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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Toronto Star, 03.02.2014

America’s cautionary tale of mandatory minimums

U.S. conservatives and progressives alike have seen the destructive consequences of mandatory minimum sentences. Will Canada take notice?

Jennifer Carlson

EurekAlert!, 03.02.2014

Written all over your face: Humans express 4 basic emotions rather than 6

Human beings are emotional creatures whose state of mind can usually be observed through their facial expressions.
EurekAlert!, 03.02.2014

Written all over your face: Humans express 4 basic emotions rather than 6

Human beings are emotional creatures whose state of mind can usually be observed through their facial expressions.
EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE, 04.02.2014

Long-term survival no different among those severely injured by violence vs. accident

People seriously injured by violence are no more likely to die in the years after they are shot, stabbed or beaten than those who are seriously injured in accidents, Johns Hopkins researchers have found.
EurekAlert!, 04.02.2014

Teens who consume energy drinks more likely to use alcohol and drugs

Widespread adolescent energy drink/shot use strongly associated with substance use, says study in Journal of Addiction Medicine
Moneywise Magazine, 04.02.2014

Five new tricks burglars use when targeting your home

Laura Whitcombe

urbanmilwaukee, 04.02.2014

Inside the Sand Ridge Prison

The high-security Mauston facility houses sex offenders, creating a "huge challenge" for prison leaders. Second in a three-part series.
Police News, 04.02.2014

A framework for accountability in the new age of policing

The Independent, 04.02.2014

Revealed: Thousands of rape cases thrown out as charges fall following new CPS guidelines

Sharp fall in both referrals to prosecutors and charges follows new CPS guidelines issued three years ago

Melanie Newman , Oliver Wright

Guardian Professional, 04.02.2014

How to fix the tense relations between crime panels and police commissioners

Toothless and flawed? Three ways to improve the police and crime panels from the Centre for Public Scrutiny - Ed Hammond
Mother Jones, 04.02.2014

Living in a Violent Neighborhood Is As Likely to Give You PTSD As Going to War

Yet this at-home PTSD crisis remains largely ignored.

Lois Beckett, 04.02.2014

Faulty forensic science under fire

US panels aim to set standards for crime labs.

Sara Reardon

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 04.02.2014

NSA Scandal Boosts German Tech Industry

Hilmar Schmundt and Gerald Traufetter

The Independent, 04.02.2014

Cheap alcohol to be banned before the World Cup in England and Wales

Ministers said the plans will save money and prevent violence

Kashmira Gander

WBUR, 04.02.2014

Monitoring Convicts Of Child Pornography

Huffington Post, 04.02.2014

13 Drugs Whose Risks Emerged Only When They Went Off Patent, Part One

Martha Rosenberg Health reporter, 'Consumers Digest' contributor, 05.02.2014

Mandatory sentencing: does it reduce crime?

King-hit assaults that kill in New South Wales will now carry a mandatory eight-year minimum sentence if alcohol or drugs are involved.
Elhuyar Fundazioa, 05.02.2014

“False memories” - the hidden side of our good memory

The Information Daily, 05.02.2014

Criminal justice law slips unnoticed through parliament

Staff Writer

Sydney Morning Herald, 05.02.2014

Putting people back into the law

Studying human rights opens new legal paths, writes Clive Hopkins
The Atlantic, 05.02.2014

Why Young Sexual Assault Victims Tell Incoherent Stories

As soon as children make allegations, they're forced to take a crash course on a very daunting topic. This puts them at a huge disadvantage—and their attackers count on it.

Natalie Shure

The Montreal Gazette, 05.02.2014

Camera surveillance on Montreal streets? City hall is debating the pros and cons

Topic was raised in the wake of media reports detailing recent homophobic attacks in Montreal’s Gay Village. By René Bruemmer, GAZETTE civic affairs reporter
n+1, 05.02.2014

That Others May Live?

The Uncertain Legacy of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Christopher Glazek

BBC News, 06.02.2014

Violent video games leave teens 'morally immature'

Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 06.02.2014

Why do young people fail to thrive?

Around the world, more and more young people are failing to find stable jobs and live independently. A new study from IIASA population researchers explains
CNBC Published, 06.02.2014

Identity theft rises as crooks get more creative

Herb Weisbaum

New York Times online, 06.02.2014

Legal Troubles Barely Subdue a Bitcoin Evangelist’s Sermons

A few weeks before his arrest at Kennedy Airport, Charles Shrem was standing behind the Manhattan bar he invested in with some of his Bitcoin fortune, buzzing about his big plans for the virtual currency and himself


EurekAlert!, 07.02.2014

Study shows drop in crime rates are less where Wal-Mart builds

Communities across the United States experienced an unprecedented decline in crime in the 1990s. But for counties where Wal-Mart built stores, the decline wasn't nearly as dramatic.
The Atlantic Feb, 07.02.2014

Once Again, Police Who Shot at Innocents Will Get Their Guns Back

Public safety is being made subservient to second chances for police officers who made multiple potentially deadly mistakes.

Conor Friedersdorf

Youth Today, 07.02.2014

The Kid Brain and the Adult Criminal Justice System

John Lash

Daily Mail, 07.02.2014

City living is SAFER than life in the country: Risk of death in urban areas is almost 25% lower than in rural locations

Christian Science Monitor, 07.02.2014

Video game violence: Putting study results in perspective

As news reports surface in regards to the negative aspects of video games on teen development, it is important to look at where the data is coming from and also learn opposing viewpoints to develop a complete picture and plan of action.

Lisa Suhay, 07.02.2014

Should police be allowed to use military drones to gather evidence?

The Supreme Court has yet to consider drone surveillance and the Fourth Amendment.

Scott Bomboy

EurekAlert!, 07.02.2014

The fatality rate among hard drug users is 14 times higher than for the general population

A study compares mortality among hard drug users
Headlines & Global News, 07.02.2014

Sniffing Criminals: Detectives To Use 'Electric Nose' That Identifies People By The Odor Of Their Hands

Rida Ahmed

580 CFRA Radio, 07.02.2014

35,000 stops recorded in first six months of race data collection project

The Economist, 08.02.2014

Hoffman’s habit

How to make heroin less deadly

The Economist, 08.02.2014

The great expulsion

Barack Obama has presided over one of the largest peacetime outflows of people in America’s history
The Economist, 08.02.2014


Far from being unjust, the system may be too scrupulous—but also too lengthy
MetroNews Canada, 09.02.2014

A civil approach to changing policing in Toronto

Torstar News Service

New York Times, 09.02.2014

Stepping Up to Stop Sexual Assault


Huffington Post-, 10.02.2014

It's Clear Violent Crime Is Decreasing, But Less Clear Why

Mike Weisser

Huffington Post, 10.02.2014

Does Punishment Further Rehabilitation?

At some Scandinavian prisons, inmates can wear their own clothes and leave prison grounds—and still Nordic prisons yield recidivism rates 1/3 of those in the U.S. Is it still punishment if it doesn’t look like punishment?
San Francisco Chronicle, 10.02.2014

Mexican Mafia Seen Opening Cocaine Labs After Half-Ton Haul

Andrew Willis and Matthew Bristow

Huffington Post UK, 10.02.2014

How Britain's Universities Want You To Think There's No Homophobia On Campus

Huffington Post Canada, 10.02.2014

Marijuana Munchies Explained By Science

PolicyMic, 10.02.2014

There Was a Potential Terrorist Attack in California in 2013 That is Only Now Being Reported

Tom McKay

Sky News, 10.02.2014

City Of London Police Plan More Undercover Ops

A new approach to policing the Square Mile aims to create "a hostile environment" for would-be criminals and terrorists.
Stoke Sentinel, 10.02.2014

Policing under the spotlight

New York Times, 11.02.2014

Spain Seeks to Curb Law Allowing Judges to Pursue Cases Globally

JIM YARDLEY, 11.02.2014

Darpa reinventing search engines to fight crime

Liat Clark

FOX 40 News WICZ TV, 11.02.2014

Does a Violent Neighborhood Produce a Violent Child?, 11.02.2014

Wal-Mart Crime Rate Link Studied

Communities across the United States experienced an unprecedented decline in crime in the 1990s. But for counties where Wal-Mart built stores, the decline wasn’t nearly as dramatic.
Businessweek, 11.02.2014

One in 14 Women Worldwide Suffer Sexual Violence, Study Shows

Makiko Kitamura

Association for Psychological Science PRESS RELEASE, 11.02.2014

After Committing a Crime, Guilt and Shame Predict Re-Offense

Within three years of being released from jail, two out of every three inmates in the US wind up behind bars again — a problem that contributes to the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. New research suggests that the degree to which inmates’ express guilt or shame may provide an indicator of how likely they are to re-offend.
Cornell University, 11.02.2014

Child abuse rises with income inequality, study shows

Melissa Osgood

The Independent, 11.02.2014

On the tracks of burglars making a killing out of rhino horn

Ahead of Thursday’s high-level wildlife trafficking conference in London, police say there has been a rise in thefts ‘related’ to animal parts

Paul Peachey

NBC Chicago, 11.02.2014

Trial Begins Against Former Cop Accused of Plotting Murder

Steven Mandell was a Chicago police officer from 1973 to 1983 Federal authorities say former officers hatched a plan to kidnap, extort and torture a Chicago businessman.

Phil Rogers

Huffington Post, 11.02.2014

Modern Policing vs. The IACP

Diane Goldstein - 21-year law enforcement veteran, speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Guardian Professional, 11.02.2014

How to collaborate and partner with other sectors as a small charity

A successful collaboration requires understanding what you want to achieve, finding the right partner and communicating
News Guardian, 11.02.2014

Identifying issues for older offenders

New research from Age UK North Tyneside has identified key issues in the support available to older offenders.
CorrectionsOne-, 11.02.2014

Book Excerpt: Investigating Internet Crimes

Written by experts on the frontlines, Investigating Internet Crimes provides seasoned and new investigators with the background and tools they need to investigate crime occurring in the online world.
Huffington Post Canada, 11.02.2014

How Much Will Tory Prison Sentence Reforms Cost? The Jury Is Still Out

Althia Raj

The Conversation, 12.02.2014

Knowing the case against you: secrecy is eroding fair process

Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Lecturer

The Independent, 12.02.2014

Joanna Dennehy: The girl from a loving home who turned into a serial killer

The chilling story of Joanna Dennehy, a multiple murderer who persuaded two men to assist her spree, can finally be told

Paul Peachey

The Atlantic Cities, 12.02.2014

Street Lights and Crime: A Seemingly Endless Debate

Mike Riggs

PoliceOracle Date, 12.02.2014

Crime stats whistleblower 'will not be sacked'

Outside force reviews evidence against PC and concludes it is not gross misconduct.

Jack Sommers

New York Times (blog)-, 12.02.2014

On the Death Penalty, ‘Too Many Doubts’


EurekAlert!, 12.02.2014

Paper examines clinical and policy implications of intimate partner violence

Washington Post-, 13.02.2014

Faith-based prisons: the valid studies

Sasha Volokh

Reuters Blogs (blog)-, 13.02.2014

The deadly consequences of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

Mark Hoekstra

Boston Globe, 13.02.2014

Success of gun buyback programs is debated

Meghan E. Irons | Globe Staff

Milton Keynes, 14.02.2014

Milton Keynes Open University to investigate improvements to UK policing

The Open University Business School (OUBS) has announced a major public sector partnership with police forces and agencies across the UK to help them cope with reduced resources and enhance the service they offer the public.
Belfast Telegraph online, 14.02.2014

Career criminals: What can be done with man who has 227 convictions?

The unrelenting recidivist making ass of the law for two decades


Santa Cruz Sentinel online, 14.02.2014

Are crime and clime linked? A potential upside to a lousy winter

While the arctic air, freezing rain and mounds of snow are leaving people all over the United States fed up and trapped in close quarters, there may be a slim glimmer of a silver lining.

Bianca Prieto, Digital First Media

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 14.02.2014

Vera Study Looks At Mandatory Sentencing Reforms

Elly Yu

Phys.Org, 14.02.2014

Restorative justice helps victims, cuts crime

A major new international study has backed pioneering work by The Australian National University (ANU) into restorative justice, finding criminals are less likely to re-offend after meeting their victims face to face.
Pandaemonium, 14.02.2014

In the shadow of the Fatwa

Kenan Malik

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE, 15.02.2014

Research on urban ghettos must recognize differences among cities

Research on urban neighborhoods must take into account differences among cities and rely on some techniques that have not been used extensively by sociologists studying neighborhood effects, according to Mario Small, professor of sociology at the University of Chicago.
The News Journal, 15.02.2014

Confused about the state of pot? So is the law

Mark A.R. Kleiman

The Daily Telegraph, 15.02.2014

‘It stops here’: Domestic violence strategy revealed


Sydney Morning Herald, 15.02.2014

The devil in the detail

Henry Keogh was given a life sentence for murdering his fiancée in an Adelaide bath in 1994. But what if a key expert got it wrong, and she simply drowned? By Christine Jackman.
ThinkProgress, 15.02.2014

This New Study Proves That Background Checks Save Lives

Igor Volsky

New York Times online, 15.02.2014

Spying by N.S.A. Ally Entangled U.S. Law Firm

The list of those caught up in the global surveillance net cast by the National Security Agency and its overseas partners, from social media users to foreign heads of state, now includes another entry: American lawyers.


Baltimore Sun (blog), 16.02.2014

Blog extra: Criminologist David M. Kennedy discusses approach to violence reduction

Justin Fenton

Sydney Morning Herald, 16.02.2014

Lives and crimes: Kids who suffer foetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Patrick Begley

Washington Post (blog) -, 17.02.2014

Why we can’t see Jordan Davis and why it matters

Corrine McConnaughy

Columbia Daily Tribune, 17.02.2014

University of Missouri professor on team that helped create anti-violence app

Ashley Jost

EurekAlert!, 17.02.2014

Years after bullying, negative impact on a child's health may remain

Longitudinal study shows negative, compounding effects of bullying
Science Network Western Australia, 17.02.2014

Depression found to impact on both bully and victim

Lizzie Thelwell

CounterPunch, 17.02.2014

The Antiquities Dance


CTV News, 17.02.2014

Study finds Canadians have little confidence in justice system

Dean Beeby, The Canadian Press

Herald Sun, 17.02.2014

Why women love killers and crooks like Tony Mokbel, Chopper Read and Simon Gittany

Blanche Clark, Herald Sun

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE, 18.02.2014

In fight against teen prescription drug abuse, one-two punch wins

Large survey finds pairing school and home programs most effective
University of Missouri-Columbia, 18.02.2014

Smartphone App Aids College-Age Women in Abusive Relationships

MU researcher helped develop ‘One Love My Plan’ interactive tool
EurekAlert!, 18.02.2014

Prison-based education declined during economic downturn, study finds

More work is needed to better focus spending Posted, 18.02.2014

Kids, Poverty and Mental Health: How Hamilton schools reach kids

Denise Davy, CBC News

Washington Post (blog)-, 18.02.2014

Study: Repealing Missouri’s background check law associated with a murder spike

The 2007 repeal of a Missouri law that required background checks and licenses for all handgun owners appears to be associated with a significant increase in murders there, a new study finds.

Niraj Chokshi

PR Newswire (press release)-, 18.02.2014

PredPol Hires New CEO - Continues Scaling of Predictive Policing Technology

Tech Page One, 18.02.2014

University-run database sheds light on terrorism

Open-source platform synthesizes world events

Nick Clunn

Cambridge News, 18.02.2014

Trying to solve a murder? Forget good cop / bad cop and bond with your suspect, says award-winning academic Dr Taeko Wachi after Cambridge research


News Sentinel-, 18.02.2014

Pseudoephedrine prescription is no answer to the problem of meth

Richard Feldman

Metapsychology, 18.02.2014

Crime, Disadvantage, and Community

Richard Rosenfeld, Mark Edberg, Xiangming Fang, Curtis Florence

Baltimore Sun-, 19.02.2014

Md. shifts on marijuana

Our view: We should wait to see the effect of legalization in Colorado and Washington, but decriminilization is a reasonable intermediate step
Huffington Post Posted, 19.02.2014

The Harsh Dilemma Of Preparing Kids For The Worst At School

Anna Almendrala

Christian Science Monitor, 19.02.2014

FBI reports a drop in crime in 2013: why the rate continues to fall

New FBI data confirm a sustained drop in the US crime rate, despite a broader definition of what constitutes rape. Creative policing, better use of data, and community involvement play a role.

Mark Guarino, Staff writer

Los Angeles Times, 19.02.2014

Climate change brings more crime

Louis Sahagun

EurekAlert!, 19.02.2014

Genetics linked to children viewing high amounts of violent media

Variation of serotonin-transporter gene tied to behavior
Marijuana Banking Details May Harsh the Buzz, 19.02.2014

Marijuana Banking Details May Harsh the Buzz

Marijuana industry experts and advisors generally seem euphoric after last Friday’s guidance by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) clarifying rules for providing financial services to their industry. But a chilly reception from financial institutions is likely to nip high hopes in the bud.

Gregory J. Millman

SYS-CON Media (press release), 19.02.2014

6 in 10 Americans Say They or Someone They Know Have Been Bullied

Vast majority of Americans believe that technology has made it easier to bully someone

PR Newswire

The Verge, 19.02.2014

The minority report: Chicago's new police computer predicts crimes, but is it racist?

Chicago police say its computers can tell who will be a violent criminal, but critics say it's nothing more than racial profiling

Matt Stroud

The Union Leader, 19.02.2014

House committee votes to study bill that would ban police who lie


Newswise, 19.02.2014

Despite UN Report, Likelihood of Prosecution or Any Punishment in North Korea Is Very Low, Says Villanova Professor

Daily Mail, 20.02.2014

Scientists discover a 'violence gene' that turns some children into video game addicts - and say it could also be linked to ADHD

Anna Hodgekiss

Newswise, 20.02.2014

Crime Lab Receives $1 Million MacArthur Foundation Award in Recognition of Creativity, Impact

EurekAlert!, 20.02.2014

Why are some children more resilient to post-traumatic stress?

Baltimore Sun, 20.02.2014

Star criminologist hopes to make difference in return to violence-plagued city

Justin Fenton

Jungle World Nr. 8,, 20.02.2014

Boxing for Life

Sarah Scheiner-Bobis

EurekAlert!, 20.02.2014

Study examines correctional officer stress

Tech Page One, 21.02.2014

Big data brings big changes to fraud detection

Proactive credit card fraud detection grows in accuracy and speed with leaps in technology, but fraudsters are keeping pace

Erin Richey

Worcester Telegram, 21.02.2014

Mass. criminal justice system great at punishment, lousy at prevention


CNN (blog)-, 21.02.2014

What Missouri’s gun law change did

Daniel Webster

BioEdge, 22.02.2014

The eternal return of the free-will debate: new psychological research

Xavier Symons

Daily Press, 22.02.2014

Medicaid funding will help lower crime

Gabriel Morgan

The Economist, 22.02.2014

Kinder, gentler

Less time inside for less-serious crimes
Daily Mail-, 23.02.2014

How a new supermarket can lead to more crime: Cases of assault, theft and burglary rise for years after a large store is built

Mark Howarth

The Independent, 24.02.2014

Revealed: How the CPS betrays victims of crime – numbers of witness protection staff falls by 57% in just three years

Radical shift contradicts Prime Minister’s promise to put victims at the heart of the justice system

Maeve McClenaghan , Oliver Wright

NPR February, 24.02.2014

If You Think You're Anonymous Online, Think Again

Sure, you can try doing your Internet browsing this way, but we can't promise that it will help you protect your personal data online.
EurekAlert!, 24.02.2014

Opioid abuse initiates specific protein interactions in neurons in brain's reward system

RGS-9-2 protein affects not only addiction, but analgesic relief and tolerance
New York Times, 24.02.2014

Pakistan Mustn't Surrender


Picket News-, 24.02.2014

Broken Window? Well, There Goes the Neighborhood

(NewsUSA) - When you think about safe communities, your thoughts probably turn to gates and security systems, not windows. But crime experts and sociologists agree that unrepaired broken windows can herald apathy, decay and crime.
Washington Post, 25.02.2014

Yes, the drug war really is pretty awful. A response to Charles Lane.

Radley Balko

KARK, 25.02.2014

Who's Most Likely to be Murdered?

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A local university professor is hard at work on research to help profile who is most at risk of becoming a murder victim.
Brown University, 25.02.2014

Analysis: 32 years of U.S. filicide arrests

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE, 25.02.2014

Research links risky behaviors of gambling and sex

Huffington Post, 26.02.2014

The Truth About The Death Penalty ... And What You Can Do About It

The Huffington Post, 26.02.2014

How can schools help bullies change their behaviour?

Amanda Kelly and Jamie Orchard, 26.02.2014

Study shows mentally ill adults more likely to be victims of domestic violence

Yarmouth County Vanguard, 26.02.2014

Crime reduction analyst looks for patterns, trends; 'steep decreases' reported in property crime

The addition of a crime reduction analyst to the RCMP has had a positive impact, Argyle municipal councillors were told Tuesday night.

Eric Bourque

The Japan Times, 26.02.2014

Will tougher approach reduce crime?

University of Missouri-Columbia, 26.02.2014

Faster Anthrax Detection Could Speed Bioterror Response and Save Millions in Decontamination Costs, MU Study Finds

University of Bristol, 26.02.2014

NICE calls for greater awareness about domestic violence and abuse

LA Weekly, 27.02.2014

Forget the NSA, the LAPD Spies on Millions of Innocent Folks

Darwin Bond-Graham and Ali Winston, 27.02.2014

Sick cities: why urban living can be bad for your mental health

Is our headlong rush to live in cities bound to increase incidences of stress and other mental disorders?

Leo Benedictus

Police Professional, 27.02.2014

College of Policing reviews academic research

Police officers and staff from across the country have joined forces to review academic research in priority police areas.
Police Oracle Date, 27.02.2014

Two Plebgate officers sacked

PCs dismissed for gross misconduct in connection with Downing Street altercation. By - Jack Sommers - Police Oracle
Police Oracle Date, 27.02.2014

Priority policing research identifies effective interventions

Review of research in five priority policing areas highlights wealth of academic studies profiling successful interventions.

Jasmin McDermott - Police Oracle

Newswise, 27.02.2014

Is the Modern American Death Penalty a Fatal Lottery?

Texas as a Conservative Test
Mother Jones, 27.02.2014

Study: Global Warming Will Cause 180,000 More Rapes by 2099

Controversial new research predicts that over the coming century, rising temperatures will result in more violent crime.

By Jeremy Schulman (press release), 27.02.2014

Award for research into transnational crime

University of Waikato

EurekAlert!, 27.02.2014

'Social' pain hurts physically, even when we see it in others

American College of Surgeons, 27.02.2014

Training Begins for Police Officers to Control Bleeding Among Mass-Casualty Victims in the U.S.

A new Hartford Consensus article in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons also advocates for bleeding control training and equipment for the public
Sydney Morning Herald, 28.02.2014

Expert condemns 'appalling' DrinkWise campaign

Amanda Hoh and Megan Levy

New York Times, 28.02.2014

German Ex-Leader Acquitted of Graft Charges From His Time as Governor


NewsMaker (press release)-, 28.02.2014

Groundbreaking research for screening and responding to family violence

Penn State News, 28.02.2014

Criminologist: Police find it difficult to apply one law to all cases

Kalisha DeVan

Police Oracle, 28.02.2014

The hard sell of paying to police

Officers are reluctant to put their hands in their pockets for a certificate authorising them to do the job – but soon they may have no choice. Royston Martis reports.

Royston Martis - Police Oracle

Washington Post online, 28.02.2014

Would prison performance measures lead to undesirable strategic behavior?

Sasha Volokh

Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 28.02.2014

Revealed: Why the police are failing most rape victims

Recent acquittals in celebrity sex cases give the impression that most rape allegations reach court.

Melanie Newman

New Scientist, 28.02.2014

Crime rates could rise as climate change bites

Jon White

U-T San Diego 8, 28.02.2014

Citizens to get surveys on SDPD performance

SAN DIEGO — Some citizens who had contact with San Diego police officers will be receiving a letter asking them to confidentially rate the service provided as part of an independent nationwide study by university researchers.

Susan Shroder