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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 07.01.2015

Study: Ohio Diversion Program Decreases Delinquency

Gary Gately

Spiked Magazine, 08.01.2015

Paris and beyond: Europe is at war with itself

Frank Furedi

Philadelphia, 11.01.2015

John and Bonnie Raines: The Whistleblowers Whose 1971 FBI Raid Anticipated Edward Snowden

In March 1971, John and Bonnie Raines broke into an FBI office in Media. The documents they leaked revealed that the government was spying on its own citizens. Today, they’re hailed as heroes. Is this what the future will look like for Edward Snowden?

Steve Volk

Businessweek, 12.01.2015

Why France’s Terror Attacks Were Probably Self-Financed

Carol Matlack

Huffington Post, 12.01.2015

Do Guns Protect Us? Violence Policy Center Says No

Mike Weisser

OUPblog (blog), 12.01.2015

Charlie Hebdo and the end of the French exception

Christopher Hill

The Atlantic, 13.01.2015

The Myth of Neutral Technology

Tools like body cameras for police officers can be only as effective at reducing inequalities in law enforcement as the humans using them.

Melissa Gregg and Jason Wilson

Daily Mail Published, 13.01.2015

Police officers wearing body cameras are 50% less likely to use force and 90% less likely to have complaints made against them, new study reveals

The Conversation, 13.01.2015

Mass surveillance will never be able to stop all known terrorists

Ray Corrigan

The Conversation, 13.01.2015

The attack on Charlie Hebdo: the problem is the Middle East, not Islam

David Mednicoff

The Conversation, 13.01.2015

Leopards can’t change their spots but domestic violence programmes do change lives

Nicole Westmarland, Liz Kelly, 13.01.2015

Cameron wants to ban encryption – he can say goodbye to digital Britain

Online shopping, banking and messaging all use encryption. Cameron either knows his anti-terror talk is unworkable and is looking for headlines, or he hasn’t got a clue.

James Ball

Boingboing, 13.01.2015

What David Cameron just proposed would endanger every Briton and destroy the IT industry

Cory Doctorow

Newswise Released, 13.01.2015

Teams Better Than Individuals at Intelligence Analysis, Research Finds

Study results counter common work methods of U.S. intelligence community.
Open Democracy, 13.01.2015

In search of the spider in Anders Behring Breivik's web

For months we searched for the Norwegian terrorist’s most prominent supporter. Our hunt ended in a suburb in South Carolina, USA.

Simen Sætre

New York Times, 14.01.2015

In a Safer Age, U.S. Rethinks ‘Tough on Crime’ System


Open Democracy, 14.01.2015

Why Paris will happen again if we rely on empathy and outrage

Ted Cantle

VICE News, 14.01.2015

How Gang Policing Tactics Could Help Prevent Terror Attacks

Colleen Curry

EurekAlert! Public Release, 14.01.2015

Making sexual objectification socially unacceptable could enhance women's sense of safety

Sexual objectification increases women's fear of crime.
Forbes, 14.01.2015

Obama Security Proposals 'Will Create Cyber Police State'

Yesterday, President Obama announced plans to “modernize” laws supposed to protect innocents from cyber attacks like the one that tore Sony Pictures apart towards the end of last year. But according to security experts, the proposed legislation could be used against anyone with the slightest link to digital crime.
Washington Post, 14.01.2015

Why the CDC still isn’t researching gun violence, despite the ban being lifted two years ago

Fear and funding shortfalls remain at the CDC, even though the agency was ordered to resume firearm studies after Newtown shooting.

Todd C. Frankel

New York Daily News, 14.01.2015

'Culture of violence': Use of force at NYC jails reaches record high in 2014: report

The Conversation, 14.01.2015

Will legal marijuana lead to more addicts? Probably not

J Wesley Boyd

New York Times, 14.01.2015

Europe Focuses on Emerging Threats From Smaller Crews of Terrorists


The Conversation, 14.01.2015

The US has no excuse not to prosecute CIA torturers

Gerhard Anders

The Guardian, 14.01.2015

This UK antisemitism survey would have shocked my great uncle Alex

He survived the Holocaust and never trusted France – but he always thought Jewish people could feel at home in Britain.

Hadley Freeman

The Conversation, 14.01.2015

Understanding Muhammad: we need a more informed approach

Ali Mamouri

Wired (USA), 14.01.2015

No, the NSA Isn’t Like the Stasi—And Comparing Them Is Treacherous

Andrew Curry

BBC News, 15.01.2015

The end of the CCTV era?

Twenty years ago the government backed a major expansion of the CCTV network - now funds are being cut and cameras shut off. Is the UK's CCTV boom over, asks Rachel Argyle.
Medical Daily, 15.01.2015

The False Memory Trap: How Our Brains Are Constantly Distorting The Past

Chris Weller

EurekAlert!, 15.01.2015

Stress from the presence of strangers prevents empathy, in both mice and humans

McGill University

EurekAlert!, 15.01.2015

Difficult behavior in young children may point to later problems

Washington University School of Medicine

EurekAlert!, 15.01.2015

People can be convinced they committed a crime that never happened

Association for Psychological Science

EurekAlert!, 15.01.2015

What drives killers like the Ottawa or Paris attackers?

The Conversation, 15.01.2015

Counter-terrorism bill could be ‘devastating’ for university freedoms

Steve Hewitt

The Conversation, 15.01.2015

Al-Qaeda’s Yemen branch adds Paris attacks to list of successes

Stefan Wolff

Pacific Standard, 15.01.2015

What Will Become of No Child Left Behind?

Max Ufberg

Pacific Standard, 15.01.2015

Don’t Believe the FBI’s Most Recent Hate Crime Statistics

Lauren Kirchner, 16.01.2015

Profile of a terrorist: What makes people blow themselves up

Experts reveal biggest personality factors contributing to jihadist recruitment.
The Guardian, 16.01.2015

Covering eyes can help witnesses recall crimes, study finds

Researchers at Surrey University find evidence that blocking off vision boosts the ability to remember events accurately.

Owen Bowcott

EurekAlert!, 16.01.2015

Islamic fundamentalism is not a marginal phenomenon in Europe

The Conversation, 16.01.2015

Black flags and balaclavas: how jihadists dress for imaginary war

Michael Semple

The Conversation, 16.01.2015

Belgium terror raids and Paris attacks reveal urgent need for pan-European security

Alistair Shepherd

The Conversation, 16.01.2015

Kathryn Bigelow and the bogus link between ivory and terrorism

Diogo Veríssimo, David H. Smith

The Conversation, 16.01.2015

What admitting Palestine to the International Criminal Court means

Matt Killingsworth

The Observer, 17.01.2015

Isis using UK female jihadis to incite terror acts back home, say researchers

Intensive monitoring of social media accounts of female Britons based in northern Syria reveals women’s key new role.

Mark Townsend and Toby Helm

Herald Sun, 17.01.2015

Why would young woman Hayat Boumeddiene sign up to a life of terror?


The Observer, 17.01.2015

How a team of social media experts is able to keep track of the UK jihadis

A team of analysts at King’s College in London is building an exhaustive database of western Islamic State fighters – through Twitter and Facebook.

Mark Townsend

OUPblog, 17.01.2015

Fear vs terror: signal crimes, counter-terrorism, and the Charlie Hebdo killings

Signal Crimes: Social Reactions to Crime, Disorder, and Control.

Martin Innes

Science 2.0, 17.01.2015

Innocent People Can Be Convinced They Committed A Crime That Never Happened

News Staff

Pacific Standard, 17.01.2015

How I Learned to Stop Pretending and Fear the Bomb

Fifteen years after surviving a terrorist attack in Moscow, I finally came to terms with how deeply the experience had affected me.

Tanya Paperny

Huffington Post, 17.01.2015

National Security, Values and the Terrorist Threat: Lessons From the 9/11 and French Attacks

Donald Kerwin

New York Times, 18.01.2015

From Amateur to Ruthless Jihadist in France

Chérif and Saïd Kouachi’s Path to Paris Attack at Charlie Hebdo.


New York Times online, 18.01.2015

Charlie Hebdo Attackers’ Path to Radicalization


Bringing terrorists into sharper focus

Lone-actor Jihadists are motivated by much more than a distorted religious ideology.

Paul Gill

New York Times (Blog), 18.01.2015

The Jihadist in Our Family

Poh Si Teng

The New Yorker, 19.01.2015

We Know How You Feel

Computers are learning to read emotion, and the business world can’t wait.

Raffi Khatchadourian

The Conversation, 19.01.2015

Ticking down to a possible date with executioners

Sarah Joseph

The Conversation, 19.01.2015

Domestic violence is now out in the open but the figures show just how endemic it is

Anne Lazenbatt & John Devaney

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 19.01.2015

Terror from the Fringes

Searching for Answers in the "Charlie Hebdo" Attacks.


The Conversation, 19.01.2015

Much soul searching as Belgium confronts terror at home

Valentina Morselli

The Conversation, 19.01.2015

Where social media fall short

Imaani El-Burki

The Guardian, 19.01.2015

GCHQ captured emails of journalists from top international media

EurekAlert!, 20.01.2015

Staff at psychiatric hospitals often face threats of physical violence

The Guardian, 20.01.2015

Alan Rusbridger: Home Office must not remove right to protect sources

In a speech to members of the defence and intelligence community, the Guardian editor expressed concern over threats to privacy and freedom of speech.

Ewen MacAskill

Pacific Standard, 20.01.2015

The Semantic Power of ‘Rape’

New evidence that terminology is reshaping campus culture in crucial ways.

Ted Scheinman

Vox, 20.01.2015

We don't need body cams to show us the criminal justice system is racist

CFO Magazine, 20.01.2015

Cyber Crime: Think of A Number and Double It

Businesses would benefit from reliable information on cyber crime’s costs.

Economist Staff

The Independent, 20.01.2015

Forensic science: How its use revolutionised the way we detect crime

Steve Connor

Sydney Morning Herald, 20.01.2015

Violence against women reduced through apprehended violence orders, survey shows

Emma Partridge, Kerrie Armstrong

The Conversation, 20.01.2015

To defeat terrorists, we need a new game plan to unite all moderates

Andrew MacLeod

Christian Science Monitor, 21.01.2015

Fatal stabbing after Snapchat message: How to respond to online abusers and bullies

Stories of violence and online abuse related to the messaging app Snapchat have made the news this week. What can parents and teens do to cope with cyber-bullies?

Lisa Suhay

Tech Times, 21.01.2015

Psychologists Study the Roots of Terror and Extremism

James Maynard

The Conversation, 21.01.2015

Can the French teach us a basic civics lesson about handling terrorism?

Simon Reich

The Conversation, 21.01.2015

How fear of offending has trumped freedom of speech among today’s young people

Jennie Bristow

The New Republic, 21.01.2015

People in Neighborhoods with High Incarceration Rates Are More Likely to Suffer from Depression and Anxiety

Janell Ross

Boston Globe, 21.01.2015

Defending those accused of unthinkable crimes

The cases of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Jared Loughner, Whitey Bulger, and others demand a special breed of lawyer.

Scott Helman

Guernica, 21.01.2015

The Golden Age of Black Ops

Special ops missions have already taken place in 105 countries in 2015.

Nick Turse

Guernica, 21.01.2015

Your Home Is Your Prison

How to lock down your neighborhood, your country, and you.

Maya Schenwar

The Conversation, 22.01.2015

Q&A: will Indonesia listen to pleas to spare people on death row?

Djayadi Hanan

Birmingham Mail, 22.01.2015

Prison murders and suicides hit a 15-year high

Nick McCarthy, 22.01.2015

Why students don’t understand what counts as rape

Sexual contact without consent is assault – but an alarming number of young people are confused.

Olivia Goldhill

Washington Post (blog), 22.01.2015

The Supreme Court’s massive blind spot

Radley Balko

EurekAlert!, 22.01.2015

83 percent of teenagers fall victim to some kind of violence during their lives

EurekAlert!, 22.01.2015

New strategies to identify and help women victims of intimate partner violence

EurekAlert!, 22.01.2015

Profitable phishing schemes slyly tinker with our heads, then rip us off

'The claws that catch' alter cognitive processing to get what they want.

University at Buffalo

EurekAlert!, 22.01.2015

Low-income boys fare worse in wealth's shadow

Poor boys who grow up alongside more affluent neighbors exhibit more antisocial behavior than those who grow up in concentrated poverty, says new research from Duke University.
The Conversation, 22.01.2015

Bali Nine: hypocrisy, politics and courts play out in death row lottery

Tim Lindsey, Malcolm Smith

Washington Post (blog), 22.01.2015

What Obama didn’t say about crime and incarceration

Michelle Ye Hee Lee

Penn Current, 22.01.2015

Penn research connects social/biological risk factors for antisocial behavior

Evan Lerner

New Statesman, 22.01.2015

To hide behind falling crime rates is to fail victims of crime

New forms of crime are on the up.

Jack Dromey

Gothamist, 22.01.2015

"Pedestrian Deaths Are The Perfect Crime," Says Former NY Times Editor

Breitbart News, 22.01.2015

Inside France’s Sharia No-Go Zones

Pamela Geller

BBC News, 22.01.2015

'Don't give up on us,' police tell ministers

With crime now having fallen to levels not seen since David Soul (Hutch from US cop drama Starsky & Hutch) topped the charts with "Don't Give Up On Us" in 1977, police are worried the statistics will cue even deeper cuts to their budgets.

Mark Easton

EurekAlert!, 22.01.2015

Pro-marijuana 'tweets' are sky-high on Twitter

New York Times, 23.01.2015

Many Errors by Cleveland Police, Then a Fatal One


SPIEGEL ONLINE, 23.01.2015

'We Left Our Most Important Prisoners To Amateurs'

The Conversation, 23.01.2015

Why the fight against Islamic State is not the success we’re told it is

Scott Lucas

The Conversation, 23.01.2015

Drug delivery drones shouldn’t surprise us – smugglers have used everything else

Javier Guerrero, 24.01.2015

Did Prison Life Create Charlie Hebdo, Kosher Supermarket Terrorists?

Alastair Jamieson

Sydney Morning Herald, 24.01.2015

Does the death penalty deter drug smugglers?

Jewel Topsfield and Tom Allard

The Daily Courier, 25.01.2015

Learning from terrorism

Stan Chung

The New Yorker, 26.01.2015

The Whole Haystack

The N.S.A. claims it needs access to all our phone records. But is that the best way to catch a terrorist?

Matthias Schwartz

New Yorker, 26.01.2015

The Cobweb

Can the Internet be archived?

Jill Lepore

The Conversation, 26.01.2015

We can’t expect intelligence services to prevent every terrorist attack

Damien Van Puyvelde

The Conversation, 26.01.2015

The terrifying philosophy behind Guantanamo torture

Peter Finn

The Conversation, 26.01.2015

From carjacking to carhacking: computerised vehicles are more vulnerable than ever

Andrew Smith, Blaine Price

EurekAlert!, 26.01.2015

Hospitals helping violence victims could save millions

CNN Updated, 26.01.2015

Add this to Greece's list of problems: It's an emerging hub for terrorists

Tim Lister and Ioannis Mantzikos

New York Times, 26.01.2015

‘Tough on Crime’ Fadeout: What Constitutes Safety?

The Guardian online, 26.01.2015

Why fragile cities hold the key to stability and development

City planners who have made some of the world’s most dangerous urban areas safer must share lessons with those where ‘anarchy rules’, says a leading expert.

John Vidal

Open Democracy, 26.01.2015

How big is the trafficking problem? The mysteries of quantification

Sally Engle Merry

The International New York Times, 26.01.2015

The Mill of Muslim Radicalism in France


The Age, 27.01.2015

Domestic violence: how taboos veil the truth

Don Edgar

The Conversation, 27.01.2015

Discrimination is bad for your health – and your kids too

Zaneta Thayer

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2015

Psychopathic violent offenders' brains can't understand punishment

MRI-scans reveal abnormalities in many areas of the brain.

University of Montreal

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2015

Sexual offending treatment programs in prisons and hospitals are ineffective

BMJ-British Medical Journal

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2015

Crude conspiracy theories could be right

Researchers have for the first time provided strong evidence for what conspiracy theorists have long thought -- oil is often the reason for interfering in another country's war.

University of Warwick

The Conversation, 27.01.2015

The rise of an intelligence lobby threatens the rights of lawyers, journalists – and all of us

Paul Lashmar

New Statesman, 27.01.2015

Labour will focus on tackling domestic violence – new research could help

A Police and Crime Commissioner is making the case for domestic violence perpetrator programmes.

Vera Baird

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2015

Age concern in largest ever study of heroin user deaths

University of Manchester

EurekAlert!, 27.01.2015

Retreat of multiculturalism 'is a myth'

University of Strathclyde

Wall Street Journal, 28.01.2015

U.S. Prisons Grapple With Aging Population

More Middle-Age Offenders Are Entering or Re-entering Facilities, Research Shows.

Joe Palazzolo

The Guardian, 28.01.2015

Women with disabilities excluded from domestic abuse law, say campaigners

Male carers who can prove they are acting in their partners’ interests would escape punishment under ‘coercive control’ legislation.
The New Republic, 28.01.2015

It's Easy to Murder a Black Man in America and Get Away With It

A journalist's ten-year investigation of inner-city violence.

Dan Slater

Mother Jones, 28.01.2015

Murder In Los Angeles Is Way Down Among Teenagers

Kevin Drum

EurekAlert!, 28.01.2015

Bitcoin scams steal at least $11 million in virtual deposits from unsuspecting customers

First empirical study of its kind identifies fraud on seemingly legitimate web sites purposely designed to steal customers' funds. Southern Methodist University.
Irish Times, 28.01.2015

Report reveals magnitude of criminality in South Africa police

Institute of Race Relations finds 1 per cent of officers have criminal records.

Bill Corcoran

The Guardian, 28.01.2015

Give slavery victims ‘freedom from prosecution for minor crimes’

Police chief says plans laid out in modern slavery bill for legal discretion will help bring cases against gangs exploiting People.

Owen Bowcott

Police Oracle, 28.01.2015

Terrorism: What happens next?

As extremism dominates media headlines Dr Dave Sloggett highlights the issues stemming from our own fear.

Dr Dave Sloggett

The Conversation, 29.01.2015

How do we decide if offending someone is unethical or not?

Peter Bowden

The Globe and Mail, 29.01.2015

Parents who think the world was safer when they were younger are wrong


EurekAlert!, 29.01.2015

Are pornography users more likely to exhibit unsafe sexual behaviors?

Huffington Post, 29.01.2015

A Common Belief About Sex Offenders May Be Wrong

Jesse Singal

Huffington Post, 29.01.2015

Why Are IQ Scores Still Being Used To Determine Who Is Fit To Be Executed?

Maurice Chammah and Dana Goldstein

Popular Science, 29.01.2015

Modeling Suspects' Faces Using DNA From Crime Scenes

But can it work well enough to generate reliable leads?

Francie Diep

NL Times, 29.01.2015

Crime sentences tougher on ethnic minorities: new research

Janene Van Jaarsveldt

The Conversation, 29.01.2015

The Conversation

John Fanning

New Yorker online, 29.01.2015

The Aftermath of Police Shootings

Jehan Jillani

Police Oracle, 29.01.2015

Home Office earmarks £10 million for policing research

Theresa May says funds will go towards trying to understand why people commit crimes and why crime is falling.

Josh Loeb

ProPublica, 29.01.2015

True or False, the Power of Confessions is Great

The Etan Patz murder trial is the latest test case for measuring the power of a confession, whether or not it’s actually true.

Joe Sexton

The Conversation, 29.01.2015

Why violent psychopaths don’t ‘get’ punishment

Nick Haslam

New York Review of Books, 30.01.2015

The NY Police vs. the Mayor

Michael Greenberg

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 30.01.2015

New Campaign Seeks to Sharply Reduce Youth Incarceration

Gary Gately

UW Today, 30.01.2015

Child maltreatment not a clear path to adult crime

Doree Armstrong

The Conversation, 30.01.2015

International court upholds Srebrenica massacre verdicts

Louis Monroy Santander

Beaumont Enterprise, 30.01.2015

President's task force on policing looks at use of force


BBC News, 30.01.2015

Beginner bank robber downloaded online 'how to' crime guide

Washington Post, 30.01.2015

Eyewitnesses aren’t as reliable as you might think

Thomas Albright and Jed Rakoff

The Coloradoan, 30.01.2015

Campus sex assault research under fire

Kristin Jones

The Conversation, 30.01.2015

Prime Evil: why South Africa has released Eugene De Kock

Paul Jackson

Newswise, 30.01.2015

Poll Shows Public Opposes Social Media & News Media Showing Images of ISIS Beheadings – UD

U.S. News & World Report, 30.01.2015

School Resource Officers: Safety Priority or Part of the Problem?

Placing cops in schools needlessly pushes students into the justice system, critics say – unless it's done right.
The Economist, 31.01.2015

The paradox of the ghetto

Unnervingly, poor children seem to fare better in poor neighbourhoods.
New York Times, 31.01.2015

Sheldon Silver and New York’s ‘Caldron of Corruption’, 31.01.2015

Mapping neighborhood change in Camden

As Camden leaders tout a budding renaissance in the city, one Rutgers-Camden project will be keeping an objective eye by tracking neighborhood changes in the Cramer Hill section.

Jonathan Lai

Cornish Guardian, 31.01.2015

Burglars reveal what drives them to commit crime