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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

London Review of Books, 01.08.2014

Hamas’s Chances

Nathan Thrall

The Economist, 02.08.2014


Britain’s prisons are in a shameful state. The solution is simple, but takes courage
The Economist, 02.08.2014

Us and them Israel and the world

The pummelling of Gaza has cost Israel sympathy not just in Europe, but also among Americans. Israelis are debating how to respond
OpenDemocracy, 04.08.2014

El Salvador's gang problem: the truth behind the truce

Will El Salvador's new president deploy state or civil society to address the recent spikes in violence, as politics threaten to unravel the wary truce between the country's gangs?

Carlos A. Rosales

American Friends of Tel Aviv University, 11.08.2014

Crime Rates May Fluctuate Depending on Authority in Charge

TAU study finds police more inclined to issue arrests when prisons have administrative responsibility for detainees
University of Michigan Health, 11.08.2014

School violence, gun-related injury among top 10 child health concerns nationally

Childhood obesity still at the top in annual top 10 list of childhood health concerns, according to U-M’s National Poll on Children’s Health

Mary Ma

Infosecurity Magazine, 11.08.2014

BlackHat 2014: Incident Response Best Practice & Automation Key to Success - Bruce Schneier

Fahmida Rashid

New York Times, 11.08.2014

Author of ‘Broken Windows’ Policing Defends His Theory


Journalist's Resource, 11.08.2014

Police brutality or “reasonable force”? Research review and statistics on law enforcement, violence and the role of race

Washington Post, 11.08.2014

How to fix the flaws in the Global Terrorism Database and why it matters

Robert Pape, Keven Ruby, Vincent Bauer and Gentry Jenkins

Reno Gazette, 12.08.2014

Bruise-detecting camera aims to stop domestic violence

Steph Solis

Mother Jones, 12.08.2014

Childhood Lead Exposure Causes a Lot More Than Just a Rise in Violent Crime

Kevin Drum

Truthout, 12.08.2014

How the Mainstream Media Helped Kill Michael Brown

The day after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot to death by an unnamed cop in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, local outlet Riverfront Times ran a blog post with details of Brown's character and life.

Aaron Cantu

EurekAlert!, 12.08.2014

Sniffing out billions in US currency smuggled across the border to Mexico

Criminals are smuggling an estimated $30 billion in U.S. currency into Mexico each year from the United States, but help could be on the way for border guards, researchers will report here today. The answer to the problem: a portable device that identifies specific vapors given off by U.S. paper money.
EurekAlert!, 12.08.2014

ADHD, substance abuse and conduct disorder develop from the same neurocognitive deficits

Study suggests ways to treat these deficits before the psychiatric symptoms develop
Michigan State University, 12.08.2014

Scared of crime? Good.

In the past half-century, fear of crime in the United States has fueled “white flight” from big cities, become known as a quality of life issue and prompted scholars and law enforcement experts to address ways of reducing this fear., 12.08.2014

Paramilitary Police Are Changing Law Enforcement in the Suburbs

Kriston Capps

The Guardian, 12.08.2014

Outrage follows Baltimore's 'deeply flawed' youth curfew decision

Law passed to try to help reduce violent crime and juvenile arrests, but critics say curfews are ineffective and discriminatory

Lauren Gambino

The Atlantic, 12.08.2014

When Wilderness Boot Camps Take Tough Love Too Far

Troubled teens are occasionally sent to corrective outdoor programs, where they hike for days or perform manual labor. But some parents are saying the physical exertion verges on abuse.

Sulome Anderson

The Atlantic, 12.08.2014

Echoes of Michael Brown's Death in St. Louis' Racially Charged Past

The shooting of the unarmed 18-year-old by police on Saturday is part of a long history of violence toward African Americans in the Midwestern city.

Landon Jones

Ottawa Citizen, 12.08.2014

U.S. researchers to study Canada's counter-terrorism efforts

Meghan Hurley, 12.08.2014

Is THERE something about Islam?

Kenan Malik

Newswise, 12.08.2014

Peers, but Not Peer Pressure, Key to Prescription Drug Misuse Among Young Adults

American Sociological Association (ASA)

Newswise, 12.08.2014

Parental Incarceration Can Be Worse for a Child Than Divorce or Death of a Parent

Citations American Sociological Association

Newswise, 12.08.2014

Study Suggests Federal Law to Combat Use of ‘Club Drugs’ Has Done More Harm Than Good

Citations American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Aug-2014
The Atlantic, 13.08.2014

Life With Legal Weed

A conversation with middle-aged moms, homeless men, and college kids about post-prohibition in Boulder, Colorado

Conor Friedersdorf

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 13.08.2014

Why Aren’t Campus Emergency Alerts Taken More Seriously?

Washington Post, 13.08.2014

What caused the Ferguson riot exists in so many other cities, too

We must change how we're policing poor, black communities.

Elijah Anderson

SAGE, 13.08.2014

Upgrading electronic monitoring, downgrading probation

Upgrading electronic monitoring, downgrading probation: Reconfiguring ‘offender management’ in England and Wales
Brisbane Times, 14.08.2014

No easy fix to domestic violence

Amy Remeikis

Washington Post online, 14.08.2014

From Watts in 1965 to Ferguson today, lessons on race left unlearned

Richard Leiby and Krissah Thompson

EurekAlert!, 14.08.2014

Mass layoffs linked to increased teen suicide attempts

In states with mass layoffs, a rise in girls' suicide plans and black teens' suicide attempts
EurekAlert!, 14.08.2014

Strong state alcohol policies reduce likelihood of binge drinking

York University, 14.08.2014

Adults with autism at higher risk of sexual victimization: York U study

University of Washington Health Sciences, 14.08.2014

Personal, public costs of scientific misconduct calculated

Assumptions scrutinized on career damage and funding waste

Leila Gray

New York Magazine, 14.08.2014

How Militarizing Police Can Increase Violence

Jesse Singal

Mother Jones, 14.08.2014

Whites Favor Harsh Sentencing Policies After Seeing Images of Black Prisoners

A new study suggests that increased public awareness of criminal justice disparities could prove counterproductive.

Lei Wang

The New Yorker online, 14.08.2014

What I Saw in Ferguson

Jelani Cobb

Nieman, 14.08.2014

Ferguson and the power of a free Internet

In a piece posted to The Message collection on Medium today, University of North Carolina professor Zeynep Tufekci reveals how issues of net neutrality are altering the news coming out of Ferguson, Mo.
Channel News Asia, 15.08.2014

E-commerce scams driving increase in crime rate: Police

Loke Kok Fai

Newswise, 15.08.2014

Young People of Color Mistrust Police and Legal System, Report Finds

Black youth are far more likely than other young people to have negative experiences with the police, and believe overwhelmingly that the American legal system does not treat all groups equally, according to a new report from the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago.
New York Times online, 15.08.2014

Military Training and Technology for Police May Actually Cut Risk

Eugene O'Donnell is a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He was an officer in the New York Police Department, a prosecutor with the district attorneys' offices in Brooklyn and Queens, and a police academy instructor.
New York Times, 15.08.2014

Surplus Military Gear Is Good for Police and Taxpayers

Louis Anemone was chief of department of the New York Police Department from 1995 to 1999 and is the principal of Anemone Consulting.
CNN, 15.08.2014

Questions hound Maine program: How do you know they won't kill again?

Wayne Drash

The Guardian, 15.08.2014

Sometimes it’s good to talk – even to ‘terrorists’

If there is to be any sort of lasting peace, both sides in this Gaza conflict have to think about each other differently

Giles Fraser

VICE, 15.08.2014

I Went Undercover in America's Toughest Prison

Alexander Reynolds

The Atlantic, 16.08.2014

How ISIS Games Twitter

The militant group that conquered northern Iraq is deploying a sophisticated social-media strategy.

J.M. Berger

Salt Lake Tribune, 17.08.2014

Get the nonviolent mentally ill out of our prisons

Mary Jo McMillen and Jamie Justice

OUPblog, 17.08.2014

The French burqa ban

The Headscarf Controversy

Hilal Elver

American Civil Liberties Union, 18.08.2014

Ferguson is Everytown, U.S.A.

Nusrat Choudhury

CorrectionsOne, 18.08.2014

What kind of prison might the inmates design?

Some of their models are fanciful — individual cells with Internet connections and even outdoor decks exist in Norway but aren't likely to become part of U.S. prison design any time soon

Lee Romney

Pacific Standard, 18.08.2014

Punished for Being Poor: The Problem With Using Big Data in the Justice System

Correctional departments use data-driven analyses because it’s easier and cheaper than individual assessments. But at what cost?

Jessica Pishko

MSNBC, 18.08.2014

The Call: Policing the Police

Yasmin Aslam

University of Cincinnati, 18.08.2014

Life After Prison: UC Research Analyzes Ex-Offenders' Stigma Management

A UC Blue Ash College sociology professor presents his findings at a national conference after conducting research that included interviews with 60 former inmates.

Pete Gemmer

EurekAlert!, 18.08.2014

Neglected boys may turn into violent adolescents

Parents who physically neglect their boys may increase the risk that they will raise violent adolescents, according to Penn State sociologists.
The Wall Street Journal, 19.08.2014

Bratton Says Gun Violence Remains Low

Commissioner Stays 'Ahead of the Problem,' According to Mayor

Bratton Says Gun Violence Remains Low

University of Illinois at Urbana, 19.08.2014

Many solve civil justice problems on their own, rarely involving attorneys, says study

It’s not concerns about the cost that keep many people from getting help with civil justice problems, says Rebecca Sandefur, a professor of sociology and of law at Illinois, in a new report.
Washington Post (, 19.08.2014

Alcohol is still the deadliest drug in the United States, and it’s not even close

Harold Pollack

Himal Magazine, 19.08.2014

The price of honour

A culture of impunity allows perpetrators of honour killings to escape justice in Pakistan.

Bushra Asif

Huffington Post, 20.08.2014

The LAPD and Modern Policing

A. Slayton

EurekAlert!, 20.08.2014

Counselling has limited benefit on young people drinking alcohol

The Guardian, 20.08.2014

Ferguson riots may seem similar to those in UK in 2011 – but there are stark contrasts

As Mark Duggan's death proved in 2011, distrust of police easily sparks rioting but there are also key differences with US policing

Tim Newburn, 20.08.2014

Proposed family violence name and shame laws fall short, lawyers say

Victorian family law experts say legislation won’t improve victims’ support services and could hinder offenders’ rehabilitation

Melissa Davey

Businessweek, 20.08.2014

The Very Stark Numbers on Young Black Men and Gun Violence

Allison Schrager, 20.08.2014

Domestic violence: 'Controlling behavior is abuse and it's time we criminalised it'

Today, Theresa May announced a consultation to look at strengthening the law against psychological abuse. Polly Neate, chief executive of Women's Aid, welcomes the move - and says we need to help women get justice for mental, as well as physical, harm

Polly Neate

Huffington Post, 20.08.2014

New Stanford Criminal Justice Study Right, But Incomplete and Misleading

Dean of UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Professor of Public Policy & Political Science, Senior Fellow at the FrameWorks Institute

Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., 21.08.2014

Ten years after Beslan school siege, survivors struggle to make a new life

New Republic, 22.08.2014

This Is What Wannabe Jihadists Order on Amazon Before Leaving for Syria

Mehdi Hasan

TruthOut, 22.08.2014

In Ferguson, Money For Tanks And Tear Gas, But None For Education

Jessica Desvarieux

Huffington Post, 22.08.2014

How to Rationalize the Deaths of Unarmed Black Men at the Hands of Police: It's the Narrative, Stupid

Phillip Martin Sr. Investigative Reporter WGBH Radio Boston; Sr. Fellow Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, Executive Editor Lifted Veils Productions
Mashable, 22.08.2014

Journalist Claims to Find Islamic State Training Camp Using Google

In the end it was a bridge that gave away the militants.

Brian Ries

Washington Post, 22.08.2014

What’s next for Darren Wilson? These numbers could be a clue

Roberto A. Ferdman

The Conversation UK, 22.08.2014

International law is inadequate when it comes to protecting journalists from savagery

The vicious execution of US journalist James Foley by militants of the Islamic State deepens the concern that international law and diplomacy may be ill-equipped to address crimes against media workers…

Carmen Draghici

The Economist, 23.08.2014

To have and have not

A disturbing study of the link between incomes and criminal behaviour, 23.08.2014

James Foley beheading: London rapper turned jihadist believed to be under investigation for murder of journalist in Syria

Lizzie Dearden

The Spectator, 23.08.2014

What we don't know about Ferguson, Missouri

Michael Brown's death and the disorder that has followed are being seen through two specious narratives. We won't see the real truth until the trial – if then

John O'Sullivan

The Spectator, 23.08.2014

The Islamic State and the land of lost gods

From the dawn of civilisation, the Fertile Crescent has been a cradle to strange and fascinating sects. Not any more

Tom Holland

Irish Independent, 24.08.2014

Young, vulnerable women 
being groomed for jihad

Jihadists of the Islamic State are using social media to attract female brides and fighters, writes Carol Hunt
South China Morning, 24.08.2014

'Terrorist whisperer' Noor Huda Ismail helps rehabilitate Islamic militants

Noor Huda Ismail sees extremists as people on a path he might have taken himself
Bloomberg View, 24.08.2014

The Perils of Police Cameras

Los Angeles Times, 25.08.2014

Stun guns not a cure-all for police shootings, experts warn

James Queally

Newswise Released, 25.08.2014

Playing Violent Video Games Related to Depression in Preadolescent Youth

New York Times, 25.08.2014

Great Britain Appeals to Anti-Extremist Imams in Effort to Uproot Seeds of Radicalization


Review: Law Failing to Stop Exploitation And Trafficking

Huffington Post, 25.08.2014

The Islamic State Panic

Michael Brenner Senior Fellow, the Center for Transatlantic Relations; Professor of International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
The Intercept, 25.08.2014

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

Ryan Gallagher

University at Buffalo, 26.08.2014

Study finds less domestic violence among married couples who smoke potStudy finds less domestic violence among married couples who smoke pot

Cathy Wilde

Springer Science+Business Media, 26.08.2014

What can fourteenth century Venice teach us about Ebola?

Venice’s response to the plague an “example of resilience management,” say experts
EUobserver, 26.08.2014

The changing face of Europe's mafia

Benjamin Fox

New York Times, 26.08.2014

The Making of a Disaster

Roger Cohen

BBC News, 26.08.2014

Barnardo's: Sexual exploitation of boys 'overlooked'

Zubeida Malik

The Independent, 26.08.2014

Boris Johnson's proposal for British fighters in Syria and Iraq is dangerous and counterproductive

Treating all foreign fighters as terrorists risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy

Shiraz Maher and Peter R. Neumann

The Verge, 26.08.2014

This is Uber's playbook for sabotaging Lyft

'Brand ambassadors' with burner phones and credit cards attempt to #shavethestache

Casey Newton

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 27.08.2014

'We're Like Animals To Them'

An American City's Daily Racism

Markus Feldenkirchen

BBC News, 27.08.2014

When we look, we find

The sexual abuse of children was, until relatively recently in Britain, a subject rarely discussed in public. Now, hardly a day goes by without some new horror hitting the headlines.
The Nation., 27.08.2014

The Police Violence We Aren’t Talking About

Zoë Carpenter

ColorLines magazine, 27.08.2014

How News Media Fuels the Myth of Black Crime

Kai Wright

EurekAlert!, 27.08.2014

The roots of human altruism

EurekAlert!, 27.08.2014

Gamblers are greedy bird-brains, University of Warwick research finds

Gamblers show the same tendencies as pigeons when they make risky decisions, new research has shown.
Association for Psychological Science, 27.08.2014

Group Identity Emphasized More by Those Who Just Make the Cut

Daily Mail, 27.08.2014

Real-life Breaking Bad: The incredible story of how a 'cool cat' science professor 'led a double-life as a gun-toting, Harley-riding, biker gang meth

Insurance News, 27.08.2014

ISACA Releases European Guidance on Cybersecurity

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Aug. 26 -- The Information Systems Audit and Control Association issued the following news release:
The Guardian, 28.08.2014

'Culture of denial' leaving UK children at risk of serious abuse

Deputy children's commissioner Sue Berelowitz says, despite Rotherham and gang violence cases elsewhere, police and authorities are practising 'wilful blindness'

Randeep Ramesh

Washington Post, 28.08.2014

Study: Those lockstep riot-police phalanxes make cops more aggressive

Justin Moyer

Bloomberg Businessweek online, 28.08.2014

America Has Hit ‘Peak Gun,’ and the Obama Gun Bubble Is Bursting


Joshua Green

Bloomberg Businessweek, 28.08.2014

Defending Against Hackers of the Future

Ian King and Dune Lawrence

Irish Independent, 29.08.2014

A race to get gated: Does it really cut down on crime?

Gabrielle Monaghan

New Scientist, 29.08.2014

Your death microbiome could catch your killer

Anna Williams