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Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 01.05.2015

From Tottenham to Baltimore, policing crisis starts race to the bottom for justice

Provocative, violent and discriminatory policing has sparked riots in both the UK and America.

Imogen Tyler, Jenna Loyd

Pacific Standard, 01.05.2015

The Hidden Intelligence Breakdowns Behind the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

After Edward Snowden, the government said its controversial surveillance programs had stopped a terrorist—David Coleman Headley. The claim is largely untrue.

Sebastian Rotella

The Washington Post, 01.05.2015

Five myths about riots

Cathy Lisa Schneider

The Conversation, 02.05.2015

The slow poisoning of Freddie Gray and the hidden violence against black communities

Freddie Gray had high levels of lead as a child, one of the environmental injustices suffered by poor and minority groups.

Rita Turner

The Marshall Project Originally, 02.05.2015

Baltimore’s Polite Police Reform

The softer side of Justice Department intervention.

Simone Weichselbaum

New York Times Sunday Magazine, 03.05.2015

Re: Her Majesty’s Jihadists

It was, in the words of Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe,” “revelatory”: In her April 19 cover story, Mary Anne Weaver reported that more British Muslims had joined Islamist militias like ISIS and the Nusra Front than are serving the British Army.
USA TODAY, 03.05.2015

Want a lawless police force? Federalize it: Column

Accountability comes from having law enforcement under multiple umbrellas.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

USA TODAY, 03.05.2015

What Aurora mass shooting teaches us: Column

A national center assessing the threat can prevent future attacks.

Gregory J. Wallance

Mother Jones, 04.05.2015

87 Reasons to Rethink the Death Penalty

Execution was meant for the worst of the worst. Research shows that's far from the reality.

Stephanie Mencimer

EurekAlert!, 04.05.2015

Keeping legalized marijuana out of hands of kids

Researchers suggest regulators could learn lessons from tobacco and alcohol industries to keep harmful products away from young people.
New York Times, 04.05.2015

Stand Your Ground Makes No Sense


New York Times online, 04.05.2015

Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us

How a group of black social-media activists built the nation’s first 21st-century civil rights movement.


Washington Post, 05.05.2015

Why Islamist insurgents are so difficult to coerce

Monica Duffy Toft and Yuri Zhukov

The Nation, 05.05.2015

5 Tools the Police Are Using in Their War Against Activists

From Ferguson to Baltimore, the message is clear: protest at your peril.

Michael Gould-Wartofsky

Daily Beast, 05.05.2015

The Freddie Grays of West Baltimore Who Can’t Vote

Under Maryland law, ex-felons can’t vote even while on probation and parole. That soaks up lots of minor offenders and can last years.
Wired, 05.05.2015

The Untold Story of Silk Road

How a 29-year-old idealist built a global drug bazaar and became a murderous kingpin.

Joshua Bearman and Tomer Hanuka

BBC News, 06.05.2015

Is cyber-warfare really that scary?, 06.05.2015

Latin America leads world on murder map, but key cities buck deadly trend

EurekAlert!, 06.05.2015

Carrot or stick? Punishments may guide behavior more effectively than rewards

Washington University School of Medicine

The Conversation, 06.05.2015

Explainer: does the EU need its own intelligence agency?

The president of the European Commission has called for the EU to maintain its own spy agency.

David J. Galbreath

Akron Beacon Journal, 06.05.2015

Exploring the role of race in police shootings: ‘How to Stay Alive in an Unconsciously Racial Society’ at The House of the Lord

Colette M. Jenkins

Pacific Standard, 06.05.2015

Racism and Discrimination Kill—Literally

Experiencing discrimination has been shown to have both acute and long-term effects on the body.

Lisa Wade

The Atlantic, 06.05.2015

Calling Someone Other Than the Cops

Many kinds of urban disorder would be better addressed by people who aren't police officers.

Conor Friedersdorf

Newsweek, 06.05.2015

New report exposes huge rise in racist crime in Europe

Felicity Capon

Washington Post, 06.05.2015

This isn’t 1968. Baltimore isn’t Watts. And Hillary Clinton isn’t Michael Dukakis.

Radley Balko

The Marshall Project, 06.05.2015

The Case for Violent Video Games

A new book says kids know they’re a fantasy — even a healthy one.

Dana Goldstein

New York Times, 06.05.2015

Sex, Drugs and Poverty in Red and Blue America

Thomas B. Edsall

The Nation, 07.05.2015

How to defeat terrorism? Call it by its TRUE NAME

Political violence should be recognised as a reflection of deep-seated social, economic and political problems - rather than demonised with terms like 'terrorism' or 'evil'.

James Dorsey

The Conversation, 07.05.2015

France, ‘cradle of liberty’, struggles to balance anti-terrorism law and rights

Legislation is passed in France that would see state surveillance powers scale towards those in the US and UK.

Eglantine Raux

Vox, 07.05.2015

How systemic racism entangles all police officers — even black cops

Neill Franklin is a black man. But he'll admit that after decades of working at the Baltimore Police Department and Maryland State Police, he harbored a strong bias against young black men.

German Lopez

Raw Story, 07.05.2015

More white people see systemic problems in policing after Freddie Gray — But racial gulf remains

Terrell Jermaine Starr

The Conversation, 07.05.2015

Frontex can’t solve the Mediterranean migration crisis on its own – here’s why

The EU has pledged to triple money to the search-and-rescue mission in the Mediterranean. But simply throwing money at the problem won't work.

Satoko Horii

Pacific Standard, 07.05.2015

Our Very Real Problem With Human Trafficking

If we want to fight human trafficking, we should start by understanding it more clearly.

Tom Kecskemethy

The Conversation, 08.05.2015

Why the VE Day narrative in Germany is becoming even more complicated

Commemoration and memory is being re-politicised, and this could have worrying consequences.

James Koranyi

The Conversation, 08.05.2015

Texas shooting is a pointless chapter in the story of intolerance and extremism

In the strange parallel world where free speech means causing offence and taking offence means revenge, life and death go on ad nauseam.

David Tollerton

The Audacity of Despair, 08.05.2015

Zero tolerance is exactly what it sounds like: Intolerance.

The Washington Post, 09.05.2015

In Germany, are anti-Muslim terrorists the real threat?

While U.S. agencies continue to focus on anti-Western Islamist terrorists, their German counterparts have recently been forced to investigate the opposite: anti-Muslim terrorism.

Rick Noack

The Baltimore Sun, 09.05.2015

Freddie Gray among many suspects who do not get medical care from Baltimore police

Mark Puente and Meredith Cohn

The Spokesman Review, 10.05.2015

Police body cameras focus of two studies

Rachel Alexander

The Conversation, 10.05.2015

Is Australia as bad as IS? Skewed criticism may leave you wondering

Australia's human rights record isn't perfect, but it still good. if Australians aren't able to take some pride in that and be inspired to do even better, over-the-top criticism could backfire.

Hugh Breakey, 10.05.2015

How Many Euro-Jihadists Are Really in Syria?

John Rosenthal

USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog), 10.05.2015

Book Review: Critical Approaches to International Security, 2nd Edition

The Age, 10.05.2015

The long term impact of corporal punishment

Angelika Poulsen

New York Times Magazine, 10.05.2015

‘Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us’

How a group of black social media activists built the nation’s first 21st-century civil rights movement.


The New Yorker, 11.05.2015

The Milwaukee Experiment

What can one prosecutor do about the mass incarceration of African-Americans?

Jeffrey Toobin

The Conversation, 11.05.2015

With jihadists among us, is IS more of a threat than communism was?

Dire government warnings and counter-terrorism raids in our suburbs paint a picture of the worst threat Western nations have ever faced. A little historical perspective is in order.

Matt Fitzpatrick

EurekAlert!, 11.05.2015

Mass murder, mental illness, and men

The Conversation, 11.05.2015

Hundreds of women rescued from the Nigerian Islamist group are pregnant after being held in sexual slavery.

Violent crime as old as the Bible: Boko Haram uses rape as a weapon of war.

Helen Gavin

Sydney Morning Herald, 11.05.2015

Treat teenage extremists like young drug users, experts say

Australian Muslims trying to address religious extremism in their family need the same type of support given to parents dealing with their children's drug addiction, terrorism experts say.

Patrick Hatch, 11.05.2015

Revenge porn: 'Street tactics' can stamp out this industrial scale sexual crime

Lawyer Dr Ann Olivarius is at the forefront of new laws to tackle revenge porn in the UK and US. Here, she explains why it's vital the government acts now to prevent it becoming an established form of sexual violence.

Dr Ann Olivarius, 11.05.2015

Pornography: Young children and teens who send sex images risk mental problems

Leading psychiatrist warns 'sexting' and cyberbullying could have unforeseen consequences in later life.

David Barrett, 11.05.2015

Abolishing the death penalty was less popular than we care to remember

Richard Ackland
The Conversation, 11.05.2015

Rombertik ‘kamikaze virus’ is inventive and aggressive, but it’s not the end of the world

Rombertik malware will happily take the nuclear option on your hard drive.

Andrew Smith

n+1, 11.05.2015

On Becoming More Human

A version of this speech was prepared for a student rally at Emory University on December 4, 2014, in the wake of national protests over the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Lawrence Jackson

n+1, 11.05.2015

Seeing Through Police

Mark Greif

Pacific Standard, 11.05.2015

The power of public shaming can't be controlled. Can it save the planet?

Matt Feeney

Daily Signal, 11.05.2015

How to Make Life Better in Baltimore

Josh Siegel

The Conversation, 12.05.2015

How chaos in Libya spawned a security nightmare in the Mediterranean

Ioannis Chapsos

The Atlantic, 12.05.2015

The Zoolander Theory of Terrorism

Jihadists are often portrayed as brainwashed dupes. They're not.

Simon Cottee

The Atlantic, 12.05.2015

The Wedding Sting

How a police department tried to save a failing Rust Belt town by luring all the local drug dealers to one Party.

Jeff Maysh

The Nation, 13.05.2015

Entering the Mind of My Rapist: An Exercise in Extreme Empathy

What would it be like, I suddenly wondered, to put myself in the head of my rapist?

Deborah Copaken

The Conversation, 13.05.2015

Germs on shoes and mobile phones are a good way of tracing criminal suspects, finds study.

Stefano Vanin

The Atlantic, 13.05.2015

Long-Range Iris Scanning Is Here

An engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon says he’s invented technology that can identify someone from across the room with the precision of a fingerprint.

Robinson Meyer

Montreal Gazette, 13.05.2015

Why do so many Quebec towns want to make it illegal to insult police?

Catherine Solyom

Huffington Post, 13.05.2015

Policing as a Public Health Crisis

Michelle L. Odlum

The Baltimore Sun, 13.05.2015

Freddie Gray shows us it's time to lead in Baltimore and beyond

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

The Conversation, 13.05.2015

Budget brief: where is the new help for domestic violence?

A national domestic violence crisis hotline is still under-funded and unable to keep up with demand, after the 2015 federal budget delivered only a few short-term measures on domestic violence.

Jane Wangmann

EurekAlert!, 14.05.2015

Bullying: What we know based on 40 years of research

EurekAlert!, 14.05.2015

Study finds those who believe in pure evil support more harsh criminal punishments

Kansas State University

Newswise, 14.05.2015

How Do Communication, Race, and Class Affect Police-Citizen Relations in 2015?

Pacific Standard, 14.05.2015

Shackling Juveniles in the Courtroom

Pediatricians and psychologists say unnecessary restraints can traumatize kids and encourage worse behavior.

Lauren Kirchner

Newswise, 14.05.2015

Hiding Weapons in Civilian Areas Is Nothing New in Warfare

Atlanta Black Star, 15.05.2015

What Good Community Police Practice Should Look Like

David A. Harris

The Independent, 15.05.2015

Police forces redefining what constitutes a crime as they struggle to cope with budget cuts

Hannah Fearn

Voice of America, 15.05.2015

Some Policing Aims to Arrest Causes of Crime

In Baltimore, Maryland, as in other U.S. cities, some are looking for ways to improve relations between police and community members. VOA's Chris Simkins reports from the city.

Chris Simkins, Carol Guensburg

Pacific Standard, 15.05.2015

Start Sending Parolees to New Neighborhoods

They'll stay out of trouble longer, a new study suggests.

Nathan Collins

The Conversation, 15.05.2015

The implications of the death sentence for the Boston Marathon bomber

Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now faces the death penalty for his actions. A panel of scholars weighs in on the jury's decision.
EurekAlert!, 18.05.2015

When citizens disobey

New study suggests people use 'constructive noncompliance' to enact change.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 18.05.2015

President to share post-Ferguson policing ideas

Aubrey Whelan

The White House (blog), 18.05.2015

Launching the Police Data Initiative

Megan Smith and Roy L. Austin, Jr.

EurekAlert!, 18.05.2015

RAND study finds association between teen sleep patterns and alcohol or marijuana use

The Conversation, 18.05.2015

Could the Boston Marathon bomber receive a fair trial in Boston?

All of Boston was traumatized by the attacks on the Boston Marathon in 2013. A legal scholar suggests that this meant the man accused of the bombing could not receive a fair trial here.

Karen Pita Loor

The Conversation, 18.05.2015

How organised crime in the UK has evolved beyond the mafia model

Gangs of career criminals in Britain look very different to the stories told by Scorcese or Coppola. They are fluid, multi-cultural and recent research sheds new light on how they use the dirty money.

David S. Wall, Yulia Chistyakova

Pacific Standard, 18.05.2015

How America Overdosed on Drug Courts

Hailed as the most compassionate way for the criminal justice system to deal with addicts, drug courts were designed to balance punishment with rehabilitation. But after 25 years, the verdict is in: Drug courts embolden judges to practice medicine without a license—and they put lives in danger.

Maia Szalavitz

The New Yorker, 18.05.2015

Home-Brewed Heroin

Nicola Twilley

The Conversation, 18.05.2015

What the accidental drone killing of an American ‘traitor’ says about the power of visual weapons

The death of al-Qaida propagandist and "traitor" Adam Gadahn, known as Azzam the American, got scant attention – just what the US government wanted. A scholar examines the definition of treason.

Rebecca A Adelman

University of Texas at Austin News, 19.05.2015

Waco Shooting Shows Why We Need to Question an Armed Society

John Traphagan

Foreign Policy Journal, 19.05.2015

The Mediterranean Migration Crisis

Timothy G. Hammond

Pacific Standard, 19.05.2015

The Psychological Reason Local Police Don’t Need the Military's Left-Over Weapons

President Obama’s new ban on military equipment for local law enforcement is about more than just excessive force.

Jared Keller

The Conversation, 19.05.2015

How our obsession with cheap flights is sparking a security risk beneath our feet

When reports surface that a drugs syndicate might control an airport's baggage handlers, it's time to look at the pressure points for what is a precarious job – and a serious security threat.

Geraint Harvey, Peter Turnbull

The Australian, 20.05.2015

Jihadists could deradicalise others

Clare Murphy and Anthony Bergin

The Conversation, 20.05.2015

Osamacide, ‘justice’ and the deadly legacy of Bin Laden

Memories of the killing of Osama bin Laden are fading, but the legacies of al-Qaeda and the war on terror's many 'own goals' haunt us in the form of multiplying threats and lost civil liberties.

Tristan Dunning

EurekAlert!, 20.05.2015

Gun violence restraining orders: A promising strategy to reduce gun violence in the US

Law would give family members and law enforcement tool to temporarily remove guns from someone believed dangerous.

Johns Hopkins, 20.05.2015

Contract killers bury their feelings to complete the kill

"The motivation for most people who become hitmen is economic, so the reframing shows their resourcefulness as individuals," said researcher Mohammed Rahman.

Brooks Hays

Journalist's Resource, 20.05.2015

Estimating firearms trafficking across the U.S.-Mexico border

Journalist's Resource, 20.05.2015

Racial bias and news media reporting: New research trends

London Review of Books Vol. 37 No. 10, 21.05.2015

The Killing of Osama bin Laden

Seymour M. Hersh

Dissent Magazine, 21.05.2015

Liberal Punishment

Mike Konczal, 21.05.2015

Local police departments don't need military weapons:

Rhonda Swan

ZDNet, 21.05.2015

A practical history of plane hacking: Beyond the hype and hysteria

Controversy over a security researcher's alleged hacking into a plane's engine mid-flight raises serious questions as to why years of public research on airline hacking has gone ignored.

Violet Blue (blog), 21.05.2015

Taking the Opportunity Out of Shoplifting

Traci Pedersen

The Guardian, 21.05.2015

What are cities doing so right – and so wrong? The experts go head to head

Simon Jenkins, 21.05.2015

Study shows quality shared by successful hitmen

The Conversation, 22.05.2015

Explainer: how to solve a jewel heist (and why it takes so long)

CSI lied to you: investigating a crime scene is long, complicated and often boring.

Emma Rixon

The Conversation, 22.05.2015

Damage caused by incompetent rape response shows just how vital specialist teams are

Hampshire constabulary has paid £20,000 in damages, but the underlying problems will take much more to solve.

Nicole Westmarland

The Conversation, 22.05.2015

Logjam isn’t the only reason your computer might be more vulnerable to internet threats

A new threat to secure online communication could be a symptom of a wider cyber security problem.

Andrew Smith

OUPblog (blog), 22.05.2015

Believing victims

A leading policy and practice publication aimed at senior police officers, policy makers, and academics, Policing contains in-depth comment and critical analysis on a wide range of topics including current ACPO policy, police reform, political and legal developments, training and education, specialist operations, accountability, and human rights.

By P.A.J. Waddington

New Scientist, 22.05.2015

Inside Obama's plan to use open data to curb police brutality

Aviva Rutkin

The Daily Beast, 22.05.2015

Where ISIS Gets Its Bombs

How does the so-called Islamic State get new recruits and supplies from abroad? With amazing ease. An eyewitness report.
The Conversation, 22.05.2015

The ISIS takeover of Ramadi means hard choices face the Iraqi and US governments

David Alpher, 23.05.2015

Genocidal video game 'Hatred' approved for UK release

The video game is set to be released in Britain with an aged-

Rozina Sabur

The Japan Times, 23.05.2015

Shifting the scales of juvenile justice

In light of 13-year-old Ryota Uemura’s recent murder in Kawasaki, the country is once again split over whether or not to revise the law governing crimes committed by minors.

Masami Ito

Herald Sun, 23.05.2015

Parents fearing lure of Islamic State cancel children’s passports

Carly Crawford, 24.05.2015

Cleveland acquittal highlights high bar to challenging police use of force

‘Over generations of legal decisions, we have decided in this country, that we will favor law enforcement,’ says Ohio ACLU chief after Michael Brelo walks free.
Sydney Morning Herald, 24.05.2015

Internet of hackable things: wired world wide open to new age of cyber crime

Mark White

Quartz, 24.05.2015

This man came from Rome to show Americans why the death penalty is wrong

Cosimo Bizzarri

The New Yorker, 25.05.2015

The Inexplicable

Karl Ove Knausgaard

Counterterrorism: Is it working?, 25.05.2015

Counterterrorism: Is it working?

Special to The Globe and Mail

Wesley Wark

CNBC, 25.05.2015

Europe, Canada, Australia face rising terror threat: Report

Katy Barnato

Pacific Standard, 26.05.2015

I Spy, U. Spy?

The strange case of higher education espionage.

Kate Wheeling

Courier Mail, 26.05.2015

Agenda: The 100-year war on drugs has failed — does Portugal have the answer?

Mike Bruce

Ethics On The Run, 26.05.2015

Ethics On The Run

Alice Goffman

The Globe and Mail, 26.05.2015

When it comes to ‘victim surcharges’ let judges judge

New York Times, 27.05.2015

Police in Cleveland Accept Tough Standards on Force


The Conversation, 27.05.2015

Could better tests have predicted the rare circumstances of the Germanwings crash? Probably not

Even if we could develop a test or a screening process to find a pilot who would intentionally crash a plane, and that system was very, very good, virtually all positives would be false positives.
The Conversation, 27.05.2015

Remind me again, how does cannabis affect the brain?

The legislative changes poised to increase the availability of cannabis are outpacing our understanding of the impact that the drug has on the brain.
The New Republic online, 27.05.2015

Did This Acclaimed Sociologist Drive the Getaway Car in a Murder Plot? The questionable ethics of Alice Goffman's "On the Run"

Steven Lubet

The Conversation, 28.05.2015

Counting crowds is a start – but we also need to understand them

A new study rejoices at being able to predict crowd movements and size with phone data. But those methods won't keep us safe.

Chris Cocking

The Conversation, 28.05.2015

Lessons for FIFA from the Salt Lake City Olympic scandal

Charges of corruption by US prosecutors against FIFA have parallels to the IOC's problems in the 1990s.

Will Jennings

The Conversation, 28.05.2015

EU’s refugee relocation plans desperately need a reality check

The EU's proposal to relocate 40,000 Syrian and Eritrean nationals from Greece and Italy to other EU Member States is not what it seems.

Katharine Jones

KU Today, 28.05.2015

Research to map organized crime, terrorism hotspots in Eurasia

As organized crime plays an increasing role in funding terrorism, research at the University of Kansas aims to pinpoint hotspots in Eurasia where drug trafficking, human trafficking and terrorism coincide.
EurekAlert!, 28.05.2015

The new normal? Addressing gun violence in America

American Psychological Association

The Conversation, 29.05.2015

The ‘train wreck’ continues: another social science retraction

Another retracted paper in the social sciences underscores the need for greater vigilance and reflection upon the causes of scientific fraud.

Jonathan Borwein

The Conversation, 29.05.2015

Team UN, world police: why we need an emergency peace service

The UN's peacekeeping efforts are all very well, but they take too long to mount and are unevenly spread across member states. It's time to build something less ad hoc.

Peter Langille

The Washington Post, 30.05.2015

Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide

Kimberly Kindy

University Herald Saturday, 30.05.2015

Marijuana Use Among Teens Could Be Delayed, Prevented With School Interventions

New research suggests that marijuana use among teens can be delayed or prevented using school-based interventions, Medical News Today reported., 30.05.2015

The Tsarnaev Brothers: The Road to a Modern Tragedy by Masha Gessen – extract

Masha Gessen writes the motivation of the Boston marathon bombers, the theories about what might have happened, and our understanding of terrorism

Masha Gessen, 30.05.2015

Cybercrime 2.0: The Battle Of The Specialists

The Conversation, 31.05.2015

Oskar Groening and our own guilt for crimes committed collectively

Oskar Groening has declared his moral guilt as an Auschwitz accountant. His trial, currently underway, points to difficult questions about the implications of our own participation in collective activities.

Janna Thompson