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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Tech Times, 01.07.2015

Gun Culture More Than Doubles Gun Ownership Rates, Study Finds

Jim Algar

Communities Digital News, 01.07.2015

Us and Them on the river of mass media violence

David Alan Coia

The Conversation, 01.07.2015

Robot law: what happens if intelligent machines commit crimes?

Jeffrey Wale, David Yuratich, 01.07.2015

Gary Younge: Farewell to America

After 12 years in the US, Gary Younge is preparing to depart – as the country’s racial frictions seem certain to spark another summer of conflict
Irish Independent, 01.07.2015

Tunisia gunman Seifeddine Rezgui laid bare: The terrorist behind the Facebook posts about music and Real Madrid

Kim Sengupta

Newsweek, 01.07.2015

London's terror protocols: The plan for the next 7/7

Simon Akam

Haaretz (blog), 01.07.2015

Stop pretending that Jihadism is about good government and jobs

The secularized West finds it hard to believe that religion motivates people. But the facile economic explanations for jihadist violence don't stand the test of facts.

David Rosenberg

London Review of Books, 02.07.2015

Why join Islamic State?

Patrick Cockburn

The Conversation, 02.07.2015

Caliphate, a disputed concept, no longer has a hold over all Muslims

Recep Dogan

The Conversation, 02.07.2015

Orange is the new bleak: solitary confinement is bad for the brain

Jordan Gaines Lewis

The Conversation, 02.07.2015

Family violence victims need support, not mandatory reporting

Kelsey Hegarty, Kirsty Forsdike

EurekAlert!, 02.07.2015

Researchers find mass killings, school shootings are contagious

Mass killings and school shootings in the U.S. appear to be contagious, according to a team of scientists from Arizona State University and Northeastern Illinois University.
EurekAlert!, 02.07.2015

The clock is ticking: New method reveals exact time of death after 10 days

A new method for calculating the exact time of death, even after as much as 10 days, has been developed by a group of researchers at the University of Salzburg.
WBUR, 02.07.2015

ISIS Is Winning The Internet Game

A big, provocative look at the sophisticated online efforts of ISIS to recruit and lure Westerners to their cause.

Jane Clayson

Washington Post (blog), 02.07.2015

How Seattle is upending everything we think about how cops do their job

Max Ehrenfreund

Pacific Standard, 02.07.2015

Private Conflict, Public Disorder, and Crime

A conversation about the limitations of the “broken windows” theory and our unreasonable expectations of the police.

Lauren Kirchner

Newsweek, 02.07.2015

How more female police officers would help stop police brutality

Women are better at defusing violent confrontations before those encounters turn deadly.

Katherine Spillar

New York Review of Books (Blog), 02.07.2015

Why Tunisia?

How can the Arab world’s most promising and ambitious new democracy also be one of its greatest producers of violent jihadists?

Hugh Eakin

The Conversation, 03.07.2015

God, religion and fundamentalism: an unholy trinity

Dianna Theadora Kenny

The Conversation, 03.07.2015

Greece, honour and the ancient ties of wergeld

Alexander Douglas, 03.07.2015

Warrior or Guardian?

Kevin Davis

The Conversation, 03.07.2015

As we remember 7/7, it’s time we learned to trust the crowd

Chris Cocking, John Drury

The Conversation, 03.07.2015

Robots can’t kill you – claiming they can is dangerous

Ron Chrisley

EurekAlert!, 03.07.2015

Significant reduction in serious crimes after juvenile offenders given emotional awareness training

Cardiff University

Newsweek, 04.07.2015

Community Policing: How Do You Know If It’s Working?

Victoria Bekiempis

New York Times, 04.07.2015

Training Police in Social and Communication Skills, 05.07.2015

A new study has discovered mass killings may be contagious and lead to other violent crimes

The Independent, 05.07.2015

The Government doesn't understand terrorism — and it's making things worse

Counter-terrorism should be built on confidence in Britain's ideals, not McCarthyite anxiety.

Jonathan Leader Maynard

KCUR Originally, 06.07.2015

The New Science Behind Our 'Unfair' Criminal Justice System

Juvenile Justice Information, 06.07.2015

More Data Needed on New Group ‘Emerging Adults’

Judge George Timberlake, 06.07.2015

Aged care not an option for abuse victims

Survivors of institutionalised child sexual abuse are so haunted by their past, going into aged care homes is not an option, Commissioner Helen Milroy says.
amNY, 06.07.2015

Be wary of Bratton's crime-reporting "snapshots"


The Independent, 06.07.2015

The 'no-hang up' scam targets vulnerable people - and your bank may not protect you

Unscrupulous crooks prey on older people to trick them out of their savings

Simon Read

Reason (blog), 06.07.2015

Trump and the Myth of Immigrant Crime

Numbers about those who come to America show they aren’t the source of trouble.

Steve Chapman

Live Science, 06.07.2015

Guns Don't Deter Crime, Study Finds

Stephanie Pappas

The Conversation, 06.07.2015

Why defeating ISIS with military might is starry eyed idealism

David Alpher

The Conversation, 06.07.2015

What we’ve learned about radicalisation since 7/7 bombings a decade ago

Matthew Francis

Sydney Morning Herald, 06.07.2015

Our cock-eyed response to violence

Jenna Price

The Conversation, 06.07.2015

Why don’t Londoners remember 7/7 like New York remembers 9/11?

Victor Seidler

Washington Post (blog), 07.07.2015

Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country

Michelle Ye Hee Lee

The Conversation, 07.07.2015

Lax rules boost risk of organised crime snaring government contracts

Louis de Koker, Kayne Harwood

The Conversation, 07.07.2015

How 7/7 changed the way Britain mourns victims of terrorism

Charlotte Heath-Kelly

The Conversation, 07.07.2015

Will the Charleston tragedy serve as an inflection point for race relations?

Christopher Parker

The Conversation, 07.07.2015

Violent offenders registers sound good, but are a costly, unproven distraction

Jane Wangmann

The Conversation, 08.07.2015

Revenge porn is just one part of a changing picture of harassment

Terry Goldsworthy, Joseph Crowley, Matthew Raj

Phoenix New Times, 08.07.2015

A Teacher's Rape Reveals Massive Security and Mental-Health Treatment Failures in Arizona Prisons

Elizabeth Stuart

Healthcare IT News, 08.07.2015

The seedy underworld of medical data trafficking

A 'value pack' of 10 stolen Medicare numbers for sale.

Chris Bowen

EurekAlert!, 08.07.2015

Manchester academics complete Britain's largest study of murder

University of Manchester

Law Street Media, 08.07.2015

America’s Focus on Guns by the Numbers

Michael Sliwinski

Medical Daily, 08.07.2015

Violence Begets More Violence: Why Mass Killings With Firearms May Be Contagious

Christopher Cruz

Phys.Org, 08.07.2015

Remediating abandoned, inner city buildings reduces crime and violence in surrounding area

EurekAlert!, 08.07.2015

Brawling badgers age faster

Research reveals the strain of living with competitive males; males age faster than females due to brawling in early adulthood.

University of Exeter

Pacific Standard, 08.07.2015

Another Injustice in the Criminal Justice System

The death penalty isn't just a part of the criminal justice system where racial disparities become visible—it may also be a cause.

Kate Wheeling

Politico, 08.07.2015

Donald Trump’s Wrong. Mexicans Aren’t Going to Rape You.

White Americans are far more rape-y than Mexicans can ever hope to become.


Medical Daily, 08.07.2015

Urban Blight Hack: Installing Windows And Doors On Abandoned Buildings Reduces Crime

Susan Scutti

Washington Post (blog), 08.07.2015

How to really help the world’s new refugees

Adam G. Lichtenheld

Bloomberg, 08.07.2015

Islamic State Uses Encrypted Message Apps, FBI’s Chief Says

FBI Director James Comey told U.S. lawmakers Wednesday that law enforcement can’t access encrypted platforms that are being used by Islamic State to recruit lone-wolf terrorists.

Rachel Adams-Heard

Pacific Standard, 08.07.2015

Reforming Juvenile Offenders by Training Them to Read ... Faces

A new study from the U.K. finds emotional awareness training is a valuable tool in moderating the behavior of young toughs.

Tom Jacobs

New York Review of Books, 09.07.2015

Inside the Islamic State

Abdel Bari Atwan

The New York Review of Books, 09.07.2015

The Rule of Boko Haram

Joshua Hammer

The Conversation, 09.07.2015

Placing the terror threat in perspective may help provide a nuanced response

Clarke Jones

The Conversation, 09.07.2015

Twenty years after Srebrenica, ethnic cleansing has become a defence to genocide

James Sweeney

The Conversation, 09.07.2015

Islamic State vs al-Qaeda: a rivalry that dates back to old personality clashes

Natasha Ezrow

New York Times, 09.07.2015

History of Abuse Seen in Many Girls in Juvenile System

As many as 80 percent of the girls in some states’ juvenile justice systems have a history of sexual or physical abuse, according to a report released Thursday.


The Atlantic, 09.07.2015

The Sex-Offender Test

How a computerized assessment can help determine the fate of men who’ve been accused of sexually abusing children.

Maurice Chammah

The Times of Israel, 09.07.2015

Looking for a supercop: Who can save the Israel Police from itself?

Of 18 police brigadier generals -- the rank just below that of commissioner -- a third have left or been fired under the shadow of scandal

Judah Ari Gross

EurekAlert!, 09.07.2015

Study finds violent video games provide quick stress relief, but at a price, 09.07.2015

Islamic State: why so resilient?

Paul Rogers

New York Times, 10.07.2015

When Algorithms Discriminate

The Conversation, 10.07.2015

Who gets to forget? What the tragedy of Srebrenica says about Europe

Elidor Mehilli

WSET, 10.07.2015

FBI: ISIS ‘Going Dark,’ New Encryption Poses New Threat

Stephen Loiaconi

The Marshall Project, 10.07.2015

The Rise and Fall of Anthony Batts

He was more at home at Harvard than on the streets.

Simone Weichselbaum

USA TODAY, 10.07.2015

Several big U.S. cities see homicide rates surge

Aamer Madhani

PBS NewsHour (blog), 10.07.2015

Truth vs. perception of crime rates for immigrants

The Conversation, 10.07.2015

Promoting violence? Alcohol specials lead to increased aggression in bars

Francis Markham, Martin Young

The Conversation, 10.07.2015

Trusting hackers with your security? You’d better be able to sort the whitehats from the blackhats

Mariarosaria Taddeo

TIME, 10.07.2015

A Way to Move Past Implicit Bias

Bias may tell us more than we thought about inequality, violence, and the need to embrace humanity

Vishnu Sridharan

Christian Science Monitor, 11.07.2015

Psychologists authorize CIA, DOD torture, says report. Does torture work? (+video)

A new report detailing how the APA helped authorize 'enhanced interrogations' has prompted renewed questions about torture's effectiveness in intelligence-gathering.

Sanya Mansoor

Washington Post, 11.07.2015

How parole boards keep prisoners in the dark and behind bars

Beth Schwartzapfel

The Economist, 11.07.2015

Back on the beat

The Big Apple’s top cop unveils a startlingly retro new plan
New York Times, 11.07.2015

Britain’s Dangerous New Tribalism

Kenan Malik

Politico, 12.07.2015

Dawn of the Salafists

What's behind the terrorist wave in Tunisia, the lone success story of the Arab Spring.

Mokhtar Awad

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12.07.2015

Hire more female cops

Katherine Spillar

New York Times online, 12.07.2015

Killing the European Project

Washington Post, 13.07.2015

The jaw-dropping police/prosecutor scandal in Orange County, Calif.

Radley Balko

What Are Correction Officers So Afraid Of?, 13.07.2015

What Are Correction Officers So Afraid Of?

Besides the danger, being ignored.

Dana Goldstein, 13.07.2015

Could smart guns make armed police safer and more accountable?

After a number of high-profile US incidents with police guns, technology companies are experimenting with innovative ways to make firearms safer

Anna Codrea-Rado

The Conversation, 13.07.2015

The legacy of implanted Satanic abuse ‘memories’ is still causing damage today

Christopher French

The Conversation, 13.07.2015

A new weapon of Islamist extremists is…poetry?

Asma Afsaruddin

The Conversation, 13.07.2015

How a virtual ‘mob boss’ from Texas became the new face of organized crime

The many identities of Ross William Ulbricht. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Diana S Dolliver

Pacific Standard, 13.07.2015

The Corrupt Economics Behind Greece's Fiscal Problems

It seems certain that the political economy textbooks of the future will include a chapter on the experience of Greece in 2015.

Martin Hart-Landsberg

Roads & Kingdoms, 13.07.2015

The Prison Squatters of Kosovo

Eleonora Vio

GQ online, 14.07.2015

The story of Brazil's killer cops

Six Brazilians a day die at the hands of state security forces - the brutal result of a civil war between police death squads and criminal gangs that is spiralling out of control in the country's troubled cities.

Bruce Douglas

Discover Magazine (blog), 14.07.2015

The Perfect Scientific Crime?


London Review of Books (blog), 14.07.2015

What’s a Gang?

Harry Stopes

Mother Jones, 14.07.2015

Chokeholds, Brain Injuries, Beatings: When School Cops Go Bad

At least 28 students have been seriously injured—and one killed—in the past 5 years.

Jaeah Lee

The Conversation, 14.07.2015

Greece: a bad deal for everyone

Anton Muscatelli

EurekAlert!, 14.07.2015

Kids expecting aggression from others become aggressive themselves

Children taught to be vigilant for hostility from others are prone to aggressive behavior

Duke University

The Conversation, 14.07.2015

Cameron puts his faith in drones in the fight against Islamic State

David J Galbreath

The Conversation, 14.07.2015

When a parent is killed: family tragedy is often a mark of our broader failings

Jaimie Zander

Cato Institute, 14.07.2015

Immigration and Crime – What the Research Says

Alex Nowrasteh

The Trace, 14.07.2015

Gunfight or Flee: New Study Finds No Advantages to Using a Firearm in Self-Defense Situations

The research provides the latest evidence debunking the myth of defensive gun use.

Evan Defilippis and Devin Hughes

New York Review of Books, 14.07.2015

Mexico: Making the Dogs Dance

Alma Guillermoprieto

Washington Post (blog), 14.07.2015

The best way to deal with America’s incarceration problem is hiding in plain sight

Max Ehrenfreund

The Conversation, 15.07.2015

Using Flash is like leaving your home doors open and sending invites to criminals

David Glance

The Conversation, 15.07.2015

How the largest association of psychologists in the US colluded in torture

J Wesley Boyd (blog), 15.07.2015

The trustworthiness of an inmate’s face may seal his fate

The New Republic, 15.07.2015

Ethnography on Trial

Steven Lubet (blog), 15.07.2015

Hypervigilance May Lead to Aggression

A new study suggests extreme wariness of hostility from others may trigger aggressive behavior.

Rick Nauert PhD

The News Hub, 15.07.2015

Germany devises controversial campaign to urge paedophiles to come out of the shadows

The Conversation, 15.07.2015

Explainer: what is the mafia? And what threat does it pose?

Terry Goldsworthy

Pacific Standard, 15.07.2015

One Year After the Death of Eric Garner, Reform Deferred

Despite protests in New York and beyond, police reform is in a dismal state.

Jared Keller

Pacific Standard, 15.07.2015

A Day in the Life of a Prisoner

Movies and television don't do an adequate job capturing the day-to-day loneliness and the feelings of exclusion and shame.
The Conversation, 16.07.2015

‘Securitisation’ presents challenges for migrant settlement and integration

Caitlin Nunn

The Conversation, 16.07.2015

Rise in ‘sugar babies’ mirrors increase in student sex work

Judith Evans

NewsMaker (press release), 16.07.2015

Better DNA hair analysis for catching criminals

Pacific Standard, 16.07.2015

Facing Disturbing Truths About Pedophilia Could Help Us Keep Kids Safer

Pedophilia can be something you're born with. It's not an addiction, although pedophiles can be sex addicts and are often given addiction-type treatment. As a sex addict, I'm convinced we fail these people in ways that increase our risks.

Brian Whitney

EurekAlert!, 16.07.2015

Firearm shooting errors could be reduced through cognitive training

Association for Psychological Science

The New Yorker, 17.07.2015

Lax Gun Laws Are Becoming a National-Security Issue

John Cassidy

The Conversation, 17.07.2015

‘El Chapo’ jailbreak is both a Mexican and an American story

Luis Gómez Romero

Pacific Standard, 17.07.2015

A Thriller ... About Psychological Methodology

Inside the claustrophobic, ethically dubious world of The Stanford Prison Experiment.

Ted Scheinman

Press Herald, 17.07.2015

When militants turn to social media

The Washington Post, 18.07.2015

The scariest thing about synthetic drugs is everything that’s unknown

Synthetic drugs bring challenge of unknown to D.C.

Abigail Hauslohner and Peter Hermann

Bend Bulletin, 19.07.2015

Social media, the IS and free speech

Scott Higham and Ellen Nakashima

New York Times, 19.07.2015

Route of Migrants Into Europe Shifts Toward Balkans


Haaretz, 19.07.2015

Saudi Arabia claims to have thwarted ISIS attacks

The New Yorker, 20.07.2015

Death of a Prosecutor

Alberto Nisman accused Iran and Argentina of colluding to bury a terrorist attack. Did it get him killed?

Dexter Filkins

The Conversation, 20.07.2015

Britain seeks to understand why some Muslims migrate to Islamic State

Mira Baz

The Conversation, 20.07.2015

Extremism plan pushes the UK down a dangerously illiberal road

Thomas Scotto

Salon, 20.07.2015

Worried about rising crime rates? Then it’s time to get the police under control

Violent crime has been decreasing for decades, but a recent surge shows why the police need to earn back our trust.

Lawrence Brown, 20.07.2015

Cameron's anti-terror strategy is 'barking up wrong tree', says expert

Prime minister told he should not focus on ideology but on would-be terrorists’ motivation to help causes they identify with.

Matthew Weaver

The Conversation, 20.07.2015

Islam: the ‘Open Civilisation’ confounds closed minds

Milad Milani

The Conversation, 20.07.2015

In first case of its kind, UK high court rules surveillance law unconstitutional

Marianne Franklin

CounterPunch, 20.07.2015

America’s Lockup Complex

Robert Hunziker

The New Yorker, 20.07.2015

Dark Hours

Violence in the age of the war on terror.

George Packer

New York Review of Books (Blog), 20.07.2015

Guzmán: The Buried Truth

Alma Guillermoprieto

TIME, 21.07.2015

How a Teenager Sentenced to Life in Prison Became the Involuntary Face of Reform

When 14-year-old Barney Lee was sentenced to life in prison, he became a human experiment for new theories of penal reform

Yana Skorobogatov

Wall Street Journal, 21.07.2015

The High Cost of Letting Criminals Go

The sentencing reforms of the 1980s worked. As more criminals were sent away, crime plummeted.

Jason L. Riley

Daily Mail, 21.07.2015

How to spot a serial killer: Criminologists reveal five key traits the most notorious murderers have in common

The Conversation, 21.07.2015

Chattanooga: on the need to fight terror with reason

The Conversation, 21.07.2015

The catalogue of errors that killed Jean Charles de Menezes

It has been ten years since a catastrophic case of mistaken identity led police to shoot and kill Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Underground station in London. De Menezes – a native to Brazil – was just 27 years old and living only temporarily in London.

Peter Squires

The Conversation, 21.07.2015

Changing the message about rape, one SlutWalk at a time

Kaitlynn Mendes

The Conversation, 21.07.2015

When institutions let child sexual abuse happen, that should be a crime

An issue to emerge from the royal commission hearings is the inadequacy of existing law for dealing with institutions whose negligence made child sexual abuse possible. AAP/Royal Commission

Arie Freiberg

CorrectionsOne, 21.07.2015

Nature vs. nurture: Which causes crime?

A combination of both biological and social factors combined mold people into who they are and determines the mindset of one that chooses to engage in criminal behavior
The Conversation, 21.07.2015

Children at risk of extremism could fall through growing gaps in school system

Michael Jopling

Washington Post, 21.07.2015

The perils of inaccurate public perceptions

Ilya Somin

The Conversation, 21.07.2015

Turkey bombing risks further unrest in a country already living on the edge

Cengiz Gunes

Huffington Post, 21.07.2015

One Simple Idea That Could Reduce Domestic Violence

Many victims can't afford lawyers. What if we gave them one for free?

Melissa Jeltsen

The Hill (blog), 22.07.2015

Juvenile justice victories and continued effort

Dianna Muldrow

The Conversation, 22.07.2015

Ten years after the de Menezes killing, we’re no better at identifying faces

Graham MacKenzie

The Conversation, 22.07.2015

Could ‘Insight Policing’ have saved Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray and others?

Megan Price

The Conversation, 22.07.2015

How UK anti-terror guidance could violate children’s human rights

Stephanie Petrie

EurekAlert!, 22.07.2015

Time spent on social networking sites linked to mental health problems in teens

Mary Ann Liebert

EurekAlert!, 22.07.2015

Computer security tools for journalists lacking in a post-Snowden world

University of Washington, 22.07.2015

To combat disability hate crime, we must understand why people commit it

First-ever survey of the motivation behind disability hate crime reveals that it is often related to an idea of them as ‘benefit scroungers’ who get special perks

Katharine Quarmby

Pandaemonium, 22.07.2015

Beyond the radical about radicalization

Kenan Malik

The Conversation, 22.07.2015

What the royal family can learn from MI5 about secrecy

Philip Murphy

Women's Agenda, 22.07.2015

What is the role of gender in family violence?

Dr Kristin Diemer

The Guardian, 23.07.2015

Ecstasy and LSD use reaches new high among young

Findings on drug use are serious blow to government’s hardline strategy.

Damien Gayle and David Pegg

University of Michigan, 23.07.2015

What sounds make us feel safe in public?

Terry Kosdrosky, 23.07.2015

How did these terror attacks during the last 20 years change the world?

Big Question long read: The London 7/7 attack raised fears of terrorists among home-grown citizens but other atrocities have also changed how we perceive terrorism. Academics from King's College London explain how.

King's College London

Salon, 23.07.2015

There’s a scientific reason for the racism built into America’s criminal justice system

From start to finish, the system reflects the problems and biases of the humans who run it

Kali Holloway

Pacific Standard, 23.07.2015

The Connection Between Mental Health Problems and Juvie

Health programs could stop problems before they start.

Francie Diep

The Trace, 23.07.2015

The Chattanooga Shooter Reportedly Suffered from Mental Illness and Abused Drugs and Alcohol. Only One of Those Has a Clear Link to Gun Violence.

Mass shootings, public misperceptions, and what the research really says.

Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes

The Conversation, 23.07.2015

Why defeating Islamic State might mean re-reading The Lord of the Rings

Akil N Awan

The Conversation, 23.07.2015

Online carjacking: do auto manufacturers realise dangers of networked motors?

Madeline Cheah

Washington Post, 24.07.2015

There have been 204 mass shootings — and 204 days — in 2015 so far

Christopher Ingraham

Washington Post, 24.07.2015

Another day, another massacre — and it’s hard to explain why

Joel Achenbach

WTNH Connecticut News, 24.07.2015

Cold Cases: Why Connecticut police are turning to prisoners for help

Noelle Gardner

Washington Post, 24.07.2015

The staggering number of wrongful convictions in America

Samuel R. Gross

CityLab, 24.07.2015

Everyone Has the Right to Mouth Off to Cops

U.S. courts have made this clear again and again and again.

Daniel Denvir

Huffington Post, 24.07.2015

Why The Shootings Will Continue

Paul Heroux, 24.07.2015

Counter-terrorism laws 'not about targeting Muslims', says justice minister

In the face of claims counter-terrorism measures are stirring up Islamophobia, Michael Keenan says police are not enemies of Islam or any other religion.

Shalailah Medhora, 25.07.2015

Port Arthur Massacre: The Shooting Spree That Changed Australia's Gun Laws

Matthew Grimson

Psych Central, 26.07.2015

Domestic Abuse May Go On After Separation When Kids See Dad

Janice Wood

The New Yorker, 27.07.2015

The Double Sting

A power struggle between Russia’s rival security agencies.

Joshua Yaffa

Columbia Journalism Review July/August 2015, 27.07.2015

Krakauer’s Missoula and the scrutiny of reporters who cover rape

Brendan Fitzgerald

Mother Jones, 27.07.2015

Here's What Sandra Bland's Death Says About Our Broken Bail System

Nothing suggests she was a danger to the community, so why was she kept in jail?

Shane Bauer

National, 27.07.2015

Provocative new study finds bullies have highest self esteem, social status, lowest rates of depression

Tom Blackwell

The Conversation, 27.07.2015

Regulating people – not just guns – might explain Australia’s decline in mass shootings

Samara McPhedran

Mic, 27.07.2015

14 Brave Quotes From Cosby Sexual Assault Survivors Reveal Harsh Truths About Rape

Julie Zeilinger

The Conversation, 27.07.2015

How women are reclaiming their right to public space in Delhi

Melissa Butcher

Washington Post (blog), 27.07.2015

Gun control? Americans increasingly see more guns as the solution, not the problem.

Amber Phillips

MyHighPlains, 27.07.2015

Texas Body Farm Researchers Use Corpses to Solve Crimes

Ally Mutnick

The Conversation, 28.07.2015

Psychopaths versus sociopaths: what is the difference?

Xanthe Mallett

Washington Post, 28.07.2015

A sensible, state-based answer to gun violence

Editorial Board

Utah Public Radio, 28.07.2015

Revisiting Our Conversation With Christian Pfeiffer On Tuesday's Access Utah

Tom Williams

The Libertarian Republic, 28.07.2015

Bad Boys Get More Sex, Have Higher Self-Esteem & Social Status

Ryan Carrillo

Mother Jones, 28.07.2015

When the Gun Lobby Tries to Justify Firearms Everywhere, It Turns to This Guy

Once mired in controversy, John Lott has reemerged as the pro-gun movement's go-to wonk.

Julia Lurie

The Conversation, 28.07.2015

What’s behind Saudi Arabia’s connection to Islamic State?

Ben Rich

The Conversation, 28.07.2015

Why Australia’s war on bikies will inevitably end in failure

Terry Goldsworthy

The Conversation, 28.07.2015

How to respond to an allegation of sexual assault

Nicole Westmarland

EurekAlert!, 28.07.2015

Majority rule: Why conformity can actually be a good thing

University of British Columbia, 28.07.2015

Five urban design mistakes that create unhealthy and inactive communities

Suburbia has long been plagued with bad architecture that discourages exercise, but similar mistakes are blighting neighbourhoods for city dwellers too

Claire Mookerjee

Wall Street Journal, 28.07.2015

New Jersey Police to Get Body Cameras

Some 1,000 troopers will be equipped with the devices

Heather Haddon

Washington Post (blog), 28.07.2015

Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense

Christopher Ingraham

The Conversation, 28.07.2015

Hactivists aren’t terrorists – but US prosecutors make little distinction

Adam Fish, Luca Follis

BBC News, 29.07.2015

Less lighting has no impact on crime or collisions, says report

Reduced street lighting at night does not lead to an increase in crime or car crashes, a report suggests.
Huffington Post, 29.07.2015

Police Should Intervene When Other Officers Use Unlawful Force

Ervin Staub

The Week Magazine, 29.07.2015

Here's a superficial solution for crime that actually works

Kate Wheeling

The Conversation, 29.07.2015

‘Is this really Europe?’: refugees in Calais speak of desperate conditions

Thom Davies, Arshad Isakjee, Surindar Dhesi

EurekAlert!, 29.07.2015

Alcohol laws have a preventive effect on young men

University of Zurich

EurekAlert!, 29.07.2015

Early prosocial behavior good predictor of kids' future

The Independent, 29.07.2015

More than 80 per cent of female inmates locked up for non-violent offences, new figures show

Exclusive: The figures come amid a drive to clear jails of women who pose no danger to the public.

Nigel Morris

Herald Sun, 30.07.2015

Police face extreme violence from methamphetamine users

Wes Hosking

The Conversation, 30.07.2015

As Security Council resolution fails, there is another way to investigate MH17

Steven Freeland

The Conversation, 30.07.2015

Do encounters with perpetrators help or hinder recovery after traumatic loss?

Louise Harms

ProPublica, July 30, 2015, 6 a.m., 31.07.2015

The FBI Built a Database That Can Catch Rapists — Almost Nobody Uses It

For roughly 30 years the FBI has virtually ignored a system meant to help cops track the behavioral patterns of violent criminals.

by T. Christian Miller

Pacific Standard Jul 29, 2015, 31.07.2015

Streetlights Might Not Make You Safer

In the ongoing debate over whether streetlights reduce crime, a new British study suggests they don't—and cities could save money and energy by cutting back.

Nathan Collins

, 31.07.2015

EurekAlert! Public Release: 30-Jul-2015

Group launches plan to reduce youth problems by 20 percent in a decade

University of Washington