huffington Post, 02.02.2015

Eric Garner's Only Crime Was Indignation. He Should Be Alive Today.

H. A. Goodman

New York Times, 03.02.2015

Bratton Says Terrorism and Protests Will Be Handled by Separate Police Units


The Conversation, 03.02.2015

From gambling rings to sly downloads: how police corruption has changed

Jon Moran, 03.02.2015

Failed 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid describes 'tactical regrets' that mass murder mission failed

British terrorist shows no remorse for 2001 plane bomb plot and says he has 'no tears' for Charlie Hebdo victims in letters from Supermax prison.

Philip Sherwell

The Conversation, 03.02.2015

A new legal framework for the age of cloud computing

Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

The Conversation, 03.02.2015

Terrorism is not a good reason to arm the police with tasers

Michelle Bentley

The Conversation, 03.02.2015

Boris’s jihadi ‘wankers’ mark a real shift in western terrorism

Kevin McDonald

The Conversation, 03.02.2015

Milgram was wrong: we don’t obey authority, but we do love drama

Kathryn Millard

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 03.02.2015

Social Media and the North Side Gang Life

Jeremy Layton

The Guardian, 04.02.2015

Australian security and counter-terrorism

Banning Hizb ut-Tahrir would play into extremists' hands, says British expert.
The Globe, 04.02.2015

Why some prisons produce terrorists

Ryan Williams

TIME, 04.02.2015

Don’t Dismiss Poverty’s Role in Terrorism Yet

The studies are mixed, but our analysis should not be hasty.

David Sterman

Journalist's Resource, 04.02.2015

Juvenile incarceration and long-term consequences: Research on high school graduation rates, adult jail time

EurekAlert!, 04.02.2015

Opioid and heroin crisis triggered by doctors overprescribing painkillers

Brandeis University

The Conversation, 04.02.2015

Islamic State atrocities: violence flares from Iraq to North Africa

Shaun McDaid

Brisbane Times, 04.02.2015

Prison is not the answer but perhaps justice reinvestment is

Gino Vumbaca

The Guardian, 04.02.2015

Welcome to the most corrupt nation in Europe

While the conflict with Russia heats up in the east, life for most Ukrainians is marred by corruption so endemic that even hospitals appear to be infected. Can anyone clean the country up?

Oliver Bullough

New York Magazine, 04.02.2015

An Author Explains How Mass Killings Happen

Claire McCartney

MIT Technology Review (blog), 04.02.2015

Holding Data Hostage: The Perfect Internet Crime?

Thousands of people will have their personal files held hostage this year, by software that uses virtually unbreakable encryption.

Tom Simonite

The Conversation, 04.02.2015

Humans are wired for prejudice but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story

Caitlin Millett

New York Review of Books, 05.02.2015

Rape on the Campus

Zoë Heller

New York Review of Books, 05.02.2015

How ISIS Rules

Sarah Birke, 05.02.2015

Ferguson Police Test New Less Lethal Device


BBC News, 05.02.2015

Paris attacks: Prisons provide fertile ground for Islamists

For anyone trying to recruit people to the cause of radical Islam, a French jail would be an ideal place to start.

Henri Astier

Sun Sentinel, 05.02.2015

Toxic relationships: Abuse is a two-way street

Raul España and Sanjana Srinivasan

The Conversation, 05.02.2015

Jordanian pilot execution shows how dangerous combat with Islamic State really is

Paul Rogers

The Conversation, 05.02.2015

Child abuse inquiry gets new chair and more powers – but is it enough?

Bernard Gallagher

The Conversation, 05.02.2015

Islamic State gore-fest appeals to voyeuristic streak in society

Bill Durodie

The Conversation, 05.02.2015

Why do women in West turn to Islamic State? For the same reasons as men

Farhaan Wali

Community Care, 05.02.2015

Social care has a role in preventing hate crime, it’s not just a criminal justice issue

A multi-agency hate crime care pathway will raise much-needed awareness of the issue, says Dr Chih Hoong Sin.

Dr Chih Hoong Sin

inewsnetwork, 05.02.2015

I-News Examines the Research about False Reporting in Sex Assault Cases

Kristin Jones

Medscape, 05.02.2015

New Insight Into the Psychopathic Brain

Psychopathic violent offenders have abnormalities in brain regions that may prevent them from learning from punishment, a finding that may have implications for prevention and treatment, according to a novel imaging study.

Megan Brooks

The Guardian, 05.02.2015

Antisemitic attacks in UK at highest level ever recorded

Community Security Trust recorded 1,168 incidents against Britain’s Jewish population in 2014, more than double that of the previous year.

Robert Booth

MSUToday, 05.02.2015

Do cops need college?

A new study suggests college-educated cops are dissatisfied with the job, have negative views of their supervisors and don’t necessarily favor community policing, a strategy aimed partly at reducing the number of deadly police-citizen incidents dominating the headlines.

Andy Henion, William Terrill

ABC Online, 05.02.2015

Explained: Where do foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria come from?

The number of foreigners who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight has topped 20,000 and surpassed the number attracted to Afghanistan in the 1980s, latest estimates suggest.

Matthew Liddy & Colin Gourlay

TIME, 05.02.2015

Inside ISIS and al-Qaeda’s Battle for Brand Supremacy

Francesca Trianni

The Conversation, 05.02.2015

Indonesia uses faulty stats on ‘drug crisis’ to justify death penalty

Claudia Stoicescu

The Conversation, 05.02.2015

Tor: the last bastion of online anonymity, but is it still secure after Silk Road?

Steven J. Murdoch

The Wilson Times, 06.02.2015

2 decades of community policing

Philosophy forever changed Wilson police as challenges evolve.

Olivia Neeley

Prevention Action, 06.02.2015

How to draw broader conclusions from randomized trials

NET Website, 06.02.2015

Gang expert talks about the problem and solutions after gang violence outbreak in Omaha

Mike Tobias

Baltimore Sun, 06.02.2015

Is violence contagious?

Outbreaks of gun violence in the U.S. bear an uncanny resemblance to infectious disease epidemics elsewhere.
Breitbart News, 06.02.2015

ISIS Women’s Guide: ‘Emasculation of Muslim Men… Tearing Society Apart’

Dr. Phyllis Chesler

From JMag to Jihad John: the radicalization of John Maguire, 06.02.2015

From JMag to Jihad John: the radicalization of John Maguire

Andrew Duffy, Meghan Hurley

The Globe and Mail, 06.02.2015

Jerry Langton’s Cold War indexes the history of organized crime in Canada. But so what?


Science World Report, 06.02.2015

Cops Who Are College-Educated Are Less 'Trigger-Happy'

Kathleen Lees

ThinkProgress, 06.02.2015

Raising Education Standards Could Be The Key To Better Policing

Carimah Townes

The Conversation, 06.02.2015

Speaking with: Tim Jones on child sexual abuse within religious institutions

Tamson Pietsch

The Conversation, 06.02.2015

An open letter to the British Prime Minister: 20th-century solutions won’t help 21st-century surveillance

Jonathan Zittrain, George Bemis

Newswise, 06.02.2015

Stress Caused by Discrimination Linked to Mental Health Issues Among Latino Teens, 06.02.2015

Why are we obsessed with the Nazis?

The Nazis still have a strong hold on us – in daily news stories, in bookshops and cinemas, even on the streets of Europe. But how has thinking about the Third Reich changed over the decades? And does it exert such a grip because it represents racism in its most extreme form?

Richard J Evans

The Economist, 07.02.2015

No junk

Drug users are becoming more picky
The Economist, 07.02.2015

Apartheid, or just apart?

The French prime minister’s use of the word apartheid provokes reactions, and some soul-searching.
Wall Street Journal, 08.02.2015

Youth Justice Defies Easy Fix

Rebecca Davis O’Brien

New York Times, 08.02.2015

The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps


The Inquisit, 09.02.2015

Scientists Prove Manipulative Questioning Tactics Used By Police Can Induce False Memories, Confessions

Le Monde diplomatique, 09.02.2015

Where do you come from?

The idea of defining immigrant, or formerly immigrant, communities by their ethnic origins or religion has supplanted any previous class or economic definitions. This is an invented story.

Benoît Bréville

The Conversation, 09.02.2015

‘Je suis Ahmed,’ Charlie Hebdo, and France’s elephant in the room: race

Jean Beaman

The Marshall Project, 09.02.2015

‘A System That Is Clearly Broken’

A Minnesota sex-offender program is under fire. How long can the state hold people for crimes they have not yet committed?

Beth Schwartzapfel

The New Yorker, 09.02.2015

Don’t Be Like That

Does black culture need to be reformed?

Kelefa Sanneh

Foreign Affairs, 09.02.2015

ISIS on the Run

The Terrorist Group Struggles to Hold On.

Michael Pregent and Robin Simcox

Christian Science Monitor, 09.02.2015

What are police doing to prevent swatting?

Jessica Mendoza

BBC News, 09.02.2015

Stop-and-search: Police officers accuse politicians of ignorance

Rank and file police officers have accused politicians of "ignorance" over consensual stop and searches.
Foreign Affairs, 09.02.2015

The Rise of the Child Terrorist

Mia Bloom and John Horgan

Aeon, 09.02.2015

Be not brave

Cowards have been shamed, beaten and shot, yet their failing has an important social function. Let’s hear it for cowardice.

Chris Walsh

Boston Globe, 09.02.2015

Statistics open eyes to the debate on race

NAACP’s ad aims to shed light on little-known Facts.

Akilah Johnson, 09.02.2015

Here's why corporate scandals can actually be good for businesses, 09.02.2015

UK police force apologises for taking details of Charlie Hebdo readers

Wiltshire force says it has deleted from its system details of four people who bought copies of magazine from a newsagent.

Josh Halliday

New York Times, 10.02.2015

Lowering the Drinking Age Has Serious Consequences

Tara Watson

Washington Post, 10.02.2015

Was Kayla Mueller’s situation different from other Islamic State hostages?

Adam Taylor

The Conversation, 10.02.2015

Yemen chaos shows drones can take out key targets, but they’ll never defeat terrorism

Jon Moran

NL Time, 10.02.2015

Forensic investigators fear worst in security cutbacks

Janene Van Jaarsveldt

The Independent, 10.02.2015

Imprisonment 'turns young offenders into sex criminals'

Plans for Europe’s biggest juvenile prison called into question by findings of Howard League study.

Paul Peachey

Pacific Standard, 10.02.2015

Lethal Rejection: Will the Supreme Court's Lethal Injection Review Kill the Death Penalty?

The Supreme Court is reviewing lethal injection for the first time in seven years. Here’s what it means for the death Penalty.

Annie Waldman, 11.02.2015

Study finds 40% of teenage girls in England are being forced to have sex

Ruth Halkon

The Guardian, 11.02.2015

Security researcher publishes 10m usernames and passwords online

Mark Burnett is putting his database into the public domain to help improve online security, but fears an FBI raid for his actions.

Stuart Dredge

The Conversation, 11.02.2015

The politics of (not) counting: why war on terror’s civilian toll matters

Tom Gregory, Alex Edney-Browne

The Conversation, 11.02.2015

The number of Sure Start centres is irrelevant – it’s quality that matters

Naomi Eisenstadt

The Conversation, 11.02.2015

Privacy is fast becoming the real disruptive force in digital technology

Paul Levy

The Conversation, 11.02.2015

Drones are more than killing machines, but what happens when they become intelligent?

Andy Miah

Journalist's Resource, 11.02.2015

Active shooters: Trends of mass killing incidents in the U.S. and perpetrators’ characteristics

The Atlantic, 11.02.2015

The Many Causes of America’s Decline in Crime

A new report finds that locking up more offenders isn't making people any safer—and may even be counterproductive.

Inimai M. Chettiar

EurekAlert!, 12.02.2015

Large numbers of teenage girls experience sexual coercion in relationships

More than 4 in 10 teenage schoolgirls in England have experienced sexual coercion.

University of Bristol

The Guardian, 12.02.2015

FBI director James Comey on race – full text: 'America isn’t easy. America takes work'

The director of the FBI spoke at Georgetown University about the often dysfunctional relationship between law enforcement and people of color. Here’s the full text of his speech.
Bloomberg, 12.02.2015


How to find out anything from anyone.

Drake Bennett

EurekAlert!, 12.02.2015

Juvenile gang members in US top 1 million, new study finds

Sam Houston State University

The Conversation, 12.02.2015

NHS guardians won’t help whistleblowers unless they’re protected from bullying too

Elizabeth Cotton, 12.02.2015

1.4 million women suffered domestic abuse last year, ONS figures show

Office for National Statistics survey shows that rates remain stubbornly high, while violent crime more generally continues to fall.

Alan Travis

Newswise, 12.02.2015

Puerto Rican Officials Blame Parents of Children with Obesity, Consider Fines

Pacific Standard, 12.02.2015

Who's Policing the Police?

One solution to improve officers' relationships with their communities: holding the bad cops accountable.

Kate Wheeling

New York Times online, 12.02.2015

How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life


Pacific Standard, 13.02.2015

From the System to the Street

The factors and figures behind the so-called “foster care to prostitution pipeline”.

Lauren Kirchner

Vox, 13.02.2015

16 theories for why crime plummeted in the US

Dara Lind and German Lopez

The Conversation, 13.02.2015

Hundreds of refugees dead in the Mediterranean and still Europe won’t act

Helen O'Nions

Pacific Standard, 13.02.2015

University Assault Audits Don't Tell the Full Story

A new study shows that sexual assaults reported under the Clery Act decline after government audits, suggesting drastic underreporting.

Nathan Collins

Pacific Standard, 13.02.2015

What's in a (Islamic) State?

The brutal violence the Islamic State has used to control its territory is as much as part of its establishment of a state in Syria and Iraq as are the services it provides.

Daniel Solomon

U-T San Diego, 14.02.2015

Study: Incarceration not behind crime drop

Researchers find locking people go up not enough to explain decline in national crime rate.

Kristina Davis, 15.02.2015

Super strong cannabis responsible for quarter of new psychosis cases

John Bingham, Peter Dominiczak, Camilla Turner

Toronto Star, 15.02.2015

Aggressive police questioning may boost false accusations, study finds

Wendy Gillis

The Conversation, 15.02.2015

Copenhagen shootings target democracy and pluralism

Dominic Hinde

Washington Post (blog), 15.02.2015

Why the United States incarcerates so many people (in one graph)

John Sides

Christian Science Monitor, 15.02.2015

How communities are keeping kids out of crime

Cities and states are moving away from locking up juvenile offenders, offering treatment and other programs to prevent them from becoming hardened criminals.

Stacy Teicher Khadaroo

The Conversation, 16.02.2015

Was the news media shamed into covering the murders in Chapel Hill?

Russell Frank

The Conversation, 16.02.2015

Denmark must not succumb to polarisation in the wake of Copenhagen attacks

Vincent F Hendricks

The Conversation, 16.02.2015

The new law against ‘revenge porn’ is welcome, but no guarantee of success

Clare McGlynn, Erika Rackley

EurekAlert!, 16.02.2015

Criminologist 'hacks' the hacker

Kansas State University

EurekAlert!, 16.02.2015

Terror attacks offer insights for first responders

University at Buffalo

The New Yorker, 16.02.2015

Shots at the Heart of Copenhagen

Jeffrey Frank

The Conversation, 17.02.2015

Women’s personal experiences of violence should indeed incite Fury

Anastasia Powell

The Conversation, 17.02.2015

When talking about terrorism, let’s not forget the other kind

Igor Primoratz

The Conversation, 17.02.2015

Online courts must not compromise fairness

Julia Hörnle

EurekAlert!, 17.02.2015

Workplace bullying a vicious circle

University of East Anglia, 17.02.2015

What will it take to stop Isis using rape as a weapon of war?

Yifat Susskind

Pandaemonium (Blog), 17.02.2015

The failure of multiculturalism

This is an essay about multiculturalism in Europe that I wrote for the latest issue of the journal Foreign Affairs, which has a series of features on ‘The Trouble with Race’.

Kenan Malik

The Conversation, 17.02.2015

Human rights are nice, but they shouldn’t be enshrined in law

Hugh McLachlan

EurekAlert!, 17.02.2015

Major study of trafficked men, women & children reveals abuse & complex health issues

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 17.02.2015

In heroin’s grip


Le Monde diplomatique English Edition, 18.02.2015

Myth and reality

Anti-Semitic opinions don’t prevail in France. Yet anti-Semitic attacks have increased sharply in the past decade.

Dominique Vidal

The Conversation, 18.02.2015

The evidence supports specialist refuges for domestic violence

Jane Bullen

Washington Post (Blogs), 18.02.2015

5 countries where police officers do not carry firearms — and it works well

Rick Noack

The Conversation, 18.02.2015

What the Romans can teach us on immigration and integration

Ursula Rothe

EurekAlert!, 18.02.2015

People who believe they were 'born that way' more inclined to blame God for bad behavior

Case Western Reserve University

EurekAlert!, 18.02.2015

Hair dye 'CSI' could help police solve crimes

American Chemical Society

The Guardian, 18.02.2015

Bad lieutenant: American police brutality, exported from Chicago to Guantánamo

The Guardian, 18.02.2015

Bad lieutenant: American police brutality, exported from Chicago to Guantánamo

New York Review of Books, 19.02.2015

Defying the Assassin’s Veto

Timothy Garton Ash

New York Review of Books, 19.02.2015

Justice Deferred Is Justice Denied

Too Big to Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations.

Brandon L. Garrett

Sydney Morning Herald, 19.02.2015

Police seizures have little impact on methamphetamine market, AIC report

Henry Belot

The Conversation, 19.02.2015

Detained children risk life-long physical and mental harm

Karen Zwi

The Conversation, 19.02.2015

If you want to cut crime, you can’t ignore the evidence

Janet Ransley

The Atlantic, 19.02.2015

When Schools Simulate Mass Shootings

K-12 students are now learning how to prepare for trauma. But at what cost?

Angela Almeida

University of Baltimore News, 19.02.2015

Criminology Professor Serves as Visiting Researcher on Initiative to Improve Domestic Violence Offender Treatment in Colorado

Prof. Tara Richards

EurekAlert!, 19.02.2015

Up in smoke: Belief that shisha pipe 'filters out' heavy metals

EurekAlert!, 19.02.2015

Cyberbullying linked to 6-fold increase in depression among female college students

Yale Daily News, 19.02.2015

CT lawmakers propose body cameras for cops

Stephanie Addenbrooke, 19.02.2015

After the Silk Road conviction, Tor must be protected

While the anonymising software has been used for illegality, it provides a pathway to otherwise impossible communication all over the world

Craig A. Newman, 19.02.2015

How Chicago police condemned the innocent: a trail of coerced confessions

Spencer Ackerman

Pacific Standard, 19.02.2015

Why Juvenile Justice Should Start—and Stay—at Home

Texas A&M researchers explain how community-based programs rehabilitate juvenile offenders better, and for less money, than correctional facilities.

Lauren Kirchner

CNN, 19.02.2015

Nonsense about terrorism's 'root causes'

Peter Bergen, 19.02.2015

How Chicago police condemned the innocent: a trail of coerced confessions

Spencer Ackerman

Pacific Standard, 19.02.2015

Why Juvenile Justice Should Start—and Stay—at Home

Texas A&M researchers explain how community-based programs rehabilitate juvenile offenders better, and for less money, than correctional facilities.

Lauren Kirchner

CNN, 19.02.2015

Nonsense about terrorism's 'root causes'

Peter Bergen

Newsweek, 19.02.2015

The Rise and Fall of Silk Road, the Dark Web's Amazon

Nina Burleigh

The Conversation, 20.02.2015

Countering Boko Haram: can a regional approach help Nigeria?

Nigera is facing an increasingly brazen campaign of violence and terror by Boko Haram.

David Mickler

The Independent, 20.02.2015

New video technology could help researchers pin-point where Jihadi hostage videos were shot

The technology is still in its early stages of development.

Jon Stone

Fast Company, 20.02.2015

The Problem With Sex Workers and Law Enforcement Body Cameras

Recording arrests is supposed to help both alleged criminals and the police. Yet workers say the footage could lead to more exploitation.

Tracy Clark-Flory

Legal Tribune ONLINE, 20.02.2015

Generalstaatsanwalt unter Verdacht

Geheimnisverrat in den Fällen Wulff und Edathy?
The Independent, 20.02.2015

New video technology could help researchers pin-point where Jihadi hostage videos were shot

The technology is still in its early stages of development.

Jon Stone

Fast Company, 20.02.2015

The Problem With Sex Workers and Law Enforcement Body Cameras

Recording arrests is supposed to help both alleged criminals and the police. Yet workers say the footage could lead to more exploitation.

Tracy Clark-Flory

Truth-Out, 20.02.2015

Evaluating Police Psychology: Who Passes the Test?

Candice Bernd

The Conversation, 20.02.2015

Criminalising ten-year-olds is no way to run a justice system

Nicola Carr

Business Insider Australia, 20.02.2015

This chart shows the shockingly clear link between the number of local pubs and domestic violence

Simon Thomsen

Journalist's Resource, 20.02.2015

Hate crimes and ongoing research questions: Examining racial, ethnic and religious bias, 21.02.2015

Inside the Islamic State ‘capital’: no end in sight to its grim rule

US air strikes have damaged morale in Raqqa, Syria, but a local anti-Isis activist says no one is expecting the group to be driven out.

Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, 21.02.2015

Inside the Islamic State ‘capital’: no end in sight to its grim rule

US air strikes have damaged morale in Raqqa, Syria, but a local anti-Isis activist says no one is expecting the group to be driven out.

Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi

OUPblog, 21.02.2015

Trust in the aftermath of terror

Savannah Morning News, 22.02.2015

A different way to fight terrorism: De-radicalize their members


The Independent, 22.02.2015

Why are so many young men inured to violence?

'After he fell out with his parents, Ziamani was radicalised in only 12 weeks'.

Joan Smith

Savannah Morning News, 22.02.2015

A different way to fight terrorism: De-radicalize their members


The Independent, 22.02.2015

Why are so many young men inured to violence?

'After he fell out with his parents, Ziamani was radicalised in only 12 weeks'.

Joan Smith

Yorkshire Post, 22.02.2015

Charitable Muslims in Bradford ‘might end up funding terrorism’ – police

Axis of Logic, 22.02.2015

What The Atlantic left out about ISIS according to their own expert

Jack Jenkins

The Conversation, 22.02.2015

Impending Bali executions rely on mistaken ideas about drugs

Kate Seear

The New Yorker, 23.02.2015

The Unravelling

In a failing state, an anti-Islamist general mounts a divisive campaign.

Jon Lee Anderson, 23.02.2015

In heroin’s grip


Police Oracle, 23.02.2015

£10 million fund for policing research

The Police Knowledge Fund was set up to encourage the development of policing through the use of academic research. Scott Docherty - Police Oracle.
The Hill, 23.02.2015

Teaching, testing and 'filling the pail'

A. Carl LeVan

The Conversation, 23.02.2015

To stop child abductors, we need a better understanding of who they are

Graham Hill

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 23.02.2015

A Danish Answer to Radical Jihad

Manfred Ertel and Ralf Hoppe

The Conversation, 23.02.2015

Alcohol’s link to domestic violence is in focus – now what?

Ingrid Wilson, Angela Taft

The Conversation, 23.02.2015

We must ensure that domestic violence awareness yields results

Domestic violence has been an agenda item for some time. It is not something that society, nor governments, have recently discovered.

Terry Goldsworthy, Matthew Raj

Al Jazeera America, 23.02.2015

A police force confronts its racial bias

After data showed Kalamazoo's police racially profiled residents, the department is trying to right a decades-old wrong.

Sameen Amin

Mintpress News (blog), 23.02.2015

The Case For Disarming The Police

EurekAlert!, 24.02.2015

Cyberbystanders: Most don't try to stop online bullies

While most don't directly intervene, many take indirect measures.

Ohio State University

The Nation (blog), 24.02.2015

How ‘Islamic’ Is the Islamic State?

Juan Cole

Huffington Post, 24.02.2015

Behind LA's Dramatic Decline In Gang Violence

Ann Brenoff

The Atlantic, 24.02.2015

Behind ‘the Disappeared’ of Chicago’s Homan Square

A criminologist dissects the so-called black site, where military interrogation techniques allegedly substituted for questioning.

Tanya Basu

New Statesman, 24.02.2015

In defence of soft power: why a “war” on terror will never win

The recent rise in global terrorism is alarming, but it also reaffirms the failure of our purely hard military approach to counter the phenomenon.

Hamed El-Said

The University of Manchester, 24.02.2015

New Research Partnership to inform policing policy and practice

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 24.02.2015

Professor studies impact of Chicago gang violence

Live Science, 24.02.2015

Using Faulty Forensic Science, Courts Fail the Innocent (Op-Ed)

Karen Kafadar, Anne-Marie Mazza

The Conversation, 24.02.2015

The new terrorists and the roots they share with gangs and drug lords

What makes some communities more vulnerable to the use of violence than others?

Mark Edberg

The Conversation, 24.02.2015

How the Ukraine crisis brought European security back from the dead

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe is the only hope for neutral information about what's going on in Eastern Ukraine.

David J. Galbreath

EurekAlert!, 25.02.2015

UT Dallas criminologist's study shows lack of mental health care for prisoners

New research by a UT Dallas criminologist has found that a substantial number of prison inmates have not received treatment for mental health conditions., 25.02.2015

St. Thomas prof leads research on Western women in ISIS

Study seeks insights into why women join militants.
kenanmalik.wordpress (Blog), 25.02.2015

Be pragmatic, legitimise terror

Christian Science Monitor, 26.02.2015

To fight homegrown jihadis, Germany takes lesson from battle with neo-Nazis

Germany has turned away hundreds of neo-Nazis from violence and reintegrated them into society. Could the same approach work for German would-be jihadis?

Isabelle de Pommereau

Ottawa Citizen, 26.02.2015

Q&A: Cult expert Lorne Dawson on the lure of terrorism

Dylan Robertson, 26.02.2015

'Jihadi John' in Islamic State beheading videos may be London man

David Haines

The Atlantic, 26.02.2015

A Second Chance: Education's Role in Reversing Mass Incarceration

Why it's important to lift formerly incarcerated black men out of the crime cycle

Irvin Weathersby Jr., 26.02.2015

Why linking depression to violent crime could be a red herring

Shirley Reynolds

The Conversation, 26.02.2015

Before Jimmy Savile, there was ‘Mr G’ – the 1920s philanthropist who abused children in hospitals

The Conversation, 26.02.2015

Bethnal Green girls need to know there is a way out of Islamic State cult

Katherine Brown

EurekAlert!, 26.02.2015

Undocumented Mexican immigrants' kids have higher risk of behavior problems

EurekAlert!, 27.02.2015

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Most sex workers have had jobs in health, education or charities – survey

One of largest ever surveys of industry reveals pressures that lead people to sex work, including inability to meet living costs on low NHS pay

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