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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.11.2015

Playing Defense Against the Drones

We’ve managed to create armies of flying robots. Can we control them?

Amanda Ripley

The Conversation November 1, 2015 7.08pm GMT, 02.11.2015

Police perpetrators of domestic violence: what do we know and what can be done?

Authors Heather Douglas, Professor of Law, The University of Queensland

The Conversation November 2, 2015 3.26am GMT, 02.11.2015

Accountability and the viral video: there are still no guarantees

Author Nick Enfield, Professor and Chair of Linguistics, University of Sydney

EurekAlert! Public Release: 30-Oct-2015, 02.11.2015

The lying game

Dr. Chris Street's research is leading towards a clearer understanding of how humans behave when they bend the truth. University of Huddersfield

Huffington Post UK Posted: 02/11/2015 15:28 GMT Updated: 02/11/2015 15:59 GMT, 03.11.2015

Youth, Violence and Extremism: The Urgency of a Counter-narrative

Simon O'Connell, Executive Director of global humanitarian organisation Mercy Corps Europe

, 03.11.2015

Crime and Corruption Commission targets privately funded Queensland Police anti-fraud project

By the National Reporting Team's Mark Solomons and Mark Willacy

The Conversation November 2, 2015 3.41pm GMT, 03.11.2015

Proposed powers in surveillance bill will dictate the shape of society to come

Author William Webster, Professor and Director, Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy, University of Stirling

The Conversation November 3, 2015 2.00pm GMT, 04.11.2015

Stoked by Bond and other fiction, our fear of surveillance is worse than the real thing

Author Brandon Valeriano, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Global Security, University of Glasgow

The Independent 3.11.2015, 04.11.2015

The Only Way is Ethics: The Government’s attempt to ‘balance’ competing rights is slightly off-kilter

Will Gore

London Review of Books Vol. 37 No. 21 • 5 November, 04.11.2015

2015 » Patrick Cockburn » Too Weak, Too Strong pages 3-6 | 3180 words

Too Weak, Too Strong

Patrick Cockburn on the state of the Syrian war

Pacific Standard, 04.11.2015

The Guidebook for 21st-Century Police Work

Can a former police officer effect greater reforms from outside the force?

John Lingan Wednesday 4 November 2015 07.00 GMT, 05.11.2015

Research highlights how police and courts protect

perpetrators while exposing millions of women and girls to abuse.

Peter Leonard for, part of the New East Network

The Atlantic 4.11.2015, 7:15 AM ET, 05.11.2015

In Defense of Civility on Twitter

In Defense of Civility on Twitter Fear of tone-policing shouldn’t trump the basic norms that are crucial to a healthy public discourse.

Conor Friedersdorf

The Conversation November 4, 2015 11.30am GMT, 05.11.2015

Why the Sinai Peninsula is so dangerous – and why the rest of us should care

Author Julie M. Norman, Research Fellow in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, Queen's University Belfast

Daily Telegraph, 05.11.2015

Teen terrorists aren’t born — they’re made

Piers Akerman

The Conversation November 5, 2015 10.47am GMT, 06.11.2015

Is there a link between youth poverty and crime? The answers may surprise you

Author Ross Fergusson, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, The Open University

EurekAlert! Public Release: 5-Nov-2015, 06.11.2015

MSU study finds surprises about drug use

Michigan State University

New York Times 5.11.2015, 06.11.2015

There is no way to fully process the betrayal by Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, a police lieutenant in Illinois who an investigator said Wednesday had com

Suicide of a Dishonest Officer

Al Jazeera America, 06.11.2015

Good policing hinges on good police pay, reformers say

Reform activists say bad pay contributes to worsening police-community relations

Wilson Dizard

Breitbart News, 06.11.2015

Smuggling Human Beings More Profitable than Illegal Drugs

Sylvia Longmire

The Conversation, 06.11.2015

Albert Pierrepoint: a ‘haunted hangman’ and the death penalty today

Lizzie Seal

VICE, 06.11.2015

Are Police Tactics Responsible for Clashes at Raves and Rallies?

Sirin Kale

Christian Science Monitor, 06.11.2015

Microsoft says its software can tell if you're going back to prison

Microsoft is pitching its software and cloud data storage to law enforcement agencies. Researchers say that using data to find crime patterns can help stop burglaries, but using data analysis to 'predict' violent crimes is highly problematic.

Max Lewontin

The Conversation, 06.11.2015

Why judicial review is valuable to society’s most vulnerable

Lucinda Platt, Maurice Sunkin

Pacific Standard, 06.11.2015

Sexual Assault Against Servicemen Is Worse Than We Thought

A new report highlights the troubling reality of sexual assault for men in the military.

Madeleine Thomas

EurekAlert!, 06.11.2015

People attribute moral obligation and blame, regardless of ability

University of Waterloo

The Atlantic, 07.11.2015

Body Cameras and The Death of a 6-Year-Old Boy

Police say footage of an officer-involved shooting contributed to prosecutors’ decision to press charges.

Marina Koren, 07.11.2015

Plague of cheap ‘spice’ strengthens its grip on homeless and jobless in northern towns

Use of the synthetic cannabinoid is soaring in Blackpool, but the town is far from alone
Motherboard, 08.11.2015

The UK Will Police the Dark Web with a New Task Force

Joseph Cox

Utah Policy, 08.11.2015

Press Release: What Happens when Eyewitnesses Misidentify a Crime Suspect?

The Conversation, 08.11.2015

Crimes against the environment: the silent victim of warfare

Steven Freeland

New York Times, 08.11.2015

The Displaced: Introduction

Nearly 60 million people are currently displaced from their homes by war and persecution — more than at any time since World War II. Half are children. This multimedia journey in text, photographs and virtual reality tells the stories of three of them.


Mic, 09.11.2015

'Minority Report' Is Real — And It's Really Reporting Minorities

Jack Smith IV

EurekAlert!, 09.11.2015

The power of magical thinking: Why superstitions are hard to shake

Believing what we don't believe

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The Conversation, 09.11.2015

What prisoners think of prison movies

Josephine Metcalf, 09.11.2015

Does Criminalizing the Red Light Do More Harm?

Though there are many objections to the legalization of prostitution, does criminalization do more harm than good?

Brenden Shucart, 09.11.2015

Cyber attacks threatening national security double in past year, GCHQ reveals

Intelligence agency now identifies 200 major cyber attacks every month as officials warn hacking technology increasingly available 'off the shelf'

Tom Whitehead

The Conversation, 09.11.2015

From dissident to decorative: how street art sold out and gentrified our cities

Rafael Schacter

The Conversation, 09.11.2015

Our web history reveals what we think and do. Shouldn’t that remain private?

Paul Bernal

The Conversation, 09.11.2015

How state benefits negatively affect personality

Adam Perkins

UIC News, 10.11.2015

Criminologist connects Mafia with Chicago street gangs

Brian Flood

International-The, 10.11.2015

Sweden hands prize to child crime stoppers

Three researchers have been awarded the prestigious 2016 Stockholm Prize in Criminology for showing how parents can prevent a child from becoming delinquent.
The New Yorker, 10.11.2015

Why Are So Many Veterans on Death Row?

Jeffrey Toobin

The Conversation, 10.11.2015

Won’t somebody think of the children? Five reasons why drug panics are counterproductive

Stephen Bright

The Conversation, 10.11.2015

The mafia mega-trial that has Italy on tenterhooks

Anna Sergi

EurekAlert!, 10.11.2015

Virginia Tech shooting has lessons for strengthening college mental health services

Mic, 10.11.2015

The Constitution Can't Defend You From Predictive Policing — Here's Why

Jack Smith IV

The Conversation, 10.11.2015

Flight 9268: Wilayat Sinai and the evolution of a global terror threat

Cindy May

Yahoo Health, 11.11.2015

Are Mass Shootings Really On the Rise — Or Do We Just Think They Are?

Jenna Birch

Rutgers Newark, 11.11.2015

A Criminal Justice Professor Sees Ways to Reduce Both Crime and Police-Community Tensions

Rob Forman

Mic, 11.11.2015

Police Are Sweeping Up Tweets and Friending You on Facebook, Whether You Know It or Not

Jack Smith IV, 11.11.2015

Nathan Matthews case reignites debate over violent sexual images

Murderer of Becky Watts joins list of men who viewed abuse images and killed, which raises the question of how the two are linked

Sandra Laville

The Intercept, 11.11.2015

Not So Securus

Massive Hack of 70 Million Prisoner Phone Calls Indicates Violations of Attorney-Client Privilege

Jordan Smith, Micah Lee

The Conversation, 12.11.2015

TalkTalk hack: perhaps we’ll finally take cybersecurity seriously

Keith Martin

Journalist's Resource, 12.11.2015

Are criminal courts more lenient on women?

VICE, 12.11.2015

The Low-Grade Heroin Ravaging Serbia's Roma Underclass

Max Daly

The Boston Globe, 12.11.2015

Police Body Cameras Alone Won’t Build Trust

Crime drops, respect grows when officers and community know each other
EurekAlert!, 12.11.2015

Psychiatric assessments for predicting violence are ineffective

Standard approaches for investigating risk of violence in psychiatric patients and prisoners are inaccurate and should be abandoned in all future studies, according to researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Queen Mary, University of London

Politico Magazine, 12.11.2015

‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’

An exclusive look at how the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11, along with others that were far more detailed than previously revealed.

Chris Whipple

The Conversation, 13.11.2015

Change the story: how the world’s first national framework can help prevent violence against women

Anastasia Powell

The Conversation, 13.11.2015

Boiler room scams destroy lives yet police blame victims

Cassandra Cross

The Conversation, 13.11.2015

Coming to a field near you? The ‘body farms’ where human remains decompose in the name of science

Anna Williams

The Conversation, 13.11.2015

‘Jihadi John’ strike: the legal and moral questions around targeted drone killings

Fiona de Londras

The Conversation, 13.11.2015

The life of ‘Jihadi John’: how one man became the symbol of Islamic State

Scott Lucas

New Statesman online, 13.11.2015

Why don’t we learn from our mistakes – even when it matters most?

Matthew Syed

The Australian, 14.11.2015

Silent victims: both mothers and fathers can be violent

Bettina Arndt

The Conversation, 14.11.2015

Paris: the war with ISIS enters a new stage

Simon Reich

Toronto Star, 14.11.2015

Analysts blame Paris attacks on intelligence failures, not refugees

Analysts say French intelligence is overwhelmed by both homegrown and foreign terror suspects.

Marco Chown

Washington Post (Blog), 14.11.2015

A very questionable response to the attacks in Paris

Roberto A. Ferdman

Washington Post (Blog), 14.11.2015

The Paris attack is a tragic reminder that terrorism just isn’t going away

Max Ehrenfreund

Huffington Post, 14.11.2015

The Myth of the Lone Wolf Terrorist

John A. Tures

The Conversation, 14.11.2015

Paris terror attacks: France now faces fight against fear and exclusion

Aurelien Mondon, 14.11.2015

France: the secular seat of Europe that has lost so many to radical Islam

Anti-radicalisation campaigns have failed to prevent young and disaffected from turning to Isis in country with strong secular tradition.

Jon Henley, Emma Graham-Harrison, Jason Burke

Discovery News, 15.11.2015

Paris Attacks: The Mental Scars of Terrorism

Talal Al-Khatib

The Conversation, 15.11.2015

War comes home

John Keane

The Conversation, 15.11.2015

Paris attacks: there is no simple explanation for acts of terror

Matthew Francis

The Conversation, 15.11.2015

Paris attacks: closing migration routes into France won’t stop terrorism – resisting xenophobia might

Durukan Kuzu

Quartz india, 15.11.2015

The 2008 Mumbai strikes have now become the global blueprint for terror

Saikat Datta

The Conversation, 15.11.2015

Paris attacks: France has long been a target of extreme terror factions

Chris Millington

The Conversation, 16.11.2015

Why Islamic State is proving so hard to defeat

Natasha Ezrow

The Conversation, 16.11.2015

Paris attacks: terrorism, trafficking – and the enduring curse of the AK-47

Peter Squires

The Conversation, 16.11.2015

How social media shaped our understanding of the Paris attacks

Arnaud Mercier

EurekAlert!, 16.11.2015

Arrested development

New Statesman online, 16.11.2015

Burning the earth: Isis and the threat to Britain

Nearly 14 years on from the start of the so-called war on terror, the global jihad movement is deepening and expanding.

Shiraz Maher, 16.11.2015

I was held hostage by Isis. They fear our unity more than our airstrikes

In Syria I learned that Islamic State longs to provoke retaliation. We should not fall into the trap

Nicolas Hénin

The New Yorker, 16.11.2015

Sunday in Paris

Alexandra Schwartz

The New Yorker, 16.11.2015

What Happens After a Terrorist Attack?

Wendell Steavenson

The New Yorker, 16.11.2015

The Belgian Connection

Ben Taub

BBC News, 17.11.2015

Paris attacks: How does a manhunt work?

Justin Parkinson & Camila Ruz, 17.11.2015

Loretta Lynch: no data to support 'Ferguson effect' policing theory

US attorney general tells House there is only ‘anecdotal evidence’ to support idea that officers are policing less aggressively in wake of high-profile police killings.

Ciara McCarthy

The Conversation, 17.11.2015

Islamic State versus Da'ish or Daesh? The political battle over naming

Russell E Lucas

The Conversation, 17.11.2015

Paris attacks: how effective has the military response been?

Scott Lucas

The Conversation, 17.11.2015

Hollande declaring war will not rid Europe of terror

Aurelien Mondon

EurekAlert!, 17.11.2015

What leads to the local adoption and implementation of recreational marijuana policies?

EurekAlert!, 17.11.2015

Managing the data deluge for national security analysts

New York Times, 17.11.2015

The Attacks in Paris Reveal the Strategic Limits of ISIS

OLIVIER ROY, 17.11.2015

Why are terrorists drawn to Belgium?

Kristof Clerix

The Conversation, 17.11.2015

Passing knee-jerk laws in the wake of terrorist attacks will not make us safer

Fiona de Londras

New York Times online, 18.11.2015

Be Cautious About Data-Driven Policing

Faiza Patel

EurekAlert!, 18.11.2015

Gunshot survivors in high-crime community face elevated risk of early death, study shows

After-effects of firearm violence acute in first year post injury, 18.11.2015

‘There is zero control’: report on Freddie Gray protests feeds crisis of confidence in police

Baynard Woods, Jamiles Lartey

The Conversation, 18.11.2015

When couples co-offend: who’s to blame in criminal relationships?

Siobhan Weare

The Conversation, 18.11.2015

West’s crisis of communication will make terrorist atrocities more likely

Emma L Briant

The Conversation, 18.11.2015

Catch up: why Islamic State targeted Paris, and why it’s changing tack

Cindy May

The Conversation, 18.11.2015

Explainer: the Syrian war in five minutes

Julie M. Norman

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 18.11.2015

Murderous Hatred in the City of Love

The attacks hit Paris where it is most vulnerable, in those places where young people go to have fun. But they were aimed at all of us. What can we do to defend ourselves?, 18.11.2015

Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

David Graeber, 18.11.2015

The French way of war

Bet on it: Hollande’s counterattack against the terrorists is going to hurt them.

Michael Shurkin

The Conversation, 18.11.2015

Anonymous hackers could be Islamic State’s online nemesis

Athina Karatzogianni

Pacific Standard, 18.11.2015

Five Keys to Understanding ISIS

Despite the media floodlight and intense scrutiny by governments around the world, the organization is still poorly understood.

Jordan Olmstead

New York Review of Books, 19.11.2015

Even Worse Than We Thought

The Crime and the Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Jedwabne
London Review of Books Vol. 37 No. 22, 19.11.2015

Bantu in the Bathroom

Jacqueline Rose

EurekAlert!, 19.11.2015

Email security improving, but far from perfect

University of Illinois College of Engineering

EurekAlert!, 19.11.2015

Youth violence undermines social and economic development in poorest corners of the world

Most comprehensive look at youth violence on a global scale

McGill University

The Conversation, 19.11.2015

Paris attacks: how cities can protect people

Kris Christmann

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 19.11.2015

'Punching in the Dark'

Why Islamic State Is Winning the Online War
The Conversation, 19.11.2015

After Paris, it’s traditional detective work that will keep us safe, not mass surveillance

Pete Fussey

The Conversation, 19.11.2015

What does Islamic State actually want?

Amalendu Misra

The Conversation, 19.11.2015

We must prepare for a 30-year war in the Middle East

Paul Rogers

Pacific Standard, 19.11.2015

The Jamar Clark Case Shows How Far We’ve Come With Police Camera Policy

Francie Diep

The Conversation, 19.11.2015

A warmer embrace of Muslims could stop homegrown terrorism

Sarah Lyons-Padilla, Michele Gelfand

Pacific Standard, 19.11.2015

The CIA's Fugitive Banker

Raymond Bonner

Syracuse University News, 20.11.2015

ISIS Terrorism: A Q&A with Faculty Experts

Cyndi Moritz

The Conversation, 20.11.2015

In fight with ISIS, home front remains vulnerable

Peter Dombrowski

The Conversation, 20.11.2015

What police can learn from a terrorist’s discarded mobile phone

David Stupples

The Conversation, 20.11.2015

What is it about Molenbeek? The bit of Belgium that was a base for Paris terror attacks

Martin Conway

OCRegister, 20.11.2015

Policing should not be done for profit

The Conversation, 20.11.2015

Corporal punishment of children linked to lower school grades

Kirrily Pells

The Conversation, 20.11.2015

Nuremberg war crimes trials 70 years on: a complex legacy

Jan Lemnitzer

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 20.11.2015

How Terror Fits into Islamic State's Plan

Christoph Reuter

New York Times, 21.11.2015

Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It


The Economist, 21.11.2015

How to fight back, 22.11.2015

Why do Islamist groups in particular seem so much more sadistic, even evil?

Kenan Malik

The Conversation, 22.11.2015

Reactive anti-terror laws risk further eroding freedoms without making us safer

Tamara Tulich, Jessie Blackbourn

New York Times, 22.11.2015

ISIS Wives and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape


New York Times, 22.11.2015

The Doomsday Scam

For decades, aspiring bomb makers — including ISIS — have desperately tried to get their hands on a lethal substance called red mercury. There’s a reason that they never have.


The Conversation, 23.11.2015

How the new peace and violence development goals can be met

Jeremy Lind

San Francisco Chronicle, 23.11.2015

Terrorism is mostly homegrown

Oren Ipp

The Conversation, 23.11.2015

How does a city mourn?

Gavin Brent Sullivan

The Conversation, 23.11.2015

Little evidence to show that prisons have become ‘universities of terror’

Sarah Marsden

The Conversation, 23.11.2015

Solidarity after Paris means being more attentive to suffering elsewhere

Ben Saul

Open Democracy (UK), 23.11.2015, 23.11.2015

We could have stopped the Paris attacks

William Binney , Mary Fitzgerald and Kirk Wiebe

Huffington Post, 23.11.2015

Eliminating Violence Against Women

Barbara L. Shaw

VICE, 23.11.2015

No, Black Lives Matter Isn't Stopping Cops from Doing Their Jobs


The Conversation, 24.11.2015

Could downing of Russian jet over Turkey really lead to a wider war?

David J Galbreath

The Conversation, 24.11.2015

Anonymous can’t defeat Islamic State, but here’s what it could achieve

Andres Guadamuz

New York Times, 25.11.2015

Terrorism Response Puts Belgium in a Harsh Light

ANDREW HIGGINS, 25.11.2015

Media often distort domestic violence, study finds

Amanda Meade

Institute of Development Studies, 25.11.2015

What role for development in reducing armed violence?

The Independent, 25.11.2015

Why do people join Isis? Expert says foreign fighters are almost never recruited at mosque

Adam Withnall

CBC News, 25.11.2015

7 sobering facts about violence against women

Frank Elbers

EurekAlert!, 25.11.2015

Contact with nature may mean more social cohesion, less crime

Human exposure to nature is linked to safer communities with better social and community interactions

American Institute of Biological Sciences

The Conversation, 25.11.2015

Why do women need special laws to protect them from violence?

Dabney P Evans

The Conversation, 25.11.2015

Hitting Home: why separation is often the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence

Silke Meyer

The Conversation, 25.11.2015

Why do American cops kill so many compared to European cops?

Paul Hirschfield

The Conversation, 25.11.2015

It’s not just the young who suffer sexual violence – older people get raped too

Hannah Bows

BBC News, 25.11.2015

Body-worn cameras 'cut allegations' against police

Most uniformed Met Police officers are to be equipped with body-worn video cameras after a trial found they cut allegations against the force by 33%.
Network World, 25.11.2015

Digital forensics market set to double, report says

'Increasing crime, terrorist attack threats and rising security concerns' are among the drivers behind new demand for digital forensics, a report says.
New York Times, 25.11.2015

Letter From Saudi Arabia

Thomas L. Friedman

Pacific Standard, 25.11.2015

Five Studies: Mental Health Courts Are Finding Their Footing

Can judges work with psychiatrists to help solve mass incarceration?

Maia Szalavitz

Pacific Standard, 25.11.2015

History on the Tracks: The Berlin-Baghdad Railway

The current refugee crisis taking place across Europe is playing out on the railways, as it has before.

Peter Christensen, 25.11.2015

The struggle for Mali

Last week’s deadly attack on a Bamako hotel was only the latest example of the government’s weakness, which has fostered a dangerous climate of sectarianism

Jack Watling and Paul Raymond

ANSA, 25.11.2015

Mafia in business with jihadis - Saviano

Belgium the cradle of jihadism because of lower capital controls
The Conversation, 25.11.2015

Many young people blame female victims, excuse male aggressors: report

Michelle Grattan

BBC News, 26.11.2015

Islamic state conflict: The spiral of violence

Paul Brown

CNN, 26.11.2015

New Zealand police accused of censoring academic research

Euan McKirdy

The Conversation, 26.11.2015

Domestic violence leave gains support, but let’s do it right

Ludo McFerran

The Conversation, 26.11.2015

The next war will be an information war, and we’re not ready for it

David Stupples

The Age, 26.11.2015

Sex and drugs on the road to jihad

Many Islamic State recruits have been far from devout Muslims, despite claiming that their victims' lives are decadent and obscene.

Leonid Bershidsky

The Conversation, 27.11.2015

We count what matters, and violence against people with disability matters

Anne Kavanagh, Sally Robinson

Science, 27.11.2015

China pursues fraudsters in science publishing

Mara Hvistendahl

Quartz, 27.11.2015

Tasers may not kill like real guns, but they’re not a cure for police brutality either

Noah Berlatsky

Oxford Research Group, 27.11.2015

Islamic State’s Plan, and the West’s Trap

Paul Rogers

The Week Magazine, 27.11.2015

The rise of ISIS

Ian Fisher

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 27.11.2015

What the Paris Attacks Tell Us about IS Strategy

Wall Street Journal Nov. 27, 27.11.2015

Paris Attacks Reveal Tangles in Belgium’s Convoluted System of Government

Country’s complex overlay of local, federal and other authorities makes it hard to nail down security responsibilities

Gabriele Steinhauser and Natalia Drozdiak

BBC News, 28.11.2015

Can big data help us predict where crime will strike?

The Conversation, 29.11.2015

FactCheck Q&A: have any refugees who came to Australia gone on to be terrorists?

Clarke Jones, Nicola McGarrity

The New Yorker, 30.11.2015

Terrorist attacks and a city changed.

Alexandra Schwartz

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

Domestic violence and Facebook: harassment takes new forms in the social media age

Susan Hopkins, Jenny Ostini

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

Young driver crashes: the myths and facts

Teresa Senserrick

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

Domestic violence and Facebook: harassment takes new forms in the social media age

Susan Hopkins, Jenny Ostini

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

We need to talk about how Islamic State interprets Islam

Balsam Mustafa

EurekAlert!, 30.11.2015

Threats against children during the separation process for women in abusive relationships

Sam Houston State University

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

Asking whether porn causes sexual violence is the wrong question – here’s why

Meg-John Barker

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

Germany needs to rethink what it means to be German to resolve refugees and ISIS

Jon M Jachimowicz, 30.11.2015

Assessing El Salvador's Gangs in a Post-Truce Context

Michael Lohmuller

The Washington Post, 30.11.2015

Here’s how much the United States spends on refugees

Amber Phillips

The Conversation, 30.11.2015

How Belfast riots helped us shed light on the nature of human cooperation

Ruth Mace

The Washington Post, 30.11.2015

Want to help the Islamic State recruit? Treat all Muslims as potential terrorists.

Richard Maass

The Washington Post, 30.11.2015

This might be the most controversial theory for what’s behind the rise of ISIS

Jim Tankersley