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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.10.2015

The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Ta-Nehisi Coates, 01.10.2015

The tough-on-crime strategy has not made our communities safer

Elizabeth Comack Cara Fabre Shanise Burgher

Calgary Herald, 01.10.2015

'Without the Internet, the depth of the (terrorism) message would never have been so great'

Dylan Robertson

EurekAlert!, 01.10.2015

Coincidence or conspiracy? Studies investigate conspiracist thinking

Association for Psychological Science

Phys.Org, 01.10.2015

The long road to more democratic policing

Dr Liz Turner

USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog), 01.10.2015

We are still largely in the dark as to whether incarceration reduces recidivism.

Daniel Mears, Joshua Cochran, Francis Cullen

EurekAlert!, 01.10.2015

Ballistics imaging systems effective with good management

Sam Houston State University

Australian Journal of Pharmacy, 02.10.2015

More kids die from domestic violence than accidents: UQ research

Janet Doyle

The New Yorker, 05.10.2015

The death and life of urban America.

Adam Gopnik

The Conversation, 05.10.2015

Parramatta shooting: how much do we really know about ‘lone-wolf’ terrorists?

Ramon Spaaij, Mark S. Hamm

The Conversation, 06.10.2015

If lawful firearm owners cause most gun deaths, what can we do?

Philip Alpers, 07.10.2015

5 takeaways from the death of safe harbor

The ruling could dramatically redraw the balance of power among European privacy regulators.

Nicholas Hirst

The Conversation, 07.10.2015

Are today’s standards for being a ‘real man’ leading to violence against women?

Stefano Verrelli, Eileen Chu

The Conversation, 07.10.2015

Is the Kunduz hospital strike a war crime? Don’t jump to conclusions

Laurie R Blank

The Conversation, 07.10.2015

Why wearing sagging pants on a college campus becomes a criminal offense

John J Sloan

The Conversation, 08.10.2015

How are Western youth conditioned to commit terrorist acts?

Robyn Torok

London Review of Books Vol. 37 No. 19, 08.10.2015

Some Tips for the Long-Distance Traveller

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

The Conversation, 09.10.2015

The Channel programme: helping vulnerable people or nudging them towards radicalisation?

Stephanie Petrie

The Conversation, 10.10.2015

Ankara bombs: Turkey is being torn apart by bad leaders and bad neighbours

Alpaslan Ozerdem, 11.10.2015

Police cuts blamed for 23% rise in youth gang offences in London

Mayor’s controversial ‘collective punishment’ Shield scheme lacking community support despite worrying increase in youth violence

Alexandra Topping

The Conversation, 12.10.2015

Smoke and mirrors: who planted the Ankara bombs and why?

Natalie Martin

The Trace, 12.10.2015

What Caused the Two-Decade Dip in Crime Rates? Not ‘Good Guys with Guns.’

Gun rights advocates claim concealed carry is the answer to stopping criminals. The data says that's simply not possible.

Evan Defilippis and Devin Hughes, 12.10.2015

Social media is driving the rise of hate crime, but it can also stop it

Technology makes it easier for trolls, but also allows society to become more resilient to them

Carl Miller

Al-Arabiya, 12.10.2015

Social media behind most cases of domestic violence, says Saudi study

Saudi Gazette

Pixelkin, 12.10.2015

A Psychologist Reacts to a Recent APA Report on Video Game Violence Studies

Mother Jones, 13.10.2015

Why No One Really Knows a Better Way to Train Cops

A spate of officer-involved killings is provoking reforms. Will they work?

Jaeah Lee

EurekAlert, 13.10.2015

Inhalant use linked to head injuries, traumatic experiences and mental illness

Georgia State University

The Conversation, 13.10.2015

Explainer: what is the Turkish ‘deep state’ and why is it in the frame for the Ankara bombings?

Simon Waldman

Huffington Post, 13.10.2015

A Secret Weapon in Fighting Domestic Violence

Lonnie A. Powers, 13.10.2015

Whoever shot down flight MH17, Russia’s reputation is in tatters

Mary Dejevsky

Boston Magazine, 14.10.2015

Police Chief Leonard Campanello’s New Fight Against the Heroin Crisis

Chris Sweeney

The Conversation, 14.10.2015

Fortress Europe continues to treat migrants as criminals

Dimitris Dalakoglou, Antonios Alexandridis

The Conversation, 14.10.2015

Why disciplining kids can be so tricky for parents and teachers

Jennifer Keys Adair

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2015

Lower recidivism rates through improved education programs for female inmates

Completion of the EU-funded FEFI -- Finding Education for Female Inmates project on educational options provided for female inmates in various European countries.

Johannes Gutenberg

The Conversation, 14.10.2015

Australian Muslim role models could be the missing link in countering ‘radicalisation’

Andrew Jakubowicz

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2015

Different types of child abuse: Similar consequences

In the long run, emotional abuse might hurt a child as much as violence or neglect.

McGill University

Expert passport officers better at detecting fraud using face recognition technology, 14.10.2015

Expert passport officers better at detecting fraud using face recognition technology

Face-matching experts at the Australian Passport Office are 20 per cent more accurate than average people at detecting fraud using automatic face recognition software, new research shows.

University of New South Wales

EurekAlert!, 14.10.2015

School absenteeism and early behavioral problems in kindergarten

Deutsches Aerzteblatt International

The Conversation, 15.10.2015

Missing the mark: we don’t need more anti-terror summits or pressure on Muslim community leaders

Clarke Jones

The Conversation, 15.10.2015

Clampdown on madrassas misses the point of why parents send children for extra study

Saeeda Shah

The Conversation, 15.10.2015

MH17 crash report establishes the cause, but only criminal investigation can find those responsible

David Stupples

EurekAlert!, 15.10.2015

Researchers perform world's first automated mass-crowd count

EurekAlert!, 15.10.2015

When punishment doesn't fit the crime

New research reveals traumatic brain injury patients struggle with discipline in social, family and work life.
EurekAlert!, 15.10.2015

Yoga in jails helps make better fathers

WSU study also finds improved physical and mental health.
Emergency Management, 15.10.2015

Police Body Cameras Offer Sense of Trust, Study Shows

A new study found that officers had fewer complaints filed against them and resorted to force less often when equipped with body cameras.

Mark Wolfenbarger

New Statesman, 15.10.2015

Crime isn't falling - it's online

Since 1995, recorded crime has fallen. But much of it hasn't vanished - it's just on the Internet.

Rick Muir

Spear's WMS (blog), 15.10.2015

Visit Colombia and take a tour with Pablo Escobar's brother

Zak Smith

The Conversation, 16.10.2015

‘Ungoverned space’: the concept that puts humanitarian aid in the firing line of the War on Terror

Janosch Prinz

Vanity Fair, 16.10.2015

There’s Just One Problem with Those Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories

They have no factual basis, despite what you may have read in The New York Times Magazine, argues the reporter who pieced together the story from dozens of on-the-record interviews.

Mark Bowden

The Economist, 17.10.2015

Parsing sentence

The Supreme Court considers reversing life sentences handed to minors
Charlotte Observer, 17.10.2015

A flawed tool in fight against crime

Boing Boing, 17.10.2015

Why you should read "Material," by Ales Kot and Will Tempest

Bijan Stephen

The IUSB Preface, 18.10.2015

Cyber-crime sees 2.5m computers hacked

Todd Kelly

New York Times, 18.10.2015

What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death?

The history of Obama’s most important foreign-policy victory is still being written.


The Conversation, 19.10.2015

Report from Lesvos: without safe access to asylum, people will keep risking their lives in the Aegean

Heaven Crawley

Denton Record Chronicle, 19.10.2015

Academics, experts dissect mass shootings

Rhiannon Saegert

The Conversation, 19.10.2015

Milwaukee case could encourage gun stores to reduce illegal sales

Timothy D Lytton

The Conversation, 19.10.2015

Could MBAs for prisoners stop them re-offending?

Mike Marinetto, Jenna Pandeli

Pacific Standard, 19.10.2015

Stand Your Ground Convictions Reveal Clear Racial Bias

An analysis of 204 Florida cases finds defendants are far more likely to be convicted if the victim is white.

Tom Jacobs, 20.10.2015

Bobbies on the beat could vanish, warns police watchdog

Uniformed police officers less likely to be seen by the public due to widespread flaws in police budget forecasting, say inspectors.

David Barrett

The Conversation, 20.10.2015

British government to fight all ‘extremists’ – but mainly Muslims

Alan Greene, 20.10.2015

Use of anti-shoplifting app is suspended after racial profiling concerns

The Conversation, 20.10.2015

It’s about time cybercrimes appeared in crime figures if we are to take the problem seriously

David S. Wall

Huffington Post, 20.10.2015

Prosecutors Are Uniquely Positioned to Drive Criminal Justice Reform

Cyrus Vance, Jeremy Travis,

Pacific Standard, 20.10.2015

The Most Unusual Marijuana Battle in America

Behind the push to legalize pot in Ohio.

Daniel J. McGraw

Pacific Standard, 20.10.2015

The Unanswerable Questions of Jonestown

Nearly 37 years after the mass suicide in Guyana, South America, researchers are using thousands of government documents to try to paint a clearer picture of what happened.

Rick Paulas

The Conversation, 20.10.2015

The metropolis and mental health: are big cities making us sick?

Nikolas Rose, Des Fitzgerald

Police News, 20.10.2015

Pulse of Policing: How individual cops are overcoming injuries of the mind, body, and spirit

Because virtually everything in policing begins with the individual officer, we decided that our first series of pieces would address the issues these cops face.
EurekAlert!, 20.10.2015

Does living in the United States promote teenage risk taking?

Study finds where you grow up may influence sensation-seeking behaviors.

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The Conversation, 21.10.2015

The security benefits of warrantless surveillance are as clear as mud

Daniel Baldino

TakePart, 21.10.2015

Police and Prosecutors: It's Time to Stop Locking Up Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Rebecca McCray

The Conversation, 21.10.2015

The endless whodunnit: why conspiracy theorists will never accept who shot JFK

Matthew Ashton

The Conversation, 21.10.2015

Two decades after death of Stephen Lawrence, questions remain about police racism

Simon Holdaway

EurekAlert!, 21.10.2015

Dartmouth led study shows ISIS is not the only culprit in war-related looting in Syria

Dartmouth College

EurekAlert!, 21.10.2015

Prevalence of marijuana use disorders rises as marijuana use more than doubles in the US

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

Columbia Journalism Review, 21.10.2015

The Timothy McVeigh case and its impact on media law

Jonathan Peters, CJR

The Nation, 21.10.2015

What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters

Lydia Wilson

Toronto Star, 21.10.2015

Unconscious bias plays role in policing, author says

Diversity equity educator and consultant Shakil Choudhury has written a book on the subject called Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them.
Pandaemonium, 21.10.2015


Kenan Malik

The Conversation, 21.10.2015

Why the Provisional IRA still exists in Northern Ireland

Gordon Clubb

Pacific Standard, 21.10.2015

The Paradox in America's Treatment of Gun Violence

Where we worry most, we can help the least; and where we could help most, we care the least. Stopping gun violence is all about knowing where to start.

Stephen Lurie

Wired, 21.10.2015

Get Up, Stand Up

Social media helps Black Lives Matter fight the power


New York Review of Books, 22.10.2015

The Terrible Flight from the Killing

Hugh Eakin

Penn: Office of University Communications, 22.10.2015

Penn Professor Adrian Raine Unlocks the Criminal Mind Using Biological Keys

Jacquie Posey, 22.10.2015

Teen Risk-taking May Vary By Environment

Rick Nauert PhD

The Conversation, 22.10.2015

Explainer: what are false memories?

Christopher French, 22.10.2015

Theresa May: police forces are 'too white'

Home secretary attacks Bernard Hogan-Howe’s view that rise in knife crime linked to fall in stop and search, and criticises police’s record on race

Vikram Dodd

New York Times, 22.10.2015

Why the Police Want Prison Reform

“We need less incarceration, not more, to keep all Americans safe.”
Tech Times, 23.10.2015

Glowing Fingerprints Could Be The Future Of Crime Scene Investigations

Katherine Derla

Washington Post, 23.10.2015

Fix the criminal justice system

George F. Will

Atlanta Black Star, 23.10.2015

‘Law Enforcement Leaders’ Convene to Stop Mass Incarceration, President Obama Defends #BlackLivesMatter as Victims Rally Against Police Violence

New York Times, 23.10.2015

One Way to Reduce Jail Populations


Pacific Standard, 23.10.2015

Boo! Now, Do What I Say

A new meta-study finds fear-based appeals are consistently effective.

Tom Jacobs

Boston Review, 23.10.2015

Historical Method and the Noble Lie

Michael Javen Fortner, 24.10.2015

Law & Order fans understand consent better than CSI and NCIS viewers – study

Washington State University research looked at how college freshmen processed sexual consent and rape myths based on popular crime drama story lines

Mahita Gajanan

New York Times, 24.10.2015

F.B.I. Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime


New York Times online, 25.10.2015

Early Release: Who the Drug Felons Are and Where They'll Go

New York Times, 25.10.2015

The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black

An examination of traffic stops and arrests in Greensboro, N.C., uncovered wide racial differences in measure after measure of police conduct.


New York Times, 25.10.2015

The Soft Evidence Behind the Hard Rhetoric of ‘Deterrence’


The DPost, 25.10.2015

Studies assess gun laws’ impact

Do states with stricter gun laws have less gun violence than those with few restrictions?
EurekAlert!, 25.10.2015

Dartmouth study illustrates how game design can reduce stereotypes and social biases

'Embedded design' approach strengthens impact of prosocial games

Dartmouth College

New York Times, 25.10.2015

Earnings Misstatements Come in Bunches, Study Says


The Australian, 26.10.2015

Terror focus is ‘helping mafia’: expert

The Conversation, 26.10.2015

India, domestic violence and child mortality rates

Seetha Menon

Wall Street Journal, 26.10.2015

FBI Lends Local Police a Hand

Oakland and Baltimore are getting help, but defense attorneys worry about federalizing local law enforcement

Zusha Elinson, 26.10.2015

Number of US police officers charged in fatal shootings hits 10-year high

Research shows a dozen officers have been prosecuted this year, yet proportion of deaths leading to charges remains small, experts note.
New Europe, 26.10.2015

Why Europe should take the IS threat seriously

Federico Grandesso

Huffington Post Australia, 26.10.2015

We Must Tackle Gen Y Jihadists' Trigger Points

John Coyne

The Conversation, 26.10.2015

Stolen TalkTalk customer details: time bombs that may tick a while before being triggered

Gert Jan van Hardeveld

Salon, 26.10.2015

Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word

"Diversity" sounds polite and hopeful. It's how we talk when we can't talk about race, or when whites get nervous

Ellen Berrey

The Conversation, 27.10.2015

Police can play a greater role in community-based efforts to tackle radicalisation

Adrian Cherney

The Conversation, 27.10.2015

When gang violence goes viral

Scott H Decker, David Pyrooz, Richard K Moule Jr

Slate, 27.10.2015

Gun Myths Die Hard

Gun Violence Is a Public Health Problem: What’s Been Learned in the Past Three Years

Paul D. Thacker

Deutsche Welle, 27.10.2015

Ten years on, still seeking answers to Oury Jalloh's death

In 2005, an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone burnt to death in a police cell. Prosecutors maintain he set fire to the mattress he was lying on. But activists continue to believe in a cover-up

Naomi Conrad

The Conversation October 28, 2015 3.21pm GMT, 29.10.2015

The TalkTalk hack story shows UK cybersecurity in disarray

Author David S. Wall, Professor of Criminology, University of Leeds
The Conversation October 28, 2015 1.18pm GMT, 29.10.2015

Amnesty alleges criminal activity in border control

Author Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra
The Daily Dot Oct 27, 2015, 4:37pm CT, 29.10.2015

Why the death of the iPod was the end of privacy

By Ben Branstetter
New York Times October 29, 2015, 3:22 AM, 30.10.2015

Safety and Justice Complement Each Other

Glenn E. Martin

The Independent 30.10.2015, 30.10.2015

Private forensics firms use scientific advances to combat crime and cuts

The private sector has provided a riposte to claims that research and innovation is being stifled by outsourcing

PAUL PEACHEY Crime Correspondent

Salon - Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 07:59 PM +0100, 30.10.2015

The truth about mandatory minimums: The left’s painful—but necessary—conversation about crime & punishment

Michael Javen Fortner's "Black Silent Majority" overstates its case but sparks important conversation about crime

Daniel Denvir